Sbelt’s Miss Waist Trainer Review

Sbelt’s Miss Waist Trainer is the corset for the job. Not only is it designed to give you that sexy hourglass figure within seconds, but it will also make you look like you’ve dropped two sizes immediately! An innovative double compression waist training technology does all the work for you: all you have to do is put it on.

Sbelt’s Miss Waist Trainer is made with 4 tough plastic bones in the back that effectively compresses your abdominals while giving your back support. After all, body shapers aren’t worth it if you’re made to suffer through pain or injury! There are far too many uncomfortable and even painful waist trimmers out there. But the Sbelt’s Miss Waist Trainer ticks all the boxes when it comes to form, function, and support.

Another great feature of Sbelt’s Miss Waist Trainer is that you can use it even if you’re doing activities. Thanks to its comfortable and stretchy fabric, it will stay in place and looks unnoticeable underneath your clothes. The lightweight and stretchy fabric is designed to stay in place so you can wear it on your next date, at the office, while doing errands, or going out for dinner. No matter where and when you want to look your best, you can count on this body shaper to give you that gorgeous waist.

Sbelt’s Miss Waist Trainer is one of the newest waist trainers to hit the market, but it’s already got a cult following. Women love it because it works so well while providing you with the added physical support for your back that so many other brands seem to lack. It serves two primary functions: first, it compresses and gives you support, and second, it instantly slims your waist. It also helps firm and tighten your skin, so if you’re trying to lose weight, this waist shaper can complement your efforts.

It’s also good to note that the Sbelt’s Miss Waist Trainer is made with adjustable features. Other body shapers out there aren’t made with instant adjustable features, but this one does. It comes in handy because there may be certain occasions you want to loosen or tighten it up on the go, and it allows you to do just that effortlessly.

Women’s Hourglass Waist Trainer Belt by Sbelt Review

Instant Impression

When my shipment arrived, I was really curious to see its effect. I tried it on and I didn’t have to look at myself twice to fall in love with it. The target that I was hoping to achieve in a year was vivid to me. My waist looked several sizes smaller. My tummy looked flat and my hips looked very well shaped. I could see curves on me that were not present a few moments earlier.

The instant impression the Women’s Hourglass Waist Trainer Belt by Sbelt made on me was priceless. It gave me the confidence to look at the future brightly. I knew what I wanted and how I was going to achieve it.


The waist trainer fascinates me as I can wear it while doing almost all types of exercises. The design of the corset allows me to bend my body in any way and assume any postures without experiencing any drag from it. In fact I now attempt routines that I couldn’t imagine myself doing some time ago.

The primary reason I acquired the garment was to supplement my work out routine. Nowadays I find myself wearing it anywhere I go. Whenever I feel like making an impression, I put it on. It really enhances my curves and makes me feel really beautiful. I don’t even have to plan for it when am choosing clothes to wear.


I had one main reservation when I wanted to acquire a corset. It was the fact that I thought that they only fit slim and slender women. I didn’t think that it would work for a plus size women like myself. Imagine my surprise to find that there were waist trainers for sizes far larger than my size.

The Women’s Hourglass Waist Trainer Belt by Sbelt comes in wide selection of sizes. They vary from size 24(XS) to size 40(5XL). Interestingly, the corset is super adjustable. I can always readjust it on the go.


For such a thin garment, it is astonishing to imagine the amount of compression it produces. My tummy tissue is firmly pressed back flattening it. My back and pelvis are firmly supported. My hips broaden giving that awesome shape.

The compression also helps in keeping my body healthy and losing weight. By increasing temperature around my core. The compression increases the perspiration around my abdomen. This leads to more sweating. I release more toxins and wastes from my body as sweat. Increased temperature leads to more abdominal fat burned. In the long run I lose weight. I also get a more slender waistline in the process.

Miss Belt Reviews

Miss Belt is a garment you wear around your waist that promises to transform your midsection instantly and give you the perfect waistline. They tout Miss Belt’s compression technology will make you appear up to 2 sizes thinner, giving you an hourglass figure and great back support at work, while exercising, or just relaxing at home.

How Miss Belt Works

Miss Belt is type of belt with Velcro that lets you compress your midsection, sometimes referred to as “waist trainers” and popularized by Kim Kardashian. To use Miss Belt, they tell you to strap around your waist and then cinch it tight with the second set of straps.

They claim Miss Belt is the secret of many top models and that unlike other shape wear it’s adjustable so you can loosen it or tighten as needed. They tout while wearing Miss Belt you will not only look slimmer and have better posture but you’ll also feel sexier and if you wear it under your clothes no one will know. They add you can wear it at work, the gym, at home, or whenever you want to look a few inches thinner.

Miss Belt Cost:


Bottom Line: Is Miss Belt a Good Way To Lose Weight?

First of all, as the fine print on the website and infomercial states: Miss Belt does not cause permanent results and is not a way to lose any weight. While Idea Village has an A from the BBB, we’d like to point out a couple more things.

If you decide to buy/wear Miss Belt, do so only for short periods of time and don’t cinch it too tight. If it makes you look slimmer and feel sexier for a night on the town, that is perfectly fine.

However, devices like Miss Belt when used too long and especially while exercising can be bad for your health. They can cause difficulty breathing, bruised ribs, and people have been known to pass out during a workout.

Quite simply, unless you wear a corset from the 1800s, you cannot “train” your waist to be smaller and you could quite possibly injure yourself. If you would like to permanently look 2 sizes thinner, we recommend talking with your doctor about a healthy diet and exercise plan that involves no waist training belts whatsoever.

We hope this helps you make an informed decision about Miss Belt – let us know what you think below!

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