Self-Portrait. How could we have possibly missed out on covering this new and super coveted brand for so long? Sorry about that, folks. But before we head into showing you our best Self-Portrait steal finds, here are a few facts about the contemporary fashion label: it was founded in 2013 by Han Chong (also former creative director of Three Floor) and quickly gained red carpet and social media buzz shortly after, landing dress gigs with celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon and Miranda Kerr as well as personal style bloggers like Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad) and Kristina Bazan (Kayture). The signature aesthetic of the London-based brand are feminine, romantic dresses and separates with lots of lace, embroidery and sheer overlays which have a surprisingly appealing price point: Dresses typically fall in the $500-$600 price range. And while I honestly applaud Han Chong for wanting to create a mid-priced fashion label with lots of attention to detail, $350 is still a lot of money for a lot of people (even though I’ll admit the “Azaelea” dress, which by the way got silently renamed correctly to Azalea in the meantime, thus probably referring to the flower, pictured below looks like it’s worth every penny of it). Keep on reading to find various stylish Self-Portrait dress alternatives for much less.

Self-Portrait Azaelea Midi Lace Dress, $350 @ Nordstrom

Also available at Forward by Elyse Walker, Shopbop, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, ASOS, Selfridges, Harrods, Matches Fashion, Luisaviaroma, MyTheresa, Vestiaire Collective, The RealReal.

Bardot Sonya Lace Midi Dress

Bardot Sonya Lace Midi Dress, $75.99 @ Macy’s

Also available at Zappos, Revolve, Lord & Taylor, Amazon, Nordstrom Rack, Zalora.

City Chic So Fancy Crochet Lace Fit & Flare Midi Dress

Update (04/24/2019): Spotted these lovely plus size Self-Portrait lace dress dupes by City Chic today. They’re on sale for a little over $70 and come in either red, black, white or navy.

City Chic So Fancy Crochet Lace Fit & Flare Midi Dress, $71.40 @ City Chic

Also available at Nordstrom, Amazon, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s.

Donna Morgan Valentina Chemical Lace Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress

Update (04/04/2019): And how gorgeous are these lace midi dresses by Donna Morgan? I’m officially obsessed! They look so much like the Self-Portrait Azaelea dress but cost only $158. I looooooove that they come in so many cheery and bright colors! These would make the perfect bridesmaid dresses, don’t you think?

Donna Morgan Valentina Chemical Lace Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress, $158 @ Amazon

Also available at Rue La La, Gilt.

ASTR the Label Lace A-Line Midi Dress

Update (04/04/2019): Just in time for spring, I’ve discovered that these spot-on $89 (now on sale for under $50) Azaelea lace dress dupes by ASTR the Label now come in more than a dozen beautiful colors. I so, so love these! And this dress has over 1.1k customer reviews averaging 4.5/5 stars at Nordstrom, so I think you’d get a valuable return on investment.

ASTR the Label Lace A-Line Midi Dress, $43.97 @ ASTR The Label

Also available at Zappos, Steve Madden, Nordstrom, Amazon.

Eri + Ali Lace Midi Dress

Update (04/04/2019): I’m also in love with this lace cami dress by Eri + Ali which I found at Anthropologie and which come in either red or lilac lavender. It’s so gorgeous and very reminiscent of the Self-Portrait Azaelea dress above. Price: $188/£160/€185.

Eri + Ali Lace Midi Dress, $188 @ Anthropologie

Design Lab Lace Fit-and-Flare Dress

Update (09/07/2018): Discovered these lovely Self-Portrait Azaelea dupe dress by Design Lab which are currently on sale for a little over $30. Use promo code COZY to get 20% off at Lord & Taylor (exlusions apply, limited time offer). Steal deal alert!

Design Lab Lace Fit-and-Flare Dress, $34.30 @ Lord & Taylor

AQUA Lace Cami Midi Dress

Update (11/03/2017): I think I stumbled upon one of the best Self-Portrait Azaelea steal finds! Check out this lovely lace midi dress by AQUA which come in various colors including black, burgundy, navy and baby blue and is significantly cheaper than the real deal.

AQUA Lace Cami Midi Dress, $52.23 @ Bloomingdale’s

Silvian Heach Bolognano Midi Lace Dress

Update (11/03/2017): Just stumbled upon this beautiful and almost spot-on Self-Portrait look-alike dress by Italian brand Silvian Heach. It comes in a lovely pastel yellow color and is currently on sale for €165.60 (down from €276) which is admittedly quite pricey for a designer dupe, but the quality looks pretty great, so it might be worth the investment.

Silvian Heach Bolognano Midi Lace Dress, €165.60 @ Silvian Heach

Storets Kelly Midi Lace Dress

Update (09/30/2017): Spotted these cute Self-Portrait dupe lace dresses at Storets today. My personal favorite is the green version, but I also like the yellow color.

Storets Kelly Midi Lace Dress, $64 @ Storets

Apart Crochet Lace Midi Dress

Update (05/28/2017): Just stumbled upon this lovely and spot-on Self-Portrait Azaelea look-alike dress by Apart. It’s a little expensive, but still about half the price of the real deal.

Apart Crochet Lace Midi Dress

, €169.90 @

Apart Lace Midi Dress

Update (05/28/2017): Although it doesn’t have the same floral lace pattern, these midi dresses, also by Apart, would be a great Self-Portrait alternative as well. Plus, they’re significantly cheaper than the spot-on dupe above. My personal fave is the baby blue color! Perfect wedding guest dress!

Apart Lace Midi Dress, $119 @ ASOS

Minusey Floral Lace Midi Dress

Update (05/28/2017): And check out these awesome and super spot-on Azaelea dress dupes I found at Minusey! I tried to make out the differences, but can’t seem to find any. Available in either blush pink, dusty blue or white for $148.

Minusey Floral Lace Midi Dress, $148 @ Amazon

Vila Viclarna Strappy Lace Skater Dress

Update (05/18/2017): If you’re looking for a short version of the Azaelea dress Vila has got you covered. Available in white, navy and baby blue.

Vila Viclarna Strappy Lace Skater Dress, $60.50 @ ASOS

Vero Moda Beauti Strappy Lace Dress

Update (04/23/2017): Looks like Vero Moda came up with their own Azaelea inspired dresses which come in either red or navy and are little shorter than the original (knee-length), but otherwise have the same look for a much lower price (€59.95).

Vero Moda Beauti Strappy Lace Dress, $59.95 @ Amazon

Also available at Vero Moda, About You.

Edited Mailin Strappy Crochet Lace Maxi Dress

Update (04/23/2017): Also stumbled upon this Self-Portrait inspired maxi lace dress by Edited which looks a lot like the Azelea dress, but is a little longer and could serve as a great and budget-friendly bridal dress for a summer wedding.

Edited Mailin Strappy Crochet Lace Maxi Dress, €109 @ Edited

Donna Morgan Sleeveless Lace Midi Dress

Update (03/19/2017): And how gorgeous is this summery blush pink lace dress by Donna Morgan? It’s quite similar to the H&M version below and I think I like this one even a little more. Not a total steal at $178, but probably worth the investment.

Donna Morgan Valentina Novelty Lace Midi Dress, $178 @ Amazon

Chicwish Ingenious Crochet Cami Dress

Update (03/19/2017): Discovered these lovely Self-Portrait inspired lace midi dresses at Chicwish which are currently on sale for a little over $40.

Chicwish Ingenious Crochet Cami Dress, $42.90 @ Chicwish

NA-KD Boho Floral Crochet Midi Dress

Update (03/19/2017): Also found this Self-Portrait inspired set of dress at NA-KD which reminded me of the Azaelea dress as well. They come in a variety of colors (black, red, nude, blush and dusty blue) and cost $95.11. A more spot-on and just as lovely maxi dress version is also available at NA-KD for the same price.

NA-KD Boho Floral Crochet Midi Dress, $95.11 @ NA-KD

Avery G Lace Tea-Length Dress

Update (08/28/2016): Now look at this gorgeous Self-Portrait Azalea look-alike dress by Avery G. Not exactly a steal at $339 (now on sale for under $70), but the dress quality might be worth the investment.

Avery G Lace Tea-Length Dress, $69 @ Amazon

H&M Lace Dress

Update (08/23/2016): Just a quick heads-up to let you know that the gorgeous H&M Azaelea dupe dress is now also available in a lovely light pink color! This dress has been restocked several times and always sold out super fast, so don’t wait too long if you love this one! Another gorgeous Self-Portrait Azaelea alternative is this lace midi dress by H&M. It’s currently only available in yellow (also comes in white and rose pink now), but it does look lovely and so similar to the real deal, right? I know $129 seems oddly expensive for an H&M dress, but be rest assured, I actually ordered this dress myself and it is definitely worth the money, the fit is flattering and the quality is good. So if you’re a fan of feminine lace summer dresses, this one is a great buy!

H&M Lace Dress, $129 @ H&M

SHEIN Fit & Flare Lace Cami Dress

Update (06/04/2016): YASSSS! Another spot-on and budget-friendly Self-Portrait Azaelea dress dupe has popped up on the internet today! Found this one at SHEIN; it comes either in pale blue or dusty rose and costs less than $20. Woohoo!

SHEIN Fit & Flare Lace Cami Dress, $15.10 @ SHEIN

Tang House Lace-Up Back Crochet A-Line Dress

Update (06/04/2016): Also spotted another shortened Azaelea inspired dress version which has a beautiful lace-up back detail! It’s by Tang House, comes in various lovely colors and costs $54.90. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Tang House Lace-Up Back Crochet A-Line Dress, $54.90 @ YesStyle

Charlotte Russe Strappy Crochet A-Line Dress

Update (05/12/2016): Steal deal alert! Look what I just discovered by Charlotte Russe: the perfect little white Self-Portrait Azaelea look-alike dress for a super steal price of just $23.99! Don’t wait, buy now, this dress will sell out once the word is out.

Charlotte Russe Strappy Crochet A-Line Dress, $23.99 @ Nordstrom Rack

Warehouse Lace Halter Dress

Update (05/12/2016): Came across another Azaelea dupe today at Warehouse. The neckline is different, but the rest of the design is pretty much identical. Available in red, black, burgundy and blue.

Warehouse Lace Halter Dress, £65 @ ASOS

Club Monaco Bolari Midi Lace Dress

Update (05/08/2016): Spotted another great Self-Portrait Azaelea look-alike today! It’s by Club Monaco, comes in either black or forest green and costs approx. half as much as the real deal ($219). Love the green version for redheads! What do you think?

Club Monaco Bolari Midi Lace Dress, $149 @ Club Monaco

bebe Cotton Eyelet Dress

Update (04/28/2016): Just spotted this Self-Portrait inspired summer dress at bebe. It has obviously some major differences (e.g. different pattern and length), but the bodice clearly gives away where the inspiration for this dress came from.

bebe Cotton Eyelet Dress, $111.30 @ bebe

Lulus Pinnacle of Prestige Lace Midi Dress

If you can’t afford spending half a grand on a flirty summer dress, here’s our best steal find (yet!) which I discovered at Lulus some time ago. And I would’ve showed you this lovely $64 lace midi dress some time ago already, but it kept selling out so fast – restock after restock – that I didn’t even have enough time to finish up this blog post before this dress was completely sold out again, so I patiently waited until it got restocked for what feels like the tenth time now and for the first time it didn’t sell out in the first 60 minutes. Yay! However, this dress is obviously still wildly popular, so I wouldn’t wait too long with buying. Who knows if it’ll be restocked for an eleventh time?

Lulus Pinnacle of Prestige Lace Midi Dress, $64 @ Lulus

AlvaQ Flower Embellished Cami Dress

And of course, where there’s a trend Asian copycats can’t be too far away. The design of the Persun midi lace dress is very close to the real deal (including the colors), but I can’t tell for sure whether the quality is worth paying $34.99 for.

AlvaQ Flower Embellished Cami Dress, $34.99 @ Amazon

Free People South Of The Equator Midi Dress

OK, now this Self-Portrait steal find kind of irritates me. Don’t get me wrong: I love Free People and I looooove designer dupes. But what I don’t understand is how you can blatantly copy a $480 dress and then sell your own copied version for a whopping $300 (now on sale for $69.95), thus making both dresses compete in the same price range? Now that’s a little shameless, isn’t it? Even for blatant copycats. Anyway, I still wanted to include this dress option because it does look a lot like the real deal and it is in fact still $180 $380 cheaper than the original, so if you’re OK with paying that much money for a copycat design, feel free to do so.

Free People South Of The Equator Midi Dress, $69.95 @ Free People

Self portrait azaelea dress blue

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