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Halloween Contact Lenses are a range of eye accessories used to recreate and bring life to your October fancy dress outfit. These costume contact lenses are available in various colors to give you the look of zombies, werewolves, witches and even vampires.

At Coloured Contacts you’ll find hundreds of styles that are perfect for almost any costume. You can pick from a wide range of safe Halloween contact lenses that all feature FDA approval. Some styles feature prism ballast technology for people looking for Halloween contact lenses for astigmatism. This style allows the lenses to sit perfectly in your eyes, fantastic for classic cat eyes and reptiles.

There is a range of costumes you could try with theatrical FX contact lenses. One of the biggest trends in Halloween costumes is the zombie style. Become a member of the undead for one night and show off a creepy pair of contact lenses. There is nothing like a bloodshot style or white eye color to convince your friends that you have been infected by a zombie virus.

As well as fancy dress parties, our Halloween contact lenses cheap are perfect for enhancing the atmosphere in your haunted house or Halloween themed event. From zombie apocalypse events to ghouls jumping out of the shadows in haunted houses, a change in eye color can help you get into character.

Halloween Contacts Lenses USA

If you are shopping Halloween Contact Lenses USA, then you will want to know the fastest and most cost-effective way to receive your lenses. While our main warehouse is in the UK, we also have a fulfilment warehouse in the US so you can receive your lenses as quickly as possible and at a cheaper shipping cost. Here is more information about our USA delivery service:

  • Free US Delivery
  • Next Working Day Expedited Service

For the Halloween Lenses America warehouse, we have a range of styles available. To see the full range of spooky lenses shop here.

If you have your heart set on a contact lens design that isn’t currently at our USA warehouse then there are a few delivery options for UK delivery to USA. Here are the options for contact lens delivery US:

  • Royal Mail Tracked Shipping
  • Royal Mail Expedited International Shipping Tracking Services

We want to make sure you receive your lenses in time for Halloween which is why we have a variety of USA delivery options. Every year we publish the cut-off dates for guaranteed delivery of packages in time for Halloween. Please check up on our delivery page if you think you may be near the cut-off date.

Halloween Contact Lenses Safety Information

It is important to remember that when you are thinking about including prescription or Halloween contact lenses no prescription in your look it is advised to check with your optometrist or eye doctor that your eyes are suitable for wearing lenses. Even if you do not require prescription Halloween contact lenses or corrective contact lenses, you must consult an optometrist before wearing colored contacts. This is an essential step, as your optometrist will perform a professional fitting to check that your lenses are suitable and ensure that you understand good aftercare procedures.

Here at Coloured Contacts, we prioritise your eye safety which is why we have plenty of information to help you safely use your lenses and properly care for them.

Most of our lenses are reusable which means with the correct cleaning and care you can use them again for another costume so think carefully about which styles you would like to try. The 30 day, 90 day and 1 year lenses can be reused plenty of times. Please note that the duration begins from the time you open the lenses and lenses should not be used for any longer than stated under any circumstances.

In contrast, our 1 day lenses can be worn once then thrown into your normal waste bin. Please note that you will still need to prepare your lenses by soaking them in contact lens solution before use.

Our Halloween lenses are also available as prescription Halloween contacts so you can ditch the glasses and enjoy a full transformation to your Halloween character. We are always adding new stock to our range which means you can have the best options for your Halloween costumes so be sure to check back for our Halloween contact lenses for sale.

Our largest and most popular range is undoubtedly our Halloween contacts non prescription which is why we are always searching for the best new styles to enhance your Halloween look. Check in at our New In section for the latest styles and you may find something that helps your costume be the scariest at the monster ball.

Long gone are the days of putting on a cape or a witch’s hat and feeling ready for Halloween. With so many top SFX makeup brands and incredible cosplay style costumes available, Halloween is definitely a time to let your imagination run wild. If you do want to stick to something simple then why not add a final accessory from our Halloween eye contact range.

Every time Halloween comes around we can’t wait to see you try out our different styles. Cinemas screen so many horror films that there is always something new to try out. From Pennywise the Clown to Valak, we can’t wait to see what creepy new demons and monsters will hit our screens in years to come. Our Halloween lenses also come in handy at other times of the year. Wear to special events, costume parties or just have fun creating your own photo shoot or zombie movie. Don’t forget to browse our Halloween Eye Contacts section before you head off on your spooky night out.

Another aspect of buy contact lenses online USA, which we take incredibly seriously at Coloured Contacts, is the quality of our lenses. Our lenses are FDA approved so you can shop in the knowledge that your lenses have been checked by the Food & Drug Administration for United States of America. FDA approved Halloween contact lenses ensure that your eye health is the top priority meaning you can enjoy a lens that is breathable, comfortable and above all safe.

Halloween Contact Lenses Online

If you take getting a good Halloween look dead seriously, then you’ll probably want to have a browse of our extensive range of zombie style contact lenses. Boasting designs inspired by popular zombie TV shows and movies, there’s no doubt these contacts will give you a look that no one can argue with.

Within our store of theatrical contact lenses some of our most popular styles come from our range of zombie white contacts for Halloween. The iconic look of the undead can only be truly replicated in a costume if you’re willing to go all out and use a pair of white or blind contact lenses. These styles of zombie contacts are used for the most realistic styles, and are definitely for anyone who really takes Halloween seriously. This style does obscure vision, so try to use these only for a photo shoot or a quick scare!

But that’s not the only zombie all white contact lenses that we have, depending on the depth and realism you’re going for we have something for everyone. Take a quick read of some of our favorite undead contact lenses below:

  • White Zombie Halloween Contact Lenses: Argued by our customers as one of the best styles, the popularity of this lens is seen year after year. The basic design replicates the look of many zombies from your favorite television shows including The Walking Dead and Resident Evil, the best white contacts Halloween.
  • White Manson Colored Contacts: The new White Manson style is definitely a top contender for the best zombie contact lenses. Featuring a white design and a black limbal ring, this styles offers the depth to your zombie fancy dress
  • White Angelic: The white angelic are always an easy choice for a zombie costume due to their versatile design for your best costume contact lenses. This style features a white design and dark and spiked limbal ring design for an extra horror look.

Vampire Colored Contacts For Halloween

It’s no secret that vampires are a popular costume for Halloween. The ease of creating a DIY costume at home, while still making it elegant and spooky means vampire contact lenses can improve your style further. We stock a wide range of cheap Halloween contacts in red and yellow vampire contacts so that you can recreate the looks of your favourite characters of Twilight, Underworld and 30 days of night.

Red Twilight Volturi – If you’re up for becoming a lord of vampires there really is no other character to play than a member of the Volturi. Twilight’s hierarchy of vampires are easily achieved with our specially design cheap red contacts Halloween. The deep shade and reusable style means that you’ll be able to use them for many parties to come as a staple part of your Halloween contact lenses.

If you’re dead set on colored contacts Halloween for a vampire fancy dress, be sure to check out the full range of styles that are available here.

Halloween Contacts Non Prescription

Some of our styles feature a block color such as red, white and black contact lenses. This doesn’t cover your pupil but does completely change the color of your iris. If you want to look like a creature from another planet or are aiming to join a vampire race then this could be the difference between a spooky costume and a terrifying style. These styles are particularly effective when paired with SFX makeup and latex prosthetics.

While we all know the popular styles to try, there are some more unusual designs to test out. With a huge range of werewolf lenses, you can transform yourself into an animal in the blink of an eye. Featuring green or orange designs, you could easily fit in with the pack when you wear a pair of our wolf eye lenses.

Werewolf contact lenses are a great idea for anyone looking to gain a realistic fancy dress and party on the wild side. We have some of the best werewolf contact lenses for sale, available in a wide variety of colors as well as styles, just see our animal contact lenses section here. Particularly the orange werewolf contacts feature a dark orange and black design that can easily transform you into an Underworld Lycan or Twilight werewolf with a pair of black and yellow contacts.

If you are aiming for the creepy doll style, you have probably spent hours perfecting the cracked skin makeup style so don’t be let down at the last minute by having the wrong eye style. With a pair of Halloween contact lenses cheap, you can enhance your eyes for a large innocent doll-eyed expression or you can blank out your iris with a pair of white Halloween lenses.

As you can see, there are plenty of styles to try when it comes to Halloween contact lenses. The possibilities are endless as are your wonderful imaginations. Every year our customers and affiliates surprise us with amazing costumes and exciting new creations so if you would like to see our lenses in action then be sure to browse our gallery page. Here, you can see what our lenses really look like as part of someone’s costume!

Halloween Contact Lenses

Prescription Halloween contacts

Safe Halloween contact lenses

Epic eye transformations aside, one of the most important considerations when buying Halloween contact lenses is safety. There’s been a whole plethora of press that focuses on the dangers of wearing them. However, the reality is that more than 45 million Americans wear contact lenses and eye complications among them are extremely rare.

In order to ensure optimum safety, our designs are all printed on soft lenses (the type of lens worn by 90% of US contact lens wearers) at our UK based manufacturing facility, you won’t find any cheap and nasty imports here. Meanwhile, we only use FDA approved dye, comply with the standards outlined in the EU Cosmetics Directive and frequently commission independent tests to ensure our lenses are safe for everyday use.

Despite this, you should always observe the following safety precautions when handling and wearing Halloween contact lenses:

You should clean your reusable lenses in contact lens solution after use and store them in an appropriate case when not in use. We recommend using ReNu Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution.

You should immediately remove the lenses, discontinue use and seek advice from a qualified optometrist or eye doctor if your eyes become sore, red, itchy or if your vision suddenly becomes blurry or distorted.

You should not under any circumstances wear a pair of lenses that have reached their expiry date. You should also note that the lifespan of your lenses (i.e 90 days) begins from the day the seal is broken on the blister packaging and is counted as 90 calendar days, not 90 individual uses. For example, if you only wear them once a month, they will still only last for three months.

You should not share a pair of lenses with another person due to the risk of bacteria or infection being transferred between eyes.

The best Halloween contacts

Based on sales, we’ve compiled a list of the best Halloween contact lenses from our range of more than 350 unique designs. If you’re spoilt for choice and need some inspiration, check them out below:

Blind White Contact Lenses – Our all-time bestselling Halloween design, blind white, completlely transforms your iris and pupil into a white block of colour. Ideal for zombie, Walking Dead, undead and possessed makeups and costumes, caution is advised as they will reduce your vision by around 80%.

Red Contact Lenses – Red contact lenses are incredibly diverse. Featuring a red block of color with a central black pupil, they can be used as devil or demon eyes as well as vampire and werewolf eyes.

Volturi Contact Lenses – Our Volturi lenses are based on the eyes of the Volturi coven from the hit movie franchise, Twilight. Featuring a blood-red design with dramatic black markings and a central black pupil, they feature among our bestsellers year-after-year.

Penywise Contact Lenses – With the September release of IT 2, our Pennywise Halloween Contacts are set to be one of Halloween 2019’s bestsellers. Featuring a striking red, orange and yellow design, they’re a must have for those looking to create a horifyingly scarey clown makeup or costume.

Pentagram Contact Lenses – Pentagram lenses we’re a surprise bestseller in 2018 and the expectation is that they’ll continue to be in deman for the Halloween 2019 season. Featuring a black background with a red outer ring and red pentgarm outline, they are ideal for use in SFX makeups.

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Here at UNIQSO we have over 2000+ types of colored contact lenses that will help you instantly achieve a new look and complement your make-up. Surprise everyone by wearing our beautiful bewitching prescription & plano contact lenses in different hues and colors that come in either prescription or non-prescription lenses!

We also stock costume contact lenses such as scleras, fashion lenses, circle lenses, Tokyo ghoul, sharingan lenses, crazy lenses, and Halloween lenses. Wear them on special occasions or as daily wear and make an unforgettable impact.

Unlike prescription contact lenses; Non-prescription/plano contact lenses do not correct vision impairment but are only meant to accentuate your eyes to be even more stunning. They add an alluring pop while ensuring an over-all enticing appearance. Wear them with or without frames for a sophisticated Kawaii touch.

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Risks Involved With Colored Contact Lenses

Table of Contents

  • Eye Infections
  • Decreased Vision
  • Minimizing Risks

Colored contact lenses are specialized medical devices that need to be treated and worn with care.

Just like with regular contact lenses, wearing colored contacts can increase the odds for eye and corneal infections, scratches on the cornea, possible allergic reactions, impaired vision, and even potential blindness. (Learn More)

Colored contacts can slide around on the eye, which can impair vision. It can also make it clear that you’re wearing colored contacts when both your natural color and the colored contact are visible. (Learn More)

It is essential to get a prescription from an optometrist for colored contacts even if you don’t need them to correct your vision.

Follow all directions and recommendations regarding purchasing, cleaning, wearing, storing, disposing of, and replacing your colored contact lenses. (Learn More) This can help to decrease the possible risks.

Eye Infections and Possible Hazards

The FDA warns that wearing contact lenses can irritate the eyes and lead to pink eye (conjunctivitis), corneal infections, scratches on the cornea, possible impaired vision, and blindness. Allergic reactions are possible too.

Putting something into your eye can increase the odds for bacterial infections like keratitis. This can become serious and have irreversible consequences if not handled promptly and properly.

Colored contacts sit on top of your cornea just as other contact lenses do. As a result, they have many of the same possible risk factors.

Decorative contacts may be thicker or have more pigment than traditional contacts. They can therefore let less oxygen through into the eye. This can cause dry eyes and increase the risk for infection.

Decreased Vision Related to Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contacts that use an opaque tint, which is a tint that is not transparent, have color on the part that is designed to fit over the iris of the eye. This is the part of the eye that gives it the color. The middle of the lens is left clear for the pupil to be able to see through it openly.

An opaque tint uses lines, shapes, and dots in the desired color to completely change the look of your original eye color. This type of tint is essential for dark eyes.

Contacts can move around on your eyes, however. They don’t stay in just one place, especially when you blink. When this happens, the colored lens can move. Then, the “hole” in the center of the lens may not line up exactly with your pupil. Not only does this look unnatural as your true eye color is exposed underneath, but it can also impair your vision.

An opaque tint with a clear center can lead to decreased vision when the pupil expands due to low-light situations. This can make it more difficult to see out of colored contacts, especially at night.

As light decreases, your pupils get bigger to try and take in more light. Colored contacts only have so much room to allow your pupil to expand. The transparent center of the lens can only be so big. Your pupil will continue to expand, but your vision will be blocked by the colored portion of the contact.

Minimizing Risks of Colored Contacts

All contacts, even plano colored contacts that do not correct for vision, are classified as medical devices by the FDA. They need to be approved and used only through a prescription.

Colored contacts need to be fitted to your eye specifically and then purchased through an FDA-approved source. Unapproved retailers selling colored contacts are doing so illegally. These non-prescription lenses can lead to serious complications, including impaired vision, eye infections, and blindness.

When looking into colored contacts, you will need to have your eyes specifically measured and then obtain a customized prescription from an optometrist. Contacts that don’t fit your eyes properly drastically increase the odds for infections, ulcerations, and eye-related problems.

Here are some tips for preventing issues related to colored contacts:

  • Get fitted for colored contacts from an optometrist and obtain a prescription.
  • Buy your colored contacts from a source that requires a prescription and is approved by the FDA. Do not buy colored or decorative contacts from a beauty salon, convenience store, online retailer that doesn’t ask for a prescription, or street vendor.
  • Use only colored contacts that are prescribed for you directly, and don’t share them with others.
  • Practice good hygiene. Always wash your hands before touching your contacts or your eyes.
  • Clean and store your colored contacts exactly as directed. Use only the specialized contact solution recommended by the contact manufacturer to clean and store your contacts.
  • Replace your colored contacts at the scheduled times, and wear them only as directed. Take them out, dispose of them, and replace them when the manufacturer dictates.
  • Take out your contacts immediately if you experience any discomfort, irritation, redness, or discharge in your eyes. Contact your eye care professional right away.

Colored contacts can be used safely if all directions and recommendations by your optometrist and the FDA-approved manufacturer are followed exactly.

Even when used as directed, however, colored contacts can have some risks and may not be suitable for everyone. Talk to your eye doctor to see if they will work for you.

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Wearing contact lenses puts you at risk of several serious conditions including eye infections and corneal ulcers. These conditions can develop very quickly and can be very serious. In rare cases, these conditions can cause blindness.

You can not determine the seriousness of a problem that develops when you are wearing contact lenses. You have to get help from an eye care professional to determine your problem.

If you experience any symptoms of eye irritation or infection,

  • remove your lenses immediately and do not put them back in your eyes.
  • contact your eye care professional right way.
  • don’t throw away your lenses. Store them in your case and take them to your eye care professional. He or she may want to use them to determine the cause of your symptoms.
  • report serious eye problems associated with your lenses to the FDA’s MedWatch reporting program.
Symptoms of Eye Irritation or Infection
  • discomfort
  • excess tearing or other discharge
  • unusual sensitivity to light
  • itching, burning, or gritty feelings
  • unusual redness
  • blurred vision
  • swelling
  • pain
Serious Hazards of Contact Lenses

Symptoms of eye irritation can indicate a more serious condition. Some of the possible serious hazards of wearing contact lenses are corneal ulcers, eye infections, and even blindness.

Corneal ulcers are open sores in the outer layer of the cornea. They are usually caused by infections. To reduce your chances of infection, you should:

  • Rub and rinse your contact lenses as directed by your eye care professional.
  • Clean and disinfect your lenses properly according to the labeling instructions.
  • Do not “top-off” the solutions in your case. Always discard all of the left over contact lens solution after each use. Never reuse any lens solution.
  • Do not expose your contact lenses to any water: tap, bottled, distilled, lake or ocean water. Never use non-sterile water (distilled water, tap water or any homemade saline solution). Tap and distilled water have been associated with Acanthamoeba keratitis, a corneal infection that is resistant to treatment and cure.
  • Remove your contact lenses before swimming. There is a risk of eye infection from bacteria in swimming pool water, hot tubs, lakes and the ocean
  • Replace your contact lens storage case every 3 months or as directed by your eye care professional.
Other Risks of Contact Lenses

Other risks of contact lenses include

  • pink eye (conjunctivitis)
  • corneal abrasions
  • eye irritation

For more information about the risks associated with contact lenses, go to:

  • Advice for Patients With Soft Contact Lenses: Acanthamoeba Keratitis Infections Related to Complete® MoisturePlus Multi Purpose Contact Lens Solution
  • Advice for Patients with Soft Contact Lenses: New Information on Risk of Serious Fungal Infection
  • Corneal Ulcers and Infections
  • Eye Conditions: Acanthamoeba Keratitis

Your appearance won’t be the only frightening thing about wearing costume contact lenses this Halloween. Your eyes might look like a lizard’s for an evening, but the risk of permanent vision loss may not be worth the temporary thrill.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 40 million, or about one in six, Americans wear contact lenses. It is difficult to estimate how many revelers wear costume contact lenses, but the number surely surges around Halloween. It is my experience that the demand for these lenses is highest in young people, the same demographic that is at the highest risk for experiencing infectious and inflammatory complications from their contact lenses.

As an optometrist on staff at a Central Ohio private practice and on faculty at The Ohio State University College of Optometry, I frequently work with patients who wear contact lenses. Most of them do not realize that the Food and Drug Administration classifies all contact lenses as either Class II or Class III medical devices. That means that contact lenses are medical devices that pose at least a moderate risk to health when used without the appropriate oversight from an eye doctor.

Fungi, infections, and parasites…oh my

All contact lenses have the potential to cause serious complications in the eye. Contact lens wearers are at a higher risk than non-wearers for eye infections from bacteria, fungi, and parasites. An infection from one of these microscopic organisms can rob you of your central vision.

Also remember that a contact lens is a piece of plastic that covers the eye and can prevent oxygen from reaching its front surface. New blood vessel growth, redness, watering, and pain are all signs and symptoms that an eye is starved for oxygen.

Most contact lenses are generally safe for patients who wear them in adherence with instructions from their eye doctor. The problem is that many patients are not adherent, displaying at least one high-risk contact lens behavior, research has shown. Although there is no comprehensive study on the issue, eye doctors hear plenty of anecdotal evidence that risky behaviors increase in patients wearing costume contact lenses.

Of those risky behaviors, sleeping in your contact lenses is perhaps the most dangerous. In fact, it puts you at a high risk of getting an infection in your cornea, the clear dome that covers the front of the eye.

It is not hard to think of reasons why patients may be tempted to sleep in their costume contact lenses. First, they likely think of their contact lenses as cosmetic accessories, not durable medical devices. Second, they might not wear contact lenses outside of Halloween time and are therefore unaware of the risks associated with contact lens misuse. Finally, an adult beverage or two probably distorts the decision-making processes of otherwise compliant contact lens wearers. They just want to get to bed—removing their contact lenses can wait for tomorrow!

Decorative contact lenses are also risky because they might not fit your eye as they should. Contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all. They come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. Only with the help of your eye doctor can you determine if a contact lens is healthy for your eye. This is the reason that the sale of nonprescription costume contact lenses is illegal in the United States. Poorly fitting costume contact lenses can cause many eye problems, including surface abrasions, allergic reactions, and blurred vision.

But go ahead…live a little, with a doctor’s help

Still, costume contact lenses can be a safe, fun way to spice up your Halloween ensemble.

The process begins with a comprehensive eye examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. After ensuring that your eyes are healthy and that you are seeing well, your doctor will fit you in contact lenses that are safe for you to wear. You will also receive instructions on how to clean and handle your lenses and on how long you can wear them. At the end of the exam, your doctor will give you a prescription for the contact lenses. Now you’re ready to go.

Use this prescription to purchase your lenses through a trusted vendor, such as your local optical shop. While buying costume contact lenses online is certainly convenient, you need to know that online retailers of costume contact lenses may be unregulated and may provide you with a lens that is dangerous to wear. Remember, the FDA requires that a prescription accompany all purchases of costume contact lenses. Any website selling these lenses without a prescription is breaking the law, and the FDA wants to know about it.

If you decide to wear costume contact lenses this Halloween, you need to be aware of symptoms that might indicate that your lenses are causing a problem. Red eyes, blurred vision, pain ,and light sensitivity are all possible indicators of potentially serious contact lens complications.

If you experience any one of these symptoms, remove your contact lenses immediately and then call your local optometrist or ophthalmologist for further instruction. Most episodes of complications can be effectively treated with prescription eye drops. But it’s best to avoid all instances of contact lens complications, because some can lead to blindness.

Remember, although they are an exciting accessory, costume contact lenses are not toys. Serious, vision-threatening consequences can follow even one night of mishandling or sleeping in costume contact lenses. If you want to wear them, be sure you visit your eye doctor for a prescription and avoid online retailers that do not require a prescription.

As for me, I will stick with my clear prescription contact lenses this Halloween. Donning pointy ears and long whiskers will make me look like a cat, plenty enough.

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

Vampire Contact Lenses 
There are 41 products.

Searching for the perfect Halloween accessories? Vampire contacts are a cheap and effective way of bringing some authentic fear-factor to your look for Halloween, Cosplay conventions or any other costume party. Costume contact lenses are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to enhance a fancy dress outfit, and when it comes to something to pair with your most fearsome ensembles, creepy contacts are the ideal accessory!

Vampire contacts are purposefully designed to bring a sinister scarlet hue to your natural stare and give your eyes a bloodcurdlingly red finish! With many different design options to choose from, you can even customise your look to find one that suits you best.

If you like to keep things classic, go for a pair of red Vampire contacts that will cover your iris with a rich, red pigment; or get a gory glare with some printed bloodied contact lenses that smother the iris area with a blood splatter effect! If red isn’t really your color, we also offer a selection of more niche Vampire contacts including designs embellished with printed fangs and golden contacts inspired by everyone’s favourite vampire movie; Twilight.

Flash Those Fangs With Vampire Contacts

Regardless of which Vampire contacts you opt to wear, all of the lenses we sell here at Coloured Contacts are non-prescription, so you can flaunt a fearsomely freaky stare without affecting your sight. This means if you don’t need corrective lenses, you can still experiment to your heart’s content and not break the bank with our range of cheap Halloween accessories!

Before you order, you must visit your optician or optometrist to assess the health of your eyes and determine that you’re a suitable candidate to wear cosmetic contact lenses.

Not only do we offer a huge variety of Vampire contact lenses, but we also pride ourselves on our commitment to sourcing colored contact lenses from the best brands in the UK including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), so you can shop with confidence knowing that all of our contacts are safe and easy to use.

Just one of the reasons why our Vampire contacts are the best is that they are high quality, so they feature richly pigmented colors and great coverage. This is great news for anyone who’s wondering ‘what are the best colored contacts for dark eyes?’ Our extensive range of Vampire contacts are all fantastic for dark eyes, covering the iris in a silky film of pure color.

Vampire Contacts: Perfect For Dark Eyes!

Halloween is the hottest time of the year for Vampire contact lenses to shine, with everyone searching for that perfect spooky stare to pair with their fangs and cape; transforming them into a blood-sucking bat for the evening. However, these novelty colored contacts are not just for Halloween, they also make great accessories for any number of Cosplay costumes and can even be used as an alternative accessory for a night on the town! If you’re the kind of person who loves their look to have an edge, step up your stand-out style at your next event in a pair of dazzling red Vampire contacts!

Whether you’re looking for a cheap accessory for Halloween, NYE or simply to spice up your everyday look, there are a wealth of options to choose from here at Coloured Contacts. If you’re strictly after a one-night flirtation with color, our single-use, 1 day contact lenses are the best option for you; giving you the freedom to rock a bloodied stare for one night only and simply throw them away once you’re finished trick-or-treating! However, if you’re lucky enough to be attending several costume parties or events this season, why not treat yourself to an accessory you can wear again and again with a pair of 90 day reusable contacts? We know that even 90 days might not be enough for regular Cosplayers or those wanting to flash their fangs all year round, which is why we also offer a range of Vampire contact lenses with a 1 year reusable design; giving you plenty of opportunities to frighten people!

Save yourself the hassle of trawling the high street looking for fancy dress accessories and simply buy Vampire contacts online this season. Remember, when you shop at Coloured Contacts you are not only benefiting from one of the largest ranges of designs from reputable brands, but you can also rest assured that you have the support of our brilliant customer care team that are always happy to help! On top of that, customers in the UK can also take advantage of our speedy next day delivery options, great for those last-minute party planners!

If you’re looking to put a fresh new spin on your Vampire costume this Halloween, why not take a look at our range of Animal contact lenses? Perfect for unleashing your inner animal, these primal lenses are sure to help you stand out from the crowd in spooktacular style!

Halloween contact lenses and other special-effect contacts

Color Contacts

By Amy Hellem and Gary Heiting, OD

Want to look like a vampire? Or show your support of your favorite professional sports team by wearing its logo on your eyes? You can do this and more with decorative special-effect contact lenses.

Special-effect contacts — including black contact lenses, Halloween contact lenses and other “crazy” lenses — are soft contact lenses that are available for theatrical and novelty uses.

Just like colored contact lenses, special-effect (FX) or crazy contacts can be used whether or not you normally wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, because most types are available both with and without lens powers to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism.

It’s important to note that all contact lenses, including

Halloween contacts and any other special-effects contacts, are classified as medical devices by the and require a valid contact lens prescription from a licensed .

Theatrical or novelty lenses are safe to wear — but only when they are properly prescribed and cared for, and purchased from a legitimate source. Bacterial eye infections from contaminated, poorly fitted or improperly worn special-effect contact lenses can occur rapidly, causing a painful corneal ulcer and even blindness.

Putting the finishing touch to your Halloween costume is not worth a sight-threatening eye infection from improper contact lens use. (Read our Safety Checklist below.)

How Do Special-Effect Contacts Work?

Special-effect contact lenses have an opaque (non-transparent) tint to completely mask your natural eye color and are available in a wide variety of dramatic colors and designs. The center of the lens, which lies over your pupil, is clear so you can see.

Most novelty or costume contact lenses cover just the colored portion of your eye (iris), but special-effect scleral lenses, like all-black, red, yellow or white contacts, cover both the iris and the “white” (sclera) of your eyes to create a truly haunting look.

Special Effects Contact Lenses: Trends And Designs

Black sclera contact lenses, white contact lenses, wild eyes, cat eyes — whichever you choose, there’s a huge array of Halloween contact lenses to add the ultimate finishing touch to your Halloween costume.

Current trends in theatrical or novelty contact lenses are inspired by movies and cult TV shows.

These include the popular black, white and yellow special-effect scleral contact lenses, as worn on the cult TV show True Blood; red and amber colored contacts like those worn in Twilight, New Moon and Breaking Dawn; and Goth contact lenses in patterns of red, black, white and yellow which channel The Exorcist.

Other movie character special-effect lenses include vivid green “Mad Hatter” colored contacts inspired by the movie Alice in Wonderland, yellow “alien” contacts as featured in Avatar and even yellow cat-eyes like those seen in Harry Potter.

Crazy contact lenses remain popular, too. These include zombie, vampire and other supernatural designs such as spider webs, cat eyes and werewolves — perfect for adding the “wow” factor to your Halloween or special occasion costume.

If you want even scarier looking contact lenses, there are mesh-look contacts and even neon glow-in-the-dark UV lenses!

Contacts in the Movies

A Colorful History Of Special Effect Lenses

Special-effect contact lenses aren’t a recent fad. Morton Greenspoon, OD, a pioneer of theatrical lenses, has been providing special effects contact lenses to the film industry since the 1950s.

Dr. Greenspoon has changed Elvis Presley’s baby blues to brown for the movie Flaming Star, provided Michael Jackson’s wolf eyes for the “Thriller” music video, and received an Academy Award nomination for his work on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. His most recent film work includes Pirates of the Caribbean and the Twilight Saga.

But you don’t have to walk the red carpet to wear crazy contact lenses. With the array of special-effect lenses available today, you too can get into character and portray your favorite Hollywood star.

Do You Need A Prescription?

Yes — while novelty contacts are designed for fun, they still are considered medical devices and cannot be purchased legally in the United States without a contact lens prescription.

You must see your eye doctor for a contact lens exam to have them properly fitted and prescribed, even if you have perfect eyesight and don’t need corrective eyewear.

Contact lenses — including special-effect lenses — are not a “one size fits all.” A poor lens fit can lead to eye infection, corneal ulcer, decreased vision and even blindness.

Circle Contact Lenses

Circle lenses are a relatively recent phenomenon. Also called “big eye” lenses, they make your eyes look larger than normal to produce a doll-like appearance, inspired by doe-eyed anime cartoon characters.

Issues concerning the safety of circle lenses have been well-documented in the U.S. media in recent years.

Many companies selling circle lenses in the U.S. do so illegally, either without requesting a prescription or selling unapproved lenses — or both.

To help avoid the risk of developing a serious lens-related eye infection, always ensure you are buying contact lenses from a legitimate source.

Where To Buy Theatrical And Special Effects Contacts

By law, your eye doctor must give you a copy of your contact lens prescription if you request it, which means you have the option of buying contact lenses from any eye care professional (ECP), optical chains and legitimate online retailers.

The cost of contact lenses with special-effect designs is comparable to that of more conventional color contact lenses designed to enhance or change your eye color.

Custom hand-painted designs, however, can cost significantly more.

To ensure a safe wearing experience, always buy your special-effect contact lenses from an authorized source.

Never buy special-effect contacts at any store that doesn’t ask you for a valid contact lens prescription.

Don’t buy contact lenses from a flea market, street vendor, beauty salon, Halloween store or similar setting. Such sales are illegal in the U.S., and for good reasons:

  • You might be getting unsafe products that are not FDA-approved for sale in the U.S. Don’t risk your eyes on products that may have been manufactured improperly or don’t have sterile packaging.
  • Even wearing FDA-approved lenses can be dangerous, if they haven’t been specifically fitted to your eyes. Poor-fitting contact lenses can cause serious vision problems, corneal abrasions and infections. Plus, they probably won’t be comfortable to wear!

Watch this video by the FDA on improper use of decorative contact lenses.

According to a 2015 consumer survey sponsored by the American Optometric Association (AOA), 26 percent of Americans who purchased non-corrective color or special-effect contact lenses did not have a valid prescription for the lenses from an eye doctor.

Also, a study published recently in the professional journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science found that people wearing cosmetic contact lenses (defined as decorative, color and non-corrective lenses, often obtained without a prescription) had more than a 16 times greater risk of developing an eye infection than people wearing standard corrective contact lenses prescribed by an eye doctor.

Safety Checklist

  1. Visit your eye doctor for a contact lens exam, fitting and prescription (regardless of whether you need vision correction).
  2. Buy contact lenses from a licensed ECP or an eyewear retailer that requires you to have a prescription. Never buy contact lenses from an unlicensed source that doesn’t require a prescription. Doing so greatly increases your risk of serious eye problems.
  3. Always follow your ECP’s instructions for wearing and caring for your contact lenses, and visit your eye doctor for follow-up eye exams.
  4. Never share your contact lenses! While it may seem like a fun idea to swap special-effect lenses with your friends, sharing contacts can spread harmful bacteria and may result in serious eye health problems, including loss of vision.
  5. Keep in mind that “crazy” contact lenses generally are designed for daily wear only and are not FDA-approved to be worn overnight.
  6. If you experience any eye redness, swelling or discomfort, immediately remove your contact lenses and contact your eye doctor as soon as possible. This could be the sign of a potentially sight-threatening eye infection.
  7. Wear only hypoallergenic, non-toxic makeup. If makeup is used on a child’s face, it should be applied and removed by an adult. For removal, use eye makeup remover or cold cream, not soap.
  8. Be aware that false eyelashes also can cause eye irritation. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding safe application and removal. And read our safety information on eyelash extensions if you’re considering those, because they too can irritate eyes.

Protect Yourself And Others From Illegal Contact Lenses

Decorative contact lenses sold without a prescription at convenience stores, flea markets and online can cause serious eye infections, impaired vision and even blindness.

In October 2016, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency announced that ICE, the FDA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) combined efforts to make several hundred seizures totaling around 100,000 pairs of counterfeit, illegal and unapproved contact lenses. The enforcement actions were conducted under the FDA-led initiative dubbed Operation Double Vision, which is an ongoing effort to protect the health and safety of the American public from illegal contact lenses.

Testing of confiscated illegal lenses revealed many had high levels of bacteria that could cause significant eye infections. Also, the coloring of some decorative contact lenses were made of lead-based materials that could leach directly into the eye.

The agency urged consumers that anyone interested in wearing any type of contact lenses should visit an eye doctor, obtain a prescription and purchase them from a licensed provider.

“A valid prescription helps ensure consumers get contact lenses that are determined to be safe and effective by the FDA. Without it, people can risk serious eye injuries or loss of eyesight for one night of fun,” said George M. Karavetsos, Director, FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations in the ICE press release.

To protect yourself and others, if you see Halloween contacts or other contact lenses being sold without a prescription online or elsewhere, report it to the FDA .

Page updated October 17, 2018

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Notes and References

Federal authorities warn against dangers of decorative contact lenses. Press release issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in October 2016.

New CDC report shows one quarter of contact lens-related eye infections due to improper use, modifiable factors. Press release issued by Prevent Blindness in September 2016.

“Colored” and decorative contact lenses: a prescription is a must. FDA Consumer Health Information. February 2016.

2015 American Eye-Q Survey questions and responses. American Optometric Association. Accessed December 2015.

Cosmetic contact lenses related microbial keratitis as a foreseeable disaster: a prospective study. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. April 2010.

Red Vampire Contacts

Every Vampire hungers after a certain look to portray themselves as. There is nothing more sexy, intriguing and scary as red vampire eyes.

Below you will find four different style & color red Vampire contacts, suitable to the needs of every type of Vampire — from the real life blood-sucking Vampire to the Gothic freak following the latest fashion trend.

Read below to learn more about the most popular red Vampire contacts in the special effects industry,

Blood Red Contacts

Blood red contacts are the most professional & realistic in the Vampire contacts market.

Wearing these personifies anguish, & hate. And evokes fear in human prey, or any mortal whom dares to stare into these hateful eyes.

These contacts are commonly worn in many Vampire Horror films. The largest and most powerful coven of vampires — The Volturi are seen with these eyes in the Twilight films.

Wear these blood red contact lenses for theatrical performances, movies, costume parties, or any place you just wanna enforce your royal status.

Available for both non-corrective(0.00) & corrective( -6.00 to -0.25) versions.

Learn more about what best vampire costumes and makeup effects resonate best with these Blood Red contacts.

Demonic Red Contacts

The evilest of all red lenses, these vampire eye contacts have the power to hypnotize & subdue any human prey with just one stare.

A very demonic presence resonate with these Vampire lenses — featuring a red iris and black limbal ring.

Red & black in nature, and when used in combination personify strength, power & vigor.

Wear these scary Vampire eye contacts for the stage, acting, Halloween, or to scare the bejesus out of your loved ones.

Available in non prescription(0.00) versions only.

Follow link to order these demonic Vampire contacts today.

Fun Vamp Contacts

Some Vampires like to keep it simple! A simplistic, yet true, Vampire Eye Contacts that will definitely draw attention.

Featuring full-color red irises, these are the same vampire lenses worn by Marilyn Manson in one of his music videos.

These red-eye vamp lenses can really accentuate a wide variety of vampire makeup & costume effects. A great effect to accentuate your look for Halloween, cosplay, Goth clubs, body paints, film production, or for some role-playing fun.

Corrective powers range from -0.25 to -6.00. Select 0.00 for non-corrective powers. Follow link to learn more about these fun Red Vampire Eye Contacts.

Vampire Cat Contacts

If you like Cat Eye Contacts and Vampire eyes, then why not combine the two looks as a hybrid form with these vampire red contact lenses.

This look personifies sexy, powerful, and intimidating.

These red vampire contacts go well with many type of cat & Vampire costumes.

Also bodes well in the bedroom with your loved one serving as a nice little role-playing accessory.

Come in prescription ranging from -0.25 to -6.00. Also available in non prescription.

Visit link to learn more about the vampire red contact lenses.

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Halloween Contact Lenses: A Scary Trend

It’s almost Halloween and that means candy, costumes… and dangerous contact lenses? Known for their fun patterns, creepy colors, and shocking appearance, non-prescription costume lenses are growing in popularity among young people. But, while these lenses might dramatically transform a Halloween costume, they can also cause serious damage to your eyes—in some cases leading to partial blindness. Read on to learn more about this scary costume trend and discover how non-prescription contacts put your eyes and vision at risk.

Prescription versus non-prescription contact lenses

Prescription contact lenses are medical devices that come in direct contact with the eye. They lay on the surface of the cornea, usually correcting refractive errors and sometimes enhancing eye color or offering UV protection. When eye experts prescribe contact lenses, they take into account an individual’s unique eye profile, delivering a properly fitting, high-quality contact based on a patient’s needs.

However, over-the-counter costume lenses, which require no prescription, are a significant risk to health, vision, and your eyes. Though many consumers may think of them as purely cosmetic accessories, non-prescription lenses have caused several cases of partial blindness and countless infections to date. Although these contacts are illegal to sell, research shows that up to 26% of Americans who purchased non-corrective lenses last year did so without any medical guidance.

Why are non-prescription contact lenses so dangerous?

Despite their availability online and at costume or novelty stores, non-prescription contacts are surprisingly dangerous. In fact, Ophthalmology and Visual Science reports that they carry a 16 times greater risk of infection than their prescribed counterparts.

Because over-the-counter lenses are often produced in non-sterile, non-regulated environments, they can cause serious infections, like keratitis, as well as corneal sores and ulcers. They have even been found to test positive for bacteria typically found in hospital wastewater and spoiled food. In addition to issues of cleanliness, these contacts may fit improperly, use low-quality materials, restrict oxygen to the cornea, scratch the cornea, or even cause allergic reactions.

Keep your eyes safe this holiday

Fortunately, if you want to enhance your eyes for a Halloween costume, there are safe options. Visit your eye expert and ask about prescription colored contacts. Even if you don’t have any refractive errors, a prescription will ensure that you don’t damage your eyes with poorly fitting lenses or harmful materials. Plus, you’ll receive any necessary instructions on how to keep your lenses sanitary, put them on, and safely remove them.

By steering clear of dangerous over-the-counter contacts, you can enjoy the Halloween season while keeping your eyes healthy. For more personalized information or to make an appointment, call us today at 614-939-1600. From all of us here at Columbus Laser & Cataract Center, we wish you a happy Halloween!

Scary prescription contact lenses

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