Undercut: The Complete How To Guide + Styling Tips

Getting started

Before you start, gather what you’ll need: hair clippers, a comb, and a few hairgrips, in case you need them to separate the longer strand of hair. Cutting this haircut is very similar to cutting a mohawk, the main difference being that this one leaves out a wider strand of hair. You should decide how wide or narrow will your ‘longer hair’ part be, or how much you want to buzz off. If you’re doing this for the first time, start by buzzing off a smaller strand of hair before committing to a sudden change right away. To create an undercut you will need to have 2-6 inches of hair and of course (cordless) hair clippers. That’s pretty much it!

How to DIY


Now that you’ve divided the hair in parts, it’s time to buzz it off. Use a lower setting on clippers (like #1 or #2, or more if you wish) and trim away sides and back. Cover the top with your hand or use those hairgrips to keep yourself from cutting too much. You don’t need to taper sides and back, but a shorter setting on sides creates a nicer and more contrasted look.

Going for a sidecut

Not only does a sidecut look great, as it is also a good option for beginners: most probably the length of your longer hair will help you cover any mistakes.
If you’re still unsure that a full undercut is for you, shave just a quart of your head first (do use those hairgrips to help you). You can always go ahead and shave more 😉 Just remember, hair always grows back. Even though you should be careful when using your DIY skills, it is fun to let go some of the anxiety of doing it by yourself.

Finishing it up

Now, clean up the edges. Touch up the areas around the ears and neck. Make sure these areas as well trimmed, as they are particularly difficult to reach with clippers. Use a pair of scissors to help you getting rid of some extra hair. If you’d like to add an extra to your cut, you can cut patterns into the short part of your hair, just like in the video here. Expect to touch up every 4 to 5 week depending on the length you’d like your undercut to be. Luckily, It is relatively easy to maintain it after the first big cut. If you just want to keep the cut you first did, just follow the lines you decided the first time.

Styling your undercut

It is now time for your final step – styling. Whether you use pomade, wax, gel or spray, don’t over look this final step. Opt for pomade or wax if your hair is curly and/or thick. If you have straight and thin hair, choose gel or spray. If you’re looking for more volume, flip your head upside down and blow dry around the longer strand of hair. Finish it up with spray to keep the volume up for hours.

Want to copy Macklemore’s style? Then this hairstyle is definitely the way to go. This is also a great haircut to look younger, plus it allows plenty of different options: you can combine it with short hair, long hair, cut one hair short, cut only the back short, add patterns to the shaved side, … Once you’ve mastered the art of cutting your own hair, you’ll find it easier to come up with new ideas.

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Examples of undercut

  • Ever since I was born I’ve had a thick head of hair. Really, though! In all my baby photos I’m way too hairy. So all of my life I’ve had more thick, heavy hair than I knew what to do with. After trying every hair thinning solution with little success I decided to go for an undercut women haircut on my long hair. It was a fairly simple solution once I heard of it and learned more about it. Read on to see why I got an undercut hairstyle on my hair.

    Undercut Women Hairstyle on My Long Hair

    Most of the time, you can’t even see it. Photo credit: Allison Schmidt

    1. A thick hair solution.

    It may seem like a silly reason to shave part of your head, but as I’ve mentioned, I’ve got some seriously thick hair. I’m not exaggerating at all and I even donated my hair a few years ago! When my hairstylist was trying to cut through my ponytail with clippers to create the undercut women style, he said it was like trying to cut down a tree. Yikes. Having super thick hair and living in the deep south can make you feel bogged down at all times. So with just a few swipes of a set of clippers that hair problem was solved.

    2. Styling an undercut.

    During the workweek, I don’t make a big deal about doing my hair other than trying to keeping it frizz-free and keeping my bangs styled. So that usually means a braided style or a simple ponytail. Either style shows off my undercut and I don’t even need to do anything that intricate. If I’m going out and I want to display my shorn hair, I’ll wear my hair in a big top knot, or take the time to style a voluminous ponytail. If I want to hide it away, all I have to do is wear my hair down.

    3. Maintaining an undercut hairstyle.

    Maintaining an undercut women hairstyle on long hair is really easy so long as you have someone to help you. Luckily my boyfriend has his own pair of clippers, so every couple of weeks he gives me a trim. All you need to do is pull your hair up and out of the way and buzz it down to create an undercut women haircut. Just make sure not to accidentally trim the hair you want to keep long.

    I like to use a smoothing system like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner to wash my hair. This duo keeps my strands sleek and easy to manage!

    66 Shaved Hairstyles for Women That Turn Heads Everywhere


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    66 Best Shaved Hairstyles for Women to Try In 2018

    Whoever thought that shaved hairstyles for women would be so big in 2018? Well in this article, you’ll see just how popular shaved haircuts are for girls, and women. You’ll also notice the great versatility of this haircut and various hairstyles.

    We’ve got 75 photos of shaved cuts in 66 different shaved hairstyles for women. There are short shaved haircuts for ladies with short shaved hairstyles, and styles that feature a shaved nape, or shaved sides. We have ladies cuts in pixie, bob, and long styles.

    Ready to be bold? Here are some badass shaved hairstyle ideas for females that you can use to take the plunge.

    1. Shaved Pixie Hairstyles for Women

    Pixie Haircut with Shaved Sides


    Shaved Lilac Undercut Pixie

    source: instagram

    A shaved undercut pixie with long pastel purple pink hair atop a dark brown base. It’a a beautiful color choice, and it pops due to the dark undercut. This shaved nape pixie features a geometric design cut into the back.

    Side Shaved Platinum Pixie

    source: instagram

    Platinum blonde on a pixie cut? Talk about a great idea. What’s better is to have your look more pronounced with a close side shave.

    2. Side Shaved Bob Hairstyle for Women

    Shaved Side Ash Bob


    Shaved Side Dark Brown Bob Hairstyle

    source: instagram

    Blonde Bob with Shaved Side

    source: instagram

    Getting bored with your regular old bob hairstyle? You can try adding a bit more spice to your look by getting a side shaved bob.

    3. Low Fade Haircut for Women

    Low Fade Blonde with Shaved Sides

    source: instagram

    This type of shaved haircut is very low-maintenance and doesn’t take a super great stylist to achieve. Nevertheless, the results can be gorgeous, especially when paired with a great hair color.

    4. Platinum Braided 360 Undercut Bob Hairstyle

    Undercut Blonde with Braids

    source: instagram

    There’s a lot going on in this hairstyle; a platinum blonde hair color, braids, and a 360 undercut. When you combine them all in one style, as seen in this photo, the results are stunning and definitely unique.

    5. Shaved Updo Hairstyle for Women

    Shaved Sides with Burgundy Updo

    source: instagram

    Pink Braided Updo with Fish Scale Undercut

    Going to a formal event has never been this chic. An updo hairstyle in itself is gorgeous, obviously, but you can make your style more appealing with a slight undercut, designed to have a fish scale pattern.

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    6. Textured Bowl Blonde Hairstyle for Women

    source: instagram

    This type of blonde pixie cut is not new. But what you can do to make it more different is to have your stylist shave your undercut high and sharp as such, so that you will look clean, edgy, and stylish.

    7. Thick Braid Hair Rings and Undercut

    source: instagram

    Do you have very thick hair? Well, an undercut won’t be as obvious but it can be a changing factor to your look. Just like in this hairstyle, you can make your thick, long braid a headturner with braid rings and a slight undercut.

    8. Top Bun and Cool Nape Design Shaved Hairstyle for Ladies

    Shaved Nape Under Medium Blonde Hair

    Top Bun with Shaved Nape

    source: instagram

    Here’s a cool look that only reveals itself when the hair is pulled up into a bun. That gives you two looks, a conservative one for business, and a bolder one for the weekends.

    Braided Messy Bun with Shaved Nape

    The messy bun is always chic and girly. Make your look more popular with a uniquely designed undercut as in the photo above.

    9. Beautiful Side Shaved Pixie Haircut and Braids

    This hairstyle combines the elements of a spunky undercut and a classic, elegant pixie cut; a good combination, might I add. If you want to look classy and edgy at the same time, I’d suggest having this hairstyle done.

    10. Bald Fade Pixie Haircut with Surgical Line

    Want a low-maintenance cut while remaining edgy and cute? Have your stylist give you a short pixie and make it a little more different with a surgical line above your ear. To top this hairstyle off, you can always add a nice color to your pixie.

    11. 360 Undercut & Braided Buns

    A completely unique take to the feminine undercut is this braided hairstyle. Instead of just an undercut, make your hair more fun and distinctive with two tight braids that come up into two cute buns.

    12. Artistic Buzz Haircut for Women

    Albeit a little bit difficult to achieve, a talented stylist can give you this flawlessly shaved look of a uniquely shaved design on a buzz cut. Moreover, this can be a good shaved hairstyle for round faces.

    13. Awesome Faded Zig Zags

    This one is a popular shaved hairstyle for long hair, especially when you don’t want to commit to a visible undercut. Nevertheless, this 2016 shaved hairstyle is intricately designed in its own way.

    14. Bold Baldie Haircut

    Shaved Hair for Dark Skin

    source: instagram

    One type of shaved head hairstyle, is to go bold, and to go bald. It’s the cleanest look of all. It needs to be maintained every day, so some women opt for a close, baldie cut instead.

    Going completely bald can be more beautiful than you think. Just like in the pic above, you can focus the attention on your face and clothes when your head is shaved close to the scalp. A big step; but can prove to be stylish afterwards.

    15. Braid and Buzz Haircut

    This cut is another great undercut hairstyle for long hair. Have your long locks braided into a beautiful French braid and make your style a little different with a slight undercut. Cute and unique at the same time!

    16. Bright Green Unicorn Hair

    A Mohawk is a great way to experiment with hair colors, as seen in this photo. Have your hair a specially designed myriad of greens with this hairstyle, and add more to the unique design with an undercut and surgical line.

    17. Chick Shaved Pompadour Hairstyle for Women

    Reflect your tough and spunky personality with this undercut hairstyle for short hair with a shaved sides haircut for females. Easy to achieve and easy to maintain; this shaved hairstyle is very classically chic and easy to have at the same time.

    18. Clipper Cut for Women

    A classy variant to the traditional Mohawk cut is the clipper cut hairstyle. Have your Mohawk grow out as such so you can style it into beautiful curls. Furthermore, you can make your Mohawk even more pronounced with a high fade.

    19. Lady Hawk Hairstyle

    Short mohawks don’t only work for men, as you can see—it works great for women, too! Be easily punk and beautiful with a short Mohawk with high undercut, and top the style off with a nice gray hair color.

    20. Reverse Fade Undercut Hairstyle with Side Burn

    Normal on one side, and a completely different story on the other. This hairstyle will allow you to portray two sides of your personality at the same time. To achieve it, get one side of your hair shaved with lines, and leave a little bit of your sideburn for a cute effect.

    21. Star Undercut Hairstyles for Women

    Star Undercut with Blonde Hair

    source: instagram

    Dark Brown Hair with Star Undercut

    Another great thing about undercut hairstyles for long hair is that you can reveal your creative undercuts by just putting up your hair. In this variant of the undercut hairstyle, you can see a creative star design, achieved only by a talented stylist.

    22. Lotus Undercut Pink Ombre Hairstyle

    Again, an undercut with a design can get you a long way and is fun to have. But what can make it more creative is a pink ombre that transitions from natural dark hair into a bright pink hue at the bottom.

    23. Dark Undercut Bob Haircut

    Make your regular bob hairstyle a little bit different with a creative undercut in the middle of the back of your head. With this shaved hairstyle, you can switch from being formal and regular into edgy and unique by just parting your hair.

    24. Edgy Shaved Pixie Haircut

    This shaved pixie hairstyle is particularly a favorite of the guys, but girls can pull it off, too! Be edgy and cute at the same time with a shaved undercut and long Mohawk, as you can see from the photo example.

    25. Emerald Green Hair with Undercut

    Want only a slight undercut? This type of hairstyle can allow you the slight change but with great results nevertheless. A good option for first-timers for this kind of hairstyle.

    26. Flower Undercut Hairstyle for Ladies

    Flower Undercut for Medium Hair

    Who says undercuts can’t be cute and girly? With this variant of the undercut hairstyle, you can have a flower design on your undercut to complement your long hair.

    27. Full Buzz Haircut for Women

    Not much of a long hair person? A full buzz haircut can make your dreams of a tangle-free and treatment-less life come true. Yes, it is a big step especially if you’re coming from long hair, but a full buzz haircut has its perks: it can emphasize your natural beauty, especially your face.

    28. Geometric Purple Pixie Haircut for girls

    A purple-colored pixie cut is fun and unique by itself, but why not make your hairstyle more special by adding geometric design on your undercut? Furthermore, these geometric designs can be used to add more colors to make your hair more colorful.

    29. Gorgeous Subtle Undercut

    Another slight shaved hairstyle for long hair. Can’t commit to a bigger undercut? This subtle shave will allow you to test things out first. Nevertheless, it already adds a lot more spunk to your look, don’t you think?

    30. Gorgeous Sunflower Side Cut

    A great option for shaved hairstyle for long hair in the summer! Reflect your inner flower child with a side shave, specially designed into a beautiful sunflower shape.

    31. Ice Queen Undercut Bob

    Emphasize the beauty and individuality of your electric blue hair with a geometric undercut and a darker dye for these shapes. Unleash your inner ice queen with this hairstyle!

    32. Long Braids and Shorn Nape

    To achieve this hairstyle, have your hair kept into two long braids at the sides of your head. Make your hairstyle edgier with a slight shave to your nape, a slight but spunky change to your hairstyle.

    33. Long Pixie Undercut Hairstyle for Women

    This type of pixie hairstyle emphasizes a longer Mohawk at the top, creating the image of voluminous and wild hair. This shaved hairstyle is made a little bit gutsier with a 360 undercut including shaved sides and back.

    34. Long Side Braid and Side Haircut

    Combine a girly and tough look with one hairstyle. Have your girly side come out with a long, tight braid, and match it with a tough-looking side undercut with shaved sides to balance things out into a stunning look.

    35. Lotus Cut

    If you can find a very skilled stylist, have them do the shaved lotus design on your undercut. As you can see, the results are stunning.

    36. Medium Curly Hair and Undercut

    For medium hairstyles, a shaved haircut can also work well. For this particular example, a shaved hairstyle can create a great contrast with natural curly locks, combing feminine and masculine elements into one hairstyle.

    37. Metallic Blue Lady Hawk

    Want your Mohawk to be the center of attention? You can not only color your hair into a magnificent shade of metallic blue, but you can also have the shaved side of your head styled into a creative design as such.

    38. Modern Layered Undercut Pixie

    If you want your undercut to be slight or subtle, you can opt for this hairstyle. Have your undercut be concealed with your top layers to create a slightly edgy hairstyle.

    39. Natural Hair Taper Haircut for Women

    This shaved hairstyle for female in particular is a great option for shaved hairstyle for black women. If you have naturally curly hair as such, you can make your style deviate from the normal curls with a tapered fade.

    40. Only Corner Fade and Long Hairstyle

    This is another very subtle hairstyle for long hair. As you can see, only the corner of the hair is shaved, creating a slight albeit unique look for longer hair.

    41. Peachy Long Hair and Side Cut

    A peachy pink hair color can be very pretty. But if you’re looking to make your style a little more punk rock, have the side of your head shaved as in the photo.

    42. Pigtails and Nap Cut

    Once again, in this hairstyle, you can combine sweet and spunky both at the same time. To achieve this blend, have an undercut that is styled into straight lines, and pull your hair into big, long braids.

    43. Pixie Hawk Hairstyle for Women

    A very long Mohawk can make an undercut look more feminine, while making you look tougher and more stylish.

    44. Pretty Purple Undercut Hairstyle for Long Hair

    If you want your undercut to be optional, have it hidden under your long hair wherein you can pull it up to reveal the undercut only when you feel like it. In this hairstyle, purple hair is made more gorgeous with a V-shape design undercut.

    45. Rainbow Undercut Hairstyle


    This rainbow hairstyle is a bit complicated to achieve, but when you do, the results are definitely head-turning. To achieve this style, it will need a talented stylist to part, style, shave, and color your hair as such.

    46. Shattered Glass Design Haircut

    It seems that more and more designs for undercuts are emerging. And in this particular shaved hairstyle, the design resembles a shattered mirror; a great option for long hair.

    47. Shaved Hairstyle with High Ponytail

    This hairstyle is another gorgeous option for mid-length hair. Have the side of your head shaved close to the scalp, then finish off the style with a high ponytail. A chic and spunky look at the same time.

    48. Shaved Nape Haircut

    source: instagram

    The shaved nape haircut is another option for undercut designs. In this particular one, you can have a flower petal-esque design on your undercut.

    49. Shaved Nape with Black to Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

    This type of undercut design takes it a little bit further and ascends a bit up to the middle of the back of the head. As always, results are stunning.

    50. Shaved Nape and Loose Bun Hairstyles

    A hairstyle with bold green and blue colors can’t do with just any old loose bun; you can add more personality to your hairstyle with a carefully cut line design on the undercut.

    51. Shaved Side Cut and Tattooed

    This type of hairstyle for long hair will take a little more commitment than others. Aside from shaving the side of your head, you can also opt to use the exposed skin for a beautiful tattoo. Very punk rock if you ask me.

    52. Silver and Brown Hair with Undercut

    Combine elements of creative coloring and a sharp undercut in this hairstyle. With a high fade, you can emphasize the contrast of color on your hairstyle more effectively.

    53. Silver Hair with Undercut

    Silver hair for short hairstyles is not news; it’s especially trendy for girls. But why not make it more of your own style by having a slight undercut done to your hair?

    54. Stunner Flower 360 Undercut

    Take the extra step in shaved undercut designs and have it go around your head 360 degrees, creating a unique design for everyone to see. It’s a short hairstyle with shaved sides and back.

    55. Shaved Textured Pixie Haircut


    There is beauty in chaos, as you can see in this picture. Another option for the pixie haircut is to have your undercuts textured into an irregular pattern, something that can make your style more unique to yourself.

    56. Twin Hair Buns and Zig Zags

    A Chinese-inspired look, you can put your hair into twin hair buns and add your own twist to the hairstyle with a zig zag undercut.

    57. Undercut Rainbow Pixie with Top Braids

    If you want to be the center of attention everywhere you go, why not try out this rainbow hairstyle? A bit complicated to achieve as you need a lot of colors.

    58. Shaved undercut and Bangs

    This shaved haircut with bangs is very unique in itself, but if you have the right confidence and face for it, you can pull it off for sure. This shaved hairstyle combines a very high undercut at the back, and a mid-forehead bangs, both very unique looks specific to angled faces.

    59. Undercut and Braided Bun Hairstyle

    This is just one of the things you can do with long hair and shaved side undercuts. Have your long hair braided as such and topped off with a big bun, to achieve not only a different look, but a playful one as well.

    60. Undercut and Green Waves

    Your Joker-green wavy hair can do a little bit of leveling up with a stylish undercut.

    61. Undercut Pixie for Fine Hair

    Who says thin hair can’t handle an undercut style? In this hairstyle, you can embrace the thinness of your hair by having a close undercut. Not only does it look neat, this hairstyle is very stylish as well. It’s a great choice for girls with fine, thin hair who want to have shaved hair.

    62. Twist or Alien Buns with Undercut

    Another cool shaved hairstyle for girls with thick and long hair. To achieve it, have your hair pulled up into two big buns and design your undercut into a flower-esque pattern.

    63. Undercut with a Top Knot for Females

    If you have thin hair, you can try out this shaved hairstyle for yourself. An undercut design combined with a cute top knot will have you look chic and unique at the same time.

    64. Updo Mohawk Side Cut & Long Crimped Hairstyle

    This hairstyle can take you back to the 70s, but with a more modern look. combine elements of Mohawk, updo, braids, crimping, and a side cut into this complicated but beautiful look.

    65. Yellow Shaved Rapunzel with Tattoo

    Another great option if you want to commit into getting a tattoo on your head. With long hair one side, have the other shaved and tattooed with a cool circular design like in this example.

    Pro: if you don’t want the tattoo anymore, you can always grow out your hair to conceal it.

    66. Shaved Side Comb Over for Women

    The shaved side comb over shows two different looks depending on which side you are approaching from. On one, classic medium length curled hair, and on the other, an edgy shave.

    source: pinterest

    This shaved sides long top hairstyle for women looks amazing with the long blonde feathered waves.

    source: instagram

    A shaved side adds an edgy look to a traditional side part.

    Thank you for checking out our shaved hairstyles for women. We hope you have found at least one style to inspire you to join the shaved haircut trend. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

    45 Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos for Women With Short or Long Hair

    Have you seen the latest trend of undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos that has been sweeping Instagram and Pinterest? For the ladies who enjoy bringing something new and different to the table, or in this case their hair, these intriguing haircuts and use of colors are very much a thing to be looking into.

    Trends such as this are common, appearing out of the blue and disappearing just the same. But to date, no one really thought about peek-a-boo hair tattoos on your head that actually uses your hair instead of ink, making it a rather awesome way to show off your originality. The style involves no needles, instead using a razor to shave intricate patterns within an undercut.

    The popularity of undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos stems from the fact that you can either hide it away and show it off to a select few or wear it out into the open with an updo. It is the latest hair trend that is sweeping the world really, and not just in the United States as many trends tend to be, with celebrities getting nice and rebellious with the look they display on their undercuts.

    The best part is that when the hair grows out, you just get a new hair tattoo and enjoy the attention it garners wherever you happen to be that day.

    For those who have been wondering about what to get done in terms of the hair tattoos, this list of 45 intriguing undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos for women should definitely give you some pretty good ideas overall. After all, you do not need to go for a bob to show them off either!

    Short Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos

    #1: Greyish Tribal Pixie Cut Hair Tattoo

    The tribal style of the geometric lines appearing like multiple arrowheads on this gorgeous pixie that more resembles a boycut is pretty badass, inspiring one to chop up their hair again. It does not have anything special to it other than the fact that the shaved hair tattoo exudes a certain amount of confidence and presents a strength of character that might not show otherwise. It is a look not many ladies will go for, but it is certainly a safer bet than many other undercut hairstyles we are yet to see.

    #2: Stars and Stripes Greyish Pixie Undercut

    With a lovely pixie look and a grey canvas appearing on a youthful woman, this artistic hair tattoo design is a double star fading away into the nape with double stripes, the latter falling above the right ear and the former well behind.

    The slight purple tones to the grey add a touch of adolescence to it all, while the cut itself makes the stripes visible but leaves the stars hidden under the fringe. It is an adorable look, without a doubt. That is one simple but lovely barber art.

    #3: X-Files Magic Layered Wavy Cut

    Longer in front, shorter in the back, this gorgeous rainbow colored undercut hairstyle covers up a scene from the X-files and some funky alien invasions. The scenario box made into a triangle that is shaved close, the home, trees and UFO are clearly present when you pull up the Arctic Fox colored hair. You might not be into the holographic color but cannot deny the beauty of a whole scene depicted.

    #4: Colorful California Hair Pixie Undercut

    Screams are definitely in order for this delectable hairstyle that appears as if we are in Candyland. Blue, pink and purple on top, with zigzag hair tattoo patterns on the undercut in pink, purple, green and blue underneath, this look is mega sexy and all about the attitude.

    Hair tattoos just got an upgrade here and Instagrammers have really been loving the look. Wear with thick and large gold earrings for extra effect.

    #5: Stairway to Nowhere Pixie Haircut

    Extremely short in the cut with more of a Mohawk than a pixie, this super cool undercut hairstyle features a shaved nape, clippers used all over the back of the head starting from above the ears, and lots of tiered triangles that make for a 2D stairway to the brain perhaps. It’s a rebellious sort of hair tattoo design and some slick barber art, so you can have fun with your triangles as well.

    #6: Sound Waves Side Hair Tattoo

    If you don’t want your hair tattoos to be hiding under your hair and prefer to leave your tresses down to your shoulder, the side shave is probably your best bet. It has a fun aspect to it, racy and rebellious, shown off to the world with style and totally following the hair trends. The waving shave allows for the cut to almost emulate sound or real waves, but since it appears like the perfect rave look, we opt for the former.

    #7: Taper Fade Side to Under Pixie Cut

    Pixie haircuts can be quite fun, but what makes them even more alluring is the use of a side tattooed undercut in order to create a tapered striped look that screams confidence and everything chic. It works best on darker hair and the combination of side and under only adds to its appeal.

    #8: Flower of Life Side Undercut Hair Tattoo

    With most of the purple locks pulled to one side, we see a rather darling look that also utilizes the mandala or flower of life design for a striking undercut hair tattoo. It is beautiful to say the least and with the ombre lilac and amethyst combination, there is quite the witchy feel around this neck length loose hair look from the side.

    #9: Key to My Mind Hair Tattoo

    Love the look of the Mohawk and how it frees the sides of the head for some shaved-in hair tattoos? You are certainly not the only one! The Ladyhawk is the longer, female version of the Mohawk and appears quite fierce as well as trendy, with some looks also including fun allegories; in this case, it is the key to one’s mind that you can find on the side shave, bright and waiting to be used.

    #10: Faded Side Buzz Ladyhawk

    Gorgeous women with short hair are everywhere, but there are too few rocking the Ladyhawk look, complete with a faded buzz across the sides of the head and down to the nape, the hair at the center pulled up into wispy spikes; nice and long. The use of lines running across the length of the side of the head is exactly what we need to see here, minimal and sexy all at once.


    #11: Asymmetrical Short with Funky Tats

    There is a look on Instagram that you cannot help but keep coming back to, with purple-pink hair lightened up quite a bit appearing in an extremely short haircut, half the head in a near buzz, while the other is more of a bob, wisps flaring out. Add in lines that split across and some longer pieces over a buzzed undercut and you have one of the fan favorites in hair tattoos.

    #12: Faux LadyHawk with Petal Tattoos

    Mostly shaved all around, the hair is left at the center and to one side layered, colored a pretty rad blonde color and the buzz used as a canvas for petals to resemble either a flower or something that appears slightly like a stylized cannabis leaf. It is punk rock we are seeing here and a total underground look.


    #13: Frosted Side Bob with Shaved Etching

    It is a combination of frosted hair, the white blonde covering the dark layers that fall to one side of the head, the other and nape shaved close to create a nice canvas to work on. The etchings are nothing more than zigzag lines followed by a large half circle, adding minimal design to an already styled look.


    #14: Winter Frosty Undercut Hair

    The side swept hair is a common theme among the short undercut hairstyles, false Ladyhawks taking over with a large amount of the hair shaved off, leaving it open to be worked on. White hair is the secret in this look that is meant specifically for winter, the side shave and undercut used to create pretty detailed snowflakes that remind us of the joys of the frosty season.


    #15: Mermaid Side Bob with Sunshine Tattoos

    The hair tattoos on this mermaid colored hairstyle literally look to be rays of sunshine that are etched onto the blonde side shave of this side bob, the rest of the hair in a gorgeous blue-green-aqua falling in layers over the eyes and down the back. It is a very short look with a whole lot of modern mermaid appeal that would be wonderful to wear on vacation to a week under the sun.


    #16: Valentine’s Day Undercut Hair Tattoo with Bob

    Is there a better way to celebrate love and romance than with a cute undercut hair tattoo? Okay, so chocolate comes to mind, but that’s not to say that this cute hair tattoo doesn’t put us in the mood! This hair tattoo was cut into inch-long hair, so it’s a little softer, and the two hearts are in perfect harmony with the pink and peach hair color.


    #17: Mermaid Scales and Pink Fire Locks

    I smell something fishy in this take on undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos. It must be those mermaid scale tattoos! The way this pink hair goes whoosh, straight up, kind of reminds me of the queen of pop-punk, Pink.


    Updo Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos

    #18: Blue and Pink Braids with Cat Hair Tattoo

    The undercut on this style is no so much a buzz, but the use of colors allows for some pretty awesome designs to take hold. The hair is split into pink and blue, beautifully braided into an updo with flowers adorning the back, the undercut left pink, with the cat hair tattoo impressions appearing in blue.

    It is a very pretty and positively artistic undercut hairstyle that places a beloved house pet on a tattoo that can easily be cut away or dyed a new color. The combination, though, is rather perfect for the spring season.

    #19: Mohawk Themed High Bun With an Undercut Hair Tattoo

    If you love the Mohawk theme but prefer to keep your hair long and symmetrical, the arrowhead look with the tips pointing upward on a triangular canvas at the back of the head is a pretty good style to go by.

    Instagram is full of these particular looks and it appears that there are barbers all over that can pull this one off. So for the safety lovers who want a bit of pizzazz, this is certain hair tattoo to go with.

    #20: Stars under Messy Bun

    Cute, sexy, and thoroughly fun, the stars in stars look on the undercut hair under a high messy bun make a pretty cool deal and great to wear out on a night with friends or even a date. You can certainly enjoy this look on your own as well, reveling in the alluring pull of the shape of the star. Add in a shaved nape and it looks clean and beautiful.

    #21: Snowflake Hair Tattoos Appear under a High Bun

    The hair done up in a sleek ‘do, the high bun with the ombre hair is rather lovely, but it is the undercut and the hair tattoo shaves in that really attract one’s attention. We see a beautiful snowflake appear, fading away into the nape, the perfection of the lines not left unnoticed. It’s a beautiful look for anyone who greatly enjoys the winter months.


    #22: Side Sweep Side Sun Burst

    The beauty of this look is in the fact that it sweeps over the side of the head and appears like a bust of sunshine, or a stylized flower reaching the heavens. It is quite lovely, but more than that it shows a streak of fun loving innocence. Something for Coachella perhaps? Add in a high coconut bun and you have a winner in the side shave hair tattoo department.

    #23: Hidden Heart Undercut Hair Tattoo

    A close shave and darker color of the hair means more of a hidden hair tattoo as well. Combine that with a very simple twisting heart that takes up a lot of space at the nape and you have a pretty interesting look that combines art with simplicity for a loving finish.

    #24: Geometric Fresh Nape

    Pastel hair pulled up into high pigtails is what you need to create this anime inspired shaved undercut. The hair tattoo as such looks fresh and sophisticated, while a real tattoo on the nape of the neck can only help enhance the popularity of this simple but particularly attractive look.


    #25: Into the Geometric Tunnel

    Best worn with hair up into a ponytail, this undercut hair tattoo is quite special for its three dimensional design and perfect use of lines to create a geometric tunnel to slink through. It is great as an optical illusion as well, best shown off on a daily basis.

    You might want to add some intrigue to your hair by dyeing the tips shades of purple and pink as well. Nothing looks quite as intriguing as a tunnel into one’s mind.

    #26: Second Hue Triangular Undercut to Braided Pigtails

    It is not every day that one finds multiple stranded braided pigtails out there, but the look is certainly one that is recommended to use for the upcoming parties, the tresses in a lovely grey, while the nape left in a reddish brown hue that is shaved and used as a hair tattoo canvas.

    The triangular shape and use of more triangles throughout the creation is positively stunning, and the dual color of the hair only adds to the whole mysterious enemy look… as if this design and hairstyle belong in a futuristic movie.

    #27: Flower Hair Tattoo + Messy Updo

    Hair up in a texturized messy bun, the undercut shaved in the shape of a flower, we see this style quickly taking effect among those who are out to save the earth from human destruction. The stylized effects are super artistic and very much to the point, with the roots spanning out from the bottom and the whole thing taking on the ideal of a flower that is fully developed.

    #28: Sugar Pink Freestyle Undercut

    Purple base and pink hair combine to create a sugary sweet look that is pulled up into a messy ponytail and tendrils left framing the face. The undercut hair tattoo is where the fun is at though, complete with a freestyle swirling design that is all artistic. The tapered view is also quite lovely. It is sweet and beautiful to try on.


    #29: Alien Undercut Hair Tattoo with a Bun

    Hair slicked back into a ballerina bun, the dancers of the modern day can enjoy a pretty undercut as well, the look appearing like the aliens are bursting with such enthusiasm for all the girls have to give to the world. It is an innocent and pretty look and perfect for the ladies who want to fit in and stick out at the same time.

    #30: Bold Triangular Undercut Hair Tattoo

    If you have always loved the geometrically lined undercut hair tattoos, this is a fun look to try out. The way the lines have been positioned, the imagination can turn them into multiple triangles that are pulled one over the other to create a more complex look. As such, it is a fantastic undercut triangular hair tattoo.

    #31: Maturing Lotus Undercut

    It is clear at this point that the spring hair colors are a combination of grey and purple, which also appears here in a messy bun that uncovers a gorgeous lotus design on the high undercut, the petals extending right out and the buzz just long enough to deepen the value of the look. The color certainly adds to the hair tattoo’s appeal massively.

    #32: Hawaiian Flower Side Hair Tattoo

    There is something infinitely sexy about having a side buzz. A side buzz shaped into lovely purple Hawaiian flowers with white lining and yellow sunburst centers? That just makes it even lovelier to behold. The highlighted hair up in a bun only adds to the beauty of the hair tattoo that is one of the only ones seen to date that includes multiple colors in the tattooed section only.

    #33: Temple Cut Hair Tattoos with Green and Blue Boxer Braids

    Fight the haters with these edgy undercut hair tattoos that show you couldn’t care less what anyone else might think. Rock hair tattoos at the temples is adventurous, and certainly not for the faint of heart. It is no surprise to see this badass decision paired with boxer curls in vivid shades of blue and green.


    Long Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos

    #34: Pastel Hair + Mini Undercuts

    Colorful rainbow hairstyles appear quite a bit in the trending styles nowadays, but it is what we find underneath that is most effective. Lovingly styled ‘dos not always mean bold; sometimes a subtle undercut with Magic Lightener effects are exactly what you need to reflect a trendy rebellious side while still maintaining your work and mysterious nature. A pink, blue and yellow combination of hair color is pretty cool though to house the barely there arrowhead undercuts.


    #35: Valentine’s Day Love Hair Tattoos

    Paired with pink and purple hair, Valentine’s Day could not have been better celebrated with undercut hair tattoos as with the lovely heart that appears on a shaved nap underneath the flowing tresses that hide a loving declaration. The undercut hair design is simple and the space needed for it very little, which makes it the ideal look for those not quite looking at shaving off half a head of hair.


    #36: Long Hair with Mandala Undercut Tattoo

    Tribal looks are fun and mandalas are even more so, with the floral design to the undercut that is hidden away under long purple and greyish green hair, looking truly remarkable. It adds a whole lot of pretty to undercut hairstyles, without really accentuating the bad girl persona. Instead, it is simple and direct, a lovely piece of air with the back of the head down to the nape of the neck used as canvas.


    #37: Dreamcatcher Feather Undercut Hair Tattoo

    It is one of the top trends when it comes to the undercut hair tattoos, often worn with a ponytail to keep the hair away from the neck and reveal the beauty of the shave underneath. The boho-chic dreamcatcher undercut hair look is rather easy to rock, looks great with anything and it is so perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

    #38: Blush Braid Circular Hair Tattoo

    It looks like the b from Beats or even a note from music. It looks like a circle with a tail and that is what we are seeing on the buzzed side cut that is covered by the blush colored hair were it not for the inverted fishtail braid spanning the length of the head from crown to nape. The hair is thus pulled to the side and given a good amount of volume to balance out the buzz across.


    #39: Highlights and Maze Side Cuts

    If you love the Pink style hair, complete with blonde balayage ombre locks and a buzz to one side of the head, there is one punk rocker chic look that takes from a side buzz to an undercut, the shave appearing more like a zigzag maze.

    The highlights in the hair add to the contrast that we see on the hair tattoo, the sleek style showing off a confident artistic nature. The cut itself might be generic, but the combination is great.

    #40: Grunge Rocker Chic with Custom Dreads

    This particular undercut hairstyle is a combination of blue-grey hair that falls to the waist, custom dreads that include color and beads, and a side buzz that belies the grunge rocker look for a pretty petal flower that one cannot help but love. Taking up a good portion of the side of the head, the sunflower or daisy appears to shine bright against the funky hair.

    #41: Rebellious Hearts Side Buzz

    Hiding under the longer tresses is a vibrating tattooed hair art etched over the ear on a side buzz. The design is sexy and quite alluring, perfect to show off to all, or merely to the one you love. Add a whole lot of awesome makeup and it is the perfect clubbing look to be rocking these days. Who does not love hearts on undercut hairstyles anyway?


    #42: Romantic Moon Undercut Hair Tattoo

    Whether full or half, moons make a perfect tattoo idea, so why not show it off on a lovely undercut, the hair kept dark, the shave not so deep and the moon etching perfectly proportional so that it appears to be shining bright under your highlighted tresses that easily cover it up.


    #43: Peacock + Grecian Key Patterns Perfection

    While not everyone is able to pull off this look, the side buzz allows for a gorgeous Versace patterned bridge over and around the ear that is also covered up by the masses of peacock colored waves that fall right over it. Definitely one of the coolest long undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos, it is sexy and it is fine, a look that appears quite delicious for the art and hair tattoo lovers.


    #44: Fun in the Sun Sidecut with Ocean Wave Locks

    Undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos are extra summery, since they allow the scalp to breathe, but in this instance, there are a few other elements that remind of a beachside vacation. Long locks in a blue color melt echo the ocean’s waves, while two sunny hair tattoos in the sidecut keep everything warm.


    #45: Take a Mushroom Trip Undercut with Braid

    With such a trippy undercut hair tattoo, keeping the rest of the hair long is a safe choice, since it can quickly cover things up. The trippy colors are vivid in a way that makes doing psychedelics wholly unnecessary, and that little Dutch braid above the undercut is an excellent way of separating the long locks and showing off when necessary.

    Photos courtesy of Instagram

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    Top 30 Best Sporty Hairstyles for Workout

    20 Badass Boxer Braids You Need to Try


    With so many celebrities confidently taking the risk of shaving off a section of their hair (Cara Delevingne being the most recent girl to join the club), the appeal of the undercut or half-shaved style is clear. It’s an edgy statement that is incredibly chic, adds contrast to loose, glam waves, and is even more daring than a pixie cut. But with all haircuts, the need for change will enviably present itself to the person who owns this style, and the growing out process will begin.

    As a rule, growing out your hair takes a little more effort than just measuring how many inches it’s grown in a month. When you’re growing out your bangs, you have to frequently visit the salon for trims or additional layering to help blend in those little pieces to the rest of your hair. So how do you even begin to grow out a style like the undercut—one that has such drastic difference between hair lengths on either side of your head? It can be done, and when you take the right steps in the process, you don’t have to worry about your hair looking scraggly and messy for months on end. Check out these options and tips that will help you successfully make the switch when the time comes.

    Pick the Right Cut From the Beginning
    A drastic undercut isn’t the best decision if you know you’re going to want to change your hairstyle right away. Go for an undercut at the nape of your neck instead of an extreme style like Natalie Dormer once wore. “Be aware that, typically, cuts that are made in the nape of your head are much easier to grow out than ones that are on either side of the head. It’s much easier to hide than a big panel right next to your face,” says senior stylist at mizu new york salon, Judy McGuinness.

    Wait a Bit Before You Head to the Salon for a Trim
    If your hair on the side of your head is shaved extremely close to your scalp (kind of like a crew cut), you need to let it grow a significant amount before heading into the salon for a trim to neaten it up. Stylist Judy McGuinness says that it’s best to wait until that hair has grown at least one inch or longer. “Most people feel like they need to trim it while it’s growing out, but this can actually be counter intuitive. Unfortunately, it’s better to just let it be while you’re in the beginning stages of growing it out,” she explains. After your hair is at that one inch mark, McGuinness says your options open up.

    Be Mindful of Your Hair Type
    Girls with straight hair may have an easier time growing out this style, as McGuinness notes that curly hair takes a longer amount of time to see length.

    MORE: The 50 Coolest Cuts for 2015

    Trim the Outline of the Undercut
    To keep your hair looking neat, McGuinness suggests asking your stylist to to only trim the outline of your cut.

    Go for a Pixie
    Not into the one-inch chunk of hair slowly growing out? Trade one daring cut for another and cut the rest of your hair into a piece-y pixie. Talk to stylists about the kind and length of a pixie cut you want, and they will help you decide when the time is right.

    Invest in Extensions
    It’s going to take a while for the shaved side to reach the same length as the hair on the opposite side of your head. If trimming the outline isn’t a realistic option for you and you can’t stand the waiting game, try out some extensions. “Tape-in’s and bonded extensions both work well, depending on your hairs texture and density,” says McGuinness.

    Switch Up Where You Part Your Hair
    When you have an undercut, your hair part is pretty much decided. Try parting your hair on the opposite side to hide the shaved side that’s growing out. However, if your undercut is fairly large, this technique might not work. McGuinness says that smaller undercuts are easier to hide with this option.

    MORE: How to Heat Style Your Hair Like a Pro

    Embrace It!
    Show off your undercut while you have it by wearing hairstyles that are pulled off to the side. McGuinness suggests trying out buns, side ponytails, and braids.

    Men’s shaved sides hairstyles are back in style. This versatile cool haircut is a variation of the short on sides, long on top hairstyle, and may be one way to minimize the attention to your receding hairline. Some of the most popular shaved hairstyles include the slicked back, modern comb over, pompadour, and man bun. You can even shave all around for a buzz or crew cut for extra simplicity.

    Ultimately, haircuts with shaved sides are badass, clean cut, and easy to style. Whether you get a skin fade or bald undercut on the sides, shaved sides hairstyles look good for all hair types. Check out the best shaved sides, long top haircuts.

    Shaved Sides Haircuts

    In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how the hottest cuts and styles with shaved sides will look on different hair types, including thick and curly hair. This collection of the best shaved hairstyles for both short and long hair will give you plenty of inspiration if you’re interested in a shaved haircut!

    Man Bun + Shaved Sides

    If you’re thinking of growing your hair out longer on top, then shaving the sides to create some contrast would look good. This man bun with shaved sides and thick part offers a stylish haircut women would love!

    Shaved Undercut + Textured Slick Back

    The disconnected undercut continues to be one of the best ways to cut your hair on the sides. Combined with a thick, textured slick back, this shaved sides hairstyle provides a edgy yet refined vibe.

    Textured Crop + High Fade + Line Up

    The textured crop has been trending strong. With so many different variations, this neat look on top styles better with shaved hair on the sides.

    High Skin Fade + Comb Over Pomp + Part

    The high bald fade haircut blends directly into your skin. Around the hairline, we can see a clean line up. On top, the hair is left medium length and styled into a parted comb over.

    Buzzed Sides + Long Top + Beard

    While the sides aren’t completely shaved, they are buzzed enough to accentuate the longer hair on top. With buzz sides and long hair on top, this badass look is versatile and stylish. The long, full beard and hairstyle combine for a very masculine look.

    Mid Bald Fade + Spiked Hair

    This faded and spiky hairstyle is awesome for younger guys. The shaved mid fade blends easily into the textured top for a fresh finish.

    Slick Back + Shaved Sides + Design

    This shaved undercut can show off a guy’s tattoos and piercings. And the hair design adds a nice final touch.

    Fade + Shaved Design + Line Up + Short Top

    This low skin fade leaves just enough hair for the barber to shave in a cool hair design. The additional request for the shape up cements the clean, sharp edges of this style.

    Faux Hawk + Undercut

    If a mohawk with shaved sides is too rebellious for you, the faux hawk may be an easier style to sport.

    Buzz Cut + Beard

    A buzz cut with shaved sides is effectively a high and tight haircut. This neat military style is so easy and simple that you can probably get it at home with your own pair of clippers.

    Low Bald Fade + Curly Twists

    Long Hipster Faux Hawk + Razor Fade + Part

    Hard Side Part + Shaved Sides

    Faded Sides + Design + Mohawk

    Pompadour + High Skin Fade

    Shaved Sides and Back + Textured Spiky Hair

    Low Skin Fade + Thick Top + Side Swept Fringe

    Hard Part Comb Over + Low Fade

    Shaved Sides + Short Curly Top

    Braided Ponytail + Shaved Sides + Design

    Crew Cut + Razored Sides

    Long Slick Top + Shaved Sides + Long Beard

    Brushed Back Top + Shaved Fade + Beard

    Short Crop + High Bald Fade

    Shaved Back and Sides + Longer Thick Top

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    Side Shave Haircut for Women Goes Mainstream

    LOWER EAST SIDE — Anya Ayoung Chee’s right and left side of of her head represent her past and present.

    On the left is a mane of dark locks that reaches the middle of her back. They helped the Trinidadian compete in the 2008 Miss Universe beauty pageant.

    On the right side, her head is shaved down to a short stubble, representing her current identity as an edgy Harlem-dwelling fashion designer.

    “I just believed that hair carries memories,” said Chee, 30, who left the beauty queen life three years ago when she got the new look.

    “When I cut it off I let go of the past and looked to the future.”

    The side shave — also known as a floppy Mohawk and a partial undercut — has been a growing trend among fashion forward women. From Miley Cyrus putting pictures of her new shaved-side blonde hairdo on Twitter to Karl Lagerfeld’s model muse with a partially shorn scalp appearing in Chanel’s 2012 “Boy” campaign, the style has been propelled into the mainstream.

    “I woke up one morning and said ‘I am going to do it,'” said Caroline Tseng, 24, who runs the fashion blog Street-Spotted.

    “The hair dresser was like ‘Are you sure you want to do this?'”

    The night before she had bumped into a friend at a party who had the style, which becomes instantly incognito by flipping the longer hair over the shaved section like a giant comb over.

    “I didn’t realize she had the haircut until she put her hair up and I realized I had nothing to lose,” said Tseng, who also holds down a corporate job in advertising.

    After months of pondering the style, it was a solidarity shave by a friend that pushed Williamsburg resident Brit Resetar over the edge.

    “She went first and I said ‘Ok let’s do it,'” said Resetar, 24, whose boyfriend spontaneously completed the task during a social gathering in January.

    Resetar fears “that awkward” stage when she would eventually decide to grow her hair out again, but for now her long black hair is a complete contrast to the dramatic shaved side.

    At 29, Liz Horton feared getting the shave would put her in the midlife crisis box, but a recent end to a long-term relationship spurred her on.

    “Oh man, am I crazy?” asked Horton, as she waited for her partial undercut at Lower East Side salon Pimps & Pinups.

    “Its just hair and it will grow back if I don’t like it,” she reassured herself.

    “All of this has seen a lot, so if you get rid of it it’s kind of like starting fresh,” said Lizzy Weinberg, a hair stylist at the salon on Stanton Street.

    With a buzz of the razor, Weinberg got to work as Horton’s long dark locks fell to the ground.

    “Not everyone can rock it,” said Weinberg. She accredited the trend to British model Alice Dellal who did the partial shave about two years ago. Dellal later became Lagerfeld’s muse in the Chanel “Boy” campaign.

    However, dealing with the lingering taboo against women with shaved heads — think Britney Spears’ 2007 meltdown with accompanying head shave — has been difficult for those with the look.

    “When I first got it done apparently one executive thought I must be going through a lot of emotional trauma,” laughed Tseng.

    “There have been some funny comments,” she added.

    For Resetar, convincing her Italian mother she is still on the straight and narrow has been difficult.

    “‘You move to New York, you get your head shaved and tattoos,'” said Resetar, repeating her mother’s anxious comments. “She doesn’t get it — different worlds, different times.”

    Along with Resetar’s mother, Russell Manley, the founder of salon Tommy Guns on Ludlow Street, is also not a fan of the look.

    “We are kind of reluctant to do it,” he said, even though a few clients a week come in to get their monthly re-shave. He referred to it as a “lame, half attempt” at a full head shave, but acknowledged its benefits.

    “They can feel edgy and still be conservative,” said Manley.

    As for Chee, who is in the midst of preparations to show at this upcoming New York fashion week, the cut gives her a versatile look.

    “I love it. It has become so much a part of me,” she said.

    “I felt trapped by the rules and this hair style really released me to be myself.”

    Skrillex Hair Disease (SHD) is an extremely contagious and deadly disease that is currently in the process of infecting millions of young American women. SHD is the leading cause of the Skrillex Hair Pandemic that is currently an ongoing pandemic in the world with an Index of level 5 severity.
    SHD infects young girls between the ages of 10-19, and causes women to shave the sides of their heads to look like Skrillex. These girls do it because they think that by doing it, they are hot, attractive, sexy, and unique. Unfortunately for them, they cannot get it through their thick skulls that shaving the side of their head doesn’t make them sexy or hot because nobody wants to date a half-bald bitch, and it doesn’t make them unique because they are copying Skrillex along with millions of other brainwashed bitches who wouldn’t know uniqueness if it slapped them across the face.
    SHD had an R-o (reproductive rate) of 10 and is extremely dangerous. Luckily, the disease cannot infect you unless you are weak-minded and cannot think for yourself. Symptoms include narcissism, the urge to shave their heads, and the impression that they are really sexy being half-bald. If you see somebody with SHD, call 9-1-1 immediately for that individual is extremely contagious. Do not attempt to heal anybody you know with SHD.
    SHD is the number one cause why the United States is the land of the free and the home of the dumb asses.

    Feels like it’s been forever since we talked hair, and today being a gloomy Monday (aren’t they all?) I felt we needed to get a bit feisty and take sides both hair wise as well as for the sake of conversation. What’s up for discussion today? The Skrillex Haircut, also going by the name of: sidecut, undercut or simply half shaved hairstyle.

    Though it’s not a product of the 2013, not even of 2012 actually, when it had its huge boom, this punk meets rock’n roll hairstyle was made famous by pop stars. Read Rihanna, Cassie, Kesha et all. And it was the same Skrillex look Rihanna turned into a trend, that landed her the worst haircut EVER ‘award’ just a while ago. It’s definitely not a look for everyone. Nor to try nor to love on somebody else, but you gotta give kudos to those who pull it off. It takes a certain kind of attitude and confidence, an edgy fun and funky personality and courage to DO IT.

    High cheekbones, full lips, tiny nose and a high forehead may also help. I’ve noticed the side shaved hairstyle looks amazing on girls with strong yet sweet face features. Oh… and then there’s the job description one might have, as a half shaved hipster look might be a little bit too much if you’re aiming to make partner at a law firm.

    But if you’re not, and your work is not fashion restrictive, would you do it? Would you be a ‘two-faced-gal‘ hairstyle wise for a few months? Well until that hair grows… Do you have to change your whole style for it? What if you’re invited to a posh cocktail dinner?

    Well dolls… if these questions do not frighten us, then we might just be the right candidates for this undercut. I mean you definitely needn’t change your look, but the sidecut has to complete your style. And you gotta be able to rock it on all occasions and situations. And you can. Take a few fashion inspo from the pics below. The half shaved hair does not actually look that bad, even on the red carpet. What do you think? When this haircut received the award for worst hairstyle ever I have to say I was taken aback a little bit because, truth be told… I actually love it and I think – yes it’s way too risky – but it’s got edge and personality. Besides, it’s just hair. It grows back. The less courageous ones, who might either not love this undercut, or be too scared to chop their hair off, but love the sidecuts’s quirkiness found a slight compromise. Well actually 2: the side swept hairstyle & the side cornrows.

    I honestly think these 2 styles are a safer reinvention of the original, which is fine. I mean, take the side swept hairstyle for example – celebs have been obsessed with it on the red carpet for the past years. Had they gone extreme on this one, we would have had celebrity websites and magazines packed with the Skrillex look on say JLo or Charlize Theron…

    So sometimes taking the safe road on a look might be the best thing you ever do. Especially if you’ve got a case of chronic indecisiveness. Plus, you have to admit it, the side swept hairstyle is so versatile and it actually fits everyone on any occasion. It can look classy (see Jessica Alba), it can have a twist of edge, it can be cute & sweet, casual or wild. And speaking of cute & wild, if you want to commit to the side swept look for more than just a day/night, yet you’re not ready to say good-bye to your long locks just yet, and you’re aiming for a hipster meets cute look, you might consider the side cornrows. Not a new look in the least, but with the right accessories, makeup and style it can definitely be fashion forward. It’s got that urban wild chic side to it, that I absolutely love. Complete the look with statement earrings or ear cuffs. OK so the Skrillex Haircut Look is a bit too much for some, but its babies (read side swept & side cornrows) are not. As much as its controversy overshadows this look it is quite versatile and daring and might just be the perfect look if you want to make a statement. Yet keeping it safe may not be such a bad idea after all… Which side are you taking on this one?


    20 Cute Shaved Hairstyles for Women

    Do you ever look at a female celebrity or a model that decided to shave their head (ahem, Cara Delevingne) and wonder what you would look like if you tried it too? If you are in the market to experiment with a more daring haircut, there are plenty of shaved hairstyles for women to inspire you.

    These different styles and cuts give you an edgier look without the commitment of completely shaving off your hair. To our working ladies: if you have a stricter workplace dress code, don’t run away yet! There is an alternative for everyone—whether you want a bold or understated look with long or short hair. Here are some ways clippers can spice up your life.

    #1: Subtle Side Shaved Bob

    Instagram / @emilyandersonstyling

    By keeping a bob and getting only one of your side shaved, you can play into this trend while still looking professional. This is the option for a working lady who desires a bolder look but doesn’t want to compromise being taken seriously by co-workers or peers.

    #2: Shaved ‘X’ Design Back of Head

    Instagram / @hugosalon

    Express your individuality by getting a shaved design on the back of your head. The contrast of brunette hair against the striking x design will make heads turn. To gaze at you. Go for it.

    #3: Long Hair Shaved Underneath

    Instagram / @chantalxlaurenxhair

    Shaving a part of your hair isn’t restricted to short haired ladies only! For a look that says I’m feminine with a wild side, long hair with a shave underneath is your next request when you visit the salon. For extra spunk, dye your hair an eye-catching hair color like this ice grey, for example.

    #4: Straight Bob with Shaved Temple

    Instagram / @tribecacolorsalon

    Keep it simple and chic with a straight, blunt bob that features a side part. A mahogany red color with an undercut is an exciting way to spruce up your hair.

    #5: Star Design Bottom Shaved Hair

    Instagram / @bescene

    A perfect shaved hairstyle for a youthful girl, this peek-a-boo will make a statement with every up-do! If you’re unsure about committing to shaving the sides, an undercut shaved design at the bottom of your nape is a route you can consider. This sneaky cut gives an option of keeping your star a secret when your hair is down.

    #6: Cute Swirl Side Shave

    Instagram / @edwardklipperhands

    For the dangerous ladies who are not to be messed with! If you’re going to do it— go all in! Show off your creativity with an intricate design of your choice.

    #7: Shaved Long Hair with Nape Design

    Instagram / @caitlintyczka

    Pigtails and space buns are one of the most popular hairstyles of the moment. Take a note from Miley Cyrus and rock two high ponytails (with or without braids) to show off both your long hair and a sick shaved design. You can make the design anything you want — talk about sassy and sweet!

    #8: Half Shaved Head with Mermaid Waves

    Instagram / @guy_tang

    Everyone seems to be talking about mermaids nowadays. Extra long hair with a short side is a hairstyle for feminine girls who are brave and fearless. If you belong to them, try this half shaved head hairstyle! Don’t be afraid to go for a tender pastel hair color, like pink or lavender.

    #9: Layered and Shaved Underneath

    Instagram / @presleypoe

    Where to begin with this haircut… If subtlety isn’t your thing, choose a complicated style. Shaved underneath, and piecey with overlapping layers on top, the splashes of blue dye are a nice touch.

    #10: Pink Butterfly Side Shave

    Instagram / @theconfessionsofahairstylist

    This cute haircut makes us want to join a girl rock band! The butterfly design gives a soft effect to the powerful buzzed hair. If you want to add an adventurous color into the mix, a muted pink complements the style seamlessly.

    #11: Wavy One Side Shaved Hairstyle

    Instagram / @candicemarielv

    Bouncy waves create a soft frame to your face. An asymmetrical look brings out your features, and the one-side style brings out your personality! This shaved hairstyle for women with an independent way of thinking is colorful, flirty and vibrant.

    #12: Partly Shaved Head with Bangs

    Instagram / @rysemassedoeshair

    If you like to stick to the regular style with bangs and mid-length hair, next time when you go to the salon why not get a shave underneath? With this occasional visibility, you have nothing to lose, and spontaneity to gain! You’re only young once, right?

    #13: Tribal Curly Shaved Hair

    Instagram / @b.k_bescene

    This gives a beautiful contrast between curly hair and angular designs. Washing curly hair is a process that is done once or twice a week, and you can show off your cool hair on those in-between days when you throw it up in a bun or pony. This tribal inspired shaved design will turn heads for sure.

    #14: Bold Shaved Side Hairstyle

    Instagram / @costelloxcult

    What makes a shaved side hairstyle more fun? When you shave from side to side of your hair! Like a semi-permanent headband, with a strip section of shaved hair above your forehead your facial features will stand out against a cleaner outline. Bye-bye baby hairs!

    #15: Voluminous Pixie Haircut

    Instagram / @tashpotatoes_hair

    Shave all around the sides and back of your head and leave your top hair longer for extra drama! Drawing the eyes upwards, this cool haircut is perfect to elongate your face shape. This results in a rocker chic pixie cut with loads of va-va-volume.

    Related Post: 20 Inspiring Pixie Undercut Hairstyles

    #16: Faded Shaved Nape Hairstyle

    Instagram / @seandanielsen_

    Shaved along the nape of the neck from side to side, amp up your edge factor with spiky, piecey layers up top tapered towards the bottom. A twist on the typical pixie hairstyle, feel free to also play with colorful hair choices.

    #17: No-Fuss Half-Shaved Mohawk

    Instagram / @roguehairstudio

    A medley of short, sweet, bold and soft, here is a no-fuss cut with one side shaved. With longer back layers and pieces that asymmetrically frame the face, this faux half mohawk style is sure to pop in any environment.

    #18: Shaved Undercut Bob

    Instagram / @rochellegoldenhairstylist

    If you want to show off your jawline, this bob with shaved undercut will definitely complement your face! The sleek, even layers swept to the back with a longer piece brushed along your cheek create a cool contrast against the shaved side/back undercut.

    #19: Swept Back Short Shaved Hairstyle

    Instagram / @benwardscissorhands

    For a low maintenance option, choose a cut with both sides shaved and style it by brushing the front center of your hair to the back. This will give your short hairstyle a cleaner look that won’t take lots of time in the morning to put together, so it’s perfect for the busier, no-fuss girl.

    #20: Side Shaved Hairstyle for Black Women

    Instagram / @starlinerz

    Shaved hairstyles for black women also work great for those who prefer to keep their hair short! Spice it up by shaving the outlines of your haircut with an artistic design. While the nature of the pixie cut is reserved and simple, add another dimension with a fun swirl!

    Remember that hair gives your image so much character; don’t be afraid to let your personality shine with more adventurous haircuts! Shaved hairstyles for women are everywhere, so if it’s something you’ve always thought about rocking, there are many levels (from subtle to extreme shaves) you may try. Whether it’s completely shaving a part of your head with a short shave at the side or a peek-a-boo shave underneath your long hair, there’s an option out there for you!

    23 Most Badass Shaved Hairstyles for Women

    If you want a badass hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crowd, you are at the right place. Shaved hairstyles used to be associated with punks, but things have changed. More and more trendy women opt for shaved styles because they look edgy and feminine at the same time.

    Are you brave enough to shave a part of your hair or even your whole head? Here are 23 shaved hairstyles to inspire your next transformation – from a good girl to bad.

    1. Half Shaved Head + Long Hair

    Source: @sonjdradeluxe

    Haircuts with just one shaved side are so hot and sexy, right? Long hair softens the shaved area, making it look quite feminine and trendy. The best part about this hairstyle? It’s not a must to expose the bald patch all the time, you can easily hide it with the other section of your hair.

    2. Short Blonde Bob + Shaved Side

    Source: @ashleymartelle

    This shaved-side asymmetrical bob proves that shaved hairstyles are actually super-wearable on any hair length and color. If you want to add a little funk to your girly girl hairstyle, shaving one side of your head just may do the trick. We know the style is pretty daring but it’s only hair, it’ll grow out…

    3. Super Short Hair + Shaved Sides

    Source: @thecutlife

    Now that’s a bold hairstyle! As a woman, chopping off all your hair can be a very difficult decision. Many women are afraid that they will lose their femininity and sex appeal, but as you can see, short hair won’t make you any less attractive.

    4. Ombre Pink Mohawk

    Source: @anthonycuts

    Make your pink hair stand out even more by shaving the sides of your head and styling it into a mohawk. This type of hairstyle also looks good on natural hair, and is perfect for hot summer days. If you want to make a statement with your hair – go for this chic hairstyle!

    5. Blonde Shaved Hairstyle

    Source: @sambialieu

    Not only this hairstyle looks cool and stunning but it’s also very easy to maintain. After your big chop, you can become your own hair stylist and easily experiment with new hair colors. If you ever get bored of this short style, you can always thrown on a wig and have longer hair again.

    6. Natural Hair + Undercut with Design

    Source: @undercut_fashion

    Looking for a new way to change your look? Try this natural style with an undercut. Opt for undercut if you aren’t completely sure on the idea of shaving part of your head. The style allows you to hide and show your shaved patch whenever you want.

    7. Pink Mohawk + Black Shaved Sides

    Source: @jennymee

    Here’s another version of a pink mohawk, but this one features black shaved sides. With the summer heat coming, short and shaved hairstyles might be exactly what you need. Beat the heat with this mohawk without sacrificing your style!

    8. Short Natural Hair with Shaved Sides

    Source: @corkandbeans

    More and more black women are embracing their natural, curly hair and we absolutely love it! This short style is cute and unique at the same time. Tramlines are the perfect way to reinvent your shaved side. We love everything about this look!

    9. Curly Mohawk with Highlights

    Source: @majin_boobs

    Yes, mohawk hairstyles can be stylish and sexy. The photo above completely proves that, right? Add some spice to your mohawk with honey highlights and luscious curls.

    10. Long Curly Hair + Half Shaved Head

    Source: @idigmegan

    Women with thick long hair may go for this stunning undercut if they want to be daring. The undercut is characterized with two separate sections – longer and shorter. The line that separates the sections makes this unique undercut pop even more.

    11. Long Red Mohawk

    Source: @kellzatlstylist

    The half-shaved head style can be carried off with a very short hair, medium length, as well as very long hair. If you want extra attention, this hot red hairstyle is for you.

    12. Short Hair with Side Swept Bangs + Half Shaved Head

    Source: @hugosalon

    Add some additional edge to your asymmetrical short hair by shaving your left side. If you don’t have time to spend hours on styling your hair, give this hairstyle a try. You can combine it with an elegant gown, little black dress or a t-shirt and jeans and always feel attractive and neat.

    Shaved hairstyles are all the rage nowadays. Although the trend has been around for many years (remember Salt-n-Pepa?), celebrities like Rihanna, Pink, and Rosario Dawson recently brought them to our attention and back into the spotlight. These hairstyles are now considered edgy and on fleek, and for good reason. Rocking a shaved hairstyle isn’t easy, so women who pull it off certainly deserve a bit of praise and can be a true inspiration for all of us looking to add a flavor of punk to our look. What’s their secret? Here’s the inside scoop – all it takes is a lot of confidence and a skilled hairstylist.

    Let’s start with a harsh truth: shaved hairstyles for women can either be amazingly cool or an utter disaster. There’s no middle ground. This isn’t a look for the faint-hearted, and it definitely isn’t recommended for those of you who are fairly conservative when it comes to appearances. However, if you want to add a bit of an edge to your look, getting an undercut might just be the perfect option. Although undercuts are mostly popular with men (think Bruno Mars), this punktastic hair trend is now making waves among women, especially since A-list celebs have embraced these types of hairstyles in recent years.

    Miley Cyrus, America’s wild child, is known for her adventurous fashion choices, so seeing her with an undercut is no surprise. However, even more fashion-cautions celebrities are now seen dazzling us from the red carpet with short hair and shaved temples, proof that this type of hairstyle can instantly update a classic look. Malin Akerman for instance, renowned for her retro old Hollywood beauty aesthetic, is now sporting a funky undercut hairstyle. Scarlett Johansson looks gorgeous with her new, short hair. Jada Pinkett Smith stuns with an undercut section above her right ear. And Ruby Rose, the Australian model/actress/DJ who swept us off our feet with her recent role in the Netflix show Orange is the New Black, looks sensational with her short, punk hair, proving that femininity and long hair don’t always have to go hand in hand.

    If you’re thinking about following in celebs’ footsteps and shaving all or only one part of your head, you need to understand that this type of hairstyle can be challenging. Although styling it is usually easier and less time-consuming, you need to take into consideration the fact that you will be required to visit the salon more often to maintain your new do. Plus, not all hairstyles might go with your face shape, so make sure you pick one that will highlight your best features. Here are a few tips for those of you who think they’re bold enough to reach for the electric razor:

    Collect several photos of your favorite looks

    Before you head out to the salon, make sure you save a few photos on your phone with your favorite shaved hairstyles. Having a few references will help the stylist suggest something that will work with your hair texture and your daily routine – especially if you don’t have the time to spend half an hour in front of the mirror every morning.

    Take your stylist’s advice

    As we’ve said before, a certain hairstyle might not work with your face shape, so you need to be prepared for this. A good stylist will always be honest when it comes to telling it as it is, especially since they don’t want you to leave the salon disappointed. Accept their advice and go for something they are sure will enhance your facial features instead of making you look like a convict, and not in a good way (yikes!).

    Start small

    Shaving your head, even if we’re just talking about an undercut, is a huge step, so you might want to pace yourself. If you’ve been rocking long hair for most of your life, getting a full undercut will be an extreme change, so it’s OK to take baby steps to make sure you will be comfortable with the end result. Maybe you can ask the hair stylist to only take out a disconnected section over your ears, or a narrow section at the nape area. Let a couple of weeks pass and see how it goes. If you’re happy with the result, book another appointment.

    Make friends with your stylist

    A cut as sharp as this requires regular maintenance, so you will have to go by the salon every three or four weeks. Alternatively, if you think you’ve got what it takes, you can use a razor at home for upkeep. Also, growing your hair out again will be tricky – you may need to sacrifice the length of your hair so there isn’t such a big difference in length, or you may need to have layers cut into your haircut, to soften your look.

    Now that you’ve got all the info you need to make sure you’re ready for such a big change, here’s some hair inspiration! We’ve gathered 50 awesome shaved hairstyles from all around the Internet to help you make a bold and informed style choice. Each and every one of these women looks like a true badass, don’t you agree?

    Who says you can’t look feminine after shaving part of your head? With a dramatic makeup, oversized accessories, and the perfect lace shirt, you will turn heads at a moment’s notice. Part badass, part femme fatale, overall a pretty fantastic look.

    Speaking of femininity, a skilled stylist will be able to highlight your best features using the right hairstyle, so there’s no need to worry about looking too butch. She surely doesn’t, don’t you agree?

    Short hair, don’t care! Here’s a stylish way to have a shaved patch with a short bob. Maintaining this style doesn’t take less than a few minutes in the morning, so you will be ready to conquer the world in no time.

    Pair your new shaved hairstyle with a bold lipstick and you will feel like you’re able to do anything. You win bonus points if your eyebrows look as perfect as hers. Then your beauty routine is seriously one to follow.

    Too much of something is bad enough, but she seems to have found the perfect balance between bold and elegant. Plus, this actually proves that shaved hairstyles are wearable on any hair length and color. You just need to make sure that your desired do matches your face.

    Make your crazy hair color stand out even more by shaving part of your hair and wearing your hairstyle with pride. Perfect for those hot summer days when you only go to the mall for the AC.

    This may not be a practical look for your day-to-day endeavors (it can be difficult to get things done when your hair is covering one-third of your face), but it’s the perfect choice for special occasions. You will certainly make an impression.

    Pink is the queen of awesome short hairstyles – she wears them like a pro. Follow her lead and don’t be afraid to opt for a shorter do if you think that will help you release your inner badass.

    Styling your hair into a mohawk – yay or nay? We vote yay, because this girl is truly mesmerizing. If you really want to make a statement, this chic hairstyle is the way to go.

    Blondes may or may not have more fun, but they definitely turn more heads when they wear their hair like this. This type of hairstyle will need a lot of maintenance though, so make sure you have the energy for that before making such a drastic change.

    If getting an undercut isn’t enough, you can always kick it up a notch and choose a funky color pattern for the freshly shaved hairdo. That’s surely going to get you some attention from those around.

    We love purple, and this hairstyle is so awesome that we can’t help but be a bit jealous. Just think about how fast she can wash and dry her hair!

    Punk hairstyles are usually amazing, and this one isn’t the exception. She must have had a truly masterful stylist. That color is to die for.

    How would we describe this hairdo in only three words? Simple, chic, edgy. If you’re not ready yet for a more drastic change, this hairstyle might help you figure out if undercuts are really for you.

    Speaking of punk, the blonde/pink combination never gets old. Especially when it’s styled so perfectly.

    Rihanna has a knack for predicting trends, so there’s no wonder she rocked undercuts before they hit the mainstream. If you’re looking for a bold style icon to provide some fashion and beauty inspiration, she’s it.

    A bun is the ideal choice for those dreaded bad-hair days. And it looks even better when it reveals a crafty undercut. Less permanent than a tattoo, but just as badass.

    A usually hidden tattoo will make waves when revealed with the help of this interesting and edgy hairstyle. Plus, if you somehow get bored of your tattoo, you can always let your hair grow. No one will ever know.

    Styling isn’t so hard when you have less hair to work with. However, don’t shave your head just because you’re tired of combing your hair. Make sure you will truly enjoy the end result first, otherwise you risk spending months beating yourself up over a rash decision.

    As we’ve said before, patterns are cool. They’re even cooler when you add a pair of gorgeous oversized earrings into the mix.

    Still not convinced? Here’s some additional proof. It can be your little secret, but we strongly advise you to share it with the world via a cute bun. This type of hairstyle is worth showcasing.

    Short, shorter, the shortest! And still extremely feminine, especially if paired with big earrings, a bold lip, and some trendy sunglasses.

    If you would like your shaved pattern to truly turn heads, why not opt for a delicate flower? Make sure your stylist has some experience in this department, to make sure you will be satisfied with the result. Allowing your friend to shave part of your head after three tequila shots is never a good idea.

    Long hair + undercut = endless styling opportunities. Just take a look at this gorgeous hairstyle. It’s one for the style books.

    Patterns galore. If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re pretty obsessed with them. And for good reason.

    You need a lot of confidence to rock a similar hairdo, but if it represents you, there’s no reason not to go for it. She can surely pull it off, and there’s a good chance you will too.

    You can totally look professional with an undercut and short hair. Case and point. Just ensure that your office wardrobe compliments your new hairdo and isn’t too out there. Too much boldness and your boss might start to frown.

    Deciding to completely shave your head is bold, and it can be extremely empowering. If that’s what you want, here’s proof that you can definitely look amazing. Plus, experimenting with wigs is anything but boring.

    Short hair looks awesome when you add a statement necklace and perfectly applied makeup into the mix. Not to worry though – it looks awesome even on #nomakeup days, especially if it highlights your best features and allows you to feel liberated and strong.

    Do you have to attend a fancy cocktail party or a wedding? This hairdo is the perfect choice. And the color only contributes to the awe factor.

    We’re big sunflower fans, so we totally approve of this hairstyle.

    This is a far simpler pattern, but it will still help you stand out from the crowd. And the combination of blonde and brown hair looks particularly gorgeous with this type of hairdo.

    Another great example of how well a tattoo can work on a partially shaved head. We’re fascinated.

    Natalie Dormer stole our hearts in Game of Thrones and Mockingjay partially due to her talent, and partially due to her great hair. Seriously, the girl is an icon.

    Another great example of how much you can do with long hair and an undercut. All you need is a bit of imagination.

    An additional glimpse of Dormer’s awesomeness. We couldn’t resist.

    Messy updo? Check. Lovely shaved pattern? Check. We’re not that fond of the necklace, but ’90s nostalgia is very in right now, so we’re not going to complain.

    Now that’s what we call a mohawk! The girl’s got style. And balls.

    The hair color reminds us of Kelly Osbourne a bit, but the styling is totally original. We like the braid in particular – so keep it in mind for any future events you may have coming up.

    Another great styling idea for when you have to dress to impress. Style to impress as well – it has always been our mantra.

    Simple, elegant, easy to maintain. What more could you wish for? Her little black dress wins her bonus points as well, while the earrings are plain lovely. And those eyelashes stole our hearts from the minute we lay eyes on them (wink!).

    The perfect bun for when you have a lot of running around to do. This hairdo allows you to move freely without worrying about your hair, and looks extremely stylish. Getting the perfect bun may take some effort, but it’s surely worth it.

    Megan Fox would look gorgeous with a shaved head, right? Of course, she would probably look gorgeous in a sumo suit, but that’s not very relevant here. If you’re not sure about how you would look without any hair, ask a Photoshop-skilled buddy to give you a preview.

    Another truly awesome – and inspiring – idea for a shaved pattern. As we said before, there’s a lot you can do with just a dash of creativity.

    Short hair is trendy on the red carpet as well! There are plenty of celebs who decided to completely shave their heads – Natalie Portman, Amber Rose, Charlize Theron, to only name a few. Do they look any less glam? We didn’t think so.

    We didn’t initially like this look, but it grew on us. Plus, red is the universal color for passion, so you can’t go wrong with that.

    Yet another lovely pattern for your inspiration board. You did take notes, right?

    Subtle, but oh so effective! And another perfect choice for when you’re still not sure about getting an undercut.

    We love colors. And we love this.

    Classy, elegant, chic. Plus, beach waves are always in, regardless of what fashion gurus would want you to believe.

    As we like to say, shake up your hair and then shake up your life! Hopefully, the hairstyles above gave you an idea about how you would like your future hairdo to look like, so save your favorite looks to your phone and book an appointment with your stylist. If you’re looking for a bold new hairstyle, this may just be it. And don’t forget to get ready for all the compliments that will follow.

    Shaved hair for girls

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