Sarah Hyland Weighs 92 Lbs. and Has 49% Body Fat—but Is That Even Possible?

When it comes to understanding body weight versus BMI versus body composition, things can get confusing. Even more confusing is when the numbers don’t seem quite right, which is exactly what happened when actress Sarah Hyland stepped on the scale to determine her body composition (AKA how much of her weight is fat versus lean mass) yesterday.

“Yeah. My scale says I’m 48% fat. Soooo…how’s your Monday?” the Modern Family star captioned a photo she posted on Instagram stories last night. According to Hyland’s body composition scale, she weighs 92.8 pounds, with 49% body fat, 11% muscle, 37% water, and 3% bone. Hmm.

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Image zoom @sarahhyland/Instagram

According to the American Council on Exercise, normal body fat percentages for women range from 10% to 31%, with a body fat percentage over 32% being considered obese. At 5’2” and 92 pounds, Hyland is anything but obese. So we had some questions.

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First off, is it even possible to be 92 pounds and have 49% body fat? “While it is possible to have that high of a percentage of body fat, it would be very abnormal for half of her body weight to be fat,” says Amy Rothberg, MD, director of the University of Michigan’s Weight Management Clinic.

Samuel Klein, MD, director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis agrees: “Women tend to have more body fat than men, but it’s highly unlikely that she would be 92 pounds and almost 50% body fat.”

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It’s not surprising that Hyland’s home scale provided questionable results. According to Dr. Klein, there’s so much variability in home body composition devices that they aren’t always reliable sources. Plus, body composition scales (or the regular versions, for that matter) don’t account for the distribution of fat throughout the body, which is actually just as important as the amount of fat one carries. Why? Belly fat is linked to an increased risk of metabolic diseases like diabetes and heart disease compared to fat stored in the buttocks and legs.

When assessing body fat, it’s critical to consider distribution in addition to composition, says Dr. Klein: “Measuring your waist circumference, for example, will give you a better estimate of your fat distribution than stepping on a scale.”

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According to Dr. Rothberg, the most reliable way to measure body composition is with a DEXA scan or Bod Pod device, two tools that are typically found at medical centers, fitness clinics, or in research settings—not your bathroom–and use high-tech methods to compare fat tissue to lean mass.

We weren’t the only ones who were skeptical of Hyland’s home scale reading. The actress captioned her body comp score, “Definition of #skinnyfat or my scale is broken.” We’re going to guess it’s broken.

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Sarah Hyland is an American actress of television and film. She is best known for playing the role of Haley Dunphy on the ABC sitcom Modern Family since 2009, for which she was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Comedy Supporting Actress in 2013. Her other television credits include All My Children, Lipstick Jungle, One Life to Live, and Shadowhunters. In addition to her television appearances, she has also acted in a number of films, including Geek Charming, Struck by Lightning, Scary Movie 5, April Apocalypse, Vampire Academy, XOXO and Dirty Dancing. Born Sarah Jane Hyland on November 24, 1990, in Manhattan, New York, she is the daughter of actors Melissa Canardo and Edward James Hyland, and older sister to actor Ian Hyland. She belongs to English, German, Scottish, Irish, Dutch and Welsh descent. She attended Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan, USA. She has been acting since she was five years old. Her first role was as Howard Stern’s daughter in Private Parts. In 2017, she began dating reality TV personality and Radio DJ, Wells Adams. She was previously in a relationship with Matt Prokop from 2009 to 2014, and with English actor Dominic Sherwood from 2015 to 2017.

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland Personal Details:
Date Of Birth: 24 November 1990
Birth Place: Manhattan, New York, USA
Birth Name: Sarah Jane Hyland
Nicknames: SJ, Kitty, Raindrop
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Actress
Nationality: American
Race/Ethnicity: White (Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh, Dutch, German)
Religion: Christian
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Sarah Hyland Family Details:
Father: Edward James Hyland (Actor)
Mother: Melissa Canaday (Actress)
Spouse/Husband: Unmarried
Children: No
Siblings: Ian Hyland (Younger Brother)

Partner (s): Wells Adams (2017), Dominic Sherwood (2015-2017), Matt Prokop (2011-2014)

Sarah Hyland Education:
Professional Performing Arts School

Sarah Hyland Facts:
*She was born on November 24, 1990, in Manhattan, New York.
*She is the daughter of Melissa Canaday and Edward James Hyland.
*She appears as the oldest sibling Haley Dunphy on the ABC sitcom Modern Family.
*She appeared in Nintendo 3DS ad campaign along with Dianna Agron and Gabby Douglas.
*She was in a long term relationship with Matt Prokop from 2009 to 2014.
*Follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Actress Sarah Hyland is glad to be feeling strong again after revealing she reached just 75 pounds (34 kilograms) earlier this year (18).

The Modern Family star has been battling health issues for many years, undergoing a life-saving transplant in 2012 following a battle with kidney dysplasia, a condition she was diagnosed with as a child.

Sarah was also hospitalised at the beginning of the summer, but the 27 year old feels as if she has returned to form, telling fans via Instagram Story on Thursday (02Aug18) all about her health progress.


“#Strongwomen,” she captioned video footage of herself flexing her back muscles as she performs pull-ups. “Realllllllly did NOT want to come in (to the gym) today, but I’m very glad I diiid. Be strong out there ladies!!! Every workout counts.”

“Very proud of this,” she added while sharing another photo of herself showing off her toned physique at the gym. “Seeing as I was 75 lbs earlier this year.”

Sarah received backlash on Wednesday for posting a snap of herself in a bikini, with some fans attacking the actress for being too skinny, demanding she eat more bread.

The star responded by asking her boyfriend Wells Adams to back her up on her healthy eating habits, noting he witnesses her consume loads of carbohydrates on a daily basis.

“I’ve been reading some of your DMs and so many of you are like, ‘Girl, you fine but like, eat some bread!’ So I would like to put in a request for anyone who is concerned about my bread consumption to send (messages) to Wells Adams, because he is the sole person who knows about how much bread I consume on a daily basis,” she said on her Instagram Story feed.

Wells quickly came to his girlfriend’s defence by verifying she eats well – and regularly.

“Just saw Sarah’s story. Apparently there are concerns about how much bread she eats. I can vouch for her that she truly is – she’s not a carnivore, she’s a carbivore,” he explained.


Sarah Hyland’s Net Worth, Boyfriends, Height, Feet and Legs

Scroll down to see pictures of Sarah Hyland showing off her nude feet and bare legs in sexy high heels, boots, sandals, pumps, and hot shoes.

How much is Sarah Hyland’s net worth?

Best known for playing the character of Haley Dunphy on the ABC sitcom Modern Family, she has a net worth of $14 million.

According to Variety, Sarah Hyland got a significant pay rise when signing up for Seasons 9 and 10 of Modern Family.

Sarah Hyland’s Boyfriends

In April 2017, she split from her boyfriend of more than two years, Dominic Sherwood, an English actor and model, known for his role as Christian Ozera in the teen vampire film Vampire Academy, and his role as Jace Herondale on the Freeform and Hulu fantasy series Shadowhunters. He has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

After splitting from Dominic Sherwood, Sarah Hyland started dating Wells Adams, a contestant on the 12th season of The Bachelorette.

Sarah Hyland Facts

Sarah Hyland’s Best Quotes

When I was a child, I was unable to go to any type of sleepaway summer camp because of health issues. Once I learned about the Lopez Foundation, I knew I wanted to get involved, send kids with kidney disease away to camp so they can still experience overnight camp with medical needs at hand.

I just love the color purple on me, because it goes really well with my eye color.

My eyes are so big that, weirdly, I feel like an alien if my eyelashes don’t match their intensity. I like to curl my lashes to the point where they’re sticking straight up and then put on a ton of mascara!

I love living in L.A. It’s quieter. It’s much more relaxing. I’m living in a house for the first time ever. I have a backyard for the first time ever; a dog for the first time ever. So it’s a lot of firsts, and I love it so much. It’s just so different. It’s a nice change of pace.

Twitter is awesome to share news with fans, but I would never choose to only have social media and put everything in my life on display.

You know that family is going to be there for you no matter what. My dad gave me a freakin’ kidney!

I think success right now is not about how famous you are or how much you’re getting paid, but it’s more about if you’re steadily working and you’re happy with what you’re doing.

I just filmed a movie with my boyfriend, an indie film called ‘Conception.’ And it’s kind of like an R-rated version of ‘Valentine’s Day.’ So it’s like all about eight couples, and I and my boyfriend play one of them together. And that was a lot of fun.

I’ve always been a fan of Nintendo. My first memories of playing games are on my Nintendo 64 with ‘Mario Kart,’ so when I found out that Nintendo 3DS made a fashion game, I was drawn to it. ‘Style Savvy Trendsetters’ is great because anyone can play it.

Lately, I’ve been playing very fashion-forward, popular girls, which is great because it’s led me to things like this Nintendo 3DS ‘Style Savvy’ campaign. It’d be fun to do something a bit dorkier – or quirkier!

I’m very competitive. When I was, like, four, I would see a Shake ‘N Bake commercial and see a little girl on that and think, ‘I can do that. I might be better.’

I would say at times I am a ‘Glamoholic.’ But I am definitely more laid back than glamorous. I think it takes a lot of effort and sometimes I just want to be in jeans.

Friends are hard to come by in L.A., especially in the entertainment industry. I’ve known a lot of people who hang out with someone because they’re working on a show, and as soon as that show gets canceled, they find someone new.

I’m friends with Taylor Swift, and I am tired of people asking me questions about our friendship. When I post a picture of us on Instagram, I’m posting a picture of me and my friend.

You’re in everyone’s homes every week as this character, and they feel like they know you, and then they start to really define you as this character that you portray.

I grew up in the East Village with a lot of old people in my building, and I’m not sure if they lost their sense of smell over the years, but they always seemed to smell like they poured a bottle of perfume on themselves. I never want to become that person.

I have really big alien eyes, so the more mascara the better.

Sarah Hyland recently attended a friend’s wedding, but she admitted that her mind was preoccupied by thoughts of her own upcoming nuptials at the event.

On Saturday, the 28-year-old Modern Family star took to Instagram to share a photo that was taken at the wedding of her close pal, The Bold Type actress Katie Stevens. In the snapshot, Sarah is wearing a black off-the-shoulder crop top featuring a crisscross design that makes a large X shape on her torso. A triangle of skin is peeking out from beneath the stylish blouse, giving fans a glimpse of Sarah’s toned abs. She paired the top with a black-and-white A-line skirt featuring a striking graphic print. The design includes leaves and stripes, and the skirt’s detailed pattern makes Sarah stand out from the three other women pictured with her, who are all wearing monochromatic gowns.

Hyland has her dark hair pulled back into a low ponytail, and she’s accessorizing her sophisticated but playful look with a pair of chunky hoop earrings. She also has on a pair of black platform high heels that perfectly complement her crop top.

While she has a big smile on her face in the photo, the actress revealed that she spilled plenty of tears at Katie’s wedding.

“I cried so many times I lost count and in doing so I couldn’t help but wonder how many times I’ll cry at my own wedding,” Sarah wrote.

She also revealed that the women pictured with her will be bridesmaids at her wedding.

View this post on Instagram

Last week my beautiful friend @thekatiestevens got married. I cried so many times I lost count and in doing so I couldn’t help but wonder how many times I’ll cry at my own wedding. Thankfully I’ll have these gorgeous goddesses as bridesmaids to hand me a tissue every 5 seconds. ????????????

A post shared by Sarah Hyland (@sarahhyland) on Oct 19, 2019 at 7:31am PDT

Katie responded by reassuring Sarah that she’ll likely be crying just as much at her wedding, so she should have plenty of those requested tissues on hand.

“I love you! don’t worry I’ll be a puddle at yours,” Katie wrote.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sarah Hyland’s husband-to-be is The Bachelorette star Wells Adams. The Wedding Year actress and the former reality show star haven’t yet said when they plan on tying the knot, but Sarah did just spill one small detail about their wedding in the post above that reveals the identities of three of her bridesmaids. High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is also going to be a member of her wedding party.

According to People magazine, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams got engaged in July of this year, and they celebrated their two-year anniversary on Tuesday. In a sweet message for her future husband, Sarah referenced the TV series Friends by calling Wells “the Chandler to my Monica.” She also revealed that she had to push for him to make their relationship official.

“Two years ago I asked when you were going to ask me to be your girlfriend,” she wrote on Instagram. “This summer you asked me to be your wife. If two years feels like a lifetime then I can’t wait to spend my eternity with you.”

Actress Sarah Hyland showed off a short haircut and a spring-perfect outfit while out and about in Los Angeles!

She’s having fun in the sun! Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland, 28, was spotted in West Hollywood leaving a hair salon in a stylish spring-ready outfit. The famous actress sported skinny blue jeans, a white short-sleeved crop top, and orange high heels. She cinched in her waist with a cheetah-print belt, too.

Sarah held onto her beige tote bag and iPhone in one hand while walking, and wrapped an olive green scrunchie around her wrist. The actress rocked silver sunglasses and medium-sized hoop earrings for the sunny day outing. Sarah showed off her blown-out hair while walking, seemingly going with a shorter ‘do after asking followers on Instagram if she should get a hair cut.

“Who’s ready for short hair,” Sarah captioned her March 9 pic on Instagram, which she posed in in a bikini and short curls. “I think it’s about that tiiiimeeee. (And by that I mean just take out Haley’s fake hair).” Since Sarah just finished filming season 10 of the show, it appeared that she decided to go ahead and get her hair cut!


The shorter style goes perfectly with her spring look that makes us desperate for warmer temperatures right now! We love shorter hair on Sarah just as much as we love longer hair, but the shoulder-length style probably makes more sense as it gets warmer and while she’s not shooting Modern Family scenes. Shorter hair will be less effort for the actress – less hair means less to style!

Sarah will be part of the show’s 11th season, which will air from 2019 to 2020. The actress has been a part of the ABC comedy since 2009 – we’re sure she has loved being a part of it, but once the show ends she may be able to get more creative and daring with her look should she choose to do so! For now, a shorter haircut is a fun option to change up her look and we’re definitely big fans!

As Sarah Hyland continues to suffer from chronic pain, she’s lost quite a bit of weight, and confirmed on Instagram this week that she’s down to just 87 pounds. See the photos here.

“Skeletor party of 1” — that’s what Sarah Hyland captioned a mirror selfie of herself on Instagram Stories on May 2. In the pic, Sarah only shows herself from the chest down, revealing her very slim stomach in a crop top and stick-thin legs in cutoff jeans. Along with the pic, she also shared a screenshot that showed off her body measurements…and she only weighs 87.3 pounds. The image also reveals her body fat of 18%, muscle of 17% and BMI of 16. “Desperately waiting to get cleared so I can start lifting weights again,” she wrote.

Sarah had a kidney transplant in 2012 and has been open about her diagnosis of kidney dysplasia. However, earlier this year, she also revealed on social media that she’s been suffering from “chronic pain,” which she continues to struggle with now. “For all of my invisible illness, chronic illness, chronic pain warriors — continue to do what you love,” she urged fans on Instagram this week. “Find what you love and focus on that because that is so much better than any type of physical pain.”

The Modern Family star did not go into detail about her exact symptoms, but whatever’s going on, it’s clearly enough for doctors to direct her to stay out of the gym for the time being. Back in February, Sarah revealed she weighed only 92.8 pounds, so to shed five pounds in just two months when you’re already so thin is definitely worrisome.

Talk about Sarah’s weight began in 2017, when people were commenting on her Instagram photos about how she was “too skinny” and accused her of promoting anorexia. At the time, Sarah explained, “Maybe one day I’ll talk about it, but for now, I’d like my privacy. I will say that this year has brought a lot of changes and with that, physical changes. I have been told that I can’t work out, which, for me, is very upsetting. My circumstances have put me in a place where I’m not in control of what my body looks like.” We hope she is back to feeling better soon!

Sarah Hyland Revealed She Lost Her Hair As a Result of Kidney Dysplasia and Endometriosis

John Shearer/Getty Images

Sarah Hyland has long been open and honest about her health struggles. The Modern Family actress has undergone 16 surgeries related to her kidney dysplasia, including two transplants, and she’s been diagnosed with endometriosis. Hyland’s chronic health conditions have resulted in a number of unexpected complications, one of which is hair loss.

ICYDK, Hyland’s signature look as Haley Dunphy in Modern Family involved long, pin-straight locks, but in an interview with Refinery29, she shared that she was actually wearing extensions while filming to hide her hair loss. (Related: Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland Talks Body Confidence and the Meaning Behind Her Tattoo)

“With medications and stuff, it can make your hair fall out,” she explained. It’s true: Research shows kidney disease has been linked to hair loss (as well as other dermatological symptoms), and certain endometriosis medications can cause someone’s hair to fall out, too, according to the Endometriosis Foundation of America. (Here’s everything you need to know about hair loss.)

If you’ve looked at Hyland’s Instagram recently, you’ve probably noticed the photos of her new, super curly lob. She explained that as her hair has started to grow back, she’s noticed it’s a slightly different texture than before. “My hair that’s growing back now is much curlier than what it used to be,” she said. (Related: Sarah Hyland Reveals Her Self-Care Strategy Amid Her Health Struggles)

Hyland is embracing her new look, though she admitted she’s still figuring out how to style her curls. “I wear it curly because I don’t know how to do my hair,” she said. “I try to blow it out, and it’s just a frizzy mess. It looks like an avant-garde runway look.”

While adjusting to her new ‘do, Hyland has discovered some useful, curl-friendly products, including Unite Curl Creme (Buy It, $28). Her go-to product, though, is the InCommon Magic Myst (Buy It, $40). “It’s like a leave-in conditioner,” she told Refinery29. “It protects your hair from heat, and it helps with humidity. It’s this all-encompassing magic mist that helps define your curls and get rid of the frizz.”

Hair loss can take a huge toll on your self-confidence and body image, especially when you’re as young as Hyland. Major kudos to the actress for celebrating her new curls.

Sarah Hyland Gets Real About What It’s Like to Lose Hair After Surgery

If you’ve noticed Sarah Hyland’s hair has been looking different than usual, you wouldn’t be the only one. The 28-year-old actress, who plays Haley Dunphy on Modern Family, has been getting a lot of questions about her new short and curly bob, a big change from Haley’s usual long, pin-straight locks.

Many have speculated that her new look is the result of a perm, but in a recent interview with Refinery 29, Hyland confirmed her curls are au naturel.

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“I just had extensions in for Modern Family,” Hyland said. She explained that she wore extensions to play Haley because, after surgeries to treat endometriosis and kidney dysplasia, her hair actually started to shed. “With medications and stuff, it can make your hair fall out,” she said. “So I had extensions put in for Haley to hide any of that loss.”

It’s true; certain medications can indeed cause hair loss. If you think a medication you’re on might be causing your hair to fall out, speak with your doctor to find out if there’s anything you can do. The good news is your hair will grow back when you stop the medication.

Hyland said her hair has started to grow back, but she’s noticed it’s a slightly different texture than it was before. “My hair that’s growing back now is much curlier than what it used to be.”

RELATED: 21 Reasons Why You’re Losing Your Hair

She went on to say that she’s still adapting to her new curls and playing around with ways to style them. “I wear it curly because I don’t know how to do my hair,” she said. “I try to blow it out, and it’s just a frizzy mess. It looks like an avant-garde runway look.”

One product she’s found to be especially useful: InCommon Magic Myst. “It’s like a leave-in conditioner,” she said. “It protects your hair from heat, and it helps with humidity. It’s this all-encompassing magic mist that helps define your curls and get rid of the frizz.”

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