Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has the kind of beauty that is so striking you just stop and stare in amazement. She’s been a supermodel for more than 16 years for a reason. Besides being genetically-blessed, she’s supremely smart when it comes to skincare and makeup and has a keen sense of what she likes and doesn’t. She also does not take shortcuts when it comes to her beauty routine, which is far from simple. Although the 31-year-old makes it look completely effortless, she works hard to keep her “not perfect” skin and body in the best shape.

The bareMinerals beauty ambassador and owner of Rose Inc.—an editorial beauty and lifestyle platform—got candid about everyone’s biggest beauty misconception of her, her skin struggles, and her number-one product for getting that glow. Consider this your sneak peek inside her beauty diary, ahead.

Her Skin Is “Constantly Going Through It”—Here’s How She Cares For It

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A quick scroll through Huntington-Whiteley’s Instagram feed will make you want to comment heart eyes under all her pictures. After doing just that right before complimenting Huntington-Whiteley on her “amazing skin,” she got really really real with me. “I would like to thank you for your compliment about having amazing skin—I’m glad it appears that way from the outside,” she told me. “I have a skin-first, makeup-second approach because I struggle with my skin. It’s not perfect. It’s constantly going through it—I have good weeks, bad weeks, good months, bad months, good years, and bad years. It’s been that way since I was a teenager. Being a model for the last 16 years, I’ve realized that it’s a part of my job to show up with my skin looking as healthy as possible. So I’m really diligent with my skincare routine. I get regular facials and now that I’m in my 30s there’s really no such thing as putting my face in the sun anymore. I try and wear a SPF everyday.”

She Masters Glowy Skin With a Very Unexpected Product

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A post shared by Rosie HW (@rosiehw) on Dec 15, 2018 at 8:15pm PST

That glow of hers—let’s talk about it. You’re going to be surprised at the product she swears by for luminous and glowy skin because it gets a bad rap in the beauty world for doing the complete opposite. Powder foundation. Yep, powder—the bareMinerals Original Loose Powder Mineral Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 to be exact. Like everyone else, Huntington-Whiteley was skeptical at first and thought powder foundation would give her dull skin. She stands corrected. “When I first tried it I was like, how is a powder ever going to give me coverage?” she says. “I thought it would make me look cakey and dry—it’s completely the opposite. It makes my skin look really luminous and glowy. Plus, the powder is mineral-based, which means it’s as clean as it can be.” She went on to talk about how it’s her travel companion because it’s “lazy girl makeup—all you have to do is take a big buffer brush and swirl it around on your face to buff it onto your skin.”

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A post shared by Rosie HW (@rosiehw) on Dec 14, 2018 at 12:26pm PST

Huntington-Whiteley prefers gel-based moisturizers over creams—her skin absorbs them better. Her favorite: bareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Sleeping Gel Cream. “It’s full of hyaluronic acid, so it’s super hydrating and plumping,” the model explains. “I wish I got eight or nine hours of sleep every night, but that doesn’t always happen, so this is an amazing product to put on before bed. When I wake up, I look like I’ve had a full night’s sleep. It’s also amazing to apply before dreaded red eyes, which suck the life out of my skin.”

As for those beautifully shaped brows of hers—which she admitted she never leaves the house without grooming—she relies on an eyebrow gel. “I’ve been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Eyebrow Gel for so long. I’ve tried a lot of eyebrow gels, but this one truly holds my brows down,” she notes. Same, though—I’ve been swearing by this brow gel for years because it’s magnificent. And if you’re wondering which lipsticks she always reaches for, bareMinerals Barepro Longwear Lipsticks are her favorites for very relatable reasons. “They’re weightless, sweat-proof, waterproof, and kid-proof,” Whiteley, mom of 2-year-old Jack, shares. “I can apply it at the beginning of my day and forget about having to touch-up. I’m a girl that’s on-the-go, and I don’t want to be checking myself in the mirror all the time.” And let all the hustlers say amen!

Shop the Supermodel’s Favorite Beauty Products

bareMinerals Barepro Longwear Lipstick $20.00 Anastasia Beverly Hills Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel $22.00 bareMinerals Original Loose Powder Mineral Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 $31.00 bareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Eye Gel Cream $32.00

Her Beauty Routine Is Equal Parts Zen and Effective

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A post shared by Rosie HW (@rosiehw) on Jul 4, 2018 at 1:09am PDT

In the morning, Huntington-Whiteley loves spending time getting ready before her obligations start. “I run warm water in my sink, then take a washcloth and soak my face for a good 20 seconds, breathe it in, and wake my face up,” she says, which sounds like at an at-home spa treatment I’m trying immediately. “Then, I’ll cleanse and moisturize. I’ll adjust my skincare routine accordingly depending on what’s going on with my skin and where I am in the world.” As for her bedtime beauty rituals, she’s a nighttime shower-slash-bather (she switches it up based on how she feels). “I like to wash away the day, and I prefer to exfoliate in the evenings,” she explains. “I feel like my skin truly gets clean, and I’ve removed all of the dead skin cells. I also exfoliate my lips, then apply a lip balm. I love Aquaphor because it stays on throughout the whole night. I finish up with whatever products I’m using at the moment, put my hair into a scrunchie, and get into bed.”

She Chooses Not to Follow Beauty Trends

“I would never associate myself with somebody that is drawn to beauty trends,” she shares. “When it comes to beauty, I’m drawn to products that are going to make me feel the best. I want to look radiant, natural, and glowy. Interestingly, now being in my 30s and getting to work with so many incredible makeup artists, I’m slightly more open to experimenting with makeup,” adding that she’d be up for a navy blue or red eyeliner, and playing around with bolder lip colors. “I adore makeup, but I think skincare is really key.”

She Wants Everyone to Stop Thinking Her Beauty Is “Effortless”

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A post shared by Rosie HW (@rosiehw) on Sep 25, 2018 at 4:27pm PDT

During our discussion, Huntington-Whiteley makes it clear that she does not wake up like this. True beauty requires work and effort to feel beautiful on the inside and out—it’s called self-care, ladies and gents, which is something the model is very serious about. “People’s biggest misconception of me is that a picture of me is exactly how I look all the time, which is not the case,” she says. “I have to be really diligent with my skincare routine. I train really hard to stay in good shape. My beauty is not effortless, and I don’t want it to be. I would definitely call myself high-maintenance so that I can look low-maintenance.”

Her Trick for Getting a Stunning Selfie Is Actually a Lot of Work

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A post shared by Rosie HW (@rosiehw) on Jan 2, 2019 at 12:27pm PST

A good photo requires you to try hard, too.”If you want the truthful answer, the secret to a good selfie is having about 30 minutes and taking at least 50 photographs, while walking around to find the best light,” she unabashedly shares. “Anyone who has a great looking Instagram knows it is far from effortless. For me, Instagram is the front of my business. It’s my portfolio of my work and my life. As a professional in the creative world we live in, it’s important to make your page represent you and the life you’re wishing to pursue.”

That said, Huntington-Whiteley acknowledges that sometimes all the Instagram perfection can be bad for you. “You have to remember that Instagram is not always a true representation of one’s life,” she says. “People only share the good, pretty, and fun bits on Instagram. It’s really easy to get sucked down a hole and feel less than good when you come off the app. I do really think that choosing to follow people and sites that make you feel good and inspire you is really important. Unfollow people that don’t make you feel good. Avoid the explore page because it’s not going to make you feel good. I’ve been there, done that, you go down a rabbit hole. There are lots of great things about social media, but it’s really important for young girls to take it all with a pinch of salt, put the phone down sometimes, and be IRL, as the millennials would say.”

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Maya Allen Digital Beauty Editor Maya Allen is the Digital Beauty Editor at where she covers makeup, skincare, haircare, wellness, you name it!

10. Eye Cream:

bareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Eye Gel Cream

bareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Eye Gel Cream: “I’m absolutely obsessed with bareMinerals Skinlongevity Eye Cream. I became the face of bareMinerals in the summer last year and they’re one of my favourite natural brands because really they’re like the OG of clean beauty. I love this eye cream because it’s really soft and gentle and very, very cooling. I like to use my ring finger. This is the most gentle of your fingers.”

11. Face Mist:

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence: “Then I like to finish it off with this product from Tata Harper. It’s obviously really hydrating, very cooling, it smells incredible and it just sets everything and makes you look really dewy and luminous to walk around the house in.”

Rosie’s Skin Treatments

Control Corrective Sulfur Calming Mask

Control Corrective Sulfur Calming Mask: “There is one mask I really like; it’s Control Corrective’s Sulfur Calming Mask. It’s a drying mask, good for getting rid of any impurities.”

Light Therapy:

LightStim for Wrinkles LED Light Therapy Device

LightStim for Wrinkles LED Light Therapy Device: “There’s a thing called the LightStim, which I’m obsessed with at the moment. It’s at my dermatologist, Dr. Lancer’s office, and it is basically a LED light, which is so rejuvenating for the skin. It’s great for collagen and bringing back all the nutrients that you need in your face. I’ve found it to be a really good thing.”


Shani Darden: ” true skin saviour. She has a no-nonsense attitude. You are in and out in an hour, and you are glowing!”

Rosie’s Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle

Nigma Talib, ND: “Right now I’m on Nigma’s plan, which is: no dairy, no gluten, no sugar and no alcohol! And it’s been really tough, it is, it’s been transformative for me. Once you change some things in your diet and you remove certain things you’re going to see a difference in your skin and a difference in your well-being.”


“I drink so much water you wouldn’t believe and find that it has so many benefits, not only for my skin but for general well-being, dealing with jet-lag and weight loss. Water is the key to so much. I believe many of the issues we have with our bodies are down to dehydration.”


Body By Simone and Ballet Bodies: “Beauty for me is about a good workout routine. I’m a fitness fanatic. It’s where everything starts for me. is not for the faint of heart! I love it—the music is blasting; it’s kind of my new nightclubbing.”

Personal Trainers:

Justin Gelband and Toby Huntington-Whiteley: “The majority of clients are Victoria’s Secret Angels, so he’s obviously doing something right. When I’m in London, I train with my brother, who is a personal trainer. I am flying all of the time and always jet-lagged, so it’s important that my body is strong and healthy.”


“I see massage as part of my exercise routine. I work out quite aggressively, and it’s really important for me to have that time for my body as well.”

Shop Rosie’s Skincare Routine

What do you think of Rosie’s skincare routine and diet?
Have you tried any of the products she uses?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Told Us All Her Beauty Secrets

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A post shared by Rose Inc. (@roseinc) on Jul 4, 2019 at 4:55am PDT

Who doesn’t have a girl crush on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? She’s completely angelic, hilariously funny, super down to earth, a dedicated businesswoman and mother, and talented actress and model – and she does all of that while always looking incredibly stylish! And don’t even get us started on her bone structure, flawless brows, and gorgeous lips!

Starting out as a model, then starring in movies and brand campaigns, Rosie told us she wanted to do something more, so set out to create her own hugely successful lingerie collection (we have a few sets ourselves). But Rosie didn’t stop there, she told us, “I’ve been fortunate to work with so many incredible people during my years in the hair and makeup chair, which is why I started Rose Inc., so I could share the knowledge they’ve given to me.” And that’s exactly what she’s done with her online magazine full of epic industry secrets, interviews with experts, and a whole ton of Rosie exclusive content – ‘beauty from the insider out,’ as they put it.

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A post shared by Rosie HW (@rosiehw) on May 6, 2019 at 10:33pm PDT

Having had hundreds of makeup gurus paint her face, Rosie knows what she’s talking about when it comes to makeup and beauty! So, we asked her all our burning questions on her skin routine, makeup and hair tips, and more…

Check out our chat with Rosie:

Rosie on Skincare:

1. What’re your 3 fave skincare products you never travel without?

Rosie: Sunscreen, Lano 101 Ointment (for dry lips and cuticles), and Bioderma Sensibio micellar water.

2. Do you ever use drugstore skincare?

Rosie: If my skin starts to become oilier than usual, I like to use witch hazel as a gentle toner.

3. What are the best lessons you’ve been taught by skincare experts/derms/ makeup artists?

Rosie: One of my favourite lessons is that if you’re wearing bronzer, dusting just a little bit on your eyelids will bring the whole look together.

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A post shared by Rose Inc. (@roseinc) on Jul 25, 2019 at 4:13pm PDT

4. What beauty brand do people need to know more about?

Rosie: Biossance is an incredible skin-care brand. I love the science and sustainability behind their products, and I love that they use clean ingredients.

4. Are you as obsessed with beauty tools as we are?

Rosie: I love a good eyelash curler. Using one takes only a few seconds, really, but it makes all the difference.

Rosie on Makeup:

1. What’s your everyday makeup look?

Rosie: I love to play with makeup, but if I’m in a rush, I can be ready in 10 minutes. I favor a little warmth in the cheeks, groomed brows, glowing skin, and typically a nude or neutral lip. Nothing too “done” for everyday. This video is a cheat sheet for one of my go-to looks:

2. What are your makeup tips for glowy skin?

Rosie: It all starts with skincare. If your skin is well-moisturized, then you can use less makeup to achieve a glow. From there, I love to mix some Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Glow Drops into my foundation for an all-over glow, and lately, I’ve been using Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow to give my cheekbones a dewy look. I tend to avoid anything with an overly frosty finish.

3. What are your go-to makeup products?

Rosie: Tinted moisturizer, Bioderma or Lano lip balm as a base for my lip colour, Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzer, Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, and lately, Sunnies Face lip color.

4. What makeup trend are you currently loving?

Now that we’re heading into autumn, I’m feeling a lot of moodier colors – silvery green, midnight blue, deep copper – on the eyes for evening.

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A post shared by Rosie HW (@rosiehw) on Sep 21, 2019 at 7:20am PDT

5. What piece of makeup or beauty advice surprised you the most?

Rosie: I am constantly learning. That’s what I love most about the creativity that comes from the artistry within makeup. I feel I have learned so much over my career as a model but even more so since the launch of Rose Inc., as I’m interviewing and filming so many incredible women, artists, and experts. Everyone’s approach to their beauty routine is unique and different and there is always a tip or product to learn about. Researching skin is a true passion of mine as I’m in constant pursuit to solve my own skin issues. My biggest revelation this year has been the benefits of using non-comedogenic and oil-free products. I religiously cross-check my skincare and makeup products against a list of pore-clogging ingredients and remove any that contain them. My skin has cleared up dramatically after suffering with acne for well over a year. Its been a game-changer for me.

6. What’s your ultimate hero product and who is your hero?

Rosie: Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. This is the most beautiful foundation I have ever worn. My hero is my son, Jack.

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A post shared by Rosie HW (@rosiehw) on Sep 9, 2019 at 4:39pm PDT

Rosie on Hair:

1. How do you keep your hair looking so healthy and glossy?

Rosie: I am a faithful user of Olaplex No. 3 to keep my hair strong, and Malibu Blondes helps keep my blonde from looking dull.

2. What hairstyling hacks can you not live without?

Rosie: If I’m creating a sleek hairstyle, I mist a little hairspray on my fingers, then smooth down flyaways. This keeps even the tiniest hairs in place, but it doesn’t leave my hair feeling shellacked.

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A post shared by Rosie HW (@rosiehw) on Jul 19, 2019 at 6:50pm PDT

Rosie on Business:

1. What have you learned since starting Rose Inc.?

Rosie: So much. I never imagined I’d be learning the ins and outs of web analytics, for instance, but now I understand more about page views and unique visitors than I ever thought possible. More than that, though, I’ve found that if you listen to your audience and create a strong team, you can accomplish incredible things. For instance, we hadn’t originally anticipated holding a makeup Master Class in our first year. Maybe, I thought, in our second year. But our audience was asking for real-life experiences, and so we made it happen—and it was incredibly successful. That taught me not to impose artificial limits on what’s possible. Anything is possible if you’re willing to work hard and think creatively.

2. How do you balance running your beauty empire among everything else you do?

Rosie: Time management is a large part of the answer. I’ve learned not to waste time, to be decisive, and to focus on what’s essential. But the other part of the answer is that I trust the members of my team to draw on their expertise, and I listen to their recommendations when it’s time to make decisions. I know I can’t do everything alone, but together, we can accomplish more.

3. Which business women/beauty moguls inspire you?

Rosie: I admire women who know their worth and the value of their ideas – and who aspire to lift all women up with their own success. Cassandra Grey, Pat McGrath, Emily Weiss, Maria Hatzistefanis, and of course, Huda are all inspirations to me.

We don’t know about you, but we just fell even deeper in love, and just learned some pretty bomb beauty tips! Let us know your fave tip in the comments below.



“Clean products are hugely important to me, hence why I’ve put my face to bareMinerals. They’re the OG’s, and have been peddling the power of natural for 25 years, way before it was ever a trend. What’s more, the formulations work and the colours are beautiful. Skin wise at the moment, I’m loving the Glow Highlighter Drops. In the shade Joy, it works as an illuminating blush by imparting a sheer but prettifying pink sheen. Do I stick it to clean all the time in everything? No, I’m more 80/20. I make the best choices that I can in the moment, and I try to eat and use clean products at home. I’m traveling so much so I always try and follow by the rule of being as clean as I can when I’m at home. And then, when I’m out and about, or I’m at work or I’m traveling, it’s kind of whatever goes.”


“I always take my makeup off, no matter what time of day it is. As soon as I get home from work or from a night out, before I go to bed. The ritual is ingrained – and rightly so!”

BURO. recommends

Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O Micellar Water, £10.80

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Shared Her Full Nighttime Skin-Care Routine

Photo: Karwai Tang / Getty Images

In unfair news, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s gorgeous skin isn’t just a product of Photoshop. The model shared a “Get Unready with Me”-style YouTube video in which her glow stayed intact after she removed her makeup. Thankfully she shared her entire skin-care routine in the video, so you can rip off her entire regimen for a model-worthy glow.

Throughout the video, Huntington-Whiteley gives all the details on her skin, noting that she recently cut out eggs and dairy to prevent acne and has found it’s helped. (Here’s more on her diet.) She also favors clean products, though it’s worth noting there’s no standardized definition of what “clean” means. The model called out a few under-$15 options, but, in general, she’s not going for bargains-the products add up to more than $400. The video is worth a full watch, but read on for the breakdown of all the products she mentioned.

1. Cleanse

Huntington-Whiteley goes for a double cleanse. After pulling her hair out of the way with Slip silk scrunchies, she removes her eye makeup using Bioderma Sensibio H2O. Huntington-Whiteley explains in the video that she loves that the cult classic micellar water doesn’t irritate her sensitive eyes. When her eye makeup’s being stubborn, she’ll use Kopari Coconut Balm.

Once her eye makeup’s gone, she’ll soak a face towel in lukewarm water and press it into her skin. For cleanse number two, she’ll apply iS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser. “It’s warming, so you can kind of almost apply a little bit like a mask and leave it on for a few minutes and it warms up with your skin, so all of the amazing ingredients get a chance to kind of sink into your skin,” she explained in the video.

2. Tone

Next, Huntington-Whiteley applies Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Rose with a cotton round to remove every last trace of the milk cleanser. The Italian alcohol-free toner contains rosewater, which has potential skin-soothing benefits. (Related: Is Rosewater the Secret to Healthy Skin?)

3. Treat

Once her skin has been thoroughly cleansed, Huntington-Whiteley will use Lanolips 101 Strawberry Ointment to hydrate her lips. It’s formulated with lanolin, a wax that’s sourced from sheep’s wool. Might sound weird, but it’s been shown to help skin retain moisture. (Related: 10 Moisturizing Lip Products That Go Way Beyond Basic Balm)

Next comes iS Clinical Super Serum, a brightening vitamin C serum, followed by bareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Eye Gel Cream. (Huntington-Whiteley is the current face of bareMinerals.) Finally, she applies Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence. FYI, the main purpose of an essence is to boost hydration, and Huntington-Whiteley’s pick contains hyaluronic acid, which can hold 1,000 times its weight in water. (Now that you know Huntington-Whiteley’s routine, here’s what her esthetician puts on her face every day.)

  • By Renee Cherry @reneejcherry

Read More

Sensitive eyes are common enough, and for regular makeup wearers can become quite an annoying issue to have.

You can imagine then that if mascara and long wear liner are a complaint from someone with a regular routine, what must it be like if you’re a top model wearing it all the time?

Well we were impressed to see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley speak out about her own way of tackling the problem, and that she uses an everyday pharmacy buy to deal with it.

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@vanityfair Oscar Party 💎

A post shared by Rosie HW (@rosiehw) on Feb 26, 2019 at 1:48pm PST

Rosie looked sensational at Monday’s Daily Front Row Fashion Awards in LA (up top).

Wearing raspberry Oscar de la Renta and a pair of Jimmy Choo’s the model Mum of one never puts a style foot wrong in what she wears or the beauty look has nailed to perfection.

We know she’s a fan of brands like Hourglass, Caudalie, Chanel and indeed her own line Rose Inc. so what is this everyday beauty she uses for her sensitive eyes?

Pic: Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water, €5.75/100ml

It’s one we all love for makeup removal, Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water.

For us, the micellar water is a hero product, and like Rosie we discovered its powers many years ago, bringing bottles of it back in suitcases from trips to the French capital.

When it launched here in Irish pharmacies it was like all our Christmases had come at once. And so it seems Rosie is big a fan as we are of the very popular makeup remover. See her explain her love of the magic water below.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Rose Inc. (@roseinc) on Feb 19, 2019 at 11:56am PST

The great thing about Bioderma makeup remover is that is designed for sensitive eyes and skin so it should never sting or upset such delicate and intolerant skin.

And it comes in different sizes that offer great value so you can buy a large bottle for your dresser and a travel size for trips or weekends away.

We wouldn’t be without it tbh, pharmacies nationwide, prices start at €5.50.

Photo: Courtesy of Rio Viera-Newton.

I’ve long lusted after Hourglass’s Scattered Light Eyeshadow in the shade Aura, ever since I first saw it in a Get Ready With Me video featuring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She said that the product was one of her all-around favorite eye shadows for elevating her daytime makeup look. I could see why: in the video, the shadow gave her eyes a soft pink, pearlescent twinkle that was neither too glittery, nor too metallic. It looked like something I could wear for work meetings, going out, and special occasions, and I needed to own it immediately. I hustled over to Sephora, gave it a swatch on my forearm, and was thrilled to discover it looked just as gorgeous on my body as it did on the camera. Then I looked at the price tag, where I saw the bad news: it was $29. Not for a whole palette. For the single color.

I should note that I firmly believe there are a lot of Hourglass products worth investing in. Its $46 Vanish Foundation Brush and $48 Ambient Light Finishing Powder are absolute staples that I will never stop blowing my paycheck on. But I couldn’t justify spending that much on a single eye shadow that cost more than my ten-shade “Treasure” palette from Ohii. So I held off.

A couple weeks later, I went to Ulta to swatch some potential dupes for the pricey Aura shade from Colourpop — I’d heard great things about the brand’s affordable eye shadows in the past from the makeup artist Harriet Hatfeld, who is the cohost of my favorite beauty podcast Full Coverage. When I tried its $6 Super Shock Wave Eyeshadow in the shade “Frog,” I gasped — really, I did! Just like the Aura, this shadow gave off a super-buildable, subtle-but-beautifully prismatic shimmer — something you could wear as easily to a meeting as you could on your actual wedding day. Once I got it home, I realized I actually prefer Colourpop’s formula to Hourglass’s — it’s creamier, more blendable, and doesn’t get glitter anywhere except where you want to get glitter (your eyelids).

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow $4 (was $6, now 33% off)

This is something I’ve ended up wearing almost every day since, as part of my daily no-makeup makeup routine. I love it so much that, in the weeks since, I’ve gone back to Ulta and purchased several other colors: “Ripple” a cool toned violet, “Amaze” a rose gold, and “Bae” a dark purple-y blue. This isn’t just a perfect dupe: it’s a perfect, perfectly priced, daily-wear eye shadow.

The Strategist is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape. Some of our latest conquests include the best acne treatments, rolling luggage, pillows for side sleepers, natural anxiety remedies, and bath towels. We update links when possible, but note that deals can expire and all prices are subject to change.

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