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For those who frequently find themselves rolling out of bed after hitting snooze a few times, curling your hair can seem like something that just isn’t possible to do.

But not anymore!

With the Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System, you can be your normal not-a-morning-person self, get out of bed late, and still have the gorgeous, bouncy curls that you want.

These hot rollers can heat up in as little as seconds, meaning that, by the time you’ve finished your “I haven’t had coffee yet” yawn, your rollers are hot and ready to go!

It’s possible to have your hair curled and ready in under ten minutes, while a lot of other hot rollers are still just heating up. You might not feel peppy and ready for the world, but your hair will certainly look it.

Finding the right hot rollers for your specific hair type can be difficult. Many sets are one-size-fits-all, or relies on your knowledge of hair-styling. Some might find this difficult and confusing.

If you prefer something that will take the guesswork out of your beauty routine, the Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System is an excellent choice.

You simply choose your hair type, and it heats it to the appropriate temperature. For those who just want the most heat as quickly as possible, just choose the “Max” option. The right heat, made simple! Perfect for people who are in a rush.

Rapid Heating for Convenient Use

If you want curls, and you want them quickly, you won’t find a better option than the Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System.

While many other hot roller sets can take upwards of ten minutes to heat up, this set heats up in a miraculous eight seconds! For those short on time, this is nothing short of magic.

Who doesn’t have eight seconds to spare?

The Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System is also a good option for mothers, or other women who don’t have a lot of free time. Because it heats up a lot faster than other hairsetters, this set also cuts down on the time you’ll need to curl your hair. It’s quite possible that you can have your rollers heated and your hair curled in less than ten minutes. That’s less time than it takes to take a quick shower!

If you find that you’re always running late, or don’t have time to curl your hair, don’t fret: The Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System makes gorgeous, bouncy curls possible in very little time!

A Setting for Every Hair Type

When curling your hair, it’s always best to base your tools on your type of hair. Those with thin, fine hair need a different touch than those with thick, coarse hair. So many hot roller sets have a one-size-fits-all mentality, which isn’t good for your look. The same heat which leaves thick hair pleasantly wavy can leave thin hair looking like springs.

Thankfully, the Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System has found a way around this.

This system offers four different settings for different hair types.

These are Fine, Medium, Coarse, and Max.

The first three are based on the type of hair that you have, so that the rollers reach the appropriate temperature.

The last is for those who want the most heat possible. This will allow your hair to really hold the curl.

Specifications for the Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System

  • Heats in just eight seconds.
  • Has four heat settings, based on your hair type. Includes Fine, Medium, Coarse, and Max.
  • Comes with six hot rollers.
  • Has a one-hour safety shut off.

The Good and the Bad

For those looking for a quick-heating hairsetter with options for every hair type, you can’t go wrong with the Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System.

It offers everything that you could want in the way of convenience. The rollers heat up in as little as eight seconds, meaning that your hairstyling routine can be cut dramatically.

You can also stop worrying about whether or not you’re using the best rollers for your hair; these rollers are foolproof.

The only bad side to the Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System is that it has only six rollers available. But, if you are able to work around this, and quick-heating is important to you, then this is the hairsetter for you!

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