How to Dress for the Gym to Look Absolutely Chic and Sexy

How to Dress for the Gym to Look Absolutely Chic and Sexy. While training in your chili sauce-stained sweatpants and t-shirt that’s full of holes feels perfectly alright when you’re home alone, coming into the gym in similar garb can feel a little… uninspiring. You’re there every week, sweating, straining, and pushing your body to its limits, and you damn well deserve to enjoy the results. Picking out a cute outfit isn’t really about fashion, it’s about feeling sexy in your own skin, about owning your effort and showing off what hard work has brought you. A chic little get up can also motivate you to keep coming back and work to reach your goal, especially if you know that you look good even when sweat is pouring down your back. Need some help picking out gym-appropriate comfy glam? We’ve got a few tips.

Bring some color to it

While neutrals are perfectly acceptable, we urge you to get out of your “but black is slimming!” comfort zone and try something more colorful. Pink and purple to make you feel more feminine, or some crazy galaxy print that looks fun and that wouldn’t feel appropriate in any other situation. This is the time for bold prints and brightness. If you want to keep it a little more subdued, then keep your bottom part nice and neutral, and pick a cool tee or crop top with a graphic print.

Racer back bra

A sports bra is an absolute must, regardless of what you’re training. You’ll need good support for your breasts, and something with a racer back cut and firm cups is perfect for this purpose. You could pick a bright-colored bra and then wear a simple tank top over it for a little hint of sexy to show through.

Sleek and sexy tights

Sweatpants are pretty cool, but most gals feel pretty dowdy in them. However, with a nice pair of slim women’s exercise tights that hug your curves and elongate your legs, the feeling is very different. If you’ve been working on your thighs and glutes then you officially get the right to show them off, and this is a very simple way to do it. Pair this with a loose tee or a tank top and it’ll still look perfectly demure. And what’s best is the fact that tights definitely allow for a full range of movement and feel comfortable no matter what kind of exercise you’re currently doing.

Bright sneakers

Sneakers are the one thing where splurging is definitely worth it, especially if you want to avoid injury and make sure your feet are always stable. Pick a design that will match either your hoodie or your bottom part, or just stick to neutrals because sneakers are definitely going to have to be your most versatile piece. Muted tones with chunky soles are really in for 2018, so that old-school, “dad sneaker” trend is still going strong. Since these are super comfy and easy to work out in, we’re liking the idea of these funky little shoes.

Snuggly hoodie

Pick your hoodie based on what you wear at the bottom. If you’re sticking to sweatpants then pick something with a slim fit that follows the line of your body, or pick a cropped hoodie. If you’re going with tights, then your hoodie can be long, and baggy, and delightfully soft. This feels really comfortable and has the added benefit of making your legs look slimmer.


Gym accessories are a bit different than your standard fashion accessories because they all have a purpose beyond pure aesthetics. Rather than going in there with dangly earrings that will catch on your hair, it’s about picking out things like armbands for your MP3 player or iPod, scrunchies to pull your hair back in a cute ponytail, and giant bags in which you can carry all your equipment. Color-match with the rest of your outfit, and make sure to take off your actual earrings, necklaces, or any other jewelry because it’ll look kind of ridiculous as it dangles while you run on the treadmill.

Looking sexy at the gym is, unsurprisingly, about being extremely comfortable. If something doesn’t make you feel good and hinders your movement then just drop it, but otherwise pick colorful things and enjoy wearing athleisure.

Guest Post by Luke Douglas

Follow him on Twitter: @mrlukeidouglas


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