13 best reusable water bottles

How many plastic water bottles do you grab on the go? It might surprise you to know the average person uses 150 a year… that’s nearly three a week.

In the UK, it’s estimated that 38.5 million plastic bottles are used every day, yet of these 15 million are not recycled. It’s not only bad for the environment, it’s also bad for your wallet.

So why not do your bit and invest in a reusable water bottle.

Not only will it save you money in the long run, carrying a refillable water bottle means you’re more likely to drink the recommended one to two litres of fluid a day.

We put a range of BPA-free water bottles to the test to find the best ones on the market.

We judged them on their leak-proof rating, how good they were at keeping drinks cold and how easy they were to carry – and drink – on the move.

Here’s our pick of the best

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Hydro Flask water bottle: £29.95, Amazon

The insulation on this stainless steel Hydro Flask means it lives up to its claim of keeping drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, making it a hit with all our testers. Holding 620ml, this has a wide mouth so you can pop ice cubes into your drink – perfect on a hot day. It also fits easily in your bag and showed no sign of leaking (even when we were running to catch a train!) We also loved the choice of colours, from bright yellow to baby blue. A great buy if you want a robust bottle for both hot and cold drinks.

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Global WAKEcup personalised sustainable bamboo water bottle: £18, Not On The High Street

This bottle came a close second with our testers. Not only does the sustainably sourced bamboo design look great (we had compliments when we pulled it out of our bags in work meetings) 10 per cent of profits go to The Marine Conservation Society and Plastic Oceans.

The bottle – which can be personalised with your name – carries 450ml of water and can be used for hot or cold drinks. We also loved the inner strainer which means you can pop in slices of cucumber or strawberry and make a fruit-infused drink.

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Dopper bottle: £12.49, Oxfam

Our testers loved the clever design of the Dopper bottle: either drink from the screw top lid or use the removable cup for your water. The bottle can hold 450ml of liquid and while it has no insulation to keep drinks cold, it’s dishwasher-safe so super easy to keep clean.

Although only usable with cold drinks this bottle is a good – and environmentally-friendly – on-the-go option.

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Thermos hydration bottle with meter: £9.99 Amazon

If you want to make sure you’re drinking the recommended six to eight glasses of water a day, this Thermos bottle is a good option. It carries 710ml of liquid and has a handy meter on the side showing you how much you’re drinking (or not).

A handy push button means it’s easy to open and close. The Thermos bottle also showed no signs of leaking even when it was bouncing around in our bags.

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Bellabeat spring smart water bottle: £80.88, Amazon

If you like using wearable tech to track everything from your fitness to your sleep, you’ll love this Bellabeat smart water bottle.

All you need to do is download the Bellabeat app and enter your age and activity levels. The app then works out how much you should be drinking each day. The bottle is battery operated so there’s no need to charge it. Simply shake the bottle to sync it and then you’ll get updates on how much you’re drinking and when. We also really liked the option to receive notifications reminding you to have a drink. A really clever piece of wellness tech.

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S’well labradorite bottle: £34.99, Zen Wardrobe

Our testers loved the design of this stainless steel S’well bottle. It has double walled insulation which kept our drinks cold (and hot) for hours and the screw top is totally leak-proof.

The bottle can carry 500ml of liquids and fits easily into a bag and is easy to drink from when you’re out and about. A stylish bottle that is built to last.

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Sistema tritan traverse water bottle: £8.99, Amazon

This was the biggest bottle we tried, at 850ml and our thirstier testers loved it. With a maximum volume of 850ml, it lasted for hours while we were out and about.

We also really liked the practical design of the bottle. There’s a handy clip on the lid which means it stays attached to the bottle. It doesn’t keep your drinks cold but the bottle mouth is wide enough to drop in ice cubes if you want.

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Bio-synergy fruit infuser reusable water bottle: £14.99, Bio-synergy

Plain water can get a little, well, boring after a while. So our testers really liked the 750ml Bio-synergy fruit infuser bottle.

Fill the inner tube with any fruit, herbs or veg you like and then add water. It takes a while for the water to take on the different flavours and the bottle doesn’t keep drinks cold. But it’s easy to use and means you don’t get any pips or random herbs in your teeth while you drink.

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Black+Blum eau good glass water bottle: £26.95, Black+Blum

This is a super stylish water bottle which comes with its own charcoal filter made from tree branches. According to Black+Blum, the carbon not only softens tap water it also adds good minerals to your drink. Made from glass, it’s less robust than the other bottles we tested, but it looks really smart and comes with a nifty neoprene sleeve to keep your drink cool.

You have to wait to drink – the charcoal takes a minimum of an hour to filter your water (it tastes even purer if you leave overnight) – but it’s worth it. Our testers agreed this was their favourite reusable bottle for work: fill up using the office tap and then let the charcoal do its thing.

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LifeSaver liberty bottle: £89.99, LifeSaver

Our testers were impressed with this Liberty bottle which advertises itself as the world’s only portable water purifier and in-line pump combined. You might not need the advanced filtration technology for your day to day commute. But this bottle comes into its own on camping and hiking trips (or if you’re a Bear Grylls wannabe on the weekend) where the only source of water is a river or lake.

It’s a serious piece of kit: simply fill the bottle with water and the clever filter can remove any nasty bacteria and viruses. We also loved the scavenger hose which means it can be used to fill up other clean water bottles.

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Evveerlux thermal water bottle: £26, Evveervital

This thermal water bottle from new sportswear brand Evveervital was a hit with our testers. It’s got a really sleek design, lives up to its claims to keep drinks cold for up to 48 hours and looks great in the gym, on the go or at work.

The insulated bottle has a clever copper inner wall which means you can also fill with hot drinks and the bottle is instantly cool to touch on the outside.

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Lakeland infuser bottle: £5.99, Lakeland

This was the cheapest bottle we tested and our testers all agreed it’s a total bargain. As with the previous infuser bottle, all you need to do is add fruit to the inner chamber and enjoy any flavour water you like. The chamber keeps the fruit safely stored so no danger of swallowing any random chunks of fruit.

The 500ml bottle is leakproof, easy to clean and is so compact you barely notice it in your bag.

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Sistema stainless steel hydrate bottle: £20.03, Amazon

We really liked this Sistema bottle and our testers who preferred drinking from a stainless steel bottle rather than a reusable plastic one voted it as one of their favourites. The bottle can carry 500ml of liquid and is small enough to slot easily into your bag. It comes in a wide range of colours and has got a really nice premium-looking matt finish.

It’s also insulated and kept true to its claims of keeping drinks hot for six hours and cold for 12 hours.

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Verdict: Reusable water bottles

Our testers all voted the Hydro Flask as the best reusable water bottle, especially if you want to use it for hot and cold drinks. If you love wellness tech and want a daily record of how much you’re drinking – and when – then the Bellabeat spring water bottle is the one for you.

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The best water bottles in 2020

If you’re looking to cut down on your plastic use, a reusable water bottle is one of the easiest ways to start. A good reusable water bottle will last for years and withstand day-to-day stresses, such as being thrown in a bag or accidentally clanking into a railing. Single-use plastic is not only bad for the environment, but can harm your body, too. Plus, having a water bottle you love might make it easier to stay hydrated all day long.

How to pick a reusable water bottle

Water bottles are mainly made from three different materials: plastic, glass and metal (or stainless steel). All three have their own hydration pros and cons.

Plastic is lightweight and durable, but plastic can transfer a taste or odor to your beverage when you drink. Glass bottles are safer to drink from than plastic and don’t hold onto taste but they’re fragile and not ideal for rough outdoor activities like backpacking. Metal water bottles and stainless steel are also usually insulated (there’s insulation around the body) and are the best at keeping the beverages you drink cold or hot (depending on if they start cold or hot, naturally), but they can be heavy and subject to dents and scratches.

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After you decide what material you want your reusable drinking water bottle to be made of, consider the lid type. Do you want a straw lid, a flip-top spout lid (like a travel mug) or a screw top? Maybe you need a lid that can attach to a backpack with a carabiner or a lid that won’t unscrew in your work bag.

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Also, consider size and design when picking your perfect water bottle. Most companies make their bottles available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 12 to 40 ounces and beyond. Smaller sizes allow for thinner, sleeker designs with a narrow mouth, while larger sizes usually mean a wide-mouth bottle or a juglike design ideal to drink from at all-day events like beach days.

I scoured the web for the best water bottle options for the most functional and fashionable reusable water bottles from which to drink. I began my search with brands I already knew created good products, like S’well bottles, though I ended up finding a couple that aren’t as evangelized but still create cool products to help you stay hydrated.

All of these brands have received multiple customer reviews on Amazon — the bottles on this list are all in the four-star range with mostly favorable reviews on Amazon (no one can please everyone). From basic bottles to portable pouches to all-day canteens, try replacing your plastic disposable drinking water bottles with one of these reusable models. In the end, it’s up to you to decide which is the best water bottle — and to stay hydrated.

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask exploded in popularity a few years ago and has stayed at the top of the water bottle totem pole due to its double insulated design, durable stainless steel materials and fun variety of colors. Hydro Flask bottles keep liquids cool for up to 24 hours and hot beverages warm up to 12 hours.

They’re tough enough to toss into bags and survive the hustle and bustle of your days (stainless steel, remember?), and Hydro Flask vacuum-insulated bottles resist condensation, so the outside of your bottle will stay dry when you drink. This bottle comes with a standard lid and spout, but you can always mix and match to make the best water bottle for yourself.

Pressa Bottle

Some people love drinking tap water plain. Some think it’s the most boring liquid to have ever graced this planet, despite it being essential to human survival. I am one of the latter, which is why I love Pressa Bottle, the water bottle with a built-in juicer. It’s great for on-the-go folks who want fruit-infused water but don’t want to deal with (or forget to make) a whole pitcher full at home.

All you have to do is put your fruit of choice in the juicer and twist the dial on top. This reusable glass bottle has a silicone sleeve (the silicone sleeve helps your grip) and comes apart for an easy clean. You can also safely clean your Pressa Bottle in the dishwasher.

Tad Martin/CNET

Previously, we listed the Platypus Platy Ultralight Collapsible as the best portable water bottle for backpacking, but since then, Platypus has come out with the Platypus DuoLock Soft Bottle 1.0 L — a sturdier, more stylish version of the Ultralight Collapsible. The DuoLock Soft Bottle has a built-in carabiner, making it perfect for clearing up space in a hiking backpack: Just clip it on outside instead of stuffing it in. You can choose from one liter or two, but in my own hiking experience, I’ve found that one liter is sufficient unless you’re heading out for a full day-long trek.


The Grayl Geopress Purifier filters out 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, protozoa and sediment. It holds a standard amount of water (24 ounces); it’s incredibly durable; and it’s easy to clean — a really big deal as heavy-duty filtered water bottles are notoriously difficult to clean. I tested the Grayl Geopress Purifier along with five other filtered water bottles, and the Geopress struck me as the safest and the best investment for outdoor use.

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Amanda Capritto/CNET

Glass is non-toxic, doesn’t seep chemicals and doesn’t degrade over time, making it a great alternative to plastic. The body of this Contigo bottle is made entirely of glass, while the protective outer layer is silicone and the cap is stainless steel. The outer silicone sleeve makes this bottle extra grippy (no broken glass!), and it’s top-rack dishwasher-safe.

I’ve owned many a Contigo bottle and this Purity glass one stood up to the brand’s reputation of making long-lasting, stylish, functional bottles. It’s also one of the least expensive bottle on this list; quite honestly, I don’t know how Contigo even profits off of such inexpensive bottles, especially when they seem to be high-quality and durable. But hey, I’m not complaining about a great reusable water bottle for just $15.

Amanda Capritto/CNET

All of Klean Kanteen’s water bottles are environmentally friendly thanks to the company’s patented chip-resistant, durable finish called Klean Coat. But the Klean Kanteen 20-ounce Insulated Reflect bottle is especially environmentally friendly, made from just three materials: stainless steel, food-grade silicone and bamboo. It has no paint, ink, coatings or plastic.

It’s easy to carry with a nice loop handle, and the bottle is rather elegant in its simplicity. Despite lacking the insulated coating that most stainless steel bottles have, Insulated Reflect is still double-wall vacuum-insulated and it kept my water cold for as long as I needed it to. Hot liquids aren’t recommended because of the steel bamboo cap.

Amanda Capritto/CNET

The insulated, stainless steel Roamer from S’well keeps a whopping 64 ounces of water cold and delicious even when it’s hot out. I took this bottle on a 9-mile hike and it lasted me until the end. It was a hot day, so there were no actual ice pieces left, but the water was still ice-cold.

Made from food-grade stainless steel, S’well insulated bottles are perfect for long, hot beach days and for those who just don’t feel like refilling their bottle several times a day. Because it holds 40 or 64 ounces and is made of stainless steel, it can get pretty heavy when it’s full. Depending on your preferences, you might not want this one for hiking or walking around. It’s definitely not the easiest way to carry water on a hike, but overall, I didn’t mind toting it.

Paige Thies/CNET

I also tested the Astrea One water bottle for our list of best filtered water bottles for 2020, and while I wouldn’t recommend using this one with natural freshwater, it works wonders on tap water, filtering out lead, benzene, mercury, copper, chlorine and more. It also has a great design that’s sturdy, durable and easy to clean.

Tad Martin/CNET

The Que bottle might be the most adorable water bottle I’ve ever used. Made only of silicone and stainless steel, this bottle collapses down to half its size when empty — perfect for anyone who’s always trying to crunch space in their bag. The Que bottle is also dishwasher safe, BPA-free and 100% plastic-free. Flexible and durable, this bottle can withstand drops and falls, and bounces back to its normal size and shape even after being totally smushed.


In another category of reusable water bottles that zap away dirt and pathogens, self-cleaning water bottles use UV-C light to decontaminate water. I tested three self-cleaning UV-C water bottles and the CrazyCap Gen 2 produced the best taste and has the best suite of functions: It has a normal purification mode for tap water and a “Crazy Mode” for freshwater; an autoclean function; and a slender design that makes it great for taking along in the car and slipping into bags.

Amanda Capritto/CNET

Try as we might, it’s not always possible to avoid a gas station run-in for a bottle of water. Maybe you forgot your reusable water bottle or you did bring it, but you’re in the middle of nowhere and need a clean refill. Enter: Pathwater.

Pathwater is first 100% reusable, recyclable bottled water in an aluminum bottle. You can find it at gas stations and convenience stores (use the store locator) and it only costs $2 to $3, depending on the location. The water that comes in these bottles is just as good, if not better, than any water you’d get in a plastic bottle, and they are endlessly reusable and recyclable.

I stocked my fridge with a case of Pathwater in four months ago and have been using the same set since. Even if you don’t reuse a Pathwater bottle, it takes 5 times less energy to recycle than a plastic bottle of the same size, according to the Pathwater website.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

The best reusable water bottles, for when you’re ready to ditch your plastic habit

Whether you’re worried about plastic pollution or the amount of dough you blow on bottled water, there’s definitely a reusable bottle perfect for you.

But with a market flooded with options, what should you consider? The key questions include how and where you will you use it. Is it for home, commuting, indoor cycling classes? Flying or camping? Are you looking for gorgeous design or a high-tech nudge to improve your hydration as the summer heat settles in?

Enough with the questions, we’ve got answers: Here are 10 great water bottles designed for specific tastes. Of course, we kept style in mind, and all are BPA-free. Most lines carry various sizes and shapes too.

Do you feel that?

Advertisement DrinKup bottle with a smart phone. Credit: Michael Wesley Titgemeyer (Michael Wesley Titgemeyer / Michael Wesley Titgemeyer)

The stainless steel DrinKup bottle hold 17 ounces — and vibrates to remind you to drink. The LED screen embedded in its cap also serves up reminders to take a sip. Keeps water cold for up to 24 hours and needs charging only every 30-90 days. The only downside we found? At 12 ounces, it’s a tad heavy once you add H2O. $69,

Watch it glow

Advertisement Teal Hidrate Spark 2.0 water bottle with app preview. (Hidrate Inc.)

The Hidrate Spark 3.0 is made out of an impact-resistant plastic, holds 20 ounces and comes with a smart sensor stick to keep track of intake. It glows to nudge you to drink and integrates with Fitbit, Apple Watch and other fitness trackers with fun app notifications. It’s dishwasher-safe (just remove the long-lasting, replaceable batteries). One downside: It doesn’t keep water cold. $45,

Easy cleaning

Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle in Sand Stone 20oz. (Contigo)

The vacuum-insulated stainless steel Contigo Couture Thermalock holds 20 ounces and keeps drinks cold (up to 24 hours) or hot (up to 10 hours). We found it beautiful, stylish and leak-proof. We especially like the removable drinking spout for adding ice — or deep cleaning. Best of all? That price. $19.99,

Sleek profile

Advertisement 21 ounce Hydro Flask Standard Mouth bottle with Sport Cap. (Hydro Flask)

The insulated, stainless steel Hydro Flask bottle is not technically leak-proof, but it boasts a sports cap that helps us avoid spills (or at least limit them). And the slim profile means it fits many cup holders. It holds 21 ounces and keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours. Not suitable for hot liquids. $35.95,

Means business

Pink Yeti Rambler. (Dick’s Sporting Goods)

At 16.3 ounces, the Yeti Rambler boasts a hardy, rugged stainless steel design and a sturdy cap that makes for easy toting — but also a heavier carry. It holds 18 ounces and can handle both hot and cold liquids. It’s dishwasher-safe. The wide mouth means you won’t have any problem shoveling in ice cubes. $29.99,

Beautiful design

Advertisement Klean Kanteen Insulated Reflect bottle. (Klean Kanteen)

The insulated Klean Kanteen’s Reflect holds 20 ounces and claims its Climate Lock technology will keep iced drinks cold up to 40 hours. It’s a minimalist’s dream: The plastic-free bottle features a sustainably harvested bamboo lid and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Not advisable for hot liquids. $40.95,


S’well Sport bottle with sport cap. (Swell)

If you want a reusable water bottle that doesn’t scream “I look like a reusable water bottle,” check out the crave-worthy stainless steel offerings from S’well. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and designs, including the eye-catching teakwood, white marble and calacatta gold, and keep drinks cold up to 24 hours. Many boast wide mouths, perfect for ice lovers. Around $20 and up.

Hold on

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle. (Thermos, LLC)

The textured grip on the Thermos’ vacuum-insulated stainless steel hydration bottle is perfect for those sweaty gym workouts or hikes — or for the clumsy among us. Holds 18 ounces and has a comfortable sipping spout and easy push-button lid. Not for hot liquids. Wallet-friendly price. $19.99,

For adventuring

LifeStraw Reusable Water bottle with filtration straw near a stream. (Adam Barker / LifeStraw)

The makers of the LifeStraw GO reusable water bottle say it can be safely filled from a stream or anyplace without potable water: The two-stage filtration straw filters bad taste, waterborne bacteria and more. Super lightweight — less than 6 ounces — and holds 22 ounces. Does not keep water cold. $44.95,

Wow, just wow

Gratitude blue bottle love glass water bottles (Kayden Radhe / Blue Bottle Love)

The eco-conscious Blue Bottle Love bottles are made of break-resistant Italian blue glass, so they weigh more than most. But they’re showstoppers, sandblasted with loving inscriptions and positive intentions. (Blue Bottle also sells a variety of hemp slings to make toting easier.) Blue Bottle Love’s philosophy is based on the belief that the molecular structure of water is affected by words, vibrations and light — so the bottles are made to allow sunlight to pass through. Prices vary according to size. Around $30 and up.


Water Bottle / Cup Holder Attachment for Exercise Bike, Treadmill, Elliptical

Feature Water Bottle / Cup Holder Attachment for Exercise Bike, Treadmill, Elliptical


Detail Water Bottle / Cup Holder Attachment for Exercise Bike, Treadmill, Elliptical

Water Bottle / Cup Holder for Exercise Equipment.

Add a water bottle to your favorite Treadmill, Elliptical, or Bike

(make sure that the handle bar you plan on adding this to is larger than 2.5″ in diameter, If you can’t get it to fit for whatever reason, I will gladly return it 🙂

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  • ㊩ TruPace V330 Exercise Bike (Large) ㊩
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  • ㊟ Elite Pro Fixed Gear Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike ㊟
  • ㊤ Endurance B2.5U Electronic Upright Exercise Bike ㊤
  • ㊰ Speed Master Super Quality All-In-One W Heart Rate Monitor Watch and Transmitter Slim Chest Belt – For Exercise, Sports, Running, Jogging Outdoor Activities – Measures Speed, Pulse, Distance, Fat And Calories – Alarm And Stopwatch Functions ㊰
  • ㊞ Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket, Sport ㊞
  • ㊧ Beautyko Fitness Bike Trainer ㊧
  • ㊩ Louis Garneau Women’s Multi RX Fitness Cycling Shoe, Flash Blue, 39 EU ㊩
  • ㊘ Schwinn Jasmine Girls’ Bike ㊘
  • ㊡ Schwinn IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike ㊡
  • ㊡ Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike (Black Cherry) ㊡
  • ㊨ Bladez Fitness Master Indoor Training Cycle ㊨
  • ㊞ CycleOps PVC Roller Indoor Bicycle Trainer ㊞
  • ㊨ Bell GelTech Saddle with Airgel ㊨
  • ㊪ Cap Barbell Upper or Lower Body Cycle ㊪
  • ㊬ Exercise Equipment Floor Mat 3′ x 6.5′ ㊬
  • ㊰ Stamina 7100 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike ㊰
  • ㊥ Supermats 3’x6.5′ Treadsolid ㊥
  • ㊝ Fitnex R40-S Recumbent Exercise Bike ㊝
  • ㊪ Kettler EX3 Upright Exercise Bike ㊪
  • ㊓ Spinning Crank It Up: Interval Energy Zone DVD ㊓
  • ㊕ M-Wave Child’s Running Bike (Red) ㊕
  • ㊮ Petego Walky Dog Hands-Free Bicycle Leash ㊮
  • ㊓ Zike Saber Hybrid Bike (Magenta, 25 1/2-Inch W x 61-Inch L x 41-Inch H) ㊓
  • ㊤ Fitnex R70 Recumbent Exercise Bike ㊤
  • ㊕ Sunlite Bicycle Gel Seat Cover, Western, 15.5″ x 12″ ㊕
  • ㊦ ㊦
  • ㊧ ProSource Health and Fitness Mini Bicycle Pedal Trainer ㊧
  • ㊧ Endurance B2U Upright Exercise Bike ㊧
  • ㊧ CatEye Strada Cadence Bicycle Computer CC-RD200 ㊧
  • ㊡ Spinning Turn and Burn DVD ㊡
  • ㊒ Endurocycle 200 Chain Driven Indoor Cycling ㊒
  • ㊫ Expresso Interactive Recumbent Exercise Bike – S3R ㊫
  • ㊝ Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike ㊝
  • ㊯ Schwinn 113 Upright Exercise Bike ㊯
  • ㊨ Sunny SF-B1002 Indoor Cycling Bike ㊨
  • ㊣ Weslo Pursuit CT 1.5 Stationary Exercise Bike ㊣
  • ㊢ BIKE BACP11-L Adult Cup Supporter (Grey/White, Large) ㊢
  • ㊓ Fitnex B70 Upright Exercise Bike ㊓
  • ㊤ Supermats Solid P.V.C. Mat for Bikes/Steppers (3-Feet x 4-Feet) ㊤
  • ㊗ Schwinn Adult Comfort Gel Bicycle Saddle ㊗
  • ㊟ Amazonman Reading Rack/Book Holder/Magazine Holder ㊟
  • ㊩ Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Exercise Pedal ㊩
  • ㊮ Dahon Eco C7 Folding Bike, Brick ㊮
  • ㊔ Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike with On-Board Computer ㊔
  • ㊤ Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Exercise Bike ㊤
  • ㊟ GSI Super Quality All-In-One Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Watch and Transmitter Slim Chest Belt – For Exercise, Biking, Sports, Running, Jogging and All Outdoor Activities – Measures Speed, Pulse, Distance, Fat And Calories – Alarm And Stopwatch Functions (Gray) ㊟
  • ㊣ Zefal Pump Ball Inflation Needle Kit ㊣
  • ㊦ Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids – Air Walker ㊦
  • ㊗ Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit ㊗
  • ㊖ Bell Alibi Youth Bicycle Helmet, Black ㊖
  • ㊦ AFG 4.0 AR Recumbent Exercise Bike ㊦
  • ㊝ Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike ㊝
  • ㊭ 12″ x 12″ Exercise Bike Seat ㊭
  • ㊞ Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike (Red) ㊞
  • ㊬ Treadmill Doctor Exercise Bike Assembly Service ㊬
  • ㊝ Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer ㊝
  • ㊯ Body Rider XRB271 Body Rider Deluxe Folding Bike ㊯
  • ㊥ Diamondback Fitness 910Ub Upright Exercise Bike ㊥
  • ㊒ Nautilus NB3000 Upright Exercise Bike ㊒
  • ㊢ Bell Gel Relief Bicycle Seat Cover ㊢
  • ㊪ 7 Level Bike or Bicycle Trainer Stand for Resistance and Indoor Exercise or Training ㊪
  • ㊢ Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer ㊢
  • ㊬ “The Executive” Comfortable Bicycle Seat ㊬
  • ㊟ WCI Quality Bicycle Computer With Speed, Distance And Time Readings Display – Monitors Biking Exercise And Training Data ㊟
  • ㊬ Timex Watch Bike Mount ㊬
  • ㊨ WCI Quality Wireless Bicycle Computer With Speed, Distance And Time Readings Display – Monitors Biking Exercise And Training Data ㊨
  • ㊬ Precor RBK 815 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Bike ㊬
  • ㊔ Mini Pedal Exerciser Bike Fitness Exercise Cycle Leg/arm w/ LCD Display Home Gym ㊔
  • ㊬ Gympak PVC Treadmill Equipment Mat (36-x78-Inch) ㊬
  • ㊢ Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat for Exercise Bikes/Steppers (3-Feet x 4-Feet, Gray) ㊢
  • ㊢ Mini-Bike Smooth Rider Accessory for Resistance Chair ㊢
  • ㊭ Sunlite Flat Form Exerciser Bicycle Pedals, 1/2 in, 1 Pair ㊭
  • ㊤ 65cm Black Silver Anti-burst Rhino Skin Stability Ball with New and Improved High Quality 10-inch Hand Pump included FREE ㊤
  • ㊝ Short Fitted Stretch Tight Yoga Running Bike Exercise Shorts Underwear ㊝
  • ㊖ Amazonman Black Reading Racks for Treadmills, Stair Climbers, Stationary Bikes, Ellptical Trainers and Rowers ㊖
  • ㊝ Stamina InStride Total Body Cycle ㊝
  • ㊭ Game Rider Pro Gaming Bike and System with TV Screen ㊭
  • ㊧ Body Rider BRF701 Fan Upright Exercise Bike ㊧
  • ㊰ Water Bottle / Cup Holder Attachment for Exercise Bike, Treadmill, Elliptical ㊰
  • ㊣ Exerpeutic Motorized Mini ACTIVCycle ㊣
  • ㊕ SurfShelf Treadmill Desk: Laptop and iPad Holder ㊕
  • ㊢ Graber Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer ㊢
  • ㊰ Pro Indoor Cycling Bike ㊰
  • ㊭ CamelBak Podium Bottle (Clear/Carbon, 24 -Ounce) ㊭
  • ㊒ Gympak PVC Bike Equipment Mat (36- x 48-Inch) ㊒
  • ㊡ Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat for Cardio- Fitness Products (2.5-Feet x 5-Feet) ㊡
  • ㊧ Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow Pads ㊧
  • ㊬ Cap Barbell Premium Mat for Upright Bikes and Equipment (36-Inchx48-Inchx1/4-Inch) ㊬
  • ㊩ Stamina 9200 CPS Indoor Cycling Bike ㊩
  • ㊯ Elite Fitness Recumbent Bike with Pulse ㊯
  • ㊩ Stamina Pro 15-5300 Silent Magnetic Resistance Upright Bike ㊩
  • ㊭ CycleOps Stackable Climbing Block for Indoor Bicycle Trainers ㊭
  • ㊭ SourceOne Treadmill Book Holder – Large/full Size Lexan ㊭
  • ㊣ Blackburn Trakstand Mag 3 Trainer ㊣
  • ㊮ LifeSpan S4 Indoor Cycle Trainer ㊮
  • ㊦ Bike Athletic Dri-Power Deluxe Patella Knee Brace (MD) ㊦
  • ㊓ Hobson Easyseat Ergonomical Dual Pad Bicycle Saddle ㊓
  • ㊫ Diamondback Fitness 510Ub Upright Exercise Bike ㊫
  • ㊘ Body Max Magnetic Recumbent Bike with LCD Console ㊘
  • ㊒ CycleOps Training Mat for Indoor Bicycle Trainers ㊒
  • ㊜ Avari Conversion II Rower/Recumbent Bike ㊜
  • ㊯ Bell Memory Foam Bicycle Seat Pad ㊯
  • ㊯ Lifecore Fitnes LC950RBS Compact Self Powered Recumbent Bike ㊯
  • ㊤ Outback Magnetic Indoor Bicycle Trainer ㊤
  • ㊥ Sunny Mini Cycle Exercise Bike ㊥
  • ㊯ Sunny Sf-Rb801 Magnetic Recumbent Bike ㊯
  • ㊯ Magnetic Recumbent Bike Frictionless Stationary Recumbent Bicycle ㊯
  • ㊕ Stamina CPS 9190 Indoor Cycle Trainer ㊕
  • ㊧ RAD Cycle Products MAX Racer Pro Bicycle Trainer Work Out with 7 Levels of Resistance ㊧
  • ㊖ Game Rider EZ Gaming Bike and System ㊖
  • ㊮ Sunny Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike ㊮
  • ㊡ Body Sculpture Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bc-6410xi-hb Ergo Upright Bike ㊡
  • ㊨ Gear Up Grand Stand Single Bike Floor Stand ㊨
  • ㊪ Serfas Bicycle Saddle Pad (Cruiser) ㊪
  • ㊟ Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Semi Recumbent Exercise Bike,effective and comfortable workout (1110) ㊟
  • ㊕ Bladez Fitness Aero PRO Indoor Cycle ㊕
  • ㊜ Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer (Adjustable Trainer) ㊜
  • ㊨ Phoenix 99605 Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike ㊨
  • ㊦ Schwinn Stress Free Bicycle Seat ㊦
  • ㊥ RAD Cycle Products MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer Work Out with 7 Levels of Resistance ㊥
  • ㊘ Marcy Club Revolution Cycle ㊘
  • ㊨ Mini Cycle Exercise Bike with Pedal Straps ㊨
  • ㊖ Planet Bike Protege 9.0 9-Function Bike Computer with 4-Line Display and Temperature ㊖
  • ㊣ Blackburn Trak Block II Bicycle Stabilizer for Indoor Bicycle Trainers ㊣
  • ㊡ Avari Recumbent Bike ㊡
  • ㊰ j/fit Folding Space Saving X Bike ㊰
  • ㊕ Amazon “COMPACT” Reading Rack Book Holder ,Treadmills ,Rowers,elipticals,stationary Bikes,climbers Etc. With Flat Display, ㊕
  • ㊝ Electronic Pedaler ㊝
  • ㊧ RAD Cycle Products MAX RIDER PRO Italian Bike Trainer with Remote Shifter For Professional Work Out Indoors! ㊧
  • ㊨ Delta Bicycle Strapless Toe Clips ㊨
  • ㊯ Body Max Power Deluxe Magnetic Recumbent Bike ㊯
  • ㊢ Bell Gel Contour Bicycle Seat Cover ㊢
  • ㊡ Ergonomic Hand Pedals for the MagneTrainer Pedal Exerciser ㊡
  • ㊔ Best Fitness BFSB10 Indoor Cycling Trainer ㊔
  • ㊞ Stamina Indoor Cycle 1305 ㊞
  • ㊜ Stamina InTone Folding Cycle Pro ㊜
  • ㊓ Stamina Airgometer Exercise Bike ㊓
  • ㊖ Brand New Exercise Fitness Bike Flywheel with LCD – 17 Red ㊖
  • ㊫ Gazelle Edge ㊫
  • ㊖ Bike Balance Training Handle Kit ㊖
  • ㊕ Sunny Health & Fitness 2 in 1 Elliptical and Upright Bike ㊕
  • ㊮ Schwinn Adult Double Gel Bicycle Saddle Seat Cover ㊮
  • ㊬ Airgometer Exercise Bike ㊬
  • ㊪ *NEW* FitDesk Pro – Pedal Desk ㊪
  • ㊝ Sunny Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike ㊝
  • ㊢ Eleven81 Exerciser Gel Seat Cover, 11 X 12″ Size ㊢
  • ㊥ Sunny SF-RB801 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike ㊥

Best and Safest Reusable Water Bottles

I’m constantly on the hunt for a good reusable water bottle for the family- you know, one that is safe (and doesn’t leach chemicals), doesn’t leak, keeps water cold and is sized right for lunchboxes, gym bags and my purse. There are good reasons to ditch buying water in disposable plastic bottles. About 38 billion non-reusable plastic water bottles don’t get recycled each year. Ugh. So it’s worth it to find an alternative both for the environment and our wallets. That’s where Alpha Mom comes in.

Our top picks include (you can read more about each below):

  • Best at keeping water cold: S’well
  • Best option for very young kids: Klean Kanteen
  • Best glass option: Lifefactory (kids) and Takeya (adults)
  • Best value option: Klean Kanteen
  • Best plastic option: Nalgene (but in green only, see below for why)


There are many many options on the market when it comes to reusable water bottles but we think the number one factor to consider is that the water is stored safely in a bottle – without chemicals from the container leaching into it.

Over the past several years, the main concern has been about the chemical BPA which is a key ingredient found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, and until several years ago many plastic food and water/ drink containers were made from plastics that were laced with BPA.

In case you are not up-to-date on BPA, over the years we have heard lots of news reports warning about children’s and pregnant women’s exposure to products containing BPA. The US Department of Health and Human Services has called for parents to reduce their children’s exposure to products containing BPA because of its possible negative health effects on the developing brain, and its possible links to breast and prostate cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The FDA has said that exposure to low levels of BPA is safe but since we are all exposed to BPA constantly (plastic toys, plastic food containers, canned foods, store receipts, etc), it’s best to reduce our exposure whenever we can and that includes reusable water bottles. That led to many companies producing plastic food and water containers to switch to BPA-free plastics like Tritan.

But “BPA-free” is not aways a reliable term. For example, reusable bottles made by Sigg (before August 2008) were labeled “BPA free” but a study found (and then Sigg confirmed) that the epoxy used in the liner of their aluminum reusable water bottles contained BPA. Sigg’s current bottles have a new lining that is BPA-free (the lining is called Ecocare) but many Sigg customers felt duped and the company has had to work to win back the trust of customers.

We also learned (through an investigation by the journal Environmental Health) that many BPA-free plastic containers (including Tritan plastic) may also leak other concerning and estrogen-mimicking chemicals into water and food it stores when the container is exposed to ultraviolet rays (like when you’re on the sports field). One interesting note… reusable water bottle maker Nalgene’s green bottles actually tested negative for these chemicals after exposure to UV rays (mostly likely due to its green color which seems to block the rays) which is why we reviewed it below.

Confused yet?

Don’t panic. We know it’s a lot of information to absorb. But we are trying to make it simple.

When picking the reusable water bottles to test out as potential favorites, we focused on the ones that we know (as of now) to be made of the safest materials for storing water. We chose mainly non-plastic reusable water containers made of food-grade safe materials like stainless steel, aluminum (with BPA-free linings) and glass. We also included Naglene’s BPA-free plastic reusable water bottle in green since it tested safely in the Environmental Health journal research.


S’well Water Bottles

S’well has become the new “it” water bottle to own so we wanted to give you the real lowdown on this bottle which can cost from $25 to $50 (for the collectible models). Yup. We aren’t kidding. FIFTY DOLLARS. We tried out the 9 oz (which is perfect elementary school kid size and priced at $25) and the 17 oz (which is great for tweens, teens and adults and priced around $35). They also sell a 25 oz if you are just one super thirsty person and want to invest $45 on a water bottle.

The first thing you are going to love about these bottles is that they come in so many different colors and patterns. And some really cool ones. I love this White Lace one…

The second thing you will adore about this water bottle is that it actually keeps water cold. Like, I live in Florida which has insane, suffocating heat (can’t you see me doing the weather on TV?) and this water actually stayed cold in my ridiculously hot car. In addition, I tried it out with hot water and it also did a terrific job of keeping the water hot.

It’s actually designed to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. This bottle is like your own personal magic show. How do they do it? Heck if I know. But it works. And the bottles are made from vacuum insulated stainless steel that’s non-toxic, non-leaching and BPA free.

The S’well bottles are backed by a one-year satisfaction guarantee. Keep in mind that there are many knock-offs on the market so if you really want the S’well brand, make sure you’re buying the right water bottle. Not dishwasher safe. Some reviewers on Amazon have complained about the outside chipping. I haven’t had that problem yet.

Leak-Proof: Yes. Completely
Taste of Water: Tastes refreshing.
Fits Ice Cubes: Yes, but barely!
Outside Condensation: No.
Keeps Water Cool: Yes, incredibly!
Ease of Cleaning: This is not an easy bottle to clean. Which is pretty much the only annoying thing about it. The but it’s $20 which is obviously a crazy amount for a cleaning brush. You can just put in a little soap and water and then shake. But at some point, you’ve gotta get a brush in there. Maybe try one of those narrow brushes that are also used for cleaning baby bottles.

Final Word on the S’well water bottle: This is a pretty awesome water bottle for kids and adults. But the price point is high. Still, if you’re someone who can hold onto a water bottle (and not leave it at the gym or somewhere else you can never find it again), then it’s probably worth it. Just don’t curse my name when you’re trying to clean the thing. I would also love the mouth size to be a bit bigger (it’s a little less than 1 1/2 inches) but it’s not a deal breaker. Also, some Amazon reviewers have complained about the outside of the bottle chipping. So far I have not encountered this problem. But overall, this is a pretty fabulous option. The 9 oz bottle is a good size for elementary school kids as it fits in lunch boxes. For tweens, teens and adults, we would invest in the 17oz bottle.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle with Standard Mouth with Flex Cap (Option A)

The Hydro Flask is another water bottle (like S’well) that actually keeps water cold. Something to do with its double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel. And you’ll pay for this feature. Water bottles come in a range of sizes starting at 12 ounces ($24.95) all the way to 24 ounces ($34.95).

We tried out the 12 oz standard mouth (great size for kids—but not too young in age who need a spout on their bottles) and the 18 oz standard mouth (which I found a good size for the gym and running around town; it’s listed for $29.95). They were both really user-friendly water bottles and I loved that the cap comes with a handle. Makes it definitely easier to carry.

We did have an issue with the cap though. One of the steel buttons on the side popped off and could not be reattached so the handle no longer worked. I contacted customer service, which replaced it very quickly without any stress at all.

The Hydro Flask promises to keep water cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours. And it really works! I do think the S’well water bottle (reviewed above) works slightly better at keeping water cool/hot but the Hydro Flask also does a very good job. It comes in lots of fun colors but you will not get the cool designs you’ll find with S’well.

The Hydro Flask is made of non-toxic BPA-free plastics and food-grade stainless steel.

Leak-Proof: Yes
Taste of Water: Tastes great.
Fits Ice Cubes: Yes. No problem at all.
Outside Condensation: No.
Keeps Water Cool: Definitely.
Ease of Cleaning: Because it has a much wider mouth than the S’well, this is a cinch to clean with whatever cleaning brush you have in your kitchen right now.

Final Word on the Hydro Flask: You will not be disappointed with the Hydro Flask. It keeps water cool and hot, comes in fun colors and has excellent customer service if anything goes wrong. The standard mouth flex cap is leak free and helps to keep your water cool or hot. For elementary school kids, we would choose the 12 oz size since it fits into lunch boxes. Older tweens and teens would benefit from the 18 oz bottle.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle with Standard Mouth Insulated Sport Cap (Option B)

We also tried out the standard mouth insulated sport cap for an additional $9.95. We had hoped that this would be a great option for kids (to take to school in their lunch boxes) but were disappointed to learn from my experience and then from communication with the company that this is not a leak-proof cap. When I contacted the company about the sports cap leaking all over my kid’s lunchbox and backpack, I was told specifically by the company that if the bottle is going to be titled or laid on its side I shouldn’t use the sports cap because it’s not leak-proof. Instead for travel, their suggestion would be to use their flask with a standard flex cap (see above).

The other issue we encountered (though I was comfortable enough with it) is that when you use the sport cap (instead of the flex cap which is free and we review above), the water does not stay as cool. I’m guessing because in that type of top, probably more air seeps in. But then again, I’m not an engineer so don’t go quoting me. So if keeping the water the coolest or hottest it can absolutely be is your priority, the flex cap is the best option anyway.

We were looking forward to recommending the sports cap, but we just can’t.

Klean Kanteen Classic Stainless Steel Bottle With 3.0 Sports Cap (Option A)

I’m in love with the Klean Kanteen Classic Stainless Steel water bottle and not just because “KK” happens to also be my initials. It is free of BPA, phthalates, lead and other toxins. The bottle is made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and the drinking valve is made from food-grade silicone. You can drink a lot of water quickly and easily because of the wide spout. The 12oz bottle is listed at $18 and the 18oz at $20; this is a good value option.

Leak-Proof: Tiny bit of leaking if you really shake it upside down but overall not a problem even if you throw it in your bag. It would be nice if Klean Kanteen created a cap to flip over the spout as an additional defense against leaking. This would also help in the event you drop your bottle, so you’re not cleaning dirt out of the spout. (The company does not claim leak-proof. Instead they claim leak-resistant.)
Taste of Water: I think the water tastes great. My husband thinks it has a weird aftertaste. If you buy this one, maybe you can be the tie-breaker.
Fits Ice Cubes: Yes. No problem at all.
Outside Condensation: After I fill it with icy, cold water, it definitely has outside condensation.
Keeps Water Cool: Cool enough. Several hours after filling it up with cold water, it is room temperature.
Ease of Cleaning: Very easy because of the wide spout.

Final Word on the Klean Kanteen Classic Stainless Steel water bottle: This definitely is a favorite. I loved the flow of the water and the ease of cleaning. Clips onto a backpack or messenger bag. A number of other reviewers on Amazon did complain about the paint peeling off the outside of the bottle. (Update: I have definitely encountered that problem over time. But it doesn’t seem consistent. Some of my Klean Kanteen bottles have peeled a lot and others look perfect.)

Klean Kanteen Classic Stainless Steel Bottle With All Stainless Loop Cap (Option B)

The Klean Kanteen Classic water bottle (reviewed above) can also be used with the All Stainless Loop Cap (a very similar cap is also available in BPA-free polypropylene). This All Stainless Loop Cap twists on and I find it to be completely leakproof. (I really shook it up and down to make sure.) To drink out of it, you just unscrew it. In fact, if you buy the water bottle above with the Sports Cap, you can buy the All Stainless Loop Cap for about $10. So it’s a good investment to buy both. That way you can switch it up whenever you want.

So which size Klean Kanteen Reusable Water Bottle do you buy?

  • For preschoolers, I recommend buying the 12 ounce bottle with the Sports Cap for easy drinking without spilling.
  • For kids in elementary school, I would purchase the 18 ounce with Sports Cap (or Loop Cap) depending on which cap your kid prefers. This size will still fit in most lunch boxes and provides for plenty of water.
  • As for adults – I think the 18 ounce bottle is perfect. It’s plenty of water but still fits in my purse. But if you are a big outdoor enthusiast, you may need the 27 or 40 ounce. Just know – you are buying a BIG water bottle.

Takeya Classic Glass Reusable Water Bottle

This is another option for a reusable glass water bottle. I really like this one. The Takeya Classic glass reusable water bottle comes in two sizes… 16.5 or 22.5 ounces for about $15 to $20. It has a silicone sleeve which provides a good grip and a top that is completely leak-proof. The 16.5 ounce water bottle will fit into a kid’s lunchbox as long as the lunchbox isn’t too small (although we are no longer seeing it for sale right now).

Like the Lifefactory water bottle reviewed below, this is made from pretty thick glass with a protective sleeve and it did not break when I dropped it on the ground. I don’t use this water bottle with my toddler or preschoolers (because it’s glass and heavier) but I totally let my tweens use it.

Leak-Proof: No leaking. At all.
Taste of Water: Water tastes great.
Fits Ice Cubes: Ice cubes fit but it would be nice if it had a wider spout for easier refills.
Outside Condensation: Yes, but the rubber sleeve makes it non-issue.
Keeps Water Cool: As cool as any other water bottle.
Ease of Cleaning: You will need a more narrow bottle brush to clean it. And it’s a bit difficult to get the silicone sleeve on and off so I left it on when I cleaned it.

Final Word on the Takeya Classic glass reusable water bottle: I like this reusable water bottle because of its simplicity. No fancy spout that leaks. You just screw the top on and off. The 16 ounce fits easily into my purse but seems to run out of water quickly so I would go with the 22 ounce bottle for adults. And I would love a bigger spout. But it still a favorite of mine and I did prefer it slightly over the Lifefactory flip cap bottle (we would choose a classic option for Lifefactory) because there is just no possibility of Takeya leaking. However, if you need a super light water bottle, then glass is probably not the right option for you.

Lifefactory Glass Reusable Water Bottle

The Lifefactory Glass Reusable Water Bottle is available in 12, 16 or 22 ounce sizes for about $16 to $22. It comes with a silicone sleeve which makes it easy to grip and and a flip cap. The glass bottle and cap are BPA/BPS-free with no phthalates, PVC or polycarbonates.

There is just a comfort that comes with a glass bottle. I love not worrying about chemicals leaching into the water! But glass is much heavier than plastic, stainless steel or aluminum which can be an issue for some people. The 16 oz water bottle we use fits into my children’s lunchbox but it might not fit in smaller-sized ones.

Leak-Proof: It can leak a tiny bit if you don’t really secure the flip cap and I worried about the flip cap coming off entirely in my bag. As such, we recommend buying this bottle with the classic cap (NOT the flip cap) so as to avoid the leaking.
Taste of Water: Water tastes great.
Fits Ice Cubes: Easily.
Outside Condensation: Yes, but the rubber sleeve makes it pretty not noticeable.
Keeps Water Cool: Reasonably cool.
Ease of Cleaning: Easy to clean.

Final Word on the Lifefactory Glass Reusable Water Bottle: I love this bottle and I love drinking out of glass but the flip cap top makes me a little nervous. Because my water bottles always end up topsy turvy in my bag. I was not 100% confident that the flip cap was going to be completely secure if the bottle really got thrown around in my purse. And if the flip top doesn’t stay on, your stuff is going to get wet. As such, we recommend buying this water bottle with the classic cap (NOT the flip cap) so as to avoid the leaking.

Surprisingly, I think this is quite safe for older kids. The glass is thick and the silicone helps protect it. I even held my breath and dropped it on the ground a couple times and it did not break. See what I’m willing to do for you guys?

Nalgene Tritan Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle (Option A)

We decided to review Nalgene’s plastic reusable water bottle in green only because one study showed that the green coloring of its bottle blocked UVA rays from affecting the plastic. Why is this important? Because an investigation by the journal Environmental Health showed that many BPA-free plastic containers (including Tritan plastic) leached concerning estrogen-mimicking chemicals when exposed to UVA rays. And we all know that water bottles can get a lot of sun on the soccer field, in your car or at the playground. So we love the idea that the green color could possibly prevent chemicals from leaching into your water.

The Nalgene Tritan Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle (only buy green) is a very affordable (about $8) 12 oz. reusable water bottle. It is made of Tritan plastic which is BPA-free.

This is a durable, leak-proof water bottle that is really suited towards children because of its smaller size. You can clip this bottle to any backpack, diaper bag, or stroller.

Leak-Proof: Yes. A very small amount of water came out when I really shook it upside down but I was pretty impressed for a so-called sippy cup.
Taste of Water: Tastes good! Like chicken. Kidding. It tasks like water.
Fits Ice Cubes: Easily.
Outside Condensation: Yes, a lot of condensation.
Keeps Water Cool: Yes, stays pretty cool. It stays a bit cooler than the other bottles we tested for this review.
Ease of Cleaning: Easy to clean. But you will need a tiny bottle brush (Dr. Brown’s sells a great one) to really get the inside of the spout clean.

Final Word on the Nalgene Tritan Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle (in green only): This is a terrific water bottle for kids. But 12 ounces is way too small for teenagers or adults. Once your kid is past the toddler phase, definitely invest in a larger water bottle like the Naglene On The Fly Water Bottle (in green only) (see below).

Nalgene Tritan Grip-N-Gulp With On The Fly Cap (Option B)

This Nalgene OTF (On The Fly) cap fits the Grip-N-Gulp water bottle but is better suited for older children. It has a flip top that is incredibly leak-proof. Once you open it, you can easily drink. And because it’s so leak proof, you can absolutely feel confident throwing a bottle with this cap into your kid’s lunch or your bag.

The next size up in the green options of Naglene reusable water bottles is 20 oz and it’s the Nalgene On The Fly Water Bottle (remember green only). It comes with the awesome and leak-proof cap and is also made of Tritan plastic like the Grip-N-Gulp water bottle. They don’t make a green water bottle in 18 oz. So if you’re looking for a water bottle for older kids, 12 oz might be too small, so the 20 oz is probably the best option. However, a 20 oz water bottle could be tough to squeeze in a lunchbox! You may just have to throw it your kid’s backpack. Note: Lunch box sizes can really vary these days so I feel like we just stay generic.

Sigg Water Bottles

Sigg makes lots of different water bottles for adults and kids so we tried out two different kinds – a kids’ water bottle (in a Hello Kitty design but there are many different ones to choose from) and the Sigg Active Top reusable water bottle (targeted at outdoor enthusiasts).

Sigg Kids’ Water Bottle

Sigg’s kids’ reusable water bottles come in three sizes (0.3, 0.4 and 0.6 liters) and cost about $30+ (unless you buy on Amazon where you can find it a much lower price point). Unless you are buying for a toddler, just get the 0.4 liter version which is about 13.5 ounces. This is a pretty great water bottle. Kids love them because they have a variety of cute designs and parents love them because they fit easily into a lunchbox. Sigg water bottles are available with a variety of different spouts. The Hello Kitty designed water bottle we use has a twist nozzle and a flip-up cap that provides a tight, durable cover.

The reusable water bottle is made from aluminum with an EcoCare liner that is BPA and phthalate free. The bottles are 100% recyclable.

Leak-Proof: Absolutely no leaking – as long as you remember to close the spout before putting the cap on. If you only put the cap on – you’re in trouble. But if used properly, you should feel very secure putting this water bottle into your bag.
Taste of Water: Just like the Klean Kanteen (reviewed above), my husband thought this bottle left a metallic aftertaste and I thought it tasted completely normal. Maybe there are metallic people and non-metallic people. Best to figure out which one you are. My kids have no complaints about the taste of the water but keep in mind, these are the same kids that will think nothing of drinking 3 day old water that happens to be sitting by their bedside.
Fits Ice Cubes: I thought there was no way ice cubes would fit into this bottle but I was wrong! Standard ice cubes go right in one at a time.
Outside Condensation: There is a bit of condensation after I fill it with ice cold water.
Keeps Water Cool: Keeps water reasonably cool but after several hours, it was room temperature.
Ease of Cleaning: Your standard kitchen brush will NOT fit in this water bottle. You will need one of those more narrow brushes that is meant for cleaning baby bottles.

Final Word on Sigg’s kids’ reusable water bottles: This is a favorite of ours because I love how it does not leak and the designs are super cute for kids and adults. But it is pricey for a kids’ water bottle.

Sigg Active Top Water Bottle

The Sigg Active Top reusable water bottle seems to range drastically in price ($15 to $31.25) depending on where you buy it. It’s a big water bottle (.75 liters or about 25 oz). You can buy a similar water bottle called SIGGnificant that comes in a 1 liter or almost 34 ounces but we didn’t specifically try that one out.

The Sigg Active Top reusable water bottle apparently has state-of-the-art engineering with a pressure-relief valve and pre-ventilation system.” All I know is that I couldn’t really drink out of it. Neither could my husband. Nor my kids. It’s like you need a YouTube tutorial to figure out how to get water out of this thing.

It has a straw inside but the outside mouthpiece is sort of a mystery. I tried using it like a straw. Nothing. I tried guzzling it. Nothing. I tried biting the mouthpiece. A trickle of water. I’m puzzled. The idea is to not have to unscrew the bottle, so you can simply reach for your beverage when you’re thirsty and on the go. I’m not a marketing genius but it seems like customers will get mad if they can’t actually drink the water.

BPA and phthalate free.

Leak-Proof: Tiny bit of leaking if you really shook it upside down.
Taste of Water: What little water I could get out of it, tasted fine.
Fits Ice Cubes: Fits ice cubes easily.
Outside Condensation: There was condensation on the outside after I filled it with ice cold water. Hey, I can just lick the outside of the bottle to stay hydrated!
Keeps Water Cool: Kept water reasonable cool.
Ease of Cleaning: Easy to clean most of it. The inside straw might be a pain to clean over time.

Final Word on the Sigg Active Top reusable water bottle: Do not buy this water bottle. If you do, please tell me how it works.


What Reusable Water Bottle Should I Buy?

Obviously I stayed enormously hydrated while doing this review. Here are my final recommendations….

For the kids:

Young kids (easy to drink and fits in lunchbox):

  • Klean Kanteen 12oz with sports cap (value option)
  • S’well 9 oz (but not for preschoolers as they should have a water bottle with a spout)
  • Nalgene (in green only) 12oz with “On the Fly” top (plastic bottle option)
  • Sigg’s kids’ reusable water bottles in 13.5 oz

Tweens and teens:

  • S’well in 17oz
  • Klean Kanteen in 18oz with sports cap (value option)
  • LifeFactory with classic cap in 16oz (glass option)

For adults:

  • S’well in 17oz
  • Klean Kanteen in 18oz with sports cap (value option)
  • Takeya in 22oz (glass bottle option)
  • Hydro Flask with Flex Cap in 18 oz

Alpha Mom purchased all of the bottles reviewed here.

(This post was updated with new recommendations in November 2017)

Best for Fashion-Forward Adventurers

Hydro Flask 18 oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

These brightly colored, funky drink bottles have a unique powder coat finish that works alongside the TempShield insulation to create a stainless steel bottle that is comfortable to hold and doesn’t suffer from condensation. Just what the world has been waiting for!

The eye-catching design is minimalist and cool, and the 18oz size is just right for your sports bag, backpack, or travel bag. Made using non-toxic BPA-free plastics and 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, this is a quality bottle that is also brilliantly practical.

The Hydro Flask’s double-walled, vacuum insulated TempShield will keep your warm drinks hot for up to 6 hours, and cool drinks cold for up to 24 hours — perfect for whatever you’re drinking and wherever you’re headed.

Built-to-Last Insulated Water Bottle

MIRA Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

This rugged sports water bottle is made from high-quality food-grade 18/8 stainless steel and built to last! Beautifully crafted and guaranteed not to rust (provided you care for it correctly), the Mira Insulated Water Bottle should stay with you for many years to come.

The lid is completely leak proof, and the bottle is free from BPA and phthalates, meaning both you and the environment remain protected. It has a larger opening at the top, and double-walled vacuum insulation to keep your beverages cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours.

Great looking and practical, the Mira bottle will look as good as new with a hand wash, but it’s not dishwasher safe. Apart from that, it’s a cool-looking bottle that will keep you refreshed wherever you are.

For Those Wanting Funky Bottle Designs

Healthy Human Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Designed to keep your drinks icy cold for a really long time, a Healthy Human bottle will make you feel like you’re guzzling glacial meltwater. Made from 100% premium food-grade 18/8 stainless steel (and also BPA-free with no plastic lining in the bottle or lid), you taste exactly what you would expect: nothing but your drink!

This bottle also promises to be 100% leakproof and sweat free, meaning you can stow it anywhere without worrying about messy leaks or spills. The double-walled exterior and vacuum insulated interior will keep your liquids cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours — perfect for long journeys in between refills.

The Healthy Human water bottle also comes with a variety of accessories including a Carabiner to clip onto your bag or stroller, a sticker, and a “Hydro Guide.” It also comes beautifully packaged, making it the perfect gift for your fellow adventurers.

Collapsible Water Bottles

For Those Who Like to Travel Light

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

This ingenious water bottle collapses up to a fraction of its size when empty, making it perfect for long-distance travel. Made from 100% food-grade materials and completely free of BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalates, lead, latex, and other harmful leaching chemicals, this is a super cool drink bottle with a serious pedigree behind it.

Incredibly durable, you can throw this baby around without causing damage. The flexible, shatter-proof silicone body is designed to survive drops and knocks, while the patented sealing twist cap will eliminate leaks and spills completely. The cap also doubles up as spout cover to keep germs off the mouthpiece.

Dishwasher safe (unlike some of the other bestselling bottles we’ve mentioned), this collapsible silicone bottle can handle hot or cot drinks and is even freezable. What more to say? The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is perfect for every traveler.

Best for Space Saving Travelers on a Budget

Hydrapak Soft Flask, 150ml

Designed to keep you fully charged on the go, this lightweight 150ml (5.3oz) collapsible flask allows for instant hydration whatever you’re doing and wherever you are.

The compact dimensions of the Soft Flask mean it fits easily in most hydration vests, belts, or pack pockets for easy transportation, and the soft material will conform to any pocket. As you drink, it immediately shrinks — making it even easier to stow away between refills.

Loved by many athletes and adventurers, the UltraFlask’s durable TPU compound can stand up to pretty much anything you throw at it. Being 100% BPA and PVC free, it doesn’t have any weird taste or harmful chemicals. This is a neat little bottle that’s great if you want something practical yet reasonably priced.

Infusion Water Bottles

Best for Healthy Drinkers

Infusion Pro Water Infuser – 24 oz Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Infusion bottles give you the unique opportunity to naturally flavor your water with any combination of fruit you can think of. Made from 100% Eastman Tritan BPA-free plastic, you can fill this fruit infuser with a flavor of your choice for great-tasting refreshment on the go.

Simply pop some fruits or veggies into the extra-large infuser basket and wait for the flavor to fill the water. The strainer stops seeds, pulp, or ice from clogging the drinking spout while giving you an awesome-tasting healthy beverage that’s a little more exciting than just plain water.

The addition of an insulating neoprene sleeve and carry strap means you can take your flavored water anywhere you want and it will still be nicely chilled when you get there. Great for anyone wanting to detox or lose weight as well as those who want to stay refreshed while they travel, this bottle makes drinking water taste just a bit better.

The Budget Infuser

Great Gear Infuser Water Bottle With Sport Flip-top

This affordable infuser bottle is great for anyone who wants to add a little bit of pizzazz to their water. With finger grips and a dedicated sports spout, this is the perfect bottle for staying hydrated on the go.

Another bottle made from durable Eastman Tritan, these bottles are BPA-free and FDA approved to be safe for use with food and beverages. The water infuser is also leak-proof, and the locking lid means you never have to worry about spills. It is also easy to clean and dishwasher friendly.

This bottle offers an exclusive dual strainer and sleeve, meaning you can even add fruit on the outside of the diffuser for more fresh flavors. It’s great for anyone adding natural nutrients to their daily lifestyle, while still drinking all the H2O they need to function well and stay healthy.

Final Thoughts

Your water bottle is so much more than just a vessel to hold your refreshment. Modern refillable bottles are not only on-trend and practical, but they also help save the planet with their impressive low carbon and eco-friendly manufacturing credentials.

Water bottles can also save your life! If you’re traveling to the far-flung corners of the earth, a built-in filtration system can give you safe, clean water to drink when you need it most.

Invest in the bottle that best suits your requirements, and go for quality over looks to ensure that your bottle lasts for many years to come.

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The Best Leak-Proof Water Bottles 2019

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What spill?


Around 60% of our body is made up of water. From facilitating digestion and transporting nutrients to regulating body temperature and boosting cognitive function, adequate liquid intake is critical for key body functions. This is why staying well-hydrated is essential for maintaining our health and vitality.

One of the simplest ways to ensure that you drink enough water is to carry a reusable, leak-proof water bottle with you wherever you go.Whether you’re looking for a portable water bottle to carry to work, gym, school or a weekend camping trip, these spill-proof bottles have got you covered:

Embrava Flip Top Sports Water Bottle


Built with BPA-free Tritan, this lightweight, impact-resistant water bottle is a perfect companion for every kind of workout—from trail running and hiking to yoga, sports and gym sessions. The 32-ounce bottle features a narrow mouth with a leak-proof, dust-proof lid, a built-in lanyard strap and an ergonomic design that’s made for sports and outdoor activities. Despite the narrow mouth, the bottle’s flip-top lid and fast-flow drink spout make it super-easy to stay hydrated on the go. Moreover, its slender design ensures that the bottle easily fits in standard cup holders and bike mounts. Plus, the durable carry-strap has reflective casing to help you stay visible even in low light conditions.

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Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle


Nalgene’s wide-mouth water bottle checks all the right boxes for an everyday bottle. It is light, simple, impact-resistant and easy to clean. Plus, its spill-proof lid means you can safely toss it in your bag, without worrying about any leakages. Its wide mouth can easily accommodate ice cubes and filters. While the loop on the cap makes it easy to carry or hook to a backpack. Also, the bottle is dishwasher safe and comes in a narrow-mouth design.

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Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottle

Hydro Flash

Hydro Flask’s stainless steel water bottle features double-wall vacuum insulation that can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and piping hot for almost 12 hours—no matter what the weather condition. Its standard mouth is ideal for sipping and large enough to add ice cubes or other supplements to your water. Additionally, the leak-proof flex cap ensures that the liquid doesn’t spill inside your bag or on the car seat. A sports cap option is also available for the bottle — though it can’t be used with hot liquids and isn’t leak-proof. The powder coating over the bottle gives you a solid grip while the flexible strap on top makes it convenient to carry around. The nontoxic, reusable bottle comes in a variety of sizes (from 12 oz. to 64 oz.) and a range of attractive colors—so you can pick one that perfectly matches your style and hydration needs.

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Danum Fruit Infuser Water Bottle


Drinking infused water is a smart (and fun) way to up your daily liquid intake. It also increases your absorpton of key vitamins and minerals and gives your metabolism a boost. If you’re looking for a reliable infuser water bottle, look no further than Danum’s 32-ounce flip-top infuser bottle. Made with BPA-free plastic, the lightweight bottle features a full-length, flat-bottomed infuser basket that allows you to easily add all kinds of fruits, veggies and herbs. While the leak-proof, screw-on lid tightly seals the contents inside to avoid any spillage. In addition, the strategic rubber grippers and large finger loop make it easy to carry the bottle—even when your hands are full. And the wide opening makes cleanup a breeze. What’s more, the bottle comes with a lifetime warranty and a recipe e-book to help you get started.

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LifeFactory 22-Ounce BPA Free Glass Water Bottle


If you prefer elegant glass bottles, LifeFactory’s BPA-free glass water bottles are a safe bet. They are sleek, eco-friendly and versatile but not bulky like their stainless steel counterparts. The robust silicone sleeve keeps the glass protected against breakage while providing a non-slip grip. And the screw-on lid with a silicone gasket prevents the liquid from leaking all over the place. Moreover, the bottle’s wide mouth makes it easy to add ice cubes, lime wedges, tea bags and other ingredients. And the best part? You can put it in the dishwasher with the silicone protector on. Just make sure you place the cap on the top rack.

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Hydaway Collapsible Bottle


This collapsible water bottle from Hydaway is perfect for frequent fliers and backpackers alike. Engineered with food-grade silicone and flexible BPA-free plastic, the travel-friendly bottle can hold up to 22 ounces of water. The lid’s watertight seal keeps liquid from spilling . And its compact, compressible design makes it easy to squish the bottle and stash it in your bag—meaning, no more inconvenience during airport security screening. The large loop on top makes it easy to carry it in hand or clip it to your luggage. Additionally, the ultra-portable bottle is dishwasher safe and has a wide mouth for hassle-free handwashing. Oh, and it’s available in eight different colors.

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Thermos Funtainer Water Bottle With Straw


Thermos Funtainer water bottles are among the best kids’ water bottles. Each non-toxic, reusable bottle features a simple button-release cap that prevents spillages, a vacuum insulated design to regulate temperature and a tough stainless steel exterior that can withstand drops, dings and general roughhousing. The bottle has four components—all of which can be separated and popped in the dishwasher (top rack only) for fuss-free cleaning. The durable model comes in more than 20 distinctive designs, including Star Wars, Frozen and Avengers-themed patterns.

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LifeStraw Go Water Bottle With 2-Stage Filter


Avid hikers and campers know that having access to clean, drinkable water is extremely important. And carrying a portable water bottle with you is one of the easiest ways to stay hydrated during your outdoor adventures. LifeStraw’s lightweight, BPA-free filter bottle will quickly become your new favorite companion for all your outdoor activities. This durable, spill-proof bottle features a two-stage integrated filter system that gives you access to safe drinking water anytime, anywhere—without a weird aftertaste. Simply fill the bottle from the nearest stream and drink it up. No batteries or chemicals required. Additionally, the bottle comes with a carbiner clip so you can easily attach it onto your backpack.

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S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle


There’s a reason why even Oprah is a fan of these stainless steel water bottles. Sleek, sustainable, vacuum-insulated construction with eye-catching designs to boot—what’s not to love? In addition, the bottle’s copper wall layer keeps its exterior condensation-free. While its leak-free twist cap prevents any spilling accidents. The bottle’s slender body fits in most cupholders. And the standard mouth makes it easy to put ice cubes, cucumber slices or other supplements in the water. The bottle is available in three different sizes (9 oz., 17 oz., and 25 oz.) and a host of gorgeous colors and patterns. The only catch is that these beauties aren’t dishwasher safe.

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These are the best water bottles to keep you hydrated in 2019

Stay hydrated no matter where you are with these water bottles — Photo courtesy of E+ / Sisoje


Whether you’re hiking through the wilderness or navigating the public transportation system of an urban city, it’s important to stay hydrated. Since you can’t bank on there being a water fountain or place to get clean drinking water everywhere you go, it’s wise to bring a water bottle with you.

Savvy travelers know the importance of a good water bottle – one that can keep your water fresh and cool for long periods of time. So the experts at tested and researched a wide range of water bottles to determine which were the best and here’s what they found.

– Reviewed, a 10Best sister site, has a team of product experts who review and recommend items to help you buy the stuff you need. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, they may earn a small share of the revenue. Their picks and opinions are independent from any business incentives.

1. Yeti Rambler 26-oz. Bottle

Yeti Rambler 26-oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle with Cap — Photo courtesy of Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

Yeti is a brand synonymous with outdoor ruggedness. All of their products are built to withstand the elements and keep everything from food to clothing fresh. That’s why the Yeti Rambler water bottle is at the top of the ranks and is even labeled as the “Best for the Outdoors” by experts.

The double-walled insulation helps maintain the liquid’s temperature while preventing the outside from getting hot or cold to the touch. Its generous 26-oz. capacity will keep your thirst quenched on hiking and camping trips, or allow you to share fresh drinks with friends. says it has the capacity to hold three lemonades or four mint juleps.

Where to buy:

Amazon – $39.99

2. Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless-Steel Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless-Steel Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle — Photo courtesy of Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

The top water bottle is the Hydro Flask which testers deemed the most portable, versatile, durable and well-designed of all of the water bottles tested.

The patented double-wall vacuum not only prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the bottle, but it helps insulate hot and cold beverages, allowing them to maintain their temperature. In a test to see how insulated the Hydro Flask is, testers put ice into the water bottle. When they checked the temperature the next day, the ice was still in the Hydro Flask.

Where to buy:

Amazon – $29.95 “

3. Brita Sport Water Bottle with Filter

Brita Sport Water Bottle with Filter — Photo courtesy of Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

Brita is known for filters, and this water bottle comes complete with a filtration system that keeps water fresh. The soft squeeze body makes this the perfect water bottle for sports, making it easy to sip while biking, hiking and during any other outdoor or sporting event.

Though plastic bottles (even BPA free) can sometimes leach flavors into water, Brita’s filter, which only needs to be changed once every two months, helps prevent those strange, plastic odors from permeating the water.

Amazon – $14.71 “

4. Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated Stainless-Steel Bottle with Loop Cap

Klean Kanteen Insulated Wide with Loop Cap — Photo courtesy of Klean Kanteen

Another great bottle for retaining a beverage’s temperature is the Klean Kanteen. With its Climate Lock insulation, it can keep drinks cold for about two days.

A perk of the Klean Kanteen is that you can use different kinds of in-brand caps. So you can use the loop cap for easy carry and to hook onto a backpack, or a quick-twist café cap which can be used as a casual to-go mug.

Amazon – $27.95 “

5. CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle

CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle — Photo courtesy of CamelBak

The design of the CamelBak Eddy solves a problem that many encounter when using water bottles; having to tip the water bottle at a weird angle to take a drink. This water bottle is designed with a straw that flips up to open and down to seal shut.

To increase the flow of water, bite down on the valve. The CamelBak Eddy is made with BPA-free materials, is dishwasher safe, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Amazon – $12.50 “

6. Lifefactory BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle with Straw Cap and Silicone Sleeve

The best part of a glass water bottle is that it keeps water odor- and flavor-free. Everything that makes up the Lifefactory water bottle is BPA, BPS and phthalate-free. The only downside is that there is no insulation which means water will not stay cool for long, but the wide mouth makes it easy to add ice cubes.

Amazon – $21.25 “

7. Thermos Intak Hydration Bottle with Meter

Thermos Intak Hydration Bottle with Meter — Photo courtesy of Thermos

If you’re the kind of person who needs to keep your water consumption in mind, then the Thermos water bottle is for you. It comes with a rotating intake meter in the lid that helps keep track of how much water you drink throughout the day.

With a one-hand push up lid and a carry loop, it’s easy to use while on the go. According to, the only points against the Thermos is that the water warmed up to room temperature after about an hour.

Amazon – $10.37 “

8. S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle — Photo courtesy of S’well

With its triple-walled insulation, the S’well water bottle does an excellent job at maintaining a drink’s temperature, whether it be hot or cold. Its sleek design allows it to fit nicely into anything from cup holders to purses and bags.

The twist cap doesn’t make it easy for use during sports or outdoor activities like biking and hiking, but it does work well for casual commutes, yoga classes and a day at the office.

Amazon – $28.50 “

9. Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve and Twist Cap

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve and Twist Cap — Photo courtesy of Takeya

If you’re a fan of glass water bottles, the Takeya is a great choice. It’s free of lead and all toxic-leaching plastics. A silicone sleeve keeps the glass bottle safe and protects it if accidentally dropped.

Since the glass is pretty heavy and you need two hands to open it up because of its twist-off top, the Takeya is not good for sports, but is a good choice for use around the house or at the office.

Amazon – $14.49 “

10. Vapur Element

Vapur Element — Photo courtesy of Vapur Element

The Vapur Element has an incredibly unique design. Its collapsible body makes it one the most portable on this list, securing it as a great choice for backpackers who need to be mindful of every square-inch of their packs. It’s made with a dishwasher-safe BPA-free 3-ply material that rolls up, making it easy to stash when not in use.

It doesn’t keep water cold for long, and its wide mouth isn’t large enough for ice cubes, but it can be filled with water and frozen before taking it out for a hike.

Amazon – $13.41 “

11. Nalgene Silo Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle

Nalgene Silo Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle — Photo courtesy of Nalgene

The best perk of the Nalgene water bottle is its large capacity. With 1.5 liters of BPA-free water bottle, it’s built for a long day out on the trail or for an active day exploring a new city. It does add a lot of weight and is bulkier than the other bottles on this list, but you won’t need to refill anytime soon.

Amazon – $12.00 “

12. Memobottle A5 Flat Water Bottle

Memobottle A5 Flat Water Bottle — Photo courtesy of Memobottle

Portability is the main design feature in the Memobottle A5 Flat Water Bottle. As its name indicates, it is a flat, BPA-free plastic flask that fits easily into your bag, taking up as little space as possible. experts say its rectangular shape is a bit awkward to hold, and it doesn’t stand on its end, but for a portable, lightweight water bottle, the Memobottle is a great choice.

Amazon – $36.00 “

Best reusable water bottles

Reusable water bottles are convenient, help reduce plastic waste, and can even save you money as you don’t need to buy bottled water when you’re on the go.

But with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right bottle for you.

We recruited 30 CHOICE staff to road-test 14 stainless steel reusable bottles from brands including Avanti, S’well, Frank Green and Decor, to see how well they performed and how easy they were to use.

On this page:

  • Which is the best reusable water bottle?
  • How the other bottles performed
  • What to look for
  • How much could you save by switching to a reusable water bottle?
  • Cleaning tips
  • How we test

Which is the best reusable water bottle?

Oasis Insulated Drink Bottle (500mL)

  • RRP: $32.95
  • CHOICE Score: 80%
  • Ease of use score: 86%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
Good to know:
  • Highest CHOICE Score
  • Second highest score for ease of drinking
  • Double-wall insulated stainless steel
  • Hot and cold liquids
Triallist comments:

The simplicity of this bottle is what really appeals to me. Sleek, smooth lines – nothing fancy, just a straightforward water bottle. The narrow opening means you’d need a bottle brush to clean it properly. But it kept my water cool and the opening was easy to drink out of.

How the other bottles performed

The products are listed below from highest to lowest score.

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Hydration Bottle (530mL)

  • RRP: $35
  • CHOICE Score: 78%
  • Ease of use score: 84%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
  • Double-wall insulated stainless steel
  • Cold liquids only
  • Equal third-highest score for ease of drinking

It definitely isn’t as stylish or pretty as some of the other bottles I’ve seen, it looks a bit like something my dad would take camping. But the pop top and spout is super easy to open and drink with one hand and it makes a great popping sound when you open it. Good for travelling and walking, but maybe not that handy for running.

S’well Insulated Drink Bottle (500mL)

  • RRP: $75
  • CHOICE Score: 76%
  • Ease of use score: 81%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
  • Triple-wall insulated stainless steel
  • Hot and cold liquids
  • Equal third-highest score for ease of drinking

Very easy to use and drink from. The mouth of the bottle isn’t too wide so I didn’t splash water on myself, but it’s too small to make it an easy clean – you’d need a bottle brush.

Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Bottle (595mL)

  • RRP: $49.95
  • CHOICE Score: 73%
  • Ease of use score: 70%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
  • Triple-wall insulated
  • Hot and cold liquids

Very stylish looking. The push-down button to open the bottle takes a bit of getting used to – it only moves a fraction so it can be hard to figure out at a glance if it’s open or closed. The hole to drink from is quite small so you don’t get much water at once, but the flow was good. The lid is a pain to clean – it comes apart but is difficult to put back together – but that’s not as important when it’s only used for water and not milky coffee that can smell and get mouldy. I’m not a fan of Frank Green coffee cups for that reason, but I found this bottle pleasant to use.

Avanti Fluid Insulated Bottle (500mL)

  • RRP: $36
  • CHOICE Score: 71%
  • Ease of use score: 77%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
  • Same CHOICE Score as Target bottle
  • Twin-wall insulated stainless steel
  • Hot and cold liquids

Beautiful to look at and I got lots of compliments about the banksia pattern. Simple shape and design and it’s easy to drink out of, but it’s badly weighted and tips over easily. There was also a bit of a metallic taste and smell after a while. It’s fine, but not my favourite.

Target Insulated Drink Bottle (600mL)

  • RRP: $12
  • CHOICE Score: 71%
  • Ease of use score: 79%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
  • Same CHOICE Score as Avanti bottle
  • Insulated stainless steel
  • Hot and cold liquids

Solid bottle with no frills and I liked the handle on the lid. The opening was a little too big – I had to tilt it just right to drink without bumping my nose – and it made an unpleasant sound every time I opened or closed it, which made it difficult to drink discreetly in meetings or other quiet environments. Otherwise it’s pretty straightforward to use.

Cheeki Classic Single Wall Bottle (500mL)

  • RRP: $27.95
  • CHOICE Score: 70%
  • Ease of use score: 91%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: No
  • Highest ease of use score
  • Single-wall stainless steel (Cheeki also sell insulated water bottles)
  • Dishwasher-friendly insulated lid
  • Hot and cold liquids

Small, chunky, not aimed at the fashion-conscious. The lid is easy to open and close, the handle is good to hold onto, and it’s very simple to clean. When filling with cold water the condensation was instantaneous. But it was easy to drink out of as the opening is slightly larger than normal, but not so large the water spills out over me.

Kathmandu Top Ring Insulated Drink Bottle (590mL)

  • RRP: $49.98
  • CHOICE Score: 69%
  • Ease of use score: 79%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
  • Double-wall stainless steel
  • Hot and cold liquids

Large, utilitarian (ugly but functional) design. The lid has two sections – a large opening (good for adding ice) and a smaller opening so you can drink easily. Very easy to dismantle and clean, but wasn’t able to securely place it in my car’s cup holder. Overall a bit too bulky and ugly for me to want to use.

Kmart Double Wall-Insulated Bottle (500mL)

  • RRP: $7
  • CHOICE Score: 67%
  • Ease of use score: 72%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
  • Double-wall insulated stainless steel
  • Hot and cold liquids
  • Cheapest bottle we tested

I liked it better than I thought I would. It’s very simple, with no bells and whistles. The lid unscrews easily but the steel rim opening is a little sharp on the mouth. You’ll need a bottle brush to clean it thoroughly, but it’s solid, durable and didn’t leak.

Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic (592mL)

  • RRP: $48.95
  • CHOICE Score: 63%
  • Ease of use score: 68%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
  • Hot and cold liquids
  • Double-wall stainless steel

It looks like a bright red fire extinguisher, but otherwise it’s a pretty stock standard bottle. The mouthpiece was very large, which resulted in some pretty bad spills – I wouldn’t attempt a sip while walking or on a bus. I also had some difficulty opening and closing the lid, but the carry handle is useful.

Decor Pumped Soft Touch Stainless Steel Bottle (500mL)

  • RRP: $11
  • CHOICE Score: 59%
  • Ease of use score: 67%
  • Keep water cool for 5 hours: No
  • Cold liquids only
  • Stainless steel

Love the colour and the matte finish, but it was difficult to drink out of. The straw mouthpiece needs to be fully extended in order for the water to flow, but if you don’t fold it down properly water can leak from it. I eventually just took the lid off and drank directly from the bottle. The carry handle is also strangely designed – not enough space for fingers to slip under handle when the straw is closed, but OK when open. The lid and straw also look like a bit of a germ and mould trap – you’ll need a special brush to clean the straw properly.

Sistema To Go Stainless Steel Bottle (600mL)

  • RRP: $12
  • CHOICE Score: 46%
  • Ease of use score: 57%
  • Keeping water cool for 5 hours: No
  • Cold liquids
  • Stainless steel

Relatively easy to clean by hand. Medium-sized neck easy to fill or slip small ice cubes into. Fits snugly in bottle pouch of backpack and OK in handbag. But it’s difficult to open the drinking nozzle without unscrewing the cap entirely, meaning potential leaks. And the water flow was too slow – very annoying if you’re thirsty and want a good gulp of water.

Typo sip top metal drink bottle (500mL)

  • RRP: $29.99
  • CHOICE Score: 37%
  • Ease of use score: 43%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
  • Lowest score for ease of drinking
  • Double-wall metal
  • Hot or cold liquids

The nozzle needs to either be opened with your hands (full of germs) or your teeth (which tends to deform the mechanism). You have to suck really hard on the nozzle to get any water out – it took 19.75 seconds to extract a single mouthful of water. I ended up drinking from it with the lid off. My kids liked it, but I feel sorry for anyone who’s spent money on this bottle.

Sigg Hot & Cold One Accent bottle (500mL)

  • RRP: $50
  • CHOICE Score: 34%
  • Ease of use score: 41%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
  • Lowest CHOICE Score
  • Second-lowest score for ease of drinking
  • Lowest score for ease of cleaning
  • Hot and cold liquids
  • Double-wall insulated stainless steel
  • Comes with a tea filter

I didn’t think I could have strong opinions on water bottles. I was wrong! This is the worst water bottle I’ve ever used. Over-complicated, difficult to open, difficult to drink from, ugly, heavy, clunky. The lid is very hard to unscrew so if you had any hand weakness it would be nearly impossible. And it comes with instructions! I’m sorry, but if a water bottle needs instructions it’s not a good water bottle. I don’t know if there’s a score low enough to adequately convey how deeply I loathe this water bottle. It makes me feel stupid, and thirsty, and enraged.

What to look for


We tested stainless steel bottles as they’re sturdy and generally resistant to smells and stains, unlike some glass or plastic bottles, and many are insulated – ideal for the hot Australian summer.

But some of the water bottles we tested also contain plastic or silicone elements, usually in the lid or on the exterior of the bottle.


The three single-walled bottles in our test didn’t keep water cool for 5 hours. So if this is important to you, you might want to consider buying a bottle with double- or triple-wall insulation.


Aside from the variation in design and pattern of the water bottles we tested, we thought it was interesting that they varied greatly in height.

That’s partly explained by the differing volumes each bottle holds, but the tallest bottle (Typo, 29cm) had the same 500mL volume as the shortest (Cheeki, 19.5cm).

So if you’re looking for a bottle that will fit easily into a small bag or handbag, the height of the bottle is worth taking into account.

Text-only accessible version

Size it up

See how the height of each reusable water bottle compares

Cheeki: 19.5cm

Sistema: 20.3

Decor: 22.5

Frank Green: 22.5cm

Thermos: 25cm

Oasis: 25.3cm

Target: 25.5cm

Kmart: 25.5cm

Avanti: 26cm

S’well: 26

Sigg: 26.5cm

Kathmandu: 28cm

Klean Kanteen: 28cm

Typo: 29cm

How much could you save by switching to a reusable water bottle?

If you’re inclined to buy water in single-use plastic bottles when you’re out and about, getting into the habit of carrying a reusable water bottle could save you a significant chunk of money.

If you buy three single-use bottles of water a week, switching to a reusable bottle costing $12 could save you nearly $160 in the first year of use, not to mention a mountain of landfill.

Text-only accessible version

How much could you save by switching to a reusable water bottle?

1 x reusable water bottle

Sistema To Go Stainless Steel Bottle


Stainless steel


156 x single-us water bottles

Coles Natural Spring Water



Single use


(Savings based on buying three single-use bottles per week over the course of a year. Single-use water bottle price $1.10 based on 600mL bottle from Coles. Prices correct as of December 2019.)

Cleaning tips

It’s important to clean your bottle thoroughly with warm soapy water to get rid of any mould or germs and eliminate odours.

  • Bottles with narrow necks or drinking straws will generally need to be cleaned with a bottle brush or straw brush.
  • You can also soak tricky parts such as drinking straws and lids using effervescent water-cleaning or sterilising tablets.
  • When cleaning the lid, pay particular attention to any nooks and crannies, or complicated locking mechanisms.
  • Leave your bottle to dry with the lid off – keeping the lid on could trap humidity and odours inside.

User trial

30 CHOICE staff were recruited to each trial five different reusable water bottles. Triallists used each bottle over two days – drinking out of it, refilling it, cleaning it (hand wash only) – then completed a survey form for the bottle, which included giving each bottle an overall rating out of 10. Each bottle was trialled 10 times in total.

How we chose our products

When we first start looking at trialling water bottles, we were overwhelmed with the number of different products available. To narrow our selection, we chose stainless steel reusable bottles ranging in volume from 500 to 600mL. (Where there was more than one option from a brand, we selected a bottle at random.) While this isn’t an exhaustive trial of all the different bottles available, we chose products that range in price, features and design to better reflect people’s differing requirements.


Ease of use is made up of ease of drinking (70%) and ease of cleaning (30%).

Keeps water cool for 5 hours is based on the results of our lab thermal test. Each water bottle was filled with cold water (4℃) and then placed in a 30℃ oven for five hours. The temperature of the water in each bottle was then measured.

Open mouth water bottle

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