Stamina Rotating Handle Set (Chrome, Red, Black)

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These Rotating Pull Up Handles can be utilized with a door gym, power tower, or other stable pull up bar. Just hang the Rotating Pull Up Handles out of your stable pull up bar and they’re able to be used. Easy to take along for workouts away from home. Revolving grip trains major muscles and stabilizing muscles in arms, shoulders, back, and chest. Supports users as much as 250 lbs. Includes two rotating pull up handles; Use along with your pull up bar to create an excellent workout; Rotating handles assist you to do pull usaand chin usain one exercise, maximizing strength and efficiency; Solid steel construction for durability; Padded handles for firm grip and comfort; Portable; Works with standard size pull up or chin up bars; Supports as much as 250 lbs.; Use with a door gym, power tower,or other stable pull up bar
Includes two rotating pull up handles
Use along with your pull up bar to create an excellent workout
Rotating handles assist you to do pull usaand chin usainone exercise, maximizing strength and effciency
Solid steel construction for durability
Padded handles for firm grip and comfor

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Al Kavadlo’s Blog

There’s a street hustle in parts of Europe where passersby are offered the chance to win 100 euro if they can hang from a bar for two minutes.

To play the game, an entry fee of 10 euro is required, which seems like a small price to pay if you’re confident in your ability to hang.

The only problem is that nobody ever wins. That’s what makes it such an effective hustle.

A two-minute bar hang is no easy task, but it’s something that any serious calisthenics practitioner can accomplish.

So what’s the catch? How come nobody wins the 100 euro?

The answer is simple, but hardly noticeable upon first glance, hence the effectiveness of the con: The bar they have you hang from is very thick and – more importantly – it rotates.

Perhaps you’re thinking that a little bit of spin shouldn’t make it harder to hang. That’s what I thought, too, which is precisely why people fall for this game.

As The Bar Turns
I recently found myself in London teaching a Progressive Calisthenics Certification workshop at The Commando Temple, a fantastic place for calisthenics training, and home to some very serious grip enthusiasts. In fact, their head calisthenics coach and PCC Team Leader, Fitsz Dubova, is also a world-record holding grip strength competitor.

During one of the breaks at PCC, Fitsz showed me a pair of rotating handles that can be hung below a standard pull-up bar. Then he had me try to hang from them, so I could see for myself how they felt.

Fitsz demonstrates a one arm pull-up at PCC

I was immediately surprised by how tough it was to hold onto the rotating handles, but I was still able to hang for a bit in spite of the increased difficulty.

Then Fitsz challenged me to try hanging from it on one arm.

On a standard bar, I can hang for a minute or longer on one hand, but on this thick, rotating apparatus, I was barely able to hang for two seconds!

Though I was intrigued, I didn’t get much time to play around with the revolving handles that weekend. After I returned home to NYC, however, I began thinking about them again.

I started looking around online, and came across an article on Jedd Johnson’s blog detailing how to make your own rotating grip handles. Then I went to my local hardware store and got everything I needed to assemble my own revolving pull-up bar handles.

Each handle consists of two pieces of PVC pipe – one inside of the other – with a foot and a half of chain threaded through and attached to a climbing strap with a carabiner. Placing one piece of pipe inside of the other is what causes the handles to rotate smoothly. They are cheap and easy to assemble.

Roll With It
Training with these handles has been a humbling experience. I’m no stranger to thick bar pull-ups, but the rotating nature of these handles makes them very tough to hold onto. I have pretty strong hands from decades of doing pull-ups on various types of bars, and I’ve messed around with a few kinds of grip boards and other climber’s training tools. Those of you who follow my blog also know that I recently started training to rip decks of cards in half. All of these things offer their own unique challenges, but these rotating thick grips are one of the most difficult grip tools I’ve encountered over the years.

If you have a very strong grip, you might not notice right away how much harder it is to hold onto a rotating bar or rotating handles, but as soon as you begin to fatigue, it will become immediately apparent.

Think about what you do when you are hanging from a bar and start to lose your grip. Most people instinctively try to choke their hands up a bit higher on the bar for more surface contact and improved leverage.

When you try to do this on a rotating handle, however, it just spins right back to where it was, forcing you to grip from a position of unfavorable leverage. It’s impossible to utilize any type of false grip on a bar that turns.

On top of that, these 2-inch grips are too think for most people to wrap their hand completely around, which makes the idea of hanging for two minutes that much more daunting.

Though I usually prefer to grip with my thumb on the same side of the bar as the rest of my fingers, as I feel that gives me the best leverage, I’ve been practicing pull-ups and hangs on these handles with my thumb wrapped around the other side in order to purposely increase the grip challenge.

I can hang from a standard pull-up bar for close to four minutes, but so far I’ve yet to stay on these handles for a full 60 seconds.

If I ever get to two minutes, I’ll be ready to try and win that 100 euro.

Watch the clip below to see my max set of pull-ups on these revolving pull-up handles:

A post shared by Al Kavadlo (@al_kavadlo) on Jul 1, 2017 at 10:45am PDT

Obstacle Course, Ninja Warrior, and Grip Training Equipment 

Two of our OCR training products that were inspired by Spartan Race obstacles are the Grip Wheel and the Beater Bar. The Grip Wheel is like a rotating pull up bar with two independently rotating grip elements. The hand grips are a high-performance foam over a steel tube that rotate on bushings, making usage easy on your hands. You can use pronated grip (overhand grip) or supinated grip (underhand grip) to rotate the hand grip elements. Either way, you get an intense upper body and core workout. You can also straddle the Grip Wheel to emulate the Spartan Twister obstacle for training for your next Spartan Race.

The Beater Bar can also be used for Spartan Beater obstacle training. The Spartan Beater obstacle is part of the multi-rig usually found at the Spartan Beasts. We designed the Beater Bar in response to a request from an Spartan SGX coach who wanted a Spartan Beater obstacle training tool. Our Beater Bar has a rotating element with three rigidly attached 1.5 inch diameter tubes. The grip surface is zinc-plated for corrosion resistance. Like the Grip Wheel, you can use pronated grip (overhand grip) or supinated grip (underhand grip) to rotate the tubes. The Beater Bar forces you to work one arm against over the other and is an intense upper body and forearm workout.

Both the Beater Bar and Grip Wheel can be attached to any 1.38” or smaller pull up bar, monkey bar, or pull up rack (i.e. squat rack) and include a safety bar to keep them in place. Both also spin freely with no resistance: resistance is from both holding and stabilizing your bodyweight.

Yes4All Rotating Pull Up Handles for Home Gym – Support up to 300 lbs (Pair)

Take your intense pull-up training to the next level with Yes4All Rotating Pull up Handles! Constructed of heavy-gauge steel, Yes4All Pull up Bar Handles can withstand more strength and weight without being out of shape, broken or damaged for max support up to 300lbs. Feature with soft, comfortable, and tear-resistant foam grip, the Pull up Bar Handles can withstand the load of your weights & movements without causing any abrasion or pain. The special design comes with smooth 360-degree rotation to help you rotate your wrists to complete more challenging pull-up exercise variations. In addition, the rubber-padding interior provides good vibration absorptions, as well as prevents the Rotating Pull up Handles from sliding when training. Take seconds to assemble Yes4All Rotating Pull up Handles into your door gym, power tower, or any stable pull-up bar with 1.5-inch diameter or less using the locking pin. You can space the handles to your preferred width or quickly change between narrow and wide grip pull-ups. Now with the help of Yes4All Rotating Pull up Handles, you can pump up your arms, tone your shoulders, and engage more muscles compared to practicing with an ordinary pull-up bar. • Sold in set of TWO Rotating Pull up Handles• Material: Solid steel Pull up Bar Rotating Handles• Handle’s dimensions: 5.5 inch length x 1.5 inch diameter• Max weight capacity: Support up to 300lbs• Compatible with any door gym, power tower, or stable pull up bar with 1.5-inch diameter or less• Rubber interior helps stabilize the handles & prevent slipping• Smooth 360-degree rotation for maximizing strength and efficiency• Revolving grip trains major muscles and stabilizes muscles in arms, shoulders, back, and chest• Foam padded handles provide a firm and comfortable grip• Rotating Pull up Handles are ideal for chin-ups, pull-ups, triceps dips, and more• Regularly exercise with Pull up Bar Rotating Handles can help sculpt core muscles, strengthen arms, chest, back and shouldersWARRANTY1-year warranty and 60-day return

Rotating pull up handles

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