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Every man needs a puffer the can rely on. One for icy walks around the park, the early morning commute or just the short walk down the pub to see life-long friends. For their new-season assortment, Ralph Lauren has considered your usual daily activities and used their expert tailoring knowledge to create a layer that’ll keep you warm for all of that, and more. Insulation in one easy, lightweight layer.

Filled with 650-fill down power, something equivalent to the insulating properties of a sleeping bag, there’s enough warmth here that you’ll be free just to wear work shirts or your favourite tee underneath. But there’s more protection to this piece than just the filling: its outer shell also acts as a wind-blocking, water-repellent surface to stop any inner layers becoming damp and chilly from the rain.

Lightweight and still highly breathable, you’ll find two front waist zip pockets, one left chest zip pocket and one interior left chest pocket keeping your outdoor essentials closeby. Certainly enough storage for all your weekend necessities.

Polo haven’t forgotten about the obvious stuff either. If you hadn’t noticed already, the zip fastens up all the way to create a mock neck fit; protection that has an instantly warm vibe about it. Even if you’re worried about a sudden downpour, the detachable hood has you covered.

And because no one likes a high maintenance jacket that requires specific washing or intricate caring routine, this comes as machine washable one, drying fast and maintaining its fullness.

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Josh Peskowitz, owner of Magasin:
I just think that particular moment in Ralph Lauren’s history was big for the brand. I would say that any man who is into clothes or hip-hop knows that Ralph Lauren was a big part of the consciousness back then. It was such a departure from anything else that had been done, that and Stadium. It was similar to when RRL came out: It was Ralph, but it was just a different kind of vibe from him. And of course once you can’t have something, that’s when everyone wants it. So the fact that it was such a limited run meant it became more popular after it was already out of stores.

At that time, Ralph was everywhere, it was in your face. If you got on the train back in the day and saw someone who had all the Polo pieces on, the boonie hat, the Snow Beach vest, it would make you wanna know who they were. You’d think he were a famous writer, or a Brooklyn stick-up kid. The rich kids who owned that shit wouldn’t leave the neighborhood. One way Ralph did help usher in streetwear is because he never acknowledged us—young, urban kids of color. It made us have to make our own shit. The people who were starting brands back then were self-aware enough to say basically, Fuck this, we’re going to do our own thing.

Polo Ralph Lauren “Snow Beach” pullover, $395, hooded rugby shirt, $265, available January 25 at Ralph Lauren.

Raekwon’s Parka

Bloody Osiris, stylist:
I’m not from that era, but I grew up on Wu-Tang. First time I saw Raekwon in that jacket in the video, it made me want it. When I found it online, it was like $2,000, and I wasn’t paying that kind of money for clothes back then. Now I’d do it if I found it.

To me, that jacket wasn’t a thing until Raekwon wore it. Once he wore that in the video, that solidified it as a coveted piece. At that point, people got fucked up by Lo Lifes for wearing it, and got it stolen off their backs on the A train. You couldn’t just be a regular cat wearing that jacket. You became a target. Ever since then, it’s always been a coveted, sought-after piece.

I was 14 years old and definitely already wearing Polo, but I wasn’t in the Polo store all the time like that. I was 14, I didn’t have any money. I saw Raekwon wearing the jacket in the “Can It All Be So Simple” video and was just like, “Whoa.” At the time, Polo Sport was everything. I actually got into the clothing business by working at the store so I could buy Polo Sport sweatpants. I literally got into fashion because of that. So even though I didn’t own any of the Snow Beach pieces, it definitely was a big part of the consciousness.

When I bought that jacket, I just wanted it ’cause it was colorful. I wanted to be comfortable and colorful, and to let people know this is how we dress over here. And it definitely is an honor to be considered the one who made that jacket blow up. It’s cool and I love my fans that much, and if they’re looking at what I’m wearing and thinking it’s something iconic or something I brought to the table, it’s a blessing. I started from Ramen, and we took things to the next level, so it’s a beautiful thing.

The Re-Release

I think one of the reasons people have always been able to buy Ralph Lauren pieces and make them their own is that it is such a big brand, so pieces can be interpreted in different ways. But never looking back was always part of the mystique of Ralph Lauren. You just have to look at it like a generational thing. The brand is based on Ralph’s own unique take on the world, but if you look at people from their mid-40s to mid-20s, who are making decisions in the creative world now, not even just fashion. So it’s only natural that the things these people felt passionate about at a young age would come back around. It’s also a cultural thing. We live in an era of retro clothes. And the fashion industry is in flux, so brands are looking to find new things that work. Right now, the brands that are jumping off are informed by moments around that time .

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