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A staple in gyms across the world, treadmills remain one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment, and for good reason. Whether your aim is to improve your general fitness, lose weight, increase your endurance, work on rehabilitation or train for a particular event, a home treadmill is an excellent choice. With hundreds to choose from, selecting the right treadmill can seem a tricky task. Our handy guidance below will help you find your perfect match. With treadmills to suit all budgets and spaces, and with a range of flexible finance options to choose from, you’re sure to find the right treadmill for you.

At Fitness Superstore we offer folding treadmills for those who are short on space, non-folding treadmills for those with a little more space, and commercial treadmills for health clubs or gyms, which are designed to withstand heavy usage throughout their lifetime. The treadmill you choose ultimately all depends on your requirements. If you plan to use a treadmill for long distance running, you should consider a mid-range or commercial treadmill, while if you plan to use your treadmill for walking or light jogging, one of our lower priced treadmills should be ideal. We also now offer treadmill desks (desk treadmills). The desk treadmill is a revolutionary product, which removes the negative effects of a sedentary work life by allowing you to exercise your body while you work. Desk treadmills look very much like treadmills, but they have an integrated desktop which can easily hold your computer or laptop.


  • Less impact on joints: Running on a treadmill reduces the impact on your joints, compared to running on pavements or road surfaces. To further reduce the impact, you may choose to purchase a machine with an orthopaedic belt.
  • Reduced stress on joints: During cardio exercise, endorphins are released into your bloodstream. This release of endorphins produces a natural high, which in turn relieves stress.
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance: Exercise of any kind will increase your energy levels, and running is one of the best forms of exercise to help increase your overall energy.
  • Increased lung capacity: Running will help improve your lung capacity, making you stronger and healthier.
  • Increased bone density: The impact of running on a treadmill causes the body to increase the density of weight bearing bones, in an effort to accommodate the stress of the activity.
  • Increased calorie burn: Running is a weight bearing exercise, which means it burns more calories in comparison to rowing machines or exercise bikes.


  • Measure your workout space: It’s imperative that the treadmill you buy fits comfortably into your allocated space. Measure the length, width and height of the available area and keep this handy when browsing treadmills. When measuring, make sure you allow extra space for mounting and dismounting. We recommend a 2ft clearance each side, 130mm at the front and at least 3ft at the back. Don’t forget that your treadmill will need to be located close to a power point.
  • Running area: We recommend a 51cm/20” wide belt for runners. In terms of length, at least 140cm/55” is recommended for runners, while 127cm/50” will be sufficient for walkers. The longer and wider the belt, the more room for natural running fluctuation, wider strides and general comfort.
  • Motor size: Motor size should be at least 1.5 continuous horsepower (CHP). We recommend 2.5 CHP+ if you will be running or jogging regularly on the treadmill. If you’re all for high intensity, you’ll definitely want to opt for a higher motor size (3.0 or above). Generally, a quieter motor indicates a more powerful machine.
  • Speed and incline: We recommend a speed limit of at least 16km/h (10mph) for runners. We suggest adding a couple of km/h to your regular running speed. Incline (gradient) is a fantastic feature on treadmills as this is a simple way to add resistance, target different muscle groups and reduce impact on your joints. Most treadmills offer a decent incline range. The wider range, the more intense a workout it offers.
  • Cushioning and stability: Track cushioning helps to protect your joints from impact. Compared to road running, a cushioned treadmill reduces impact by up to 40%, decreasing chances of injury and improving stamina. The sign of good cushioning is when a treadmill doesn’t shake, wobble or vibrate when in use. Most treadmills have good cushioning, while some advanced treadmills now feature variable cushioning, which delivers firm support on push off and cushioning for landing. ProForm and NordicTrack treadmills use external springs and have an internal elastometer. With every step taken, the deck relieves impact and propels you to your next step, providing not only impact absorption but energy return.
  • Programmes/Apps: Most treadmills have built in workout programmes to mix up your training and support different workout goals. Examples would be interval training, hill climbing or even custom workouts that you create yourself. Ideal for the more adventurous runner, more and more treadmills are starting to offer advanced workout options, such as virtual interactive training and access to online apps. These allow for more advanced progress tracking and limitless workouts. The more variety, generally the higher price the treadmill. Some examples include:
    • iFit Live: compatible with select Nordic Track and ProForm treadmills, iFit Live allows you to define your fitness goals and download a personalised 8-week training programme. Using Google Maps, you can walk, jog or run real-world routes from across the globe with your treadmill cleverly adjusting your incline to simulate the terrain
    • LFconnect: compatible with select Life Fitness treadmills, you can use your Apple and Android device to interact with your equipment. It tracks progress and offers personalised workouts.
    • Kettler World Tours 2.0/S-Fit App: compatible with Kettler treadmills, the World Tours 2.0 module allows you to access virtual training and download virtual tours, while the S-Fit App offers three different modes – FUN, CHALLENGE and EXPERT.
  • Weight capacity: Never forget this crucial factor. We recommend choosing a treadmill that can handle about 20kg more than your own weight. This will ensure you don’t strain the motor.

  • Storage and portability: Folding treadmills are a great option if you’re tight on space. You can simply fold the deck upwards to free up floor space. This is usually a very easy process for one person and the folding mechanism will always adhere to safety specifications, usually with features like a security lock and/or assisted automated lifting and lower systems. These treadmills are also easier to clean around and under. Foldable treadmills usually come with transport wheels for easy transportation. Many non-folding treadmills also come with wheels so make sure you check for these if you’re likely to be moving the machine from place to place. Note that non-folding treadmills are usually stronger and more stable than folding treadmills. They are usually more expensive for this reason, as well as having stronger motors and overall more durable build. These are a good choice for heavier users, but always check the treadmill’s weight capacity before purchasing.

Treadmill accessories:
Floor mats: Place under your treadmill for stability and to protect your floors from wear, as well as perspiration.
Heart rate monitors and belts: some treadmills offer wireless heart rate monitoring. Belts can be added for even more accurate readings. Alternatively, you can buy a heart rate monitor.
Advanced programming: modules can be purchased for additional workout programmes (select brands and models).

Why buy your treadmill from Fitness Superstore?

  • We stock more treadmills than anyone else in the UK
  • You can try before you buy – and get expert advice from our in-store advisors – at any one of our 10 UK showrooms
  • We offer a range of payment options, including interest free finance and buy now, pay later schemes. Payments can be spread over 6, 12, 24 or 36 months (depending on the product and finance type. You can find more information on our finance options page.
  • Fastest delivery – many of our treadmills are available for next day or Saturday delivery, and you can even choose you delivery date
  • Delivery is free on all treadmills (no delivery costs for purchases over £99) delivered to UK mainland addresses (exclusions apply). For details please see our delivery information.
  • Installation service available: All treadmills do come with instruction manuals, but we do offer an installation service for selected models. For more information call us on 01604 673000.
  • 14-day Price Promise: Our 14-day Price Promise guarantees that you purchase a treadmill at the lowest price. If you subsequently find the same like-for-like product at a lower price, we will refund 110% of the difference immediately.
  • Second hand and ex-display options: As well as brand new, we also have a small selection of second hand and ex-display treadmills available to purchase and pick-up from our store locations. For more information see our ex-display list of treadmills or contact us on 01604 673000.


Running has long been a popular way to keep fit and it’s easy to see why; it’s effective and all you need is yourself, your running gear and a sturdy pair of trainers! But going for a run when the weather’s bad is far from enjoyable – so why not check out our comprehensive range of treadmills and make sure you keep on top of your cardio regimen come rain or shine? These are a brilliant home gym addition that’ll give you the flexibility to workout whenever you like – whenever you feel like tackling a challenging incline or doing some high intensity interval training. And we’ve got options to suit all requirements – how about one of our handy folding treadmills if you’re a little short on space?

Check out our great quality Reebok treadmills. These offer the superb performance you’d expect from this leading brand – and there are models for all budgets. Look for air motion technology for cushioning and comfort, minimising the impact on your joints as you run. And how about a design featuring MP3 connectivity and built-in speakers? Our Roger Black treadmills are another fantastic alternative.

Why not consider our ProForm treadmills too? Your cardio sessions will be a breeze if you opt for a model which features built-in fans to help you keep your cool while you’re blasting those calories. With some designs, you’ll even be able to enjoy your favourite entertainment with an integrated tablet holder and iPod compatible audio as well.

Treadmills offer lots of versatility and the flexibility to walk, jog or run at whatever speed suits you – but if you’re after a lower impact form of exercise, then consider one of our cross trainers. Electronic resistance and variable programmes mean there are still plenty of ways to switch up your workouts. Check out our range of spin bikes too.

Want to kit out your home gym with a few new accessories? Foam rollers are a great option to have on hand when it comes to working out your core. And why not accessorise yourself as well? With a stylish Fitbit, you can set your workout goals, monitor your heart rate, count your steps and so much more.

Sprint over to Amazon to take advantage of the mega-retailer’s latest fitness-centric Gold Box. For Tuesday only, two NordicTrack treadmills are marked down to all-time low prices, so sticking to your workout New Year’s resolution is more attainable than ever.

The treadmills feature HD SMART Touchscreen displays and FlexSelect cushioning, allowing for lower-impact runs or more realistic road running. The 6.5 Si model also boasts EKG Grip Pulse sensors for a comfortable, informed run, a quiet 2.6 CHP DurX Commercial Plus motor, 10% incline capabilities, 10 mph SMART speed adjustment and a 20-inch-by-55-inch tread belt. Meanwhile, the 7.5 S includes an AutoBreeze treadmill fan, a more powerful 3.0 CHP DurX Commercial Plus motor, 12% incline, 12 mph SMART speed adjustment, and an even more spacious 20-inch-b-60-inch tread belt. Both treadmills can fold up after you’ve crossed the finish line, thanks to SpaceSaver design with EasyLift Assist.

These prices will only last for 24 hours or while supplies last, however, so don’t lose out on this race for a discounted treadmill. For more great deals, check out CNN Coupons.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.

Exercise bikes, treadmills, and more are down to rock-bottom prices on Amazon, today only

If you want to keep your New Year’s resolution and get in better shape, you’re going to need to focus on two things. First, you’ll need to eat better. And second, you’ll need to exercise more. Amazon is running a huge one-day sale that will help you address the latter issue, offering some of the lowest prices we’ve seen on popular Sunny Health workout equipment. You’ll find best-selling exercise bikes starting at $239, a rower for just $166, elliptical trainers from $250, and a great treadmill with magnetic resistance for just $326.

Here’s the main sale page so you can see all the deals:

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And here are the individual deals included in this one-day sale:

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Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that the weather will always be clear, warm, and breezy for a comfortable outdoor run. If humid weather or sudden thunderstorms disrupt your training routine, then you may still want to invest in a treadmill so you can keep up your run streak no matter Mother Nature’s plans. Saving on one of these great treadmills on sale now will also ensure you have a back-up plan once winter’s cooler temperatures approach.

Despite the steep discount you can get on these treadmills from reputable brands like ProForm, Nordic Track, LifeSpan, and more, they’re quality enough to replace that expensive gym membership. With features like Bluetooth speakers, coaching programs, and built-in workouts, you can get the most out of your run even if you’re stuck inside.

ProForm 2000

ProForm ProForm 2000 Treadmill $1,999.00 $1,099.00 (45% off) amazon.com
The ProForm 200 is an entry-level, commercial-quality machine at an affordable cost. Our testers enjoyed its ability to change speeds up to 12 mph and incline up to 15 degrees quickly and smoothly. You can also focus on your heart health with the included wireless chest strap, and train for a race on any terrain with the iFit Coach program. If you’re craving the freedom of running outside, get creative by drawing your own scenic route on Google Maps, and the treadmill will adjust to imitate the real-world terrain.

Nordic Track T Series

NordicTrack Nordic Track T 7.5 S – Includes 1-Year iFit Membership $1,099.00 amazon.com
Though it’s only $100 off, the Nordic Track T Series treadmill has great value compared to other expensive models from the brand. Its seven-inch pivoting touch display offers thousands of on-demand workouts that will auto-adjust your speed, include, and decline. With a 3.0 CHP commercial motor, this treadmill can handle any workout with speeds up to 12 mph and an incline up to 12 degrees.

ProForm 505 CST

ProForm ProForm 505 CST $999.00 $688.00 (31% off) amazon.com
The ProForm 505 CST offers the same iFit program as the 2000 model with built-in workouts set all over the world. But for a more affordable price, it has only a five-inch backlit screen, up to 10-percent incline and 10-mph speed, and a little less power from a 2.5 instead of 3.5 CPH motor. For a slighter wider tread belt and speeds up to 12 mph, you can also get the similar ProForm 705 CST on sale for just $800.

LifeSpan Fitness TR3000i

LifeSpan Fitness LifeSpan TR3000i Treadmill $1,299.00 amazon.com

Though this LifeSpan treadmill is the most expensive option on this list, we’ve recommended this series of LifeSpan treadmills many times before. It tracks everything you need for a home workout on the touchscreen console, and comes with 21 exercise programs. When you’re done, folding up the treadmill won’t be another workout thanks to the EZfold technology.

ProForm Performance i300

ProForm ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill $599.00 $484.21 (19% off) amazon.com
Now at under $500, this ProFrom is a small, budget model that can still get the job done. The 16 by 50-inch belt easily folds up to save even more space without sacrificing on the integrity of your workout thanks to the 0-10 mph speed and 0-10 percent incline. For those who only do light runs inside and prefer to take their more intense speedwork to the track, this ProForm is a good option.

ProGear BT5000

ProGear ProGear BT5000 Treadmill amazon.com
Though this ProGear treadmill isn’t flashy, it does cover the most basic needs at a decent price. For just $400, you get 12 pre-set workout programs, three goal-setting programs, dual speakers, a cushioned deck with speeds up to 8 mph, and two manual incline positions between 0 and 6 degrees.

Horizon Fitness T202

Horizon Fitness Horizon T202 Treadmill $799.99 dickssportinggoods.com
Horizon Fitness’s T202 treadmill delivers a decent amount of power for the price, with a 2.75 CPH motor, a 60-inch cushioned deck, a free workout app to connect with your other fitness apps, and handle bar controls. Plus, it comes with a tablet holder, USB port, one-step folding system, Bluetooth connection, and speakers. Paige Szmodis Paige Szmodis is an editor for Runner’s World, Bicycling, and Popular Mechanics, who researches and writes home, tech, and outdoor product reviews and news.

Whether you like it or not, you’ll probably wind up spending some quality time with a treadmill this winter. Why not reduce the dread by doing it in the comfort of your own home?

Right now, you can score two NordicTrack models for low-budget prices. The NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer is discounted to $1,544 from a retail price of $1,999. (That’s $55 cheaper than it was on Black Friday.) The NordicTrack C990—one of our favorite budget treadmills—will cost you $899, down from its recent price of $999 (and list price of $1,299).

With its incline and quick belt speed adjustments, the NordicTrack X9i lets you feel like you’re running up a mountain, fast. It comes with a screen to show your stats and boasts a tablet holder with bluetooth speakers to play your music or videos out loud. NordicTrack also built in iFit training app compatibility, which lets you simulate running through any terrain on Google Maps. Read our full review here.

Related video: Our latest roundup of treadmill reviews.

The NordicTrack C990 has made our list of the best treadmills for runners. Because of its low price, we consider it one of the best gifts for runners, too. Unlike most sub-$1,000 treadmills, the C990 doesn’t rock underneath you when you crank up the speed. Its build-in shock system keeps it stable. Plus, the 7-inch screen gives you plenty of entertainment options, including the same Google Maps training function in the X90i.

Best Treadmills For Your Home

Whether it’s raining outdoors or you simply want to exercise within the comfort of your own living room or home gym, a treadmill from Fitness Deals Online is sure to become an essential part of your fitness routine. Buying a treadmill is a fantastic way to go for a walk, jog, or run without setting a foot outside your home. You are able to adjust your exercise regimen according to your preferred schedule or in relation to your lifestyle needs.

Premium Brand Discount Treadmills

Fitness Deals Online offers a wide variety of treadmills online to suit your exercise requirements. The treadmill brands we carry include Horizon Fitness, Matrix Fitness, Vision Fitness, Spirit Fitness, Sole Fitness, ProForm, Healthrider, and one of our best sellers, NordicTrack treadmills.

These different treadmills are available in a spectrum of price points. Whether you are looking to buy a cheap treadmill or one that offers a more complex exercise experience with specific workout programs and other functionalities, you’re sure to find one from Fitness Deals Online. Our machines range from treadmills designed mainly for home or domestic use, as well as those that are engineered for commercial environments like fitness centres and sports facilities.

Purchase a Treadmill and Enjoy Its Many Health Benefits

Using a treadmill regularly results in incredible health benefits. Simply running 30 minutes a day, a few days a week, can lead to greater endurance, increased energy and stamina, reduced cholesterol levels, and improved sleep. Running on a treadmill on a regular basis also helps lower one’s blood pressure, thereby reducing a person’s risk for cardiovascular disease while also strengthening their heart and lungs at the same time.

Additionally, one can also expect improvement in muscle and bone strength, as well as better joint flexibility as a result of engaging in consistent treadmill workouts. Even better, treadmill workouts also prompt the release of endorphins in the body, thus improving a person’s overall sense of well-being and making them feel happier and more alive in the process!

Fast Treadmill Delivery Aus-Wide

Buy treadmills from Fitness Deals Online and you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of treadmill exercises without having to pay for a costly gym membership. Take advantage of our lowest price guarantee, and enjoy quality products from the best treadmill brands. Order now through our secure online shopping platform. Your freight charges are on us, no matter where you are in Australia!

Nordic treadmills for sale

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