When Is The Next Sephora VIB Insider Sale? We Have All The 2019 Dates!

This post was updated on 8/22/19 to reflect the live sale.

If you’re a Sephora VIB Insider, you deserve to know when every single promotion the store is having will be. (Rouge members spend $1,000 per year, after all!). In fact, did you know that the Fall VIB sale is happening now? Yep, that’s right now through Tuesday, August 27, 2019, Insiders are getting their extra discount on the site. Yippee! We have all the details, plus we rounded up all the 2019 sale dates so you don’t miss a thing:

Holiday Bonus – November

In 2017, the Holiday Bonus Insider sale started for Rouge members on Friday, November 3 with code 20FORROUGE. In 2018, the sale started on Friday, October 26 with code VIBBONUS. Based off these past sales, we can anticipate that the Holiday Bonus 2019 will occur on or around Friday, November 1.

Sephora Rouge Members, treat yourself with 20% off your favorite @Sephora products during this year’s exclusive Holiday Bonus Beauty Insider Event, HAPPENING NOW! Use code ROUGEBONUS. Valid 10/26-10/29, online and in-store. Exclusions apply. https://t.co/IUN52pwndk pic.twitter.com/HmLBMhFw0W

— Stiletto Jungle (@stilettojungle) October 26, 2018

Fall Sale – August

It’s official! The store will have their Fall 2019 VIB sale from August 19th through August 27th, 2019. Expect deals on countless products, including our editors’ pick: the limited-edition Belif Aqua Bomb Surf’s Up Set ($38, a $50 value). We love this set for travel; the antioxidant-rich products minimize pores and hydrate dull. Need that!

In 2018, the retailer had an extra VIB sale. *Faints*

The promotion started on Friday, August 24 with 20% off for VIB. Yes, you’ve died and gone to insider sale heaven.

I learned something important from YouTube today. For a certain category of “important”. There is going to be an EXTRA Sephora VIB sale this year. August 24-September 3. So if you need to stock up on make-up/skincare, there ya go.

— Elisabeth Lane (@elisabethjlane) August 14, 2018

Fall Preview – June

In 2017, the retailer held an in-store event for 90 minutes called the Fall VIB Preview where Rouge members could shop new fall products at a discount from 8:30am to 10am. It was as epic as it sounds.

Rouge members could bring a friend to the sale—and yes the lines were around the block. The sale happened on Saturday, June 3, 2017. A rep for Sephora did not respond to our request for comment on whether the sale was happening this year.

Spring Bonus Sale – April

This spring Insider Sale took place on Friday, April 26, 2019. The sale was open to Rouge members first (aka, the biggest spenders) and then opened up to Insider, or basically anyone who has given Sephora their email address. Rouge members got 20% off with code HEYROUGE from April 26-May 6. VIB members got 15% off May 2-May 6, and all Insiders got 10% off May 2-May 6.

What Deals To Expect

The deals at Insider sales are not to be missed. Some highlights from past years include: a Too Faced Glitter Bomb shadow palette for $45; Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palette for $33.60, down from $42; Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Serum; L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil; NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation.

Deal seekers, here are a few cult brands they have on sale as of press time:

FENTY for under $40

FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette ($38, down from $54)

BECCA Collab On Sale

BECCA x Khloé Kardashian & Malika Haqq Glow Letters ($11, down from $18)

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When Is Sephora’s 2018 Beauty Insider Holiday Sale? It All Depends On Your Insider Rewards Status

Ladies and gentlemen, make room in your makeup bags and apologize to your credit cards in advance, because holiday shopping szn is fast approaching, and this year, Sephora is on a mission to make things worth our while. Another weekend of their 2018 Beauty Insider Holiday Sale is almost here, and trust me when I say, it’s jam-packed with splurge-worthy deals. If, like me, you want to make the most of the sale and stock up on your faves (and, of course, some glittery new products) before the good stuff sells out, you’re probably wondering: when is Sephora’s 2018 Beauty Insider Holiday Sale? You’re asking the right question, because the answer is a little tricky — in fact, it varies per person. Read on to find out exactly when you can start adding to cart.

First things first. To take advantage of this sale, you must first be a registered member of Sephora’s Insider Rewards Program. There are three different membership tiers, and you qualify for one or another based on how much money you spend at Sephora annually. The lowest tier is Beauty Insider, for which no annual spending minimum is required, followed by VIB, which is for customers dropping more than $350 yearly. Finally, there’s VIB Rouge for anyone who spend over $1,000 on beauty products annually. That last one is for shoppers like myself, who have no self-control and need every shade of eyeshadow ever created. If you aren’t already signed up for the program, you can head to the Sephora site’s Insider Rewards Program page and do so now.

Once you’re registered, the sale is yours: Throughout November, shoppers will receive a whopping 20 percent off of everything. Yup, everything. I’m talking about that pumpkin spice face mask you’ve been wanting since way before fall. I’m also talking about that bougie haircare product you couldn’t justify at full price. And you know I’m talking about your 100th glittery eyeshadow palette, otherwise unjustifiable but totally acceptable given this major discount.

My inner monologue the second I heard about this beauty sale:


So, when can you start shopping with this major 20 percent off discount? The sale will run for three consecutive weekends, but your access time depends on your Insider level, TBH.

VIB Rouge members get first dibs: They can start shopping from Nov. 2 to Nov. 5, and will get the discount by using the code “ROUGEBONUS” at checkout, both in Sephora stores as well as on the site. VIB members, though, will have to wait until Nov. 9 through Nov. 12 to shop, and can use the code “VIBBONUS” for the same 20 percent off discount. Finally, the Beauty Insiders will receive a slightly smaller discount — 15 percent instead of 20 — and can shop from Nov. 16 until Nov. 19 using the code “BIBONUS.” BTW, all the codes are multi-use, so if you need to make more than one order as your weekend progresses, nobody’s stopping you.

Me, an unashamed VIB Rouge member, taking full advantage of the sale on the first weekend it runs:


If you aren’t able to shop until the third weekend of the sale, please ignore my humble bragging above and rest assured: Sephora knows how beauty-hungry its shoppers are, and I’m sure they’ve prepared tons of stock so your favorites won’t sell out before you get the chance to pick them up. Plus, if you aren’t VIB Rouge, that means you didn’t already spend $1K on makeup this year, so you probably have more money saved up to splurge on this sale than I do. Now I’m the one envying you!

So I’ll give you the bad news first: If you’re a Sephora VIB Rouge member and you somehow didn’t visit a Sephora store or sephora.com last weekend, you missed out on early access to 15 percent off literally everything and clearly need to reevaluate your membership tier. Wakey-wakey, sponge eggs and make-y. The good news is, starting tomorrow, April 20, anyone who’s got any level of membership — VIB Rouge, VIB, and Insider — can enjoy an (almost) inventory-wide discount during Sephora’s Spring Bonus sale.

Beginning Friday, VIB members (those whose spend at least $350 a year at Sephora) get to enjoy the same 15-percent discount VIB Rouge members (those who spend at least $1,000 a year) have had access to since April 13. Insiders, who have no yearly minimum-purchase hurdle, will receive 10 percent off anything they buy in-store or online. Everyone’s got to wrap up their shopping sprees by Monday night, though, because all good things — Spring Bonus sale included — must end.

Not a member yet? Worry not. Sephora assured folks on Twitter that it’s not too late to sign up and get the discount you so rightfully deserve.

If you’re planning to shop online, don’t expect the website to automatically apply the markdown. In order to claim your digital discount, VIB Rouge members need to use the code YAYROUGE, VIB members need to use the code YAYVIB, and Insiders need to use the code YAYINSIDER. And while the discount can be used for most products, there are a few exceptions: It won’t be applied to any products by The Ordinary, and can be applied to no more than one Dyson product and three Drunk Elephant products.

Get more info on the ins and outs of the Spring Bonus sale at sephora.com.

Here are a few ideas for your Sephora shopping list:

  • Sephora Collection Is Dropping a Ton of New Products in April
  • Drunk Elephant’s Protini Polypeptide Cream Just Dropped at Sephora
  • These Are the 9 Best-Selling Shampoos at Sephora

Check out what’s inside Allure’s April Beauty Box:

When Is Sephora’s Beauty Insider VIB Holiday 2018 Sale? You Will Save So Much Cash

One of the biggest “Bye Money” beauty moments of the year (and the holiday season) is here. The Sephora Beauty Insider Holiday 2018 Sale is happening so soon and you can save a bundle on makeup, skin care products, hair items, and fragrance. It’s a full-service sale that allows you to blow your budget and it takes place across several weekends in November.

The annual sale offers the sweetest savings and deepest discounts. The deals might appear “too good to be to true.” But they are indeed real and actual things.

Here’s the full breakdown of this season’s Beauty Insider Sale — according to this post on the TrendMood makeup news Instagram account.

Access to the sale is only available to members of Sephora’s free Beauty Insider loyalty program. The savings are tiered based on your membership level. Your status as either a Beauty Insider, a VIB, or VIB Rouge member is determined by how much money you spend at Sephora in a calendar year. The more you spend, the better your status, and the bigger your savings for these sorts of sales.

The first week of the sale ran from Oct. 26 through Oct. 29 for top-tier VIB Rouge members. Those members spend $1000 a year at Sephora to attain that status. An encore is set for VIBRougers on Friday, Nov. 2 through through Monday, Nov. 5.

The “ROUGEBONUS” code can be used multiple times throughout the weekend. It offers 20 percent off in-store and online purchases.

Another weekend of the sale is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 9 and runs through Monday, Nov. 12. This weekend includes VIB members, which is the second-tier status earned by spending at least $350 in a year, can enjoy 20 percent off in-store and digital purchases using the “VIBBONUS” code. It is also multi-use.

Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Those with Beauty Insider status, which is the base level of membership for those who spend under $350 a year, will get 15 percent off purchases from Friday, Nov. 16 through Monday, Nov. 19 with the reusable “BIBONUS” code.

You can shop your face and take advantage of all the newly-launched holiday items or perennial products you have been eyeing for a while now.

Courtesy of Sephora

This table displays the basic rundown of benefits at each level of membership. Membership offers plenty of perks and privileges, like access to the Beauty Insider Holiday Sale. Stock up on your fave products or experiment with new ones. You can get a head start on your holiday shopping, too.

Discover some amazing K-Beauty finds and brands in Instagrammable, millennial pink packaging.

Has Urban Decay’s Naked Cherry Palette been on your mind? Well, it needs to get out of your thoughts and onto your lids. It’s regularly $49. Take 20 percent off via this discount and it’s just just under $40.

This is one sale you just do NOT want to miss.

As is the case with so many beauty sales, the more you spend, the more you save. If you grab multiple products because they are on deal, you will happily blow your budget. Think of it this way, though. Any cash you do save can be used to purchase more sale items.

Have fun bringing home a huge Sephora haul.

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Sephora VIB Sale or Sephora Holiday Bonus November 2018 Information

Here’s the Sephora and Sephora.ca biggest 20% off sale event info — Sephora VIB Sale 2018 or Sephora Holiday Bonus 2018 may be in October – November 2018.

Sephora VIB Sale 2018

The annual 2018 Sephora VIB / VIB Rouge Sale normally run in early November and we can get up to 20% off nearly everything with generic coupon codes. These coupons were unlimited usage and valid on all sale items in the past. If you are about to reach VIB Rouge to use the early access benefit, find out more below! See Sephora holiday value sets.

This post may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

According to community.sephora.com, hotfire.makeup IG and i.dreamofmakeup IG (thanks!), Sephora VIB Sale 2018 or Sephora Holiday Bonus 2018 date and coupon may be:

If you are interested, see my unboxing post here for VIB Rouge free in-store tote last year.

Sephora VIB Sale 2018 Recommendations

It is a great time to splurge on some high price items or restock your essentials or best sellers – especially Sephora Exclusive items. It’s a good idea to shop Holiday Sets 2018 that often have amazing value and are a great way to try bestsellers from a brand. See all Sephora New Arrivals.

What are you planning to buy!?

See Sephora promo code page here.

There are new items in the SEPHORA Rewards Bazaar, you can use Sephora points to redeem for free. Pick three free samples with any purchase (no minimum) here. See Sale page here. See Sephora Weekly Wow Deals at 9AM. See all available kits at Sephora Favorites. See Sephora near me.

Your favorite brands at Sephora

Algenist | Amazing Cosmetics | AmorePacific | Anastasia Beverly Hills | BareMinerals | Beautyblender | Becca | Benefit | Besame | Bite Beauty | Boscia | Burberry | Buxom |

Caudalie | Ciate | Clinique | Clarins | Chosungah 22 || Cover FX |

| Dior | Dr Brandt | Drunk Elephant | Farsali | First Aid Beauty | Estee Lauder |

Estee Edit by Estee Lauder | Formula X | FRESH | Giorgio Armani | Givenchy | GLAMGLOW | Guerlain | Hourglass | Huda Beauty | J. One

Jack Black |Kaplan MD | Kat Von D | Kate Somerville | Kevyn Aucoin | Kiehl’s | KORRES | L’Occitane | La Mer | Lancome

Laneige | Lashfood | Laura Mercier | Make Up For Ever | Marc Jacobs Beauty |

| Marvis | Milk Makeup | Moroccanoil | NARS | Ole Henriksen | Omorovicza | Origins | Peter Thomas Roth | REN |

| Tony Moly|Trestique | Urban Decay | Viseart |Wander Beauty | Yves Saint Laurent |

If you are interested, I have a post for Lancome Holiday Blockbuster 2018 full spoilers here! It will be available tomorrow 10/19 at Nordstrom | Bloomingdale’s | Boscov’s | Lord and Taylor | Belk | Lancome USA direct| Macy’s| Dillard’s|

Plus, see Estee Lauder Holiday Blockbuster 2018 full spoilers here.

Plus, check out my mega post for 80+ gorgeous beauty advent calendar 2018!

Here’s the list of SUPER beauty events at major beauty retailers!

  • Post: Nordstrom 11pc gift bag w/ $50 makeup purchase Event: NORDSTROM There are so many secret promo codes see my round-up post here. Combined with the new full size gift today!
  • Post: Belk 12pc gift with $100 purchase Event: Belk
  • Post: Riley Rose gift bag with $75 Event: Riley Rose
  • Post: Space NK Essentials Gift beauty bag gift with $175 purchase use code ESSENTIALS18. Worth over $289. October 2018 only. See the bag here.

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