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By Janice Jones | Last Updated February 21, 2019

Looking for tan dog names for your pale brown dog?

We started searching for a perfect name for our new gold Shih Tzu and learned that similar dog colors have very different names depending on a breed.

So this page is devoted to all of those Cream, Beige, Tan, Buff, Gold, Fawn, Lemon, Fallow, Wheaten and Isabella Colored Dogs that need a terrific name.

So many words mean basically the same thing in the English Dictionary and we use these descriptive words to describe the color of our dog’s hair or fur. Think Beige, Tan, Cream, Buff or golden.

All mean lighter shades of brown.

So Many Different Words that Mean Tan

When it comes to small dogs, the lighter shades of brown also have different names.Consider these dogs: They are all of similar color, but how we name the color is different.

Chihuahua: Fawn

Pug: Fawn (for show dogs) but also apricot

Italian Greyhound: Cream, Fawn, Sable

Poodle: Apricot, Cream

Brussels Griffon: Tan, Wheaton

French Bulldog: Cream, Fawn, Cream and White

Lhasa Apso: Cream, Golden

Pomeranian: Cream

Shih Tzu: Gold

In addition to the dog breed samples above, you may also see Sandy, Lemon, Buff Fallow and Isabella. For a complete list of tan dog colors, check out this page

Why so many different terms to describe basically the same color, you might ask.

Each dog breed has a breed standard that was written when the breed was first introduced and it is up to the national breed club to write the standard and determine which color words best describe the coat of their breed.

While they may all be similar, there is enough differences in each to warrant different terms to represent the colors.

Without getting technical, there is a whole branch of genetics that deals with canine coat colors and how each breed comes up with their colors depends on the genes.

Tan Dog Names:
Great for Your Cream, Beige, Gold or Fawn Dog

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing for you cream, beige, tan or gold dog. Find one that matches your dog’s coloring.

Tan Dog Names Based on Foods, Flavors, Drinks and Spices.






Bean Sprout























Cracker Jack

Cream Puff






















Pepper (Yellow peppers)

Pie Crust

Pine Nut




Saffron (Yellow flower)





Skippy (peanut butter)










Tan Dog Names Inspired by Nature



Dahlia (yellow flower)








Poppy (Golden poppy)








Yarrow (yellow flower)

Great Names Meaning Tan, Gold, Buff, Beige or Fawn



Corkie or Corky














Non-English Words Meaning Tan

Amarillo – Spanish for Yellow

Bronzer – French for Tan

Kin (Japanese for Gold)

Kula (Gold in Hawaiian)

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While President Trump is currently trying his best to defend his administration’s choice to leave many essential government positions empty, we’re looking back at a time when the President wearing a tan suit was the biggest controversy of the day. Now, Barack Obama had his fair share of legitimate mess-ups in office, but in terms of the kind of non-stories the media grabbed ahold of, the “tan suit scandal” was perhaps the silliest. (Rivaled only by the time Sean Hannity tried to claim Obama was an elitist for putting dijon mustard on his burger.) Remember? Then-President Obama wore a tan suit and people were…mad? That it wasn’t suitably presidential, or something?

Let’s be clear that we at GQ do not, and did not, endorse Obama’s tan suit. But critiquing suits is also kind of our thing, and no President is above a style lesson, which is why we gave President Trump a much-needed fictional style revamp earlier this year. Barack Obama’s suit was bad! We call it like we see it—and while a tan suit is always in the cards come summertime, this one was a miss. But the hubbub from non-style quarters about the suit? That was…a bit much.

The folks over at Now This! made a video to commemorate the anniversary, compiling all of the Fox News and Fox News-adjacent (we see you, CNN) talking points about Barry O’s beige jacket and trousers. Classic lines from goofy talking heads like “This proves he’s a Marxist” and “That’s an impeachable offense right there” invoke a more innocent (if perhaps naive) America—when ill-fitting suits, not possible collusion with foreign governments or pardoning racist police chiefs, were the kind of headlines you could expect to be caused by the President. What a three years it’s been.

Watch Now: The Olive Suit Is the Ultimate Style Upgrade

4 Tan Things to Wear That Are Actually Cute

Getty Images

Poor President Obama. By now, you’ve probably seen the stories circulating about the (terrible, no good, horrible, very bad) tan suit he wore to yesterday’s press conference. It’s only a slight exaggeration to say it basically broke the Internet. Don’t believe me? Raise your hand if you can tell me what the press conference was actually about. That’s what I thought! (BTW, President Obama discussed several matters including the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, and his administration’s potential strategy for dealing with ISIL moving forward.)

The reactions to his suit range from the truly hilarious to the defensive to the slightly analytical (no, but really, what does it all mean?), but one thing’s for sure: People will be talking about Tansuitgate for days. We get the reasoning behind his choice: It’s hot out. Summer suits are nice! And according to White House press secretary Josh Earnest, at least one person supports the president’s choice in apparel: “The president stands squarely behind the decision that he made yesterday to wear his summer suit at yesterday’s news conference. It’s the Thursday before Labor Day. He feels pretty good about it.”

Still, we just wanted to take this opportunity to say that while it’s always important to look pulled together for a big meeting or presentation, your clothes shouldn’t overpower your message. Thinking of trying out the tan trend for yourself during the last days of summer? Scroll below for options that will keep you looking and feeling cool, calm, and collected this Labor Day weekend.

Free People We the Free Circle in the Sand Tee ($78; freepeople.com)

Image zoom

Free People Drapey Pocket Pant ($78; freepeople.com)

Image zoom

Adidas X Stella McCartney sneakers ($160; barneys.com)

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7 for All Mankind The Seamed Skinny Jeans in Crackled Leather-Like Cognac ($139; 7forallmankind.com)

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  • By Alanna Nuñez

Update: This post was originally written in 2018. It’s now been five whole years since the tan suit. The world has changed in that year. But when it comes to how ridiculous the controversy looks in hindsight, well, nothing’s changed at all.

I think about the Obama tan suit fiasco of 2014 all the time. The country collectively spent the last few days of August that year lambasting him for a sartorial choice at an August 28 press conference, and everyone was weirdly personally offended by it. The internet and cable news shows went into a full-on freakout.

Yes, the suit was ill-fitting and in a shade of tan that makes me want to take a nap. But with 20/20 hindsight, the public outcry was beyond bizarre. People were actually calling it unpresidential! New York Rep. Peter King went so far as to say that Obama’s tan suit meant that he didn’t care about national security threats. Even Esquire had some harsh commentary.

Little did we know that four years later, the next president would be known for making creepy comments about finding his own daughter attractive and being investigated for allegedly colluding with Russia. A fun, stress-free time for everyone.

At this point, the common refrain of, “Can you imagine if Obama did this?” comes up so frequently during the Trump era that it just sounds like white noise. But that the tan suit is one of Obama’s most memorable controversies speaks volumes about how much we expected of him while he was in office. The amount of chaos Trump has caused since becoming president is so egregious that his overly long ties and poorly tailored suits are the absolute least of anyone’s worries. Obama’s tan suit is still laughably bad, but I would honestly be fine if he had worn a T-shirt every day if it meant we had a somewhat competent president now.

To say that Obama had a flawless presidency is to gloss over his penchant for drone strikes and unpopular immigration policies, to name a few. As far as personal “scandals,” though? The suit was pretty much it, which makes the attention it drew even more insane.

If the next president is semi-normal and doesn’t start trade wars with tweets, we should let him or her wear whatever the hell they want.

Video by Dominick Nero

Elena Hilton Elena Hilton is the assistant editor for Esquire.com, where she manages Esquire’s social media and writes about culture and politics.

The diplomatic protocol and the demands of the presidential dress-code leave a narrow margin of freedom to express themselves freely. Who has the best taste when choosing what to wear to take charge of governing his nation? That question causes you great curiosity, because although you know that the presidents of the list below have a group of “image advisors” behind them, some do not look as good as they should, considering the media exposure to which their posts compels them.

Even the presidents and high official of a country cannot escape from the sharp eyes of “fashion police”. The following list spotlights the powerful men and women in the world who accessorize political acumen with perfect tailoring and their idiosyncratic touches.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama has declared that he is not a fan of fashion. However, Obama knows how to wear a suit and he wears it well. During his presidential campaigns he was seen with a more casual look of jeans and shirts, but in office, he has opted for an obligatorily more elegant image, based on classic two buttons. His favorite colors are the dark ones and he mostly wears white shirts combined with ties in red or blue tones. Among his favorite designers are Ermenegildo Zegna and Hart Schaffner Marx.

The former President explained the logic behind this routine:

“You will see that I wear only gray or blue suits. I’m trying to lower my choices. I do not want to have to choose what I like or seen because I have many other important decisions to make. “

John F. Kennedy

With his head bare, his hands in the pockets of a dark vest suit and combined with a white shirt: that’s how he arrived in 1961 at the White House. Kennedy was a man who would not suffer comparison with his predecessors. He had dared to get rid of the outdated uniform of power (three-button sack, waistcoat, and tweed pants), incorporating into politics something that the others had not dared before.

His dark tie of a single color or striped, Oxford cotton shirt, Italian collar (without buttoning) and all supplemented with a pair of Ray-Ban gave him glamor and enshrined the emblematic of his unique style. Kennedy showed that elegance was no longer the exclusive property of the aristocracy. In fact, he made it clear that elegance did not need to be named. The one he projected, for example, was based on the simplicity of a straight, narrow-necked sack made by Brooks Brothers.

Harry S. Truman

Famous for his steel-gray hair, hazel eyes and thick rimless glasses, Harry S. Truman was one of the most stylish Presidents in the U.S history. Truman didn’t wear expensive suits, he wore his suits with elegance to fit his frame, and they looked extremely good on him. He was famed for his fondness for bright-colored shirts and bow-ties. Today’s fashion police won’t allow U.S Presidents to wear bow ties, but during his era, the bow tie was more than acceptable.

Truman was fond of tight geometric patterns in deep blues and reds, which helped to add an excessive deal of contrast to the suits. As his presidency progressed, he transitioned into the slimmer, single-breasted suits to embody a sense of perfectionism.

Ronald Reagan

With the arrival of Ronald Reagan in power in the 1980s, a new air of vibrant colors and sophistication shook the White House. Ronald is credited for reviving the traditional American dressing style. Reagan always dressed smartly in a clean cut suit that accentuated his shoulders. Reagan knew perfectly how smart dressing can change one’s image. He took clothes seriously and approached fashion and style soberly. He was idolized by Republican candidates at large, but none of them can match his style!

Vladimir Putin

Putin, who the Western media have nicknamed as “Man in Black” for his fondness for black, has risked widening his palette of colors. Being the president of Russia is no easy task. Driving the country is half the work, but it seems that you do it as if it does not cost you the least effort is not so simple. It’s no secret that the President’s suits for Russian President are made to measure. His favorite brands are Kiton and Brioni (in this case the president and the secret agent have the same tastes).

Since they are practically always the same. With the dark blue or gray suits, he wears sky blue and navy blue tie (again, it is a summer suit in light gray, the shirt may be navy blue). If the suit is black, he combines the white shirt with a black or burgundy tie. Probably because of his age and position, the president refrains from wearing strident patterns on his ties.


The Presidential formal suiting is one of the most widely observed and analyzed attire in the world. Reviewing the style and looks of world presidents has also become a news, for both fashion and social media, as well as newspapers and specialized publications in politics.

Michelle Obama earned her status as a style icon while serving as First Lady, but we were so invested in her day-to-day outfits that we almost completely overlooked what Barack was wearing (except for that tan suit). Sure, the former POTUS is taking sartorial free rein now—with those dad hats, unbuttoned shirts and leather jackets—but when he was still in the White House, he stuck to the suit-and-tie uniform. Apparently, he wore the same tuxedo to formal events for all his eight years in office, according to Michelle.

“That’s the unfair thing,” the former FLOTUS said during her appearance at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday. “No matter what we do, he puts on that same tux.”

The Obamas at their final state dinner in October 2016. Getty Images

Obama continued, “Now, people take pictures of the shoes I wear, the bracelets, the necklace—they didn’t comment that for eight years, he wore that same tux, same shoes.”

Michelle fixes Barack’s bowtie at a White House state dinner in 2015. Getty Images

Obama also shared the story behind the adorable photo where she’s fixing Barack’s bowtie before a state dinner in 2015. In the snap, she’s seen adjusting her husband’s outift—while he makes a face—at the steps of the White House as they await their guests, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Madame Peng Liyuan.

“So we’re standing there, waiting for the cars to roll in, and I was bored, so I sort of thought, ‘Let me make sure my husband looks good,'” she explained.

Watch a snippet of her conversation below:

(h/t People)

Related Story

Remember when the White House was controversial? I’m talking like, really controversial.

In the current administration, President Trump has been associated with everything from racist tweets and allegations of sexual misconduct to a literal FBI investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election … and so much more.

It’s absolutely abhorrent stuff, but never forget that on this day five years ago, President Obama created one of the biggest White House scandals America has ever seen. He had the audacity to wear … a tan suit.

Image: Alex Wong/Getty Images

When Obama walked out to make a statement at a press briefing on Aug. 28, 2014, he looked handsome, stylish, and easily capable of pulling off more than just another a boring black or navy blue suit. He looked like he could not only stand behind a podium and run a country, sure, but also appear on the cover of GQ, which is something of a rarity.

According to a White House statement, Obama wore the suit because he “loves” it. But that wasn’t good enough for some Republicans. Many deemed the look “unpresidential,” and it wasn’t long before the tan suit sparked a flurry of think pieces and online discourse.

On the five-year anniversary of The Tan Suit, Twitter users are looking back at Obama’s time in office and marveling at how incredibly dumb it was for the country to fall into disarray over light fabric. Many are also comparing Obama’s big suit scandal to the many controversies in Trump’s presidency. The Daily Show even spliced together a dramatic video in honor of the suit.

Today is the fifth anniversary of tan suit day. We keep the memory alive in our hearts. pic.twitter.com/edYin4qrL9

— southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) August 28, 2019

Five years ago today, Barack Obama wore a tan suit, the biggest scandal in presidential history. #FYC pic.twitter.com/H33y98ypib

— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) August 28, 2019

never forget that 5 years ago today, tan suit-gate rocked the united states to its core, setting a new precedent of presidential scandal & permanently staining the office of the presidency pic.twitter.com/hQ3Qgqmrqu

— Robbie Couch (@robbie_couch) August 28, 2019

5 years ago this happened: the biggest Presidential scandal in history!
How could he wear a tan suit?
How could he look this magnificent in it?
I still cant believe the world didn’t collapse!!!#TanSuitGate pic.twitter.com/VseTblGxQ9

— I Stan Queen Kamala of House of Harris (@TrustBlackwome2) August 28, 2019

— Jonathan Merritt (@JonathanMerritt) August 28, 2019

Melania Trump may have worn a jacket that said “I really don’t care, do u?” to visit Texas shelters and facilities for immigrant children at the U.S. border, but Obama? Obama wore a tan suit.

The man in the tan suit, 2014. Photo: Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

Today is the final day of the Obama presidency. It seems like as good a time as ever to roast him. But first, the tan suit.

It was Easter Sunday in 2014 and President Barack Obama was photographed both entering and leaving church wearing a tan suit. To some, this was seen as the opposite of presidential — mainly by those who pride themselves in the heralded tradition of sartorial unexceptionalism — to others, the truest proof that our president was one of the flyest men the United States of America has ever seen.

Both camps were wrong. On this day, after six years in the White House, Barack Obama, husband of Michelle, father of Natasha and Malia, finally did something cool.

I say this, because Barack Obama is not cool.

You think Barack Obama is cool, because he’s cool for someone who is president of the United States. You think he’s cool, the same way it is said that black people are “cool.” That’s also not true, it’s just that the extraordinary black people you know of are often cool, compared to all the other people that you actually know, who are not.

This seems annoyingly contrarian, but trust me when I say I’m correct. This isn’t a theory, it is a fact. Yes, there is a corner of the internet dedicated to the coolness of Barack Obama — you’ve read it, you’ve shared it, you may have even helped add to it. Oh, how numerous are the lists and slideshows. You know the greatest hits, we all do. The mic drop. The jump shots. The fist bumps. Between Two Ferns and “Slow Jam the News.” The Spotify playlists.

These were all very cool things, timeless moments, and things that further made all of us, myself included, love Barack Obama. And they are moments that made his victory lap and this final day even more sobering, with the understanding that we’re never going to see this again.

But don’t get it wrong — even at their most candid, these are all productions, starring Barack Obama. The White House between 2008 and 2016 has been one of the greatest creative agencies in the history of the world. But the same way Nikes are simply Reeboks in the right hands, Barack Obama is just a really smart black dad that can be molded like clay to be anything he needs to be. Anything.

Some hard truths:

Barack Obama loves to dance, but Barack Obama cannot dance.

Barack Obama loves to sing, but Barack Obama cannot sing.

Basketball? Don’t even start with me.

The Barack Obama non-suit casual collection? God save the Republic.

Which brings us back to that magical moment with the Easter suit.

There is no collection of experts on this Earth that could make Barack Obama rock the Easter suit better than he did on that Sunday. For once, this was all Barack.

The ultimate proof of this was when he wore a tan suit a second time. You see, this was not cool. He looked basically the same, but it was not the same. This was “the Easter suit is a hit, do it again” — that unexpected No. 1 single, followed by a second song that tries to ride the wave by sounding exactly like the first.

He looked cool, but tan suit round two was just another reminder of my favorite truth: that Barack Obama is not cool.

This may sound like an unnecessary pile on in these terrifying final hours, but there’s actually a gigantic compliment hiding in this. Saying Barack Obama is “cool” diminishes all that he actually is. What’s true: Barack Obama is one of the most capable public figures that the United States has ever seen. In some ways, he is the greatest actor of the past eight years. He can bury himself in a role like Daniel Day-Lewis. He can orate and inspire like Martin Luther King Jr. He can ease a crowd with a laugh and a smile like Denzel Washington. He can nerd out like Neil deGrasse Tyson. And when he wants to, he can strut like Jeff Goldblum struts at the end of Independence Day.

He’s Harvey Dent — you know, before the gasoline.

He’s what we all want to be: good at everything. You’re warned throughout life of the risks of being a jack-of-all-trades, master of none, and the advice is sound. But then you see Obama, a true outlier — someone who is a master of all trades, the end. And in that, you briefly convince yourself that you were cheated out of a life path, that you could have been like Barack Obama if properly steered in that direction.

But you couldn’t. None of us could. Only Barack Obama would have come out on the other side of these eight years, not just in one piece, but still thought of as cool — or perhaps cooler.

Years ago, I sat in a room with him, as Air Force One began its descent into Selma, Alabama. It was a turbulent landing, with everyone seated in the room bouncing around while securing the items on the table so they didn’t slide off. One member of his detail clutched the president’s things, while another clutched the president. All while this is happening — a chaotic moment in my eyes — Barack Obama continued answering a question from New York Times columnist Charles Blow. While the rest of us looked like bobbleheads, Obama’s still body and unflappable concentration seemed to exist in a different plane. Not only did he continue answering the complex, multipart question, but when we landed — the unofficial moment for question time to end — he said he needed a few more minutes, because he wasn’t finished answering Blow.

So he finished. And then he walked out. And less than two hours later, he delivered a speech on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

This sounds like yet another story clearly outlining how fly Barack Obama is, but it’s not. Because Barack Obama is not cool. Barack Obama is fucking remarkable.

Happy Anniversary To Obama’s Tan Suit, The Worst Thing To Ever Happen Ever

Trump’s presidency has been riddled with all manner of controversies and scandals, like mocking a disabled reporter, multiple allegations of sexual assault, a full-blown FBI investigation, and genuinely saying that windmills cause cancer. I know that last one’s not really a scandal, but still, what the hell. Honestly sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. No — today is about a presidential transgression unlike any other, a spot on this country’s political history that is truly, truly dark. And by dark, I mean light beige.

Yes. Today is the anniversary of…



On this day five years ago, President of the United States and Supreme Lord of Evil Fabrics Barack Obama held a press conference to give statements on ISIS and Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, trivial topics which paled in comparison to the pale suit he dared to walk out in.

He had the gall, the audacity, to wear a suit that was not BLACK, or NAVY, or even a WEIRD, GROSS BROWN LIKE THE SECTIONAL SOFA FROM YOUR OLD COLLEGE DORM.

It’s been five years, but the sheer unholy power of the tan suit still lingers to this day, like Voldemort.

Obama was called “unpresidential”, Republicans were in an uproar, and honestly, it’s a miracle that the very fabric of this country didn’t completely unravel. We’re lucky to have survived The Tan Suit, and it’s important we all remember that.

For no president before or after has done anything as horrifying as wear a light colored suit.

This video from The Daily Show perfectly illustrates it. Children and those with weak stomachs or heart conditions, please look away.

Five years ago today, Barack Obama wore a tan suit, the biggest scandal in presidential history. #FYC pic.twitter.com/H33y98ypib

— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) August 28, 2019

Today is the fifth anniversary of tan suit day. We keep the memory alive in our hearts. pic.twitter.com/edYin4qrL9

— southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) August 28, 2019

never forget that 5 years ago today, tan suit-gate rocked the united states to its core, setting a new precedent of presidential scandal & permanently staining the office of the presidency pic.twitter.com/hQ3Qgqmrqu

— Robbie Couch (@robbie_couch) August 28, 2019

On fifth anniversary of Obama’s tan suit, media keep lying that his White House was scandal-free

Five years ago, former President Barack Obama revealed at a White House press briefing that he had no strategy to defeat the Islamic State.

Members of the press and a handful of right-wing and GOP cranks went wild … for the president’s choice of attire. Obama attended the briefing wearing a baggy tan suit. It was all reporters and commentators could talk about.

Newsrooms have since rewritten the history of that 2014 incident. Every year on the anniversary of Obama debuting his tan suit, a number of journalists and commentators claim it was the president’s critics who overreacted. They claim it was conservatives, not the newsrooms that gushed like teenage fans, who turned the suit into a full-blown event.

Today, members of the press have tweaked further their false version of events. They now use the anniversary of the tan suit to claim the Obama administration was essentially scandal-free. This is beyond ignorance or sycophancy. It is immoral and a damned lie.

A wistful Chris Hayes, for example, dedicated an entire segment on MSNBC this week to characterizing the suit as Obama’s “biggest scandal.” He was only half-joking.

“A nightmare” “Shocking to a lot of people” “A sign to enemies he’s a wimp”: @ChrislHayes remembers the days when presidential scandals involved conservatives freaking out about Obama’s tan suit. https://t.co/7uPo9JIqGo

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) August 29, 2019

Elsewhere at MSNBC, senior national correspondent Chris Jansing provided viewers with a five-year retrospective, claiming that the “suit has become a symbol for the lack of scandals during the Obama administration.”

MSNBC’s Ari Melber also signed off his show this week by recalling fondly the 2014 press briefing incident, saying that those were “the good old days.”

“On the anniversary of the day that Obama wore a tan suit — a choice he was heavily criticized for — people are realizing how little scandals there were when he was in office,” writes People magazine’s Joelle Goldstein.

At the Washington Post, reporter Antonia Noori Farzan writes, “Tan Suit Gate has taken on a different meaning, coming to symbolize the relative dearth of scandals during the Obama administration.”

“Remember what used to piss people off about a president? It was about what he wore, that was our big kerfuffle five years ago, oh how things have changed,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo said this week of the tan suit episode.

He added, “Boy, what a difference five years makes.”

Cuomo’s colleague, CNN’s Don Lemon, agreed, saying, “Those are the days, right? That was a scandal.”

I am not sure why members of the press need to be told this, but the Obama administration absolutely had serious scandals. Many of them. Some of them even had body counts. The Obama administration oversaw a fatally botched Justice Department gun-running operation, the extrajudicial execution of United States citizens in foreign countries, a pillaged U.S. consulate and a dead ambassador due to executive branch negligence, thousands of veterans’ deaths connected to the Department of Veterans Affairs scandal — well, you name it. In fact, the eight-year Obama presidency was book-ended by scandal. It began with voter intimidation, and it ended with Russian election interference that occurred entirely on his watch.

But try telling that to former Obama administration officials and their fans in the press, who say now that the greatest scandal of his presidency was a tan suit.

Obama in a suit

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