10 Best Pull Up Bar Black Friday Deals & Sales [2019]

Best Pull Up Bar Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals & Sales : Looking for something that Black Friday & Cyber Monday for upper body exercise in the comfort of your own home. Pull-up Bar is the best equipment to train your upper body. It is mainly utilized to do pull-ups. Also, it doesn’t need excess weight as it utilized your body weight to educate yourself. Pull-ups are one of the very best exercises you can perform to grow your arms, chest, shoulders, and back muscles. A few of the benefits include gaining muscle mass, so improving your posture thus protecting your spine, and generally looking great. In this article, we discuss the Very Best Pull Up Bar Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals & Sales. Buy and save!

Black Friday Deals List

Here are the Best Pull Up Bar Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals & Sales :


Pull up bars are the ideal tool for performing an intense upper body workout at home using only the weight of your own body. What’s great about these, aside from the physical activity, is the ability to put them just about anywhere in your home. if you are planning to Buy a Pull Up Bar on this Black Friday & Cyber Monday or after Christmas. You can save plenty of money during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 sale. we will update all the Pull-ups bar Deal that will arrive on the Black Friday & Cyber Monday event.


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Push Up & Chin Up Bars

What is a Pull Up Bar?

A pull up bar, or chin up bar as some may refer to it, is a simple but versatile exercise machine that can be installed in doorways, hallways, and many other places around the home. Some pull up bars are mounted using screws and other hardware while others are portable and can simply be wedged securely in a door frame. There are also pull up stations which are larger machines typically for home gyms that may also include a dip bar. They provide a stable foundation for exercises like pull ups, chin ups, and many others that target a vast array of muscle groups. The beauty of a pull up bar is that it combines stabilizing exercises with active flexion and extension movements at the same time, so there are many muscle groups working in connection with each other.

What Exercises can I do with a Chin Up Bar?

The obvious exercises are pull ups (palms facing away from you as you grip the bar) and chin ups (palms facing toward you as you grip the bar). There are many variations on these two simple exercises that make them very versatile; wider grip, narrower grip, the climber pull up, behind the neck pull up, gironda sternum chin up, negative pull ups, band assisted chin up, and more. There are also many other kinds of exercises that are quite different than the basic chin up and pull up variations. Many of these target the abdominal muscles or other arm, shoulder, and back muscles. Moves like windshield wipers, hanging leg raises, and hanging reverse shoulder shrugs are just some more of the different ways you can make use of a pull up bar.

Muscles worked by a chin ups and pull ups

The primary muscles that are exercised by doing chin ups are biceps brachii (biceps),

What are Push Up Bars?

Push up bars are simple handles that when gripped, raise the hands off the floor and direct the weight of the body down through the wrist as it’s held straight, rather than at a ninety degree angle in the normal push up position. Just like chin up and pull up bars, push up bars also have many more uses other than their namesake. Other exercises you can do with push up bars are: wide-grip push up, close-grip push ups, mountain climbers, l-sits, tricep dips, and handstand push ups.

There is an incredible amount of diversity in these simple kinds of exercise equipment. The additional benefit of using bodyweight resistance is that as you build muscle, the weight you’re lifting increases as well, meaning that it’s as if your gym adapts with your body as it changes.

Some of the most impressive feats of strength are the simplest. Sure, it’s cool to toss around tons of weight doing a rep or two of super-technical Olympic lifts—but repping out a seemingly endless number of pullups can be just as awe-inspiring.

The mighty pullup is one of the finest bodyweight exercises out there, bar none. You’ll both test your upper-body strength and build up your back muscle—and unlike other bodyweight moves, you’ll definitely need a bar to do it.

Men’s Health

“It’s a staple in upper body workouts; we use it a ton in weight lifting,” says Sean Waxman, C.S.C.S., owner of Waxman’s Gym. “Depending on how you grip—wide most of the time—you’ll see a thickening and a widening of the back. Your grip will improve, and your whole upper body will get stronger.”

How to Do Pullups Better

Proper pullup technique is relatively simple, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have an easy go of it every time you step up to the bar. The move can get difficult quickly for even the strongest among us as you gas your muscles.

It’s important to stay on-form as you do pullups so you’re getting the best possible workout while avoiding injury. Waxman has a few tips for those just starting out to remember. “You want to be hanging from a bar, whether it’s a chinup or a pullup. You want to start with your arms extended, and you want to pull yourself up until the bar hits your chest or at least chin level. At the top of the movement, you want to pull your shoulder blades down and together.”

You might not be able to do all that right away. For some people, eking out even 1 rep is an accomplishment worth striving for, so you can’t just jump up to the bar and pull. You might have to break the move down to its component parts. To really master the form, work your way up from dead hangs to full-on reps using this guide.

As you improve on your pullups, you may want to find ways to make them more difficult. “If you can blow out 20 pullups, you’re not really improving strength anymore,” says Waxman.

Harbinger Belt with 30-Inch Steel Chain $26.99

First, he recommends adding some weight. “If you want to improve hypertrophy , you want to add enough weight to you’re doing eight to twelve reps. Then looking for improvement and more strength, you add more weight so you can do three to five reps.”

To add weight, you’ll need a weighed vest or a belt that can have weight attached to it. Them try some new variations, like those seen in the video below.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge to start doing pullups, you need the right tools. As Waxman says, “All you need is a place to hang.” So if you’re looking to do them at home, you need a pullup bar. We’ve done the research and rounded up the perfect pullup bars for guys looking to bulk up at home or in the office.

CAP Barbell Pull-up Bar

Cap Barbell Xtreme Doorway Gym $17.82

Simple and effective, the CAP bar is ideal for those looking for multiple grip positions when pounding out pullups. From wide to neutral to palms-facing for chinups, this bar can do it all. The grippy foam handles deliver all the non-slip comfort you need. It mounts on a door securely—but you can take it down and put it on the floor to use the different grips for push-ups.

Ultimate Body Press XL

Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar $56.99

This doorframe mounted unit provides some extra support and additional grip options. Best of all, the adjustable expandable bar means it will fit just about any residential doorway.

Pure Fitness Pull-up Bar

Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose Pull-Up Bar $19.99

With eight grip configurations and comfortable foam handles, Pure Fitness’ bar is a sleek and efficient bar. It attaches to nearly any door and holds up to 250 pounds for awesome pullups and hanging crunches, and it won’t bother your walls with a protective foam coating. Install in seconds and start your new pullup regimen.

The Best Pullup and Chinup Variations:

Titan Fitness Wall-Mounted Pull-up Bar

Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pullup Bar $95.95

If you don’t love the idea of hanging from your doorway, a wall-mounted bar is a great solution. The incredibly sturdy and durable Titan Fitness bar is adjustable with five different height variations and hold up to 350 pounds for guys of different sizes and skills. The bar itself is thick, so you’ll be getting an excellent grip workout at the same time.

Akonza Dip Station

Akonza Heavy Duty Power Tower $145.28

Willing to invest more in a bar that can do it all? Then get a station. If you’ve got the space, the Akonza is a dream. It has a bar at the top for pullups, but also grips for dips and abdominal raises. The pad on the back lets you comfortably do raises, and a thick foam grip on the pullup bar makes flipping your grip and doing chinups a breeze. More space, sure, but more complete results. Get a full-body workout on this one station.

Confidence Olympic Power Tower V2

Confidence Fitness Olympic Power Tower V2 Confidence amazon.com $139.99

This ultimate heavy-duty bodyweight station is a must-have in any home gym. It has everything you need for an upper-body workout: grips for chinups, grips for pullups, grips for dips, and even grips on the floor for raised pushups. It only holds up to 220 pounds, though, so it’s not for beginners. Work you back, biceps, triceps, and chest all in one place.

Best Pull-Up Bars 2019

The Cheapest, Most Effective Home Exercise Equipment

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What’s not to love about pull-ups? They’re one of the most effective strength-building exercises you could do, and you can do them almost anywhere.

That is, if you have the strength to get your chin above the bar.

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Like most things, the best way to get better at pull-ups is to do pull-ups — whether that means using the assisted pull-up machine at the gym or looping a resistance band over the bar to give you a boost on the way up.

Why You Should Be Doing Pull-Ups

There’s a temptation to skip pull-ups. After all, they’re difficult! And humbling! But this simple exercise will help you build your back muscles like no other. Here are five good reasons you should include pull-ups in your fitness routine:

  1. Versatility – You can do pull-ups anywhere, simply by lodging a pull-up bar in a doorway. No other equipment needed; no gym membership needed.
  2. Variability – By switching up your grip (wide or narrow, pronated or supinated), you can target different areas of your body, including your back and biceps.
  3. Cost-Effective – The equipment needed to do pull-ups is incredibly cheap.
  4. Strength & Endurance – You can choose to do high reps (to work muscular endurance) or lower reps with added weight (to improve your strength).
  5. Build Up Your Grip – Grip training is notoriously difficult, but few things are more impressive than an iron grip. Pull-ups will help you achieve that.

Below are our 14 top picks for various pull-up bars designed for a range of functions and locations. From bars that mount to the wall (or ceiling) to one you can pack in your carry-on for an impromptu hotel workout, find the bar that’s right for your fitness level and lifestyle, then get to work.

Your Pull-Up Bar Must-Have Checklist

Like any fitness product, certain key factors will determine the perfect pull-up bar for you. Take this checklist of musts into account before heading towards the checkout counter:

  • Assemblage: Something that can easily be put together saves you the hassle and time of hiring an installation expert.
  • Compactness: Depending on your workout space, you might want something portable enough to fit between doorways or take on the road.
  • Durability: Fancy a device cast in steel housing for damage-free results and longevity.
  • Multi-functional: Several bars come with multiple gripping positions and accessories to experience full-body workouts.
  • Leverage: Stability is vital for any pull-up bar, so any system with strong grip support for doorways, walls, or ceilings is worth owning.
  • Weight: The standard pull-up bar carries an est. capacity of 300 lbs, though some models support higher body densities.

Types Of Pull-Up Bars

Familiarizing oneself with these signature attributes is a good start; up next is finding the right style of pull-up bar. Ask yourself if it’s something used to inspire daily exercising, or are you looking to make it part of the ultimate home gym setup? Maybe something to fulfill your travel fitness needs? Look over these popular pull-up bar types and make the call:

  • Doorway: Better known as telescopic bars, they extend and wedge between the uprights of a door frame with no assembling required.
  • Freestanding: Tower-based machines with a stable footprint to manage weight and standard upper body exercises.
  • Portable: Travel-friendly bars that can be disassembled into a tight storage size.
  • Station: Identified mostly as home gyms with multiple exercise stations for hardcore exercisers.
  • Wall/Ceiling: Mount these onto either surface to keep the system parallel to the ground and expand your workout space.

The Best Pull-Up Bars & Equipment

ProSource Heavy-Duty Easy Gym Doorway Bar

Best: Overall pull-up bar
Manufactured from premium steel, this door-leveraging bar is built to last courtesy of its indestructible build quality. A limited lifetime warranty helps its case. However, the bar proves its weight in value and performance, bundled with 12 grips and a series of handles for dynamic fitness training. Perform hammer grips, multiple leg raise variations and oblique curls without breaking the bank.
$26.69 at Amazon.com

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Bar

Best: Versatile pull-up bar
Praised for its ease of set-up and doorframe protection, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym offers incredible pull-up flexibility without damaging your walls. An adjustable design mated with a unique patented guard securely locks the bar into place. Get more from the system by turning it over to engage in some dip and sit-up action. A minimal footprint, perfect doorframe fitting and special design features that allow for L-bar attachments to be adjusted for vertical or horizontal positions make it the complete upper body workout device at an unbeatable price tag.
$32.25 at Amazon.com

Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin Up

Best: Affordable pull-up bar
This lightweight telescopic unit might seem basic, but what more do you need while traveling? Perfect for stashing in a duffel or carry-on bag, this bar is ideal for hotels and squeezing in quick workouts on the go. Even without mounting it to a doorframe with the included screws (hotel staff doesn’t love that), this bar will stay in place long enough to get you through your workout — barring American Ninja Warrior-grade antics; it’s not a salmon ladder — and out the door with pumped-up lats and biceps. Want to hit your chest and triceps? Simply install the bar lower down on the frame to use it for pushups and dips.
$12.15 at Amazon.com

Yes4All Wall Mount Chin Up Bar

Best: Wall-mounted pull-up bar
Designed to be used indoors and outside — a weatherproof powder coating helps protect the bar from the elements, including rust and erosion — this solid-steel unit won’t quit before you do — or likely ever, for that matter. Unlike most wall-mounted bars, this one offers multiple grip options to add variety to your training and allow seamless transitions from one hand position to the next.
$26.95 at Amazon.com

Ainfox Power Tower

Best: Pull-up tower
Occupying a roughly 30”x40” area, this tower is perfect for stashing a full-body workout into a small amount of space. Decked out with a pull-up bar, dip handles and a captain’s chair for ab work, this three-in-one setup, manufactured with a reinforced steel frame, can support up to 550 pounds. Just don’t let it become a coat rack.
$159.99 at Amazon.com

AHHC INC Dip Station

Best: Portable pull-up bar
They may not look like a pull-up bar in the traditional sense, but parallettes (or, simply, dips bars) are versatile training tools that, if you’re new to pull-ups, can help you strengthen your back for reps on a traditional bar. Lay on your back under one of the bars and grasp the horizontal portion with both hands to perform inverted rows with an overhand or underhand grip. For a neutral grip, position yourself between both bars with one hand on each. You’ll target your back while also taxing your biceps, forearms and grip strength—all essential for banging out a respectable set of pull-ups on a regular bar.
$54.99 at Amazon.com

Gorilla Gym Pull Up Bar Core Unit

Best: Grip-training pull-up bar
Around-the-worlds, eccentrics, L-sits, and wide grips — this lightweight bar was assembled for every pull-up variation that counts. Patented vice-grips get you up to three times more upper-body strengthening, balancing the unit for excessive swinging without doorframe slippage. Gorilla Gym includes a variety of plug-and-play attachments, which allows gym rats to box, run, swing, weight train, and practice yoga when necessary.
$89.95 at Amazon.com

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Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

Best: Hybrid pull-up bar
While marketed as a doorway bar, this exercise peripheral bears 4-in-1 capabilities that broaden its functionality to work as a grounded exercise tool. Perform upper body exercises in traditional fashion by jamming it in between passageways or plant your feet to execute triceps dips. Tone muscles more easily through the use of five grip positions, or take in a wider range of motion for push-up execution when hitting the floor.
$26.94 at Amazon.com

Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Best: Freestanding pull-up bar
Promoting a small floor footprint, the pull-up and dip tower is devised for convenience and stationary use with a freestanding layout that sits comfortably in any corner. Multiple exercise stations are attached to aid in the conditioning of both core and upper body muscles. Basic frame and grip alignment also eases beginners into their exercise routines. Another sweet perk of the machine is the option to use the bottom as push-up handles.
$99.96 at Amazon.com

Rogue Monster Flying Pull-Up Bar

Best: CrossFit pull-up bar
A CrossFitter’s wet dream, the Monster Flying bar “functions as a heavy-duty pull-up ladder” that aids athletes in improving their gymnastic strength and hand-eye coordination. The rig is positioned at a 45-degree angle, challenging muscle recruitment when advancing across all four pull-up bars. Master kipping pull-ups at some of the highest levels and keep that gut in check come holiday season.
$455 at RogueFitness.com

Titan T-2 Series Power Rack

Best: Full rack
Professional and rotund jocks looking to advance their exercise regimen have a machine scaled to their needs: the Titan T-2 Series, which doubles up on weight support at 700 lbs. Over 28 positions are made available with a roomy walk-in design that warrants plenty of side-to-side movement. Stellar craftsmanship promises long-term use.
$289.48 at Titanfitness.com

Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

Best: Ceiling pull-up bar
Then again, you might desire something more ergonomic to make the best use of your high ceilings? Here is an offering complete with 20-inch spaced parallel grips, mounting hardware and sturdy bars for elite, high-level workouts. Three grip positions help to target muscle areas over lengthy workouts. The gunmetal finish gives it enough of an elegant look to blend perfectly with your home décor. Lastly, the reversible Dual Position Risers let you mount this sucker anywhere to conserve floor space.
$79.95 at Amazon.com

Marcy Combo Smith Machine

Best: All-in-one gym
If the budget calls for something far more advanced than just a pull-up bar, go all out with this feature-filled personal gym. Engineered with 14-gauge steel tubing construction, it’s a near-indestructible piece of workout equipment, one that guarantees no-wobble usage when in pull-up mode. Take advantage of the two storage posts to store Olympic-sized weight plates — a huge plus for those venturing into weighted, low-rep sets.
$699.99 at Amazon.com

Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar

Best: Doorway pull-up bar
Amazon reviews favor this workout bar for its multi-workout properties. The home gym equipment experts offer a super-affordable workout bar that supports pull-ups, push-ups, crunches, and more. No screws are required for installation, as the device uses leverage to hold against the doorway. Narrow, wide and neutral grip positions come as part of the package to help shape upper body muscles. Once completing your aerial routine, hit the floor for some tricep dips while facing the opposite way.
$29.99 at Amazon.com

Useful Pull-Up Accessories

Whether you’re a total beginner looking to get started or a veteran bar star trying to find a new way to challenge yourself, these pull-up accessories are the place to start:

INTEY Pull-up Assist Bands: $29.99 at Amazon.com

letsgood Climbing Pull-Up Power Ball Grips: $25.99 at Amazon.com

RIMSports Premium Lifting Belt: $22.97 at Amazon.com

REEHUT Gymnastic Rings: $20.99 at Amazon.com

With a little tenacity – and the right equipment – your pull-up game will improve rapidly, and with it, your back strength, width and thickness.

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