How Oscar-Winner Octavia Spencer Is Shedding Pounds

After winning an Academy Award in 2012 for her role in the film The Help, Octavia Spencer decided to tackle a new roll-the one wrapped around her middle. Having tried every diet out there and failed, the full-figured Alabama-native had long given up on depriving herself to get slim. But when she discovered Sensa Weight-Loss System, which lets you eat whatever you want, the 42-year-old foodie opted to bite the bait.

Eight months later, Spencer has lost some 30 pounds and carved out a lovely hourglass shape, which we’ll see more of at the premieres of her next films Snowpiercer and Paradise. By next year, when her film with Kevin Costner comes out (they’re shooting together this summer), you may not even recognize the svelter Spencer.

Here’s how she’s resolved how to lose weight while having her cake and eating it too-just not all of it!

SHAPE: How much weight have you lost since you started using Sensa?

OCTAVIA SPENCER (OS): I lost 20 pounds back in February after just five months on the program. I don’t weigh myself regularly, so I imagine that I am closer to 30 pounds now. I’m waiting to step back on the scale on my birthday, May 25. I want it to be a bigger number, so I am building up the suspense.

SHAPE: You’ve got a Biggest Loser moment coming up!

OS: Yes, just me and my mirror. But let me tell you, if it’s not a big number, I don’t want to beat myself up.

SHAPE: So you’ve been using Sensa for eight months?

OS: I guess so. I’m not keeping track of time anymore because it’s just integrated into my life.

SHAPE: Normally, with diet plans, all you can think about is “How long do I have to do this for?”

OS: That’s why I don’t diet-I don’t like feeling like I’m a prisoner. It’s been pretty effortless with Sensa because I am not thinking about how long do I need to do this. Usually when you stop a diet program, you lose control again. But I don’t need to stop what I’m doing. I’m eating everything that I like. Sensa just helps me keep it all in check.

SHAPE: For people who aren’t familiar with Sensa, can you tell us how it works?

OS: The moment you tell me that I can’t have-say, a piece of toast-it’s all that I’m gonna crave. With Sensa, I can have toast-with jelly! I just sprinkle Sensa on it. It helps you control the amount that you eat. It doesn’t change your diet but rather your portions. I don’t have to count carbs or calories. I’d rather not think about the numbers. If I want to eat popcorn at the movies, I know I won’t overeat thanks to Sensa. If I’m at a party and I want to have cheese and crackers, I discreetly sprinkle Sensa on the snack. If you can sprinkle, you can lose weight. It’s that simple.

SHAPE: What happens when you eat foods with Sensa?

OS: It tells me that, “Hey, I’m full,” and then I’m done eating.

SHAPE: Are your girlfriends like, “Can I get some?”

OS: No, I don’t share. If they want some, they have to go get it themselves. I have a couple of friends who I know are secretly doing it on their own. It’s really easy to be discreet with this. At first, I didn’t want to say anything about it. Now if I am at a friend’s house and I take out my cute little Sensa carrying case, which looks like a bag for my cell phone, then they know what’s up. It’s a part of my whole routine.

SHAPE: Is there anything that you won’t sprinkle it on because you really want to savor it?

OS: It doesn’t change the flavor of food. If it did, I might be a little nervous about that.

SHAPE: So you would sprinkle it on your birthday cake?

OS: Yes, I would! I don’t want to eat the whole cake. I just want a couple of bites.

SHAPE: Ultimately Sensa doesn’t change what you eat, but just how you eat?

OS: Right. I have tried every diet to lose weight. When you restrict yourself, you’re setting yourself up for failure. What impressed me about Sensa is that all I have to do is sprinkle this on my food, and it works. Watching the numbers slowly go down on the scale felt like a natural progression. When you see results, you start to wonder, “What would happen if I had oatmeal instead of sausage for breakfast?” You start to eat better because you feel better. You still enjoy your favorite foods, but you change too.

SHAPE: Do you see yourself using Sensa until you don’t need it anymore?

OS: Exactly. I have been heavy for so long, so much of my adult life. Now I found something that is easy to do. Ten days ago, I was in Beijing, and guess what? I had my Sensa with me. I’m going to the Cannes Film Festival in France and Sensa is coming with me. I can take it everywhere in the world with me. I can’t do that with any other program without changing the weight restriction of luggage. That is why I had to do something that was conducive to my life.

SHAPE: Do you have a specific weight-loss goal in mind?

OS: I don’t have a number on the scale. My thing is my middle. I want my waistline to be proportionate. Right now I still have a little Santa Claus belly. People think that I have this wonderful hourglass figure, but I owe that to designer Tadashi Shoji because he cuts for me really well. Thanks to Sensa, my figure is starting to form, but I have to whittle away a little more. I’m not trying to be thin. I’m just trying to be healthier. When you join the 40s club, it gets harder and harder to lose weight, so you have to find a program that works for you.

SHAPE: Have you seen any immediate health benefits already?

OS: Yes. I hate taking the stairs. It’s so easy to hop on the elevator. Well, after losing some weight, I now make myself take the stairs. I can see the difference with my breathing. I can also see the difference with how much effort it takes to walk my three miles and how much time I’ve cut off of it. These tangible, hard-hitting results are basically how I measure my success.

SHAPE: Walking is your main form of exercise?

OS: At first I worked out with a personal trainer. But I can’t take my trainer with me around the world. So I thought, “OK, for the next six-month phase of this, I’m going to do a lot of walking and videos at home.” Then I took up Pilates because I like the look of Pilates and yoga bodies. Neither one is easy, which is why the girls look so great. If I get bored of Pilates, I’ll take dance classes. And if I get bored again, I’ll discover something new. But right now, I do Pilates and walking.

SHAPE: How do you feel right now compared to how you felt before the weight loss?

OS: Oh, I am a different woman. There is something to be said about feeling completely confident in every aspect of your life. That is where I am right now. I know it’s because of how I feel about my body and how I feel about my overall health. I am really confident and extremely grateful. Everybody should find something that works for them. I know Sensa works for me because it’s very discreet. It’s not something that you have to talk about. I am happy to talk about it because I know how hard it is. I know how women tend to beat themselves up because of how difficult it is to lose weight and get healthy. So that is why I am screaming from the top of the roof saying, “Guys, here is something that works for me!”

SHAPE: What I love about it is that you can eat like a “normal person” at dinner. You’re not eating a carrot and making everyone else feel awkward.

OS: Exactly! I can get that hamburger or have a slice of cake and know that I’m not going to eat it all with Sensa. If I didn’t have Sensa, I would be clearing plates. I’d be clearing the whole birthday cake. Can you bring me a fork and a cake, please?

SHAPE: We wish you the best of luck continuing your weight loss journey. Happy Birthday!

OS: Cross your fingers that the number on the scale on May 25 is a good one!

  • By Cristina Goyanes

“I Never Go Sleeveless”: Octavia Spencer Is No Longer Ashamed To Show Off Her Arms

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – NOVEMBER 04: Octavia Spencer speaks onstage during the 22nd Annual Hollywood Film Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 4, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for HFA)

Any progress is good progress, and when you’re on your journey to lose weight and live healthier, if you see that progress in an old dress fitting, people telling you that you look different, or you see a change in photos, that is worth celebrating. Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer recently celebrated a change in her arms on Instagram after sharing her intense regimen with fans after about three months worth of hard work and changing her diet.

“This is a rarity for me, having time in my trailer as I’m only in it at lunch. oh and sleeveless shirts. I never go sleeveless,” the 46-year-old actress wrote. “But here is what I want to show you. I’ve been working out for years and the cellulite on my arms has NEVER gone away. It’s melting away from my thighs, too! The changes I’ve made? @performinspired supplements. Combined with balancing nutrition and the right workouts the changes are amazing.”

To make the difference more noticeable for followers, she posted a picture of herself from a while back at a smaller weight but with the cellulite apparent in her arms. She shared it to make it clear that despite hard upper-body work, it was the change in diet along with the supplements taken that made the difference. Her supplements are from actor Mark Wahlberg’s Performance Inspired Nutrition line, include conjugated linoleic acid, garcinia cambogia, multivitamins and vitamins for collagen production.

As we shared with you last month, the actress has been going hard in the gym for the last few months, even doing two-a-day workouts from time to time, working out her core, her upper body, lower body, doing yoga, cryotherapy and more to be her best. It hasn’t been easy, but she’s encouraged herself and others to keep going.

“I want to say thank you to Jeanette Jenkins, Patrick Godeau and my workout buddy Kendra Patterson. And I want to say a big shout out to Mark Wahlberg and Tom Dowd, for inspiring me to be better and throwing me a lifeline,” she said. “I’m definitely inspired. I’m showing up kicking and screaming. Definitely kicking and screaming. There will be a time when I don’t kick and scream, I just show up. Hang in there, guys.”

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Octavia Spencer weighs in on Donald Trump, her weight loss shows obesity can be deceiving

Octavia Spencer weighed in on Donald Trump and Election 2016 and the actress looks remarkably thinner than she did as the chubby cook Minnie in “The Help.” Spencer attributed part of that weight loss to the supplement Sensa for which she was a spokesperson. That relationship ended but Spencer continues to appear smaller. Is the minier Minnie really losing weight or are looks deceiving? Is it down to the odd way movies and TV camouflage and accentuate weight for roles? One way or the other, clothes, or at least film costuming does make the woman.

Octavia Spencer: obesity is in the eye of the beholder

Minnie Jackson in the film adaptation of the book “The Help” didn’t trust skinny cooks or even skinny women. And the overweight gal exemplified that with her flawless culinary talents. But was her apparent obesity down to good cooking or deceptive costuming? (It wasn’t due to her chocolate pie, for sure!). In later shows “Insurgent” and spinoff “Ascendant,” Spencer plays a futuristic secret agent and in “Black and White” a modern grandmother.

She is clearly not thin, but it isn’t so noticeably obese as in her 1960s’ maid uniform in “The Help.”

Octavia Spencer: fashion dictates perception

The “Allegiant” actor lost about 20 pounds in 2013 after “The Help.” She may have shed some more. But the biggest takeaway in her seemingly more slender body is how film, but also fashion masks and exploits body size. Actors like Liam Neeson, Christian Bale, Jared Leto and Denzel Washington have been known to add or subtract large amounts of weight for roles.

But in many cases, that isn’t necessary. Looking fat or thin is often just a matter of how you wear it.

Octavia Spencer: clothes make the woman (look smaller)

To make yourself appear overweight, wear dumpy shapeless clothes. Dress in matronly, unflattering baggy clothes and you’ll look bigger and older. But ironically you can achieve the same effect wearing too-small outfits. Skin-tight pants and shirts reveal every unwanted bulge.

Mariah Carey should take note here. They exploit cellulite. One reason Octavia looks leaner is that in other movies, she’s wearing well-fit garments. As Kim Kardashian has taught, shapewear, like Spanx, can also smooth down the tummy. But they don’t make it disappear. The solution is form-fitting slacks with flared legs, modest heels, attractive sweater or blouse with V-neck or scoop that covers larger areas but doesn’t highlight them. Oh, and posture is important too. Express a healthy body image by moving with grace and confidence, whatever your size.

Biography Newsletters

Oscar Win for ‘The Help’

Spencer became known as a strong supporting actress, adept at both drama and comedy. Entertainment Weekly named her one of its 25 funniest actresses in Hollywood in 2009, calling her “sassy, smart and wise beyond her years.” But it took a personal connection to take her career to the next level.

Through her friend Tate Taylor, Spencer met author Kathryn Stockett. Stockett and Taylor had been friends since childhood, and he bought the film rights to her novel The Help before the book was even published. The Help explores the lives of two very different sets of women in a Southern town in the 1960s—white housewives and their African-American maids. Stockett had drawn inspiration from Spencer for one of the maids, Minny, and Spencer even accompanied Stockett on a book tour. A white writer, Stockett felt uncomfortable reading the black maids’ dialogue and brought Spencer along to read those parts.

When it came time to cast the film, however, Spencer had to audition for the part. The novel had become a best-seller and there was some pressure to cast a famous actress as Minny. But Spencer soon won over any doubters that she was the one for the part. In the film, Emma Stone stars as a young white woman who writes a controversial book based on interviews with “the help.” Spencer plays Minny, who works for the town’s social pariah (Jessica Chastain) after being fired by her previous employer.

Released in the summer 2011, The Help proved to be a commercial and critical hit. Spencer herself received largely warm reviews and netted several accolades, including a Golden Globe Award in 2012. In her acceptance speech, Spencer quoted the late Martin Luther King Jr.: “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance.”

She also took home the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress that February for her work on The Help. Nearly overcome by emotion, Spenser thanked, “my family in Alabama—the state of Alabama. My L.A. family. … My Help family,” in her acceptance speech. She later said that she, “can be some sort of beacon of hope, particularly because I’m not the typical Hollywood beauty.”

Spencer hoped that her newfound fame would lead to greater opportunities in front and behind the camera. “I want to do more ensemble movies like I’m doing now … I want to work with the best of the best,” Spencer told Backstage. “I’m trying to write now and get things I want to produce now that I’m meeting all of these great producers and people with deep pockets.”

Octavia Spencer: You Can’t ‘Help’ But Feel This Film

If the audience is uncomfortable watching The Help, that’s appropriate, says actress Octavia Spencer: “People lived this discomfort.” Spencer plays Minny Jackson — an African-American maid in 1960s Mississippi — in the film adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s controversial novel. Dale Robinette/Dreamworks Pictures hide caption

toggle caption Dale Robinette/Dreamworks Pictures

The movie adaptation of the best-selling book The Help roared into theaters this week, racking up more than $5 million in box-office receipts on its opening day.

It closely follows Kathryn Stockett’s novel about life among well-to-do white women in 1960s Jackson, Miss. The book told that story in large part from the point of view of the black women who served them — which earned Stockett both praise and condemnation.

‘Minny Agrees’

‘Minny Agrees’

Credit: Dreamworks Pictures

‘Minny Works For Celia’

‘Minny Works For Celia’

Credit: Dreamworks Pictures

‘Put Momma In A Chair’

‘Put Momma In A Chair’

Credit: Dreamworks Pictures

The Help is set against the civil rights era and the drama begins when the Junior League queen bee, Hilly Holbrooke, takes a stand against the maids’ using their employers’ bathrooms. One of her friends defies her and tries to get two of the maids, played by Viola Davis and Spencer, to tell the world what their lives are really like.

Mighty Minny

Spencer plays Minny and she practically steals the show with crisp dialogue and an arsenal of explosive facial expressions.

“She’s the best cook in Jackson and therefore sought after for her cooking prowess,” Spencer tells NPR’s Michele Norris. “But she is also obstinate and very opinionated and doesn’t have a problem expressing those opinions, especially to white people, which was a no-no during that time period.”

When taking on racist white women in the town, Spencer’s Minny stands erect — in a way that reveals pride, but also a good deal of pain. “She is always standing tall,” Spencer explains, to communicate: “You are not superior to me.”

Minny is a tough soul on the outside, but her weaknesses show in her home, where she is an abused wife and an overworked mother of five. When she sends her teenage daughter off to work in the home of a white woman for the first time, she is crushed.

Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis, left) and Minny Jackson (Spencer) take a grave risk by agreeing to tell their stories in The Help. Spencer says she researched 1960s Jackson, Miss., to prepare for the role — including “some wonderful hours” spent with the widow of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers. Dale Robinette/Dreamworks Pictures hide caption

toggle caption Dale Robinette/Dreamworks Pictures

Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis, left) and Minny Jackson (Spencer) take a grave risk by agreeing to tell their stories in The Help. Spencer says she researched 1960s Jackson, Miss., to prepare for the role — including “some wonderful hours” spent with the widow of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers.

Dale Robinette/Dreamworks Pictures

“You definitely see the shift in her posture,” Spencer says. “Because now what she has dreaded more than anything — her daughter following in her footsteps — is happening.”

‘People Lived This Discomfort’

To prepare herself for the role, Spencer spoke to someone who endured the brutality and violence of 1960s Mississippi.

“I did a lot of research about the time period and spent some wonderful hours talking to Mrs. Myrlie Evers-Williams,” Spencer says. Evers-Williams is the widow of civil rights activist Medgar Evers who, in 1963, was gunned down in front of his Jackson home.

Though The Help is set during the civil rights era, Spencer insists it is not a civil rights movie. “To me, it’s more a movie about relationships, how these white women relate with each other and then how they relate to the women … who work in their homes,” she says.

The audience no doubt feels discomfort, but that’s appropriate, “because people lived this discomfort,” Spencer says: We owe it to these women to step inside their world for two hours.

“I think it’s a ‘feel-something’ movie,” Spencer explains. “You feel as much of the discomfort and the pain that you see Aibileen and Minny endure, but also you feel proud of them. triumph and laughter and joy and maybe a little guilt.”

Responding To The Critics

The Help has generated a lot of buzz since its release — and not all of it has been positive. Some people are discouraging others from seeing the film, not wanting to view history through this particular lens. Spencer doesn’t buy it.

“If it’s that they don’t like the fact that a white woman wrote and used an African-American dialect, I take issue with that, because what message are we sending to artists?” Spencer says. “If it’s that black women are playing maids in 2011? I would say, these are not the same maids you saw in every other film about this era. For the first time, these women have a voice and these women are proactive in bringing about change in their community.”

The important thing, Spencer says, is to make your own judgment whether you want to see the film.

“If you haven’t read the book and all you are going on is what someone else says, then are you really going to let someone else make up your mind?” Spencer asks. “To not see the film at all because you think it represents something derogatory? I say, then it’s your loss, because it’s a wonderful film.”

An all-new season of My 600-Lb Life premiered tonight on the TLC network with Octavia Gahagans, a 42-yr-old native of Kansas City, Missouri, opting for weight loss surgery after becoming immobile due to her extreme obesity.

On the season 7 premiere, viewers discovered that Octavia, who weighed 692 pounds, hadn’t left her apartment in years, and had become bedridden in the previous year of her life.

Similar to most participants of the show, Octavia revealed she had a rough childhood riddled with abuse. She grew up in an abusive home and saw her step-dad being violent towards her mother. And by the time she was 13, she had been a victim of molestation. Octavia weighed 400 pounds when she was 16-yrs-old, and by the time she was in her early 20s, she tipped the scales at 500 pounds.

Things got even worse for her when her mother passed away while she was 23-yrs-old. Octavia never had time to grief as she had to become the caretaker for her 15-yr-old sister Desiree. Octavia, however, says taking care of her sister is the highlight of her life as Desiree went on to graduate from high school and college, and didn’t “become a statistic.”

Unfortunately, once Desiree got married and moved out of the home she shared with Octavia, her weight spiraled out of control as she was finally able to mourn her mom.

Wanting a better life for herself, Octavia decided to make the tough journey to Houston, TX to see a bariatric surgeon and weight loss expert Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

The journey wasn’t an easy one as Octavia needed the help of a team of paramedics in other to leave her home, and make the trip to Houston — something she labelled as “embarrassing.”

“My family and everyone is packing everything up now and we have the van that I’m going to be riding down to Houston in so I’m just about ready to go,” said Octavia. “We just need to get the mattress in it and then I need to be carried to it so EMTs are coming to help me with that but I’m a little nervous about it because it’s been a long time since I’ve been out of this apartment. I just hope there are no issues and it goes well.”

Upon arriving in Houston. Octavia ultimately got approved for the gastric bypass surgery by Dr. Now. And by the end of the show, she had lost an astonishing 236 pounds and weighed in at 456 lbs.

As for her current status today, Octavia appears to have continued on her weight loss journey – even sharing some recent pictures on her public Facebook page.

Below are recent weight loss update photos of Octavia from December 2018.

My 600 Lb Life’s Octavia Gahagans shows off her latest weight loss in a photo from December 2018

Octavia continues to reside in Houston following her weight loss surgery.

Octavia Gahagans of My 600 Lb Life Season 7 had a strong first year on the show, losing a little more than one-third of her peak body weight and getting a new outlook on life in the process. Since her episode kicked off the new season, Octavia has offered regular updates for fans following her journey on social media — including some encouraging new My 600 Lb Life Octavia before and after pics.

Octavia didn’t know her exact weight when filming for her episode began. But she knew her health was bad enough that she’d been bed-bound for a full year — and her peak weight of 692 helped explain why. Octavia’s journey from her native Kansas City to Dr. Nowzaradan’s Houston offices was an odyssey unto itself, as was the task of getting her into the mattress-equipped van for the road trip south.

Fortunately, Octavia was able to lose enough weight working with Dr. Now that she received approval for gastric bypass surgery. By the end of her debut, Octavia had lost 236 pounds in total, leaving her at a still-obese but far healthier 456 pounds. She’d become more mobile, and her general mood had improved. And, as we noted in our earlier article on Octavia, her social media profiles still list Houston as her current home — meaning she’s still getting tough love from Dr. Now, as well as encouragement from the broader My 600 Lb Life cast in the area.

But filming for her episode wrapped months ago — how is Octavia doing today? We won’t get a weight loss update until her Where Are They Now? episode airs, likely sometime next spring. But the latest My 600 Lb Life Octavia before and after photos show her journey continues to be a successful one.

For starters, the pic at the top of the article is one of the more recent Octavia has shared; it’s from just a few weeks ago. She’s also taken the ten-year challenge, showing more progress in side-by-side shots from 2009 and today:

Finally, here’s the most recent pic Octavia has made public:

Octavia is one of the show’s more reserved cast members; though she does offer regular updates, she doesn’t interact with fans too much. However, in response to one recent question about her ongoing weight loss, Octavia responded, “It’s going great.”

You can follow Octavia on social media through her official Facebook page here. And you can stream her debut My 600 Lb Life episode here, via the show’s official site.

(Photo credits: My 600 Lb Life Octavia before and after via Facebook)

John Sharp is a Starcasm’s chief editorial correspondent-at-large. Tips: E-mail [email protected] or Twitter @john_starcasm.

Octavia Spencer had plans to get her breasts lifted and to lose weight as a post-Oscar’s gift to herself, whether she won or lost.

“The Help” actress won an Academy Award for her touching performance as a maid in the film, and the 39-year-old plans now to have cosmetic surgery to get the breasts she once had as a teenager.

“Well, I am going to get my boobs lifted. That’s going to be my first gift,” she told Parade magazine. “I’m going to do that. I figured going into my 40s I want my boobs where they were when I was 17.”

The Golden Globe Award-winning actress won’t be able to get her breast augmentation directly after winning the award, though. Thanks to her new status as a critically- acclaimed actress, she will be leaving the country afterwards to film another movie.

“Right after the Oscars I start a Diablo Cody movie. We’re taping out of the country for four months so I wouldn’t be back here until about August,” she revealed. “I would want to around November. Then that way I could just relax until January.”

In addition to the breast lift, Spencer will also be slimming her figure by shedding a few pounds.

“I’m not trying to be a thin mint,” she told Us Weekly magazine. “I’m just trying to be healthy and look good for me. So another 15 pounds and I will be fine.”

Spencer’s decision to slim down may have – among other things – to do with the way Hollywood portrays women in the industry. For Spencer, having more weight as a woman means being “less valuable” to Hollywood, she told People magazine.

She did admit, though, that her decision to lose weight had mainly to do with health issues.

“I am not healthy at this weight,” she said backstage at the Screen Actors’ Guild award show. “Any time you have too much around the middle, then there’s a problem.”







Did you see Octavia Spencer at this year’s Academy Awards? If you saw what I saw, you were probably stunned. She looked amazing! The Oscar winning actress, best known for her role as Minny Jackson in The Help looked slim, trim, confident and healthy.
I had a chance to talk to Octavia this week and I ask her what she did to lose weight. Her answer? She turned 40.

The Weight Loss Wake-Up Call

Octavia said that when she joined “the 40s club,” it was her wake up call to start making changes to become more healthy. But, she says, her plan had to be realistic. “It’s important to me that I don’t set up a plan to fail. If I plan too much, I feel guilty for not getting it all done.”

3 Steps to Healthy and Hot at 40

Octavia gave me her plan for slimming down and it involved three main components, her exercise and eating plan, and SENSA, a popular weight loss program that you may have heard about. On the SENSA program, Octavia sprinkles her food with “tastant” crystals that help her feel full faster and eat less.

Is It Time to Try SENSA?

The SENSA crystals have clearly worked for Octavia, along with her effective plan for healthy exercise and food choices. But is it right for you? SENSA has had mixed reviews from weight loss experts. My recommendation is to read the pros and cons of using SENSA before giving it a try.

Octavia spencer weight loss

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