Sexy Plus Size Thongs & G-Strings

Plus Size Thongs

These sexy plus size thongs are crafted to help you feel simply amazing. At Bits of Lace, our dedication to providing you with countless plus size lingerie and thong options is unrivaled. All styles are available in a variety of fabrics and a rainbow of colors.

Plus Size G-Strings

G-strings, with their thin, string-like waistband, are all the rage in the fashion world. Plus size G-string styles and seamless thongs are a perfect selection for harder to wear clothing like form-fitting skirts, skinny jeans, or any outfit in which panty lines may be visible.

Plus Size Luxury Thongs

Luxury thongs are the perfect blend of sexy and functional, featuring a fully covered front with fine detail and the traditional thin back. As opposed to the traditional, classic thong, these sexy plus size thongs offer the ultimate in elegant design, usually featuring lace or other finely detailed embellishments.

Plus Size Low Rise Thongs

Low-rise thongs are perfect for a low-rise pair of jeans or your favorite short-waisted skirt. The low-rise thong is most known for its impeccable fit and the sleek silhouette it creates, while staying true to the classic thong style that offers full frontal coverage and lies softly across the hips without the risk of a visible waistband.

Only the Best at Bits of Lace

Always following the newest waves in high fashion trends here at Bits of Lace, we hand pick only the sexiest and most appealing fine lingerie for you to peruse. Sexy, freeing, and functional, plus size G-string and thong underwear gained popularity with women in the 1990s—and they have been a lingerie staple ever since. Improving over the years to be more comfortable and affordable while offering supreme sex appeal, these thongs are sure to impress! Shop today!

Plus size g string

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