Everything you need to know before your first pole dance class

Emma Nassuada AyresFollow Jul 28, 2018 · 11 min read Twisted Pole in Nottingham, UK.

(An updated version of this post is available here)

I went to my first pole dance class in November 2017 and being the socially anxious quivering wreck that I was back then, I spent a whole week scouring the internet for blog posts and articles on what I could expect in my first class. I felt I needed to mentally prepare myself for throwing myself into a new activity, particularly something that seemed so extroverted, and with a new group of people.

Pole dance called to me because I needed something new and interesting to break me out of my routine of coming home from work to do nothing in particular until I went to sleep. The strength training I was doing was becoming monotonous and I was losing all motivation (thanks, depression). At the very least, I figured the class would help me to avoid rush hour, as well as make for an interesting story — that is, if I ever plucked up the courage to actually talk to people.

At the class, something surprising happened. It clicked in my brain that this is something I wanted to keep doing. A few classes later, I’d figured out that this is what I wanted to forever and always, please let me live in the studio.

Me, a super shy introvert who couldn’t speak to anyone, wanting to do something so…extroverted. It felt bizarre — but I loved it.

I’ve been going to classes at my home studio for 9 months now, and as a beginner, I’d like to pass on some words of vague wisdom for those of you who are thinking of trying a pole class, based not only on my experience of being very unfit and not particularly keen on exercise, but as a plus size pole dancer.

The practical stuff

There’s thousands of different studios out there, and so many variations in how they teach and what kind of classes they put on, so take my advice with a pinch of salt here. If in doubt, contact your studio to find out the specifics.

For my first class, I wore knee length shorts and a tank top. You don’t need any fancy gear, just standard exercise wear will do. For the first few weeks I was working on the beginner spins, pirouettes, slides and fan/scissor kicks, so I didn’t need much skin exposed past my ankles, wrists, armpit and sides.

Unless you’re specifically going to a heels class, don’t worry about footwear, as you’ll be dancing barefoot.

It’s worth taking knee pads if your class includes floorwork to prevent any damage to your knees.

What to bring:

The essentials are a bottle of water/squash and a badass attitude.

I typically carry with me a change of clothes, depending on the weather, as well as deodorant, a hairbrush, and something I can dry my hands on that isn’t the pole cloth . I also have a couple bottles of Dry Hands (a grip aid) on me at all times, but that’s not something you’ll need for a while.

If you’re like me and get shaky with a lot of exertion, or if it’s particularly hot (like it is in the UK at the minute) it’s worth having a small snack in your bag to keep your blood sugar up until you can get something bigger to eat. I also have little concentrated bottles of squash in my bag for a quick flavour boost if I need it, because let’s face it, plain water is boring.

What to eat:

Get a hearty snack at least an hour before class — you’re going to need the energy! My go-to is a protein bar as it keeps me full through the class from the protein, has a good amount of slow-release carbs to keep my energy levels up, as well as a bit of sugar to make it tasty. Anything with slow release carbs is a great pre-workout snack though.

What not to do:

For the love of all things good and pure, don’t moisturise on the day of your class.

I can’t stress this enough. Over winter my hands were so dry, and without thinking I put on hand cream the morning before my pole class. I spent ages scrubbing my hands trying to get it out, but I was still a slippy, sweaty mess in the class. As you sweat the moisturiser will leech out and prevent you from gripping. Not only will this suck, as you won’t be able to get the most out of your class, it increases your chance of injury from falling, as well as other people’s if you’re sharing the pole.

Obviously this all depends on how quickly you absorb moisturiser, as well as what kind you use — my best friend can’t use any kind of moisturiser the day before our pole class, even with the lightweight stuff the pole community swears by — but to be safe, I’d avoid any non-essential moisturisers and lotions for at least 24 hours before your first class.

Don’t wear jewellery either, as you could potentially get injured from dangling things getting caught, or you could damage the coating of the pole. Poles aren’t cheap, either, so please take care of them.

You won’t be graceful, and that’s okay!

Don’t expect that on your first lesson you’ll nail everything straight away and you’ll be completely elegant and graceful. That comes with time, practice and dedication. What is important is that you listen to your instructor, as they’re there to help you through the moves and keep you safe. Don’t rush through anything, take your time, and breathe.

If you’ve watched any pole dance videos before coming to your class, you’ll have seen how effortless pole dancers make their performances look. Trust me, that’s an art form in of itself. Don’t worry about what expression you’re pulling or what noises you’re making (unless they’re very excessive, don’t be that person). There’s time to perfect your dancing technique later down the line if you want to.

This is your time. Own it.

There are many reasons why you might have chosen to take a pole dance class. Maybe you were like me and needed to get out of a rut. Maybe you want to lose some excess fat. Maybe you want a really fun strength workout. Maybe you want to dance in a new and interesting way that you’ve never tried before. Whatever the reason, enjoy your time at the studio. Take this time to connect with your body and engage with it. Find what movement feels good, enjoy it and work with it. Making the decision to come to a pole dance class is a radical act of self-love and self-care, so take this time to treat your body well, listen to it and respond to its needs.

More importantly, have fun with it! Life’s too short for boring classes.

Don’t take yourself too seriously…

I fall on my butt A LOT. I’m a clumsy person at the best of times and coming to a pole class will teach you movements that your body isn’t used to, particularly if, like me, you’re coming into it without a great deal of fitness.

Everyone falls on their butt. Everyone has landed a move then slooooowwwly slid to the floor as their hands get sweaty. Everyone has to bail on a move from time to time. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and have a laugh with it. The best thing I learned early on is that if you feel self conscious about messing something up, just do jazz hands. No-one will be laughing at you failing; they’ll be laughing at the fact that you’re doing jazz hands. Trust me.

And, if they are laughing because you’re failing, that’s not an environment conducive towards self-improvement and support, and probably isn’t a group of people you want to be around.

…but do take your instructor seriously and know your limitations.

Your instructor is there to keep you safe and help guide you through the crazy world of pole dance. Listen to them when they tell you how to do a move, and if they suggest improvements, listen. Check your ego at the door. They’ve been training for a lot longer than you and are trained and insured to teach you, so they know how to keep you safe and prevent you from getting injured during the class.

There’s a reason your instructor will be teaching you certain moves. Once they’ve got a better idea of your general fitness levels they can start working with you towards more advanced moves, but for now you’ll be playing around with beginners moves. Don’t expect to learn anything advanced for a while until your instructor knows what you can safely manage.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Your instructor is there to guide you through the moves, so if something isn’t working for you, ask! They’ll have been doing pole for years and will be able to guide you towards nailing whatever it is you’re working on. Sometimes all it takes is a simple adjustment of where your leg or arm is or engaging a different group of muscles. Your grip strength, the style of grip you’re using, the side you’re practicing on and even the temperature and humidity of the studio can make all the difference. Trust me, some moves are just easier on one side than the other. It’s weird, but you’ll get to know which is your ‘good’ side, and which is your ‘bad’ side when you get more practice in. Just make sure you train both of them!

If you have a plus-sized body like I do, then some moves will be trickier for you — that’s perfectly normal! It takes me a lot longer to nail certain moves compared to the smaller people in my class. A good instructor will listen to you and help modify things to make them easier for you, and will be patient with you as you spend your time practicing things other people might have moved on from. Trust me, you’ll build your strength up quickly, and you will nail that tricky spin, lift or hold. It comes in time as you learn where your limitations lie — and as you learn to smash through them!

Have fun!

I know it sounds a bit cliché, but at the end of the day, paying for a class that you don’t enjoy is the WORST. I’ve put myself through too many cardio classes that I didn’t enjoy before I came to pole, and there’s nothing less motivating than dragging yourself to a class you’re not looking forward to. Give the class everything you’ve got, have a laugh with what you’re doing and with the other students, and dip your toe into the world of pole dance. Who knows, you might get addicted like the rest of us!

Eat a hearty meal, and enjoy a nice soak or shower.

Make sure you eat a healthy meal with plenty of protein to rebuild your muscles. I’ve found consuming a good amount of protein after a particularly heavy class helps to reduce how bad and how long your DOMS lasts the next few days. It’s also a good idea to soak your muscles in a nice warm bubble or epsom salts bath, or take a nice warm shower, particularly if this is your first class, because…

DOMS, glorious DOMS!

DOMS stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, which as you can imagine, means your muscles are going to ache for a while following your workout. What’s actually happening in your body is that it’s repairing the microtears in the muscle fibres caused by your workout — don’t worry, this is a good thing, and this is why you need plenty of protein as it helps to build your muscles back up.

After a few classes you might adjust to the level of strain on your body and you might find you get DOMS a lot less than you did when you started. It’s different for everybody. It doesn’t mean your muscles aren’t growing and you’re not getting stronger, but rather that your body’s adjusting and can handle the strain.

Get plenty of lean protein, do some gentle stretches to get the blood pumping into your sore muscles — I know you won’t feel like doing anything, but this will actually help the DOMS fade quicker — and you could even treat yourself to a cheeky sports massage to soothe the aches away.

Of course, more time relaxing in a bubble or epsom salt bath helps!


Or as we like to call them, pole kisses.

Depending on what you did, you might have some funky bruises the day after your class. These might be a bit sensitive the first few times you get them, particularly if you get them somewhere like on the tops of your feet (trust me, it happens), but eventually your skin will toughen up and adapt to the pressure you’re putting on it. After a while you might find that the bruises you get don’t hurt any more, and if you’re like me, you might be super proud of getting them.

Wear them like a badge of honour. You earned them!

If they hurt a lot and you want to get rid, get some Arnica gel — I don’t use it myself, but the people in my class swear by it.

January is typically beginner season, and say what you want about New Year’s Resolutions – anything that makes people try pole is good in my opinion! It seems like a lifetime ago that I started pole, but really it wasn’t so far off, and I still feel like such a newbie at times, especially when I try (and fail) a new move. But really, I have come so far, and it was tough at times. Pole fitness is not the easiest sport and I was really lucky to have picked a studio with such great teachers to push me on. Even so, I got to thinking about the advice I would have given myself starting out from the beginning again. So without further adieu, here is my top 12 things I wish I’d known back when I was a pole beginner 🙂

  1. Don’t worry about grip. Train your physical grip early on and don’t go anywhere near Dry Hands or Itac until your instructor says you should use it. Having a strong grip without aids will make you a better poler. Plus, believe me – grip opens you up to a much greater chance of painful skin rips which you don’t want to deal with when you’re learning!
  1. Start training choreography and good movement early. If like me you didn’t have a substantial background in ballet or contemporary dance then you should use every second you get to start developing these movements as soon as you can. Watch your teachers closely, and see the attention to detail they put into every motion – each toe point, each careful arm movement. Then copy and repeat until they are second nature to you. It will change the way everything you do looks, and it will look great.
  1. Don’t think too much about what anyone else is doing. Everyone comes to pole with a very different background. Some come from dance, but others may come from fitness or martial arts. Some may even have very little experience of anything! We’re all welcome and equally important, but our backgrounds may enable us to succeed faster in different ways. Never get caught up in how that former ballet dancer can move like liquid, or that weight lifter can pull herself up so much higher than you. Be happy for your classmates’ successes, but don’t ever let them get you down. You are on your own pole journey that is unique to you.
  1. Supplement your pole training off the pole. At Ecole de Pole there are some great non-pole classes, like Whack Me, or Flexibility; but there are other things you can do which will boost your learning massively. If you have a gym membership get on that lat pull-down, and maybe do some arm rows or try the shoulder press. At home you can easily train your headstands and splits with even a little bit of space. I personally like to practise my body waves in front of the mirror before breakfast! Practise makes perfect, and is the only route to success.
  1. Try everything once. I know this can be terrifying, and honestly I cringe when I think what my pole skills were like back then… but I also know I was the only one thinking it! So plunge into any class your level is suitable for and don’t worry if you’re of the lowest proficiency. Sexy Choreo is open to anyone who can climb the pole and believe me it is FUN. There are also Tricks & Combo classes to help you learn to link what you’ve learned in standard classes in a meaningful way. Don’t feel intimidated by joining a mixed level class – the pole community is amazingly supportive and we all remember being a beginner. The quicker you jump in and test yourself with something new, the better your pole journey will be. It’ll also take you closer to developing your own pole style so that when you want to start choreographing routines and performing (which you know you want to one day!!) you’ll have a sense of what direction to go in.
  1. Don’t neglect pole conditioning and training tricks on your bad side… And I’ll fully hold my hand up and say I don’t do the second one very often. These are no one’s favourite part of pole training, but I don’t even need to explain how important they are. Get into good habits now and it’ll be smooth sailing. You’ll also really impress your instructors if you come with a bit of enthusiasm for these! I think they probably get tired of the withering look we give them whenever they tell us to do pole sit climbs or train our chair spin on the other side…
  1. Get some nice pole gear. And honestly, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. The pole gear sold by Ecole de Pole and other pole dedicated brands like Dragonfly or Pole Motion is designed for our sport – meaning it will look amazing and cover you exactly the right way. You will feel comfortable and look gorgeous – which is really important when you are dancing and doing all kinds of crazy upside down things! Ecole de Pole has flash sales every now and then, and they also hold pole gear Bring and Buys. I’ve also found sports outlets that sell gym gear aimed at yoga practitioners tend to have some really nice bras and leggings which are perfect for pole. Unfortunately I’ve now developed a legging addiction… just warning you!
  1. Learn to love spinning pole. I despised spinning pole when I started and was convinced it was a unique form of humiliation and torture designed to put me off pole forever. I even remember thinking that even if I got really good at pole, I would never ever do spinning pole, and do all my routines on static. I can’t tell you exactly what clicked for me, but I can tell you why I love spinning pole now (so much so that I do most of my alone training on it). Not only is it a great extra work out, giving your muscles and coordination a challenge, but there are unique shapes and spins that ONLY work on spinning pole. I’ve found that once you get over the dizziness and conquer control of the speed, there’s actually very little you need to put into spinning pole to make incredibly impressive moves and tricks. If you are finding spinning pole tough, just keep at it and go reeeeaally slow. Trust me – it’s worth it.
  1. Ride out the bad times. And there WILL be weeks where you feel like an aerodynamic potato. But don’t give up – all your training is still there, and usually a bad week is followed by a good week. Sometimes great progress is only revealed in a single moment, but every week of training is bringing you closer to it, even the bad ones. If a particular move is causing you frustration, just shelve it for that week and try out something you know will make you feel better. Unless you’ve got tons of motivation in you, repeating something over and over that isn’t going well won’t do you any good.
  1. Learn about warming up, cooling down, and injury prevention. This is especially important if you’re planning on practising by yourself at pole hire sometime. Warm ups and cool downs are there for a reason. Joints and muscles need adequate time to prepare for the high impact of pole, and without it you run a huge risk of injury. Plus you just won’t be able to perform at your best! Cooling down will go a long way to relaxing you and reducing any light-headedness you can sometimes experience after intense exercise – plus reduce muscle soreness. Warming up and cooling down can be something that is really easy to skimp on, but you’ll only know how important it is once it’s too late and you’ve got yourself an injury! Don’t learn the hard way – just trust me.
  1. Get to know your classmates. This is a bit of a sappy one I know… Find out why they started pole and see if they love what you love about it. You guys will probably be spotting each other in class at some point, or helping each other out – and pole training buddies are the best! There’s quite a few people in the studio now I train with, and it’s WAY more fun than training alone. Plus it’s less embarrassing to fall on your ass in front of your friends than strangers.
  1. Talk to your instructors. I think this is a mega important one. I mean, obviously don’t take up all their time if they have a lot of other students around, or make them hang around for an hour after class – but generally I can promise you that your instructors want to hear from you. They are your best resource for tips and advice about every aspect of pole. If there’s a trick or a movement you are struggling with, ask them what you can do to improve it. If you’re feeling uninspired, ask them how they get their own pole groove back on in dark times or what they think you might be good at. The teachers at Ecole de Pole are extremely talented, but also very friendly. Some studios have huge classes with many teachers that change every week – and you guys are so lucky it’s not like that. You can really get to know your instructors and they can get to know you, and your pole journey will be all the better for it. They want to see you succeed, and they are happy when they see that pole is making you happy.

So there you go! By no means is this list definitive. If you’re just starting out please let me know if any of these helped! And if you’re an existing pole lover and want to add some tips I missed out – please do.

By Catherine Lee – Social Media and Marketing Manager (And Ecole de Pole’s No.1 Fan). You can follow her on Instagram.

What is Pole Fitness?

Pole Fitness is an extension of pole dancing that uses the pole to its maximum potential as a versatile piece of fitness equipment. It works the whole body, improving muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, posture as well as upper body and core strength.

You’ll be amazed at the variety of exercises you can do with a pole, which are similar to exercises you might do in the gym, but using your own body weight for resistance. From chin ups to crunches to work your arms and abs and climbing to swan holds for your legs and bums – you can work it all on a pole.

In Britain’s first pole dancing survey 98% said they improved their upper body strength as a result of pole dancing. 90% said they toned their arms most and 60% said they toned their abs/stomach the most. 94% of people associate pole dancing with fitness and 99% would recommend it to friends, so if you’re stuck in a rut with your regular gym routine, trying a pole fitness workout could be the answer.

Pole dancing is a combination of dance and gymnastic moves performed around a vertical pole in a flowing, graceful routine. There are many different kinds of pole moves including; spins, poses, floor work, dance and transitional moves, pole to floor and floor to pole moves and inversions. Pole dancing is growing in popularity as a form of exercise, with an increased awareness of the fitness benefits. There are classes nationwide and many people now own their own pole at home.

Celebrity Pole dancers include; Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Ellen Degeneres, Emma Roberts, Emila Fox, Eva Longoria, Fearne Cotton, Heidi Klum, Kate Moss, Kate Hudson, Kelly Rowland, Kirsten Stewart, Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton and Terri Hatcher.

17 Reasons To Start Pole Dancing For Fitness

This post is for everyone who ever tried to get into a fitness regime and failed.

Do you struggle to get the motivation to go to the gym regularly?

If this sounds like you then there’s something you have to try!

If you don’t have the discipline to get yourself to the gym or workout at home then you’re in need of something else, something that doesn’t feel so grueling.

Something where you don’t have to force yourself to find the motivation to get up and go.

That something is Pole Fitness!

Today I’m going to reveal how pole classes started my love affair with fitness and how it very quickly became something I couldn’t live without.

What You Will Learn

  • How Pole Fitness Can Help You To Lose Weight
  • Why Pole Fitness Gives You Confidence
  • How Pole Fitness Makes You Feel Empowered
  • The Health Benefits Of Pole Fitness
  • How Pole Fitness Builds Strength

Let’s Talk About The Elephant In The Room

What do you imagine when you think of pole fitness?

If it’s a room full of exotic dancers then you’re hugely mistaken although you can find exotic classes if you’d like to give it a try!

The pole fitness frenzy is sweeping across the globe at an ever increasing rate and has developed into a sport building up for olympic attention.

However, I fully believe that if you’re going to participate in pole fitness it’s futile to deny the origins of the sport.

Of course society has attached a stigma attached to it, but it has started to become much more widely accepted.

The fact is it wouldn’t be where it is today without those women who had the confidence to bear all and dance!

We can’t move forwards and remove that stigma by ignoring or denying its origin, it must be embraced, accepted and built on.

You certainly don’t need to whip out a pair of 8 inch heels or have perfect hair and makeup to practice pole fitness.

In fact, many classes will begin barefoot with the usual sports attire and end with us all in a sweaty exhausted heap.

Exactly like going to the gym – but so much more exciting and fun!

So without further ado, let me introduce to you the top 17 reasons why you should start pole dancing for fitness today!

#1) Worry Free Weight Loss

If you find yourself struggling to slim down then you’re in luck.

Pole fitness will help you to strip down that unwanted weight! It’s possible to burn 500 calories in just one class, perhaps more if you train intensely.

That’s why it’s time to forget Weight Watchers and combine pole fitness with a nice healthy diet to shed the pounds in no time at all!

Groups like Weight Watchers and SlimFast can actually hinder your fat trimming progression because your body will need all the energy it can get to keep up with your fat burning new hobby.

Then there’s the added bonus that you don’t need to worry about finding the motivation to keep going, because it’s great fun!

#2) Anyone Can Do It!

My favourite reason of all, anyone can do it!

Some people progress faster than others, especially if they’re fitness fanatics that incorporate transferable skills from other sports such as climbing.

You don’t have to have any particular strengths or dance background, or even be in good shape to get started with pole fitness though.

You will find people from all walks of life at your nearest pole class, from vets to managers to shop assistants and health care advisors.

You might be surprised at just how many people actually have pole fitness to thank for their fantastic fitness levels.

So whether you’re out of shape or in shape, young or old you’ll find pole fitness is for you.

It can be as easy or as hard as you choose, just stop at a level that feels comfortable for you and if you have a competitive streak there’s plenty of competitions world wide for you too!

#3) Get A Toned Body You Can Be Proud Of

Ever wondered why strippers always seem to have such lovely legs? Because pole. That’s why!

The huge array of exercises and movement involved in pole fitness mean that you’ll quickly notice your muscles becoming more toned from top to toe.

It’s an absolutely fantastic workout for your abs, arms, legs, shoulders – everything!

You’ll soon be noticing the difference, it really doesn’t take long to start seeing results like this from pole fitness.

You don’t even need to go that often, many people who start pole fitness will see these results from attending as little as once a week.

So make sure you’re ready to kiss goodbye to your body as you know it because your abs, arms, hips, calves, thighs, waist and bum will never be the same again!

#4) It Doesn’t Feel Like Exercise

I should rephrase that; It doesn’t feel like exercise in the moment.

While you’ll definitely enjoy yourself in pole fitness classes and not realise how hard you are working your muscles, you’ll definitely feel it the next day.

The day after my first class little things like changing into second gear in the car were agony!

On the plus side though, that does stop as you gradually get stronger but you’ll always feel like you’ve had a good workout.

#5) Who Wants To Become Confident & Empowered?

How would you like to be more outgoing or less shy?

Pole fitness builds confidence and self esteem like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Everyone in their first few lessons feels out of place and down right silly and this is one of the top reasons why people don’t return to continue more classes.

But once you have the very basics figured out your muscles will begin to develop and you’ll start to progress much more quickly.

The development of these amazing skills in turn reaps some fantastic emotional rewards. You’ll have an improved posture and naturally walk taller and more confidently.

When you mix that with your newly toned and sculpted body I’d be amazed if you weren’t super proud of yourself and your abilities.

You wouldn’t believe how empowering it can be to nail all of those new moves while getting a brilliant workout.

It’ll give you the motivation you need to keep going and in the long run you’ll feel less shy, more attractive and more confident.

#6) You Don’t Have To Be A Pro To Get Abs

Who doesn’t want a toned stomach?

Pole fitness helps you develop strong core muscles and abs for that perfectly sculpted tummy and it’s also incredible for building upper body strength.

One of the many reasons for not starting pole fitness sooner (including my own) is that a lot of people believe they need a strong upper body to start.

So if you’ve been thinking about how weak your arms are and how you’ll never do it I’ve got news for you. Nothing could be further from the truth!

When I first started I couldn’t even swing across the monkey bars or do a pushup!

It’s amazing how quickly that changes after starting pole classes. If I can do it, you definitely can.

I often wish I hadn’t taken so long to get started, so if that’s what is holding you back you need to get going!

You don’t need to be strong to start pole fitness, starting pole fitness makes you strong.

#7) Now You Can Get Fit & Have Fun Doing It

Do you have trouble dragging yourself down to the gym for a boring old workout session? Do you lack self discipline and motivation when it comes to keeping fit?

Well if it’s a choice between that and pole fitness I know which way I’m heading, allow me to explain why.

Pole fitness is just so much fun! While you’re busy learning exciting new tricks and spins you rarely realise how many times you lift your own body weight in just one class.

There’s certainly never a boring moment and the excitement and euphoria you feel from achieving each new move also gives you that motivation to keep going.

You’ll be addicted in no time and you won’t be able to resist learning just one more trick, and another one, and then another!

It’s easy to lose the motivation to stick to regular fitness routines so for me the fact that working out no longer felt like a chore was the number one reason I loved it!

#8) Feel Instantly Accepted When You Join The Community

Whether you start pole fitness alone or with a friend you’ll never feel left out.

There’s a real sense of friendship and encouragement within the pole fitness community and you’ll be surrounded by positivity and optimism forever more!

The majority of pole fitness studios offer a safe and comfortable environment to achieve your goals with instructors who will guide you with enthusiasm every step of the way.

You’ll never have to worry about being judged in a pole fitness class as women of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels are welcomed with open arms.

It’s a great place to meet people and make new friends and if you’re starting alone at home you can still find that support online.

There’s many groups of supportive and encouraging like minded individuals hanging out online and if you decide you want to network in person you can simply head to your nearest pole event.

#9) It’s Easy To Do From The Comfort Of Your Living Room

Too shy to start in front of a group? No pole classes in your area? No problem!

You can still start pole fitness at home, all you need to do is buy a pole and install it.

Permanent or portable? You choose. All you need to do then is simply get yourself some online lessons or a pole fitness DVD and you’re off to a great start!

A lot of people who attend pole fitness classes will also have a pole at home so that they can get extra practice in and workout in private at home.

#10) It’s The Ultimate All In One Workout

Are you tired of working so hard to improve just one area of your body?

Pole fitness classes combine so many different types of exercise that you don’t have to focus on any specific body parts.

There’s no choosing which machine you want to work on or which muscle groups need the most attention. You just practice each new move as it comes.

There will be floorwork, some dancing, spins, climbing and for the more advanced polers comes inverting and lifting your whole body upside down!

Even the most regular gym attendees are surprised by the feeling after a pole workout. You’ll feel muscles being worked that you didn’t even know you had.

Whether you’re holding a spin or dangling from your legs you’ll constantly be working on engaging your core muscles too.

That means that when you get to the point of inverting (going upside down) you’ll feel comfortable with it and ready to fly!

At this point your fitness levels can only soar as you repeatedly lift your body up to attempt that new move over and over again.

How many pounds of weight would that be equal to lifting when you go to the gym, without you even realising?

#11) See How Easily You Can Get Flexible

Flexibility isn’t something that everyone is trying to achieve at first but it will come naturally over time with pole fitness.

Not every move will be achievable straight away regardless of strength because some of them require a certain level of flexibility.

Don’t worry if you’re not very flexible right now though, the more classes you go to the more flexible you will become!

After one year of pole fitness I went from barely being able to lift my leg in the air to planting my foot firmly on the back of my head. So what was the next step? I wanted to look at my toes!

You’ll be bendy in no time.

#12) Get Rid Of Your Clumsiness Once And For All

Please tell me I’m not the only one that’s had a problem walking into walls or falling up the stairs?

Pole fitness brings with it a much better awareness of your body and improved coordination.

When you begin to learn some of the more complex routines your heightened awareness can transfer into day to day life.

Imagine for a second the balance, awareness and coordination that it takes to hold yourself upside down on a pole.

Can you see how this has the potential to help you to avoid injury in your every day activities?

You’ll be less likely to bump into things and slip, trip or fall and this will carry through with you into old age.

That’s because pole fitness exercises not just your body but your mind and problem solving skills as well!

#13) Discover Numerous Health Benefits Many Polers Are Enjoying

Pole fitness comes with a lot of health benefits. There’s countless success stories where people have overcome grave illnesses and injuries with a little help from pole fitness.

Just to cover the basics, here are some of the areas where it’s common to find improvements from pole fitness;

Reduced Joint Pain

Joint pain is something that many people will experience especially later in life.

Pole fitness will work on strengthening your muscles while increasing flexibility and mobility which significantly reduces the likelihood of you developing joint problems.

A better grip is something you naturally develop when practising pole fitness which reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

As you become more agile you’ll also have less problems with things such as neck stiffness, back pain and other general muscle aches.

Lower Stress Levels

As I mentioned earlier, nailing moves in pole fitness can give you a feeling of euphoria like you’ve never experienced before. As well as building your confidence this also serves to de-stress.

A good pole fitness workout will cause your body to start producing endorphins, something that’s actually common in a lot of forms of exercise.

That’s why you might have heard of people who get addicted to working out. Those endorphins will make you feel much calmer and generally happier after your workout.

If you don’t get enough sleep because you struggle to drift off at bed time, you might be surprised to hear you’ll also find it easier to fall asleep at night.

That’s because regular pole fitness classes are an intense exercise that will make sure you always get a good nights sleep.

You’ll need it after all the energy you use and your body will be thankful for it!

Increased Blood Flow

This one is really important especially if you have a job where you are sat at a desk all day.

If you spend a lot of time sitting down you can develop poor circulation, this means that your vital organs won’t be getting all the nutrients that they require to function properly.

You’re legs, feet, hands and arms will also be lacking the correct amount of blood which can cause a lot of problems and some of them can be very severe or even life threatening.

Worry no more though because pole fitness is a great exercise for increasing blood flow, which naturally means it contributes to a healthy heart & brain as well!

Improved Stamina

How’s your endurance? Are you the person that can run for miles or the one who gives up when it starts to ache a little bit?

The more advanced pole dancers can often make things look very easy but some of it is actually very challenging.

As fun as they are, the moves you achieve will really work all of your muscles hard. This in turn helps you to improve your strength and endurance.

What happens at the end of a long run? You stop. After a workout in the gym? You stop. What immediate results do you see?

The answer is none. Not straight away anyway, but that’s where pole fitness is different.

Pole fitness gives you real success the instant you complete a move, and there’s always another one to learn.

You’ll always want to keep going to reach your goals in pole fitness, remember that euphoria I was talking about earlier?

Well it’s an addictive feeling, and that’s why nailing your next pole fitness trick is always going to drive your endurance and stamina further, onwards and upwards!

Quite literally upwards 😀

Another plus side of that is that some of the most challenging skills can be the most rewarding and exciting to achieve!

#14) It Doesn’t Have To Be Sexy

I completely understand that most people just want a good workout and they aren’t aiming to look sexy in the process. That’s absolutely fine, you don’t have to be.

A lot of people start off purely for exercise with very little dance or floorwork involved. Just be warned that sexy can be a long term side affect of pole fitness 😉

There’s many different styles of pole fitness around, some people might focus on the more flexible and bendy moves while others focus on pure strength.

Then there’s those that will perform theatrical styles of dance or get a little bit cheeky and twerk it!

Some will combine a few or all of these different styles and incorporate other forms of dance such as bellydance for example.

So either turn on your inner sexy and grab those 8 inch heels or activate beast mode and practice barefoot!

Here’s a great piece of advice for beginners from the pole world’s very own rockstar Cleo The Hurricane; “Don’t be afraid of heels.. They make it so much more fun and make your legs look way longer!”

No matter what your preferred style, no one in the pole fitness community will discriminate so don’t be afraid to let your creativity show.

#15) You Can Mix Business With Pleasure

When you start to get really good at pole fitness it will almost certainly become one of your biggest passions in life, and what better way to make money than with your passion.

No, that doesn’t necessarily revolve around bars or nightclubs but hey if that’s what you enjoy then go for it!

There’s a bunch of other ways you can turn your passion into a great business idea.

You could get fitness instructor training and open up your own pole studio to teach other people pole fitness or go into a line of business that compliments it.

I’ve seen some amazing things around so your imagination is the limit.

Pole clothing, pole shoes, pole art and designs are cropping up left right and center, so if you have an idea you should run with it.

There’s also of course many people calling for pole fitness to become an Olympic sport and if that were to happen competing athletes could earn money that way too!

#16) It Doesn’t Hurt To Keep A Naughty Secret

Depending on your outlook and that of your friends, family and colleagues you may or may not want to tell people about your awesome new hobby.

But that’s the beauty of it, you don’t have to!

There’s a huge community of pole fitness enthusiasts out there ready to check out your latest moves, give you feedback and praise and generally keep you motivated if you want it.

Personally I’ve always been very open and passionate about my choice of exercise, so much so that it usually rubs right off onto the nearest people and they end up coming along to try it out.

Even my boss couldn’t resist at my old work place!

Shouting it from the rooftops is perhaps not for everybody but hey, it’s still a lot of fun to keep it a secret too.

Just make sure to let your pole buddies know if you get involved in charity events and things that might get media coverage if you don’t want to be seen!

#17) It Makes You Feel Fantastic!

Last but not least, if you’re feeling down in the dumps there’s no better way to brighten your day.

At pole fitness classes you’ll learn amazing tricks and spins and regularly do things that you never imagined your body could do.

Seriously though, there really is no feeling like the one you get from achieving a move you’ve been working on for a while.

It’s not until the very first time you achieve something that you thought was impossible that you will understand. This results in enormous physical and mental strength and you might just surprise yourself!

When you’re doing it for your own health, fitness and enjoyment you stop worrying about what anyone else thinks, in fact it’s very common to become totally addicted to it!

So What’s The Verdict?

I’m sure you’ll agree after reading those 17 awesome reasons to start pole fitness that there’s just no excuse to wait any longer!

The benefits of pole fitness go so much deeper than just developing physical attributes such as strength, flexibility and agility.

It will improve your mind, your confidence, your emotions, stress levels and more while introducing you to new friends too.

It’s growing fast and will soon be the number one workout choice for modern day men and women, in fact it might be already just that 75% of you haven’t told anyone.

You might be sat thinking to yourself ‘well sure! It worked for everyone else, but it can’t possibly work for me’.

All I can suggest here is; Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

If you’re itching to know more take a look at my next article that will teach you how to get started with pole fitness step by step!

To get yourself started you can simply Google “Pole fitness classes in ” to find your nearest class like so:

You can find them almost everywhere!

What reasons do you have for not starting pole fitness?

Have you already started? Let me know in the comments!

How Much Do You Really Know About Pole Dance Fitness?

An increasing number of people are learning that pole dancing is not “slutty” or an activity that just strippers do. However, there are still many misconceptions and prejudice surrounding pole dance fitness. This post will provide an unbiased explanation of what pole dance fitness is, the pros and cons of pole dance, and how many calories you can burn in one pole dance class.

What is Pole Dance Fitness?

Pole dance fitness is a type of performance art that involves dance and acrobatics centered around a pole. This exercise gives your body a full workout, including strength-based internal training and isometric muscle contractions. In other words, it requires a lot of strength. Even men are amazed at how difficult it is their first time trying pole dance fitness.

Although many people today associate this dance form with female strippers, it is an exercise that dates back 800 years to the traditional Indian sport mallakhamb, which was performed on a wooden pole… usually by men. If you watch a few videos of mallakhamb, you’ll see that it’s not that different from modern-day pole dance.

Pole dance fitness provides a myriad of benefits ranging from physical to mental. Many women feel more confident through challenging themselves with pole dance and love the great body that comes with it.

Benefits Of Pole Dancing Include:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased confidence
  • Better mental health
  • Greater flexibility
  • Stronger muscles
  • Proper posture
  • Gives you a challenge
  • Stress relief
  • Strengthened bones and joints
  • Better heart health and blood flow
  • Greater balance and mobility
  • Regular pole dance practice makes childbirth easier

How Many Calories Does Pole Dance Fitness Burn?

In a one-hour pole dance class, you can burn approximately 250-350 calories. According to Angela Edwards, owner of PoleLaTeaz, women who are 40-50 pounds overweight usually lose the weight in 6-8 weeks with pole dance fitness.

Women are encouraged to wear stilettos during their pole dance sessions because it challenges the body. You’ll get more out of the workout in heels. However, if you are unable to wear stilettos, ballet shoes or bare feet are perfectly acceptable.

Pros Of Pole Dance Fitness

  • A sense of accomplishment when you master a difficult move.
  • Become more comfortable in your own skin.
  • Embrace your sexy side.
  • Stay in shape while having fun.
  • Become physically stronger.
  • Overcoming challenges and learning difficult moves gives you more confidence in other areas of your life.
  • Relieves stress.

Cons Of Pole Dance Fitness

  • You will probably get a few bruises, scrapes, and burns while learning.
  • A risk of injury like falling on your head.
  • It will feel uncomfortable at first to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • You will likely feel dizzy in the beginning until your balance and coordination improve.

Inspirational Pole Fitness Instagram Accounts

Following pole fitness Instagram accounts can inspire you and encourage you to keep going as you learn pole dancing. It will also help you develop a deeper appreciation of this performance art. Some of these Instagram users provide helpful pole dance tips with their posts too.

@maggie_falling: Maggie Ann is a pole dancer who won Most Athletic in the USA’s National Aerial Pole Art in 2014 and was the level 4 champion in the 2014 Atlantic Pole Championships. Her Instagram account consists mostly of videos, which you can use to get ideas for your own routines.

@anastasiaskukhtorova: Anastasia Skukhtorova is a professional pole dancer from Russia, who won the Pole World News Picture Perfect Award (2014). You will find helpful pole dance tips and inspirational images on her Instagram. An example of a tip she included with a picture is to train with stretch bands because it opens your hips more.

@greshilovevgeny: Men who are looking for pole dance inspiration should follow Greshilov Evgeny. He won the World Pole Sport Championship in 2012 and Best Male of the Pole Art 2013 Championships.

Pole dance fitness is a reputable form of exercise just like lifting weights, running, and dancing. Many people who try pole dancing say that it’s much more difficult than they expected and thus develop respect for professional pole dancers.

Photo Credit:

Hey newbie poler bear, If you are here on this page then you are probably a beginner who wants to get into pole dancing and the good news is that you are in the right place to learn what to expect as a brand new pole dancer

Here are a few of the awesome benefits from being a pole dancer

  • Health and fitness and become a stronger version of you
  • A fun way to lose weight
  • New artistic avenues in dance
  • Enter into competitions
  • Show off
  • Express yourself through sensual dance
  • Make new friends

What do I expect in beginner pole dancing

Table of Contents

Pole dance is a high-intensity workout which involves a dance pole, either a static or spinning, and requires the user of the pole to perform moves that include all muscle areas of the body which makes it a high-intensity exercise that works your whole body.

No muscle groups are spared and it can be a hard learning curve if you don’t have strong arms and core to begin with. However, as you learn the basics and develop that much-needed strength to do more exotic moves like “the Chopper” where you are using your arms, shoulders, and core to pull yourself up on the pole in an inversion like position.

In terms of the basics and fundamentals moves, you will start with pole sits and climbs, these moves are relatively easy but require the use of your arms, legs and core muscles to help propel yourself up on the pole which will be one of the key fundamentals moves you will use the most as you progress.

Types of Pole Classes

There are a few different kinds of pole dance classes and its important to know which class is right for you:

Fitness Pole – Some classes focus on fitness and exercise with the use of the pole, similar to CrossFit, Zumba where complicated pole moves are not likely taught and the focus is primarily on cardio and muscles.

Dance – A pole class that is more geared towards dance which may include contemporary dance which uses many pole and non-pole elements.

Exotic – A sexier form of dance where you will learn seductive moves that are commonly seen in strip clubs, you won’t learn many complex moves in classes like these.

Normal Pole dance class – You will learn beginner to advanced moves and you will level up in the classes as you get more experienced in landing those amazing pole elements.

Pain for beginners

After your first initial introductory pole dance classes, you are going to find that you have been through I high-intensity workout just by doing simple moves like trying to climb up the pole and a simple pole sit.

You will have:

  • Sore arms, legs and stomach muscles and more
  • Pole burn – when you are climbing on the pole and the skin is making contact with the pole are causing friction which leaves a reddish mark. More info

This kind of pain is expected in this sport and there is no easy way out of it, as the common saying goes, “no pain no gain” but rest assured, as you practice more and your pole teacher guides you, you will see progress fast and the pain will no longer a problem after your 4th – 5th class.

The Effect of Group Pole Classes

If you’ve had the thought that you will be starting in a pole class with intermediates then that’s simply not true, every good pole studio will put you at the beginner level class where you will be on the same page as your other classmates.

If you are in a group pole dance class then you are going to find that you will be pushing yourself harder and you will probably surprise yourself as most people do.

That said, typical pole dance is generally a fun and exciting place to be in where the camaraderie will push you to a whole new level.

If you’ve joined a gym in the past and you worked out alone, then you may know how hard it can be to stay motivated and get to that next level of building your fitness level and losing weight, this can be why most people fail on their fitness journey.

With pole class, you have that support of the teacher and the students, and if you make that commitment to go every week then you will see results faster than you’ve seen working out by yourself.

Teachers and Students

Your teacher should be seen as a mentor and they want to help you to succeed and enjoy yourself, they will show you exactly how you should and shouldn’t do things. Its important that you listen to them and ask questions when you need to, but often if you are seen struggling they will assist you, this is a completely normal thing.

There are also teachers who are not so good at teaching, if you ever find yourself in a class that appears that your teacher doesn’t care, then its probably recommended to find another pole studio or pole class or even try online pole classes.

Its important to know that not all teachers are equal and some just want to show off to their students – which shouldn’t be allowed under any circumstance as it may encourage impressionable polers like yourself to try moves that are too advanced for beginner pole dancers and can lead to serious injury.

What to wear

This is the number one question we get from all beginners, many people think they should come to class with a skimpy bikini outfit which is simply not true.

Pole dancing requires that the skin of your arms, legs, and stomach will be in contact with the post to allow you to properly grip the pole.

Its recommended to wear:

  • Sports bra – With or without a tank top
  • Sports bottoms – regular underpants will not suffice and will cause unsightly and embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Consider Brazil booty bottoms or sports underwear for the best support. The studio should inform you about how you should be dressed.
  • Shoes are generally not required depending on the class (You may need some pole dance heels)
  • Bring your own knee pads as they will be coming in handy for exercises and floorwork.
  • Quality wrist supports for your wrists – Most new poler bears have problems with grip and weak wrists as they learn new pole tricks and spins. We recommend Sneakydeez the best wrist support solution.

It is not recommended to wear long sleeves, pants or skirt as this will hinder your abilities on the pole.
If you are still unsure of what to wear then contact your local studio and find out what they recommend. More info on what to wear

Learn Pole From Home

Learning pole dance from home can be the most beneficial thing for your health, fitness, and progression. If you are interested n buying yourself a pole for home then here are the top 3 entry-level poles. Learn more about the different pole types here.

LUPIT POLE Dance Pole for Home…

  • Removable, multi-piece spin/static…
  • Super easy one person and no-drill…
  • Made in collaboration with top…

$349.99 See the list of stores here #ad – As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases and helps support my work in providing free and unbiased content + Reviews. Thanks for your supportX-Dance Portable Fitness…

  • Adjustable height ranges from 88…
  • Two dance pole functions in one -…
  • Durable sturdy dance pole made of…

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  • Adjusts from 7’4″ to 9.5′ ceiling…
  • Chrome finish pole
  • Designed for most maneuvers when…

$116.99 See the list of stores here #ad – As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases and helps support my work in providing free and unbiased content + Reviews. Thanks for your support


If you are hesitant on signing up for a pole class and you rather learn from home because you feel insecure about your body or you feel you are not strong enough, then these feelings are completely normal, but you will meet people in your class that are in the same boat as you and this is where friendships develop and your journey to feeling better about yourself begins. Why not try it and see how it goes

Comment below how your first beginner pole dance class was and how your expectations changed.

Summary Article Name What to Expect with Pole Dancing for Beginners Description If you are a beginner in pole dance and you are not sure where to start then find out what you should do to start learning the art of pole Author Masha Publisher Name basicinvert78 Publisher Logo

9 Pole-Inspired Moves That Are Everything You Never Knew You Needed in Life

If you’re sick of workouts feeling like work, it’s time to try something new and fun. Something you’ve never considered before. Something to get you outside your comfort zone. Something like pole dancing.

Stick with us. Pole is no longer an activity reserved for seedy clubs full of ogling men; it’s actually grown into a legit dance fitness program. Don’t worry; you won’t be hanging upside down from the pole with your legs spread (at least at first). Full of acrobatic and dance-inspired moves, the classes focus on strength (especially upper body) and flexibility. And thanks to aficionados like pole dancing instructor and certified personal trainer Roz “the Diva” Mays, pole is out of the shadows and popping up in fitness studios all over the country.

Pole got me to do all the pain-in-the-ass gym stuff that I now love.

Even Mays was unsure her first time. “I was intimidated by pole, but it was so damn fun,” she says. “It’s kind of like medicine mixed with applesauce, so it doesn’t taste like medicine but you still get all the goodness out of the medicine. Pole got me to do all the pain-in-the-ass gym stuff that I now love.”

We asked Mays to show us the best pole-inspired moves that’ll help you build strength and confidence—no pole required!

Not only did she deliver (see: twerk), but she welcomed us into her living room (complete with a pole) to demo the moves.

How to use this list:

Perform each move below for 60 seconds. To create your own workout, choose 5 to 7 of your favorites, perform each for 60 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, and complete 3 to 5 sets. Or try Mays’s short but highly effective core workout at the end of this article.

Quick Grab

Grab a towel. Resist urge to playfully twirl and snap S.O./friend/pet with towel. Tie knot. Slightly bend knees, keep hips forward, and hold towel in front of you with one hand at chest height. Release grip then catch with opposite hand. This will warm up your hand muscles and build grip strength to grab and hang onto the pole. “Do this until you hate yourself,” Mays says. (Or for 60 seconds.)Make it harder: Remove knot from the towel. The smaller the object you have to grip, the harder it is.

Slow Raise

Stand with feet hip width, slight bend in knees, arms at side. Lift arms straight in front of you to shoulder height. Open to a T. Return arms to front then raise them straight overhead. Keep shoulders down away from ears. Circle arms back down to a T at shoulder height then repeat the sequence in reverse direction. Go twice as slow as you think you should to make sure your form is correct.Make it harder: Add 2- to 5-pound weights.


Stand with feet hip-width apart. With a slight bend in knees, use lower back and lower abs to roll hips back and forth repeatedly. “Get the spatula under the pancake and flip the pancake,” Mays says. “Throw that booty meat away from you.” Pro tip: Don’t think too hard about this move because, as Mays points out, “This is some dumb sh*t.” But if you do it correctly, your quads will be shot and “you’ll only be able to twerk for a chorus because the lactic acid will seep into your heart.”

Superwoman Roll

Lie facedown on mat. Engage back to lift “nipples and knees” (or chest and legs) off mat. Hold for 1 count. Keeping arms and legs lifted, roll to the right onto back and engage abs to pause. Reverse roll and repeat. (Mays admits she stole this move from a 10-year-old gymnast on YouTube.)

Spelling Bee

Lie faceup on mat, legs together, core engaged so lower back is flat against mat. Rest arms overhead on mat. Lift feet straight up to the ceiling. Keeping upper body still, use both feet to trace letters in the air to spell a word. Mays’s favorite word to spell? Penis. “Because people don’t even realize what we spell. They’re just like, ‘We spelled a word? I thought we died.’” Make it harder: Make letters bigger and bring them closer to the floor. If you make the movement bigger, stabilizing your core and upper body will be more challenging.

Rock and Hold

Sit with knees bent, feet flat on mat. Using abs, lift feet to balance on tailbone, arms out straight. Keep spine long without arching back or slumping the shoulders. Lean back and roll down until lower back lifts off floor. Engage abs to reverse momentum and rock back up to starting position. Hold for 1 count then repeat. Make it harder: Keep legs straight to further engage lower abs.


Lie faceup on mat, knees bent, feet flat on floor, arms extended overhead. Exhale. Engage abs to slowly curl head and shoulders off the mat. Pull rib cage together and continue curling up until back is lifted off mat and spine is straight. Hold this position briefly then slowly lower back down.Make it easier: If hip flexors are tight, keep legs stretched out straight on floor and lower back by pressing it into mat.


Lie faceup on mat with arms extended out to form a T. Lift legs straight up toward ceiling. Keep shoulders glued to mat and twist from waist to swing legs to right side. Use obliques to pull legs back up and swing to opposite side. Repeat.

Elevated Push-Up

Find a sturdy surface like a windowsill or desk. Place hands on surface shoulder-width apart with shoulders directly over wrists. Walk feet back about 3 feet from surface. Bend elbows to lower chest halfway down then push back up. Make it harder: Lower chest all the way down to surface then push back up. Once you build your strength here, you can take it to the floor for a classic push-up.

Ready to strut? Find a pole class near you (Crunch locations offer XPOLE classes nationwide) then use this list to work on strength between sessions. “People think they have to master all the exercises before they can even try it, but pole is what gave me the strength to do all these exercises,” Mays says. You don’t need to go full-stripper mode for a class but wear some skin-bearing clothes—you need your skin to come in contact with the pole for grip.

Special thanks to Roz Mays who modeled these moves and provided the workout. Mays wears a Target C9 Champion top and her own Adidas shorts. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook, or read more about her in 34 Under 34: Rising Stars in Health.

Save Save Save Save Save Save

I Tried It: Pole Dancing (as Exercise!)

Back when I was a newbie to Groupon and read every offer in my inbox, I sprung for a deal for two introductory pole-dancing classes. (OK, full disclosure: This might not have been a totally random purchase; I’ve been curious about this “sexy exercise” since reading about it earlier this year.)

Determined not to let this one go the way of my bowling Groupon (did my friends and I really plan to waste a full summer weekend afternoon in a dim bowling alley?), I crammed in my two sessions last week at NYPole. By the time I landed my first spin, I knew I’d be signing up for more.

My goal going into the first hour-long class was ambitious. I wanted to feel like I was actually doing something that remotely resembled the stuff I’d seen in pole fitness competitions on TV, or the stuff that might appear if—fingers crossed—a new reality show about pole-dancing suburbanites called House Cats gets picked up by network TV.

Before class, I considered trying on a pair of 7-inch heels or picking up some beeswax-based pole grip (both for sale in the seating area) but decided just to leaf through the latest copy of Pole2Pole magazine for inspiration. The regular 2-inch heels I brought from home would have to do.

Finally we got started, innocently enough. The teacher, Tracy, led us through a good 10 minutes of stretches, plus plank and downward dog poses, until we could no longer ignore the six poles lining the narrow studio. There were 10 of us in class—from stick skinny to heavy, teenaged to middle-aged (and possibly hoping to make it on House Cats season 2). All were beginners like me. We split into two groups, and each tentatively took a pole.

Tracy ran us through some basics. My favorite tip was to treat the pole like your dance partner—pull it, push it, use it for resistance.

With that, we learned a routine consisting of a head roll-twirl-grind-drop-spin sequence, all while strutting around our partners. My crowning moment was managing to hang from the pole and spin around it with neither foot touching the ground. The music was groovy and grindy and helped set the mood. Every time it was my group’s turn, I hoped the playlist would land on Eminen.

Fun as all this was, I’ll admit that it did little to raise my heart rate or work up a sweat. That is, until Tracy announced that the finishing move of our routine would be to climb—caterpillar-style—to the top of the pole. My feet started to sweat. I never could climb to the top of the rope in gym class. I could still get up only with boosts from Tracy, but it was exhilarating.

My new goal is to make it to the top solo. I hope I can do it in the next five classes because that is how many I signed up for. Tracy promised after just a few sessions we would all be climbing like Spider-Man.

I can see pole classes joining my exercise schedule, along with ballet, yoga, Zumba, and masala bhangra, especially if all that hanging and climbing keeps making me feel sore in muscles of my shoulders and chest I didn’t know were there. Despite my soreness, when I got inside a subway car to go home, I had the urge to walk up to a pole and take a partner by the hand.

Best Pole Dancing DVDs


This post was last updated on September 8th, 2019

So, you want to start learning pole dancing at home with a DVD! Learning with pole dancing DVDs is ideal if you don’t have anywhere local offering pole fitness lessons. Or, you may lack the confidence to attend lessons and would prefer to learn in a more private environment.

Learning anything at home is the best way to learn at your own pace, without any pressure from others. If you have a busy lifestyle, then it can be difficult to find the time to commit to attending classes. By choosing to learn at home with a DVD, you can do so in your own time. You can take as long as you need to practice and review moves. If you’re in a class, you may not have enough time to spend practising a particular move or feel under pressure to progress at the same rate as everyone else. By learning at home, you control what you do during a practice session.

Pole dancing DVDs are much less expensive than private lessons, especially when you consider how much you learn for the price. Pole fitness lessons may cost $25+ for each lesson, and you should attend for continuous weeks to feel the benefit. In The Art Of Pole DVD, for example, you learn well over 50 tricks for around $120, whereas a $120 spent at a pole class would teach you much fewer moves. It’s extremely good value to purchase online lessons too.

This article is a list of the best pole dancing DVDs for sale at the moment. It goes without saying that you’ll need your own dance pole at home in order to follow the DVDs, but there are a few DVDs on this list that have conditioning moves that you can do without a pole.

So, let’s get started…

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The Art Of Pole by Jamilla Deville

This was one of the very first Pole Dancing DVDs I ever owned, and it’s absolutely incredible, guys, and I still refer to it very often. This DVD set contains five DVDs, each one getting more difficult. There is even a beautiful routine at the end of each DVD featuring all of the moves covered.

These really are excellent instructional videos by a world-famous pole dancer, Jamilla Deville, and there are some warm-up and cooldown routines too. This even includes a series of imaginative routines performed beautifully by Jamilla wearing some beautiful costumes for inspiration.

Get your copy here on Amazon

Felix Cane Pole Dance Mastery

Now, this is the DVD for when it’s time to really step-up your pole fitness game! Felix Cane is a world champion pole dancer. Her name is synonymous with moves such as the ‘Spatchcock’ and anything that involves advanced flexibility training.

Advanced Pole Mastery does not disappoint in the respect. Felix is an excellent instructor, she explains everything very well and this DVD gives you the chance to see the tricks performed from different angles, allowing you to nail every trick taught by Felix.

Get your copy on Amazon

The Pole Fitness Series

This Pole Fitness Series DVD Set is a set of 3 separate DVDs. These are pole conditioning DVDs, with each one focusing on cardio, toning and flexibility. That means you don’t need your own personal dance pole to follow these DVDs. You can use the Pole Fitness Series to build your muscles, improve your flexibility and your general overall fitness.

This set of DVDs is suitable for all levels and will help build/maintain your overall fitness as well as condition your body for pole dancing. If you use this link below, you’ll get $10 off – how great is that?!

A Beginner’s Guide to Pole Dancing

This DVD is a great introduction to pole dancing for beginners. It is presented in such a way that it allows you to see the tricks performed at normal speed and in slow motion, to help you nail each move. The tricks are broken down for you , explained very well and there is space for you to pause the dvd in order to practice. This DVD will give you a great workout and it’s a lot of fun!

Get your copy on Amazon

BeSpun’s Leigh Ann Orsi’s Pole Dance (Beginner)

This is Leigh Ann Orsi’s (of BeSpun Studios) first instructional Pole Dance Workout DVD, which is aimed at beginners. Leigh Ann’s Pole Dance Workout takes you seamlessly through a warm-up, five beginner pole dance combinations, freestyle dance techniques, and flexibility training. This DVD focuses on basic footwork, elementary spins, and introductory sits.

Get this DVD from Amazon

BeSpun’s Leigh Ann Orsi’s Pole Dance (Intermediate)

Leigh Ann Orsi’s Intermediate Pole Dance Workout DVD takes you through a sexy warm up, five different pole dance/trick combinations, freestyle dancing technique, and flexibility training. This DVD features Leigh Ann’s extensive industry experience, you’ve probably seen some of her YouTube videos and she is incredible. Students will learn the correct technique for creating beautiful pole dancing tricks, seductive movement, and added confidence.

This DVD is for intermediate pole dancers. The type of tricks covered by Leigh Ann in this DVD include pole inverts, handstands, and leg holds. It covered routines which you can actually follow, step-by-step.

Get your copy on Amazon

BeSpun’s Leigh Ann Orsi’s Pole Dance (Advanced)

Leigh Ann Orsi’s third and final instructional Pole Dance Workout DVD in the series for advanced pole dancers. Like the other two DVDs for beginner and intermediate dancers, you get a warm-up, five different pole dance combinations, freestyle dance moves, and flexibility training. The Advanced DVD teaches more complex spins and a variety of expert tricks focusing on creative mounts and multiple combinations. The DVD is concluded with the renowned “extended butterfly”.

Get this DVD on Amazon

Pole Dance 101

Learn the basics. If you are a total newbie to pole fitness, this DVD is perfect for you. Pole Dance 101 covers general topics such as pole installation before starting your workout, including appropriate clothing and how to use grip aids. You will also be guided through a proper warm-up session, simple floorwork exercises, and a fun follow-along pole dance routine that incorporates basic spins and dance moves. This DVD also includes strength training/conditioning exercises and a final cool down session.

Get started as a pole dancer with this fun, challenging and sensual new workout at home!

Get this DVD directly from X Pole

Alethea Austin’s Sexy Fundamentals & Floorwork DVD Box Set

Alethea Austin is widely recognized as one of the top Pole Dance instructors and elite competition performers around the world. Her style very much consists of slow, controlled and flexible body waves and beautiful lines. Alethea previously won the title of US Pole Dance Federation Champion in the year 2010, as well as Miss Sexy in 2009. She is also a renowned instructor, having taught pole fitness and flexibility workshops all around the globe.

This box set consists of 2 separate DVDs; Sexy fundamentals and Floorwork, each DVD is about 1 hour long. ‘Sexy Fundamentals starts by teaching you how to walk around the pole in heels, what to do with your arms and the basics of sexy movement. You will learn kicks and poses to help your flexibility, this workout will make sure you master the basics of flow in Pole Dance within the comfort of your own home.

The instructional Floorwork DVD will teach you tricks and transitions performed on the floor, designed to help both beginner and advanced dancers develop raw flow in their movement. Whatever your style of pole dance, this Floorwork program will help you gain core strength, flexibility and controlled flow. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Get this DVD Box Set directly from X POLE

Consider Online Pole Fitness Lessons

Another great way to learn pole dancing at home is with Online Pole Fitness Lessons.

There are some extremely high-quality online pole dancing lessons available right now, where the amazing instructors go over each move in great detail, talk you through the technique and points of contact, explain common problems with different tricks, and provide you with continuous motivation.

Like with DVDs, you can complete these lessons on your own time and at your own pace. Learning pole dancing online does also lack real-time instruction and advice. You may not realize that your technique may be completely wrong, but there’s no one there to correct you. Repeatedly performing a move incorrectly can also lead to injuries and muscle strain over time, so try to seek advice from a professional instructor where ever possible and don’t attempt anything that doesn’t feel right.

Here are some online pole fitness lessons available at the moment:

Open Dance Academy has over 450 online lessons, by some world class pole dancing champions, such as Evgeny Greshilov, Yvonne Smink, Jamilla Deville, Maddie Sparkle and more!

They currently offer:

  • Access to more than 450 high-quality video lessons with the lifetime access option ($350)
  • Excellent value for money when compared to the price of local pole dancing classes
  • Suitable for beginner, intermediate, advanced & expert pole dancers
  • Their website works on mobiles, tablets and laptops
  • A stress-free training environment that you can do in your own time. No driving, parking or stress.

Use the code polefitfreedom to get 10% off ALL Pole Dancing Lessons with Open Dance Academy. This is an exclusive offer for readers of this blog!

This course has over 130 online lessons, it’s currently on sale at just $47 and that includes lifetime access to all lessons, so check it out it now before the price goes up again!

Find out more here

X Pole themselves have also launched their own online pole fitness portal, which includes The Art Of Pole by Jamilla Deville DVD but available as online videos.

Find out more about X Pole TV here

Happy poling!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, at no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you buy a product using one of the links on this page. Read our full disclosure here.



Pole Motion: New pole fitness workout DVD

Stuck in a gym rut? New year fitness regime not working? Then spin your way into shape for summer with a new workout that’s much more fun and works the whole body.

Pole Motion is a dynamic new fitness DVD, showing you the benefits of pole dancing and the versatility of the pole as a piece of fitness equipment, enabling you to improve your fitness whilst learning an artistic new skill. Featuring some of the best club tracks from Cr2 Records, Pole Motion is a fun workout for the whole body.

Pole dancing has fast become one of the hottest fitness trends – it works the whole body, improving muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, posture as well as upper body and core strength. Owning a pole at home has never been easier or more affordable in comparison to other home exercise equipment such as rowing machines and treadmills.

In Britain’s first pole dancing survey 98% said they improved their upper body strength as a result of pole dancing and 90% said they felt more confident, so if you’re stuck in a rut with your regular gym routine, trying a pole fitness workout could be the answer.

Featuring top pole instructor Justine McLucas from Ecole de Pole, the Pole Motion workout features: 3 easy to follow lessons with over 20 beginner’s moves, 4 routines, 3 tone up sessions to strengthen and tone muscles, a warm up routine and stretch out session as well as special bonus features.

Get in motion and see how pole fitness can improve your muscle tone, strength and flexibility in a fun workout for everyone.

The Pole Motion website will also be a one stop shop for everything you need to get started in pole fitness selling poles, clothing, mats and more.

Contact [email protected] for more information, review copies, interviews with Justine McLucas and Pole Motion founder, pack shot, press photos and finished copies for competitions.

Release Info:
Pole Motion – Pole Fitness Volume 1
Release Date: 9th May 2011 (tbc)
Recommended Retail Price: £19.99

There will also also be a digital music download to accompany the DVD release in collaboration with Cr2 Records, which will feature tracks used in the DVD, video clips, bonus tracks and mixes. A mobile app will follow.

Launch Event:
The Pole Motion launch event will take place on Wednesday 6th April 2011 in London. Click here to view and download the invite

Justine will be also available throughout the day for interviews and demonstrations.

Special taster sessions with Justine are available for journalists interested in trying some of the moves from the DVD. Sessions will feature a mini warm up, 4 pole moves, 2 pole strength moves and 2 pole stretches. Sessions can be done in bare feet and trousers. Taster sessions are limited and time slots for tasters need to be booked in advance. Please email [email protected] to book your place.

There will be healthy refreshments and a be goody bag for attendees while stocks last.

– ENDS –

Notes to Editors:
The Survey results are from Britain’s first pole dancing survey, which was put together by Pole Motion and X Pole International. Running from February to 31st March 2011, the survey aimed to find out the main reasons people pole dance, the fitness benefits people have experienced, how many people have lessons or own a pole at home. The survey received over 700 responses and was conducted online using survey monkey and direct at exhibitions such as the Clothes Show Live.

Contact Name: Nikki Wright-McNeill Role: Director Company: Global Publicity Contact Email: Company Website: More Details:

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Happy Monday peeps. How was your weekend? Mine was fabulous. But I’m actually not here to catch up and chat. I’m here to give away 2 awesome workout DVDs to someone who likes to have a bit of fun while getting toned, losing inches and getting stronger.

Do you find it easier to work out in your own living room than going to the gym? Don’t like going to crowded gyms? Finding it hard to find time to exercise? How about you just do it at home, whenever you have time for how ever long you have? Cos something is better than nothing, right?

Well, today I am giving away 2 workout DVDs to one lucky person. The workouts are based around Pole Dancing (sounds a little daunting doesn’t it? It’s not, it’s just a lot of fun), but you actually don’t need a pole for one of the DVDs. If you do happen to have a pole, the second DVD will come in handy too. You can have a sneak peak at the workouts here and here.

Australia’s 2012 Pole Dance Champion and international Pole Fitness Instructor Cleo ‘The Hurricane’ is revolutionising fitness & flexibility with a soundtrack that rocks and an attitude and skill to eclipse your existing fitness regime.

Rockin’ Legs n’ Abs is a unique and challenging 1 hour program designed to help improve your flexibility whilst strengthening and toning your legs, abdominals and glutes, creating a strong, powerful and lean body. Cleo’s Rock N’ Pole is a fun and high energy workout combining strength, flexibility and cardio training designed for you to do at home.

All you need to do to win both DVDs is to share your favourite blog post from on your Facebook page, like my Facebook page and leave a comment below that it’s done. If you win, I will contact you for your postal address. Too easy.

This is actually a fun workout. And it gets you off the couch and you may even feel sexy afterwards. It’s a win-win. And can I just say; you don’t need to wear whatever they are wearing for your workout… I sure didn’t!

Good luck! Winner will be drawn Monday 25th August 2014.

Awesome Ashild, xoxo

Picture from

Pole fitness for beginners

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