Congratulations – you’re having a baby! Our handy first-trimester shopping checklist will help you figure out what to buy during these early weeks. And don’t forget to move on to our second-trimester and third-trimester shopping checklists when it’s time.


Pregnancy books

Now’s the time to start your pregnancy and parenting library! Start with basics and classics, like The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy, by Vicki Iovine, The Pregnancy Book: Month-by-Month, and Everything You Need to Know From America’s Baby Experts, by William and Martha Sears.

New pants or a waistband extender

Your belly may not be visibly rounder yet, but your pants may not be fitting as well, even just a few weeks in. A new pair of pants with a bit of Lycra stretch might round out your wardrobe perfectly.

If you don’t want to start buying new clothes just yet, try a waistband extender such as the Belly Belt or Bella Band. Keeping comfy is your new mission, and it’s more important than you may think: Some women report that a looser waistband helps with morning sickness. Check out our article on dressing for your trimester for more great tips.

Body pillow

Some pregnant women say their number one favorite purchase is their body pillow. Even this early, you may get uncomfortable easily, and a body pillow may help you get a better night’s sleep.

Tooth care

Your mouth may be drier, your gums more sensitive – and you’re more susceptible to gingivitis now. Preventing periodontal disease is vital for pregnant women, so buy yourself a nice new, soft-bristled toothbrush and some dental floss and use them every day to keep your mouth fresh and healthy. See more products to keep in your medicine cabinet during pregnancy.

A comfy cotton bra

Your breasts are probably feeling more tender now. And while you may not be ready for a maternity bra, a sports bra or comfortable cotton bra without underwire will give you gentle support and ease discomfort.

A good body lotion

Your skin may start feeling drier, especially on your belly as it grows and your skin stretches. Find a good all-over moisturizer that you can slather on now and throughout your pregnancy. To discover other products you might need, see our handy pregnancy medicine cabinet checklist.

Pregnancy journal

You’ve just begun an incredible journey. How are you feeling? What are you thinking? Jot down your emotions, thoughts, or questions in a pregnancy journal. It can help you feel connected to the little person growing inside you and will be a one-of-a-kind keepsake after your baby is born.

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Nine newborn essentials

  1. A crib, unless you plan to have a family bed. You’ll need to make a plan for baby to sleep somewhere. A bassinet cradle or three-sided crib (co-sleeper) can be a good option for the first few months if you prefer to start small. Most cribs do not come with mattresses, so you’ll need to put a fire-retardant mattress on the list. Be wary of hand-me-down or older cribs; make sure they meet current safety recommendations. The slats should not be more than 2 3/8 inches (6 centimeters) apart, for example.
  2. Linens, if you’re going to use a crib. You can use a waterproof mattress pad with crib sheets on top, or you can look for a waterproof pad (called a sheet saver) that fits on top of the fitted sheet. Whatever you choose, you’ll need one quilted mattress pad, a few waterproof pads, and at least two crib sheets and lightweight blankets. Babies don’t need pillows, crib bumpers, or fluffy comforters. These can even pose a danger of suffocation. The same goes for stuffed animals left in the bed.
  3. Diapers, whether cloth or disposable, plan on 70 to 90 diaper changes a week to start out, and then around 50 changes a week after six weeks. You’ll need some kind of pad for the baby to lie on while changing, moistened (alcohol free) diapering wipes or soft wash cloths, a pail or bucket to dispose of soiled diapers, and probably, diaper rash ointment or cream.
  4. Clothing. It’s a good idea to start with at least six “onesies” (undershirts that snap at the bottom), three to four infant gowns with a drawstring at the bottom, three receiving blankets large enough to swaddle the baby, a sweater and cap, and three to four pairs of socks or booties. Some parents like to buy several sleepers (stretch suits) that zip up the front.
  5. For bath time, you’ll need some kind of baby tub. For tiny babies, you can get tubs with a sponge insert or those that are sloped with a foam pad inside. You’ll also need a few terrycloth bath towels and washcloths, baby soap and/or tearless shampoo, brush and comb, and round-tip nail clippers or scissors.
  6. For feeding, you’ll need some burp cloths and bibs. Even if you’re breastfeeding, you will need bottles and nipples to use with milk that you pump. A bottle brush and dishwasher basket can be very useful for cleaning. If you are not breastfeeding, you’ll need formula and an accurate measuring cup.
  7. A rear-facing infant car seat rated up to 20 pounds. This can also serve as a baby carrier, and some models snap into a stroller so that you need not carry the car seat everywhere.
  8. Breastfeeding mothers usually appreciate having a breast pump to express milk when you have to be away from baby or if your breasts become engorged when baby isn’t ready to feed.
  9. Talk to your pediatrician about his or her recommendations for the medicine cabinet. A thermometer is usually necessary. There are many types available; ask your doctor which type he or she recommends for you. A bulb syringe to suction excess mucus from the nose and mouth is helpful, and you may get one at the hospital to take home. Your pediatrician can tell you what kinds of medications or ointments you may need in your baby’s medicine cabinet.

First Trimester Must Haves

Let’s go ahead and acknowledge Noah in the background before we jump into today’s post, LOL. He has been obsessed with opening & closing doors, which includes the doors in my office. It makes it super easy to get work done, ha! Also, this dress is non-maternity, but it’s perfect for pregnancy because it’s stretchy. It comes in a TON of colors, and is an essential for Spring. My light weight duster cardigan is one of my favorites, and it’s on sale right now for $35!

Okay, so I’ve been out of the first trimester for about a week now. It really flew by this time around! I’m so excited that I finally was able to share the news with you guys. It feels like I’ve been keeping a giant secret for a long time now! For me, the first trimester has been all about exhaustion, and a belly that was growing a lot quicker than the first time around! I thought it would be fun to share some of my first trimester must haves with you guys on the blog.

Belly Band- started showing a lot earlier this time around. I literally couldn’t button my jeans anymore at 9 weeks, making it hard to disguise the bump in outfit photos. The belly band really came in handy when it came to still wearing my favorite jeans. I didn’t use one during my first pregnancy, and I’m so happy I came across it this time around. It is a total first trimester must haves this time around. I like to still wear my non maternity jeans when possible!

Belly Cream– I didn’t start applying moisturizer or stretch mark cream until the second trimester the first time around, but I started around 10 weeks this time. Supposedly the earlier you start the better, and it’s important to apply a cream daily. I’ve been using Burts Bees Belly Butter this time around, because I actually had some leftover from last time. I used a few things during my last pregnancy, but I used this one a lot. I also used a homemade stretch mark cream that consisted of shea butter and coconut oil, and I used that a lot last time. Luckily I didn’t get any stretch marks with Noah. I have no idea how I didn’t, because I totally got stretch marks during puberty! If I come across another product that’s amazing I’ll make sure to let you know here on the blog later on.

Prenatal Vitamins– I spend quite a bit on prenatal vitamins, but I want the best when it comes to vitamins. I took the New Chapter Perfect Prenatal vitamins last time around, and loved them, so I’m taking them this time too. You do have to take them 3x daily, because they are made from food. These are hands down the best vitamins ever. Dylan even sneaks them sometimes, lol. I either pick them up at Whole Foods or if I’m thinking ahead I order them on Amazon to get a better deal.

Extra Sleep- I know this is pretty obvious, but I have to sneak in as much sleep as possible during the first trimester. I was so tired this time around. I would literally fall asleep every night on the couch before 9 pm. My biggest advice is going to bed as early as possible. When I wasn’t pregnant I would put Noah down for the night, and then open up my computer to work more. During my first trimester I had to cut out that work time, and basically hit the sheets about an hour after I put him down.

Loose-Fitting Tops– Since I wanted to keep my pregnancy a secret until I was out of the first trimester, I had to disguise the bump in loose-fitting tops often. I wore a lot of Free People & comfy brands from Nordstrom that fit loosely. I also was pretty good at positioning my body so the bump wasn’t showing in photos, ha! I wore this one all of the time & it’s currently still on sale, and comes in a ton of colors!

Boyfriend Jeans– Boyfriend jeans fit much baggier than skinny jeans, and I’ve been loving this pair. I posted them in this recent Instagram

Inexpensive Maternity Jeans– I actually have been wearing old pairs from last time around, but I’ve had this pair & this pair on my radar. I think it’s time to add them to my shopping cart, because I want a couple of new pairs for this time around. Plus, all of the ones from TopShop at Nordstrom seem to be around $70. I would love to splurge on a pair from Paige like these, but I haven’t decided on that just yet!

Good Water Bottle– Staying hydrated during pregnancy is so important. I was really sick with a sinus infection during the really early weeks in my pregnancy, and I got really dehydrated. When I was getting my blood drawn they noticed my blood was darker meaning I was really dehydrated. After that doctor apt I got online and ordered a fun water bottle that I could keep with me at all times. It’s been the best reminder to drink water constantly.

Chamomile or Ginger Tea– Long gone are the days of a glass of red wine in the evening, so I’ve been trying to de stress after a long day with a warm cup of Chamomile Tea. I actually look forward to it in the evening, and it’s super delicious with a little bit of honey. I also hear that Ginger Tea is great if you are experiencing nausea!

A Good Book- I read way too many super serious parenting & birth books the first time around, this time around I’m keeping it a bit more relaxed with Bringing Up Bebe. I’ve just started reading it, but I love it so far!

Any other first trimester must haves I missed? Leave a comment below!


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Now that I’m almost 15 weeks pregnant and can say peace out to the first trimester, I thought I’d share some pregnancy must haves, specifically for the first trimester.

I had no idea going into pregnancy what to expect, especially because no pregnancy is alike. So while some of these things didn’t make me feel 100% like my old, non-pregnant self, they helped make me feel a little less like death warmed over.

1. body pillow
I always assumed uncomfortable sleep was a result of having a big baby belly. Nope. I started having issues with uncomfortable sleep around 8-9 weeks. I’d toss and turn all night, waking up 6-7 times. But then Brad surprised me with this body pillow for my birthday in January. I slept like a baby the first few weeks after using the pillow. Now I’m starting to get hip and shoulder pain at night, but I blame that on our crappy mattress. Note: the pillow I have is ginormous and takes up at least half of our queen size bed. I told Brad he’ll just have to deal, and that he was the one who purchased the pillow so…

2. BPA free water bottleYou basically turn into a camel when you’re pregnant, well, at least I have. Pregnant folk are supposed to drink water. Lots of water. At least 64 ounces of water a day to be exact. I’ve used these water bottles for years and love them for staying hydrated. They’re 32 oz. bottles so I down two a day. Sometimes more than two.

3. prenatal vitamins and prenatal DHAGotta start poppin’ those pills. By pills, I mean prenatal vitamins and prenatal DHA. Personally, I’m taking these prenatal vitamins and prenatal DHA. But do your own research, talk to your doctor, do what’s best for you. Yada yada yada. Just make sure you’re taking some form of prenatal vitamin.

4. peppermint teaAround weeks 6-10 I had some crazy bloat and digestive issues going on. I’ll spare you all the details, but I’d be straight up miserable after dinner. It got to point where I’d have to eat tiny meals for dinner because if I ate my normal amount of food I’d be in pain for hours after eating. To help soothe my stomach, I’d drink peppermint tea (naturally caffeine free) like KoolAid.

5. crackersThankfully, I didn’t have too much nausea and no vomiting. I’m pretty sure the nugget knows my extreme hatred for vomiting, and I thank it for that. So I hear regular ole saltine crackers are nauseous mama-to-be’s weapon of choice when it comes to combatting nausea. Keep them next to your bed, in your purse, and hidden throughout your house. At least that’s what I’m told.

6. peppermintsI used peppermints to combat the little nausea I experienced. Sucking on a peppermint or two seemed to do the trick for me if I couldn’t eat something immediately. I’ve also heard of preggie pops, ginger candy, and ginger ale working well for nausea and morning sickness. I’ve also seen some women swear by peppermint essential oil, but check with your doctor first.

7. body moisturizerMy motto is always “prevention is key” when it comes to all things skin related. So invest in a good body moisturizer early on. There are like 500 different belly butters, belly oils, and belly lotions out there to help prevent stretch marks. (Although I don’t think it’s been scientifically proven that they 100% work.) I’ve been using this one and I like it so far. I lather it on at night after I shower. Since it’s an oil, I wouldn’t recommend putting on nice clothes after slathering it on because you don’t want to stain anything.

Update: I used this belly oil for both of my pregnancies and never got stretch marks.

8. antacidsIf I eat anything spicy for dinner, I typically have to pop a couple Tums before going to bed because the second I lay down, heartburn starts. The Tums always work. At least for now.

9. stretchy pantsI highly recommend investing in a few good pairs of stretchy pants. If you’re anything like me, you won’t need to buy more because you already have 10+ pairs. These are my current favorite stretchy pants. When I’m at home, you better believe I’m in stretchy pants.

10. toilet paper
Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper on hand because you’re going to be using the bathroom more often than you ever thought you would. I read something about bladder tone decreasing during pregnancy so when you do go to the bathroom you may not be fully emptying your bladder. Which will explain why you feel like you’re going to pee your pants and you barely pee at all. You’re welcome for that short anatomy/physiology lesson.

Disclaimer: These pregnancy must haves are products that worked for me. Every pregnancy is different, so some of these products may not work for you or may not apply to you. Also, I’m not a medical professional. So there’s that.

Nursery planning? Wondering what you should pack in your hospital bag? Check out all of my pregnancy and baby posts HERE!

What must haves did you need to survive the first trimester of your pregnancy/pregnancies?

10 Must Have Items for Your Pregnancy

Regardless of if you’re the type of person who loves to plan or frequently flies by the seat of your pants, pregnancy brings about a whole slew of changes that need to be accounted for. You’ll work with your doctor to create a birth plan, decorate a new room, read an overloading amount of informational books, and even start receiving advice from strangers on the street.

It’s a stressful time as you prepare for your bundle of joy, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun. Everyone progresses through pregnancy differently, but one thing remains consistent– there are certain things we can’t live without. If you’re new to the game, don’t worry. We’ve put together our all time top 10 must have items for your pregnancy. Enjoy!

1. A Good Prenatal Regime

One of the most important must have items for your pregnancy is a good prenatal regime. If you’re trying to get pregnant, start taking prenatal vitamins as soon as possible. They will help fuel your body with pregnancy-approved vitamins and minerals and create a smoother transition after conception.

If you’re already pregnant, find a good prenatal vitamin that works for you. Certain types or brands of vitamins cause different reactions in everyone and for those of you with sensitive stomachs, this means nausea. Switch the size, type, or brand and find something that is easier to stomach. Talk with your doctor about all of your available options.

2. Comfortable Clothes

Maternity clothes are a pregnant woman’s best friends. The available options have increased exponentially over the years. It’s easy to find fashionable maternity outfits without having to leave any zippers un-zipped.

Get yourself a pair of pregnancy jeans that you love or spend a day creating your own. Either way, maternity jeans will give you an option to leave the house while being comfortable, but without having to resort to old sweatpants.

With that being said, you also need to get a pair of the most comfortable sweat pants you could imagine. Make sure they’re large enough to stretch as you grow with enough room to move around comfortably.

3. A Pregnancy Pillow

If you’ve ever crossed paths with a pregnant woman, you’ve heard all about how her pregnancy pillow has changed her life. That’s probably because it did. Pregnancy pillows, or body pillows, are life saving and will help you get through a full night’s sleep without waking up in discomfort.

This is more important as you move through your pregnancy, since the bigger your belly grows, the harder it is to find a comfortable sleeping position. While you could just use a conglomerate of regular pillows lying around, it’s much easier and comfortable to simply purchase a pregnancy pillow.

The Boppy Pregnancy Pillow is one of the most popular brands and is rated highly across in all categories.

4. Belly Bands

As your belly begins to grow with your new bundle of joy, your back will suffer. The added weight paired with your baby “dropping” farther into the birth canal to prepare for labor will cause vaginal pressure along with aches and pains in your lower body.

Belly bands help redistribute this changing weight and give your body some much needed rest. They work by holding up your belly to relieve pressure on your lower backside and uterine wall. Grab a few at the start of your pregnancy or wait to shop around once your belly gets bigger.

5. Stretch Mark Oil or Lotion

Another side effect of a growing baby-bump is stretch marks. We all have them and they’re nothing to be ashamed of—in fact, now we view them as the marks of a warrior! However, if you want to combat excessive marks and tight skin, make sure you stock up on a high-quality stretch mark oil or lotion.

Rubbing this on your belly morning and night, right from the beginning of pregnancy, will help your skin to stretch and accommodate your growing baby. Your goal isn’t to eliminate stretch marks; it’s to avoid any discomfort that will accompany tight, stretching skin. This comes in the form of uncomfortable itchiness and is not pleasant. Find a safe, high-quality oil or lotion to use daily.

6. Pregnancy-Safe Medicines

Your body is a temple and during pregnancy, whatever you consume, your baby consumes. This means it’s increasingly important to make sure that if you need to take any medications, they are 100% safe for pregnancy. Talk to your doctor in detail about anything you’re currently taking or plan to take in the future.

Some of our favorite pregnancy-approved medications are Sea-Bands. These help to overcoming morning sickness and general nausea that accompanies your first trimester.

Tums are another medicine to have in your toolbox. They help combat uncomfortable acid reflux, but sometimes the gassy side effects make it hard to take regularly. If you find yourself suffering from this, try taking Gas X along with your Tums.

You should also talk to your doctor for personal recommendations on how get your heartburn and acid reflux under control. He or she may recommend sticking to a more alkaline-based diet to reduce the amount of acid your body produces from food.

7. Great Shoes

It’s well known that during pregnancy, your feet swell up, grow a size, and hurt to walk on. While not an ideal situation, it’s reality. That’s why it’s essential to get yourself a great pair of comfortable shoes to accommodate pregnancy feet. Some women’s feet shrink back after pregnancy, others don’t. So just look at this as an investment that will keep giving you returns long after you need them.

To get the most out of your new shoes, find a pair that has good support for your arches and ankles, will expand a little, are comfortable for you, and that aren’t completely hideous to look at.2 Don’t throw out your comfy house slippers or flip-flops, just add a pair of shoes that you wouldn’t mind showing off at work or at date-night.

8. The Right Bra

As your feet grow, so will your breasts. They change when you’re pregnant, no matter how much you tell them to stop. Breasts change differently depending on the woman, so shop based on your own body not on the advice from others.

Find a bra that is first and foremost, supportive and comfortable. A quote we love comes from Urban Mommies where they say, “A good bra should feel like a warm hug.” That’s exactly how it should be. Find something that does it’s job, but still gives you the comfort you need. While it doesn’t have to be a maternity bra per-se, there are some great options out there if you’re willing to look.

9. Some Information

We wanted to preface this one with “some” because we know how information overload creates anxiety and stress. Get a few books and read through them so you know what to expect, but avoid spending hours on the Internet researching rare-diseases and things that could go wrong. This will only stress you out.

Focus on creating a healthy environment for your baby both physically and mentally instead. If you come across any serious information, don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor and get the peace of mind you need.

10. Snacks

Finally, with pregnancy come cravings– lots of them. Stock up with your favorite snacks and things to satisfy your cravings. Remember, as long as you eat well and focus on nutrition instead of hunger, a few snacks here and there aren’t going to do you any harm.


Every woman goes through pregnancy in their own unique way, but we all have one thing in common: the things we can’t live without. In our daily lives our favorite items differ vastly from person to person but during pregnancy, they’re pretty consistent. If you don’t have any of the items on this list, do yourself a favor and stock up. You’ll be glad you did and wish you acted sooner. Additionally, one of the most essential post-delivery items all new mothers need to have is an efficient and easy to use breast pump. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, new mothers are eligible to receive an electric breast pump covered by their insurance provider. Head on over to Byram Healthcare today and browse our wide selection of breast pumps.

During your pregnancy, if you had any must have items that weren’t on this list, visit our Facebook page today and share them with other expecting mothers! We love hearing our reader’s personal experiences and feedback.

38 Pregnancy Must-Haves For Every Trimester

Disclaimer: Just so you know, if you order an item through one of our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.

Congratulations, mama-to-be. You’re pregnant!

You’re about to embark on an adventure like no other. The next nine months will be some of the most exciting of your life, filled with new experiences, anticipation, and so, so much love. But they’re going to be filled with lots of questions, changes, and unknowns, too.

Not to worry, mamas. We’ve so got you covered. Although each pregnancy is different, there are certain tried-and-true products that every pregnant mama needs to know about. From morning sickness hacks to serious self-care, here are the 38 essentials that you just can’t live without!

First Trimester

For some (lucky, lucky) women, the first trimester will fly by with hardly any pregnancy symptoms at all. Unfortunately for lots of moms-to-be, though, the first 12 to 14 weeks bring with them not just the excitement and anticipation of what’s to come but a few pretty unpleasant side effects as well, like bloated bellies, swollen breasts, and lots of nausea. Here are the must-haves to make your first trimester as pleasant as possible.

1. A Reprieve From Morning Sickness

Morning sickness—or all day sickness? If you’re one of the (un)lucky ones to suffer from morning sickness, you know just how miserable it can be. But for some mamas, the thought of putting anything in your body—even something that may help you feel better—turns your stomach even more.


Enter the Sea-Band Mama! wristband, the natural, drug-free alternative to easing your morning sickness during those early months of pregnancy. Working with your body’s natural acupressure points on your wrist, this soft, comfy fabric band can be worn all day or whenever you’re in need of some immediate relief. It’s safe, washable, and, best of all, effective.

Get it on Amazon for $10.49.

2. An Easy (and Beautiful) Way to Stay Hydrated

Even when you’re not growing an entirely new person inside, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. So when you’re pregnant, it’s even more important!


We heart S’well insulated water bottles for so many reasons. Aside from being the sleekest, most beautiful water bottles we ever did see, they’re also insanely functional. They’re constructed from BPA-free stainless steel, making them safe, sturdy, and shatterproof. They’re also vacuum insulated, which means they’ll keep your beverage cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. They’re easy to drink from, simple to clean, and hold plenty of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day. And did we mention how beautiful they are? (I think we did, but it’s worth repeating.)

Get it on Amazon for $35.00.

3. For a Little Extra Breathing Room

That gorgeous baby bump hasn’t quite popped yet, but getting the zipper up on your regular pants is not happening. What’s a mama to do? Grab a Bellaband, that’s what—the perfect solution to that in-between phase that all pregnant mamas will face.


The Bellaband, “holding pants up since 2001,” is exactly what you need when you’re transitioning from your everyday clothes but aren’t ready for those maternity pants just yet. This soft, stretchy fabric band can be worn folded over to hold up unbuttoned pants or pulled up full panel to keep sagging maternity pants in place. And don’t throw it out after baby arrives, either—it’s the perfect postpartum piece for when you’re returning to your pre-baby body.

Get it on Amazon for $23.00 and up.

4. For Your Growing Girls

There are few things more uncomfortable than a too-tight bra, especially when you’re pregnant. And since one of the first symptoms of pregnancy is often swollen breasts, it’s likely that you’ll be experiencing a larger than normal chest size sometime during your first trimester.


Brah! Extender to the rescue! These comfortable microfiber extenders hook easily onto any bra, providing you a little extra breathing room when you need it the most. They’re perfect to wear throughout (and after) your pregnancy when your bra size is fluctuating. And they come in a set of white, beige, and black, so they’ll match almost any bra design.

Get them on Amazon for $7.95.

5. A Lifelong Keepsake

Although 40 weeks of pregnancy may feel like a lifetime when you’re going through it, someday you’ll look back at this time in your life and want to remember every single magical detail. Promptly journals can help you do just that, even if you’re not someone who is naturally drawn to journaling.


With their simple and elegant linen-wrapped design, these heirloom-quality handbound journals are a stunning way to record one of life’s most precious journeys. Beginning with pregnancy and going all the way through your little one’s eighteenth birthday, the journal is filled with easy prompts that make recording your pregnancy and birth super simple. Promptly offers a beautiful and easy way to remember your most treasured moments.

Get it on Amazon for $32.00.

6. A Healthier Pop of Color

For lots of women, pregnancy is a time to step back and take a closer look at what you’ll be putting in (and on) your body for the next nine months. Many moms-to-be don’t want to sacrifice their regular beauty routines, so they’re looking for a safer, more natural way to do it.


Zoya nail polish can help. With its 10 Free Formula, this pregnancy-safe nail polish is made without some of the most common chemicals found in other brand-name polishes, including things like formaldehyde, phthalates, lead, and parabens. Plus, it’s vegan-friendly, goes on smoothly, doesn’t chip easily, and is available in a wide array of gorgeous shades.

Get it on Amazon for $10.00.

7. A Better Tasting Prenatal Vitamin

Taking your prenatal vitamin probably doesn’t rank up there as one of the highlights of your day, am I right? But what if it could?


Olly Essential Prenatals are some of the most delicious vitamins around. With a mix of awesome citrus-inspired flavors including ruby red grapefruit, clementine, and meyer lemon, you’ll wonder if you’re taking your vitamins or just enjoying some tasty gummies. (Just remember to brush those teeth afterward to keep your dentist happy, please!)

And, of course, they’re filled with more than just great taste. Ollys contain vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, and B12 along with folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids to make sure your pregnancy journey is a healthy one.

Get them on Amazon for $13.60 and up.

8. Pregnancy-Safe Skincare

The first trimester of pregnancy can often bring with it a whole lot of fatigue, which may not leave you feeling like your best self. If you’re looking to brighten your complexion and revel in that pregnancy glow but you’re concerned about using pregnancy-safe ingredients, make space in your medicine cabinet for Acure’s Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub.


Derived from plant-based ingredients, this energizing scrub gently exfoliates your skin with ingredients like sea kelp and French green clay. It works on all skin types and is free of all the things you may want to avoid during (and after) pregnancy like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. It also smells amazing, which makes us love it even more.

Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

9. An Insta-Worthy Milestone Marker

Documenting your growing baby bump is one of the most fun parts of pregnancy. To take your Instagram feed to the next level, try these sweet Pregnancy Belly Stickers from Lucy Darling.


Each pack comes with 12 floral-inspired peel-and-stick decals. At 4 inches wide, they’re easy to see in a photograph, and the muted color palette and pops of florals look great with any filter. We recommend printing out a few of the photos and including them in your baby book so you’ll always remember your growing bump.

Get them on Amazon for $15.99.

10. A Worry-Free Natural Cleaner That Actually Works

The last thing you’re going to want to do during your first trimester of pregnancy—or any time, for that matter—is to inhale harmful fumes from household cleaning products. If you’re looking to shake up your usual cleaning regimen for something more natural, this Multi-Surface Cleaner from Puracy is a great place to start.


This affordable, effective plant-based cleaner does a great job on almost any mess (think grease, fingerprints, grime, adhesives, and more) and is safe to use on all surfaces. It’s also safe for you. It’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and child- and pet-safe. And each bottle has 250 applications, so a little will go a long way.

Get it on Amazon for $13.29.

Second Trimester

You’re in the sweet spot now, mamas! For lots of moms-to-be, the second trimester is when all the fun parts of pregnancy begin. Your bump is growing. So you can rock all your new maternity clothes, you’ll soon feel your little one’s first kicks, and hopefully the morning sickness you may have dealt with during your first trimester is now a thing of the past. Soak it all in and enjoy!

Here are our picks for rocking that second trimester bump.

11. The Belly Cream of Your Dreams

It’s time to get your self-care on, mama. Your baby bump is growing, bringing with it stretching skin in need of a little TLC. Keep your bump hydrated, smooth, and nourished with this ah-mazing Belly Butter from Burt’s Bees.


We love starting and ending our day by rubbing this thick, luxurious body butter all over our ever-expanding bump. Will it prevent stretch marks? The jury’s still out on that one. But what it will do is moisturize and soften your skin with a healthy dose of cocoa, shea, and jojoba butters. It’s fragrance-free, which we love, and 99 percent naturally formulated, which we love even more.

Get it on Amazon for $12.64.

12. A High-Energy Organic Snack

By now your morning sickness should be yesterday’s news. (Or at least not a regular occurrence, we hope.) After feeling nauseated during your first trimester, you may be surprised to find that during your second, you are hungry all.of.the.time.


Fight that pregnancy hanger with Pure Organic Fruit and Nut Bars. They’re quick, mess-free, and easy to toss into your purse or gym bag. And they are delicious! Each bar is made from sweet fruit, nuts, and spices, and they come in a great variety of flavors like banana coconut, wild berry, and dark chocolate berry (um, yum). They’re also certified organic, non-GMO, and vegan, and don’t contain any gluten or soy.

Get them on Amazon for $34.99.

13. A Mama-to-Be’s BFF

If there’s one thing we learned from 40 weeks of pregnancy, it’s this: Leggings are a pregnant mama’s best friend. We can’t say it enough. Leggings are the best, most comfortable and most versatile piece of maternity wear you can invest in during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. (Who are we kidding, mamas? We’re still rocking our leggings and we have a toddler!) You can dress them up, dress them down, and even work out in them.


We recommend investing in a few pairs, but start with these buttery soft and stretchy Mothers Essentials Maternity Leggings. They’re seamless, which we absolutely love for the all-around comfort factor. They offer just enough—but not too much—compression support, and they’re moisture wicking to keep you cool during those pregnancy sweats. They’re also affordable, so you can totally stock up. What’s not to love? (Pro tip: We found that these leggings run a bit large, so you may want to consider sizing down.)

Get them on Amazon for $13.95 and up.

14. Support for Those Sleepless Nights

Even though there are so many things going right during your second trimester, there are a few challenges along the way. The sometimes elusive sleep is one of the most common. As your belly grows, it may get harder and harder to find a comfy sleeping position, especially if you were a stomach sleeper in your pre-pregnancy life.


The Snoogle may have a funny name, but there’s nothing funny about this awesome pillow. It’s basically a support for your entire body. You won’t have to construct a pillow fort around yourself to find some relief. (We’ve tried it, and it’s not pretty!) The Snoogle is large enough to wrap around and support whatever parts need it most, including your back, neck, hips, and belly. It even has a removable cover that you can easily throw in the wash when it starts getting a little funky.

Get it on Amazon for $59.99.

15. Your Own Personal Blackout Shade

While we’re on the subject of sleep, we also recommend another must-have for getting the most of your eight hours. Even if you’ve never had a problem falling asleep, pregnancy may change all that. This silky sleep mask can help.


Sleep masks are great for blocking out light and providing the darkness your body needs to enter into sleep. If you’re tossing and turning throughout the night, this might be the easy, affordable option you need to get more rest. We love this one because it’s made of all-natural silk and comes in a few cute colors and patterns, so you won’t scare your partner too much.

Get it on Amazon for $7.99.

16. A Wear-Anywhere LBD

What leggings are to athleisure, the LB(maternity)D is to pregnancy fashion. Every pregnant mama should have a simple, comfortable little black dress in her closet. It’s a versatile staple for work, a night out, or even an afternoon in the park.


We love this ruched style from Liu & Qu for its fashion and its function. The tailored but stretchy fit will hug your bump in all the right places, and the simple ruching gives it a bit of detail without being too overwhelming. It’s incredibly affordable, so you won’t even need to splurge. And if you’re looking for a pop of color, there are 18 to choose from!

Get it on Amazon for $19.99 and up.

17. A Little Light Reading—French Style

Since you may not feel like diving headfirst into parenting books quite yet, the bestselling Bringing Up Bébé is the perfect combination of narrative and advice, written in a funny, warm, and engaging voice. (Plus, we are always on board for learning more about how the French make everything seem so fabulous and effortless, even when it comes raising kids!)


We loved this book for opening our eyes to how another culture tackles parenting and how that stacked up against our American ideals. Whether you’ll agree with the French parenting philosophies isn’t the point—it’s more about having fun taking a peek into what it’s like to be a mom somewhere else in this great big world.

Get it on Amazon for $14.40.

18. A Worthwhile Splurge

If you’re going to splurge on one item in your maternity wardrobe, we think it should be denim. Less is really more here; instead of buying three or four cheaper pairs that may wear and stretch before baby even arrives, we recommend investing in one good pair of jeans that can go the distance.


These skinny jeans from Paige are some of the most amazing we’ve tried. The dark wash and slim legs make them perfect for a day at the office or a night out with friends. We love the way the full-coverage panel shapes and supports our bump, and the denim holds up really well even after lots of washes. We know these are a bit of a splurge, but we truly think they’re worth it. Treat yourself, mama!

Get them on Amazon for $189.00.

19. A Maternity Wardrobe Must-Have

There are a few pieces of maternity wear that we absolutely cannot live without, and this is one of them. Ingrid & Isabel’s Everyday Cami will quickly become a go-to during your second trimester. Think of it as a hug for your growing belly! It has just the right amount of stretch to smooth and shape your bump, providing the all-around support you need during your second trimester and beyond. (It’s perfect for postpartum wear, too.)


We love layering it with other tops, throwing it on under a cardigan, or even wearing it on its own while we’re lounging around the house. And the seamless design and soft fabric mean you’ll never have to worry about it being uncomfortable.

Get it on Amazon for $28.00.

20. Comfy Coverage Down Under

Your belly isn’t the only thing that grows during your second trimester. Lots of women experience other body changes, especially in the hip and thigh area. And these changes may mean your regular undies just aren’t doing the job anymore.


If your underwear starts bunching, riding up, or rolling down, it may mean it’s time to invest in some maternity-specific styles. These 100 percent cotton Giftpocket Under Bumps are some of our faves. The crossover V design fits perfectly under your growing belly, and the back provides ample coverage for your rear without feeling like you’re wearing granny panties. We also love the cute assortment of colors and patterns. The sizing is pretty specific for these, though (and may not match up with your pre-pregnancy size), so be sure to check out the size chart and measure to ensure you get the right fit.

Get them on Amazon for $9.99 and up.

21. Overnight Support Where You Need It Most

If it seems like your chest is growing just as fast as your baby bump, it’s probably time to start thinking about a sleep bra. For some women, going to bed without a bra isn’t an issue. But for lots of us—and especially as pregnancy progresses—a little extra overnight support for the ladies goes a long way.


The Kindred Bravely French Terry Sleep Bra is the ideal combination of softness and support. It’s not too tight, but it’s just tight enough. The wide shoulder straps and stretchy elastic band keep the bra securely in place without it being constrictive. And if you plan on breastfeeding, the low cut, v-style design makes this the perfect overnight nursing bra, so you’ll be able to continue wearing it after you welcome your little one.

Get it on Amazon for $17.95 and up.

22. Relief for Your Aching Back

You knew it was too good to be true…there had to be at least some downsides to the second trimester of pregnancy, right? You may be loving your growing bump, but your back probably isn’t. The unfortunate reality of carrying around more weight on the daily often leads to sore hips, pelvis, back, and belly.


Maternity belts can offer lots of relief but are often bulky and cumbersome. That’s not the case with the Azmed Maternity Belt, which is why we love it. Its streamlined design and simple wrap style means it’s easy to pop on under your clothes, soft and breathable, and still does a great job of providing just enough compression to support your bump. We can almost hear you breathing that sigh of relief from here.

Get it on Amazon for $23.92.

Third Trimester

You’ve made it to the home stretch! Only a few more months to go until you’re cuddling your newest addition. The third trimester is a time filled with excitement, anticipation, and probably some anxiety and discomfort, too.

You’re carrying around a lot of baby at this point, so it’s totally normal to feel tired and sore. Now’s the time to take care of you, mom-to-be, so we’ve chosen some of our favorite self-care products to get you through these final weeks. You’re also likely thinking ahead to your delivery by now, so we’re also sharing what we loved to help you have your best birth.

23. For Your Special Day

It’s easy to get caught up in everything your little one is going to need—but what about you? If you’re having a baby shower, a sip and see, or just need to remind yourself of how cute you look rocking your baby bump, it’s about time you treat yourself to this maternity maxi dress from Mother Bee.


Easy to wear, super comfortable, and ultra flattering on any body type, this flowy maternity dress definitely deserves a spot in your closet. (Or two spots, since it’s incredibly affordable.) We love the colorblock design and all the different styles (there are tons of colors and florals to choose from). It’s just right on its own on warmer days or paired with a cardigan when it gets a bit chilly.

Get it on Amazon for $24.99.

24. For Those Aching Feet (and Back…and Hips…and Body)

We never said the third trimester was easy, did we? (But we can assure you it’s worth it in the end!) For the ultimate in relaxation, add some Pink Stork Flakes to your next bath or foot soak. We promise you’ll thank us later.


Made from organic magnesium, these bath flakes help your body relax and give it the added dose of energy and hydration it needs, especially during those last few months of pregnancy. Also, do you really need an excuse to sit in the tub or to soak your feet for a half hour or so? We didn’t think so.

Get them on Amazon for $15.99.

25. For a Little Me Time

Since you’ve now remembered how rejuvenating a bath can be, fire up some Netflix and drop a few of these delicious Oliver Rocket Bath Bombs in the water the next time you hit the tub. With six scents to choose from, including cucumber melon, grapefruit tangerine, and black raspberry vanilla, they’ll add just the right about of fizz—and fun—to your next soak.


We love that each bath bomb is handmade and is larger than some others we’ve used before, meaning more fizzy soaking time for you. And you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals, either; all the bombs are completely natural and made from ingredients like baking soda, sea salt, and shea butter.

Get them on Amazon for $16.95.

26. Soothing, Nourishing Stretch Mark Relief

We like to think of our stretch marks as proof as to just how awe-inspiring our bodies can be during pregnancy. Sometimes, though, they can get a little itchy due to quickly expanding skin, and you may need a little relief.


Earth Mama Belly Oil to the rescue. This herb-infused oil not only feels luxurious on your skin, but it also moisturizes to provide a reprieve from any itching you might be experiencing. And it contains no artificial fragrance, parabens, or anything else that you wouldn’t feel okay about using on your skin. We love it for our bellies, hips, thighs, and chest.

Get it on Amazon for $14.99.

27. For When Nothing Else Fits

Tight, restrictive clothing is the last thing you’ll want to deal with during those final few months of pregnancy. Finding clothes that are comfortable and flattering during your third trimester can be a bit of a challenge, but this floral kimono checks both of those boxes in a super stylish way.


Available in four gorgeous prints, this lightweight covering pairs well with just about anything in your closet, from leggings to jeans and beyond. The flowy design will keep you cool and comfortable all day long, and it makes a great postpartum piece, too—it’s perfect for nursing or as part of your hospital going-home outfit.

Get it on Amazon for $15.99 and up.

28. A (Fun) Way to Relax

Remember when you used to use an exercise ball for doing sit-ups? (Insert your pre-pregnancy self laughing hysterically here.) Turns out these versatile exercise balls are great for a whole lot more than just crunches.


Short of floating in a pool all day (which also doesn’t sound like such a bad idea), exercise balls are the best way we’ve found to relieve all the lower body pressure that comes along with pregnancy. Bouncing on one slowly is not just fun; it does an amazing job of taking all that belly weight off your back and joints. This one is available in a range of sizes and comes with a foot pump for easy inflation. It also makes a great birth ball if that’s something you’re interested in trying out during your labor.

Get it on Amazon for $10.99 and up.

29. Not Your Grandma’s Compression Socks

Nothing says third trimester like swollen ankles, huh? One of the less glamorous side effects of pregnancy, swelling is an uncomfortable way your body deals with all that extra fluid you’re now carrying around, especially during those last few months. Time to rock some compression socks, mama!


Although they may not be the cutest fashion accessory you’ll wear all season, we love these Physix Gear Compression Socks because they actually work. Compression socks help with blood circulation, varicose veins, and leg swelling. Especially if you’re going to be on your feet a lot during the last trimester of pregnancy, these socks are a must.

Get them on Amazon for $10.00 and up.

30. A Multipurpose Accessory (That You’ll Actually Want to Wear!)

As soon as you become a mama, you’ll soon see that products that do double—or even triple—duty are totally the way to go. That’s why we love this 5-in-1 cover from Copper Pearl. For now, it makes a great scarf, adding a fun pop of detail to any outfit. But once baby arrives? It’s also a car seat cover, nursing scarf, shopping seat cover, and high chair cover. Genius!


The rayon fabric is soft and stretchy, and there are so many great patterns and prints to choose from that you’re going to have serious trouble picking just one.

Get it on Amazon for $24.95.

31. For When You Really Need to Catch Some ZZZs

If you haven’t figured it out already, sleep—or the lack thereof—is a common struggle during pregnancy. By the time you hit your third trimester, you may be having a lot of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night.


The Dohm sound machine can help. It creates a rushing air noise like no other sound machine we’ve ever heard—and we absolutely love it. It’s just what we need to help us relax, especially after a long day. And you’ll want to keep it on hand for after baby arrives, too; sound machines are great for helping to recreate the sounds of the womb and soothe little ones to sleep.

Get it on Amazon for $49.93.

32. To Help You Breathe a Little Easier

While we’re still on the topic of sleep, you may be noticing that you’re feeling especially congested throughout your pregnancy, especially in the final weeks. It’s not uncommon, and it’s nothing to worry about, but it can make sleeping especially difficult.


Start running the Pure Enrichment Cool Mist Humidifier each night for some immediate relief. This quiet, easy-to-clean ultrasonic humidifier will safely moisturize the air for up to 16 hours, helping you breathe just a little easier. It even has a built-in nightlight for those all-too-frequent nightly bathroom trips!

Get it on Amazon for $39.99 and up.

33. For Soft, Glowing Skin

We know what you’re thinking, “A snail facial? Nope.” But just trust us on this one, okay? We promise your pregnant skin will never look better!


Known for its natural restorative properties—and beloved in South Korea for centuries—snail secretion will work wonders on your complexion, especially if you’re feeling extra tired during those last few weeks of pregnancy. Try this bestselling Snail Jelly Facial Mask and treat yourself to a little self-care!

Get it on Amazon for $17.95.

34. For a Stylish—and Comfortable—Delivery Day

If the thought of giving birth in a stiff, oversized hospital gown doesn’t sound like something you want to test out, you’re not alone. Lots of mamas-to-be are rocking their own delivery gowns lately, and we’re totally behind the trend.


Gownies are not just stylish; they’re also comfy and practical. They snap down the back for complete coverage and open easily from the front for skin-to-skin time or breastfeeding. They also help you look great in photos, which we realize probably isn’t the most important part of your delivery day, but it can’t hurt, right?

Get it on Amazon for $29.99 and up.

35. A Portable Massager

If you have a partner who likes to give massages, now is the time to ask for one, mamas. (And even if you don’t, you should still ask for one!) Third trimester aches and pains can be rough, but a little massage goes a long way. These Kieba Massage Balls are game changers.


These balls are just the right firmness to work out knots and soothe tired muscles. We love them on our lower and upper back, outer thighs, and of course our very pregnant feet. Simply lean on them and massage away. Ahhh…

Get them on Amazon for $9.99.

36. For Smoothing and Shaping

If you’re needing a bit more support heading into your third trimester, we totally feel you. Your body is going through so many changes, especially as your due date approaches, and sometimes, a little extra smoothing and shaping helps you to feel more confident throughout the day.


For light compression and smoothing support, we love Belevation Maternity Shapewear. It offers just the right amount of compression and comfort, and it’s great under form-fitting clothing and for preventing thigh chafing. The stretchy fabric leaves plenty of room for your growing bump, too.

Get it on Amazon for $20.50 and up.

37. For Those Chilly (and Slippery!) Hospital Floors

Hospitals are notorious for having cold, slippery floors—and the last thing you need to worry about on delivery day is taking a spill! Cozy, grippy socks will not only keep you warm, but they’ll also prevent you from slipping when you’re walking around your room.


Goodwyn Goods Non Skid Socks are our choice not just for your hospital stay but for lounging around at home too. They’re made from a blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester, making them stretchy yet sturdy. The non-slip bottoms do a great job of gripping the floor and keeping you on your toes (literally).

Get them on Amazon for $6.99.

38. A Mega Time Saver

The last must-have on our list is a product that you’ll be able to use now and for years to come. And it will save you time and money, two things that are often in very short supply once you have little ones!


The Instant Pot is a culinary game changer. It’s a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, and saute/steamer all in one. And even cooking isn’t your thing, there are so many easy recipes available that are virtually impossible to mess up. We recommend powering through a few freezer-friendly meals pre-baby so you’ll be all stocked up during those first few months.

Get it on Amazon for $59.92 and up.

You’ll notice that some of these items can be found on Amazon– my favorite place to create a baby registry! It has everything you need, is so easy and fun to create your registry and you can always add or remove items and BONUS: you get up to 15% discount when you buy any of the items on your registry! Also, they offer very easy 90 day returns on registry items, which comes in very handy. 🙂

You guys. This pregnancy has been SO DIFFERENT from my first. When I was pregnant with Sam, life was a breeze. I had energy! I never got sick! I didn’t even really feel that pregnant!

I was the worst.

This pregnancy, I’m experiencing more of what you would call a “typical” pregnancy. That is, I am feeling all of the sickness and nausea and discomfort that you frequently hear about. So if I had made a list of my first trimester must haves the first go around? It would have looked slightly different. But now that I’ve experienced all sorts of “fun” pregnancy things… Well. I feel like my list is pretty comprehensive. And thus, I present to you, my First Trimester Must Haves.

1. Coconut Oil
I use coconut oil as a lotion, hair mask, in a DIY body scrub (mixed with brown sugar, sea salt, a little vanilla extract, lemon juice and some olive oil- amazing!), and I even cook with it. This stuff can do no wrong. But the best part? It is so moisturizing. Lather it all over and you not only smell incredible, but your skin is silky smooth too. We find ours at Costco. And, I know stretch marks are like majority genetic (sucks, I know), but I attribute coconut oil to my getting virtually none. Just sayin. An ounce of prevention…?

2. Vitafusion Pre-Natal Vitamins
I did a lot of research on vitamins that don’t make you nauseous (which is a common side effect of pre-natals) and I found that these were the best. Prenatal vitamins are amazing for your hair and your nails, and seriously are the perfect vitamin for women, pregnant or not. I will be taking these forever, thankyouverymuch. The only thing these are missing is iron, so I just take an iron supplement and I’m good to go! Plus, bonus! They taste like candy!

3. Water Bottle
I am a water FIEND when I’m pregnant. Always thirsty. ALWAYS. Thus, I must have a water bottle with me at all times, and the cuter the better.

4. Coffee
Oh, the exhaustion of the first trimester. It was especially brutal this time, since I have a toddler now, too! I honestly live for my cup of coffee each morning (err.. sometimes afternoon). I cleared it with my doctor, and she said that one-two cups of coffee every day is just fine and will not negatively affect the pregnancy in any way. I drank coffee all through my first, and am happily doing the same this time around. And it is my saving grace some days. Can I get an amen?!

5. Bralette
I love these super cheap and comfortable bralettes. They’re soft, stretchy (leaving room for the inevitable growth!) and basically all I wear while pregnant. Real bras be damned.

6. Belli Skincare
It’s a whole line of pregnancy-and-nursing-safe products for the skin, and I loveeee it. The belly oil is so soft and luxurious, the anti-blemish facial wash is sensitive and actually keeps that dreaded pregnancy acne at bay (UPDATE: after using this the entire first trimester, I have seen a VAST improvement in my skin and I can happily say it really has made my acne so much better! Highly recommend!), and the line is unscented (important for mama-to-be’s!) and safe for Baby, too!

7. Crackers
Every morning, I woke up and felt nauseous. Now, I actually only threw up once (TMI?) (and also, hallelujah!) but that queasiness was there every. single. morning. without fail. And the only thing that I found to help keep it at bay was to eat a couple of plain-ass crackers (technical term) ((I recommend non-salted since it’s healthier, plus the more plain the better)) before even lifting my head from the pillow. Yes, it results in a multitude of crumbs in the sheets. And yes, it’s worth it.

8. Body Pillow
Okay, now, this body pillow is AMAZING. However, I tried to sleep with it, and I got a major crick in my neck, so I personally don’t suggest it for sleeping. But also, I could just be a really particular sleeper (I am). For lounging around, watching Netflix on the couch, and those days you just can’t do anything but rest? This thing is a God-send. My husband even steals it, when I let him. 😉

9. Ginger Chews
Ginger is so good for helping with nausea, and these chews from Trader Joe’s are my absolute favorite. I literally pop ’em like candy.

What would you add to this list? Anything you just loved your first trimester?


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The first trimester can be tricky because you may not want people to know you’re pregnant yet. During my first pregnancy I had no clue what I should do or what first trimester must haves I needed, but I wasn’t quite ready to tell people I was expecting. Funny enough, I felt like I should go out and buy ALL the maternity clothes. Turns out, that was the last thing I needed at that time! Here’s a list of practical First Trimester Must Haves that I have used during both of my pregnancies!

First Trimester Must Haves

  1. Humidifier: It is extremely handy to have a humidifier on hand during pregnancy since you can’t take all of the medicine you used to. I always use my humidifier with essential oils when I am starting to feel sick. You can also diffuse oils like Lavender for relaxation.
  2. Ginger Candies: Studies have found that ginger can reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Make sure you find items with real ginger rather than just ginger flavor.
  3. Prenatal Vitamins: Self explanatory! This is the kind I typically use because it has DHA.
  4. Stretch Mark Cream: I highly recommend starting this as soon as possible in order to make sure your skin is soft and silky. I apply to my stomach, chest, and booty every night before bed. I try to start using it well before I notice my body making any growing changes!
  5. Arm & Hammer Diaper Bags: If you’re anything like me, these will come in very handy. Keep them in your purse and your car because you never know when your morning sickness is going to hit you! The good news is they are extremely cheap, and if you don’t end up using them during your pregnancy you will surely use them for diapers.
  6. A fun water bottle to encourage you to drink as much water as possible! Not only is it good for you and baby, but it will help with headaches and muscle cramps. This not only makes the cut for my first trimester must haves list, but it also makes my general favorite products list! They come in a variety of colors and sizes.
  7. Phone Apps: Of course you will want to track your progress, see what fruit your baby compares to in size, and connect with other moms! My 2 favorite apps have been Glow Nurture and What To Expect!
  8. Pedialyte Freezer Pops: I can’t even begin to tell you how many of these I have had! This probably applies to those of us who have a hard time keeping fluids down at times, but they are a must for me!
  9. Ginger Ale to settle your stomach! This brand is made with real ginger and I personally think it tastes better!
  10. Maternity Swing Dress. If you buy one clothing item in your first trimester, it has to be this dress! I bought mine during my first pregnancy, and I never stopped wearing it. It is perfect for those days when you don’t quite have a bump yet, or maybe you’re bloated and you don’t want people to know you’re expecting yet. I wear this even when I’m not pregnant and people always stop me to ask me where it’s from!
  11. Head ache patches. These save my sanity sometimes! I tend to have really bad headaches during pregnancy, and these provide some relief. One of my favorite times to use them is when I am about to go to sleep. I go through boxes and boxes of these!

What about you? What are some of your first trimester must haves you can’t live without? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I thought my doctor would give me the 411 on all I needed to do to prepare…well that, and a good old What to Expect When You’re Expecting book to get through each trimester.

But I learned the hard way that your doctors don’t tell you everything you need to do to take care of yourself and prepare for baby. And while reading up on the changes your body is going through is key to getting ready, I’d also recommend getting a hold of a few pregnancy essentials that will keep you healthy and as comfortable as you can get with a growing baby from that first trimester to the last.

First-Trimester Pregnancy Must-Haves

Morning Sickness Relief

During the first trimester of each of my pregnancies, the one thing that consumed me the most was morning sickness. I was experiencing it all — nausea, body aches, elevated body temperature, fatigue and so on — constantly struggling to find relief. I found different things worked with each pregnancy (including oils that we’ve all heard about) but if I could go back in time, I’d tell myself to remember that this phase will not last forever and always have a stash of crackers, lemon-water and organic hard-candies like these ready in my purse — I don’t know how but they always gave me a quick relief when I was at my worst!!

Prenatal Vitamins

This one is a no-brainer. If you haven’t been taking a prenatal vitamin regularly (don’t worry, most of us only start once we find out we’re pregnant!) now’s the time to start! Your OB/GYN will most likely recommend an over the counter option — if you are unsure of which is the best look for one that has DHA (an Omega-3 fatty acid and essential nutrient for expectant moms who require a minimum of 200mg.). It’s best to get DHA from foods, but because there’s a long list of foods to avoid during pregnancy, most women may need a supplement. I took this nature-made brand because it provided what I needed and didn’t cost an arm and a leg!


Another thing that I would be a huge advocate of during early pregnancy is drinking plenty of water. I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty before, but it is seriously important (throughout each trimester in fact). You don’t want to be waiting until you feel thirsty — because thirst is a sign of dehydration. You want to be proactive with your pregnancy care and drink up throughout the day. I’ve heard so many horror stories from other pregnant moms on being hospitalized for dehydration issues even when they thought they were drinking water throughout the day. Grab a water bottle that includes a visual tracker to remind you how much you should be drinking every hour — this one even has an infuser to add fruit and fight nausea!! If you already have one be sure it’s BPA-free too (chemicals from plastic bottles can pose serious risks for a growing baby!).

Pregnancy Safe Products

And one thing you will need to get used to during pregnancy is swapping out some of the everyday products you’ve used in the past, for some more organic or pregnancy-friendly items. This should be the case when it comes to your pregnancy beauty routine and cleaning products. The reason, of course, is for the safety of your baby because many of the products we rely on for skincare routine have chemicals that can be very dangerous to your growing child, especially during the first trimester. If you are looking for some great alternatives, check out our pregnancy-safe beauty products which includes non-toxic suggestions!

Second Trimester Pregnancy Must-Haves

As your morning sickness starts to dissipate and you begin to beam with that pregnancy glow, you’ll notice your energy grow along with your positive mood. But with this second trimester of pregnancy, you’ll also experience some notable changes in your body. Your belly will show or “pop” if it hasn’t already. This is the time most women will need to invest in a few maternity items to accommodate that growing body.

Comfy Maternity Clothes

Depending on the clothes that you are used to wearing, you may have to purchase a few pieces of maternity clothing to feel more comfortable in. If you’re trying to wait until the last possible moment ever to buy, word to the wise: just make a few good investments now! Because I was the same way: trying not to buy anything new unless it was absolutely necessary (we all know maternity clothing can get quite expensive!). Take it from me, and know it will be well-worth. The three pieces of maternity items that are an absolute MUST for me were maternity leggings, undies (yes, you better believe you’ll need these!) and stretchy shirts.

NOTE: When choosing maternity leggings just make sure you find what for your purpose — some are more translucent and made to be worn under a dress while others can be worn as pants. I purchased mine from Maternity Motherhood, but found these to be comparable and more affordable.

Remember your belly is expanding and having loose, comfortable clothing to not constrict blood flow is key. And if you are pregnancy in the hot summer months, a few loose-fitting sun dresses are very much necessary!!

Definitely plan on purchasing a few new items especially if you plan on having more than one child in the future!

Bra extenders

This one may not have crossed your mind before, but bra extenders make it possible for you to continue wearing your favorite bra even during pregnancy at a fraction of the cost of investing in a maternity bra. See how they work here!

Stretch Mark Lotion

Genetics may play a big role in how many stretch marks you will see, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent them! As your belly grows (and even before so actually!) add a stretch-mark prevention lotion to your daily routine. After showering, lather up – on your belly, inner and outer thighs, legs, bottom, and breast — because stretch marks can appear in other places besides the belly!!!

Dry Skin Treatments

Along with the stretch-mark lotion, you’ll also need to stock up on a few ways to treat the inevitable dryness issue that occurs around the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. Dry skin, chapped lips and even bloody noses (from the dry air) can strike without warning. To prevent and treat these issues be sure to moisturize daily — from your face to your toes you’ll want to cover all your bases. This brand was and continues to be my go-to lip repair before and after pregnancy – it’s versatile and keeps dry, chapped lips super hydrated! I used it to spot treat dry knees, elbows and hands too! To combat the dry air while I slept at night I used a cool-mist humidifier that made nosy bleeds less frequent – phew!

Third-Trimester Pregnancy Must-Haves

Ah the third trimester of pregnancy. The homestretch. Similar to the first-trimester, your last trimester of pregnancy can prove to be the most challenging physically. This is when moving around and getting comfortable become very tough.

If you’ve already invested in some maternity essentials (get those maternity leggings!) during your second trimester, than you should be better prepared to move into the final one.

Here are a few more pregnancy essentials to help make getting comfortable a little more possible.

Comfy Shoes – Just like the rest of your body, your feet are expanding. Many women retain water during pregnancy and can look a bit swollen — I know my feet were definitely one area that did just that. Finding soft, comfortable shoes was always on my to-do list. You’ll want to choose something that is breathable, with durable soles — usually, flats like these or cushioned flip-flops are a great option as heels can do some more harm.

Antacids – Heartburn is another nuisance that tends to come up more often during the last trimester of pregnancy. I often experience it at night right as I was getting ready to get some much need sleep. Be sure to stock up on some Tums — keeping them handing in your purse, medicine cabinet and night table for easy access!

Loose-fitting pjs – Sleep will be one of your biggest struggles during your third trimester for a number of reasons. You have a bigger belly and will need to make room. Finding comfy pajamas that don’t constrict your blood flow is key — a nightgown is a good choice as well, especially since it’s normal to feel extra hot at night. This one doubles as a nursing gown too!

Your baby may also be pretty active then, kicking up a storm. I know my boys were night owls during pregnancy and would want to play when mama needed to rest. The Snoogle pillow was my go-to pillow that I loved because of the many ways I could use it to get comfortable at night — I even wrote a quick post about it years ago. If you want a smaller option, a nice wedge works well under the knees or between legs for side-sleepers!

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Finally, as your due date approaches it’s normal to feel a little nervous or anxious about giving birth. You may fear the actual pain involved in giving birth, or worried that your hospital may not accommodate your wishes or birth plan. You can choose to take a birth prep course (like this one I highly recommend for allaying your fears) or just practice some good old relaxation and breathing techniques to prepare you mentally. Because while we can’t predict exactly how our big day will go, we can learn how to do the best we can for baby.

If you want to alleviate your fears throughout any of your trimesters, be sure to below. It includes 5 FREE printables to take some of that worry away and know what you need to do to prepare for baby!

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