Fashion Necklaces

Explore all the different fashion trends and styles such as infinity, religious, animal, geometric and heart necklaces.

Gold Necklaces

Gold chains are the staple piece to any outfit. They can be worn as an everyday piece, or dressed up with a pendant or charm to enhance a look. Layer gold necklaces in different lengths and styles to create a trendy layered look. Check out our chain page to learn more.

Chain Lengths

There are a variety of chain and necklace lengths for both women and men.

White Gold Necklaces

A white gold chain is silver in color and gives a crisp, cool look. White gold is actually yellow gold with rhodium plating. This simple hue can be worn with almost anything!

Rose Gold Necklaces

Rose gold necklaces are pinkish in color and are trending for their romantic appearance. This new look compliments many gemstones or can be worn as a rose gold chain to give your neck some shine.

Yellow Gold Necklaces

Yellow Gold Necklaces are a very traditional necklace worn by both women and men. Women’s gold chains can be layered with a pendant or charm to make it more classic and feminine. Men’s yellow gold chains have also been very popular to allow him to show his distinct style.

Sterling Silver necklaces

Like gold, pure silver is too soft to be used in jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry–such as sterling silver necklaces–must contain at least 92.5% pure silver, which is why it’s stamped as .925.


Keep your loved ones close with a locket necklace. Whether it’s a favorite quote, a picture, or a name, lockets are the perfect way to hold something close to your heart.

How do you layer necklaces?

The most important thing when wearing multiple necklaces is to vary the lengths. Check out how to layer necklaces to become a layering pro!


Chokers are a fashion trend that is making a major comeback both on the runway and in everyday life. Typically, a choker necklace is 14-16 inches and fits tightly against the base of the throat. Chokers are also a great starting point in a layering necklace combination. Start with a choker and add a longer necklace or two to give your look a tasteful yet dramatic punch.

Gemstone Necklace and Birthstone Necklace

Kay has a wide assortment of birthstone necklaces. We also offer other gemstone necklaces perfect for your next fashion piece like pearl, tanzanite or alexandrite. Many people opt to buying gemstone jewelry for their birth month, but you don’t have to limit yourself just to your birthstone. Gemstone necklaces make great fashion accessories as they come in so many tones.

Heart necklace

The most notable symbol for love, heart jewelry makes the perfect gift to show a loved one how much they mean to you. Find heart jewelry in popular collections such as Signature Heart, Center of me, Hallmark, Joining Hearts & Le Vian.

Women’s necklace

Complete any look with a perfect necklace for her. A great necklace can add the perfect touch to any outfit. At Kay Jewelers, we have women’s necklaces that make a great gift for anyone special to you. Gift a necklace for an anniversary, birthday, special event or just to convey how special she is to you.

Men’s necklaces

He wants something sophisticated and handsome. Our collection of men’s necklaces has just that. From stainless steel to yellow gold and more, our men’s necklaces come in a variety of unique styles and designs. Shop diamond necklaces for men in styles such as crosses and dog tags for a brilliant twist on his favorite looks. For a gift you know he’ll appreciate, our men’s necklaces are excellent for any occasion including birthdays, holidays or just because.

Men’s Titanium Necklaces

Incredibly lightweight and comfortable, yet strong, titanium men’s jewelry makes an ideal choice for daily wear. This beautiful metal won’t tarnish, so a titanium necklace will never lose its appeal.

Men’s Stainless Steel Necklaces

Stainless steel is less likely to rust and corrode than regular steel and other metals. It is similar to sterling silver but more strong and durable. The chromium present in stainless steel – generally at least 10.5% – resists oxidation, preventing rust or stains from appearing on the steel’s surface making stainless steel necklaces a strong choice for daily wear.

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