Reasons to avoid

-In true New Balance fashion, sizing is half size under

• Buy the New Balance FuelCell Rebel on

The engineers at New Balance had a good look at what they learned from the creation and testing of the FuelCell 5280 racing flat and translated it into the FuelCell Rebel. Not only the Rebel is more modestly priced than the 5280, it is also more versatile all the while it keeps almost all the great features found in the latter.

Weighing just over 200 grams, the FuelCell Rebel is a lightweight shoe. It uses the Trace Fiber upper construction that uses precision stitching in key areas but keeps the upper thin and airy.

The main concern of the New Balance FuelCell Rebel is the forward propulsion; its main is to move you forward. The FuelCell midsole is a two-part rebound system that not so much rocks but bounces you back up. It’s not as firm and well rounded as the Asics Metaride or the Hoka One One Carbon X, more springy and bouncy.

The New Balance FuelCell delivers in the looks department, too: especially the black colourway, which is not all that black after all, looks great with a lot of subtle yet contrasting colours.

(Image credit: Brooks Running)

12. Brooks Glycerin 17

Plush fit and comfort above all


Weight: 300.5 grams Drop: 10 mm Best for: Road running training

Reasons to buy

+The DNA LOFT cushioning is soft like a cloud+Smooth heel-to-toe transition -Not a huge amount of energy return

• Buy the Brooks Glycerin 17 directly from Brooks Running

Brooks asks the question: does running have to hurt? And they are right, no, it doesn’t. Many recreational runners prefer soft, highly cushioned shoes that won’t break your skin and compress your toes together like a sardine can.

The Glycerin 17’s DNA Loft cushioning provides a softer ride while the OrthoLite sockliner adds even more to the step-in comfort. The same DNA Loft cushioning also helps in the heel to toe transition, making it smooth as butter.

All this softness has an effect on energy return. You can’t will it all, really, and the Glycerin 17 loses out on some energy return due to its softness. These are not race day shoes, have a Saucony Type A9, Hoka Carbon X or a Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% for those occasions.

If you’re after a soft ride on a sunny autumn afternoon, the Brooks Glycerin 17 will your perfect companion.

(Image credit: Adidas)

13. Adidas PulseBoost HD

Comfort and stability in one handsome package

Weight: 340 grams Drop: 8 mm Best for: Everyday runners in the city +Great for firm surfaces+Responsive -QR playlist link on tongue is tacky-Heavy

• Buy the Adidas Pulseboost HD directly from Adidas

Adidas came up with a new midsole when they created the Pulseboost HD called – drumroll, please! – Boost HD. It delivers more stability and responsiveness, something you will need in the city where these running shoes belong.

The Boost HD is the same sole that the Ultraboost uses; and we liked that shoe a lot. The knit upper is in line with the latest trend in running shoes, giving your toes freedom whilst holding them firmly. Knitted uppers are great because they mould to each individual foot and ditch the one-size-fits-all mentality.

For some reason, Adidas thought it was a good idea to put a QR code on the tongue of the Pulseboost HD that leads you to an exclusive playlist. Hopefully they’ll update it regularly, or you’ll be running to the same music for the next year or two, which could get tedious. Apart from this small glitch, Pulseboost HD is a great running shoe and worth trying out.

  • Adidas Pulseboost HD review

14. Brooks Levitate 2

Much-improved Levitate is another great Brooks runner

Weight: 320 grams Drop: 8 mm Best for: Jogging and lighter runs +Much improved FitKnit upper+Excellent energy return -At 317g, quite heavy for a road runner-No second eyelet for those seeking extra lockdown

• Buy the Brooks Levitate 2 directly from Brooks Running

As its name would suggest, Brooks Levitate 2 is all about the energy return. Brooks’ most responsive midsole is equipped with the DNA AMP tech that promises to ‘control, capture and return’ your energy, to ensure you’re bounding along the track or trails.

The company is also adding new Achilles Guard tech to protect that all-important tendon, while the arrow-point pattern on the crystal rubber outsole gives you rapid movement from the heel to the toe. There’s an internal bootie that promises comfort and support, while the FitKnit upper wraps around the heel to guard against irritation.

Do running shoes matter?

Yes. A decent pair of running-specific trainers will cushion your feet and legs from the impact of repeatedly hitting the pavement. They’ll also be flexible in all the right places and they’ll help protect against common injuries. But choosing the right shoe isn’t as easy as just picking the one you like the look of.

How to buy the right running shoes

The difficulty in recommending running shoes is that while some are better than others, the ‘best’ shoe for you also has to suit how you run. We all run different mileage, land differently, weigh different amounts, and have different shaped feet, and our shoes should reflect that.

If you’re a heavier runner you may find a supportive, cushioned shoe will help absorb some of the impact as you run, while lighter runners might prefer a more minimal shoe. Likewise, for longer runs you may want bounce and cushioning for a comfortable ride, while on race day or shorter runs you opt for something lighter, faster and more minimal.

Gait can also be a big factor. If your gait shows an excess of pronation or supination (inward and outward rolling of the foot as it strikes and pushes off from the ground), as you may need a shoe or insole that addresses this.

While all these variables may sound complicated, particularly if you’re new to the sport, keep the following five golden rules in mind before buying new running shoes.

1. Get your gait tested

Drop into a shop like Sweatshop, Runner’s Need or Vivobarefoot’s stores and you can get a full gait analysis test done. This often means running on a treadmill or along the street so staff can help you identify the type of running shoes and support that’s best for your running style.

Most of the staff will be runners themselves, so you’ll also get some handy hints on how to improve your technique.

2. Try before you buy

You may be able to find bargains online but it’s always best to try shoes on before you commit. Sizes can vary significantly from brand to brand, and it’s often worth going a half or full size up to allow for feet swelling as they become hot.

Even a brisk walk around the store, or in a carpeted area if you’re trying on at home, can give you a good idea of comfort and help highlight any niggling spots – that slightly slipping heel may feel minor now but think what it’s going to feel like after an hour or so on the run.

3. Think about your terrain

Where you plan to run is important: road, trail, or a mixture of both. In general, trail running requires more support and road requires more impact protection, but again this can also be affected by how you run, and what you find comfortable.

4. Racing versus training

In a lot of cases you might want to choose a training shoe for longer mileage and a race shoe that’s lighter but better used for shorter periods of time, like a four-hour race. Either way, it’s important that you’ve worn your shoes in before you hit race day, or put in the longer runs.

5. Focus on that first-try feel

When it comes to the crunch, knowing you’ve found the right shoes for you comes down to how you feel when you put them on. A good sign that you’re making the right choice is a pair of shoes that almost melt into the background from the moment you slip them on, to the point that you don’t really notice you’re wearing them.

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What are the best running shoes?

Possibly the most asked questions by our readers and any person who knows I run this site, “what are the best running shoes” is not an easy question to answer!

Running shoes are a very personal matter. So personal in fact that a recent medical research established that comfort and fit are the most important matter while selecting a running shoe in terms of minimizing the risk of injury.

For this reason, it is impossible to make a list that will be valid for everyone.

We are a team of testers with different running experience, body shapes and sizes, individual bio-mechanics. This always updated list is divided into different sections so that every runner can find the best running shoes for them.

Here are a few pointers and definitions to help you choose correctly.

Neutral (or cushioning) running shoes vs stability (or support)

Traditionally, all running shoes are divided into Neutral running shoes or Stability running shoes.

This is based on the concept (lately less popular) that the height and elasticity of your foot arch determines what your shoe should do for you.

  • Runners with high arches don’t amortise the shock of impact with the ground enough, therefore needing shoes with extra cushioning
  • Runners with low or flat arches have their arch collapse under the impact resulting in mis-alignment of the running gait, therefore needing shoes that correct this issue

Although there is much more to choosing a pair of running shoes than this, most runners will be find in Netrual (cushioning) running shoes. Some runners though (like me) absolutely do need stability in their shoes in order not to get injured.

Low drop or zero drop running shoes

A running shoe drop, or heel-to-toe offset, is the difference, measured in millimiters (mm) between the height of the shoe sole in the heel area vs the height of the sole in the toe area.
For reference, traditional running shoes usually have an offset (drop) of 12mm. Low drop are considered shoes with a drop between zero (called zero drop) and 4mm. Everything in between is also possible.

The logic is: shoes with a higher heel will favor heel strike during running, while shoes with a zero or low drop will favor a more forefoot or midfoot running gait. It is largely a matter of preference, but running on your toes requires a completely different set of muscle activation and switching from one kind of shoe to the other without proper conditioning and a very gradual approach might result in injury.

Minimal vs maximal running shoes

In a nutshell minimal vs maximal refers to the amount of cushioning that the shoe gives to the runners.

Starting in 2009, more and more runners have been promoting a barefoot running idea: shoes are bad for you, you should run barefoot or, if that is not possible, with “as little shoe as possible”. Milions of runners made the switch to minimalism and quite a few got injured. As a result, companies came out with running shoes that are lightweight (one of the principles of minimalism) but with very high, soft soles that really cushion the foot.

There is not a right or wrong type of shoe here – it entirely depends on the runner, their style and preferences.

Premium running shoes vs cheap running shoes

A high price tag is not a guarantee that a shoe is better than another. This said, we always recommend to shop for running shoes that have a recommended retail price of $100 or more.
This does not mean you need to pay more than $100! New versions of running shoes are released every year and – most often than not – changes versus the previous version are small and incremental in nature. This means that instead of buying this year version of a shoe, you can very often buy last year’s model for a fraction of the price, often as low as 50% less.

Trail running shoes vs road running shoes

While the distinction might seem obvious, it’s good to mention some points that differentiate a trail running shoe from a road one.

  • Trail-specific outsoles: the bottom of a trail running shoe usually has a layer of very grippy rubber to avoid slipping over ice, rocks or wet pavement. The shoe will often present aggressively designed lugs to maintain traction in grass, mud or gravel.
  • Rock plates: some trail shoes ahve rigid inserts that protect the foot from sharp rocks or stone bruises. This makes the shoe stiffer, but this protection is mandatory on certain kind of terrain
  • Protective toe bumper: similar to the rock plate, most trail shoes have hardened toe areas to protect your toes from the damage caused by, for example, kicking a rock
  • Weather resistant uppers: very often trail running shoes have water resistant upper, higher collars or special lacing systems that help keeping water, mud or small rocks outside of the shoe.

Daily training running shoes vs racing/speedwork running shoes

The last distinction we want to highlight is the difference between high mileage, every day shoes vs shoes for speedwork and racing.

It has become a common practice for runners all over the world to have at least two separate pair of shoes:

  • A pair of traditional, highly cushioned and comfortable running shoes in which they log the majority of their training mileage. These shoes are usually heavier and with a high drop.
  • A pair of lightweight, low drop shoes to be used when they train at slower distances and higher paces. Or on race day.

FREE Running Training Plans

More than 60,000 runners have prepared for their 5K, 10K, Half and full marathons with our free training plans.

by Coach P. Hoyal, NAIA Track & Field All American

The best gym trainers are designed to be asked a lot of. We demand they keep us stable, secure, protected and yet free to move however we please – explosively fast during HIIT training, steadily paced during tempo runs and slow when it comes to strength training.

What are the best shoes for gym workouts?

According to a footwear insider, you should think about how you move in your workouts to help highlight which are the best gym trainers for you, then focus on those specs.

The explosive way you move in WOD, the joint-impacting steps on a treadmill, the 360 movement in a HIIT class, the speedy but supportive hops in boxing; your gym shoes need to do a lot but, thanks to these high-tech designs, there are pairs that can take you through your whole session.

BTW, if you’re looking for a cardio gym workout, we’ve got you.

Best gym trainers for treadmill and cardio workouts

On Running Cloud X trainers

Crafted with On Running’s trademark CloudTec® sole, the Cloud X is made for mixed-sports, which also includes running. So, if you love to hit up a HIIT class and then clock up some intervals of your own on the treadmill, your feet are in safe… hands? An added seamless tongue and snazzy sockliner make these technical shoes a no brainer.

How much? £130


Adidas Ultraboost 20 trainers

If running on a bouncy cloud was Adidas’ big idea then they’ve hit the nail on the head with their Ultraboost series. The 20 features a primeknit upper for freedom of gait while the ‘Boost’ cushioning helps with energy return and stride comfort as well as being made from upcycled plastic trash collected from remote islands, beaches and coastlines. Basically, they’re comfy AF and kinder to the planet. Get around it, people.

How much? £159.95


Domyos Mid 120 trainers

A steal at under £20, these budget-friendly cardio suitable trainers are your pre-payday best friend. Grooves in the shoe’s forefront mean that multi-directional movement is no problem, a godsend in circuit classes that have you moving between stations faster than Stormzy moves between metaphors.

How much? £17.99


UnderArmour HOVR Phantom RN

This sock like shoe is stretchy in design with shock-absorbing features to keep you jolt-free while you’re on the move – no matter whether that’s on a treadmill or 400m spring courtesy of that day’s WOD. The SpeedForm 2.0 sockliner gives you underfoot support while the external heel counter soaks up your stride’s impact so you don’t have to. The only thing it won’t do is run for you, of course.

How much? £120


New Balance Running Fuel Cell trainers

So, New Balance is trendy again. Go figure. Ever since Ryan Reynolds slapped them out of Steve Carrell’s hands in ‘Crazy, Stupid Love’ the trainer-cum-fashion brand has been going from strength to strength, not least with their athleisure wear. These trainers, the Fuel Cell, without a doubt straddle both worlds: The foam midsole propels you forward as you run while the aesthetic design keeps you #insta-ready. Wowie.

How much? £110


Puma Zone XT running shoes

An update on the classic puma running shoe design, the Zone XT has the endorsement of one Adriana Lima – ex-Victoria Secret’s model and keen fittie. If that’s not enough to sway you then we’ll get technical: the TPU cage keeps your foot snug with every stride while the rubber outsole keeps you well-gripped underfoot. Still not enough? They’re under £100 and look pretty damn good. You’re sold? Phew.

How much? £70


Best gym trainers for strength training

Adidas FitBounce trainers

Versatile in design, these trainers were made for your dumbbell workouts – the ones where you plug in your headphones and zone in to the task at hand: namely, smashing some more PBs. With that in mind, Adidas doubled down on providing comfortable cushioning without sacrificing stability – making your lifting days a dream. Well, as dreamy as being covered in chalk with burning quads can be. Ok, back to it!

How much? £69.95


INOV8 F-Lite Alpha G 300 women’s training shoe

If you’re into lifting, chances are you’ve heard of INOV8. More than heard, you’ve probably coveted a pair of the high-tech lifting shoes so hard your fitness tracker registered ‘high levels of stress’. If this is you then perhaps take a seat because the weight-lifting brand has dropped their latest training shoe – designed for maximum lifting support and stability. Using the ‘world’s strongest material’, graphene, the F-Lite will keep you explosive in power and comfortable during workouts.

How much? £139.99


Adidas Adipower Weightlifting II

A weightlifting staple, Adidas’ Adipower in their new lilac colourway are basically all we need to motivate us to get down to the rack and get on with smashing some 2020 PBs. Designed with inner reinforcements and added stability these trainers have also been crafted with a breathable upper to lower your chance of infection from sweaty bacterial build up. Win, win, win.

How much? £152.95


Best gym trainers for HIIT

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep trainers

Totally unique in design, Nike’s latest gym trainer drop was designed specifically for getting the most out of your HIIT classes and studio sweat-sessions. The split-sole supports multi-directional movement, while the Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot works with the wide, stable heel to keep you moving, lifting and working (hard!) comfortably.

How much? £104.95


Best gym trainers for Cross Training

Skechers GoRun Fast trainers

Made to be suitable for a number of workouts, there’s little you couldn’t do in these cross-training trainers. The 5gen cushioning midsole, designed to be responsive to your movements, makes classes, solo-sessions or resistance workouts feel light and easy while the breathable mesh upper material keeps your tootsies cool. The holy grail of hard workouts, we thinks.

How much? £37.79


Best CrossFit trainers

Reebok Nano 9.0 shoes

Under £100 (just!) and with a cult following to rival the Biebs, the Reebok Nano range is the darling of the WOD-world and with good reason: the shoes are performance focused, with supportive, responsive details to make heavy lifts feel as comfortable as possible. The Nano 9.0s are the latest iteration of the hero-training show with an all new and improved fit.

How much? £99.50


Best luxury gym trainers

APL TechLoom Wave trainers

Luxury gym trainers may not be within your budget, we totally get that. Between meal prep and saving-for-summer-travel-fund dropping over £200 on a pair of trainers could seem foolhardy. However, if you have the cash to invest and are looking for a pair of luxury trainers that do the damn job too, then you’re in the right place with Athletic Propulsion Lab’s ‘TechLoom Wave’ pair. Two years in the making these trainers not only contour to your foot but the Propelium® midsoles work overtime to give you supreme energy return and cushioning while working out. Technical, fashionable – tick, tick.

How much? £210


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Sneakers are many things to many people — from professional athletes who need the latest tech to the sneakerhead who stacks boxes high just to have a few pairs on ice. But one defining aspect is that they are the most comfortable shoes in a field full of uncomfortable footwear.

But finding a sneaker that stays secure without being overly tight, offers all-day support that won’t fade, and doesn’t feel like a sweatbox is not an easy task. Not to mention, our feet contain about one-quarter of all the bones in the human body, and arch height, foot width, and pressure points vary wildly. Point being: not every sneaker will be comfortable for every person.

With that in mind, however, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most comfortable shoes on the market that you should consider picking up right now. From New Balance and adidas to the most comfortable Nike shoes on the market. Scroll on for a selection your feet will thank you for.

New Balance 990v5

Highsnobiety / Julien Tell

New Balance, in general, is at the crest of the dad sneaker trend, but its reputation for comfort is not a passing fad. The 990’s firm rubber midsole is supportive and props your heels up. A soft encapsulated EVA insert provides cushioning and the mesh panels on the upper keep things breathable. They might look like they were made for chubby white guys, but that’s worth the sacrifice.


New Balance

from $199 Where to shop

Nike Air Force 1

Titelmedia / Asia Typek

The Nike Air Force 1 is one of the most recognizable sneakers in the game and, thankfully, one of the most comfortable Nike shoes as well. The comfort fresh out of the box is questionable, but after a couple of wears, it’s undeniable. The substantial sole doesn’t degrade and contains a hidden Air pocket for all-day comfort. While they’re a bit on the heavier side, they aren’t so clunky they become obstructive. For close to $100, you can’t ask for much more.

Air Force 1 ’07


from $83 Where to shop

Nike React Presto


Nike’s response — or reaction? — to the success of adidas’ Boost was React foam, which debuted in early 2018. The new cushioning technology is firm but responsive and has been used on a number of silhouettes — all of which could have found a place on this list. However, the new Nike Presto React was too good (and comfortable) to ignore. It’s the culmination of one of the most comfortable Nike sneakers in history (have you hugged your foot, anyone?) being combined with the latest and greatest in cushioning technology. Need we say more? The Nike Presto React is one of the most comfortable shoes around.

React Presto Premium




Buy at NIKE


Nike Zoom Fly 3


Nike’s Vaporfly series was engineered to break the two-hour marathon mark and the Zoom Fly 3 is one of the best bang-for-buck purchases from the series. Available at just $120 (a steal considering the recent record-breaking ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% retailers for $275), the Zoom Fly 3 is much more performance-focused than some of the other sneakers on this list but, thanks to a sleek design and eye-catching colorway, can easily be worn casually. Zoom Fly leans more toward lifestyle. It still has the signature pointed heel and built-in carbon fiber-nylon plate to spring you forward, but the crazy lightweight VaporWeave upper and hefty React sole make for a casual shoe that looks fast.

Zoom Fly 3 Premium




Buy at NIKE


Nike Air Max 270 React


The Nike Air Max 270 React was released not too long ago, making it one of the freshest kicks on our list. As well as being ultra-eye-catching due to its colorful presence, it is also ultra-comfortable. The React tooling takes the comfort of this shoe to a new level. Energy-returning React foam is combined with an Air unit for optimal wearability.

Air Max 270 React Eng




Buy at sneakersnstuff


adidas Ultraboost 20


The adidas Ultraboost was already one of the most comfortable sneakers on the market when it first dropped in 2014. In 2019 the silhouette got an update, impossibly making it even more comfortable. And, just when we thought adidas wouldn’t — no, couldn’t go any further — the German sportswear giant unveiled the Ultraboost 20. This year’s iteration features an advanced Primeknit upper with Tailored Fiber Placement technology, as well as an optimized Boost midsole for ultimate comfort. It’s hard to believe, but you wouldn’t be making a mistake swapping your OG Ultraboosts for a pair of 20s.

Ultraboost 20

adidas Originals

from $174 Where to shop

Nike Shox TL

Highsnobiety / Paul Jeong

The history of Nike’s Shox technology is an interesting one. It was developed by legendary Air Force 1 designer Bruce Kilgore in the early ’80s but, due to durability issues, lay dormant for nearly 20 years. When it finally debuted in the ’00s it was highly popular but quickly phased out by the success story that is Nike Free. Now, it has been reintroduced as a lifestyle shoe, however, many of the defining characteristics, namely the comfort and futuristic design, have remained the same. The Shox TL features toe toe heel Shox pistons (inspired by a car engine), and breathable, big-hole mesh on the upper for all-day comfort.

Shox Tl Gel




Buy at sneakersnstuff


adidas Originals YEEZY Boost 380 “Alien”

Randy Galang

One of the few sneakers on this list that are sold out and can only be bought through resell platforms, the adidas YEEZY Boost 380 “Alien” is one of Kanye West and the Three Stripes’ newest silhouettes. At the same time, it’s also one of the most comfortable shoes YEEZY has to offer, thanks to its new perforated Primeknit upper for improved breathability, and full-length Boost midsole (with a beefier build at the heel). Sometimes YEEZYs aren’t just all about the hype.

YEEZY Boost 380 ‘Alien’

adidas Originals

$345 Buy at stockx

New Balance 997 Made in US

New Balance

Released to celebrate New Balance’s annual “Grey Day,” this all-grey version of the popular 997 silhouette is not only pleasant to the eye, but it’s very comfortable too. Featuring New Balance’s ENCAP REVEAL midsole and EVA foam technology, this “Made in US” 997 may be one of the brand’s most comfortable sneakers yet.

M997 Made In USA

New Balance

from $219 Where to shop

adidas Alphaedge 4D


Alphaedge 4D Reflective Shoes


from $149 Where to shop

adidas’ Alphaedge is the perfect option for athletes. It’s created to support movement during cross-training and comes with a Primeknit upper that’s super flexible and supportive, along with a highly responsive midsole.

Vans Slip-on


Slip-ons come equipped with 40 years of history behind them. The canvas construction is light, the lack of laces means no undue stress on your feet’s pressure points and the signature waffle soles can take a beating. But the most important element here is the Ultracush sockliner, which builds a strong case for wearing the comfortable sneakers every single day when the weather is warm enough.

UO Anaheim Factory Style 53 DX Tie-Dye Sneaker


$70 Buy at Urban Outfitters

ASICS Gel Venture 6


There’s a reason ASICS uses its signature GEL technology on so many of its sneakers. For the casual set, there are few better choices than the Gel Venture. The built-in neoprene sock liner, thoroughly cushioned soles and layers of material that don’t pinch any joints or nerves make these a go-to.

GEL-Venture 6 Sneaker


$50 Buy at Urban Outfitters

HOKA ONE ONE Mafate Speed 2


Runners can be a hard crowd to satisfy. Small differences in gait, arch and foot width can quickly mean different experiences from the same shoe, but the Mafate Speed 2 has met (most of) their rigorous demands. The model was built to offer support and cushioning even in the most technical terrains. A deep Active Foot Frame offers support, while the Meta-Rocker midsole facilitates smooth transitions through the gait cycle, which can only be a good thing, whether you’re running cross country or simply walking the streets.

Mafate 2 Sneakers

HOKA One One

from $190 Where to shop

Converse One Star Pro

Highsnobiety / Asia Typek

Converse’s Chuck Taylor is arguably its most popular and stylish silhouette, however, it’s not one of the brand’s most comfortable shoes. That spot is reserved for the One Star Pro, created with skaters and high-impact activities in mind. Not only does the sneaker look good, it features durable materials and a surprisingly cushioned ride. Just like the Chuck Taylor, it arrives in an array of colorways.

One Star Pro Ox


from $75 Where to shop

Saucony Grid Web


Most sneaker brands have their own cushioning tech and for Saucony, it’s GRID (Ground Reaction Inertia Device), which acts as a hidden matrix of strings layered into the midsole. Think of it like comfortable tennis racket wires weaved into one of the most comfortable shoes around. Released this month, the Grid Web is a masterclass in the combination of technical comfort and eye-catching colorways.

Grid Web


from $65 Where to shop

Clarks Trigenic Flex

The Trigenic Flex is one hybrid-style shoe we can get behind. The upper doesn’t scream sneaker, but the paneled Vibram sole moves with the intricacies our feet demand. Like most Clarks models, they take a bit of break-in, but the second-skin nature of the upper and “barefoot” structure should keep your feet feeling good.

Trigenic Flex


$105 Buy at amazon

Reebok Club C 85


Reebok may be the brand of choice for avid Crossfit athletes, but the Classics are where to find comfort designed for everyday wear. The Workout Plus doesn’t boast any game-changing foam or cushioning technology, but the padded collar paired with a no-frills sole unit show that the ‘80s classic has 2019 comfort. The colorway below also has a pre-aged, vintage feel to it. This extends to the leather, which has a worn-in feel to it straight out of the box.

Club C 85 Vintage




Buy at Reebok



Randy Galang

The HOKA ONE ONE Bondi B boasts a huge, full-length midsole that emanates comfortability. The was collaborated on by Engineered Garments, who released the shoe in three distinct colorways, proving that the Bondi B is fit for both the streets and the track. If you’re searching for a list of the most comfortable shoes, you’d be hard-pressed to find any that leave the Bondi B off.

Bondi 6 Sneakers

HOKA One One

from $150 Where to shop

ASICS GEL-Kayano 5 360


The GEL-Kayano 5 360 was one of ASICS’ biggest successes in 2019, as it showed the brand’s ability to mix past and present to create something fresh. The OG Kayano 5 upper was paired with 360 degrees of GEL technology, giving the once-iconic runner a new lease of life and much, much, more comfortability.

Gel-Kayano 5 360




Buy at sneakersnstuff


Mizuno Wave Rider WaveKnit 3


Mizuno is often unfairly overlooked in favor of more hyped brands and collaborations but the Japanese brand has a deservedly great reputation when it comes to performance running sneakers. The Wave Rider WaveKnit 3 is the one of brand’s most comfortable shoes thanks to its fully-knitted upper and SmoothRide midsole, which combines two different kinds of foams with a stiff, plastic “Wave Plate,” that provides responsive cushioning. If you’re going for a sporty, yet stylish look and if comfort is important to you, you’re in good hands with Mizuno.

WaveKnit Rider 3


No Offers

Birkenstock Boston


This entry might seem a little out of place and admittedly, in the colder months it most definitely is. However, Birkenstock is a brand that has been around since the 1700’s and for good reason: they’re incredibly good for your feet. The sandals come in many different shapes and colors and take a while to break in but — once broken in — there’s nothing that fits or feels better than a pair of trusty ’ol Birks.

Boston Hard


$120 Buy at Caliroots

In case you were wondering why we wear different sizes across different models and brands, watch the video below.

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15 Best Men’s Shoes for Walking & Standing All Day

Doing something for prolonged periods of time is almost always never good on your body. This is especially true if you’re not wearing the right supportive gear. By performing an action too long, you’ll put your body through stresses that will certainly lead to discomfort and sometimes, injuries. This is even true for actions so natural that we rarely even think about them, like walking and standing. While these two actions are low impact, and our bodies have been accustomed to their basic mechanics since we were about a year old, frequent walking and standing all day will take their toll on your body.

If you find yourself frequently standing or walking all day long, then this list of the best men’s shoes for walking and standing is perfect for you. You’ll find a wide variety of selections ranging from casual loafers to full-on running shoes. Check each shoe for support, cushioning, outsole traction, toe box space, and also the quality and even breathability of the upper material as all these features working in synergy make for a comfortable walking shoe.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

Nike offers a strong contender as the first entry on this list of the 15 best walking shoes for men.The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 is designed to provide high-performance support during the most intense races. This translates well to walking as the Cushlon ST foam is highly responsive no matter the pace you’re walking or running. The firmness of this support together with the resilient sockliner and the waffle pistons of the outsole absorb the impact stresses of each stride. This leads to a more stable and comfortable gait.

The shoe upper is lightweight and utilizes mesh with a multitude of strategic air holes for maximum breathability. This adds to the enhanced comfort level you experience as you walk or stand around all day with these Nikes.


Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX RG

The Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX RG has a lot to offer. It’s designed with long walks in mind. The design of the shoe lends itself well to a more rugged look as well as the more casual outfit. The upper is made out of both leather and textile for increased breathability. It has an EVA foam midsole and a MemoryTech sockliner for superior cushioning that provides comfort even when you’re standing or walking all day long.

Even with these excellent features, the one technological innovation that makes this a great buy is their proprietary DMX MAX technology that’s incorporated in their insole and midsole design and provides exceptional air circulation inside the shoe.


Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

The Rockport World Tour Classic is a rugged, low-cut shoe that is built for tough jobs. Its upper is constructed out of 100% leather. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes. You mainly get a choice between Nubuck and tumbled leather.

The toe box is wide to accommodate your toes even when their swollen due to standing or walking all day. The tongue and collar are padded for additional protection against rubbing, thus preventing the formation of blisters. The footbed is made of EVA for a custom fit. The insole is comprised of PU that is moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and shock-absorbing. The outsole is made of high-performance rubber that is durable enough to withstand the abuse of walking all day.


New Balance Men’s MW411v2 Walking Shoe

New Balance comes into this list with a well-designed offering. The MW411v2 has the profile of your typical trainer. It can also work as a running shoe but it was designed for walking.

The design aspect that sets this aside from all other shoes in its class is the proprietary Walking Strike Path embedded in its outsole. This design feature runs throughout the length of the outsole. This creates a stable stride that ultimately translates into an improved walking experience due to reduced stresses on the foot from improper footfall. You can wear these during your vacation or you can even use these at work if your profession requires you to walk long distances all day.


Adidas NEO Men’s Cloudfoam Race Running Shoe

The Adidas NEO has the svelte, aerodynamic silhouette of a classic running shoe. This shoe doesn’t have an overly padded lining; instead it’s built to be minimalist and very lightweight with an upper made of breathable mesh material. This material is ideal for long periods of standing and walking since it keeps your feet cool. This effective heat dissipation achieved through almost unobstructed airflow delays fatigue, especially in prolonged exertion.

The proprietary technology Cloudfoam material that makes up the midsole is perfect for providing enough bounce and support to minimize the impact of each step, ultimately allowing you to maintain your active walking lifestyle.


Skechers Sport Men’s After Burn Memory Fit –Reprint

The After Burn from Skechers is a classic walking sneaker that’s made for the streets. This urban sneaker has everything you need in an all-day walker. Once you put them on, it’s going to be like walking on a cloud. The memory foam insole is remarkably cushioned. It offers great support and comfort throughout the full length of the insole. It also features the Articu-Lyte midsole, which absorbs impact from walking, thus allowing you to walk for longer, injury free.

The upper also contributes to the overall comfort with its soft leather construction. You’ll also find that there are vent holes at the top part of the toe box to keep your feet well ventilated and cool. Effectively keeping your feet cool extends the amount of time you’ll be able to handle walking or standing.


Saucony Men’s ProGrid Echelon LE

The Saucony Men’s ProGrid Echelon LE is a great shoe that provides effective support throughout your feet. It incorporates an EVA midsole for lightweight durability. Another feature of this walking shoe worth mentioning is its ProGrid heel design that absorbs impact with every step. There is also a blown-rubber forefoot feature that allows for maximum flexibility and a very smooth gait.

If you prefer to wear your own orthotics for customized motion stability and control, you can. It is made possible with the absence of posting in this shoe. This is a deliberate design feature that makes this shoe very orthotic friendly.


Skechers Gowalk Max

The Skechers Gowalk Max is the ultimate walker from Skechers. The “max” in the name refers to maximum comfort as provided by high performance cushioning and support. This shoe is an athletic shoe by design and you can go nuts with these on, no problem. Your feet are going to thank you if you get these. First, the mesh fabric upper is really stylishly classic yet modern. Wear them with anything.

As for performance, the Gowalk Max is second to none when it comes to support and comfort in an athletic walker. You get extra padding in the heel, a high-rebound “SQUISH” cushioning for stability and support, the Goga Max insole and the 5Gen sole. These walking shoes are also designed to be slip-ons, which is perfect for those who like to walk and just lounge.


Dansko Men’s Wyatt Loafer

The shoe options on this list are not just for those who prefer casual or sporty styles. The Dansko Wyatt Loafers are designed to fit well with a dressier ensemble. The upper is made of full grain, black leather. It has an inner lining made of a breathable fabric that enhances comfort. It is also anti-microbial, so there’s an added anti-odor feature.

To maximize comfort during prolonged standing and walking, the insole is comprised of a dense EVA. The footbed is also designed to be removed if you prefer to utilize your own orthotics. The PU midsole provides enough cushion and impact absorption to delay fatigue, thus ensuring all-day comfort.


Nike Free RN

The Nike Free RN is a beautiful running shoe designed in the minimalist aesthetic. This shoe is lightweight and is very forgiving on your soles. The upper is made of a breathable mesh that allows superior airflow to keep your feet cool. This is also Nike’s second product on this list of best walking shoes for men.

This upper also incorporates flywire in its construction, adding a lot more stability and support while maintaining excellent flexibility. This flexibility extends to the patented Nike Free sole which absorbs impact as it expands and contracts as you land. While designed primarily for running, it works well as a walking shoe as well. You can walk around in the city with these on for hours on end and still be comfortable.


Rockport Men’s Margin Oxford

The Rockport Margin Oxford is a casual black leather shoe that you can wear to work on a daily basis. It has a synthetic lining material that is also anti-microbial and moisture wicking. The shoe is designed to provide you with great support especially during periods of prolonged walking and standing as in the case for food servers, medical professionals, teachers and messengers.

With this shoe on, you’ll be able to prevent blisters with the padded tongue and collar. It also has an EVA footbed that molds to your feet creating a more personalized fit. This ensures that you get support where you need it most. The outsole is also made of shock-absorbing dual-density PU material that reduces stress on your feet, leading to less fatigue.


ECCO Men’s Fusion Slip-on Loafers

The ECCO Fusion is the perfect shoe for those who are particular with both style and comfort. It’s a loafer that you can just slip on or off whenever you want – what more can you ask for? Well, you didn’t have to ask because ECCO provides. The upper is made of rugged leather that works well with a lot of styles. It has a leather lining and a padded collar for a comfortable fit.

This shoe incorporates a few proprietary technologies from ECCO that ensures comfort during long periods of walking and standing. It incorporates the ECCO Comfort Fibre System, which makes up the soft inlay sole that is made of foam that has tiny holes for superior airflow inside the shoe. The PU soles provide reliable support that doesn’t deteriorate even over time.


Hush Puppies Men’s Leverage Slip-On

The Leverage Slip-On from Hush Puppies is a square-toed leather slip on that works both for casual wear and as your daily beater at work. If your job requires that you wear leather shoes, then look no further. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort just because your place of work has a dress code. The upper of these Hush Puppies are made of pure leather. It has a square toe box which provides some additional wiggle room for your toes.

The inner construction is also padded. This includes the inner lining as well as the insole. The heel pad utilizes the Hush Puppies Strike Back technology that incorporates a gel heel pad for maximum heel cushioning in every step.


Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz 2 Luxe Loafer

Crocs come into this list of the best men’s shoes for walking and standing all day with their very lightweight Santa Cruz 2. This shoe is a loafer that delivers. Put these on, and feel like you’re on a vacation. Leave your stress behind as you walk a mile or 10 in these Crocs loafers.

The upper is made of a canvas. It’s breathable and light weight. It’s not overly padded and it’s by design. This shoe is roomy all around, especially at the toe box area. If you’re looking for cushioning, you’ll find that this Crocs shoe has it in spades. The footbed is made of a memory foam that’s placed over a base made of Croslite foam. That’s foam-on-foam action for superior cushioning as you walk or stand all day long.


Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker

The Addiction Walker from Brooks is a high-performance walking shoe that is designed to provide comfortable arch support. This is especially important if you are a little on the flat-footed side. You might also want to get this shoe if you’re job requires you to walk or stand all day.

With the Addiction Walker, the name of the game is support. It incorporates the Brooks PDRB technology, which provides arch support that guides your every step to create a more natural stride. This ensures that your foot is kept in proper alignment in relation to the rest of your leg, which ensures that your foot doesn’t suffer any unnecessary stresses that may lead to foot pain and injury.


Previous Picks & Notable Mentions

Walking and hiking are one of the best physical activities anyone can enjoy. But to get the best of it, you need to wear, not just the best, but also the RIGHT footwear. It would not only maximize the experience, but it would also help you keep a good posture, help minimize strain on your ligaments, and make you feel good and comfortable especially during long walks.

Since not all shoes are created for walking and standing around comfortable, we will guide you in choosing the right ones. We don’t want you ending up return home with cramps and pains from your recent purchase. So, your next walking shoes should not only be comfortable but resilient as well. We understand that choosing the best pair of shoes isn’t going to be an easy decision. That’s why we’re here to share our research of the top mens shoes for walking and standing that have a combination of comfort, features, toughness, and style.

New Balance Men’s MW411v2 Walking Shoe

Sleek, black and entirely versatile, the New Balance Men’s MW411V2 Walking Shoe is the perfect outdoor shoe for those who want a casual yet sporty look. The shoes are crafted using genuine leather, providing a durable barrier against the weather. The leather is long lasting and durable, sure to offer you shoes that will last for years. The shoes lace up in a classic way to provide you with a snug fit on your foot. Lightweight, you will not have to worry about these shoes weighing you down and causing fatigue as you walk. This will allow you to travel greater distances. The durable rubber sole on the bottom of the New Balances provides excellent traction so that you are able to walk on dirt, gravel, grass, pavement and more without any sort of slippage. They feature a perforated upper that offers airflow with every step you take in order to ensure that your feet are not getting overheated. The tongue of the shoe is soft and padded to provide you with comfort all the way around. The shaft of the shoe measures 2.5 inches from the arch in order to provide you with plenty of coverage of the foot without having to worry about them restricting your range of motion, no matter how far or how long you intend to walk.


Skechers Sport Men’s Memory Foam Fit Reprint Lace-Up Sneaker

With these, you are getting a classic sneaker that is able to be worn no matter what you intend to do. Whether you want to train, run, walk, jog or just enjoy a game of sport, you can do so with the Skechers Sport Men’s Memory Foam Sneaker. These sneakers are versatile in their neutral color and can be worn with any of your athletic attire. They are made out of 100 percent leather, making for durable shoes that can be worn for many years to come. The leather is also sleek and smooth to the touch. This sneaker features layered leather around the lacing, which is standard lacing that can be used to tighten the shoe to your liking. There is a strip at the tongue that provides extra cushioning for the top of the foot and perforations along the top and the sides in order to offer plenty of airflow with every single step you take. This can help you enjoy a longer walk without your feet getting uncomfortable or sweaty. There is a memory foam insole inside of the Skechers that will provide you a cushioned and comfortable step with every movement you make. The tab at the back of the shoe will make it easy to step into.


Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

Offering you plenty of airflow to get you through any physical activity, the Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe is a comfortable and stylish choice that you will be able to wear any day of the week and pair with any sort of attire. The shoes are black in color, making them simple to match with your uniform or other athletic gear. They are made out of a blend of breathable fabric and synthetic materials, providing the perfect blend of lightweight comfort and aeration. Mesh type material sits at the top of the foot as well as at the side in order to ensure that plenty of airflow is getting through to your foot with each step taken. This will offer a longer time of walking or training without having to worry about your foot getting uncomfortable or wet. These lightweight Asics Men’s Walking Shoe will serve your needs for comfort thanks to the padded tongue that helps provide a soft cushion to even the top of your foot. The comfortable insole offers just the right amount of cushioning and padding that you need to get through your walk. The insole is removable on the Asics shoe so that you can insert your own if you desire. The shoe has a low top shaft to ensure you have total freedom of movement.


Skechers Sport Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Rich black in color, the Skechers Sport Sneaker is a versatile walking shoe that can easily go with any of the athletic or casual attire with which you choose to wear them. The sleek black sneakers feature the Skechers design on the side. There is mesh paneling on the side of the shoes and on the top, making it simple for you to get the right amount of airflow to the foot that you need to keep you comfortable all day long, no matter how long your walk might end up being. The lace-up sneaker is simple to strap onto your foot and tighten in the way that is most comfortable for you. There are supportive overlays on the top of the shoe that sit just above the comfortably padded tongue. This way, you can be sure that with these pairs of shoes you are getting support and cushioning along the entirety of your foot. The tongue itself is mesh as well to promise that your foot will get airflow from all around and not just in a few places like some other shoes. The collar of the walking shoe is padded to provide your ankle with the support that it needs to stay comfortable without having to worry that it will restrict your range of motion. The insole of this shoe is made out of memory foam.


Adidas NEO Men’s Cloudfoam Race Running Shoe

A stylish upgrade on a classic running shoe, the adidas NEO Shoe is the ideal shoe for you to wear both when lounging around or when headed out on the trail for a good walk or run. These shoes are black and white, making them highly versatile in color so you are able to pair them with any of the clothing that you might want to wear. They are crafted out of a breathable knit material that will provide you with plenty of airflow with every single step you take, ensuring your walks can be longer and more pleasurable due to the fact that your foot will not be easily overheated or become too sweaty. There is a rubber sole that offers plenty of traction, no matter what sort of terrain you hope to take the adidas NEO cloudfoam Shoe on. The mesh upper provides more breathability to go along with the rest of the shoe. There is a cloudfoam sockliner inside of the adidas Shoe that offers both comfort and and cushioning. The cloudfoam is light and airy so you will not feel weighed down by thick materials. The soft, synthetic suede overlays on the shoe offer a padded and plush look that is sure to bump up your style. The seamless toecap on the bottom paired with the adidas stripes will round out the look.


NIKE Men’s Roshe Two Running Shoe

Black and white in color, the NIKE Men’s Roshe Two Running Shoe is a versatile shoe that can be worn seamlessly with any of your favorite attire. These shoes feature an ultra thick rubber sole that is able to help you stay on your feet, no matter what sort of environment you may find yourself in or what sort of terrain you may be running on. There is a rubbed design on the shoe that offers unique texture and slightly changes the color as you move in the light. The Nike check mark can be seen on the side of the shoe. There is a midsole in the shoe that comes with three foam densities, offering superb comfort without making things too heavy for you to comfortably walk in. This way, you are able to enjoy the comfort of plush padding without all of the hefty weight that such padding often brings. The construction of the roshe helps to bring a comfortable, snug fit that aligns to the shape of your foot perfectly, affording you the feeling as if you are wearing nothing. This is especially true due to their generally lightweight nature that will not weigh down your foot. The padded collar along the ankle helps to provide the perfect amount of cushioning, while its low height works to ensure that you will not have your movements restricted while you are wearing them.


Rockport Men’s We are Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe

The classic design of the Rockport Walking Shoe makes it the ideal shoe for the great outdoorsman. A rich brown in color, this shoe looks great with any sort of hiking apparel that you might have. Made out of leather, you can be sure of the rugged and heavy-duty nature of these walking shoes that are able to withstand the elements and hold up against moisture exposure quite easily. The hiking shoes feature a synthetic sole that grips onto the terrain, no matter if you are on pavement, dirt, gravel or any other sort of surface. The upper is made out of both suede and synthetic material, providing you with a comfortable fit all around the foot and one that will not irritate the skin. The latex footbed provides you with plenty of cushioning that will move as your foot moves so that you do not exert too much weight upon any one part of your foot. The heel measures just around 1.25 inches, providing you with a nice, thick heel that gives you a classic silhouette without providing you with too much lift. They also lace up with ease.


Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

If you are looking for a walking shoe that looks more like casual footwear and less like a standard walking sneaker, look no further than the Skechers Performance Shoe. These are designed for those who want the comfort of a walking shoe but are not prepared to sacrifice their style for a standard pair. Sleek, black and stylish, these shoes look like casual shoes but offer incredible traction on the bottom of their rubber soles. The superb traction on these shoes are created by the perfectly sized, thicker grooves. These shoes are slip-on style so you will be able to simply step into them and walk out the door when the mood to be outside strikes. Ultra lightweight, you won’t have to worry about these walking shoes weighing downy your feet and tiring them out before the day is done. They have a comfortable mesh upper that encourages air to flow in and out of the shoe every time you walk, promising a comfortable and breathable step to help keep your feet cooler and dryer. Inside of these skechers, there is a goga mat insole that provides your feet with plenty of cushioning. The memory foam liner offers all of the support you need.


Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

These shoes feature a warm chocolate brown leather exterior, which is durable and sleek. This leather is able to be put to the test when it comes to the elements and promises to help keep water out of the shoe by nature. The sole of the shoe is black in color and made out of synthetic material. The soles are deeply ribbed which allows for you to be able to take steps with confidence over any sort of terrain, no matter if it is dirt, sand, gravel or grass. There is plenty of support inside that is designed to help those who have low arches to enjoy a more comfortable step. These casual shoes are durable and breathable, designed to push in air when you walk and extract it all the same. By doing so, each step you will take will help bring air into and out of the shoe, helping to keep your foot cool and dry. The collar is nicely padded to provide you with plenty of support around the ankle without any sort of restriction against your range of motion. The lace-up style of the shoe makes them simple to tighten on your feet.


Modern and stylish, these are a contemporary walking shoe designed to fit into any one of your athletic ensembles. This walking shoe is a light gray in color, offering total versatility when it comes to pairing it with different outfits. The New Balance is made using a blend of leather and mesh. The leather is durable and strong, able to hold its own against the elements that you might be walking through. The mesh of the shoe is designed to make the shoe more breathable; with each step you take inside of these shoes, you will be pushing air in and out of them so that your feet can stay cooler and drier. The mesh is found on all sides of the shoe, providing you with aeration on all sides of the foot instead of just one section like some other shoes. The shaft of the New Balance Shoe measures around 2.5 inches in height from the arch. The collar is padded to provide you with plenty of support, but it sits low to the ankle. This is to ensure that it does not restrict your range of motion, allowing you to enjoy all of your favorite activities without feeling weighed down by the shoe. The laces on them are easy to engage, making it simpler for you to step into the shoe when you’d like.


The 11 Best Gym Shoes for Every Type of Workout

This guide to the best gym sneakers of 2019 covers the best shoes for weightlifting as well as mixed-use options.

Table of Contents
Get the Right Fit
Best for Weight Lifting

    • Nike Metcon 5
    • Reebok Crossfit Nano 9
    • Nobull Clay Trainers
    • York The Henry Mesh
    • UA TriBase Reign
    • Mizuno TC-01 Training Shoe

Best Mixed Use Sneakers

    • APL TechLoom Pro
    • Adidas Alphabounce
    • Altra HIIT XT 2
    • New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer
    • Reebok Fast Tempo Flexweave


When it comes down to it, so to speak, shoes can make or break your gym-going experience. And whether you’re trying to get in shape or find that extra edge in the weight room, this list has an option for you. While it can be tempting to use the same pair of sneakers for all your walking, running, jogging and gym-going, it’s ideal to have a pair of shoes that you use just for the gym. Beyond extending the life of your running shoes, swapping out that pair for a gym pair does a lot for your workouts. Shoes designed for that purpose are closer to the ground, lending more support to your muscles and joints, giving you better stability during unilateral (one-sided) moves and providing a reliable platform for lifting heavy weights.

Get the Right Fit

When purchasing true running shoes, people often leave space in the toe box for toe splay. It makes sense and can improve your running form and performance. But in weightlifting shoes, it’s best to avoid unnecessary space in the toe box. You want the sneaker to snugly fit so that there’s support for your feet during unilateral moves. The more space between your toe and the end of the sneaker, the harder your body has to work to balance, which is unnecessary. Go with an exact fit.

Best For Weight Lifting

Nike Metcon 5

The Nike Metcon is always a top contender in the gym space — the fifth iteration of this sneaker is pretty darn close to the perfect weightlifting shoe. If CrossFit is your workout of choice, or you like to hit the gym and only lift weights, this is the shoe for you. The grip is tough and will help you crush sled pushes and pulls without slipping. There’s not much cushioning between your feet and the ground, so there’s more of a stable launch point for tuck jumps and power cleans — and the sneakers are a breeze to tighten with an added sixth lace loop option. The colors are bolder with version 5.0, and if you’re heading to just lift, you can add in a Hyperlift insert under your heel (that comes with each sneaker).

Reebok Crossfit Nano 9

Reebok’s Nano is synonymous with CrossFit. Last year’s update includes a Flexweave material upper that is breathable, stable and durable. This year’s Nano For All asked the CrossFit community what updates they’d like to see and implemented them. You’ll find a CrossFit specific outsole design with MetaSplit grooves for better traction and grip. A wider-than-average toe box gives your feet room to breathe and enough toe spread for improved balance and a stronger base to push off. The unchanged minimal drop outsole keeps you close to the ground.

Nobull Clay Trainers

The speckled outsole adds a bit of a dynamic touch to these otherwise minimalist sneakers. A super-durable upper paired with a perforated microsuede tongue is breathable and comfortable for all-day wear, if you need them to last that long. High-carbon lateral and medial guards add balance support and help during rope climbs and deadlifts. The lighter colors can get dirty very quickly — especially in the weight room — but there are 20 other colors and designs to pick from that likely won’t have the same problem. Similar to the Nike Metcons, these shoes feature a 4mm drop.

York Athletics The Henry Mesh

These unisex sneakers felt light for the amount of support they provided — they weigh in at 8.3 ounces despite having the highest offset with a 9mm drop. Originally designed for fighters, the Henrys feature a mesh upper that is exceptionally breathable whether you’re box jumping, pistol squatting or throwing punches. There’s not much support underfoot, but there is enough to get through sprints and a boot camp class. The high heel pull tab didn’t rub during squats, lunges or mountain climbers. The toe box is large enough to offer room for toe splay to aid in balance, but not so wide it looks disproportionate or bulky. The textured lining is comfortable and minimizes heel slippage. And on sale at $110, this is the most affordable option on the weight lifting list — plus it looks good enough to wear all day long.

Under Armour TriBase Reign

The Under Armour TriBase Reign features a full rubber outsole that wraps around the edge of the shoe to help your grip during rope climbs. The foam midsole is firm and built for lifting, not running. I wouldn’t wear these on the treadmill for even short sprints. The abrasion-resistant upper makes for a durable shoe that’ll hold up to even the toughest of WODs.

Mizuno TC-01 Training Shoe

The TC-01 is Mizuno’s first foray into gym sneakers and they are bold. Our tester found them to be perfect for heavy lifting given the 4 mm drop and 11.8-ounce weight. These are the sneakers to pull out when you’re heading into the weight room to do squats or Olympic lifts. A knit upper and soft midsole feel comfy from the first step.

Mixed-Use Sneakers

APL TechLoom Pro

These sneakers are priced more like running shoes, which makes sense since they lean slightly more in that direction. However, I wouldn’t run more than three miles in them, especially if you’re used to a more supportive stability sneaker like a Brooks or Asics model. The dual-layered woven upper is reinforced with a sock liner and has a neoprene-feeling tongue. The tongue is attached, so there’s no easy way to move it around, and the laces tie underneath — a feature introduced with aesthetics in mind — but you can pull them out and re-lace if you prefer a more traditional style. The 8mm drop is slightly more than the other shoes on this list, but there were no performance issues when completing squats, reverse lunges, mountain climbers and even spider planks.

Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond

The cushioning on these sneakers is what sets them apart from the others on the list. They’re comfortable enough to handle miles on the treadmill and are most similar to the Reebok Flexweave Fast in that you can do a variety of activities in them. The grippy Continental rubber outsole means they’ll work just as well in the grass as they will on the mats at the gym. We highly recommend these for HIIT classes like Barry’s Bootcamp, as well as for your day-to-day gym trips.

Altra HIIT XT 2

These training shoes are built to help you tackle compound lifts yet also shine on the basketball court. The dual-purpose sneakers are stable and durable thanks to a foot-friendly toe box and abrasion-resistant mesh upper. All the extra rubber that wraps up the sides helps with lateral action, so whether you’re pivoting or spin-moving past your opponent, your ankles should be safe.

New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer

These cross trainers are run-friendly and work for your everyday weight-lifting challenges — like a HIIT or strength class, or a day on the machines. Easily tackle the TRX or ski erg with these 10.2-ounce breathable sneakers that feel stable and have enough grip on the otherwise thin sole. The synthetic and mesh upper keeps your toes happy — even if you hop on the treadmill between reps and sets.

Reebok Fast Tempo Flexweave

If you’re looking for something less stiff than the Nano 9s, Reebok’s Fast Tempo Flexweave is a stellar sneaker that works for runners and gym goers. The lightweight feel doesn’t rule out how sturdy and stable it feels. Our tester liked the plush tongue and all the compliments fellow weight lifters showered. The flexweave upper won’t rip during intense CrossFit classes and the flexible outsole means you can take these out for a light run without feeling too sore the next day.

Best New Running Shoes

This definitive guide to the best new running shoes of 2018 explores everything you need to know before buying new running shoes this year. Read the Story

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Can Training Shoes Be Used for Running?

Can training shoes be used for running? Are running shoes better than training shoes?

Owning an appropriate pair of shoes that matches your feet and pronation ultimately helps in achieving your workout goals. A lot of people share their experience how they fell head over heels while running. However, there is still a common roadblock in choosing the best shoes for a workout.

Only you can know the correct answer; in fact, wearing running shoes when you feel best on training shoes and vice versa may increase the risk of injury. So, before you hit the road or sign up for an aero-boxing class, here are some critical information you need to know about training and running shoes.

Training shoes are manufactured for various purposes, but they are made explicitly for users who are into sports and any other physical activities. Whether you are pursuing weightlifting, cycling, HIIT, or aerobics class, training shoes are reliable and efficient. With their versatility, some runners wonder if they can also use training shoes.

There are many factors to consider in training shoes. While these shoes best match the workout needs of some runners, it has other features that are not recommended for running.

Unlike training shoes, running shoes are designed to withstand the constant hitting on the ground. They may have or have no cushioning and come in various features and weight. Consequently, training shoes and running shoes have differences that are worth noting.

Differences Between Training Shoes and Running Shoes

1. Cushioning

Cushioning provides the feet the protection and support they need during extraneous physical activity. While training shoes have a lot of cushioning, it is not as much as the running shoes have. This is why running shoes are best for runners especially those who are into marathons and other long-distance running activities.

So, at this point, the general answer to the question “Can training shoes be used for running?” is no. Training shoes can’t be used for running, especially for people who run long distances or daily. Otherwise, there will be a higher risk of suffering injuries.

However, minimalists contest the amount of the cushioning in running shoes. Many runners and podiatrists advocate the use of minimal or zero cushioning between the sole and the heel of the shoes.

These are the zero drop shoes that help maintain the correct posture of the body by aligning the spine and improving the midfoot to front foot strike. So, this is a good factor to consider especially for beginners.

2. Sole

The sole of the training shoe is extremely stable and wider than the running shoes. This built is to give more support for the lateral movements.

Meanwhile, the running shoes have smooth soles that provide less overall traction. In general, this is not a problem because running only involves straight and forward movements.

3. Weight

The shoes worn for running should be lightweight for the runner to move efficiently. On the other hand, the shoes for training are made to be more durable and withstand various lateral movements. This makes them heavier and stronger, so training shoes are not good for running activities.

Runners should wear lightweight shoes so that they have the best runs they can, especially for long distances. Training shoes are quite heavy for running which can even lead to developing foot aches and long-term injuries.

Which Shoes Should You Choose?

Training shoes are best for physical activities that involve lateral movements. They are usually used in training, weight lifting, aerobics, and other sports. They are famous for their overall versatility and provide maximum support for various movements such as lifting, squatting, benching, and others that engage the whole muscle chain.

When it comes to other types of workout, other than running, training shoes are the best kind of shoes that you can use. They have the durability to withstand the lateral movements and protect the feet from potential injuries and outside forces. They are quite heavy, stiff, and lack cushion for running.

For running, walking, and other activities that involve only forward or straight movements, the running shoes are best to wear. They have enough cushion and are lightweight enough to protect the feet and make running efficient.

What Happens When You Run Using the Wrong Shoes?

Running may be the simplest form of workout, but it can cause pain and injury when done inappropriately. Runners should be aware of their pronation or the position of their feet as they land on the ground. There are a few factors to consider in determining the best kind of shoes for them.

The key to running at your best and prevent injuries is wearing the right kind of running shoes. It makes the huge difference not only regarding comfort but also in minimizing the risk of injuries. Experts advise asking a professional trainer to inform you about the qualities of different running shoes.

It is worth noting that everyone has a different body, running style, and biomechanical physiology. The running shoes that work best for your friend won’t automatically work best for you. Therefore, when choosing a pair of running shoes, the brand, color, and other aesthetic value should be of least concern.

When you use the wrong shoes for running or walking, your comfort is compromised. You won’t be able to run at your best or would get tired easily. Worse, in the wrong shoes, you could suffer from foot ache, knee injuries, lower back pain, poor posture, etc. Don’t let wrong shoes ruin your workout goals!


Training shoes are ultimately durable because they are intended for activities that involve a lot of lateral movements. They may be comfortable and provide appropriate support for runners, but generally, they are not good for running. The lack of cushioning, more weight, and wider soles of the training shoes are the main reasons why runners should stick to running shoes.

It is imperative to wear the appropriate type of shoes for running. The market is full of various kinds of workout shoes that are marketed through their designs, colors, and brands. These factors have been the major considerations of many runners for buying shoes. This is ultimately wrong, and proper education should be relayed.


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