Open Cup Bras

What is an open cup bra?

An open cup bra is a specific kind of bra that is missing most or all of the cup. The amount of missing material all depends on the design. Some styles are like a demi-cup or three quarter cup bras that show the top part of the breast where others are completely missing the entire cup. If you’re looking for open cup bras with support, check out our cupless underwire bra styles which offer you that extra lift with underwire support. This feature creates a similar effect that a push up bra would. Like other underwire supported bras, that added support comes from a piece of “underwire” which pushes your breasts up and gives you the little extra lift to create an even sexier look. These styles are amazing when paired with another sexy open cup lingerie style. You can also pair them with one of our panty styles to create a sexy open cup bra set.

If you have a large bust size, check out our selection of plus size cupless bra styles. We have sizes that range from 38D to 44DD for those ladies with more assets to bare. Many of these styles feature underwire support as well. To find one, either search our site with the search bar above or click the “offers this style in a plus size version” link on one of our product pages.

How do open cup bras fit?

That really all depends on the style you’re looking at and how the designer cut the fabric for that particular sexy open cup bra style. We all know different brands of bras fit differently. You might be a 32C in one brand and then find out you’re a 34D in another. Because of that, we strongly suggest you check out the size chart for the open cup bra you’re looking at. Match up the cup and bust size the best you can and pick that size. You will find that some sizes fit a range of cup and bust sizes so we definitely recommend you pick one closest to your traditional cup and bust size. As always, get in touch with us if you ever have any sizing questions when it comes to ordering a bra from us!

Depending on the material composition of the style, you may find that some open cup bras will stretch with your body more than others will. Our customers have told us that most styles that we sell are comfortable no matter the cut or material type. Most styles are a blend of polyester or nylon mixed with spandex, like some of our open cup babydoll lingerie styles, that give you that little bit of added stretch. Typically something with 10% spandex will stretch a bit so the garment fits you snuggly, but it won’t stretch to a completely different size for example. The more spandex though, the more stretch you’ll get out of the garment.

Shopping for Open Cup Bras

If you’re shopping for an open cup bra style, like an open cup shelf bra, the most important thing to remember is the type of bra that you’re buying. An open cup, or open tip, style of bra is not typically worn as an “every day bra”. The reason for this is these bra styles are missing half or more of the traditional cup. This leaves the breast mostly exposed outside the bra itself. While not the best for every day use, they are a perfect choice for pairing with other lingerie styles. They can also be worn on their own for a little but of fun with your partner in the bedroom. Some open cup bras also provide a little added lift with underwire support, creating a shelf look for your breasts.

Another important thing to keep in mind is sizing. You want to take careful note of all sizing measurements when purchasing a bra. Make sure you check our sizing information we display for every bra so that you can ensure you get the right fit for your body type. We also offer a wide range of plus size open cup bras for women with larger bust and cup sizes. If you’re not just in the mood for a bra, think about pairing one of these open bra styles with a pair of sexy thong panties, garter belts, and thigh highs or stockings to create the ultimate lingerie set. For a little extra money, you can put together several items to create the perfect look just for you and not get stuck with a lingerie set that just doesn’t do it for you.

Sexy Cupless Bras

Cupless Bras

The bare minimum of the bra world

Are you looking for something extra sexy and adventurous? Try a cupless bra. Similar to the shelf bra, this unique and innovative bra style is available in a variety of designs, including 1/4 cups, peek-a-boo cups, and full open cups with an under band and underwire to give you an extra boost where you need it most. Whatever cup design, color and material you choose, cupless bras are a great way to make your most intimate moments memorable.

What are open cup (or cupless) bras?

Chances are, you don’t see cupless bras as often as traditional bras on the lingerie store racks. The bra equivalent of the crotchless panty, the cupless bra is a bold and sexy option that bares much more than its higher-coverage sisters. With the same straps and uplifting support of a regular bra without the padding and nipple coverage, you may be surprised by the great shape and lift you actually get from a cupless bra. This bra style acts as a shelf that holds the breasts up and in place.

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Why wear a cupless bra?

Cupless bras give your breasts much more freedom than a full-cup bra. Not to mention, they’re a very sexy look in the bedroom. You’ll get the support and boost of perkiness you need without the restriction of a cup that covers your nipples. If you’re full-figure (DD+), a cupless style may be a great option for you, as well! Having heavier breasts means you need, at the very least, some lift and support from the bottom to avoid sagging. Cupless bras provide just that!

How do I wear a cupless bra?

Because most bra styles have an open cup version, you can decide what comfort level you prefer and exactly how much skin you want to expose. Pair a cupless bra style with a matching crotchless panty if you really want to dial up the heat. If you want to leave a little to the imagination, wear a lacy cupless bra under a slightly sheer top, teddy or nightie. Whatever look you’re going for, there’s a style fit for your personality and needs at HerRoom.

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