Luggage that takes the “1-piece” out of “1-Piece Luggage Set.” And replaces it with “3-Piece.”

Travel’s all the rage these days, and why not? With swift ocean liners, an efficient railway system, and even aero-planes that skip over the clouds, it’s easier than ever to get to get anywhere in the world! From the lovely panoramas of the Indian subcontinent to the bustling metropolises of the Orient to the darkest heart of Rhodesia, the magnificent thrills afforded by travel are all at your fingertips. But one thing remains the scourge of every would-be globe trotter. That’s right; belongings. You’re left either carrying armfuls of garments yourself, or else forced to hire an expensive pack of Sherpa-helpers to convey your incidentals. It’s almost enough to make you want to never leave the home! But worry not, intrepid tourist! The titans of innovation at Sharper Image have done it again, and are proud to unveil their newfangled state-of-the-art “Luggage” carrying devices. These rectangular storage contraptions can fit a variety of items, objects, and even possessions! That the set includes three contradistinctive sizes makes them versatile to boot! With “Luggage” by Sharper Image, there’s a capacity for every need:

Petite – Perfect for afternoons on the pier or a day trip to the promenade. Just pack up your breeches and cravat, and you’ll be all set to enjoy the gay social life, or simply go shopping for handcrafts and homespuns. As an added bonus, it’s small enough for a woman to carry!

Intermediate – The convenience doesn’t stop there. Just when you thought the design mavens at Sharper Image couldn’t outdo themselves, they wow us with their patented “medium” design! This grade is ideal for excursions of a longer duration, such as alpine tobogganing adventures or a riverboat ramble.

Grande – What can’t these magicians do? Working around the clock, Sharper Image scientists discovered that they could take the medium design and make it even more expansive. This jumbo sized carry-ing trunk is all you’ll need for even the most far flung of globe-trotting voyages. From the mountains of Persia to the river valleys of Mesopotamia to the busy streets of Siam, this behemoth will keep your belongings safe, and your expeditions continuous. Thanks, Sharper Image!

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