No Nonsense Women’s Leggings

First it must be said that these leggings are the best leggings or Pants I have ever worn. They are soft, easy to get into, full length to the ankle but doesn’t hang or hold to tight. They do not squeeze around your leg but fit beautifully!!! When I had less weight I bought 6 black, 4 white, 1 espresso, 1 denim. Now that I gained weight I rebought them all but now I have 8 black, 1 black Capri,..8 white, 1 white Capri. 1, espresso, 2, denim,..1 denim Capri all in large AND 1 Black and 1 White I keep in their package for a day or special event I want new, or the fear they stop making these (honestly) I am selling all black, white and espresso on EBay in medium under Leslie loves Florida 2012. I’m one of the highest rating sellers and buyers on eBay and so only sell the best.
These legging don’t ball up, they don’t lose shape, they are absolutely incredible! I wore in Oregon under long maxi skirts in the winter to keep warm. But I now live In Florida near Daytona Beach and literally wear a pair virtually everyday with the same love of tunics over them, with flip flops, boat shoes, and ballet flats. YET I still wear to church the black ones with black heels, black blazer and flouncy white blouse. Amazing! Today I wore them to church the white with beach tone colors and wedges. I wear them to look like “Kate Middleton” with a navy nautical blazer, the lighter blue button down top, and closed toe wedges with the espresso color. I wish they had more colors but I would need another closet. Lol. My sister came out from Oregon and asked if I had a pair of yoga pants or something comfy to wear one evening. I handed her a pair of “White” leggings she was hesitant about the back showing. I said “just put them on” she did and was amazed! She has different measurements then me but looked just as amazing! She couldn’t believe how white or black are not see through but also not this thick material either. I will say this as I end. Due check their measurements as they are spot on. Yep Brits here. 🙂 So here are my measurements (no judging, just being vulnerable 🙂 when I was in a medium I weighed 115-130. Now I have been in a large for awhile and I’m….ugh 155 (living in the South has not been good for weight and menopause stopped me from being lactose intolerant so I have been able to eat more then ever. And I’m paying the price. (Not that weight matters but just health) even at 155 the leggings don’t show cellulite, are not like getting into tights, still sit high for me to be right under the belly button and still hit at my ankle and still feel confident with the rear if it was showing, but still and always have loved the flowy tunics.
So my measuments I’m 5’5 155lbs, hold my weight in the tummy, rear and thighs. In about 10 more pounds, I will be rebuying all in the same quantitiy in XL but this time keeping the large praying I can lose some weight. 🙂 (Keeping it US measurements for you, using inches not cm 🙂
All photos are of this year in a size large legging. Most show photos in front of a mirror I wanted to show photos that I do wear them and how. I’m an actress so the first photo with the red jacket was our only cold day here last year but picked up papers for my second time asking that I be in central Floridas Christmas parade as I dress Victorian and give an authentic show on how to do a proper Society British tea. (I still do them, on my 99th started in a museum, now on Location from all over Florida all the way up to Delaware) FB Abby Jane and message to book 🙂 the rest are family one at Daytona with my daughter in December and the other my husband and I with our three kids in Saint Augustine’s night of lights.:) you can see how I wore them dressed up, dressed down and an evening out. 🙂 I loved the black leggings with the Black Tunic and black ballet flats with a splash of color with the red Coach purse. 🙂 hope you enjoy the review (I don’t get paid for this review. It is only the second one I have ever done)

Non nonsense leggings and tight are true to size

I love No nonsense hosiery and leggings. Thus, I didn’t hesitate a minutes when asked to pick some items of my choice for review. In case you missed it, here is the link to my review of No nonsense ribbed tights. I am really in love with this brand. These black denim leggings, leopard print leggings and pin-point tight in the outfit photos are the samples of my choice from No Nonsense sent to me for review. All samples are a size S and true to size. I this post, I give some styling suggestions and what I think about these items.

Pin dot semi-sheer tight

The tights have a control top, which I like as it is less bulk than wearing tights and shape wear. The control is enough to feel under control, but still comfortable. The stay-in-place waistband does just that and reaches just below the waist. It does not cut in at all.

Zoom-in on pin dot tight c/o No nonsense

The delicate pin dot print makes the tights easy to style

The pin points are woven in, not printed on. Thus, you do not have to fear that they are gone after one or two rides in the washer and drier. The fun pin dot design makes for an interesting change at the end of the winter when spring is on the calendar, but not yet in town. The sophisticated pattern makes them easy to style and wearable for all ages.

Pin dot tight c/o No nonsense styled with own Halogen leather dress, Hermes collier de chien bangle, statement belt, Jones New York polka dot shirt and black pumps

Great price-performance ratio for the pin dot tight

The tights are slightly sheer which makes them perfect for the end of winter and fits most work dress codes. They cost $6.99. This price is about what one pays elsewhere for tights without out pattern and without control top. Thus, this No nonsense pin-dot tight is a great deal. I would definitively buy them. <3

Pin dots are an eternal classic. #timelessstyle Black denim leggings c/o No nonsense styled for a posh weekend look with own sequin top under college T-shirt and Burberry London trench coat with Salvatore Ferragamo pumps, Doney and Brooke bag and DIY necklace

Denim leggings

The No Nonsense black denim leggings have a faux fly (see first photo in this post) and faux pockets in the front, but real back pockets in the style of skinny jeans. I love this feature. You can still put your cellphone in your back pocket, but don’t have the extra bulk in the front that you have with skinnies. Another plus: They are super soft which makes them ideal for traveling. They are barely to distinguish from skinnies which makes them a comfy weekend item too.

Zoom-in on the black leggings c/o No nonsense to illustrate that there are barely to distinguish from skinnies

Great price-performance ratio for these No nonsense denim leggings

The No nonsense denim leggings are 78% cotton, 19% polyester and 3% spandex. They come in different lengths and styles including capri and cuffed. They cost between $16.99 and $19.99. The price-performance ratio is great as the price-per-wear will come down to less than a dollar easily despite they are a weekend item as they can be styled for a variety of occasions like hitting the mall, going to the movies, visiting the farmers’ market or a night on the town.

Printed cotton leggings

The animal print makes these No Nonsense printed cotton leggings easy to style. They are 78% cotton, 38% polyester and 5% spandax for holding the form. They felt comfortable when I wore them for dance practice. They obviously have the right amount of cotton needed to not sweat in them like a pig. Thus, if you often feel like being soaked in sweat in your synthetics sport leggings, you should try out these No Nonsense cotton leggings to improve your exercise experience. Obviously, they also have enough spandax and polyester to not look like underwear when wearing them for a while. As is shown in the next two photos, they keep their form and don’t get “knee bags.”

Gym outfit at dance practice with leopard print cotton leggings c/o No nonsense and own sequin top under printed T-shirt with dance shoes

Excellent price-performance ratio for the No nonsense leopard print leegings

Given that a leopard print is a neutral you will get a lot of wear out of them, not only at the gym, but also on weekends. They cost only $13.99. Wearing them just once a week for a quarter of a year already gets the price-per-wear to a dollar, which is my criterion for a very good price-performance ratio on seasonal everyday wardrobe must-haves.

Leopard print cotton leggings c/o No nonsense with own printed T-shirt, Great Northwest denim jacket, and Keds polka dot print sneakers make for a cute going-to-the-gym outfit. This photo was taken after 120 minutes of dance practice.

In summary: None of the No Nonsense items disappointed me. They are all great quality and have great price-performance ratios. In other words:

These No Nonsense tight and leggings are no nonsense.

I really love the black with white pin points tight and think about adding another pair in navy to my wardrobe for next fall. I highly recommend to try the denim leggings when you love the look of skinnies, but don’t like the bulk of the fly and pockets under your sweater, shirt or blazer.

Pin dot tight c/o No nonsense styled with own Jones New York polka dot shirt, Halogen leather fit-and-flare leather dress, Hermes enamel bangles, and black pumps for a trendy, but classic and stylish black and white mixing pattern look that works well over 40

Browse their collection now.

Have you ever bought No nonsense tights or leggings? If yes, how did you like them? Do you also like their great choices as much as I do?

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Photos: G. Kramm of me

Other photos: N. Mölders

Disclosure: The tight and the leggings are samples from No Nonsense. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it myself and all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

No nonsense cotton leggings

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