The Best Travel Shoes for Women Who Need Arch Support

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Whatever your travel preferences are, anyone will tell you that a comfortable pair of shoes is the first thing you need to pack. It’s easy to forget that our regular pair of sandals or flats is not necessarily the best choice when you’re heading for a week of city hopping in Europe or hiking in Hawaii. And when it comes to choosing a proper pair of footwear for your vacation, arch support is essential.

“As we walk on hard surfaces the repetitive stress causes micro tears in the ligaments that hold our joints in place. Over time, our joints might slip out of position and we have what is commonly known as a fallen arch,” explained Dr. Taryn Rose, founder and strategic advisor of her eponymous footwear company. “The micro tears happen over years, so people don’t feel any symptoms. Women often say ‘my feet grew as I got older’ and it is due to the arches of the foot flattening out over the years.”

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That issue, also known as overpronation or flat feet, can lead to inflammation such as plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, and heel spurs, according to Dr. Jacqueline Sutera, DPM. A supported arch will help to align the foot, resulting in better posture, pain- and stress-free movement, and, in general, fewer podiatrist visits down the line.

Or as Dr. Rose put it: “We have cars now with assisted driving but the vast majority of people still wear the shoe equivalent of the Model T.”

So, if you are serious about your health, it’s time to update your closet with footwear that features built-in arch support. Trust us, your feet will thank you for it. Here, we rounded up 12 pairs that are not just comfortable but look cute, too.

Dr. Scholls Madison Sneaker

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These cool black-and-white slip-on sneakers feature removable memory foam insoles that deliver all-day support. You could style them with a pair of jeans or a dress — they are as versatile as shoes can be.

To buy:, $50

Vionic Country Logan Ankle Boots

Image zoom Courtesy of Vionic

These vintage-inspired ankle boots with adjustable side buckles will add a touch of boho chic to your ensemble while keeping your feet well-ventilated and comfortable thanks to a breathable, microfiber-lined footbed.

To buy:, $110 (originally $160)

Aetrex Christine Slip-on

Image zoom Courtesy of Nordstrom

A scalloped topline and slight rubber wedge add some feminine style to these comfy slip-ons that will save your feet on your next vacation.

To buy:, $110

Cole Haan Generation Zerogrand Oxfords

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The latest version of this lightweight and breathable shoe has an Oxford-inspired design and the features of a pair of comfy sneakers — an anatomically cushioned footbed and arch support that increases stability.

To buy:, $120

Taryn Rose Faye Pointy Toe Loafer

Image zoom Courtesy of Nordstrom

Nothing about this chic loafer says “comfort shoe,” except for how sneakily supportive they feel once you slip a pair on. The style goes with any outfit — casual or dressed-up — and the suede is weather-proof.

To buy:, $140

Naot Verbena Sandals

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Naot’s insoles are engineered — using natural rubber and cork — to replicate the shape of the foot, while offering great arch support and shock absorption.

To buy:, $170

Beek Swallow Sandal

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The founders at Beek set out to develop a sole with built-in arch support that doesn’t look bulky. Plus, with every shoe purchased, Beek will also donate a meal to a child in need through various charity partners.

To buy:, $280

L’Amour Des Pieds Brenn Ankle Strap Sandal

Image zoom Courtesy of Nordstrom

The philosophy behind this brand is to create shoes that are contoured to your feet as opposed to having a static flat fit. This strapped wedge is the epitome of comfy and stylish with sleek cutouts and a well-padded footbed.

To buy:, $200

Ecco Soft 7 Mid Top

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This mid-top sneaker cuts a sleek, no-fuss silhouette and comes with removable insoles with arch support.

To buy:, $170

Mephisto Pattie Sandal

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This sandal’s contoured and cushioned sole prevents rubbing and adds support where you need it most. Plus, the shoe is the perfect accent for all your favorite travel attire.

To buy:, $295

Hush Puppies Aidi Moc Toe Loafers

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Loafers are a weekend staple and Hush Puppies has created a style that not only pleases the eye but is also extremely comfortable. It features an EVA- and memory foam–cushioned footbed with arch support and a flexible sole.

To buy:, $80

Adidas Edge Lux 3

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These lightweight sneakers are just as reliable for outdoor adventures as they are for indoor exploration. You’ll be able to go the distance in these because they were designed with the specific shape of a woman’s foot in mind.

To buy:, $85

Naturalizer Marianne Slip-on Sneaker

Image zoom Courtesy of Zappos

Naturalizer’s “Marianne” slip-on style has a cushioned footbed with arch support and comes in many eye-catching color combinations, as well as in several width options.

To buy:, $70

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These Are the Healthiest Shoes To Wear, According to Scientists

Recall a time when you took a long walk on a beach. Your feet probably felt pretty tired by the end of it. “Your feet are tired because every time you press down on sand, the sand moves away from you, so your foot muscles have to work harder than on stiff surfaces,” says Daniel Lieberman, chair of the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University.

The difference between walking on shifty sand or hard cement is comparable to the difference between walking barefoot or in shoes. “When you walk in shoes, your feet are pressing against a stiff substitute for the ground that makes the muscles in the feet have to work less than if you were barefoot,” he says.

While less work may seem like a good thing, it may actually leave your feet vulnerable to injury. Lieberman and other researchers have found evidence that people who predominantly walk or run in “minimal” shoes—shoes that mimic your bare feet by ditching arch support and a restrictive toe box while incorporating a very thin, flexible sole—tend to have stronger, stiffer feet than those who wear traditional shoes. (Vibram FiveFingers and New Balance Minimus are two examples of minimal shoes, but some flexible ballet flats that don’t crush your toes also fit the bill.)

Why are stronger and stiffer feet healthier? “The concern is that a weaker foot is a foot prone to problems like flat feet,” Lieberman says. In flat feet, the bones forming the arch of the foot don’t really arch—they lie flat on the ground. Research has linked flat feet to knee pain, cartilage damage and low-back pain. In civilizations around the world, “people who are habitually barefoot or minimally shod have much lower rates of flat feet than habitually shod populations,” Lieberman says.

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Given all this evidence, there’s a case to be made that the ideal footwear is the one you were born with—or at most a minimal shoe. But traditional shoes can be good for your feet, too. “We”—meaning human beings—“started wearing shoes for a reason,” Lieberman says. “They’re comfortable and they protect our feet, so there are benefits and costs.”

Determining the “healthiest” shoe for a given person has to take into account their age, health status, walking and running habits, and other factors, he says. For example, some people accustomed to running in traditional shoes who quickly transition to minimal footwear may be at risk for injury, and so will those who slam their feet down when they walk. “Also, people with neuropathy who have loss of sensation in their feet—you put them in a minimal shoe, and that person will probably hurt himself or herself,” he says.

But there are some simple rules to follow when shopping for healthy footwear.

“The two main issues with people’s footwear are poor fit and heel elevation,” says Hylton Menz, a podiatrist and professor of biomechanics at La Trobe University in Australia. Some of Menz’s research on older adults shows that too-short or too-narrow shoes can lead to foot deformities and increased risk for weakness and falls, as well as growths like bunions, corns and calluses. The healthiest footwear for both older and younger adults should fit well and have a low, broad heel, a thin and flexible sole, and some kind of lace, strap or Velcro to ensure the shoe stays firmly attached to the foot, he says.

Sandals and flats often fit this description, though many don’t. And if you’re wondering about the benefits of orthotics, the research is mixed. (If you’re suffering from foot or joint problems, talk through your optimal shoe choices with your doctor.)

As you might expect, high heels are problematic. “There are certainly many negative consequences of wearing high heels, especially over a longer period,” says Mickey Wiedemeijer, a human movement researcher at University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands who has published research on walking gait and high heels. Along with causing forefoot pain, high heels can result in lordosis, an inward curving of the lower back that can lead to pain, she says.

The risks associated with heels are especially great among older and heavier adults. But even if you’re young and slim, Wiedemeijer recommends mixing up your shoe choices. If you insist on wearing heels, “regularly switching footwear from high heels to lower heels will prevent muscles from overstraining, and joints to load differently with a larger range of motion,” she says.

Even if you don’t wear heels, her advice to regularly switch up your shoe styles may be prudent. “Do the same thing over and over, and you get stress injuries,” Lieberman says. Wear the same style (or pair) of shoes all day every day, and you may be asking for trouble, because you’re not mixing up the demands placed on your muscles, bones and joints.

In short, there’s evidence that time spent barefoot or sporting minimal shoes may help strengthen your feet and save you from pain and injury. Also, frequently changing up your shoe styles and leaning toward properly fitted footwear—ideally something with a low heel and a thin, flexible sole—are other good ways to keep your feet and body healthy.

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Keds Champion

The Keds Champion sneaker “is” history itself.

Discovering the serendipitous marvel of stabilizing rubber gave forth to innumerable industry-crazed products like tires, gloves, plimsolls and many more. Charles Goodyear, an accidental chemist, took years before realizing that the primary catalyst for making rubber firm and durable was sulfur and the right amount of temperature.

Trouble was a friend for our persistent inventor because patenting his discovery as “vulcanized rubber” was already done by another rubber nut named Thomas Hancock. In the many trials that happened, Hancock won.

Although failing to instill ownership of the vulcanization technique and drowning in debt before his death, Goodyear’s credit would stretch farther down the road. In the latter part of the 19th century, the late inventor’s son patented the welting machine that grants an advantageous way of securing the soles into the upper. Charles Goodyear Jr. had many failed attempts at first, and this led to him resorting to a merger with several of his competitors to create the U. S. Rubber Company in 1892.

From 1892 to 1913, U.S. Rubber Co. introduced 30 different kinds of rubber-soled footwear but with no success. Several company tweaks and consolidations after, the company launched an American canvas shoe with a rubber sole in 1916.

Due to its sneaky nature and soundless character, the newly found plimsolls were coined “sneakers” as it allowed the wearer to creep around silently. The term was brilliantly marketed by Henry Nelson McKinney almost after its release and from then on, the word sneakers became a staple term for casual footwear.

Peds (Latin for foot) was the initial option for branding the first “sneakers,” but unfortunately, the name was already taken at the time. The company opted to replace “P” with “K” resulting in Keds, which was also the Native American word for moccasins.

Aside from hailing it sneakers, Keds thought of a catchy name for their breakthrough shoe. The first marketing act to take shape was to name their sneaker the “feel-like-everyday’s-a-Saturday-shoe,” but after realizing it was a mouthful, the company branded it as the Champion. After surpassing a century, the Keds Champion would look down on all other brands utilizing its sneaker term and let them bow to its ingenious legacy.

The 9 Best Pairs of Walking Shoes for High Arches

When you have high arches, finding the correct shoes for your feet can be challenging. That’s especially true when shopping for walking shoes: Whether you need them for traveling, errands, or just walking your pup around the block, a good pair of walking shoes should support your raised arches with every step—not exacerbate foot pain.

“High arches can make it difficult to fit into regular shoes,” Miguel Cunha, DPM, a podiatrist based in New York City and the founder of Gotham Footcare, tells Health. “Having high arches means that less of your foot actually touches the ground when walking or running, providing less shock absorption.”

High arches are genetic, Dr. Cunha explains, and as the name suggests, are characterized by an arch that’s higher than normal. The arch itself may not cause pain, but your feet might feel fatigued or sore, especially when you’re walking or standing. Other symptoms include arch inflexibility or stiffness, ankle pain, a tight Achilles tendon, or painful corns and calluses. (When in doubt, a podiatrist can help you pinpoint the exact cause of your foot pain.)

In general, there are a few features you should look for in a walking shoe, says Dr. Cunha. Shoes should have a rigid shank (in other words, you shouldn’t be able to bend them in half), padding around the ankle, and a spacious toe box so you can move toes freely.

Also important? A well-cushioned footbed to prevent arch collapse. Dr. Cunha says that while he usually recommends custom foot orthotics, they can be expensive and aren’t always covered by health insurance. “When this is the case, I highly recommend a good insole such as PROFOOT Triad Orthotics, Superfeet, or Stride Insoles,” he says. (See more of our favorite over-the-counter insoles here.) “These over-the-counter orthotics can help realign and position the foot and ankle properly to stabilize your arch to help provide shock absorption.” The combination of orthotics with a shoe that already has shock-absorbing padding in the footbed will work together to keep your feet pain-free.

Below, nine pairs of walking sneakers that will keep your raised arches supported.

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When you make a purchase using the retailer links in our guide, solereview may earn a small commission.

There are a couple of common misconceptions about feet with high arches.

The first assumes that all runners with high arches – also known as Pes Cavus – supinate or roll outwards during running or walking. Supination is also called under-pronation, the opposite of over-pronation.

That’s not necessarily true. A high-arched foot will also pronate under certain circumstances.

It is also assumed that high-arches do not require footwear with arch support. This advice is also counter-intuitive.

Under usual circumstances, the arch is meant to help absorb shock and stabilize body movements. So a high arch will redistribute the loading stress to the forefoot and the heel.

Thus, having an adequate level of under-arch support and midsole cushioning will help support the loading movement. Makes sense, does it not?

Though many running shoes have a supportive midsole along with varying levels of under-arch support, it might be a good idea to get a custom orthotic or an aftermarket insole. If that’s the route you want to take, read our buyer’s guide on orthotic-friendly shoes.

The running shoes which feature on this guide do two things very well.

They have a cushioned ride which makes landings and transitions go easy on your feet – and arch. At the same time, they aren’t overly structured and do not overcorrect the gait.

We must make it clear that ‘cushioned’ and ’softest’ aren’t the same thing – though many believe that to be true. Excessive softness can cause a shoe to be unstable – which is undesirable regardless of the arch type.

None of the models recommended here overdo the ride softness part. Instead, they combine impact-absorbing cushioning with a midsole which keeps the foot supported. Most of them do well in the under-arch support department, but it’s a good idea to get an aftermarket insole for better results.

If your high arches are a source of pain, please go see a physiotherapist first instead of reading this shoe guide.

1) adidas Solar Glide 19

Cushioning and support play well together on the new Solar Glide. The breathable upper hugs the foot in comfort; a removable insole and a set of raised EVA foam rims supports the foot on the sides. A plastic Torsion shank adds stability from the inner rearfoot to the midfoot.

The single-density Boost foam midsole produces deep cushioning without the instability. The Polyurethane foam holds its structural integrity well when loaded, so this is an excellent cushioned shoe option for high arches.

2) Asics Gel-Cumulus 21

Over the years, Asics has honed the Flytefoam formula to make it more comfortable under the foot. The result of the gradual refinement is visible on the Gel-Cumulus 21.

A softer Flytefoam Propel midsole is stacked about a slightly denser layer to create a cushioned ride which doesn’t inhibit the foot’s rolling motion. The Cumulus 21’s insole doesn’t have a lot of arch support, so you may want to explore swapping the stock footbed with a custom one.

3) Brooks Glycerin 17

The Brooks Glycerin has a strong top-of-the-mind recall as a ‘supportive-neutral’ running shoe. The DNA Loft midsole isn’t as soft as Brooks claims it to be – and that’s not a bad thing at all.

The midsole is cushioned for everyday comfort, and yet has a firm undertone which bodes well for stability. The stock insole also does a decent job at creating a sense of under-arch support.

4) Brooks Transcend 6

‘Under-arch support meets stable cushioning’ could very well be the expanded name for the Brooks Transcend 6. A pair of elevated ‘Guide Rails’ cup the medial and outer side of the foot, thus making the ride more supportive than your average running shoe.

And it’s not just what’s the on the outside which matters. The Transcend’s cushy insole also props the arch. The wide midsole has lots of cushioning but without the soft compression bias.

5) New Balance Fresh Foam 1080V9

The Fresh Foam 1080V9 is an exercise in maximal cushioning, and a rather good one at that. New Balance has refined their foam formula to turn the 2019 edition of the 1080 into the best one yet.

The high-volume midsole under the foot offers gobs of high-mileage cushioning. At the same time, the full-contact outsole with a wide front and rear profile create a planted feel.

6) Saucony Ride ISO 2

Most Saucony running shoes – including the Ride ISO and the Triumph – have the contoured ‘Formfit’ insole which works for high arches. The under-arch part of the insole rises in a gentle flare and supports the foot. The Everun Topsole and EVA midsole create a cushioned ride in a neutral and unbiased way.

We often forget that the upper also plays an important role in supporting the foot. This is one area we can’t fault the ISOFIT panel for; the inner sleeve joins forces with the flared insole to support the foot during the gait cycle.

7) Saucony Triumph ISO 5

On the inside, the Saucony Triumph behaves similarly as the Ride ISO. The ISOFIT gusset works together with the Formfit insole to hug the foot from underneath. The midsole ride quality is where the Triumph ISO 5 differs.

Since the midsole is made of full-length Everun foam, the Triumph performs better for heavier runners. It’s a lot forgiving on the foot over long hours or distances. That doesn’t come at the cost of stability, so there’s little to worry here.

Do you own any of these shoes? Improve this guide by sharing your insights – submit a review here.

10 Best Running and Walking Shoes for High Arches With Extra Support and Cushioning

Commonly referred to as high arches, pes cavus is a term used to describe a human foot type in which the sole of the foot is distinctly hollow when bearing weight. It is the opposite of flat feet but can be equally painful.

It’s quite easy to tell if you have high arches. You can check your foot type with this great tool available at Mayo Clinic. Simply dip your foot in a bowl of water, step on a piece of cardboard, and examine the print that remains. If you see a complete print, you have a flat arch. However, if you see little of your footprint, you have high arches.

Stana Katic has beautiful feet with exceptionally high arches

According to The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, medical treatment isn’t needed to fix high arches. However, if there is an underlying condition or structural abnormality, the condition may worsen. In these rare instances, you may benefit from physical therapy, surgery, or a combination of both.

If you have high arches, you should follow your doctor’s prescribed recommendation. Since the high-arch condition places undue stress on the metatarsal region of the foot, you may benefit from a flexible shoe that is supportive and cushioned for good shock absorption.

Wearing shoes that are too rigid can lead to under pronation, also referred to as supination, which occurs when the foot rolls outwards at the ankle. This can cause painful blisters and foot pain. In other words, there are many factors to consider when selecting the best walking shoes for high arches.

We’ve checked out some of the best fitting shoes if you have this orthopedic condition. Most shoe retailers offer free return shipping, which means you can easily return your shoes if you’re not happy with the purchase.

1. Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoes, $74.90 – $330.37 at Amazon and Zappos

Enjoy the just-right balance of a heel crash pad for softer landings and unique responsiveness. Not too soft or too firm, if Goldilocks ran, this would be her shoe.

They feature lightweight construction and a smoother ride from heel to toe so you can take your performance to the next level on every run.

Below are some reviews from Zappos:

I am a 6′ 7″ 300 lb supinator with high arches and an unusual size (13 4E) and it is a constant challenge to find well fitting shoes. I’ve worn the Ghost 11 now for a week, and I have been very happy with them.

I have wide feet, relatively high arches, and am a heavy heel striker. I walk a lot for my commute and am on my feet much of the day at work. I bought the 4E size. They are wide enough the the extra cushioning under the heel is amazing. I wore my first pair for a week, then ordered 2 more pairs. I am going to keep these as my regular sneakers since they are so comfortable.

2. Dansko Vera Flat Sandals, $133.99 – $268.34 at Amazon, Nordstrom, and Zappos

Awarded the American Podiatric Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health, it is a fresh update to a classic vamp-and-quarter silhouette fashioned with signature cushioning and arch support.

The upper leather wraps gracefully around a stained cork/EVA midsole wedge that’s anatomically contoured and covered with soft PU foam and suede sock lining for underfoot comfort. Below are some of the reviews from Zappos:

My arch is very high – empire state building high, with the rise beginning at the base of the big toe. Many shoes cut into the arch area in a painful way. This shoe is perfectly engineered for a foot like mine. I expect to put a lot of miles on these shoes.

I have high arches and need excellent support, and these do the trick. The shoe is fine with capris and jeans or sun dresses. Great shoes!

3. Brooks Bedlam Road Running Shoes, $149.95 – $274.86 at Amazon and Zappos

Their innovative technology proactively guides your feet into proper alignment. The result is less heel and shin rotation, knee motion, and more peace of mind.

I have been wearing Brooks for several years now and by far these are the best of the best. I am a perfect 5.5 but usually purchase a 6 in most sneakers because of extremely high arches and wide feet. This sneaker in 5.5 was spot on and comfortable right out of the box. Stretchy fabric, lots of support. Brooks are pricey but worth every single penny.

I have been wearing Brooks for several years now and by far these are the best. So comfortable – I feel like they saved my feet. I overpronate and these have helped correct the problem so my feet don’t hurt any more!of the best. I am a perfect 5.5 but usually purchase a 6 in most sneakers because of extremely high arches and wide feet. This sneaker in 5.5 was spot on and comfortable right out of the box. Stretchy fabric, lots of support.

4. Spenco Siesta Slide Mules, $23.98 – $79.99 at Amazon and Zappos

This slide combines casual kick-in/kick-off style with a weathered canvas upper. the soft linings and side gore will help with breathability and fit.

I have high arches and the insoles (removable) provide excellent support. I suppose those with flat feet may find these uncomfortable. The metatarsal support in the center of the insole also provides great stimulation for tired feet with each step.

I have a wide foot, so I ordered the men’s and the women’s to make sure I had the best chance of having one that fit. The men’s is the shoe that fit my wide foot. It is indistinguishable from the women’s. The shoe is very comfortable. Great, not super high arch support.

5. Vionic Tide II Toe Post Sandals, $29.95 – $99.95 at Amazon and Zappos

Get the great all-day comfort and support your looking for this summer with this podiatrist-designed thong sandal from Vionic featuring a leather and nylon webbing upper and a biomechanical orthotic footbed.

I am so obsessed with these sandals—they got me through my first pregnancy and I don’t know why I neglected to get a new pair for this second pregnancy until now. My feet were in total agony from all that weight gain on just the balls and heels of my feet. You can literally run water under my feet my arches are so high, and my feet and knees suffer under normal circumstances, pregnancy just makes it extraordinarily challenging and painful.

I have extremely high arches (no joke. I could fit a second grade fat pencil under the arch) and these do help support my foot. As someone with very high arches, I didn’t go through the uncomfortable experience, having to *adjust* to the high supportive arch. They fit like a glove, and I am now in the process of finding another pair of Vionic shoes that work well with my feet.

6. Altra Footwear Escalante Running Shoes, $89.00 – $139.95 at Amazon and Zappos

This sneaker provides a perfect balance between energy-returning push-off power and plush, springy cushion. It features an outsole technology that maps the bones and tendons of your foot to help it bend and move naturally.

I wear a size 10 and have high arches and occasional plantar fasciitis in one foot. These allowed me to run for an hour without hurting at all and no pain later in the day. I’ve never had a pair of Altras, but I think the neutral stride and ‘zero’ heel work really well for me.

OMG, these are the MOST comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on my hard to fit feet! Received 2 days ago and have gone trotting in these and spent the whole day actively working in them (lots of walking and stairs).

7. New Balance W1340v2 Optimum Control Running Shoes, $47.98 – $267.39 at Amazon and Zappos

Designed with stability features for overpronation, this motion control running shoe helps guide your foot forward so you can stay focused on your run.

I usually prefer a narrow heel and wide toe box, and excellent support is needed since I have a high arch and the PF. I thought the toe box on this one–though not as wide as some others–still gives plenty of room. The soft sides have “give” for my buionettes so there isn’t rubbing. The arch support is enough that I can wear these without my orthotics on a long walk and still feel great the next morning.

So comfortable! I have planter fasciitis and get steroid shots and get physical therapy…. They shoes ROCK! I quit wearing my molded arch support in my shoes and wear these every day now!

8. Hoka One One Clifton Running Shoes, $93.98 – $299.99 at Amazon and Zappos

Get heavenly comfort like you’re running on clouds with the super-supportive Clifton sneakers!

I’ve got high arches and have had plantar facetious for years. Worn a lot of specialty shoes but these are the best. This is my third pair. Fantastic.

A ton of cushioning and very good arch support in my opinion. Perfect fit, and seem to be well constructed. I’d recommend these to anyone who has high arches and needs max cushion

9. Mizuno Wave Creation 20 Running Shoes, $169.95 at Zappos and Amazon

If you underpronate (also known as a supinator or supination) or need help to keep your foot from rolling, this running shoe may be perfect for you. With most of its support on the outside side of the foot, it helps correct the way your foot hits the ground by pushing your foot toward the center.

Taking cushioning to a whole new level, this shoe from the Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company is softer, bouncier and more responsive than its predecessors.

10. New Balance Fresh Foam Sneakers, $149.95 at Zappos and Amazon

If you are suffering from feet issues like plantar fasciitis, neuroma, or high arches, finding a pair of shoes that feels good can be a challenge.

New Balance created the Fresh Foam cushioning shoes for men and women looking for responsiveness and cushioning in their running shoe. The insole is removable and can be replaced if you prefer using a high arch insole.

Credit: Nikki Nelson / WENN

The Best and Worst Shoes for Back Pain

Best Footwear for Back Pain

There are a number of good choices when it comes to shoes designed to ease or reduce symptoms from musculoskeletal complaints involving foot, knee, hip, and back pain, Jung says. “All of these are linked, and the force imparted on the foot is ultimately imparted on the back.”

The main thing you should focus on is making sure you choose the right shoe for your particular foot type and problem.

For starters, one of the most important features to look for is the arch — it should be designed to work with the natural arch of your foot. Generally speaking, there are three arch shapes: over-pronation (low), neutral, and excessive supination (high).

Running shoes are generally designed to address many different issues, with motion control helping pronation, stability for the neutral arch, and cushioned to assist supination arches.

“Minimal” shoes are a specialized option to consider. “These shoes are designed to promote the foot striking the ground with the front or middle of the foot rather than the heel,” says Dr. Jung. “This alters the way the foot and the lower extremity contact and interact with the ground.”

Specially designed inserts or insoles can also help relieve back pain in some cases because they provide extra support.

Prescription orthotics are another kind of specialized shoe. So-called functional orthotics are usually made from plastic or graphite and can treat issues caused by abnormal motion. Another type, called accommodative orthotics, are softer and used more for the support and cushioning needed in painful foot conditions rather than back pain.

24 Best Comfort Shoe Brands for Foot and Heel Pain 2017

Full List of 24 Best Comfort Shoe Brands 2017

Shopping comfort shoes is not an easy task, especially when you have hundreds of brands and shoe options to choose from. So, it can be a little difficult since not all brands are comfort brands or carry comfortable shoes, therefore, this automatically reduces your options of finding the best comfort shoe brands. So, let’s help you out! If you need help choosing a comfort shoe brand or comfort shoes for pain, be sure to check out these 24 Best Comfort Shoe Brands for Foot and Heel Pain list.
Whether you’re looking for comfortable dress, casual or athletic shoes; our 24 Best Comfort Shoe Brands for Foot and Heel Pain list contains some of the top brands in comfortable shoes for both men and women to help you find the best shoes for you! Our wide selection of footwear features cushioned footbeds, supportive soles, sock absorbent outsoles, and great arch support. Certaninly, these 24 best comfort shoe brands make some great styles, but they’re also incredibly supportive. Good Style Shouldn’t Have To Hurt Your Feet!


Aravon is a known women’s shoe comfort brand worldwide. They believe that footwear should support a woman’s sense of well-being as well as her sense of style. For this reason, their comfort shoes and sandals are designed with a unique comfort performance system that incorporates three components of comfort: 360° Fit, Essential Support, and All-day Comfort. Their comfort combines features such as Abzorb cushioning, softseam linings, and Primalux cushioning comfort and support.
With this in mind, popular women’s Aravon shoes that are sought for their comfort and style are Andrea, Alan, and Bonnie. Both Andrea and Alana are cute dress flats made with premium leather uppers, memory foam footbeds and rubber outsoles for traction.

Andrea Alana Bonnie

2. Arcopedico

Arcopedico is a high-quality women’s comfort shoe brand specializing in lightweight, anatomically-designed, arch- and circulation-supporting shoes that are hand-made in Portugal. Their shoes are made with patented Lytech material- an ultra-light blend of polyurethane and Lycra; which makes their shoes lightweight, flexible, and machine washable. In addition, Arcopedico shoes are BioCalce Certified since they are eco-friendly, vegan, and water-resistant. In essence, Arcopedico comfort shoes are ideal for travelers, women working on their feet, or women who suffer from chronic circulation problems, sore feet, or dropping arches.
As a result, popular women’s Arcopedico shoes are shopped for their stretchy materials and comfort. Their best sellers consist of the L18, LS, and Leina. The L18 and LS have knitted uppers which are breathable and lightweight. These shoes, including the Leina allow for many forefoot issues such as hammer toes, corns, bunions, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma and calluses. In addition, they are also great for people with diabetes, arthritis, and neuropathy because of the adjustability of fit and the soft breathable upper.


3. Brooks

Brooks should be one of your top choices for anything and everything related to running and walking. Given that this athletic brand is recognized worldwide and is proud of their hard-earned reputation for engineering footwear that provides the perfect ride for every stride, and the perfect fit for every foot type. Brooks running and walking shoes are made to fit big and small, wide and narrow feet, in need of support, or looking for a little cushion. As a matter of fact, Brooks is responsible for unveiling many breakthrough advancements in running footwear including Brooks DNA, BioMoGo, and Progressive Diagonal Rollbar. After all, Brooks earned a spot in our best comfort shoe brands for their technology, comfort, wide widths, and wide selection.
You can experience Brooks unique technology in their Ghost, Adrenaline, and Beast. These men’s and women’s shoes are exceptional for their Brooks DNA- the smart cushioning system that instantaneously adapts to a runner’s unique biomechanics, weight, pace, gait, and surface. In addition, to their BioMoGo-the world’s first biodegradable running shoe midsole that biodegrades 50 times faster than conventional athletic shoe midsoles and Progressive Diagonal Rollbar- a high-tech feature that’s like a dream come true for overpronators.


4. Cobb Hill

Cobb Hill is a perfect blend of comfort and style. This comfort brand delivers ultimate style, flexible comfort, and an extended range of sizes and widths. Not to mention, Cobb Hill carries beautiful flats, boots, loafers, sandals, and heels that cover all aspects of a women’s life.
You can experience the best of Cobb Hill in Aubrey, RevSoul, and Gabby. These shoes are both stylish and comfortable, offering a customized fit through their zip closures and buckles. Most importantly, their contoured, molded footbeds are lined in leather for incredible comfort. Also, their rubber outsoles absorb shock for a smoother step.


5. Dansko

Dansko shoes are made on the comfort principles of maximizing all-day comfort. For the most part, Dansko footwear features a roomy toe box to promote circulation, a stress reducing rocker bottom, and superior arch support. Their stylish shoes, sandals, clogs, and boots are great for all occasions. Also, their styles range from work wear to fashionable heeled sandals. Most importantly, their unique constructions support your whole foot – toes, arch, and heel. Not to mention, their shoes are shock absorption, are rocker bottoms and have solid arch support to reduce any strain on your legs, back and feet. Dansko has earned a place in our best comfort shoe brands for their all-day comfort, professional comfort shoes, and wide selection.
Popular Dansko women’s and men’s shoes that you’ll love include Paisley, Wesley, and Sophie. Their footbeds are cushioned and supported for all-day comfort. Also, their rubber outsoles offer shock absorption on a variety of surfaces, while their combination of leather and Dri-Lex sock linings keeps your feet comfortably dry.


6. Dunham

Dunham believes every shoe is designed to live up to a 100 year, New England heritage. For this reason, Dunham strives to deliver superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and fine quality materials. Dunham men’s casual shoes, sandals, boots, and dress shoes combine New Balance comfort technologies and practical details for classic style that’s versatile and purposeful for every part of life.
If you are interested in Dunham, REVdusk, Stephen, and REVdare are great comfort shoe options! They are comfortable men’s shoes you can wear for both formal and casual occasions. These shoes are made with memory foam-cushioned footbed that molds to your foot for a unique fit. Their rubber outsoles give you good traction and help absorb the shock while walking. Also, their waterproof construction protects your feet against elements.


7. Fidelio

Fidelio footwear offers style, quality, comfort and design in every pair of shoes and sandals they make. Their insoles are made from feather-light natural cork and are covered with a layer of premium calf leather. In addition, their contoured insoles are made with deep heel cups; which provide improved stability and help keep your foot and body in alignment. In addition, their insoles help distribute weight and make Fidelio sandals and shoes supremely comfortable.
Our most popular and one of the most comfortable Fidelio shoe is the Vienna. This shoe is specially designed for women with bunion problems. This sandal has a stretchable insert which is perfectly integrated into the design of the shoe and is invisible. Also, its anatomical cork insole is matched with a deep heel cup for increased stability, while the cushioned strobel outsole delivers traction.


8. Finn Comfort

Finn Comfort aims to produce the healthiest and most luxurious hand-made walking shoes on earth. Their footwear provides extraordinary orthopedic support and exhilarating comfort while promoting good health and well-being. Most importantly, their sandals, shoes, and clogs are developed in accordance with orthopedic and anatomical principles.


9. Haflinger

Haflinger is the largest manufacturer of boiled wool in Germany. This comfort shoe brand is known in many international markets, not only for its boiled wool slippers and wool felt clogs, but more importantly for its outstanding quality and workmanship. Haflinger promotes a healthy lifestyle with footwear that combines all-natural, breathable materials with essential foot support. Furthermore, their wool is a natural insulator which keeps your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter, guaranteeing year-round comfort.

Coffe Earth
Grey Slipper
Doggy Earth

10. Klogs

Klogs has their #1 goal: to be “The World’s Most Komfortable Shoe.” Their shoes feature outsoles and footbeds designed with a proprietary polyurethane that delivers superior shock absorption and energy return. This comfort brand offers styles for both men and women, and they feature a removable, anti-microbial footbed. In addition, Klogs-USA’s line of molded polyurethane clogs are proudly made in the USA.
Some of the most comfortable Klogs you’ll wear are the Mission, Dusty, and Naples! These clogs are known for their long-lasting comfort with the lightweight construction. They are made with contoured footbeds offering excellent arch support and superior cushioning for all day comfort for any work shift. In addition, they are slip-resistant, oil-resistant, non-marking and shock absorbing; which makes them ideal for most medical professionals seeking comfort.


11. MBT

MBT is known as “anti-shoe” for their anti-anything that doesn’t defend your back against pain from walking on hard, flat surfaces. They are uniquely designed for walking in comfort. These rocker shoes have the ability to straighten your back and legs and help improve your posture and gait when walking. As you walk in MBT shoes, you’ll experience a reduction in back pain, so much that walking becomes effortless. As you continue to wear MBT shoes, you’ll notice your stride shortens and becomes quicker. For this reason, MBT made it to our best comfort shoe brands list for their rocker bottoms.
With every shoe, MBT aims to make it easier for people to add more movement into their everyday life. For this reason, MBT Sport, Colorado, and Simba are revolutionary shoes that help increase muscle activation and improves posture and balance. Also, their unique Sensor Technology and Pivot Axis lets you work to reestablish your natural balance as you move through your day.

Sport 3

12. Mephisto

Mephisto represents a world-class product with loyal customers and a brand. Today, Mephisto’s brands include Mobils, Sano, and Allrounder. Mephisto is known for their high-quality materials, vast assortment and comfort qualities for both men’s and women’s footwear. This high-quality, comfort brand uses the finest materials to create casual shoes and sandals that are both stylish and comfortable. Mephisto is known as one of the best comfort shoe brands for their unique and durable, shoe craftsmanship.
You can find the best in Mephisto’s craftsmanship in Laser, Helen, and Shark. These men’s and women’s shoes are known for their outstanding craftsmanship and lasting comfort. Their flexible SOFT-AIR midsole minimizes the shock from walking, offering protection to your feet, relief for your joints, and proper care of your back. Also, their breathable nature of their midsole enhances air circulation to ensure a healthier environment for your feet.


13. Naot

Naot strives to exemplify the best in comfort shoes. All of their footwear features a unique anatomical footbed that replicates the contours of the foot. In addition, Naot uses the finest and highest quality raw materials combined with superior standards of advanced design.

14. New Balance

When many think comfort sneakers, the first thing that comes to mind is New Balance. New Balance began as a Boston-based arch support but has grown to become a leading global athletic products company. New Balance ranked as one of our best comfort shoe brands for their superior footwear and their manufacturing of all widths and sizes. In addition, many New Balance shoes are made with removable insoles to accommodate most over-the-counter arch supports and custom orthotics.
Our top selling New Balance men’s and women’s shoes include the 990, 928, and 847. The New Balance 990 an outstanding running shoe that delivers serious comfort and performance. This shoe is made with ENCAP midsole technology which pairs a blown rubber outsole to provide support and maximum durability. On the other hand, both New Balance 828 and 857 are comfortable walking shoes. For one thing, the shoes feature motion control, ROLLBAR stability technologies, and ABZORB mid foot cushioning for comfort throughout the day.


15. Olukai

Olukai believes in producing products they believe in and products they can stand behind. This Hawaiian brand strongly believes in producing a high-quality product with superior construction, and unbelievable comfort. So much that, each pair of sandals, boots, and shoes are engineered with superior craftsmanship and long-lasting comfort for everyday activities.

Nohea Lole


OOFOS is a favorite in most sandal wearers and of the best comfort shoe brands on the market! Their sandals are biomechanically designed with OOfoam to absorb about 37% more shock than other materials, you would find in other sandals. This unique footwear offers support, cushioning and impact absorption, making them a great comfort brand.
Our top selling OOFOS include the OOrigiaal, OOlala, and Sport Slide. Compared to traditional flip-flops, OOFOS offer the cushioning and arch support you need to get you through your day pain-free! These OOFOS’ deep heel cups cradle and support your feet; so you can stay on your feet all day long.

Sport Slide

17. Rockport

With generations of shoemaking experience, Rockport has merged the comfort of athletic shoes with the smart, sophisticated look of a dress and casual style. They pride in knowing their shoes are made from the finest materials and constructed to the highest standards. In addition, Rockport has been an industry innovator by using advanced materials and technologies to make every one of their shoes to be comfortable and durable.

World Tour

18. Softwalk

Softwalk believes you deserve comfort that doesn’t sacrifice style. Therefore, each shoe they craft combines all kinds of thoughtful innovations that cater to both your feet and style. They offer tons of creative details, premium materials and multiple widths for a personal fit. In addition, Softwalk delivers all-day comfort through their signature foam-cushioned eggcrate footbed. Plus, their unique multi-layered footbed absorbs shock to reduce the stress of standing or walking. For those seeking wide widths, SoftWalk offers a large selection of sizes and widths to ensure the perfect fit.
Three of their most comfortable shoes that help Softwalk land to our best comfort shoe brands are Meredith, Vantage, and Vital. The shoes feature a whole new bottom from SoftWalk that is an ultra-light weight and a flexible EVA sole that returns energy with each step. They are slip-resistant which makes them great shoes for teachers, nurses, doctors and restaurant workers.


19. Spira

Spira was first started by runners for runners in efforts to make sneakers more enjoyable and allow for more productive runs. TSo much that, their midsoles are primarily made of rubber, foams or polymers; which store and disburse energy with every step. Spira is on our best comfort shoe brands for their unique WaveSpring technology. Spira’s WaveSpring Technology is a lightweight spring that is placed in the heel and forefoot of every Spira running shoe for extra support. It works as an energy return system that works with the ground by returning the energy back to the wearer; as a result, reducing foot stress and fatigue for an exceptional performance comfort.


20. Spring Step

Spring Step footwear is designed with the quality and craftsmanship of true European tradition. Their shoes combine quality, comfort, technology, and style to bring you everything that is important in a shoe. Also, Spring Step combines comfort technology with stylish, on-trend designs to deliver comfort in every step without sacrificing style. Many of their shoes feature hand-painted leathers with cutout detail and beautiful embellishments, adjustable straps and lightweight polyurethane outsoles for long-lasting wear. You can find “Comfort with Every Step” in Spring Step women’s shoes.


21. Vionic (Orthaheel)

Vionic footwear combines today’s must-have trends with cutting-edge biomechanical technology. This comfort brand is committed to combining the best of science and style, integrating next-level comfort into fashion-forward styles that women will absolutely love to wear. So much that, they have created stylish and comfortable men’s and women’s shoes specifically designed to promote an active lifestyle. Just as important, Vionic is unique for their Orthaheel technology- biomechanical footbed that supports you and promotes natural alignment from the ground up. For this reason, Vionic has become a leader in comfort footwear and landed onto our best comfort shoe brands list.
Vionic’s Orthaheel is best represented in their Bella, Tide and Amber. The sandals are built with Orthoheel Technology, designed to hug your arches and support your feet in comfort. They are made with a lightweight, flexible EVA midsole that absorbs shock, and reducing stress on feet, ankles, and knees. Also, their durable rubber outsole is made with a patterned tread that provides traction on a variety of surfaces.


22. Vital

Vital shoes feature a signature padded footbed that gently massages your feet for a well-being feeling throughout your entire body. Their built-in cushioned footbeds deliver ultimate relaxation and all-day comfort. In addition, Vita shoes are made with the finest leathers and adjustable hook and loop closures to keep your feet happy wherever the day takes you.

Easy Cork

23. Waldlaufer

Waldlaufer shoes are comfortable, practical and stylish. They are made from the best quality materials and are manufactured to the highest standards with handcrafted finishing. In addition, Waldlafuer shoes are available in half sizes – because not all feet are the same.


24. Ziera

Ziera shoes are built for comfort. It understands how important the role of foot comfort plays in our quality of life. Ziera shoes and sandals have built in orthotic footbeds for support and comfort. Also, their footwear is designed with arch support and metatarsal support, for stylish and comfortable all-day wear. In addition, Ziera offers multiple widths to fit women with wide feet.
Ziera Allsorts, Gloss, and Snare are three of our most popular Ziera shoes for their quality, comfort and removable footbeds. Their contoured footbed cradles your heel and foot, thus, supporting your metatarsal and your arches for maximum underfoot comfort. This women’s comfort brand one of best comfort shoe brands because Ziera understands the role foot comfort plays in the quality of life and that style plays in making women feel nurtured, beautiful and empowered.


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Check The Fit

Having measured thousands of little (and big) feet, we’ve learned a thing or two about measuring and fitting shoes! We’ve tried to distill this into 6 easy steps so you can get as close to the service we provide in our Singapore fitting studio in your own home.

Feet tend to swell in tropical temperatures so you may find you need a different shoe size than if you were based somewhere cold. Feet are at their biggest towards the end of the day so, if poss, check the fit of the shoes late afternoon / early evening. Check your child is wearing the same thickness of socks as they would wear to school and there is a little wriggle room at the end of their toes (socks which are too small are as damaging as shoes which are overly snug).

1. Opening and fastening: open the velcro or laces so that the shoe is fully open and slide the shoe onto the foot. Push your child’s heel to the back of the shoe and do the velcro or laces up nice and firmly.

2. Ankle held in place: Whilst your child is sitting, hold the ankle with one hand and give the shoe a good old tug with your other hand. It should stay firmly on the foot. Repeat on the other foot.

3. Stand up: Ask the child to stand up straight with their weight evenly on both feet. Check there is no space behind the heel. The shoe should not touch the anklebone but sit just below it to avoid rubbing.

4. Width & Depth check: Feel gently down the sides of the shoe to check the widest part of the foot sits in the widest part of the shoe. Next, rub your thumb across the widest part of shoe from above the big toe to small toe. The leather should give gently if the shoe fits correctly. If you can push the leather into a ridge the shoe is too wide. With a T-bar or Mary Jane style you should be able to fit the end of your index finger under the rim of the shoe. If your entire finger fits under easily it is likely the shoe is too deep or too wide for your child.

5. Rule of thumb: The length can be checked by feeling the position of their longest toe (this is usually the big toe but about a third of us have the second toe bigger than the first). When a shoe is new there should be about a mum’s thumb width (12-14mm) of growing room between the end of the longest toe and the end of the shoe. Shoes with less than half a mum’s thumb width of space should be replaced.

6. Walk the walk: Ask the child to walk in the shoe and check it does not slip at the back, that there is no gaping at the sides and that the shoe does not inhibit the way they walk in any way.

If a child has been wearing flip-flops or trainers for long periods of time, proper leather shoes may feel a little strange at first even when they are made from the finest, softest leather like ours. To maximise comfort please let your children wear their school shoes a little before term starts.

Our fitting experts are very happy to help you with measuring, fitting and advice on how our different brands and styles fit. Please call +65 6493 7244 during our Fitting Studio opening times (Monday – Saturday 11am – 6pm) if you have any questions. We apologise in advance that we’re unable to abandon our lovely customers to answer the phone during busy periods. Alternatively you can drop us a line at [email protected] and we will respond within the same day.

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