Wedding Weight Loss: Sara Rue’s 4 Tips for Weight Loss Success

Sara Rue has always struggled with her weight, but when the actress got engaged earlier this year, she decided enough was enough. Sara had fallen in love and didn’t want to waste any more time or energy frustrated about her weight. While Sara chalks up most of her weight loss success to her Jenny Craig consultant (She’s lost 50 pounds! See her and other celebrities before and after healthy weight loss), she shared four tips to help any bride get in amazing shape for her wedding.

Read on for Sara Rue’s four rules for weight loss success:

1) Sara Rue’s tips for weight loss success: You’re in control.

“You can control what you put in your body-100 percent,” Sara says. And it’s not just about food. “You really can control your level of fitness and how your body looks.”

Wedding weight loss plan: If losing weight for your wedding day is a priority, start making healthy food choices and getting active now (Use these tricks to sneak fitness into your day). Having trouble taking control? Learn how to stop emotional eating for good.

2) Sara Rue’s tips for weight loss success: Admit when something’s not working and ask for help.

“I was never really able to lose weight on my own,” Sara says. “Clearly, it was something I struggled with so I wanted a program that provides extra support. Jenny Craig does that. In terms of fitness, I’m going to rely on a professional for that as well. I really don’t know anything about so I’m like ‘just tell me what to do!’ “

Wedding weight loss plan: Ask for help in the areas you struggle with. Have trouble putting down the fork? Talk to a nutritionist. Can’t stick with your workout routine? Get a trainer (or try our virtual trainer-it’s free).

3) Sara Rue’s tips for weight loss success: Let go of the guilt.

“I’m a very all-or-nothing type of person,” Sara says. “Usually, the first slip I make, I’m done. But my Jenny Craig consultant tells me that just recognizing when I go off track is an improvement and a step toward my new healthy lifestyle. When you don’t feel guilty about going off track, it’s easier to get right back on.”

Wedding weight loss plan: Don’t let “slip-ups” derail you. Acknowledge what happened and move on. Use this post-pig-out plan to get right back on track.

4) Sara Rue’s tips for weight loss success: Create mini-milestones-no wedding necessary.

“It’s the little things that make all the difference in motivating you. I can concentrate on the dress or the wedding, but then I can also concentrate on something simple. I saw a pair of jeans that I want to buy, so I’m going to work towards that goal, too. I’m definitely focused on the dress right now, but I’m also thinking about my honeymoon.”

Wedding weight loss plan: Set goals that motivate you and keep your eye on the prize-no matter how big or small.

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  • By Karen Borsari

Sara Rue (born January 26, 1979) is an American actress. She is best known for the roles she played as Carmen Ferrara on the comedy-drama Popular and Claude Casey on the sitcom Less Than Perfect. She also guest-starred on the show Will & Grace as Joyce, the sister of Grace Adler, on Two and a Half Men as Berta’s daughter Naomi, and on The Big Bang Theory as Stephanie Barnett, a girlfriend of Leonard Hofstadter. She most recently starred in the dramedy Eastwick as Penny Higgins.

Early life

Sara Rue was born Sara Schlackman in New York City, the daughter of Joan Schlackman (née Rue), a municipal employee and former actress, and Marc Schlackman, a stage manager. The elder of two daughters, she was raised in New York, where her parents were active in Broadway theaters. She began her acting career at the age of nine, appearing in the 1988 film Rocket Gibraltar as Kevin Spacey’s daughter (and as the late Burt Lancaster’s granddaughter). She also played a young Roseanne in the first meeting of Roseanne and Dan at a dance on the TV show Roseanne.


Rue won critical acclaim for her television series debut, starring in the comedy Grand, before going on to work on Phenom, Minor Adjustments, Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane, ER, The Division and Popular.

She has appeared in several films (A Map of the World, Can’t Hardly Wait, A Slipping Down Life, Idiocracy, Gypsy 83 and had a small part as a babysitter in Gore Verbinski’s adaptation of The Ring), and so impressed director Michael Bay that a role was written into the movie Pearl Harbor (film)|Pearl Harbor for her. Rue briefly appeared in the 2006 Mike Judge film Idiocracy, in the role of the Attorney General.

She currently stars in the stage musical Little Egypt with French Stewart, Jenny O’Hara, and Gregg Henry at The Matrix Theater in Los Angeles.

Rue guest starred in Two and a Half Men as Berta’s youngest daughter Naomi who is pregnant and, as the episode progresses, eventually has her baby on Charlie’s couch. Rue is currently working on the movies Man Maid and For Christ’s Sake, both of which are in post-production.

Rue had a stint on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, playing the character of Leonard Hofstadter’s girlfriend, Stephanie for 3 episodes. Her first appearance on the show occurred on November 17, 2008.

Rue will be producing an upcoming movie. The movie will be a suspense thriller revolving around the world of online social networking. The yet to be titled film will be released through Dimension Films.

Rue starred on the 2009 ABC show Eastwick. The show was based on the novel and movie The Witches of Eastwick. In December of 2009 it was announced that Sara Rue would be a new spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

Most recently she has been a regular on Rules of Engagement (TV series)|Rules of Engagement and Malibu Country.

Personal life

Rue married director/writer/producer Mischa Livingstone in 2001. After six years, the couple divorced in 2007. She recently became engaged to Kevin Price.

TBBT Appearances

  • S02E08: The Lizard-Spock Expansion
  • S02E09: The White Asparagus Triangulation
  • S02E10: The Vartabedian Conundrum
  • Sara Rue on IMDb
  • Sara Rue on Wikipedia
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Guest Star: Sara Rue

Sara Rue is an American actress best known for her roles as Claude Casey on the sitcom Less than Perfect and as Carmen Ferrara on the teen drama Popular.

Her other TV roles include starring roles on the ’90s sitcoms Grand, Phenom and Minor Adjustments. Rue also had guest starring roles on shows including ER, Ned and Stacey, Will & Grace. She has had recurring roles on sitcoms including Rules of Engagement, and the Chuck Lorre shows Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and Mom.

Rue had a starring role in the 2009 fantasy comedy-drama Eastwick, the 2012 sitcom Malibu Country and the 2015 TV Land comedy Impastor. She has also had recurring roles in the drama series Bones and the Netflix original A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Rue’s film credits include Rocket Gibraltar, Pearl Harbor, The Ring, For Christ’s Sake, Dorfman in Love, and Miss Dial.

You are viewing a list of Sara Rue’s 3 appearances on The Big Bang Theory.

  • The Lizard-Spock Expansion
    Season 2, Episode 8 – Aired November 17, 2008

    A smitten Wolowitz attempts to impress the new love of his life, Dr. Stephanie Barnett, but instead crashes the Mars Rover into a ditch. When the guys arrive to help Howard out of his predicament, Stephanie finds herself more interested in Leonard and promptly leaves with him.

    Appeared as Stephanie

  • The White Asparagus Triangulation
    Season 2, Episode 9 – Aired November 24, 2008

    Leonard has a new girlfriend and, best of all, she meets Sheldon’s exacting standards. When Sheldon gets worried that Leonard will ruin this relationship like he did with his previous ones, he sets out to firm up his buddy’s relationship.

    Appeared as Stephanie

  • The Vartabedian Conundrum
    Season 2, Episode 10 – Aired December 8, 2008

    After Leonard comes to the realization that Stephanie has moved into his apartment, he begins to feel their relationship is progressing too quickly for him. Leonard turns to Penny for advice on how to slow down his relationship. Meanwhile, Sheldon requires Stephanie’s medical attention when he’s convinced he has a mystery illness.

    Appeared as Stephanie

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Sara Rue Wears a Bikini for First Time Ever!

Alison Dyer

Only a year and a half after she began the Jenny Craig program, Sara Rue has lost more than 50 lbs. – and 4 dress sizes! – and is wearing a bikini for the very first time in her life.

“It’s a little strange,” says the Shedding for the Wedding host, 32. “But after I tried it on, I thought, ‘I look good!’ ”

Since July of last year, Rue has been on a Jenny Craig maintenance plan that consists of cardio workouts four days a week and a 1,700-calorie-a-day diet.

“It’s hard. It’s a struggle,” she says of keeping off the weight. “There are days where I’ll say, ‘I feel off the rails.’ But I don’t give myself excuses.”

PHOTOS: Beach Patrol: Spring Break

The actress – whose ABC Family movie My Future Boyfriend premieres Sunday – also has plenty of diet tricks up her sleeve.

“I try not to eat animal protein after 7:30 p.m.,” she says. “And when I make pasta, I layer the bottom of the bowl with fresh spinach. That way you’re having the pasta, but with half the carbs.”

Come May, when Rue exchanges vows with her fiancé, college consultant Kevin Price, 35, she won’t be skipping her wedding cake. “We’re having three kinds, including red velvet and pumpkin caramel,” Rue reveals. “I’ll be having one of each! Very small slivers of every kind is the way to go.”

See Sara as she inspires other couples to get in shape for their big days on the CW’s Shedding for the Wedding, on Wednesday night.

For more on Sara’s bikini-body transformation, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now

PHOTOS: Stars’ Workout Shout-Outs

Move over, Valerie Bertinelli. After a dramatic 50-pound weight loss, actress Sara Rue is Jenny Craig’s newest star.

The 31-year-old spokeswoman and bride-to-be sat down with to talk about her very public weight-loss journey, why she’ll be playing beer pong at her upcoming spring wedding and the importance of finding a man who can truly appreciate her love of reality TV.

Knowing it was time to take charge and lose the weight.
“I had spent my entire career not wanting to talk about weight, not wanting to deal with it, wanting to be an actor first. If I had played characters who had weight issues, like in Popular or even on my show Less Than Perfect, there was some weight innuendo but it was never really addressed because I didn’t want to. I really felt very strongly that, to be a good role model, it was my job to be like, ‘No, I’m an actor; it’s not about this and that.’ So I spent a lot of time avoiding a lot of questions. I just got really sick of it. And I decided that, actually, I was wrong. The really empowering thing to do is not to pretend like it doesn’t exist, but to change it, and to take that power back and take control of your life.”

See Before-and-After Photos of 9 Celebrity Weight-Loss Wonders

Signing up with Jenny Craig.
“I wasn’t one-hundred percent sure that Jenny Craig was going to be the right program for me, but I wanted to do something. So I sat down with the CEO of Jenny Craig, Patti Larchet. She had been a consultant and had started by working in a center in Chicago. I was so impressed with her. To start as a consultant in a center and now to be the CEO of this gigantic corporation, I was just like, ‘Wow, that’s pretty empowering and pretty cool.’ …But then I was still not a hundred percent sold. Doing it publicly is a big commitment and kind of a scary commitment. So I had dinner with Valerie Bertinelli. She said to me, ‘I wish, at your age, that I had done this because with the Jenny Craig program you’re going to fix a lot of the emotional parts of it.’ So, it’ll be more a lifestyle change and, hopefully, it’ll be something I never have to do again — unless I get pregnant . With her saying that and seeing how happy she was and how she wished she’d done it sooner, I was sold. Let’s do it.”

Meeting and beating her 30-pound weight-loss goal.
“I said thirty because I was like, ‘That seems attainable and achievable.’ It’s a lot, but it didn’t seem like a crazy amount to try to tackle at the beginning. I was really nervous about doing it publicly and I thought, ‘Well, if I don’t like doing this publicly, I can be done at thirty and just be done and not talk about this anymore.’ I reached thirty pretty quickly and I was like, ‘This feels good, but I’m not done. I’ll just say forty. Let’s go for forty.’ And then I reached forty and I was like, ‘So, my goal is fifty and I will be totally done.’ So then I went to fifty.”

She’s comfortable being 50 lbs. lighter.
“I’m done. I’m never going to be a skinny girl, which is good. That’s just not my thing. It’s more about health and truly being comfortable in your own skin. It’s such a huge, big deal. And it’s a freedom that – unless you’ve felt differently – you don’t understand. Just little, tiny things like waking up and throwing on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt — that’s all I wanted. I wanted to be able to do that. I wanted to not have to fret every time I was going out. I wanted to just be comfortable. So now I am.”
The first month was the hardest.
“The first month was really hard for me because I was just dealing with a lot of the emotional stuff that I hadn’t been dealing with for so long. Luckily, Jenny Craig gives you this personal consultant whom I love and, until she gets a restraining order against me, I am going call a lot because I need her. But she was the person who I’d call on the days where I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this’ or ‘I don’t believe it’s ever going to happen,’ or ‘my goal seems so far away.’ Because that’s something people psych themselves out with.”

7 Winning Weight-Loss Strategies from Real People

But then it got easier.
“Time was going to move forward and I just had to choose whether I was going to move forward with it. I started really believing that, and that sort of became my little mantra. So it was about two months into the program when I really started believing that it worked, that it wasn’t magic and it wasn’t going to stop working. It was all coming from within me as opposed to an outside source. I really started believing that. There wasn’t one thing; I think it was just having the consistency of something that worked for so long, that all of a sudden you start to believe in it.”

Taking control.
“One of the few things we can actually control in life is what we put in our bodies. I found that very empowering. It was like this light switch, like ‘Oh, this is something I can have control of and nobody else can tell me what to do with my body.’ And I was like, ‘That’s cool.’”

One of the perks of dropping the weight publicly.
“Now people tweet me their before and after pictures. It’s so cool; I love it. And I answer pretty much every weight-loss question with a direct message because I feel like I have to. If people ask me a weight-loss question I will send them a back. Always.”

What’s next for Sara Rue.
“I just signed up to host a new show by the people who did Biggest Loser called Shedding for the Wedding. It’s ten couples – the men and the women, because a lot of people just think it’s the girls, but it’s for the guys too – trying to lose weight for their wedding. It’s a competition series. I’m so excited – you don’t even know. Biggest Loser is one of my favorites; Biggest Loser, Big Brother, Bachelorette, Bachelor, and now I like Bachelor Pad. So I’m really excited, because I think it’s going to change lives. And also, for me, getting ready for my own wedding and planning it out, it’s just fun to have wedding talk.”

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And that wedding is just around the corner.
“I’m in denial about the time frame. It’s called ‘I need to hire quickly.’ I’m going to have to buckle down and really start figuring out what I want. We know that there will be beer pong at the after-party; we met playing beer pong — so we’re going to have a classy affair. We know that we’d like a picture booth, and we want everybody to have to take a mandatory prom picture or something. We just want it to be really fun; we want it to be fun for everybody. We’re not going to have a religious ceremony. My guy friend, Elias, will be my man-maid and will be my maid of honor. Kevin is also going to have a guy and a girl on his side. I think Elias’s boyfriend might do the actual ceremony; he might get his license online and wed us, which would be really fun. That’s all we’ve got so far.”

How her love for reality TV made her realize she’d found ‘The One.’
“He sat through three hours of The Bachelorette. It was the DeAnna season, and he watched the two-hour finale and the hour after the final rose with me. And it was our third date. I was like, ‘I love him.’ He understands me. He accepts me for me .”

Her fiance is her biggest cheerleader.
“I’m really lucky. I know how lucky I am. I feel really grateful. He said something really sweet. He was like, ‘It’s not like I love you any more, it’s just nice because you love you more.’ He’s such a good man and he’s been so supportive. During the first month, he ate Jenny Craig food with me, so we would make our dinners together. He’s been wonderful. He’s such a smart, kind, wonderful human being and he’s so easy-going. And now our relationship is just so much better because I’m more active and more adventurous.”

The best part about being Sara Rue, 50 lbs. lighter.
“I have to say, there are things that I know sound kind of shallow but are really important. The fact that I can go shopping and feel good and that it’s a fun day as opposed to, like, having to find something to wear and nothing fits. It’s totally different now. I think the best part, though, is knowing that, when I go to bed every night, the next morning is going to come and I’m going to wake up and it’s not going to be so bad. It’s not going to be about food. It’s not going to be about what I’m wearing. It’s going to be about how I’m going to live my life outside of these things that were always so hard in the past.”

Sara Rue is a well known actress and has worked in multiple films and TV shows. But, she is more popular for losing a lot of weight in her thirties. She lost 50 pounds of fat following a super healthy lifestyle. This helped her to get back in shape without looking ill. As she did not follow any fad diet, she did not gain back the weight after either. Her journey inspired many and she even hosted a show named ‘Shedding for the Wedding’ where overweight couples participated to lose the maximum weight and win prizes. In this post, I will share few of her weight loss tips that anyone can easily follow.

1. See What You Eat

Instead of following a super strict diet, Sara decided to keep a check on what she is eating. Sara believes eating without thinking leads to weight gain as you start eating lots of junk food. Her decision of knowing what she is eating helped her to cut down the junks and craps from her diet.

2. Following a Plant Based Diet

This may not work for everyone, but Sara loved her plant based diet. While animal protein is a great source of protein to gain lean muscle, the animal fat often adds up to the body fat percentage. As Sara was not interested in gaining muscle and she wanted to lose fat from her body, the plant based diet worked fine for her.

3. Take Professional Help

At times, losing weight all by yourself is impossible. Sara could not do it alone either. She had a dietician to tell her what to do and a yoga instructor to train her. Professionals understand your body type and requirements. They can suggest the best for you and whatever they tell will be most effective. If you want long-lasting results in a short span of time, seek professionals help like Sara did instead of going for fad diets.

4. Do Not Be Too guilty

Many people often give up when they cannot achieve what they want in a small time frame. Sara advices not to do this ever. When you start your fitness journey, you will inevitably make mistakes. You will probably take one or more cheat meals in a day. You will probably skip the exercise too as it is too much hard work. But, it is better not to give up. Do not expect your body to behave the way you want to do it initially. You must hustle and struggle for days to see the initial changes. It is advisable not to give up ever. Once the transformation begins, nothing can stop you at all.

5. Create Mini Milestones

Instead of setting long term goals, it is better to go for shorter ones. So, do not think of the total weight that you want to lose. This will frustrate you soon as that won’t happen fast. Fix smaller goals for weeks and months. Once that happens, you will start feeling even more motivated to do more for the following days.

A lot of people will say you the same things. But, these advices come from someone who herself followed these to lose a lot of weight. Follow these and you will see similar results too.

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Bollywood Actresses Who Have Had Dramatic Weight Loss
Spices – The Secret to Easy Weight Loss
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Lemonade Diet For Weight Loss
8 Natural Supplements for Weight Loss
How to Lose Weight in 4 Weeks- Diet Chart for Weight Loss

Valerie Bertinelli isn’t the only celeb benefiting from the Jenny Craig weight loss system; actress Sara Rue is down 30 pounds in just 12 weeks! Sara — a spokesperson for Jenny Craig — told People Magazine that her goal is to lose 10 more. “The changing of your mind is often the hardest part. Now that I’ve conquered that, I’m ready for more!”

Sara, who’s recently engaged, says weight has always been an issue for her, and was even told that she lost an acting role because of her size. Hearing that news was a blow, and it gave Sara the determination to take back her life. Being on the program has taught her the importance of eating healthy and working out. These days each meal is a balance of the right amount of protein, carbs, fats, fruit, and “lots and lots of veggies.”

“The key has been portion control, which has totally helped me not slip up, and has given me the necessary balance to feel good. I’m comfortable with this program, because it’s not a diet –- it’s a lifestyle change.”

Besides Sara, celebs like Valerie Bertinelli, Jason Alexander, and Nicole Sullivan have all found success on this program. I’m curious if any of you have tried it, and what your thoughts are. Please share them with me in the comments section below . . .

ADVERTISEMENT Image Source: Getty

Sara Rue is best known for playing the role of Carmen Ferrera in the TV series Popular more than a decade ago. Today, though, she looks nothing like the tubby main character of that show. Sara has reinvented herself with a slimline, athletic body and a healthy new attitude.

Sara has been so successful in her weight loss journey that she has become a spokesperson for some weight loss products. More recently she it’s rumored that she has teamed up with the pharmaceutical company Takeda to promote weight loss products that use ketogenic principles and a specialized supplement, Keto Advanced Weight Loss to kick start and boost weight loss.

After struggling with her own weight issues for decades, Sara feels great to have finally got on top of her body fat issues . . .

I am really proud and honored to be in a position where I can advocate for women and empower people. Sixty-six percent of women over the age of 20 in this country are dealing with being overweight or obese, and I think it’s a serious discussion we need to have.

Sara had often tried to lose weight in her teens and twenties. Sometimes it was in an attempt to get in shape so she could audition for a coveted film role. She would go on the latest high profile diet, starving her body of vital calories and nutrients. While the scale would go down, Sara never ended up looking any better. That’s because she was losing more muscle mass and water than body fat. Then, after she came off of the diet, she’d end up piling on even more weight as a result of the body’s starvation response.

Having recently reached 35, Sara knew it was time to get serious about her weight. She had a vision of where she wanted to be in the next 10 years physically, and her current shape just wasn’t matching up with that image.

Learning to Eat Smart

Sara had got into the habit of mindless eating. This led her to eat the things that she knew she shouldn’t be eating. It also led her to eating more food than she should. She would lose track of the food that she had been eating, which led her to think that she hadn’t been eating enough food. Sara explains the mental changes that she made . . .

I became someone who really paid attention to what I was putting in my mouth. I think that awareness gives you perspective so you can go, “I don’t need to eat that because I just had this.” It becomes a reasonable dialogue in your head as opposed to unconscious zombie eating, which happens to a lot of people who are really busy and running from place to place or from job to job. When you really become conscious of what you’re putting into your body, you want to make healthier choices for yourself. I didn’t cut out any particular foods to lose weight, but I now eat a mostly plant-based diet.

The Keto Based Diet

The reason why most diets fail, in my opinion, is that they impose unrealistic restrictions on how you live your life. Many dietitians say eat lots of protein others emphasize carbohydrates. In either case, you’re left with having to make rather drastic changes to the types of food you eat, when you eat it. In this monthly issue, Our sponsors gave me a sample of Keto Advanced Weight Loss so I can take an in-depth look at an emerging and promising weight loss trend.


  1. Increases the speed of Metabolism by 70%
  2. The High Levels of HCA boost Adipocytes production of Leptins by 130% which cuts your appetite down.
  3. Boost energy Levels


For the test 2 bottles were delivered in just a few short days after ordering. Keto Advanced Weight Loss is one of the most concentrated and purest forms of weight loss supplements on the market. It helps your body supercharge into ketosis and starting burning fat like crazy.


  • 1. Take one Keto Advanced Weight Loss capsule in the morning
  • 2. Optional (But encouraged!): Mix it with a fruit infused water recipe of your choice


One week after the Keto Advanced Weight Loss diet I was surprised at the dramatic results. My energy level was up, and I wasn’t even hungry. A welcomed side effect of the Ketosis diet is its power to curb the appetite.

Best of all, I didn’t even change anything about my daily routine. On Day 7, I got on the scale and couldn’t believe my eyes. I had lost 4.5 lbs. But I still wasn’t convinced, since they say you lose a lot of water weight at the beginning of any diet. I wanted to wait and see the results in the upcoming weeks.


After 3 weeks, all my doubts and skepticism had absolutely vanished! I am down, from a 40 to a 36 pant size after losing another 15.5 lbs. And I still have a ton of energy. Quite often, around the third week of other diets, you tend to run out of steam. But with the Keto Advanced Weight Loss my energy levels don’t dip, instead, they remain steady throughout the day.


After the fourth week, my final results were shocking. I lost an unbelievable 31 lbs since starting the diet! Actually, everyone here at headquarters is kicking themselves for not having volunteered to be the guinea pig. Using Keto Advanced Weight Loss in week 4, I lost an additional 11 lbs.

My Results!


Like me, you might be a little doubtful about the effects of this diet, but you need to try it for yourself; the results are real. After conducting our own personal study we are pleased to see that people really are finding success with it (myself included). And you have nothing to lose. To order your bottle, follow the links I have provided and know that you are getting a quality product that works; no strings attached!

You can reach your weight loss goals with the Keto Advanced Weight Loss diet!

In order to fast track her way to rapid fat loss, Sara made the decision to follow a plant based diet. Here are the simple steps she put in place in order to do it:

  • Stop eating all dairy foods
  • Stop eating all foods that have oils on or in them
  • Stop eating all refined grain products
  • Limit meat to 2-3 portions per week
  • Eat 100% whole grains and whole grain products
  • Stop eating all nuts, seeds, dried fruits and fruit juice

Sara fills half of her plate with starchy, filling whole grain foods like brown rice, or mashed potatoes. The other half of her plate is filled with vegetables and fruit. She drinks water and herbal tea. On this diet, Sara can fill up on delicious foods like mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, rice and bean burritos, and vanilla ice cream.

Finding Time for Fitness

With her busy lifestyle, and a young daughter, Sara is constantly on the go. Yet, she prioritizes the time to exercise. Often this means getting up earlier to get a workout in. It may also involve physical movement as a part of her socialization activities. Sara explains . . .

I live in a really great hiking area in Los Angeles, so I do a lot of hiking with friends. It’s a great way to catch up while you do something healthy and get outside. I focus a lot on walking. I do spin classes, major hikes, and generally try to stay active.

Sara began her exercise journey slowly. She started out with very small increments of exercise, augmented by larger periods of rest and then slowly improved to the point where she is now ready to run a half marathon. She also became a fan of her Garmin fitness activity tracker . . .

I spent the first few months of my program wearing my pedometer and getting in my 10,000 steps every day. When I started running I would run for one minute and walk for ten. Now I can run for two-and-a-half hours straight. That’s insane! I never would have thought six months ago that I would be able to run that much.

As well as getting back to the great outdoors, Sara spends time on her treadmill. But she’s not a girl to indulge in slow, boring steady state cardio. Rather, she will engage in high intensity interval training. That means that she gets in position on the treadmill, places her water bottle in its holder, and then does a 2 minute medium paced warm-up at 4 miles per hour. As the end of her warm up time approaches, she will begin increasing the speed on the tread until, when the two minutes are up, she will be sprinting at top speed.

Sara will run as fast as she can for a full 60 seconds. When that time is up, she will thrust her legs out to the side and rest for another 60 seconds. She makes sure to sip on water during this time.

Sara will repeat this 60 seconds on / 60 seconds off circuit between 6 and eight times. At the end of it, she will be totally exhausted – and she will have burned a ton of calories. This type of HIIT training also brings on the excess post oxygen consumption (EPOC) effect. That allows her to elevate her metabolism and burn even more calories over the next 48 hours.

Sara Successful

Sara’s 50 pound weight loss journey has led her to incorporate healthy nutrition and regular exercise into her lifestyle. As a result, she is more balanced and able to get far more out of each day. As a health spokesperson, she is now able to share her success and motivation with millions of others.

Rebel Wilson Gets Serious About Shedding Body Fat

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Transformation

Lisa Riley Stuns With 6 Stone Weight Drop

Celebrities Who’ve Shed A Ton Of Weight — And Kept It Off

Though Hollywood sometimes makes it seem like staying in shape is easy, there are some high-profile celebrities who’ve shed a significant amount of weight in a public (and healthy!) way.

Taking a cue from stars like Jennifer Hudson, who lost 80 pounds, Chris Pratt, who lost 60 pounds, and John Goodman, who lost over 100 pounds, it seems that the real “secret” to weight loss is plain-old eating well and exercising more (as we already suspected!).

Read on for more on celebrities who have lost a ton of weight to get their best tips and tricks for dropping pounds and keeping them off.

Jennifer Hudson — Then

Jennifer Hudson rose to stardom in 2004 thanks to “American Idol,” but it wasn’t until her Oscar-winning performance as Effie in “Dreamgirls” that the world really took notice of her powerhouse vocals and acting chops.


Jennifer Hudson — Now

Since then, the singer and actress went from a size 16 to a size 6 and has kept off her 80-pound weight loss for the past eight years. Hudson originally lost weight thanks to Weight Watchers, and has kept it off long-term by being very careful about what she eats.

“I don’t really have time to do much , so I really just watch what I eat,” Hudson said during a 2017 interview on the British daytime talk show “Lorraine.” “I’m very careful and cautious of what I’m eating, so I just try to pace those meals throughout the day. Like, okay, eat here, don’t eat here. When it’s early in the morning, I say, okay, I would’ve been asleep … so I’m not going to eat. I’m very conscious of what I put in my body.”


Sara Rue — Then

You may have grown up knowing Sara Rue from 1999-2001 hit “Popular,” but you may not have recognized her lately as she appeared on “Bones,” “A Series of Unfortunate Events” or “American Housewife.”


Sara Rue — Now

The actress went through a major transformation in her early 30s, losing more than 50 pounds thanks to the Jenny Craig program. These days, Rue is motivated to keep the weight off by wanting to be a healthy role model for her daughter.

“I’m more motivated than ever to stay on course because I’m now a mom,” she told Cosmopolitan in 2015. “I just want to be as healthy of a role model as I can be for her. I always think if I ever have a moment of being upset with myself or if I have a bad food day, I look at my daughter and I’m like, ‘I made this beautiful, perfect creature. Therefore, I am awesome.’ And I try to love myself for that.”


Al Roker — Then

Way back in 2002, Al Roker weighed 340 pounds before he underwent a gastric bypass and slimmed down to 190 pounds. The popular “Today” weather and feature anchor admitted to regaining 40 pounds when his mother was hospitalized in 2011, but eventually lost the weight again and wrote about it in his 2012 memoir, “Never Goin’ Back: Winning the Weight-Loss Battle for Good.”


Al Roker — Now

The secret to his success? In an effort to avoid gaining weight again, he had to alter his diet for good. He now focuses on eating only whole, unprocessed foods that are low-carb and high-protein. He also has an exercise regime that includes three 30-minute exercise sessions every week and strength training in order to create more lean body mass so that he can burn more calories.

“I’m thrilled about where I am,” Roker said in 2013, shortly after his book was released. “Life is terrific; I wouldn’t trade it for a moment. I finally got it figured out. I feel good about it.”


Kirstie Alley — Then

Kirstie Alley is no stranger to fluctuating weight — from her “Cheers” years in the ’80s to her 2005 TV show “Fat Actress” to her time with Jenny Craig (during which she lost a total of 75 pounds) to her time on the 12th season of “Dancing with the Stars” (when she lost 60 pounds).


Kirstie Alley — Now

In recent years, she has maintained a 50-pound weight loss by re-joining Jenny Craig and avoiding diet pitfalls, like overindulging during the holidays.

“I feel really good,” Alley said on the “Today” show in 2016. “I have a lot of great things going on in my life and I’ve managed to keep the weight off, and that’s a good thing.”

Getty Images | Andrew H. Walker

Jason Alexander — Then

You probably best know him for playing George Costanza on “Seinfeld,” but the Jason Alexander of today is a lot more fit than his chubby alter ego of the ’90s.

Getty Images

Jason Alexander — Now

In 2010, Alexander joined Jenny Craig as their new celebrity spokesperson and lost 30 pounds. He dropped the weight in six months after slashing his daily calories from 4,500 to 1,500 and adding regular workouts. Always delighting his fans with self-deprecating hilarity, Alexander has even shown off his new body in spandex in a Jenny Craig ad.

“Take a look, drink it in,” he said in the 2010 commercial. “I was fat, now I’m thin!”

Getty Images | Rob Kim

Shonda Rhimes — Then

When it comes to television drama, no one is better than writer, producer and creator Shonda Rhimes. You know her name thanks to hits like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal,” but she deserves a spot on this list because of her incredible 150-pound weight loss.

Getty Images

Shonda Rhimes — Now

And leave it to the powerhouse writer to share her weight-loss journey in a moving essay on her Shondaland website.

“Losing weight is not a topic I like discussing,” she wrote in 2017. “Why? Because there is nothing fun or interesting or great about it. I hated losing weight. I hated every single second of it. And I hate every single second of maintaining my weight, too.”

Although she hates discussing it, she explained that she did it because she “could not walk up a short flight up stairs without stopping to take a break and wiping sweat from my brow.”

Getty Images

Rosie O’Donnell — Then

Comedian and actress Rosie O’Donnell has long been known for her hilarity as much as for her curvy figure. But in 2013, she decided to take her health into her own hands and underwent a vertical gastric sleeve surgery.

Getty Images

Rosie O’Donnell — Now

After two years, she lost 64 pounds, going from a personal high of 240 pounds down to 176 pounds. What may have motivated her further is a having a heart attack at 50 years old as well as the encouragement of her wife at the time, Michelle Rounds, whom she has since divorced.

“My wife is very healthy, always been healthy, loves me and encourages me to be healthy,” O’Donnell said on “The View” in 2014. “When we decided to get married, she said, ‘But I want 40 more years and I don’t want you to die on me, so you need to do something for your health.’”

Getty Images

Chris Pratt — Then

If you were a fan of Chris Pratt as chubby and adorable Andy Dwyer in “Parks and Recreation,” then your jaw might have dropped open when you later saw him as the muscled leader in “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Getty Images

Chris Pratt — Now

The now bonafide star lost 60 pounds for the superhero role and gained one spectacular six-pack. And he did it all thanks to an intense workout regimen of P90X, running, swimming, boxing and kickboxing. However, despite the butt-kicking workouts, he still maintains a surprisingly realistic outlook on losing weight. When a fan asked him for weight-loss advice, Pratt kept it real.

“Six months seems like a long time unless you’re looking backwards … All you have to do is just a few things every day and remain consistent, and time will fly just as fast as it flies if you’re working hard or not,” he said during a panel discussion in 2014. “If you just cut the crap out of your diet, and if you spend an hour a day doing something physical that will make you sweat, six months will pass by, you will feel better mentally, physically, spiritually — it all is tied together.”

Getty Images

Jordin Sparks — Then

Jordin Sparks first captured the hearts of America after she won the sixth season of “American Idol.” However, the singer wowed us again after she lost 50 pounds in 18 months by prioritizing her health and worrying less about her jean size.

Getty Images

Jordin Sparks — Now

Her fitness routine included running, boxing and Zumba, along with a diet overhaul. However, her two-year weight-loss journey was about more than just the numbers on the scale. Instead, she focused on loving herself.

“My whole journey has been about self-acceptance,” she said to Redbook magazine in 2012. “There’s no quick or magical way to lose weight. You just have to do it the natural way — diet and exercise and stick to it — and be able to do it at your own pace. Everyone has their own thing.”

Getty Images

Kelly Osbourne — Then

Kelly Osbourne, daughter of famed heavy metal star Ozzy Osbourne, first rose to fame on MTV’s “The Osbournes” in the early 2000s. She didn’t wear a bikini until she lost 50 pounds and proudly displayed her newfound body on the cover of Shape magazine. To accomplish this enormous feat, the star had to first come to terms with her drug addiction (she left Oregon’s Hazelden Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center in early 2009) and the fact that she is an emotional eater.

Getty Images

Kelly Osbourne — Now

But like Kirstie Alley before her, a stint on “Dancing with the Stars” helped Osbourne get healthier. She lost 20 pounds while on the show and then, through learning to make better choices, another 30 pounds.

“I used to eat chips and cookies and drink soda all day long,” she told Shape magazine in 2011. “I had to start making better choices. I indulge with pizza and cheese — I love Brie — and have cookies sometimes. But now, when I’m full? I stop eating! It may have taken me 26 years to figure it out, but I’ve finally learned how to do it right.”

Getty Images

Melissa McCarthy — Then

Melissa McCarthy has never shied away from using her full-figure in her comedy, yet the star of the recent “Life of the Party” just showed off a 75-pound weight loss that happened in a surprisingly realistic way.

Getty Images

Melissa McCarthy — Now

Although the star is still keeping hush-hush about her diet, she has reportedly been following a high-protein and low-carb diet, which has allowed her to stay healthy and get more comfortable with her weight. At the 2017 People’s Choice Awards, the slimmed down McCarthy looked happy and confident in a form-fitting pantsuit.

Getty Images

Drew Carey — Then

He may have gone from “The Drew Carey Show” to “The Price is Right,” but what’s really right is Drew Carey’s attitude toward food these days — a shift that has resulted in a 100-pound weight loss.

“I’ve been super-happy lately,” he told Success magazine in 2015. “I’m eating better, taking better care of myself. When I was doing , I was eating a lot of garbage, I was drinking a lot, so I had a lot of mood swings. I had diabetes.”

Getty Images

Drew Carey — Now

After dropping the weight, Carey revealed that he is no longer diabetic. And he did it all through a low-carb diet and hitting the gym. In fact, he largely credits regular cardio workouts as the secret to his weight-loss success.

“About 45 minutes of cardio, at least 45 minutes of cardio,” he told People magazine in 2010. “I’ve been kind of lazy like lately, so I’m not doing it six days a week, but I will be for this next month.”

Getty Images

Wendy Williams — Then

You might love her very real advice on “The Wendy Williams Show” but the actress and host has most recently become known for her 50-pound weight loss — and how it has transformed her relationship with her body. After losing the weight over three years, and keeping it off, Williams revealed that one of the biggest perks has been that she feels comfortable enough to wear whatever she wants.

Getty Images

Wendy Williams — Now

“I did it on my own and I love it because I no longer have to do that fight with clothing. ‘Wah, wah, wah, I don’t wanna wear sleeveless … Does this make my butt look big?’” she said to E! News last year. “Those things get in the way of being a good host for the people. This is as good as it’s going to get. I’m not gonna fight my body anymore, I’ve lost the weight, I feel fantastic.”

Her weight loss was primarily the result of a pescatarian diet, cardio and Pilates, along with transforming her morning meals.

“I’ve learned to be extremely healthy regarding morning eating,” she said to E! News in 2017. “I was doing it all wrong before.”

Getty Images

John Goodman — Then

John Goodman, whom we most recently saw in the short-lived remake of “Roseanne,” estimates that he weighed around 400 pounds at his all-time high in 2015. Since then, the prominent actor has lost over 100 pounds and largely credits a healthier lifestyle for his weight loss. Most of all, though, it’s the steadiness of his diet and exercise program that has allowed him to keep the weight off.

Getty Images

John Goodman — Now

“In the old days, I would take 3 months out, lose 60 or 70 pounds, and then reward myself with a six-pack or whatever and just go back to my old habits,” Goodman said during an appearance on “Live with Kelly” in 2017. “This time I wanted to do it slowly. Move, exercise. I’m getting to the age where I can’t afford to sit still anymore.”

That healthier lifestyle also includes portion control and a lot of “I don’t need it,” Goodman told AARP magazine earlier this year. Despite his success, Goodman is weary of being labeled a weight-loss success story.

“I don’t want to be an example to anybody when the weight comes thundering back on — when I start eating Crisco out of the can with a spoon and a side of confectioner’s sugar,” he joked to AARP magazine in 2018.

Getty Images

Adele — Then

Adele has always been proud of her curvy figure and, when she rose to fame with her album “19,” she maintained her full figure and body positivity. But it’s no secret that the usually private songstress has lost weight in recent years.

“I have never been insecure, ever, about how I look, about what I want to do with myself,” she told the Daily Mail in 2009. “My mom told me to only ever do things for myself, not for others.”

Getty Images

Adele — Now

What inspired her to turn to weight loss and healthier habits? The birth of her son, Angelo, in 2012, when she gave up smoking and her many daily cups of tea with sugar. She also started to eat a clean diet, with lots of fruits and veggies, lean protein and complex carbs. Despite her weight-loss success, Adele plans to remain happy and healthy in her own way.

“I like looking nice, but I always put comfort over fashion … Be happy and healthy,” she said to Rolling Stone magazine in 2015. “I’ve never had a problem with the way I look. I’d rather have lunch with my friends than go to a gym.”

Getty Images

Jenna Jameson — Then

Former adult film star and one-time “Celebrity Big Brother” contestant, Jenna Jameson, 44, gave birth to her third child, Batel, in April 2017 with partner Lior Bitton (she had twins in 2009 with ex Tito Ortiz).

Since giving birth, Jameson has been vocal about her struggle to lose the weight she gained during pregnancy — and particularly since finding sobriety after battling an opioid addiction.

“When I was in my addiction, it was easy to stay thin,” Jameson wrote on Instagram.

Jenna Jameson — Now

Jameson has shared that the secret to her 75-pound weight-loss has been following the keto diet, which advocates for eating a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet so that the body eventually starts to burn fat. Despite health experts cautioning against the diet, it’s become extremely popular. On Instagram, Jameson acknowledged that it may not be the right choice for every person who’s eager to lose weight.

“Trust your intuition and GO FOR IT!” she wrote.

Originally published on The Delite.

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