Plus-Sized Wetsuits

Selecting a Wetsuit

In addition to being a good fit, your wetsuit should be matched to the expected water conditions and temperatures. In general, thinner neoprene (0.5-2mm) is best in warmer waters of temperatures of 65 degrees and up. For colder temps or prolonged time in the water, consider a thicker suit of 3-5mm. A big and tall wetsuit or a plus size wetsuit can be paired with additional accessories to customize your gear for your sport and for the water conditions. Adding a wetsuit vest, boots, or gloves will give you extra warmth without sacrificing mobility.

Buying a Plus Sized Wetsuit Or Big and Tall Wetsuit

When you’re looking for a big and tall wetsuit or a plus size wetsuit, chest and bust measurements are the most important consideration. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect wetsuit fit, visit our Help & Advice section, contact us at (866)-906-7848 or send an email. Our wetsuit experts will guide you through the sizing and selection process and make sure you get the right wetsuit for your body type.

Best Women’s Plus Size Wetsuit Reviews

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  • Wetsuits are a key essential item that every woman needs when performing certain water sports. They are specifically designed to help keep your body protected from cold and warm temperatures, harmful sunburn and UV rays, and also any harmful irritants present in water or from water itself.

    In order to be as comfortable and confident as possible in the water, it is important to find the right sized wetsuit, which can sometimes prove difficult as most of the time wetsuits are extremely small made and quite tight fitting on the body. This can feel quite restricting on those who are a few sizes larger and so the search for a good wetsuit becomes a bit of a challenge.

    Therefore, to help you out, we have sourced five of the top plus size wetsuits currently on the market! These are five high quality wetsuits which come from different brands, and which are sure to inspire you when it comes to shopping for your next wetsuit.

    First we will take a look at the benefits of wearing a wetsuit, to give you an idea of whether purchasing one is the right choice for you and also look at some of the best women’s plus size wetsuit reviews.

    Benefits of Wearing a Wetsuit

    Many studies have shown that wearing a wetsuit has many advantages. Wetsuits provide peace of mind when it comes to getting into the water as they help protect you against a number of different factors.


    When the seasons change, so does the temperature of the water, and wearing a wetsuit might be required to keep you warm and insulated. There is literally nothing worse than being out on the water and becoming too cold.


    Wetsuits are said to also provide more buoyancy which means it takes less effort to swim. This will leave the wearer with a little extra energy which would in most cases be appreciated.


    With a good quality wetsuit, you are protected from harmful UV rays and sunburn. This can be especially useful when in warmer seasons or climates as sunstroke is not what you want when out on the water as it can lead to becoming ill. As well as this, a wetsuit can also protect you from any potential jellyfish stings or bites from anything lurking in the waters. Abrasion from fast currents and waves can also be prevented when wearing a wetsuit.

    Now we will take a look at five of the best plus size wetsuits on the market!

    Comparison Chart

    O’Neill Women’s Reactor 2mm Short Sleeve Back Zip Spring Wetsuit, Black/Berry,16 Cressi One-Piece Scuba Diving Full Wetsuit 5mm/7mm Durable Nylon II Neoprene, Men’s and Ladies’ | Castoro: Designed in Italy Micosuza Women Full Body Wetsuits with Premium 2mm Neoprene Long Sleeve Long Leg Back Zip for Diving Snorkeling Surfing Swimming GLUDEAR Women Plus Size Print One Piece Boyleg Athletic Wetsuits Swimsuit,Rosy,XXXL Henderson Thermoprene 7mm Women’s Jumpsuit (Back Zip) ~ Dive Pink & Fight Breast Cancer. Includes a $50 Donation. – Black/Pink – Large, 10 – – – – – O’Neill Women’s Reactor 2mm Short Sleeve Back Zip Spring Wetsuit, Black/Berry,16 – Cressi One-Piece Scuba Diving Full Wetsuit 5mm/7mm Durable Nylon II Neoprene, Men’s and Ladies’ | Castoro: Designed in Italy – Micosuza Women Full Body Wetsuits with Premium 2mm Neoprene Long Sleeve Long Leg Back Zip for Diving Snorkeling Surfing Swimming – GLUDEAR Women Plus Size Print One Piece Boyleg Athletic Wetsuits Swimsuit,Rosy,XXXL – Henderson Thermoprene 7mm Women’s Jumpsuit (Back Zip) ~ Dive Pink & Fight Breast Cancer. Includes a $50 Donation. – Black/Pink – Large, 10 –

    O’Neill Women’s Reactor Wetsuit

    O’Neill has the perfect wetsuit for plus size fits, right up to a size 16. Their wetsuit is both stylish, comfortable, and functional. We take a look at its key features below.

    • Seamless paddle zones
    • Fully adjustable collar
    • Breathable seams
    • Hidden zip
    • Extremely stretchy design
    • Durable
    • Comfortable
    • Affordable


    A couple of customers complained that the collar was quite tight fitting around the neck and the zip wasn’t the best quality.


    Looking for a wetsuit that is of good quality and a good size? Then look no further as O’Neill has a great option for you with their reactor wetsuit. This wetsuit is made to be durable and can be used for the majority of water sports.

    Strategic Design

    The reactor wetsuit has been designed to be flexible, giving you the best amount of movement possible. This includes seamless paddle zones, adjustable collar, breathable seams, and smooth neoprene material which is breathable and comfortable.

    A Variety of Sizes and Color options

    The best thing about the wetsuit by O’Neill is that it comes in many different sizes, ranging from a size 4 to 16, so almost everyone can be assured to find a size which suits them. There are also a couple of different color options to choose from which gives you more choice.


    Cressi Ladies Full Size Wetsuit

    The next wetsuit on our list is by Cressi, and is also a good quality option for all your water sporting needs. This wetsuit is designed with durable materials which are bound to make it last a long time. We take a look at it in further detail below.

    • Snug fit
    • Strong neoprene material
    • 2 color options
    • Breathable
    • Full body design
    • Comfort guaranteed
    • Stretchy

    This wetsuit has been praised by many of its customers who say its one of the best wetsuits they have found. The only con is that the suit is said to be a bit buoyant making it more difficult for free diving.

    The next great wetsuit is the Cressi full size wetsuit which can be another good option to go for. This is a strong wetsuit designed with neoprene material, and features a full body fit meaning it provides protection to the entire body when in the water.

    Stretchy Design

    When wearing a wetsuit, one thing you will want to avoid is feeling trapped with a suit that is too constricting. With the Cressi wetsuit, however, there is no need to worry as it is designed with super flexible neoprene which allows a good amount of flexibility and stretch, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident on the water.

    Trendy Back Zip

    Cressi has been making wetsuits since 1946, and the quality definitely shows in their full size wetsuit. A nice feature is that it actually features a zip at the back of the suit rather than the front, allowing more comfort and protection to the front of the body when in the water.


    Micosuza Women’s Full Body Wetsuit

    The third wetsuit featured on our list is the women’s full body wetsuit by Micoscuza. This is a nicely designed wetsuit which comes in some bright colors, including seal blue, mint, pink and purple. We take a closer look at its functionality below.


    • Stylish design
    • Full body
    • Strong durability
    • Excellent stretch
    • Premium lightweight neoprene
    • Provides UV protection
    • Protects against sea irritants

    A few customers said this wetsuit was not the quality they expected.

    Micosuza’s wetsuit is another perfect option for those looking for plus size swimwear. Their wetsuit is extremely durable and comes in a few nice colors giving the wearer a nice choice to choose from.

    Super Comfortable

    When wearing a wetsuit, your ultimate goal is to be comfortable, and with the women’s full body wetsuit by Micosuza you are completely covered – literally. This suit is a full body design meaning it keeps your entire body protected and comfortable at the same time. The suit is designed with soft neoprene which allows excellent stretch and full body movement without any restriction.

    UV Protection

    When it comes to water sports, sunburn and harmful UV rays can be a major problem, and if you don’t have the right kit in place, you can risk being badly burnt. The Micosuza wetsuit, however, features tightly knitted fabric which protects against both UVA and UVB radiation, allowing you to carry out your preferred water sport without any extra worry!

    Environmentally Friendly

    Micosuza is dedicated to making products which feature 100% natural fabrics with no harmful chemicals to harm the wearer. This means you are guaranteed a product which is conscious of the environment and one which will be a joy to wear.


    GluDear Women’s Plus Size Athletic Wetsuit

    Moving on to the penultimate wetsuit on our list, the athletic wetsuit by GluDear is another fantastic option for your water sports fun! This wetsuit is super trendy and comes in many different sizes; we take a look further at its special features below.

    • No underwire
    • Retro ocean stripes
    • Breathable
    • Spandex and polyester
    • Snug fitting
    • Well made
    • Stretchy

    One customer believed an added zipper would be more beneficial to the wetsuit when it comes to swimming.

    The athletic wetsuit by GluDear is another great wetsuit on the market which is favored by many plus size ladies. This is because it comes in a such a wide variety of sizes, from a US 8 up to a 4X-Large, equivalent to a size 28.

    Trendy Design

    GluDear have really won with their design in this wetsuit as it looks so much nicer than the more standard wetsuit design. This athletic look wetsuit is perfect for carrying out a range of different water sports and can be perfect even for the swimming pool

    Stretchy Fit

    The best feature about the athletic wetsuit by GluDear is that it is a one-piece, which means it can easily be put on without any zipping up and feeling of being too constricted. It is so stretchy and allows maximum movement of the body without any worries! This will make the wearer feel so much more confident on the water, while remaining comfortable at the same time.


    Henderson Thermoprene Women’s Plus Size Wetsuit

    The last wetsuit on our list is the thermoprene plus size wetsuit by Henderson. This is a really sleek designed wetsuit which is again great for the majority of water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and a lot more. We take a look at its special key features below.

    • Neoprene design
    • Lycra trim
    • Adjustable collar
    • Strong back zipper
    • Multi-sport wetsuit
    • Flexible added knee pads

    This product is praised by many who have purchased it with the only con being that the sleeves were a little too short.

    This is a perfect wetsuit which has been exceptionally designed to fit a woman’s figure, giving the best shape possible! If you are looking for a wetsuit which is comfortable and feminine, then look no further!

    Easy to Put on

    Thanks to the full body design of this wetsuit, it is extremely easy to get on and off. This means no time will be wasted in trying to get it fitted right as it has been specially designed to fit a woman’s curves perfectly. The neoprene materials used also make it super comfortable to wear and give the user complete peace of mind when on the water.

    Multi-Sport Wetsuit

    Henderson’s wetsuit can be used for a range of different water sports. This is because it has such a durable design which allows it to be fit for many varieties of sport. Whether you love scuba diving, free diving, swimming, or wakeboarding, this wetsuit can be a great option for you.


    The wetsuit by Henderson’s is also a very durable wetsuit which is likely to last for a good amount of time. This is thanks to the strong Lycra material which is used to make it and the neoprene layers which keep it smooth.


    Final Verdict

    Wetsuits are clearly an important part of the sport when it comes to being out on the water. You will want to wear something that makes you feel protected from sunburn, water abrasion, cold or warm water, and sea irritants, and ideally something that does all of that well.

    From our list of wetsuits, we believe all of them offer something for you. The most highly rated product on the market right now is the thermoprene plus size wetsuit by Henderson. This one provides such an attractive design that many women simply love wearing it.

    If you are shopping on a budget, however, you may be looking for a wetsuit that is not as expensive, and one which will not burn a hole in your pockets. If this is the case for you, then we recommend the athletic wetsuit by GluDear. This is the most inexpensive option featured on our list and one which is still super trendy and comfortable at the same time.

    The next best option for those on a budget would have to be the women’s reactor wetsuit by O’Neill as this is not as expensive as a few of the others. This is also a fantastic wetsuit which is sure to provide you with great protection in the water!

    We hope that all of our plus size wetsuits have given you a little bit of inspiration when it comes to finding your next, or perhaps your first, wetsuit. Having a wetsuit is definitely recommended, especially if you carry out water sports regularly and want to be better protected.

    • The Henderson size charts are provided as a rough guide to fitting. Because suits are made from many types of materials which contain different stretch characteristics, we strongly recommend trying on several sizes to assure you are getting the best fit possible.

      3 ways to achieve a perfect fit!!


      If after consulting with a Henderson Dealer you are unable to find a proper fitting wetsuit in the standard Henderson size range. Henderson can produce a custom suit that will be based on your specific size requirements. All Henderson Digital Fit suits are manufactured using 29 precise measurements. You will need to visit an authorized Henderson dealer to provide this service. (please call ahead to confirm your local dealer is a Digital Fit Center) The Henderson dealer will measure you in a Lycra Skin and forward your measurements to Henderson. Your new suit will be cut by our automated system and the suit returned to the dealer. YOU SHOULD EXPECT TO RETURN TO THE DEALER FOR A FITTING. SOME ADDITIONAL ALTERATION MAY BE NECESSARY, AND YOUR DEALER WILL NEED TO RETURN THE SUIT FOR THESE ALTERATIONS TO BE COMPLETED AT THE FACTORY. Digital Fit suits are provided as a service for people who cannot be fitted properly in a stock wetsuit. Due to the additional charges involved with this service we do not recommend Custom suits for divers who will fit into a stock size. In those cases our Tailor Fit Program should provide any minor modifications to achieve an optimum fit.


      The Henderson Tailor Fit Program will allow you to have minor fit adjustments made to your wetsuit before you purchase it at a very affordable cost. Here’s how it works: Visit your Henderson dealer and find the suit and style that most closely matches your requirements. Your dealer will determine the fit adjustments that need to be made. Your dealer will contact the factory and request a tailor fit suit. Henderson will pull a suit from stock make the necessary alterations and ship the suit to your dealer. THIS SERVICE CAN BE DONE IN AS LITTLE AS TWO BUSINESS DAYS, HOWEVER AIR FREIGHT CHARGES MAY APPLY. PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DEALER FOR DETAILS. Tailor Fit Alterations include: Adding or subtracting up to 3 inches from arms or legs. Please note that torso adjustments can not be made in the Tailor Fit Program


      Is your top bigger than your bottom? Is your bottom bigger than your top? Either way it’s no longer a problem, Henderson now splits sizes on all two piece wetsuits You can even mix thicknesses and materials. Just tell the salesman at your local authorized Henderson dealer you want to split sizes on your new suit.

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