Pornostagram is the Instagram for nude photos

Pornostagram is a new Internet sharing app that allows people to filter and share nude pictures of themselves for their followers to see.

The app is based on the concept of the photo-sharing app Instagram, which allows users to share photos with a wide range of enhancing filters. However, Instagram has a very strict policy against any nudity. French creator Quentin Lechemia decided that he wanted to create an alternative where adults could share their “sexy” photos.

“At the beginning, it came from personal experience with my girlfriend,” Lechemia told HuffPost Live on how he got the idea, “We used to send sexy texts and pics to each other and I noticed that in a way or another, no matter your age or gender, you’re always a bit ashamed to do so. And I thought maybe by allowing people to apply filters to those pictures it could make the shame disappear and then I enlarged this reflection to social networks.”

“The social networks are a mirror of what we do on a daily basis and sex is everywhere. 30 percent of the searches on the Internet are related to sex and we should be able to share our sex pictures as well, as we should a picture of a pizza.” he continued.

He mentioned that some of the popular hashtags were “amateur”, “boobs”, and “gay”. He also said that there are strict restrictions to avoid exploitation or child pornography. Child pornography is strictly prohibited and he said that community users are not at all hesitant to report child pornography or any pornography that they don’t believe the user has the right to share.

“It’s not the porn industry. It’s just normal people who want to share about sex. That’s it.” Lechemia finished.

Scary Mommy and Image Source/Getty

It’s been two and a half years, and I’m finally ready to tell my story.

We had just moved into our gorgeous new home a few weeks before. Everything was sparkling, fresh-from-the-builder clean and smelling like drywall and wet paint. Boxes still littered the living room, and much of the furniture had not yet found a location. There were no curtains on the windows or rugs to soften the hard tile floors.

Because of how new the place still was, it still had kind of a sparse, sterile feel to it. But one day as I was about to get in the shower, I noticed my daughter’s discarded mermaid Barbie doll and a few other bath toys sitting on the ledge of the bathtub next to the stunning glass shower enclosure. The left-out toys were the first obvious evidence of kids living and playing in the house that I’d seen, and I thought, Ah, now it’s starting to feel like home. I took a picture of the Barbie and posted it to my public Instagram profile, captioning it with something cutesy and heartwarming about how now the house finally feels like home, and didn’t think anything else about it.

A couple of days later, I received a message in my Instagram inbox from an acquaintance I had barely known in high school. I had been close friends with his sister who was in my grade, but he was a couple of years younger. His message said, “It looks like you may have a nakey ghost in your new house! Just thought I should let you know.”

My heart rate instantly spiked. Such a mysterious message, and vaguely ominous. (He “just thought I should know”?) Was there actually a ghost in my house? (Do I believe in ghosts?) Was there a smudge on the shower glass in the shape of Jesus? Would I open the Instagram image and see a bone-white, creepy child standing in my shower wielding a bloody machete and staring menacingly into the camera?

With trembling hands, I opened my Instagram app and found the image in question. There was the brightly colored mermaid Barbie just as I remembered her, facedown on the ledge, arms akimbo, blond hair strewn wildly above her head. Where was the ghost? I looked for a blur in the shower door, or maybe a smudge on the shower wall itself.

And then I saw it.

Michael Krinke/Getty

The nakey ghost.





There it was, right on my public Instagram page, for any ol’ Joe Schmo to see — my naked reflection in the glass of the shower enclosure. Granted, it was a translucent reflection, the kind you get from glass, not the crystal clarity you get with a regular mirror, but there was no doubt whatsoever about what it was that I was looking at: My own bush.

The image clearly showed my unclothed body, from just below my boobs all the way down to about two inches below my crotch. And no, I had not landscaped in quite some time. Moving is a lot of work, folks, and lots of self-care, including mons pubis-scaping, takes a back seat. I also hadn’t bothered to suck in, not that my bare stomach in whatever shape it was in was even remotely my concern by that point.

I was the nakey ghost. That was the point.

I deleted the post, my insides having been instantly incinerated into a tiny hill of smoking ash. The post had over 100 likes. So now I had to wonder: How many people had seen that image — me, the nakey ghost — and hadn’t wanted to be the one to break the terrible news? There is no way this one acquaintance out of 100 people could have been the only one to look past the colorful mermaid Barbie and notice my bushy vag on full display.

Actually, you know what? Never mind. I don’t want to know. At the time, I was so embarrassed I could only bear to tell one friend, my bestie who I knew would laugh so hard she would somehow make me feel better about my humiliation. Clearly, now I am fine with everyone knowing. It took two years for this to be actually funny though, and not just oh-my-god-please-let-the-earth-open-up-and-swallow-me funny.

And so, ever since my little oopsy nakey ghost-post, I obsessively check for five things anytime I post a picture:

1. Are there any reflective surfaces I need to be concerned about?

2. Am I naked?

3. But seriously, am I definitely not naked?

4. What about the back? Am I accidentally naked from the back and there are secret reflective surfaces pointing at my ass?

5. Am I wearing clothes?

Even if I know I’m fully clothed, even if I’m in sweats and a hoodie and socks and shoes, I still triple check. I can’t help myself. It’s not even the thought of having a naked picture of myself anywhere for anyone else to see that embarrasses me. It’s that I did it on accident. For heaven’s sake, at least let me choose when and where and to whom to show my ungroomed bush. This was not nude art. It was my oblivious ass accidentally taking a picture of my crotch and posting it alongside a Barbie mermaid. Ugh, the embarrassment is washing over me again, I need to wrap this up.

The only thing I have left to say about this is, if you are one of the people who followed my Instagram during the time this happened, and you saw my naked-ass torso and didn’t tell me, you are NOT A TRUE FRIEND. This is exactly the same as when someone has spinach in their teeth or toilet paper on their shoe. Dammit, it is just basic human decency to tell them! For heaven’s sake people, do better.

People like me who accidentally post naked pictures of themselves on Instagram are counting on you.

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Ashley Graham could give birth any day now, but the model is still embracing her baby bump for the world to see.

The nine-month pregnant model took to her Instagram late Tuesday to share a new nude photo of her body taken by her photographer husband, Justin Ervin.


“beside myself with excitement to meet you, lil man,” the 32-year-old wrote in the NSFW pic.

In the photo, half of Graham’s face and body is covered in shade as she appears to be standing naked in front of a window with sunlight shining through. The post was liked by more than 600,000 people overnight.

Graham has not been shy to show off her incredible body during her pregnancy. In addition to plenty of Instagram snaps showing the soon-to-be mom working out ahead of welcoming her first child, Graham has also become known for leaving little to the imagination.


Ahead of the new year, Graham vowed that she had taken her last photo shoot of 2019. But lucky for her followers, the model is still sharing a ton of photos ahead of her baby’s arrival.

Earlier this week, the “Pretty Big Deal” podcast host announced she reached 10 million followers on Instagram. She celebrated the milestone by writing “10M” on her bump.


“10 MILLION I’ve had LOTS to celebrate recently and so much of it is thanks to you! As my career has evolved and grown I’ve always been able to rely on your love and support so here’s to 10 MILLION! Can’t wait to see where this journey takes us,” she wrote.

Graham announced in November she and Ervin are expecting a baby boy. While she has not revealed her exact due date, the brunette beauty revealed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that her bundle of joy is anticipated to arrive “sometime” in January.

(Photo: Getty)

We know people like to get naked online. It’s like a third of the internet is constructed on images of naked bodies. Bodies alone and, well, bodies doing things.

Instagram has never been super happy about this. The photo-sharing site allows users to show their bodies—but it can only go so far. No nipples or any other body parts that might earn a movie a “hard R” or God forbid, an M or even XXX rating.

Fortunately for us, some Instagrammers have learned some seriously clever ways to bypass those restrictions and have a lot of fun doing it. Some of our favorites are the nude travelers—people on solo journeys and groups from all over.

A great example of a solo account? Sara Underwood’s sizzling shots taken around the world. The majority of nude travel accounts, however, are for average folks who arrive in some distant destination and say, “hey, let’s take off our clothes and snap pics!”

Which is kind of awesome. So here goes.

Get Naked Worldwide

Want to see naked people all over the world? Check out this account.

The Magdalena Experience

Photographer Magdalena Wosinska is both the eye behind the lens and the body in front of it, and travels the world taking nude self portraits in incredible locations.

Nude Yoga Girl

This anonymous model, photographer, and dedicated nude yogi bends herself into crazy yoga positions all over the world in the snow, beach, mountains…you name it. “With my account I want to inspire people to realize that everybody is very beautiful and capable of amazing things with their bodies,” she told The Cut back in 2015.

Naturist Girl

Naturist Girl is a 20-something woman who decided to bless the Instagram world with her posts after she fell in love with the nudist lifestyle “the very first time the sun touched my naked body,” she explains on her website.

Cheeky Exploits

It is what it says: lots of butt shots—a.k.a. belfies—from all over the world. Who could complain about that?

Get Naked Australia

Damn, our friends down under like stripping down wherever they go. They live on a massive, sun-drenched island, basically—okay, fine, a continent—so who can blame them? From Sydney to Asia, to Hollywood and beyond, there are nude Australians lurking in the landscape.

A Naked Girl

She’s from the Netherlands, she travels the world, she’s not wearing any clothes, she looks great that way. It is what it is.

Naked Wanderings

So this is a couple who are trying to normalize nudity one country at a time. Respect.

Bare By Nature

If you think about it, the name of this account has layers of meaning. It’s pretty daring to bare it. As you can see here, there are a lot of daring people around the world.

Sara Underwood

It’s Sara. Not sure she really needs any introduction. She goes everywhere shedding clothing and delivering happiness. That’s why we added some extra shots from her.

32 NSFW Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram is notorious for its ambiguous censorship policies that police nudity, sexuality and drugs. Should you dare post something risque, expect to receive something along the lines of:

“We removed your post because it doesn’t follow our Community Guidelines.”

These vaguely worded guidelines go on to state that they don’t allow nudity of any kind, any photos, videos or digital content that show sexual intercourse, genitals, or close-ups of fully-nude buttocks are definitively unwelcome. Even female nipples don’t make the cut.

But what about nudity for the sake of art? The following NSFW Instagram accounts test the platform’s boundaries for the sake of artistic expression.

Elena Kulikova


Self-Control Magazine


Aris Jerome


Maisie Cousins




Martina Matencio


Emanuele Ferrari


Christopher von Steinbach


La Moufette Magnifique


Lana Prins


Filthy Mouth Creative


Sarah Bahbah








Sticks & Stones Mothership






La Monda Magazine


par femme


Kitty Callaghan










Bob Sala




Anthony Antonov



Marius Sperlich


Juno Calypso


E ł v i n S h a ł m i e v


Instagram Nudes: Free-the-Nipples Stories + Pictures

Are Instagram nudes 100% prohibited? Yes and No – dive into details with the real stories and screenshots attached in this article.

October 16, 2019 Author: Maria S. ArticleInstagram feed is bursting with nude pics, sexually charged content that is available to a billion audience, including teens and kids. Porn stars, along with bloggers, market themselves via explicit Instagram promotion. Some people are blushing, some are jealous, but most of them are rather intrigued.
This situation is odd given the community’s rigid rules, which restrict even artistic nudity. The app is blocking any sexual-related content, except breastfeeding, photos of post-mastectomy scarring. Meanwhile, content involving art pieces, such as paintings and sculptures is legal.
In this article, you will discover how celebrities and models were banned for nude selfies and provocative media and how they fight against the rules. Celebrity nudes are attached! Read to the end to find out the safest way to share nudes on Instagram.
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nata Lee (@natalee.007) on Sep 27, 2019 at 8:56am PDT

How did Instagram nudes lead to Belle Delphine Instagram ban?

While Instagram community rules protect the eyes of underaged, some teens have already got blocked for breaching the guidelines. Belle Delphine real story was a top-discussed on the web and social media recently. This girl is 19 y.o, but she got 4.5 mil audience on Instagram, selling bathing suits online.

Belle Delphine gained a loyal audience owing to the bathwater stunt and spicy claim, that she is going to contribute to Pornhub heritage. She uploaded cos-plays and gaming pics that were provocative, but she has never posed undressed.
Nonetheless, Belle’s last stunts motivated model’s fans to complain to Instagram for violation of censorship rules. As the reports were numerous, the profile was deactivated. The recent posts were the final straw! Now, when searching for the influencer’s account, the message appears saying that this page isn’t available anymore. Also, Instagram thanks those who reported for helping to keep the community safe.
Followers divided into two sides: the first part is happy about the girl’s account ban the other part defend her, considering the decision is unfair.
The issue is that unless the content was provocative and “not-safe-for-work,” Belle never posted actual Instagram nudes. This front-page news proves that Instagram rules concerning nude pics are severe. If you don’t want to be banned and lose Instagram fame, share sensitive files in an instant and disappearing messages on Instagram Direct. We will uncover the best way to run Insta DMs below in this article.
Now let’s reveal what other celebrities think of nudity on Instagram?

How does Amber Heard change the system?

Nudity cases on Instagram make headlines oftentimes, recently Aquaman star was spotted on the hot topic. The actress did a nude photoshoot for Interview magazine and uploaded the topless pic on her Instagram page.
A significant part of Amber’s followers liked the bare-breasted picture, while haters reported on this issue and agitated on behalf of community restrictions. Lafilledo, a lingerie brand, claimed that Heard’s pic should be banned, as soon as the community banned similar content they used to share on their page. They indicated Instagram is being hypocritic to other users uploading the same pictures while doing nothing to Heard’s.
To state the point of view, the actress commented the issue on Twitter – and not to be justified! She shared her naked photo on Twitter for those who missed the fuss on Instagram.
Nevertheless, the topless photo depicting famous nipples hasn’t been removed. Generally, the underwear manufacturer was ridiculed! Moreover, Amber Heard is calling to fight for the women rights and gather if they got breast shamed somehow.
Taking into account both situations, do you consider Instagram Community guidelines fair and equitable? Meanwhile, let’s discover the other celebs’ opinions on the issue.

How does Luize Altenhofen protests against Instagram?

This model was the one who suffered a lot from the Instagram anti-nudity policy. Instagram deleted her photo meeting open protest from the Luiz’s side. The sexual-driven photo appeared again after the removal – that’s how girls should struggle!
She commented on the situation afterward. She doesn’t think that Instagram nudity policy is correct as the photo did nothing harmful, and wasn’t abusive.
What did she do? She posted a story with the same picture, thinking that fans deserve one more chance to admire the natural beauty. BTW, the article on how to save Instagram stories might be helpful if the lottery happens in the future.

Send nudes on Instagram DM – the best service to use

No matter you are a porn star or a feminist model, we have a safer way to attract an audience on Instagram and organize Direct Messages. Ingramer is an online service enabling scheduled posting, targeted auto messaging, and sharing promotion tips in the blog! (read a real-case story on how to become Instagram famous).
If you want to share sensual pictures on Instagram without getting banned, target a message for only best friends. They will definitely love it and won’t report on you! What Ingramer’s DM features will facilitate the promotion?

  • Customized list of receivers. Pick the users you what to read the message – new followers will be touched if personally welcomed!
  • Various content type. Share not only text messages but pictures and videos. You see, Ingramer works great if the goal is to share something private.
  • Extended targeting. Use filters to Direct message the followers considering their location, age, etc. That’s how the underaged audience will be excluded from a receiver’s list just in case.
  • Time-saving. Ingramer fast-tracks the messaging since you manage chats from a big screen of a computer. Likely, that you will be over texted after sharing some hot content. Answer from a PC – save your time!
  • Money-saving. Ingramer boosts your sales and audience at a reasonably lower cost than an SMM-agency. Set your goal and skyrocket!

Bonus: best Instagram nudes you must see

We bet Instagram model nudes are what has driven you to read this article. That is why we prepared a spicy bonus for your eyes pleasure – top best Instagram nudes 2019. Celebrities and Instagram models are too open-hearted and confident and lean the hell into posting topless or full-on nude images. Let’s enjoy their confidence!
1. Kim and the members of her family love posing without clothes on: for editorials and their Instagram feed. Type “nudes Instagram” on the Google search bar, and there will be Kim or people related to her. Thus, her big sister Kourtney showed her killer body in a bath tube. Enjoy this booty!
2. Emily is a monster of sexually-driven content generation. She kills her fans with bottomless and full nudes, hot pics in bikinis, and crop tops. Instagram models nudes collection should list this beauty –hold it together while Ema is holding something truly precious!
3. Frequently celebrities are showing off to hit the public attention, not to their curves but their work. Cardi B’s nude Instagram pic related to her track “Press” is a true masterpiece. Don’t miss a chance to see it!

Nude Instagram girls

Sofia Richie is one of the best nude Instagram models I’ve ever seen. She has about 6 million followers for a good reason! She is one of the most beautiful blondes on Instagram and she feels free to show it.

Tana Mongeau is a funny, easy-going blond fairy. Extremely sexy, on top of all.
Bella Thorne is a famous American actress and writer. She is quite open with her followers and fans and doesn’t hide anything from them. Including her body. She is still very young so we can consider her a representative of nude Instagram teens generation:)

Instagram bikini models

EVY is one of the popular Instagram bikini girls who look stunning everywhere, any time.
Alexa Collins is one of those Instagram bikini models who have big, big heart — she is the mother of a dog.
Veronica Bielik can be considered to be one of the truly nude celebrities. She is a co-founder of an influencer marketing agency and has over 2,5 million followers on Instagram.
The bottom line
Instagram is a vast market place not only for local influencers but for pornstars. Celebrities, models, and bloggers share explicit pictures to gain attention and beat the Instagram community guidelines. While we enjoy and follow the battle, we prepared the proper tool to get Instagram fame!

Veronica Bielik nude: 3 hot facts

After the last updates, my dear readers, we assumed that Veronica Bielik nude had triggered powerful emotions among you. That’s why we decided to dedicate a whole chapter to this Polish Instagram model. Let’s dive into curious facts about Veronica Bielik and her undressed pics:

  1. The girl has a Master’s Degree in Law, which makes her even sexier. Bright intelligence and seductive body helped Veronica to convert nudes on Instagram into a profit-making business.

2. Veronica has undergone plastic surgery. Yes, those perfectly shaped boobs and plum lips were the smart investment into a better life. This model enhances her feminine curves exercising in a gym regularly.
3. Veronica Bielik’s nude is over $7K worth. Tempting body and entrepreneur skills are the primary reasons for the model are showered with job offers and sponsorship. Veronica charges up to $7 000 per post from brands and advertisers. Let’s admire these precious things!
Stay tuned to be in the loop of the freshest and most energizing Instagram nude accounts. Further, we uncover spicy details on Alexa Collins nude and Nata Lee 007 nude – these goddesses are absolutely inspiring!

Nude Instagram girls uncover their secrets – Alexa Collins

This goddess looks smoking hot in every swimsuit she wears for half-nude Instagram pictures. The model has collaborated with TOP tanning lotions, and swimwear manufacturers; that’s why her followers base hits over 700K by now. Besides rocking in alluring bikinis showcasing her curves, one of the prettiest nude Instagram girls has something more to share with the audience:

  1. Alexa doesn’t obey a healthy lifestyle. Look at her flat tummy – how comes the of the most athletic Instagram nude models doesn’t mind eating tacos and drinking beer? Blessed genes!

2. Bikini model was going under the knife. Alexa is honestly admitting she has undergone plastic surgery and breast augmentation. Moreover, she shares on her account the credentials to her plastic surgeon and does takeover and giveaways! Revealing her beauty secrets with the public and teaming up with leading surgeons make Alexa more Instagram famous, increasing the cost of her branded content. While followers wish her fast healing, look how happy and smart are the owners of nude Instagram accounts:
3. Hot blondie is not single. Finally, we are to disillusion our male readers – Alexa has a boyfriend! Despite tons of sexually-charged content, nude models happily exist in couples. Could you resist the jealousy if dating someone so enviable hot?
As you see, nude Instagrams are a billion-worth business. Hot bombshells capitalize on their sexuality to enhance their glorious booties. Keep in touch to stay updated!

$1 million worth nude Instagram posts by Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau appears nude on Instagram pretty often though she has become famous thanks to YouTube. Her online fame was kickstarted with funny vids dwelling upon her insane life. Soon this tempting bombshell is getting her exclusive show on MTV. Here are 3 spicy details hidden behind nude Instagram posts:
1. How much is the Tana Mongeau’s net worth? According to estimations, Tana’s content on YouTube and nudity on Instagram cost around one million dollars! And this income is only going to boost… Well, being undressed on the Internet pays off!
Grow your fanbase without nudity! Apply relevant hashtags under your posts:
2.Besides being nude, Tana gives away $ 7500 to her followers! Recently this nude influencer has transferred random sums to followers on Twitter. She helped fans who hardly meet both ends, study, and can’t work. After, Tana uploaded a screenshot from her cash app, proving she had donated $7500.
3. Being just 21, this sexy lady is already engaged. This summer, she shared breaking news; she is going to get married soon. Nude pics on Instagram and scandalous fame doesn’t interfere with family life goals. Congrats!
Regardless of removing numerous banned nudes from her Instagram account, it still contains pretty hot content. Follow Tana Mongeau and our coming updates!

Nudity on Instagram for donations: $700k for Australia fires

Sensation! Undress Australian model Kaylen Ward inspires other naked influencers to send nudes in payment of contributions to Australian fires aid.
By now, the Australian model measures she has gathered over $700K for the victims of bushfires. Philanthropist sends undressed pics of herself for those followers who donate over $10, proving the fact by a receipt. Unfortunately, now her account has been removed but we gained some pictures for you:
This brave and empathic bombshell contributed $1000. “Why not to collect donations from more than 60K followers in favor of dying koalas and kangaroos?”. We definitely support such a courageous decision!
BTW, after the very first tweet where Kaylen appears undressed, her balance replenished with $7000 – what an instant pay off! Ward’s post has been retweeted over 80K times.
The response has been so overwhelming than Ward had to hire staff to calculate the donations and unfold her DMs. BTW, if your DM is busy, it’s handier to manage messages from a computer.
The Ingramer Direct module allows you to filter DMs, create target mass-messaging, and view extended analytics. Perfect for business, charity, and blogging. Read real case stories here.

What was the outcome of Ward’s fundraising campaign?

  • Instagram banned her account;
  • her family disowned her;
  • the guy she likes ignores her.

Do these guys think of koalas somehow?
Meanwhile, other influencers and sex workers supported the nudes for a donation challenge. Thus, Katie Day says that this way to raise money for charity is exceptional and doesn’t deserve public judgment. We hope this smart girl can manage to restore her account. Do you think Instagram banned nudes are fair in this such a situation?

Nudity on Instagram: 9 mln followers and $56 mln account net worth

Lindsey Pelas is 28 y.o model, actress and celebrity who was born and raised in the USA. Lindsey’s Instagram fanbase hits an astonishing 9 million followers. Her pictures can be viewed not only online but on the leading magazines like Maxim, GQ and others. The biggest secret of her fame is 30H boob’s size, which can be admired through smoking nude pictures. Are her boobs genuine? Explore the details below!
Unsurprisingly, Lindsey Peals is one of the richest nude Instagram models whose net Instagram value has been estimated as 56 million dollars! This girl is one of the most famous people in the world among her age. Her popularity was not a piece of luck but a perfect investment she carefully planned. Plastic surgeries, Instagram promotion, and individual style have contributed to a life-long income source.
How to promote on Instagram starting at just $1? Try Ingramer tools in action and quite a routine job.
What is the truth hidden beyond seductive nude Instagram posts? Let’s dig into hot facts about Lindsey Pelas:
1. Pelas has a BA degree in History. She graduated from Louisiana State University. Though this nude bombshell has never worked by her profession, she might be getting prepared to make up the brilliant and nude life history. Honored with eye-catching hourglass shapes, she attracted approximately 1 mln followers on Instagram throughout the first month of promotion.
2. Are her breasts natural? Having a 30H boobs size is an eternal topic for discussion, rumors, and arguments on the model’s Instagram and in press. Well, Pelas officially refuses she has even been undergone breast augmentation – she claims she is genetically gifted. When the girl was a teenager, she had been praying everyday for having impressive breast size. Well, the Good has been charitable and heard her prayer.
3. Will the model do breast reduction in the future? 30H breasts and smoking money-bringing nude pics charge their fee. Lindsey is suffering horrible back pain. Can you imagine her boobs’ weight is an unbelievable 11 pounds each? Despite daily sufferings, this star would never give up her boobs – that is what she considers crazy!
4. Has Pelas gone under the knife ever? Her boobs are real, but other parts of her heavenly body have been modified. No doubt, this model has lip fillers. If we compare her before-the-fame pictures to current images, we notice her face has sustained several upgrades. Thus, she can’t deny lip fillers, nose job, browlift, jawline fillers, skin resurfacing, and veneers. Now her face looks way more aesthetic than years ago.

5. Linsey dated Dan Bilzerian, a famous American poker player. Her ex-boyfriend is a true party king, and his Instagram, as well as his house, is full of topless hotties. The former couple is still in touch. The model unwittingly phoned him when she didn’t feel good while Dan is constantly check up on her.
Well, now you can make a rational summing-up about whether nudes on Instagram is a worthwhile venture or not. Nevertheless, tremendous online fame is not possible if not promoting your content with hashtags and Instagram activity. Otherwise, your posts might be overlooked. Don’t miss a chance to built your Instagram community – generate traffic-boosting hashtags and promote via Ingramer!

Instagram has deactivated the account of an American model after she raised more than $700,000 for victims of the Australian bushfires by selling naked snapshots of herself.

On Jan. 3, 20-year-old model/influencer Kaylen Ward — who is known online as The Naked Philanthropist — stated on social media that she will send nude photos of herself to every person who donated at least $10 to any fundraiser that helped the ongoing relief for the bushfires down under.

Among the organizations listed included: Australian Red Cross, Salvation Army, Australian Lions Foundation and WWF Australia to name a few.

According to the Daily Mail, Ward wanted to pitch in after seeing the devastation the fires have caused in Australia. She thought her skin-baring pictures would be the best — and likely fastest — way to raise funds.

The Daily Mail reported Ward received hundreds of messages on Instagram and Twitter from people with receipts to show their donations. Ward’s post went viral which led to Instagram deactivating her account.

She subsequently started a second account but that was also later shut down.

Ward vented her frustration via Twitter.

My IG got deactivated, my family disowned me, and the guy I like won’t talk to me all because of that tweet. But fuck it, save the koalas.

— THE NAKED PHILANTHROPIST (@lilearthangelk) January 5, 2020

“My IG got deactivated, my family disowned me, and the guy I like won’t talk to all because of that tweet but f— it, save the koalas,” she wrote.

Despite her banishment from Instagram, Ward raised $700,000 for her causes.

An estimated $700K has been raised for the Australian Bush Fires in response to my tweet….
is this real life?

— THE NAKED PHILANTHROPIST (@lilearthangelk) January 6, 2020

“An estimated $700K has been raised for the Australian Bush Fires in response to my tweet…. is this real life?” she tweeted.

The brainchild of best friends Jules and Gebs, @RavveBeauty is the Instagram account dedicated to showcasing and celebrating all that is disturbing, disarming and alluring when it comes to underground beauty. Doubled up contact lenses, iridescent face shimmer, obscure facial piercings, heads shaved to look like flowers in full bloom, unibrows, no brows, wiggly brows. Lending us their well-honed eye, here they pick their top beauty Instagrams of the month.

When it comes to showing off the human body, Instagram doesn’t make it easy. Post something too risque and pics get deleted without notice or explanation, likes get lost, engagement drops. In fact Instagram is a paradox: on the one hand inviting us to translate as much as possible of our physical lives in the digital world; on the other hand, censoring our most physical and intimate representations in a way that often feels exaggerated or arbitrary (female nipples must go but shirtless guys do make some great insta-eye candy?)

All of this makes it hard to bare it all but easy to recognize those glorious accounts that know how to flirt with the line between the erotic and the explicit. Here is where to get all the thrills without the slaps:

5 Instagram Accounts That Outsmart The Silly Nipple Censorship

Very lucky and smart Instagram accounts that free the nipple without being censored.

A couple of days ago, I was doing my daily scroll routine on Instagram, looking for inspiration for my own posts in some of my favorite photographers and designers (I find their captions very empowering). Suddenly, I came across a lot of different artists that were very upset because their work was being blocked. I have to add, most of these profiles include nude photographs and illustrations. While they’re all very esthetic, Instagram has a very strict algorithm when it comes to nudity.

So, some of these artists were literally sending the platform’s developers to hell (and other hideous places), claiming that their art shouldn’t be banned because they were displaying the beauty of the human body, and they were not going to stop right now. Oddly enough, I also came across accounts that posted nudity without any censorship issues, and that got me baffled. How could they post photos of nipples, and Instagram didn’t say anything about it? Don’t get me wrong, I was glad for these artists, but I just couldn’t find an explanation to this. Then, I realized they managed to outsmart the algorithm, so their photos weren’t banned.

If you also feel as curious as me about this whole nonsensical censorship nude art, take a look at these these amazing profiles that display nude art in very smart ways:

Free the Nipple

This account has been fighting the nipple fight for a while. Using their profile as a compilation album, Free The Nipple allows other people to find about thousands of artists that also use the human body as their source of inspiration in different ways. Here you can find illustrations, photographs, and a lot of anti-censorship statements that will lift your spirit. What I found particularly admiring from this account is that, when it comes to portray nude people, they don’t just post the standard type of beauty. They show all shapes, sizes, and colors with pride, creating a truly esthetic profile that praises the human body.

“It is illegal for women to go #topless in most cities, yet you can buy a magazine of a woman without her top on at any 7-11 store. So you can sell breasts, but you cannot wear #breasts, in #America.” by @freethenipple

Yuka Tanaka

Yuka Tanaka has a very artistic profile that you’ll absolutely love. Merging conceptual photos and nudity, Yuka portrays renewed ideas in beauty and esthetic pleasing minimalism. From time to time, you’ll find a covered nipple, because the anti-censorship fight is still not over. Nevertheless, most of the pictures come as they were intended to, and they all have very interesting visual insights on the human body and sexuality.


Carlota Guerrero

There are not enough words to describe how much I enjoy this account. The use of color, glitter, and fashion makes this profile a visual treat for those who appreciate nude photography and are trying to get some ideas for new shootings. Carlota has a very creative side when it comes to modeling and conceptual photography. She uses a lot of natural elements and in some way, human connection (don’t forget to check out the group photos, they are amazing!). One of the things I like the most from this artist is that she uses both male and female models in the same way, making a very strong statement of gender equality that will restore your faith in humanity.

“shiny goddesses” by @carlota_guerrero

Claudia Sahuquillo

Claudia has a very particular way to praise the human body. She uses the female anatomy as a canvas for striking and colorful paintings, most of which include colored nipples with eyes and flowers on them. Unfortunately, I’ve already seen some of her work taken down, but most of her pictures are still up, and they are all beautiful examples of creative artwork. She has been fighting censorship for a while, and now she even has a clothesline with some of her designs on them. You’ll enjoy this splash of colors and female nudity.


Club Clitoris

This is one of the most empowering accounts you’ll ever come across with. The account’s description is all you need to know about it: “Encouraging others to celebrate their: vaginas, vulvas & labia, body hair, periods, sexuality, and self love.” So, there’s a lot of amazing illustrations that embody the real side of being a woman, and they get away with it. There’s no censorship whatsoever. If you’re looking for some empowering posts, this is the account for you. Here you’ll find pictures, drawings, and even T-shirts that support everything that entails being a woman in this weird digital era.

“Still not asking for it.” by @clubclitoris

After a little consideration on these accounts, we can see that Instagram has a very sexist algorithm when it comes to nudity as if showing a female body were something bad. That doesn’t even make sense. It’s like they were separate concepts, when they’re actually the same thing. Situations like this one clearly tell us that humanity has a long way to go before we can call gender equality a reality. It’s a little sad but inspiring enough to keep supporting accounts like the ones previously mentioned.

Fortunately, there are good ways to outsmart Instagram’s restrictions through art. Most of these accounts use paintings, drawings, and photographs to stop body shaming and censorship, and I think that itself beautiful. Because in the end, we are art. There’s nothing wrong with any of our body parts, and that’s how everyone should see this topic. Nipples are nipples, whether they belong to a man, a woman, or an alien.

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Cover by Claudia Sahuquillo

An Instagram model raised $500,000 for Australia wildfire relief by sending nude photos to donors, she says

Not all heroes wear capes. Some don’t even wear clothes.

A Los Angeles-based Instagram model believes she’s helped raise at least half a million dollars for Australian wildfire relief by offering her nude photos in exchange for proof of a charitable donation. Kaylen Ward, 20, told The Washington Post on Sunday that more than 50,000 people have taken her up on the offer since she posted it on Jan. 3 under the name “The Naked Philanthropist.”

“I tried to see if I could get some of my loyal followers to raise some money,” Ward said. “I maybe expected to get maybe a few thousand in donations from my followers.”

In a not-safe-for-work tweet, Ward instructed her followers to send her their receipts or proof that they donated at least $10 to a designated charity such as the Australian Red Cross, Koalas In Care, and the Australian Lions Foundation. If the receipt appeared to be genuine, she’d send one nude photo for every $10 donated.

Ward said she had about 30,000 Twitter followers when she posted the offer; by Monday, she had more than 200,000.

Ward’s fundraising efforts have largely been met with support; some people have tried to dupe her with doctored or duplicate receipts, but the vast majority appear to be genuine. The attention has triggered new headaches for her, though, and a spike in harassing messages, she sadi.

On Saturday, she said that Instagram shut down her accounts – @thenakedphilantropist, @nakedphilanthropist and @kaylenschaleenward – for violating its sexually suggestive content guidelines. It wasn’t immediately clear which posts violated Instagram’s guidelines. People have also created accounts posing as Ward and accrued tens of thousands of followers. Even though her own account has been taken down, Instagram hasn’t banned the fakes, which have posted dozens of her photos over the course of a few days.

Since donors are sending money directly to the designated charities and not to a fund that Ward controls or distributes, neither she nor The Post could confirm exactly how much cash her act of naked altruism has raised. Ward shared with The Post several videos of her phone screen as she scrolled through hundreds of direct messages and receipts.

The response became so overwhelming that Ward drafted three people to help her manage and respond to all of the requests. Ward said Sunday that she’s been “shocked” and overwhelmed by the response.

“It’s so surreal and didn’t feel like this could be happening,” she said. “I’m so happy because it’s really personal to me, and I wanted to see people making a difference.”

Ward said reading reports about the wildfires spurred her to action having lived through the 2018 Carr Fire in California’s Shasta County that killed at least six people and destroyed more than a thousand homes. The Carr Fire threatened her family’s home, forcing them to take refuge on a houseboat. Her house was saved, but she said trips to Chico, where her then-fiance’s daughter lived, put her in proximity to the Camp Fire, which would turn out to be the deadliest and most destructive in California history.

“We were driving to Chico to pick up my ex’s daughter and the skies were purple and yellow and orange. It looked apocalyptic,” Ward said. Even after the fires had extinguished, Ward recalled the smoky, eerie air over her home in Lake Shasta.

“You could see and smell the ash in the air. Over on Lake Shasta, everything was smoky,” she said. “A month later, the sky was still gray.”

Knowing how large the Australian wildfires are compared with California’s 2018 wildfires put the crisis in perspective for her, she said.

Australia’s fires are having a similar effect in the Pacifica region where the blazes are turning the skies orange over New Zealand, more than a thousand miles away.

Though there has yet to be a massive, coordinated charitable relief effort in the United States for Australia the way there was during natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005 or the Haiti earthquake in 2010, several celebrities and social media influencers are, like Ward, using their followings to drive donations. The singer Pink recently pledged $500,000 to local firefighting efforts, while several tennis stars, including Maria Sharapova, are donating thousands in relief after Australian player Nick Kyrgios pledged $700,000 to help his home country. Australian comedian Celeste Barber has raised nearly $20 million through a fundraiser on her Facebook page, according to Australia’s News.Au.

Since Australia’s fire season began in September, at least 24 people have died as more than 200 fires burn around the country in what officials are calling an “unprecedented” crisis.

Ward, who said she only recently added nude modeling to her portfolio, admitted she will probably have a hard time keeping up with the requests.

“I won’t delete the original tweet,” she said, “and regardless if people get a photo or not, I’d like them to keep donating.”

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