Caren Original Ruby Crystal Natural Nail Care System

#1 natural nail care system in the world. Are you a nail biter? Are you recovering from damaging effects of acrylic nails? Why have the huge expense and time consuming effort of fake nails that severely damage your precious nails? Ruby crystal nail care products will help to get your nails back into great shape and healthy looking in no time. You will be thrilled at how easy and inexpensive it is to have beautiful, natural nails. You will never want acrylics again. illed at how easy and inexpensive it is to have beautiful, natural nails. You will never want acrylics again. The ruby crystal nail care kit comes in a beautiful travel case and contains everything you need, including: ruby crystal stone file, a revolutionary nail file like no other. Thousands of synthetic ruby crystals are bonded together to form a unique stone surface for filing and shaping nails. Filing in both directions (unlike traditional nail files that weaken nails and cause microscopic cuts), the dust from the ruby crystal file embeds in the nail edge to help prevent splitting and strengthen the nail as it grows; ruby crystal has 3 buffer pads: buffer #1 is for cleaning, and should be used once a month; buffer #2 is for conditioning, and should be used twice monthly; buffer #3 will dramatically shine and seal your nails, giving them a finished look in minutes. Ruby crystal cuticle oil pen helps keep cuticles soft and supple with nutrient rich conditioning oil. Ruby crystal calcium roll-on is formulated especially for thin, fragile nails to promote flexibility and to strengthen them, infusing nails with calcium, aloe vera and other nutrients. Ruby crystal whitener pencil whitens the underside of your nail, for a perfect, American or French style manicure, without the need for polish.… read more

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Happy Friday, beauties!!
Do you struggle with damaged, brittle, thin, weak, dull nails? Are you a nail bitter like myself? Are you trying to get your nails stronger, shinier, heather, and longer?
I have the purrrrrrfect kit to help you out, girlfriend! Or guy friend? Haha
This is the Ruby Crystal Nail Care Kit:

This nail care kit is the! Is that something the kids still say? Am I hip?
I got this nail care kit from for $23.90. It’s currently sold out (not surprising to me in the least), but you can find the same kit right here for $29.95:

Of course, HSN has a better deal, and threw in a free gift, because that’s how the Home Shopping sites work, but for a few dollars more, it’s very much worth it to me! If you want the better deal, then I suggest checking in with every once in a while to see if the status changes HERE:

I’ll break down what the kit includes. Note: These are all FULL SIZE products.

  • Ceramic stone nail file
  • #1 Cleansing buffer
  • #2 Structuring buffer pad
  • #3 Sealing buffer pad
  • .34 fl.oz. Calcium roll-on
  • .7 oz. Cuticle oil pen
  • .08 oz. Nail whitener pen
  • Travel/Storage bag

I use this system to prep and beautify my nails before I give myself a manicure, or even when I’m rocking a natural nail and want to keep them strong and shining!
You are supposed to use these products in a specific order, which is why some of the products are numbered for you!
The order in which I listed the products above is the order in which you use them.

  • Use the ceramic stone nail filer to shape the nails without damaging them. Dust from the crystals of the filer help to prevent the nail from splitting
  • Use Cleansing buffer #1 to buff and gently exfoliate your nails to allow the following buffers to disperse their benefits evenly
  • Structuring buffer #2 smooths the nails and disperses beneficial vitamins to the nails
  • Sealing buffer pad #3 leaves an incredible high-gloss, natural shine on the nails
  • The calcium roll-on contains calcium and vitamins for thinner nails while helping to hydrate and strengthen nails
  • Use the Cuticle oil pen to gently push cuticles back while keeping them soft and supple, without damaging the nail surface. The moistened tip directly releases necessary oils to the cuticle
  • Use the Nail Whitener pen to color the underside of the nail to give yourself a natural french-manicure look while diminishing dark spots, lines, creases, and reshapes the nail line.

After using this nail care system, I apply my Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat that I have previously mentioned in my March Favorites post found HERE ! These two systems combined have made my nails the strongest, longest, and healthiest I have EVER seen them!
Everything in this kit is reusable, so I believe for just over $20.00, or $30.00, it’s a great investment. Especially if you’re a nail lover like myself! Give it a try, and let me know how you enjoy it!
Thank you so much for reading! I will see you next week, stay beautiful… Christina Bracco xoxoxoxo

Hey ya’ll!

I wanted to write a quick post to rave about a nail care system I have been using for my at home manicures for YEARS! It’s the Ruby Crystal Nail Care System.

Basically, the star of this kit is the Ruby Crystal nail file which works a lot like a glass file. In other words, you can file your nails in ANY DIRECTION and not tear or split your nail. Go ahead and saw away! I love this because I am not particularly skilled at doing my own nails and I hate going to the salon. I am a do it yourselfer to the bone. This system makes my nail care routine easy and stress free. This is truly a great kit for anyone who wants beautiful nails at home.

I bought my kit through HSN about 5 years ago and it’s still holding up like a dream. Keep your file clean and it will never wear down. I think I originally paid something close to 40 bucks but it looks like now this kit is much cheaper. In my oppinion, at $20, this is a steal. If you are the kind of person who loves doing your own nails, this kit is a must have investment.

I have linked the Ruby Crystal website below so you can see how to order your own kit and look at all the goodies that comes with it. My kit is so old and beat up looking I was embarassed to show you any pictures of it (my wooflings got hold of it a couple years ago and practically destroyed the case). It’s also such an old version that the packaging looks completely different. If you ask me, the new packaging is stunning! Much better that the shiny gold plasticky stuff mine was made of.

Anyway, check them out! I love this kit and I bet you will too. If you have tried Ruby Crystal, please, leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Take care!

Ruby Crystal Nail Care System – Ruby Crystal

Ruby crystal nail care

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