“Don’t let fear determine your future. You were created for freedom!”

It’s Suzanne Banker’s mantra for life as well as barre class. She’s the owner of The Barre in Franklin, TN, just south of Nashville, and she knows just how to inspire and motivate her clients.

“I love BarreAmped because it’s so form focused. There are lots of great workouts out there, but unless you know proper form, technique, even how and when to breathe, you can end up injuring yourself. When I first started taking barre I quickly realised how little I thought about the muscle group I was targeting while working out. BarreAmped taught me what that mind-body connection is, and so many things clicked into place for me after that!”

Suzanne’s favorite BarreAmped class format to teach is Extreme Cardio Boot Camp – our form-focused cardio class utilizing high-intensity intervals. That’s why this month’s featured playlist is made for a BarreAmped Boot Camp class!

“I love the options BarreAmped offers. We have had so many clients join us because of the variety! Your body needs muscle confusion – cardio, strength, Tabata, stretching – to produce results, create muscle, and burn fat. It also keeps things interesting and somehow class just never gets easier, but you DO get stronger!”

“The other thing I love so much about BarreAmped is the ability to make each class your own through music! Nothing motivates me more than the perfect beat coming on at the perfect time! I love to have a class plan, but I’m flexible to let the song guide me into the next move. It helps the clients to connect to the move when they can flow with the beat. After all, we live in Music City so we have to BRING IT!” 😉

“With 19 instructors, we have a wide variety of genres, artists, and combinations so our clients never get bored. We like our music loud and pumped up during class, then the lights dim and we flow into acoustic covers or peaceful worship music for cool down. It’s that perfect time to breathe deeply, release the stress from your day, and take time for a little self-care. At that point, barre class becomes a sanctuary of peace, health, and community.”

“Women have lots of stressors and busyness in life, but I’ve never heard anyone walk out the doors saying, ‘I regret coming!’ They always feel like they took care of themselves so they can care for those they love better. BarreAmped is more than just a workout; it promotes mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well.”

Check out Suzanne’s inspiring BarreAmped Boot Camp Playlist on Spotify or stream below!

A Barre Workout Playlist to Pace Your Every Move

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Drawing on moves from ballet, yoga, and Pilates, barre has quickly risen in popularity to become one of the most beloved workouts. Total-body toning and lean muscle-building, barre exercises are also extremely versatile in that they can be performed at an individual pace, at varying intensities. (Get started with Barre3’s Signature Head-to-Toe Sculpting Workout.)

Since barre moves can provide a lot of flexibility (pun intended!), we crafted a playlist that does the same, drawing on different inspirations-from pop star Kylie Minogue to indie band Monsters and Men-and playing with a range of beats per minute (BPM).

In terms of pacing, each of the songs span from 105-130 BPM to suit both low impact and more strenuous routines. Pick out a few tracks below and use those to set the pace, or work your way through the whole playlist, mixing styles and tempos all the way along. The choice is yours.

Olly Murs & Flo Rida – Troublemaker – 108 BPM

BORNS – Electric Love – 120 BPM

Nicki Minaj, Drake & Lil Wayne – Truffle Butter – 105 BPM

Kylie Minogue – Into the Blue – 116 BPM

AWOLNATION – Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) – 120 BPM

Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks – 107 BPM

Charli XCX – Break the Rules – 125 BPM

M83 – Midnight City – 105 BPM

David Guetta & Skylar Grey – Shot Me Down – 129 BPM

Linkin Park & Steve Aoki – A Light That Never Comes – 116 BPM

To find more workout songs, check out the free database at Run Hundred. You can browse by genre, tempo, and era to find the best songs to rock your workout.

  • By Chris Lawhorn

5 Things to Expect from Your First Barre Class

So you’re thinking about trying a Barre class. Barre is a workout derivative of ballet barre. Using ballet barre techniques throughout your Barre class will provide you with incredible results. Barre is a cardio workout that is upbeat and high-energy. Convinced to give Barre class a try? Here are 5 things you can expect from your first Barre class at Everbalance:

1. A Core warm up– Each Barre class begins with a core warm up on the mat before heading to the barre. Expect to seriously work those core muscles!

2. A little weight lifting– Expect to use 2, 3, 5 and 6 pound weights for upper body and some core exercises. Barre workouts are always a full-body workout as well as focusing on specific muscle groups.

3. Expect to feel the burn– We like to call this the challenge zone! Once you start to get a burning sensation your Barre instructor will encourage you to stay in it as long as you can – all in good form of course! Feeling the burn is just one of the ways to maximize muscle exertion so eventually you will see results in muscle tone as well as burning a lot of calories.

4. An upbeat and high-energy workout– Barre class is choreographed to upbeat music which is motivating throughout your workout – a fun and entertaining way to get fit. Our instructors also use headsets to instruct class so you have the extra motivation and you will always be able to hear the instructions!

5. Soreness– After your first Barre class you will be sore! Expect it and prepare to counter it. Epsom salt baths are your best friend when tackling soreness. After a while it does go away slightly as you get stronger. We stretch all through out the class to help ease the tension and elongate the muscles.

What do I wear?

For your first Barre class you’ll want to wear comfortable athletic clothes that are not too baggy (especially top to avoid it riding up). Yoga pants and a tank top/fitted t-shirt will work great. Just keep in mind that your clothes should be easy to move around in and stretchy.

What do I need to bring to class?

For your first Barre class you will want to bring a yoga/pilates mat with you. Forgot your mat? The studio has plenty to borrow from. It is also suggested that you wear grippy socks for your safety. Don’t own a pair? The studio has them available for purchase. You may also want to bring a bottle of water. We sell bottled water in the lobby for $1 in case you forget as well as a water cooler to fill up your own cup!

What kind of Barre classes does Everbalance offer?

We offer a variety of Barre classes for all levels. If you’re a beginner to Barre try Barre Basics class. This class is perfect for beginners and is slower paced but still a challenging workout. You’ll learn the basics of Barre and work each muscle group through class. Feeling up for a challenge? Try Barre Cardio Fusion with Tetyana. This class offers a more cardio based workout and is choreographed to music perfect for someone looking to burn more calories. If you’re a yogi and you want to give Barre a go – try Yoga Barre Fusion. This class starts with power yoga flow for upper body and core, then continues with 20 min Barre choreography for lower body and ends with rewarding shavashana (mediation). Whether you are a complete beginner or very experienced in Barre, Everbalance has a class for you! Check out our class schedule here for more information.

Pure barre music playlist

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