You’ve most likely seen commercials for the PedEgg, a device designed to smooth out dry, cracked feet, leaving them touchably soft. Curious about the PedEgg? They’re easy to use.

Familiarize yourself with the PedEgg. It comes apart at the middle, separating into two halves. When using it to soften your feet you’ll use both halves, one at a time.

Make sure your feet are perfectly dry and free of any lotions or creams before using the PedEgg. Using it on wet or moist feet results in tearing of the skin, which will be harder to smooth out. For this reason it’s best to use the PedEgg before a shower.

Scrape the dead skin off your feet with the metal half of the PedEgg. Cradle the curved side in the natural curve of the palm of your hand. Rub it back and forth across the dry or rough patches on your feet. Do not apply too much pressure. A lighter stroke is more effective.

Refine the smoothness by using the other half of the egg. Click the two halves back together and use the black emory (sandpapery) surface of the egg. Use this surface to further smooth out the areas that you’ve worked on with the metal scraper. Again, don’t apply too much pressure.

Take the two halves apart again. Remove the metal scraper. You’ll see a collection of white powder, which is the dead skin you removed with the scraper. Put this in the trash.

Wipe the scraper and emory surfaces clean with a soft, dry cloth.

Wash your feet to remove the dead skin residue.

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This year for Christmas my wife asked for only one thing. Believe it or not, all she wanted was a Ped Egg foot file.

With a quick trip to Walgreens in response to their just-before-Christmas ads, I was able to purchase the Ped Egg for the reduced price of $9.98.

A week later, naturally, they also threw in 3 replacement blades and 3 emery pads to sweeten the deal.

My usual luck, I missed out on the added replacement blades, but at least I was able to meet the needs of my dear wife. And on Christmas day she was pleased I had not forgotten her one request.

How Ped Egg Works

The Ped Egg is an egg-shaped foot file that is used to shave dead dry skin and calluses off your feet — manually, it’s not powered in any way.

The hollow center holds all of the dead skin that’s been removed inside, so there is no mess to contend with. No more dry skin particles flying everywhere — like when you use a regular foot file.

The file portion of the Ped Egg has a surface that is covered in small scalloped holes — similar to a small cheese grater. As you rub it back and forth across an area of dried skin on your foot, it will shave off small bits until you have removed the calloused area without damaging the soft skin that is hidden beneath the hard skin buildup.

The lower portion of the egg (which, in effect, is the storage container) has a sandpaper surface (the emery pad) for final smoothing — after the majority of dead skin has been removed.

The actual cutting surface is easily removable — both to allow emptying of the dead skin and to facilitate replacement with a new blade.

With modest care, this podiatry tool could last indefinitely — because there are no moving parts and the only wear surface is interchangeable.

When To Use It

The manufacturer recommends using the Ped Egg foot file only on dry, clean, and non-moisturized feet.

However, this NBC video indicates that the Ped Egg also appears to work well on freshly washed feet:

Better Than Traditional Foot Care Tools?

When compared to a pumice stone, the Ped Egg is more effective.

Plus, the Ped Egg contains the mess so you don’t have particles of dry skin flying all over the place.

If the sight of little crumbs of your feet is offensive, then you can disassemble the Ped Egg with your eyes closed — it’s that simple. Dump the crumbs in the trash, and the unsightly mess is gone.

The Ped Egg foot file is far safer than razor callus removers. With better control, you’re less likely to remove more skin than you intend to. Also, callus razors can’t follow the contour of your foot — so it’s easier to injure the skin to the point of bleeding.

Any Downsides?

There are both positive reviews of the Ped Egg from people who loved the product and negative reviews of the Ped Egg from people who were less than satisfied with the product.

While researching the product to see what others thought of their Ped Eggs, one thing became clear.

If you try to order the PedEgg over the phone, you may experience some frustration as the order system is computerized and not very user-friendly. Furthermore, they seem to have some rather pushy sales tactics on the phone:

The Final Verdict

So, after all this research, is my wife satisfied with the results after using the Ped Egg foot file?

I can truthfully report that yes, she is quite satisfied with the simple Ped Egg for removing dry skin on her feet.

It performs quite well and is constructed well enough to be considered a quality product.

After all, in this world of throw away electronic devices costing hundreds of dollars, to be able to find a tool that performs exactly as advertised for around $10 is truly a good deal!

UPDATE: More Powerful Callus Removers

Since we bought egg-shaped Peg Egg that has no moving parts or power features, they’ve come out with a few battery-powered and plug-in models:

  • From the original Ped Egg manufacturers, there’s the Ped Egg Power (which runs on batteries) and the PedEgg Powerball (which has a rechargeable battery).
  • From Amope, there’s the Pedi Perfect electronic foot file — which is battery-powered.
  • From Emjoi, there are several sizes and versions of the Micro Pedi callus remover — both battery-powered and corded with a rechargeable battery.

From all the reviews I’ve read, the Amope Pedi Perfect seems to be the most highly rated (and most popular), followed by the Emjoi Micro Pedi, and then the Ped Egg Power models.

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8 Pack Replacement Rollers for PedEgg Powerball Rechargeable Callus Remover

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Pedicure Foot File

I’ve used the Original PedEgg for years & was always a fan; I recently purchased the PedEgg Power & it has saved my feet! I have the white & blue one, which is called a PedEgg Power w/ Smoothing Attachment. The other option, the blue & silver one, is called a Deluxe PedEgg Power w/ 6 Attachments. The product is an electric foot file with a handle that removes calluses easier & more conveniently than the Original since it’s cordless & electric. While I don’t have calluses or cracked heels, I have dry & dead skin since I wear "slippahs" (sandals or flip flops) or heels year-round. I used to be genuinely embarrassed by the way my feet looked because dry skin & dead skin is literally what made my feet look dirty. I use the blue Nano Abrasion roller first, & then I’ll use the purple smoothing roller (Smoothing Head) before getting in the bath or shower. The blue roller is coarse & wears down the dead or rough skin. That attachment is gentle & buffs away the dry skin painlessly. The purple roller is simply for additional smoothing & isn’t necessary in my opinion since I have my own foot care routine after I use this. The PedEgg power honestly didn’t work how I expected it to, but it is effective overall & that’s what matters to me. I have only two complaints: the batteries die quickly, & my roller wore down faster than I thought it would. This is a really useful machine… I just don’t think has enough power to run the rollers or attachments. This product uses two AA batteries. The batteries will last you a little while, but it doesn’t really "go." It’ll remove dry, damaged, & callused skin easily – not quickly. It works, just not "in seconds" like it claims. If I apply pressure to my heels, the automatic is suddenly a manual because it stops spinning. Even though it runs on batteries & spins 2,000 a minute, it is a tool I have to use carefully. I’m patient though since my feet are always exposed & I want them to be taken care of. I’m a fan even though it’s not powerful since it’s better than an embarrassing pedicure appointment.

Ped Egg Power Platinum Deluxe Callus Remover with 4 Roller Heads and Nail Clipper

Easily remove callus and other abrasions with the magnificent power of the Ped Egg Platinum Deluxe Callus Remover! This kit gives you everything you need for smoother, sexier feet. Nano-abrasion roller technology helps gently buff away calluses and dry skin, and the roller heads and nail clippers keep your feet looking in tip-top shape. Find the confidence you’ve been looking for, and step into the season with style.

  • Buffs away calluses, dead skin, or dry and rough skin in seconds
  • Painless and blade-free
  • Uses Nano-abrasion roller technology
  • Head spins up to 2000 times per minute to buff out even the driest skin for smooth and sexy results
  • Apply light, even pressure. Do not press too hard or over-use
  • Intended for use on callused feet only
  • Do not use if you are diabetic or have poor circulation, nail fungus, any skin condition, wounds, irritations, lacerations or any existing medical conditions
  • For adult use only
    Package Includes:
  • Power Platinum Callus Remover
  • 4 Rollers
  • 1 Bag
  • 1 Nail Clipper
  • Ped egg powerball instructions

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