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I have a Proform 735 cs treadmill. Is it worth repairing or just get a new one?

The problem with the treadmill could be the motor, controller, a weak circuit breaker, or a dry walking board.
I am sending you some instructions for testing the walking belt lubrication. It might be worth installing a new circuit breaker if the belt is ok.
I would not replace the motor or the motor controller, it would be better to replace the treadmill in my opinion.
To test the walking belt lubrication, do not turn the treadmill motor on. Set the elevation to the highest level. Stand near the front of the walking belt. Push yourself firmly toward the rear of the treadmill. If the belt is properly lubricated the belt will take you to the rear edge of the treadmill and dump you off on the floor. If you move and stop, the belt needs lubricating.
The part number for the belt lubrication kit is 219168. You can buy it at . The cost is around $4.00. The application instructions should be in the package, but in case they are not here is how to apply the lubrication.
Turn the walking belt until the belt seam is along the top of the front roller. Raise the belt on one side in the center of the walking board front to back as high as you can. Apply ½ the tube of lubrication to the walking board in a zig zag fashion moving from front to back. Move the belt until the seam comes up on top of the rear roller and lift the belt again and put the rest of the lubrication on the walking board in the same manner. Turn the treadmill on and walk on the belt for 10-20 minutes. Walk all over the belt to distribute the lubrication evenly on the walking belt and board.

PROFORM 735CS User Manual

  • Page 1 1-800-736-6879 SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL 60179 Patent Pending ACAUTION Read all precautions and Instnm- Uons in tMs manual before using this equipment. Save tMs manual for future r_emnce. new products, prizes, fitness tips, and much more!
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents


  • Page 3: Important Precautions

    Mecb’lueily rated for 120 volts AC and Informed of all warnings and precautions. 15 ampa. To purchase a suede suppressor, see your local PROFORM dealur or ceil 1-800-366- 2. Use the treadmill only as deacdbed. 7278 and order part m_mbor 146148.

  • Page 4 21. When using I-FILcom CD’n and videos, an 24. Inspect and Ughten all parts of the treadmill regu_dy. eisctt_nic “chirping” sound wlH alert you when the speed ar_for incline of the tmadmgl Is about to change. Always listen for the 25.
  • Page 5: Before You Begin

    And when you’re not is 831.299262. The serial number can be found on a exercising,the unique 735CS can be folded up, requir- decal attached to the treadmill (see the front cover of ing less than half the floor space of other treadmills.

  • Page 6: Assembly

    ASSEMBLY Assembly requlrea two people. Set the treadmillin a cleared area and remove all packing materials. Do not dispose of the packing materials until assembly is completed. Assembly requires the Included allen wrenc._ and your own phillips screwdriver (_B_ ===_=.. Note: The underside of the treadmill walking belt is coated with high-performance lubricant.

  • Page 7 4. Locate the plastictie in the post on the left Upright (82). Hold a Handrail Extension (85) in the positionshown. Insert the plastic tie intothe Handrail Extensionas you insert the Handrail Extension intothe post. Attach the Post Handrail Extensionwith three shortScrews (76). Note: The plastic Ue Is tied to the Pulse Wire (84).
  • Page 8: Operation And Adjustment

    To purchase a surge suppressor, sea your local The temporary adapter should be used only until a PROFORM dealer or call toll-free 1-800-366-7278 properlygrounded outlet (drawing 1) can be installed and order part number 146148. Use only a single- by a qualified electncian.

  • Page 9 To purchase CD’s, iFtt.comvideo- cassettes, or an opttonal upgrade module, see your Six certifiedpersonal trainer programsare also offered. local PROFORM dealer or call toll-free 1-800-735- Each program automaticallycontrolsthe speed and in- 0768 For informattonabout other opttonalacces- cline of the treadmdl as itguides you through an effec-…
  • Page 10: Manual Mode

    exercise, change the speed of the walking belt as STEP-BY-STEP CONSOLE OPERATION desired by pressing the SPEED buttons. Make sure that the on/off To stop the walking belt, press the STOP button. switch near the power The TIME/INCLINE/SEG TIME display will begin cord is in the on Position to flash.

  • Page 11 CALS/FAT CALS/ Measure your pulse, If desired. PULSE display–This display shows the ap- Stand on the foot rails and Sensors proximate numbers of CALS CALS calories and fat calories place your you have burned (see hands on the FAT BURNING on page 22). Every seven sec- metal contacts onds, the display will change from one number to on the pulse bar.
  • Page 12 One speed setting and one inclinesettingare pro: grammed for each segment. When only three sec- onds remain in the first segment, a series of tones will sound and the treadmillwill automaticallyad- Insert the key Into the console. just to the speed and inclinesettingsfor the second segment.
  • Page 13 HOW TO CONNECT YOUR PORTABLE STEREO Note: If your stereo has an RCA-type AUDIO OUT jack, see Instruction A below. If your stereo has a 3.5ram LINE OUT jack, see Instruction B. If your To use CD’a, the treadmill must be con- stereo has only a PHONES jack, see Instruction C.
  • Page 14 HOW TO CONNECT YOUR COMPUTER HOW TO CONNECT YOUR HOME STEREO Note: If your computer has a 3.5mm LINE OUT Jack, Note: If your stereo has an unused LINE OUT jack, see Instruction A. If your computer has only a see Instruction A below.
  • Page 15 CD or video. Note: The In- structions Included In the CD case describe how to use the CD with a variety of PROFORM treadmills. B. Plug one end of the audio cable intothe jack on the Some Instructions may not apply to this treadmill.
  • Page 16 L_J Press the PLAY button on your CD player or VCR. • adjust the volume of your CD player or VCR. If the volume Is too high or too low, the console A moment after the button is pressed, your per- may not detect the program signals sonal trainer will begin guidingyou through your •…
  • Page 17 Follow the desired links on our Internet site to select a program. Read and follow the on-line instructions for usinga program. Our new internet site at allows you to access a large selection of programsthat interactively controlyour treadmill to help you achieve your specific Follow the on-line Instructions to start the program.
  • Page 18 IMPORTANT: The CALO- B Follow yourprogress withtheLEDtrackand _EKG PULSE thefourdisplays. PULSE should be ¢-_ RIES/FATdlsplayCALORIES/ — 1 blank. If a “d”appears in the See step 5 on page 10. display,the console is in the CALS FAT C ALS “demo” mode. This mode is Measure your pulse, If desired.
  • Page 19: How To Fold And Move The Treadmill

    HOW TO FOLD AND MOVE THE TREADMILL HOW TO FOLD THE TREADMILL FOR STORAGE Before folding the treadmill, adjust the Incline to the lowest poslUon. If this Is not done, the treadmill may be permanently damaged. Next, unplug the power cord. CAUTION: You must be able to safely lift 45 pounds (20 kg) In order to raise, lower, or move the treadmill.

  • Page 20: Trouble-shooting

    TROUBLE-SHOOTING Most treadmill problems can be solved by following the simple steps below. Find the symptom that applies, and follow the steps listed. If further assistance Is needed, call our toll-free HELPLINE at 1-800-736-6879, Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Central Time (excluding holidays). PROBLEM: The power does not turn on SOLUTION: a.

  • Page 21 PROBLEM: The walking belt slows when walked on SOLUTION: a. Use only a UL-listedsurge protector, rated at 15 amps, with a 14-gauge cord of five feet or less in length. b. If the walking belt is overtightened,treadmill perfor- mance may decrease and the walking belt may be- come damaged.
  • Page 22: Conditioning Guidelines

    CONDITIONING GUIDELINES uses easdy accessiblecarbohydrate calones for en- WARNING: this ergy Only after the first few minutes does your body beginning begin to use stored fat calonesfor energy. If your goal or any exercise program, consult your physi- is to burn fat, adjustthe speed and tnchneof the tread- cian.

  • Page 23 PART LIST–Model No. 831.299262 R0800A To locate the parts listed below, refer to the EXPLODED DRAWING attached in the center of this manual. Qty. Description Qty. Description Qty. Description Motor Belt Belt Guide Allen Wrench Screw Pulley/Flywheel/Fan Book Holder Lock Knob Motor Nut Front Belly Pan Motor/Pulley/…
  • Page 24 EXPLODED DRAWING– Model No. 831.299262 Ro6ooA .4_so ‘° i ,, 7101…
  • Page 25 EXPLODED DRAWING–Model No. 831.299262 Ros0oA &_47 82– • .%._121 1201…
  • Page 26: Part List

    SEARS The model number and serial number of your PROFORM ®735CS Model No. 831.299262 treadmill are listedon a decal attached to the frame. See the front cover of this manual to find the locationof the decal. QUESTIONS? All replacement parts are available for immediate purchase or special order when you visit your nearest SEARS Service Center.

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Proform 735 cs treadmill

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