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The best shoes for weightlifting can accelerate your lifting performance while keeping you safer under the bar. It’s all in the physics.

Your feet are the primary links between your muscles and the stabilizing ground. In the course of lifting, significant force moves through these vital links. It can either help or harm your capacity. The wrong shoes will absorb more of the force intended for the bar, while the right shoes manage this force to your benefit.

What are the best shoes for weightlifting? How do you know which ones to buy? You could do worse than choose from among the following list of the best lifting shoes as of 2015, in no particular order:


1. VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe II

VS Athletics makes one of the best value shoes for today’s weightlifter. The brand is relatively affordable, yet delivers a solid shoe with double straps and a leather-reinforced flat rubber sole that can stand heavy loads.

The VS ATHLETICS Weightlifting Shoe II can show you the positive impact of having the right shoes for the job, without taking your life savings. That said, they are pretty ugly. And the heel runs high at 3.3 inches in a men’s size 10, so choose carefully.

Version II of this fine shoe has a slightly raised heel, harder rubber sole to drive weight upwards, and comes with a free VS shoe bag! It also has two stronger straps at the tongue to increase both balance and ankle security during deadlifts or squats. It might not be the most stylish shoe, but is a top pick in its price range.

2. Pendlay 13PGRAY

The Pendlay company, founded by Olympic weightlifter Glenn Pendlay, focuses exclusively on the sport of weightlifting. They know what makes a good WL shoe from personal experience, and this is evident in the brand’s Do-Win shoes.

Pendlay’s 13PGRAY – Weightlifting Shoe is highly regarded for features like its three-quarter-inch heel, set at the recommended height for actual Olympic Lifting.

With snug straps and a light build, they are also notably comfortable, which makes a huge difference after thousands of lifts. The Pendlay Do-Wins are produced for both men and women in multiple sizes and colors.

3. Nike Romaleo 2.0

The Nike Romaleos 2.0 are among the highest-quality shoes on this list; serious lifters should give the flagship Nike weightlifting shoes a close look. The coolest thing about the Romaleos is their authentic Olympic credibility.

Built for the 2008 Games in Beijing, these Nike Olympic lifting shoes are widely worn among professional weightlifters, and for good reason. They facilitate significant improvements in all your core exercises.

The Romaleos are not the heaviest or the lightest shoes, but they are strong as an ox and provide a dignifying level of breathability to keep your hardworking feet fungus-free. The snug heel is comfortable for most wearers, even for those with wide feet. And they look good.

4. Adidas Performance adiPower

Before there was a market for weightlifting shoes, there was Adidas. Adidas was making weightlifting shoes before it was cool, and remains the bestselling brand in this niche, despite a variety of new entries. Take the Performance adiPower, which is as good a weightlighting shoe as any out there and the nicest one made by the brand. You may have seen them on the feet of actual Olympic lifters in the summer games.

The adiPower has everything you would ever need in a long-term WL trainer and is the only real rival to the Romaleo Nike weightlifting shoes. If you do intense Olympic lifting – and don’t have very wide feet – they’re among the best shoes for weightlifting available today.

5. Reebok Crossfit Lifter 2.0

Now owned by Adidas, the Reebok brand has managed to stake its claim in the weightlifting space via Crossfit enthusiasts. Enter the Crossfit Lifter 2.0, a hybrid WL shoe designed for WODS that include more than just the basic Olympic movements. Unlike more traditional weightlifting shoes, these airy hybrids have a flexible forefoot sole. The design makes it possible to use them for box jumps, double-unders and other plyometrics.

Baked with a slew of proprietary lab technologies to promote shoe performance, Reebok’s hybrid is ideal for Crossfit. Yet there is still the expected heel lift and bottom-up base support you would expect in a good weightlifting shoe. It’s adequate for most WL purposes. Reebok’s Crossfit Lifters are among the lightest weightlifting shoes you can buy.

6. Adidas Performance Powerlift 2.0 Trainer

The Adidas Powerlift 2.0 Trainer is the most affordable alternative to the brand’s higher-end adiPowers. It is designed for Crossfitters and others who would be partial to a lighter-weight shoe with WL-grade stability.

The Adidas Powerlift has a wide, flat base and grippy sole, achieving maximum floor contact for the most even distribution possible of the lifter’s weight. The midsole is a die-cut wedge of high-density foam, providing greater equilibrium with minimal compression. The upper parts are made of breathable light mesh and durable synthetic leathers for a nicer “foot climate,” as shoe manufacturers call it. Try the Powerlifts if you need your shoes to keep you as stable as a zen master without adding excessive bulk.

7. Inov-8 Fastlift 335

Inov-8, a popular maker of running shoes, has made a splash among primarily Crossfitters with its Fastlift weight training shoes. These high-quality kicks are notably flexible and comfortable in the forefoot, with a structurally reinforced midfoot and heel plus edge support. Most striking is the very light weight of the shoe, given its strength.

Yes, they are suitable for Crossfit, but lifters say they are just as good for lifting, improving your stance and safety under the bar without limiting lateral range of motion like more traditional WL chucks. Inov-8 has Fastlift shoes for men and women alike.

8. Adidas Drehkraft Shoes

Between Adidas’ uptrim adiPower shoes and entry-level Powerlift trainers lies the brand’s Drehkraft boots. Drehkraft is German for ‘torque.’ These shoes are a mid-market option with unique features to entice lifters, like the innovative Boa steel lacing system and flexible sidewall reinforcements.

Drehkraft shoes are tough and provide nearly as much stability as the adiPowers. They are built to last for years of Oly lifting. They work just fine for most weightlifting and are a bit cheaper than the adiPowers. There’s not much to complain about here; these weight training shoes are another great product from Adidas.

9. Amber Crossmaxxe v1.0

Amber Sporting Goods makes high-quality sports equipment, and has carried its good reputation into the Oly lifting arena with the Crossmaxxe v1.0. Like any good WL shoe worth its salt, the v1.0 enables deeper squats, heavier weights, and more under-bar safety. They aren’t as nice as Nike Olympic lifting shoes, but these basic weight training shoes will power up your sessions and won’t leave you in the poorhouse.

The Crossmaxxe is perfect for cross-training that incorporates weightlifting, hence the lighter-weight materials. Not one but two instep straps, traction patterning, and an interior weight distribution plate make them one of the best lifting shoes.

10. ASICS Lift Cross-Trainer

ASIC’s Lift Cross-Trainers, as their name suggests, are good shoes for cross-training. These black-silver-red shoes don’t have any crazy bells or whistles. But they do the job, and with reasonably durable materials.

They’ve got synthetic uppers for aeration, midsole outriggers for stability, and rubber soles for traction. They combine a sturdy non-compressible heel with a flexible forefoot to yield a comfy multi-purpose hybrid, as useful for dead lifts as Bulgarian split squats. A pair of ASICs will especially appeal to Crossfitters; they are more strength-training shoes that can be used for lifting than the other way around.

1. Adidas Powerlift 2.0

Lift DMC: Designed exclusively for big barbell moves – squats, deads, Olympic lifts – Adidas’ flagship weight-shifting model stands on a totally flat base, tilted by a high-density midsole to allow for extra range of motion while keeping power transfer through the heels.

Expert view: The first thing you notice when you step into these shoes is the stance-cementing, confidence-boosting power of the flat, wide base. But while the raised heel greatly increases squat depth, the flat outsole will have your legs spinning like the Roadrunner on sled pushes. Reserve them for legs day.

Score: 8.5/10. Buy HERE

2. Reebok Workout TR £60

Cross over: It seems lazy to award Reebok ‘Best CrossFit Shoe’, but the discipline’s sponsor has truly embraced functional training. Borrowing the best of all worlds – a flat but flexible base, foot-cradling midsole, rope-gnawing arch and breathable upper – this is the brand’s most ambitious trainer yet.

Expert view: The low-cut design aids ankle mobility, and a flexible, wider-than-usual toe box provides barefoot-like freedom. While the outsole tread is jagged and grippy, it’s deceptively flat, providing secure footing for heavy lifts.

Score: 9/10. Buy HERE

3. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 2

Chuck your PB: They may have been designed for the basketball court, but All Stars are a squat-rack slam dunk thanks to their flat soles. The latest update has a Nike-designed Lunarlon sock liner and on-trend, textured exterior. Call them Flyknits for the weights room.

Expert view: The liner adds comfort without sacrificing the sole’s coveted density, and there’s also more ankle support from a collar and extra tongue foam. Otherwise, they’re the same old Chucks you know and love. This is where street cred meets performance.

Score: 7.5/10. Buy HERE

4. Altra One 2.5

Keep it real: The originator of the term ‘zero drop’, Altra is growing fast as a shoe brand thanks to its emphasis on natural form. This shoe’s outsole is mapped to the foot’s bones and tendons, providing padding only where needed, while a foot-shaped toe box frees the forefoot.

Expert view: The toe box looks foreign, but actually provides the most natural fit of the group, letting toes splay freely, helpful for stability during lateral moves. Lightweight with minimal cushioning, these are perfect for bootcamp-style workouts that blend weights and cardio.

Score: 7/10. Buy HERE

5. Nike Free Trainer 1.0

Get to grips: Lower to the ground than any other Free Trainer in Nike’s lineup, the 1.0 is peppered with grippy nodes across its outsole to the mesh upper. Walking the line between minimalist trainer and rock-climbing shoe, it delivers an experience close to barefoot training.

Expert view: It’s a looker, alright. But while the 1.0 might appear bulletproof, it shoots itself in the foot with a cushy midsole that will steal force from heavier lifts. Still, for general strength training, its ergonomic design and tractive exterior make this a worthy all-rounder.

Score: 8/10. Buy HERE

Photography by Charlie Surbey

The Benefits of Weightlifting Shoes


Strength training is all about producing force. The more force you can produce in the weight room, the greater your chances of transferring that strength to the field of play. Believe it or nor, the footwear you wear plays a signficant role in your force production. A solid foundation begins from the ground up, and footwear can alter the response you see in training.

A Solid Foundation

One way to create a solid foundation is to wear weightlifting shoes. Let’s take a look at the Back Squat. As you load your spine, the force is transferred to the ground, which acts as a counterbalance to propel your body back upward. In the case of the Back Squat, the ground actually works in your favor to help you produce higher rates of force.

Imagine building a house. The first thing you are going to do is lay the foundation. If that foundation is weak, the whole house is at risk for structural issues. Training is very similar. To put yourself in a position for success, your foundation must be structurally sound.

Most athlete development programs are built around the Squat or pulling variations that require the athlete’s feet to be placed firmly on the ground. With so many sets and reps of core lifts being performed, it makes sense to invest in a shoe that will aid in the performance of these movements, such as a weightlifting shoe.

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Weightlifting Shoes vs. Running Shoes

Many athletes train in running shoes. Even more popular now are minimalist shoes. Running shoes are named appropriately. They are to be worn while logging miles on the track or cross country course. They are built to absorb the force associated with each foot strike. As force is applied to the sole of the running shoe, it compresses. In the weight room, you want to be able to transfer that force into the ground rather than absorb it. This allows you to push into the ground with more force, thereby increasing your ability to pull the bar higher on your Olympic lifts or transfer the force back into the barbell when you drive out of the bottom portion of the Squat.

Because of their raised heel design, weightlifting shoes serve to increase the range of motion at the ankle, thereby keeping a more consistent torso angle at the bottom of the Squat. A consistent torso angle permits a smoother transfer of force back through your body and into the barbell while minimizing anterior and posterior displacement. These shoes also provide increased support to all areas of the foot, allowing you to strap your feet in, creating more stability and minimizing inversion or eversion of the ankle. Compared to running shoes, weightlifting shoes are more consistent in their response to the load from the barbell. This allows you to sit back into the Squat, rather than leaning forward and producing more forward trunk lean.

Studies have suggested that weightlifting shoes can improve Squat performance compared to running shoes. One such study in 2010 stated: “Lifters demonstrated significantly more peak ankle flexion and significantly less combined anterior bar and posterior hip displacement when wearing weightlifting shoes as compared to running shoes. This suggests that weightlifting shoes allow for the more vertical shank position and erect posture during squatting that strength coaches recommend.”

When learning to Squat properly, one cue many coaches use is to keep the torso upright, which will allow you to sit into your heels. This creates a more stable position, maximizing force output.

Compensation for Poor Ankle Mobility

Poor ankle mobility is another limiting factor in the Back Squat, since it can cause a decrease of range of motion on the downward movement. Since the soles of weightlifting shoes are slightly raised, they compensate for poor ankle mobility. A 2012 study found increased peak angle flexion and significantly less combined anterior bar and posterior hip displacement in athletes wearing weightlifting shoes compared to traditional running shoes, meaning the athletes’ overall technique was more sound.

Training is about placing your body in the best position for success. If you are a baseball player, you do not expect to take the field without wearing baseball cleats. The same goes for weightlifting. Based on the available research, weightlifting shoes can best be used by those who are prone to displaying a forward trunk lean and aim to increase knee extensor activation.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock

Our Pick: The 50 Best Sneakers of 2015 for Men and Women

Here they are – our pick of the best sneakers released in 2015 (in no particular order).

#1 Adidas Originals Micropacer OG

The new adidas Micropacer Og features a metallic silver blue design with the traditional three stripes. This shoe pays homage to the original Micropacer runner which was released in 1984.

#2 Adidas Originals XENO ZX Flux ‘Negative Collection’

The new Adidas Xeno Zx Flux ‘Negative Collection’ design is heavily inspired by the traditional photo development process with its bright colors of red, green and blue (RGB) and its colors awake when the shoe is exposed to strong light.

#3 Extra Butter x ASICS GEL-Lyte V “Karaoke”

The Asics Gel-Lyte V “Karaoke” has a dark base held in blue with pink glow highlights at the liner and laces. The sole is kept in a traditional white to perfect the look of this shoe.

#4 Pierre Hardy Runnner Homme Multi-Taupe

The Pierre Hardy Homme Multi-Taupe is a runner sneaker manufactured in multicolor leather. The shoe features white leather lining and black Lace-up with a grey front strap and a white rubber sole.

#5 New Balance 2015 Spring/Summer 1600

The New Balance 2015 Spring/Summer 1600 shoe features a pastel-colored silhouette with blue suede on the heel counter and toe, a bubblegum pink tongue and fresh mint on the inside.

#6 Adidas NMD

The Adidas NMD kicks come both with a BOOST sole and a Primeknit upper, and have incorporated Adidas latest technology for an urban exploration without boundaries.

#7 Nike Air Max 90 Ultra “Infrared”

The Nike Air Max 90 Ultra “Infrared” comes in a refreshing white, grey, black and orange color scheme and features a stylish outsole/midsole combination.

#8 Nike Air Huarache Ultra

A new women’s exclusive sneaker inspired by the classic Air Huarache. What separates these sneakers from the original is the new all-mesh upper and sole design.

#9 Sneaker Freaker X Lacoste L!Ve Missouri

The Freaker X Lacoste L!Ve Missouri sneaker features a blue suede and cool grey leather design on the upper side, combined with minor pink accents.

#10 Adidas Originals Stan Smith Mono Pack “Red”

Adidas is back with a traditional Stan Smith remake in vibrant red. The shoe is held in smooth suede leather with a poppy red midsole.

#11 Adidas Originals Stan Smith Mono Pack “Onix”

Adidas Originals Stan Smith “Onix” upgrades the traditional white tennis shoe into a grey suede dream inspired by the bustling concrete streets.

#12 Adidas Originals Stan Smith “Zig-Zag”

The new Adidas Stan Smith “Zig-Zag” sticks to its root by only changing minor parts of the beloved Stan Smith. The new design features a traditional white upper with knitted green details on the sides and a matching heel tab.

#13 Adidas ZX Flux Plus One “Core Black”

The Adidas ZX Flux Plus One “Core Black” features a modern silhouette taking its inspiration from Y-3 with its minimal neoprene upper part and black laces, heel counter and sole.

#14 Adidas Yeezy Boost 350

The limited edition Yeezy 350 by Kanye West has a grey primeknit design on the upper part and a white state of the art BOOST sole system.

#15 Nike Air Jordan Eclipse Black/Red

The new Air Jordan Eclipse comes in red and black woven panels on the sides with a black mesh on the toe area and black laces. The white sole perfectly matches the overal look of the shoe.

#16 ASICS GEL-Lyte III Rose Gold Pack

As the name already indicates the Asics Gel-Lyte Iii “Rose Gold” Pack features a rose-gold upper part with suede and synthetic materials, combined with a white sole and lashes.

#17 Dover Street Market New York x Common Projects Achilles Low

The Dover Street Market New York x Common Projects Achilles Low sneaker features a minimalistic white leather design on the upper body combined with a brown sole spiked with multicoloured spots.

#18 Nike Air Trainer Huarache “Triple Black”

The Nike Air Trainer Huarache “Triple Black” features an all-black design with a nubuck upper body and a prominent nylon lash.

#19 Nike Flyknit Racer “Volt” Flywire

The Nike Flyknit Racer “Volt” Flywire is the new successor of the popular Flyknit Racer which debuted in 2012. The kicks feature a black and white body with yellow “Volt” details on the sides.

#20 Adidas Yeezy Boost 750

The Adidas Yeezy Boot 750 is part of the latest creations from Kanye’s first campaign with Adidas. The shoe features a futuristic style with a striking grey lash and grey suede on the upper body.

#21 Adidas Top Ten “Ornament” Pack

The Adidas Top Ten “Ornament” kicks come in two color variations – navi blue and rich burgundy. Both versions feature gold Japanese inspired dandruff prints.

#22 TCG 2015 Holiday Porter High Collection

The Tcg 2015 Holiday Porter High Collection sneakers come in two color variations – a white cracked and a black leather version.

#23 Adidas Busenitz Pure Boost

The Adidas Busenitz Pure features a black suede and leather upper part with a white highrise sole combined with gold lettering on the side and on top.

#24 Adidas Pro Model (GTX)

The Adidas Pro Model (GTX) remembers us of a traditional hiking boot inspired by the original superstar sneakers. The material used for this shoe is GORE-TEX which makes the shoe pretty weather proof.

#25 Adidas Superstar Foundation (Royal)

The Superstar is arguably Adidas’s most iconic and recognisable sneaker shoe with fans all over the world. The shoe gained its popularity back in the 80’s and is still an essential part of the sneaker culture of today.

#26 INVINCIBLE x adidas Consortium Superstar 80v

The Invincible X Adidas Consortium features a full top body suede grey leather finish with beaded details along the side and a textured tongue. The shoe comes with the traditional Superstar sole.

#27 Adidas Originals Superstar 80s “Copper Toe”

The Adidas Originals Superstar 80s “Copper Toe” – its name already says it – features a prominent copper toe cap. The rest of the body is held in high quality beige leather.

#28 Saucony Shadow 6000 “Irish Coffee”

The Saucony Shadow 6000 Irish Coffee Pack sneakers feature the whole color spectrum of Irish coffee – coffee, whiskey and cream combined with a comfy mid-sole.

#29 Undefeated X Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 Collection

The Undefeated X Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 Collection sneakers come in a red-white color blocked design with the brands prominent logo on the insides.

#30 Ylati Nero 2015 Fall/Winter

The Ylati Nero 2015 Fall/Winter kicks are manufactured in high quality white Tuscan calfskin, pony hair and stingray combined with a Margom sole.

#31 Adidas By Kolor 2016 Spring/Summer

The Adidas By Kolor 2016 kicks look like they come straight from the future. The shoe features a futuristic grey silhouette consisting mainly of mesh and reflective fabrics combined with a white midsole which are perfect for a run.

#32 Fila Bubbles

The Fila Bubbles kicks feature the Fila typical branded style with the Fila lettering prominently incorporated on the side of the shoes. The shoe comes in the traditional Fila colors, red, white and blue.

#33 Gucci GG Caleido High-Top Sneaker

The Gucci GG Caleido High-Top Sneaker features a dark and light brown caleido print design spreading over the top of the shoe to the soles.

#34 Pierre Hardy Magic Homme Blanche

The Pierre Hardy Magic Homme Blanche sneaker is manufactured in white calfs leather featuring an angled strap with a metallic cube on the side and a white gum sole.

#35 Adidas ZX Flux Plus (Navy/White)

The Adidas Zx Flux Plus has a Yeezy 750 inspired design and comes in a navy color range featuring several mesh styles with the ZX’s white sole.

#36 Pierre Hardy Magic Homme Trico-Blanche

The Pierre Hardy Magic Homme Trico-Blanche kicks come in white and blue calf leather with a red velcro ankle strap and a white gum sole.

#37 Sneakerness Paris X Puma Blaze Of Glory

The Sneakerness Paris X Puma Blaze Of Glory comes in poppy burgundy, blue, orange, beige and white color scheme inspired by the Paris Metro. The shoe has an excellent Trinomic sole for optimal comfort.

#38 Pierre Hardy Basket Homme Rouge & Bleu

The Pierre Hardy Basket Homme Rouge & Bleu is a traditional high-top sneaker featuring red and blue suede with a stylish velcro ankle strap and white gum soles.

#39 Saucony Grid 9000 “Dirty Snow”

The Saucony Grid 9000 “Dirty Snow” features a mottled canvas and a running friendly white midsole and reflective rope laces.

#40 Adidas Originals Tubular X “Hemp”

The Adidas Originals Tubular X “Hemp” comes in khaki, olive and white color scheme with a distinctive ridged Tubular sole.

#41 Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro “Maroon”

The Air Jordan 6 Retro “Maroon” features a white upper body with a prominent Jumpman logo on the tongue, sole and insole.

#42 Nike Air Jordan 12 Retro “The Master”

The Nike Air Jordan 12 Retro “The Master” features a high quality black leather body with a black sole and white and gold accents.

#43 Nike Air Jordan XX9

The Nike Air Jordan XX9 comes in a special Feng Shui edition featuring a white, purple, blue and white colored body. The iconic Jumpman logo is stitched on the side of the shoe.

#44 Nike ACG Lupinek Flyknit

The Nike Acg Lupinek Flyknit has an all-black outside and features a special “memory foam” in the inside to provide a custom fit and enhanced flexibility.

#45 Adidas ZX Flux ADV (Black/White)

The Adidas ZX Flux ADV comes in a black and white option with a translucent hell caging and black mesh on the upper body and toe tip. The famous three stripes are prominently visible on the side of the shoe.

#46 Nike Shox R4

The new Nike Shox R4 kicks come in a white upper body with a grey tongue. What makes these sneakers unique are the four Nike Shox Pillars.

#47 Nike Air Huarache Ultra

The Nike WMNS Air Huarache Ultra is a women’s exclusive shoe and takes its inspiration of the classic Air Huarache silhouette. It features an all-mesh upper and a prominent white sole.

#48 Puma R698 & Blaze Of Glory “Black Friday” Pack

The Puma R698 & Blaze Of Glory “Black Friday” Pack takes its root in basketball and comes in all black featuring a sophisticated Trinomic sole for a pure walking pleasure.

#49 Nike Air Jordan XX9 Russell Westbrook

The Russell Westbrook’s Air Jordan 29 PE comes in a light grey mini mesh upper body with some orange accents mainly on the Jumpman logo combined with a light blue translucent mid sole.

#50 Stussy X Nike Air Max 95 Pack

The Stussy X Nike Air Max 95 Pack Sneakers has the traditional Stussy touch combined with Nike’s timeless silhouette.

Women’s Shoe Guide for All Kinds of Workouts & High-Impact Aerobics

Love the heat of a high-impact aerobics class? Whether you’re dancing, kickboxing or moving with free weights, you’ll need a shoe that’s supportive during all sorts of calisthenic exercises. When shopping for an aerobics-friendly shoe, it’s important to look for styles with ample cushioning, ventilation and flexibility for enhanced movement.

To help you find the perfect pair, we’ve rounded up a range of women’s shoes and sneakers designed for top performance.

1. For Sprinting: Mizuno Wave Rider 21

Quick sprints are made easy with this Mizuno sneaker, featuring soft yet springy cushioning and a special ventilation system that prevents humidity from building up inside the shoe.

Mizuno Wave Rider 21 CREDIT: Zappos

2. For Avoiding Sweaty Feet: Under Armour Micro G Assert

Let your feet breathe easy in the Micro G Assert. The shoe features soft mesh inserts, plus a supportive leather upper, full-length Micro G midsole for responsive energy return and non-marking rubber outsole perfect for gym floors.

Under Armour Micro G Assert CREDIT: Zappos

3. For Cross-Trainers: Nike Metcon 4

Designed with cross-trainers in mind, the Nike Metcon 4 offers lightweight support via Flywire cables, a heel clip for added stability and a sticky rubber in the forefoot for excellent traction during all sorts of indoor exercises.

Nike Metcon 4 CREDIT: Nike

4. For HIIT Class: Nike Free Focus Flyknit Training Sneakers

If you’re going to HIIT class (high-intensity interval training), you’ll want to wear a shoe with a thin, flat sole. This option from Nike is a prime choice, as it will help you feel your feet on the ground, while giving you plenty of stability.

Nike Free Focus Flyknit training sneakers. CREDIT: Amazon

5. For Dance Cardio: Asics Gel Nimbus 20

Dance cardio is a fun way to work up a sweat, but you’ll need a shoe suited for shock absorption with all the constant footwork you’ll be doing. The Asics Gel Nimbus 20 features a special gel cushioning system to lessen shock during toe-offs plus a glove-like fit to keep feet locked in.

Asics Gel Nimbus CREDIT: Zappos

6. For Weightlifting: inov-8 Bare-XF 210 V2

This low-fi style boasts a Y-lock heel system for added stability while weightlifting or performing functional movements. It also notably features a 0 mm drop, which will keep feet in a neutral position and prevent them from sliding forward in the shoe.

inov-8 Bare-XF 210 V2 CREDIT: Zappos

7. For Multi-Purpose Use: Brooks Launch 6

Stay sure-footed in this multi-purpose sneaker from Brooks, complete with flexible and lightweight cushioning and strategically places crash pads for quicker heel-to-toe transitions.

Brooks Launch 6 CREDIT: Zappos

All products featured have been independently selected and curated by our editorial team. If you buy something through the links included on our site, FN may earn a commission.

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The Versatile Shoes That You Can Wear From Barre to Brunch

Best Workout Shoes For Women

Have you decided that you need to get serious about exercising? You may be thinking about what women’s workout shoes are best to wear for your Zumba dance class or for cross training.

The following buying guide will assist you in finding the best women’s workout shoes to satisfy your needs.

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  • Reviews of highly recommended Women’s workout shoes
  • The reasons why you should buy a pair of Women’s workout shoes
  • What to look out for when you’re buying Women’s workout shoes

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Women’s Workout Shoes

  1. PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoes
  2. Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Workout Shoes
  3. adidas Performance Women’s Crazypower Training Shoes
  4. Skechers Women’s Air Infinity Athletic Sports Workout Sneakers
  5. NOBULL Women’s Training and Workout Shoes
  6. ASICS Women’s GEL Fit Tempo 2 Fitness Shoes
  7. Nike Women’s Zoom Fit Training Shoes
PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoes Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Workout Shoes adidas Women’s Crazypower Training Shoes
Upper: Leather/Synthetic Synthetic Kevlar mesh Textile/Synthetic Mesh
Sole: Rubber Synthetic Rubber
Features: Breathable EcoOrthoLite sockliner Reinforced toe box provides strength for high intensity workouts Rubber cage provides durability and support during workout
Rating 4.4 / 5.0 4.5 / 5.0 4.0 / 5.0

Reviews of Women’s Workout Shoes

The seven pairs of Women’s workout shoes here are all ideal for you to use in the gym, for your dance exercise routine, or for cross training.

They may also be perfect if you need a comfortable pair of shoes to support you during long hours of standing or walking.

#1 PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoes

PUMA is one of the most instantly recognized brand names in the sporting world, fusing fashion, lifestyle and sport into unique sporting footwear with innovative designs.

PUMA Woman’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoes are a great looking, affordable addition to their successful range of women’s training shoes.

PUMA Woman’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoes feature a really durable leather and synthetic upper. The leather side panels and toe area are perforated to better ventilate your foot.

Expand To See More

The padded collar and tongue make these shoes snug and comfy to wear when laced. Inside PUMA Woman’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoes you’ll find a high-rebound EcoOrthoLite sockliner.

This not only helps your feet stay comfy, but it transforms energy from the shock of impact into forward motion.

The EcoOrthoLite sockliner is also super environmentally friendly, with 20% of the polyol used to manufacture the foam coming from eco-friendly castor beans rather than petroleum.

The midsole of PUMA Woman’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoes is made using cushioned foam with a thermoplastic urethane shank to stiffen the middle portion of the shoe. The shank makes this a great women’s training shoe for you to choose if you enjoy running.

Their rubber soles together with the hexagonal groves under your forefoot give PUMA Woman’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoes great traction on many different floor surfaces

If you aim to include running as a major part of your multiple discipline exercise routine, then PUMA Woman’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoes would be great shoes for you.

#2 Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Workout Shoes

The team that designed, developed, tested, and marketed Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano Training Shoes are for all CrossFit athletes. That means that when you put on these training shoes, you can be confident that they will be both practical and comfortable to wear while performing a wide range of exercises.

The upper of Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano Training Shoes is constructed using durable DuPont™ Kevlar®-infused polyester for ultimate lightweight support and protection. Compared on an equal weight basis, Kevlar® is stronger than steel wire, so you can be assured that these shoes are tough.

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Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano Training Shoes boast an anatomical design utilizing a broad toebox and a contoured heel for a secure and natural fit.

The wide toebox allows your toes to extend to provide superior support to your body during jumps or lifts and so improves stability and power. The well designed footbed provides excellent support for your arches.

The compression-molded ethyl vinyl acetate midsole of Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoes provides cushioning and shock absorption.

A surrounding hard NanoShell thermoplastic polyurethane film supports the foot through lateral and medial movements, yet provides flexibility of movement and soft contact for your foot.

The rubber outsole on the base of Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Training Shoes is divided into zones with groves especially designed for the movements associated with CrossFit training. The raised lug patterns provide optimum traction.

However, be aware that Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano Training Shoes are not ideal shoes for running. Some of the design features that make them wonderfully supportive for cross training make them less suitable for running. Overall, I would say the Reebok Nano’s are the best workout shoes for Women.

#3 adidas Performance Women’s Crazypower Training Shoes

The adidas Performance Women’s Crazypower Training Shoes are designed to keep you comfortable while training. Their breathable canvas upper is supportive yet super lightweight and make ideal Women’s gym trainers.

The adjustable floating mesh midfoot panels inside adidas Performance Women’s Crazypower Training Shoes increase support to your foot during exercises. The textile lining provides extra comfort and helps these shoes form a snug fit when laced.

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The proprietary BOUNCE™ midsole of the adidas Crazypower is flexible and provides great cushioning and support throughout your training routine.

The durable rubber outsole of the Crazypower Training Shoes is designed to provide easy rotational motion utilizing flowing flex grooves. The rubber is made to be non-marking, avoiding streaks across the dance floor when you’re performing your exuberant Zumba dance exercise routines.

adidas Women’s Crazypower Training Shoes are great for Zumba, cross training, and other gym based exercise routines. They are in my opinion the best gym shoes for Women.

#4 Skechers Women’s Air Infinity Athletic Sports Workout Sneakers

Skechers Women’s Air Infinity Athletic Sports Training Sneakers are super lightweight. The uppers are made from a single layer of soft Skech Mesh material upper divided into loose weave panels for ventilation and tight weave panels for added stability.

A synthetic leather overlay along the lace panel on Skechers Women’s Air Infinity Athletic Sports Training Sneakers increases durability there.

A fabric stripe overlay on the heel adds to stability and durability while a fabric tab makes it easier for you to slip these on or take them off. The collar and tongue are both padded to increase comfort and provide a snug fit.

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Inside Skechers Women’s Air Infinity Athletic Sports Training Sneakers you find a soft fabric shoe lining. The insole is constructed using gel infused memory foam to increase your comfort when you wear them.

Skechers Women’s Air Infinity Athletic Sports Training Sneakers feature a lightweight Sketch-Air shock absorbing midsole. The extra protection of an air cushion in the heel is easily viewed through a translucent panel. The flexible rubber outsole offers great traction.

Skechers Women’s Air Infinity Athletic Sports Training Sneakers are really popular with ladies who enjoy crossfit training and walking. They are athletic looking, super comfy, and the best Women’s workout shoes for the money.

#5 NOBULL Women’s Training and Workout Shoes

As you’d expect from NOBULL, these training and gym shoes are ideal for a range of exercise activities, from Zumba to weight training.

The fashionable looking upper of NOBULL is constructed from a single layer of mesh that is light and breathable. Forefoot Flywire cables work together with the laces to provide a snug fit.

The toe box is protected by a SuperFabric guard plate to increase durability, and another overlay at the heel affords lateral support.

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The insole inside the NOBULL shoes is removable for airing and in case you wish to insert your own orthopedic insole for a specific medical purpose.

There are carbon fiber lateral and medial guards for added protection and durability, ideal for women’s workout shoes.

The rubber outsole on the bottom of NOBULL gym trainers provides durability in high-wear areas. The hexagonal patterns molded into the outsole deliver multidirectional flexibility and good traction on slippery surfaces.

The NOBULL shoes are super lightweight and comfortable, providing you with a very affordable and flexible solution to your needs.

#6 ASICS Women’s GEL Fit Tempo 2 Fitness Shoes

The founder of ASICS had a goal of helping customers achieve a healthy mind and a healthy body. ASICS Women’s Gel Fit Tempo 2 Fitness Shoes are inspired by his original vision.

ASICS Women’s Gel Fit Tempo 2 Fitness Shoes are super lightweight, weighing a mere 5.6 oz. To a great extent, this is due to the breathable, synthetic upper. The seamless construction of the upper minimizes irritation and chaffing caused by the stitches and seams on rival pairs of women’s training shoes.

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The padded tongue and collar of ASICS Women’s Gel Fit Tempo 2 Fitness Shoes ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Once tied, the laces insure that your shoes won’t slip and will give you the support you need. The insole is removable, meaning that you’ll have no problems inserting an orthopedic insole, should you need one.

Designed for high impact training, ASICS Women’s Gel Fit Tempo 2 Fitness Shoes feature the Rearfoot GEL R Cushioning System and strategically positioned outsole pods to provide better shock reduction and traction.

Rearfoot GEL R Technology Cusioning System reduces the shock on your feet during the impact phase of your stride and so facilitates a smoother transition to mid-stance.

ASICS Women’s Gel Fit Tempo 2 Fitness Shoes are great for cardio training, cycling, and Zumba. However, they were not really designed for extensive running.

#7 Nike Women’s Zoom Fit Training Shoes

Nike Women’s Zoom Fit Training Shoes are just the kind of high quality women’s training shoes you’d expect from Nike. They are great for energetic exercise routines, like cross training or Zumba dance programs.

The sandwich mesh upper of Nike Women’s Zoom Fit Training Shoes is light and breathable. The perforated tongue contributes to the ventilation and lightweight design.

The Nike proprietary Zoom cushioning insole of Nike Women’s Zoom Fit Training Shoes creates a comfy footbed, which provides lightweight cushioning.

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Basically, the whole design is focused on making these shoes as light as possible so that you can zoom around while you follow your energetic exercise routine.

The rubber outsole of Nike Women’s Zoom Fit Training Shoes is durable and provides great traction. The hexagonal patterns and flexible grooves on the outsole give you a natural feel and prevents you from sliding on slippery floors.

These Nike gym shoes are comfortable and really lightweight. Just what you want in a pair of women’s workout shoes.

Women’s Workout Shoes Comparison

Women’s Workout Shoes Upper Sole Other Rating
PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoes Leather/Synthetic Rubber Breathable perforated side panels and toe to keep feet cool & dry 4.3 / 5.0
Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Workout Shoes Synthetic Kevlar mesh Synthetic Thermoplastic NanoShell midsole supports your foot during medial & lateral movement 4.2 / 5.0
adidas Performance Women’s Crazypower Textile/Synthetic Mesh Rubber Adjustable mesh midfoot panels give added upper support during workouts 4.3 / 5.0
Skechers Women’s Air Infinity Skech-Knit upper Synthetic Air cushion heel and Gel Infused Memory Foam insole 4.6 / 5.0
NOBULLTraining and Gym Shoes Synthetic mesh Rubber sole SuperFabric one-piece construction 4.5 / 5.0
ASICS Women’s GEL Fit Tempo 2 Synthetic leather/ mesh Rubber sole Removable insole and GEL Cushioning System 4.1 / 5.0
Nike Women’s Zoom Fit Synthetic mesh Rubber sole Perforated tongue and mesh upper for breathability 3.8 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Workout Shoes For Women

Why Wear Women’s Specific Workout Shoes

If the way you use your feet is important to successful completion of your chosen exercise routine, then you should wear shoes that help you to achieve your goals.

If you have to lift free weights, you want to feel secure in the knowledge that your feet won’t slip at the wrong moment. If you need to run, you want to know that your shoes will give you the support and cushioning you require.

Women’s workout shoes are those designed specifically for ladies to wear and enjoy the maximum protection and comfort level possible when exercising. Men and women’s feet are anatomically different. They’re not just different sizes, they also have a different ratio of foot size to height and facilitate a different walking gait.

The better women’s workout shoe manufacturers make workout shoes using different designs for men and women. Make sure that what you plan to put on your feet was designed especially with you in mind, not made for a small man.

If you wear women’s workout shoes that really fit your feet and make you feel comfortable, then this will help prevent injuries, like calluses and blisters. The best women’s workout shoes offer adequate shock absorption while remaining lightweight so that you don’t feel like you’re carrying around extra weights on your feet.

If your work means that you have to remain on your feet for long hours, and maybe walk around a lot, then you might find women’s workout shoes are actually better for your health and comfort than your regular work shoes.

Considerations for Women’s Workout Shoes

Women’s workout shoes are all composed of the same four parts:

  • Upper
  • Insole
  • Midsole
  • Outsole

The upper might be synthetic or leather. Various kinds of mesh are common in women’s workout shoes. A well designed shoe will have an upper that is breathable enough to keep your feet cool during exercises so that they don’t sweat too much and become uncomfortable.

Synthetic materials can be lighter than leather, so less tiring to wear. Mesh offers better ventilation than leather, so feet stay cooler for longer. For this reason, you’ll find that many women’s workout shoes feature mesh uppers.

Leather, on the other hand, is usually more durable than mesh. It’s also more water resistant. If you aim to include any cross country running in your exercise routine, then you might prefer your workout shoe upper to be made from leather.

Laces usually work best as a fastening mechanism in women’s workout shoes. It helps you achieve a snug fit for comfort. Lining inside your shoes will make them comfier to wear. A snug but not too tight fit is especially important to prevent calluses and blisters. A good fit may even help prevent you miss-stepping and falling.

You’ll find that the insole is very important. The best insoles in women’s workout shoes provide good support throughout the whole movement of your foot during your exercises. They also cushion your foot against the shock of impact when you’re running or jumping.

There are many proprietary footbeds that claim to offer great benefits for your feet. If your podiatrist has prescribed you an orthopedic insole, make sure that the women’s workout shoes you buy have removable insoles.

Most of the protection from the shock of impact that women’s workout shoes provide to your feet is found in the midsole. Sports shoe manufacturers have spent years researching and developing better midsoles to achieve the healthiest and most comfortable shoes possible.

The protective cushioning inside the midsole of women’s workout shoes may be provided by foam, air, or gel. The best shoes have mechanisms that transform the shock of impact into forward motion.

Some also have a shank which stiffens your shoes under the arches in order to ensure that your feet flex in the most ergonomically efficient way during running.

Most women’s workout shoes use a combination of well-designed grooves and good quality rubber to achieve the necessary grip and traction during your workouts. Outsoles also need the flexibility to allow freedom of natural movement when your foot is involved in your exercises.

Some grooves and additional structures on outsoles are provided for specific uses making those shoes better for certain kinds of exercise.

Note that manufacturers have very specific goals when designing each pair of women’s workout shoes. You need to think about what you most intend to do with your shoes before you buy them and then choose a pair best suited to that purpose.

Foot Type

First off, it’s essential that you know the “type” of feet you have. There are supinators, pronators, and those with neutral types of feet. Let’s take a look at each one so you can better determine yours.


You may also hear this type referred to as “underpronators”. What this means is that you’ll probably have high arches and will step and roll in an outward motion. You’ll want to look for extra-cushy shoes which can absorb shock well, and that come with soft midsoles and a lot of flex.


These are essentially the opposite of supinators, with either very low arches or flat feet, with feet that roll inward as you walk. The shoes you need will feature motion control or be made to stabilize you. Look for a pair with dense material, that doesn’t bend easily except for around the toe area.


This one lies somewhere in the middle of the previous two, providing you with a “normal” gait where your weight is evenly distributed over your foot. These are typically the easiest type of gait to buy for, but it’s not a rule. You’ll want to find a shoe which offers both cushion and stability.

Shoe Width

Most of us only refer to the length of the shoe when we’re picking out sizes, but it’s just as important to consider the width of the shoe. This goes double if you have wider or thinner feet than the “norm”.

Having shoes that are too tight can cause your feet to lose circulation and start to tingle or fall asleep, which is very unhealthy and dangerous. Having shoes that are too wide are going to make it harder to stay stable, letting your feet slide around inside the shoe.

If you’re unsure if you should go to a W or not, refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart.

FAQs About Gym Shoes

Q: How do I extend the life of my shoes?

A: Make sure you’re always undoing the laces of your shoes before putting them on, rather than stretching them. Regularly cleaning them, as well, can help ensure they last longer. Using a dry brush to remove any dirt and grime from the outside, and cleaning them with a mild cleaning solution of warm water and a bit of laundry detergent with have them like new.

Q: Does the surface you are working out on affect how long they last?

A: Definitely! If you’re going to be road running, they’re going to break down faster than if you’re just lifting weights on a gym floor. Keep in mind that the weight of the wearer is also going to affect how long they last.

Q: Is it normal to have your arches in pain after working out?

A: No, it’s not. You should check with your doctor first, as there’s a chance you have post-tibial tendonitis or plantar fasciitis. Getting a supportive shoe can greatly in healing plantar fascia, as well as properly stretching and massaging.

Q: What is EVA?

A: EVA stands for “ethylene vinyl acetate”, which is a polymer with little bubbles trapped inside the foam. This makes it much more lightweight than the rubber alternative, also providing better shock absorption and cushion! The downside to EVA, is that it can lose some of its rebound, becoming compressed after a while.

Tips For Gym Shoes

#1: Make sure every year or so you get a foot examination from a medical professional.
The reason why, aside from just general health, is because your feet can actually change as an adult! This will ensure you always have the most appropriate pair of shoes for you.

#2: You shouldn’t need to “break in” your shoes.
This is a common myth and can lead to even more discomfort in the long run. Your shoes should feel comfortable right away.

#3: Leave some space between the end of your longest toe, and the end of the shoe.
The space should be around 3/8” wide, or about the width of your thumb. Make sure that no part of the shoe is too tight and that there’s enough width and volume to comfortably and snugly fit your feet.

#4: Make sure to replace your shoes when necessary.
This doesn’t mean wait until they have holes in them or are falling apart! Many people wait until they absolutely cannot be worn any longer, and this isn’t the right way to go about it. Instead, you should be replacing them every 350-400 miles of use. That means, the more you run, the quicker you’ll have to replace them.


One of the reviewed pairs of women’s workout shoes should be perfect for your feet and the particular range of exercises you want to use them for. You are unique, and so are your feet.

Ensure that whichever shoes you buy are designed for the kind of purpose you intend to use them for. And make sure that they fit you properly. Too tight and you’ll chafe. Too loose and you’ll rub and may slip.

Your women’s workout shoes are an investment. Make sure that you get good value for your money. Check out the seven recommendations above and see if any of them suit your specific needs.

If not, hopefully reading about the features of each shoe will familiarize you with the terminology and what you need to look for in a good pair of shoes.

Remember. You exercise to improve your health, not damage your feet. Invest wisely in a good quality pair of women’s workout shoes.

I hope this guide was helpful for finding the best workout shoes for Women to fit your needs. If you want to comment or recommend a pair of shoes I didn’t include, please use my contact form to get in touch.


The Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Workout Shoes won the “Editors Choice” award with a combination of comfort, support and value.

User Rating: 2.4 ( 21 votes)

Best Aerobics Shoes For Women – Our Top 10 Jayshree Bhagat Hyderabd040-395603080 September 17, 2019

When we work out, the last thing on our mind are shoes! But the fact is what we wear can make or break our workout routine. Aerobic workouts like jogging, riding and cardio punching involve the rapid movements of legs. An ill fitting pair of shoes can not only make the whole exercise experience uncomfortable, but can even lead to injuries. During such exercises, you must wear a comfortable pair of shoes. There are a number of shoes available in the market, but here we have compiled a list of best aerobic shoes for women which will make your search easy.

Tips for Choosing Best Aerobic Shoes for Women:

  • Buy only if you feel comfortable wearing the selected shoes
  • Loose fitting and slippery shoes are not suitable for aerobic activities
  • Wear the shoes and walk a little to confirm its fit and comfort level
  • Aerobic shoes possess a better shock absorption and decent level of softening. Make sure that the shoes you are buying have these properties
  • The premium shoes have side-to-side signs like an arch design
  • Opt for a good pair of aerobic shoes that is from a leading company
  • Don’t choose running shoes. Yes, running shoes and aerobic shoes are two different things. Ask the shop helper to show you only aerobic shoes

Other things to keep in mind while buying aerobic shoes:

  • Shoe Pad:

It is also recognized as sock liner or insole. It is changeable and the foam that is present in the shoe gives support and helps it to fit better by giving shape to your foot. Check your shoes to see if the shoe pad provided is of good quality.

  • Outsole:

Sneaker treads or outsoles are of two types:

  1. Carbon rubber or a mixture of colorful puffed rubber and
  2. Black carbon rubber

Carbon rubber is more durable and can offer more traction, while blown rubber is softer and lighter having more flexibility and less weight.

  • Midsole:

It contains foam layer that gives moderating and care . Stability of this shoe is also much better.

  • Upper:

The top part gives style and comfort, but it is made from the material of leather and plastic.

Make sure you check all these components of the shoe before buying it.

10 Best Aerobic Shoes for Women:

Women who go to the gym indulge in various activities like cycling, yoga, dance, lift weights, kickboxing and workouts using a number of machines. Ideally, the best gym shoes for women should be able to support their feet. So, here are the 10 best aerobic shoes for women:

1. Nike Free Tr Fit 3:

Nike Free TR Fit 3 is the best women gym shoe for those who do a variety of exercises. Also, the Nike Free TR Fit 3 includes a net superior that bounces and supports the wearer’s ankle. The rubber shells give this shoe a great power with elasticity and support.

2. Puma Pumagility:

PUMA Pumagility is preferred by gym goers who participate in different exercises. This shoe structure has a breathable mesh upper, expanded foam choker, and a great fitting. It also helps in muscle activation while offering great style. Many fitness experts have also recommended this shoe, which comes at a really affordable price.

3. Under Armour Micro G Toxic Six:

The Under Armour Micro G Toxic Six is one of the topmost cross-trainers for women. It introduces a lightweight upper; elastic midsole and balanced laces. Furthermore, its foot bed is made of 4D foam that follows exactly the foot’s outlines to prevent slipping.

4. Rykä Influence:

The Rykä Influence is also a great cross-trainer, due to its breath-ability and steadiness. This shoe supports the foot and its upper design saves the foot from injuries. These shoes are best suited for dance classes and marathons. You can also use this as a travelling shoe.

5. Reebok:

It has a wetness coating and an extremely breathable structure with artificial mesh uppers to keep your feet cool, dry and relaxed. Reebok Train Tone Slim shoes have a flawless feel, works with the core, calves and courtyards for faster movements.

6. Merrell Lithe Glove:

Merrell Lithe Glove is a great option for pushing the foot muscles by giving great gear. It fits smoothly like a glove and is very useful for running, Zumba classes or climbing up a mountain.

7. New Balance 1010:

This women’s athletic shoe is also a running shoe. It possesses webbed upper provision and a lacing system. The New Balance Minimums has a 4 mm heel-to-toe bead for a relaxed fit.

8. Avia Avi-Finesse:

Avia Avi-Finesse shoes are a great option for the gym. It is lightweight and prevents the feet from shock. It contains mesh upper, as well as detachable soles for comfort and Dura-Ryd outsoles for extra grip.

9. Erke Gym:

This shoe maintains your body fitness and keeps it well-toned. It is also very useful for jogging. It is made from Microfiber and net materials, which gives it a very comfortable feel. These shoes have a raised sole, padded foot bed, lace pocket, and cushioned ankle–all to keep your feet comfortable.

10. K-Swiss Blade-Max Endure:

This is an athlete-engineered shoe with blade-max bear features, along with a breathable and helpful upper for good flow.

Adidas, Joma and Sketchers are few other brands that offer different types of aerobic shoes.

Put in some effort before you zero in on the pair you feel most comfortable with. With proper research you can have a pair of shoes, which will not only make working out easy, but will look super cool too!

Hope you will certainly take these tips to choose the best women aerobic shoes the next time you shop! Do leave us a word in the comment section below.

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The 25 Best Gym Shoes for Men

PUMA Carson Runner

You love the comfort of your favorite sweatshirt, so why not replicate it in your gym shoes? These PUMA Carson Runners are crafted from heather jersey, giving you that collegiate look, even if you’re 10 years out of college.

Purchase: $52

Nike Air Max 1 Essential

Nike Air Max is legendary among sneaker geeks, and the Air Max 1 Essential is no exception. It has the signature air sole for maximum cushioning, and the classic Nike swoosh to inspire you to just do one more set.

Purchase: $75

Reebok Furylite OG Red Rush

Featuring a low-cut design that enables you to move around the gym with ease, Reebok’s Furylite OG Red Rush is solid enough to take you through your workouts, but stylish enough to wear post-workout as well.

Purchase: $75

New Balance 574

Perhaps New Balance’s most iconic shoe, the 574 has been produced since they combined two of their best shoes together in 1988. And while it might look more like a lifestyle shoe than an athletic shoe, crafted out of a combination of suede and mesh and paired with an ultra-cushioned sole, it’ll quickly become your favorite shoe to work out in.

Purchase: $75

Reebok Ventilator Neon

You’re guaranteed to look fly on the treadmill with these 1990s throwback Reebok Ventilators, with oversized logos and neon accents.

Purchase: $75

Adidas Tubular Runner

A reintroduction of the popular 1993 version, the Adidas Tubular Runner features a, well, tubular outsole made out of EVA, taking its inspiration from an inflatable tire.

Purchase: $77

Reebok ZPump Fusion

Everyone remembers the classic Reebok pump from 1989 that was supposed to help you dunk baskets like Shaq. All these years later, you still might not be able to dunk like Shaq, but at least you can still don the pump with pride, by wearing the reimagined Reebok ZPump Fusion, which takes the pump from its original home on the tongue and puts it right on the side.

Purchase: $80

Nike Internationalist

Inspired by retro Nike running shoe styles, the Internationalist features a rugged waffle sole to ensure traction throughout whatever you’re doing. Pair that with the classic Nike swoosh, and you’ve got a classic shoe that’s up for anything.

Purchase: $85

Nike Air Pegasus 83

Similar to the Internationalist, the Nike Air Pegasus 83 features a rubber waffle sole to ensure that you’re sure-footed, and the mesh and suede upper allows for a good casual look that’s appropriate for the gym and for other weekend activities.

Purchase: $85

Reebok Les Mills ZCut

A collaboration between Les Mills and Reebok, the ZCut is a handsome shoe that looks like something a bit out of this world. Utilizing NanoWeb and Fit Frame technologies, the shoe is super comfortable and flexible, and the adjustable Velcro heel strap not only looks delightfully old school, but it ensures your shoes will fit like a glove.

Purchase: $90

Adidas ZX Flux

If you’re looking to stand out in the weight room, the Adidas ZX Flux will do that. Featuring colorful geometric designs on the compression-molded EVA sole, the shoe is eye-catching as it is reliable, with its stretchy mesh upper and Torsion System interior.

Purchase: $95

Adidas Climachill Cosmic Boost

If you’re the guy who simply hits the treadmill at the gym, the Adidas Climachill Cosmic Boost is the shoe for you. Crafted with Adidas’ bouncy Boost midsole and built-in Climachill technology, these shoes will keep you clocking miles on the treadmill for longer than you ever have.

Purchase: $98

Nike Air Huarache

These look less like gym shoes and more like moon shoes, but Nike Air Huaraches are a revamped version of the 1991 classic construction that everyone lusted after. And while these kicks feature a ton of accents that will look killer on the street, the neoprene and elastane construction, forefoot flex grooves, and phylon midsole will make these also perform well in the gym.

Purchase: $100

Adidas Los Angeles

Aping the design aesthetics of Adidas’ original LA Trainer, the Adidas Los Angeles takes everything that’s good about a walking shoe and everything that’s necessary in an athletic shoe and fuses them together.

Purchase: $100

Nike Roshe LD-1000

An update on the classic Nike shoe from the 1970s, the streamlined Nike Roshe LD-1000 has deep forefoot flex grooves for natural range of motion, a breathable mesh upper, and an Ortholite sockliner for a snug feel.

Purchase: $100

Nike Roshe One Fleece

An update of the update featured above, the Nike Roshe One Fleece is simple and clean, crafted out of fleece (which is all the rage nowadays), and has a waffle sole that is designed to look like stepping stones.

Purchase: $110

Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit

Nike’s Flyknit series introduces a breathable, ultra-light running shoe. The Free 4.0 Flynight is more cushioned and lower to the ground than other Flyknits, making it perfect for taking down miles on the treadmill when it’s too cold to run outside.

Purchase: $120

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Sweatshirt

Crafted from breathable sweatshirt material, New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Sweatshirt is the perfect weekend shoe—hit the gym, grab coffee, and head straight into relaxation mode.

Purchase: $120

Nike Air Presto Fleece

Another pair of sneaks made with breathable fleece, Nike Air Presto Fleece’s soft sweatshirt-material uppers pair well with its molded midfoot overlays. Its flex grooves provide natural range of motion, and also just look cool.

Purchase: $75

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra

Another update on the original sought-after Nike Air Max, the Nike Air Max 90 Ultra is almost a third lighter than its predecessor, while still featuring the signature Air-Sole heel that made the originals a “must have” buy in the early 90s.

Purchase: $130

Athletic Propulsion Labs Techloom Pro

Athletic Propulsion Labs is new to the sneaker scene, but their shoes are nothing less than incredible (they were actually banned by the NBA for giving players an unfair advantage). The Techloom Pro has a one-piece woven upper crafted to be ultra-breathable, as well as a super-cushioned interior and sole made with the company’s proprietary Propelium material.

Purchase: $140

Air Jordan Future Low

Air Jordans leapt onto the scene in 1984 and were one of the best-selling shoes in history. There have been a ton of iterations ever since the shoe’s 1980s debut, and the Air Jordan Future Low is one of the newest. Featuring a minimalist mesh upper with reflective coating and a sole crafted out of both translucent and solid rubber with a herringbone pattern, it’ll look good both on and off court.

Purchase: $145

Nike Air Max 95

The Nike Air Max 95 is an update of the original that was a hit with runners after its debut in 1995. Featuring the signature Air Max sole, the shoe has an innovative lacing system for a secure lockdown, which means you won’t have to hop off the treadmill to tie your shoe ever again.

Purchase: $160

Adidas Ultra Boost

The mega-lightweight Adidas Ultra Boost will feel like your favorite pair of running shoes from the first day you put them on, and the fact that they’re so light will make it even easier to convince yourself to grab your gym bag on the way out the door in the morning.

Purchase: $180

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350

Out of the partnership between Adidas and Kanye West comes the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350, which is an all-black, minimalist shoe featuring a funky ribbed sole, mesh uppers, and barely-there laces.

Purchase: $200+

Inside this article:

Many guys have made countless resolutions to eat healthier and get in better shape, but a critical component of that is finding a good pair of workout shoes to carry you there.

With so many choices out there, it can be hard sifting through all of the models to find the best gym shoes for men available on the market today.

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10 Highly Rated Men’s Gym Shoes

One of, if not the most important, piece of workout gear you need for a successful fitness journey. Having the right pair of shoes for the gym can even help prevent injury.

We tried and tested many over the years, we’ve taken other experiences, and scoured the market for the top ones for your consideration.

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Below is our comprehensive guide to some of the top training shoes available, so that you can find the right pair to meet your training and fitness needs.

#10 – Nike Men’s Flex 2015 Rn Running Shoe

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  • All rubber sole
  • Designed for improved breathability
  • Midfoot has extra support
  • Front is equipped with special internal bootie for greater grip on running surfaces
  • Asymmetrical design provides a better anatomical fit

Nike the company was founded by running enthusiasts, and the Flex 2015 Rn is another outstanding offering in this category.

With a wide variety of color choices available, the Flex 2015 Rn is equipped with a special internal bootie in the forefront for extra grip, while the midfoot has been reinforced for improved stability, making them a contender for the best gym shoes available today.

The Flex 2015 Rn also comes with an advanced Phylite articulated carrier throughout to provide form fitting cushioning for marathons and other long-distance jogs or runs.

#9 – Nike Jordan Men’s Jordan Eclipse Running Shoe

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  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Patented Air-Sole in the heel for unparalleled cushioning
  • Special outsole design improves flexibility and responsiveness
  • Thick rubber sole for increased longevity
  • Very comfortable and lightweight

The Eclipse is a uniquely stylish model of running shoes from Nike, destined to become any guy’s favorite pair of shoes for working out.

The special thick all rubber sole adds durability and improved comfort on a wide variety of surfaces, while the patented Air-Sole in the heel adds vital protection during longer runs.

Unique laser-cut herringbone pattern on the outsole allows for greater responsiveness, while the camouflaged mesh throughout improves breathability and moisture control.

#8 – Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordan Future Low

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  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • One-piece upper gives these shoes a unique look
  • Special lockdown laces offer improved security during even the most strenuous workouts
  • Camouflaged mesh design for unparalleled breathability
  • Special outsole design for increased responsiveness and maneuverability

Available in a wide variety of eye-catching colors and designs, these Nike gym shoes come with a special lockdown lace design for a snug and firm fit.

The slick looking one-piece upper gives the Future Low a unique low while simultaneously improving comfort.

Durable rubber sole allows for outstanding traction, while the mesh design offers superior breathability.

#7 – Nike Mens Jordan Flight Flex Trainer 2 Training Shoes

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  • Available in black, white or gym red
  • Special EVA foam liner makes the shoes extra comfortable
  • Interior midfoot strap adds extra stability and support
  • Custom outsole allows for more natural feeling maneuverability
  • Synthetic design with mesh for moisture control

The Flight Flex Trainer 2 comes with a special midfoot strap to add enhanced support to these Jordan gym shoes, while a laser cut outsole adds improved maneuverability.

Special asymmetrical stitching improves flexibility, while the synthetic mesh wicks away moisture.

Patented EVA foam liner makes the Flex Trainer 2 one of the most comfortable shoes on the market, with a hyperfused upper for outstanding breathability.

#6 – Gucci Men’s Lace Up Trainer with Interlocking G & Web Detail

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  • Made from black patent leather and real leather throughout
  • Come with an interlocking G design in one of three colors
  • Fashionable to wear even outside of the gym
  • Quality rubber sole for improved traction
  • Reinforced grommets for secure fit

From one of the premiere brands in men’s fashions, the Lace Up Trainers by Gucci, these gym shoes will add style and panache to your daily workout.

Made entirely from high-quality leather, the Gucci Trainers come with a durable rubber sole for improved traction.

Made in Italy, these are definitely not cheap gym shoes but a premium model designed for long-lasting durability as well as an unbeatable aesthetic.

#5- Adidas Performance Men’s Speed Trainer

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  • Available in a wide variety of styles and colors
  • Designed to minimize moisture even during strenuous workouts
  • Lightweight design for improved responsiveness
  • Patented sprintweb flexible interior cage for added support
  • Lightweight design

With a patented Ortholite sockliner to wick away sweat, the Speed Trainer from Adidas are some of the best shoes for the gym available today.

A special upper mesh and synthetic design also helps keep feet dry during strenuous workouts, while the responsive cushioning protects the midsole and heel from discomfort and injury.

With a unique multi-surface traction outsole, the Speed Trainers will never lose their grip on grass and other outdoor surfaces.

#4 – Otomix Weightlifting MMA & Grappling Shoe

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  • Comes in a number of styles and colors
  • Thin rubber sole allows for improved grip
  • Special ankle support for extra protection
  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Polyester and leather design for durability and comfort

Looking akin to boots worn by paratroopers or members of the SWAT team, the Otomix MMA & Grappling are some of the best shoes for gym workouts.

Extremely lightweight, the Otomix MMA is made from both real leather and synthetic materials for an ideal mix of durability and comfort.

Extra ankle support is critical for martial arts and MMA workouts, while the rubber sole offers maximum traction on a variety of surfaces.

#3 – Adidas Powerlift.2 Trainer Shoe

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  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Unique heel support design
  • All rubber sole for maximum stability on flat surfaces
  • Synthetic leather design for increased durability
  • Specially designed for weightlifting

The three stripes on the side of the Powerlift 2 Trainer don’t just represent the company’s logo, they also add increased support for the entire foot.

A special weight distribution plate in the sole makes the Powerlift 2 ideal shoes for the gym for men serious about weightlifting. Additional stability and balance is provided by a special die-cut wedge in the midsole.

#2 – Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoes

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  • Available only in gym red
  • 24mm polymer wedge in heel for maximum stability
  • Unique inset strap adds improved balance control
  • 4mm wedge in the forefoot for superior anchoring power
  • Engineered for serious weightlifters

With a patented Torsion System for improved stability, these Adidas gym shoes are designed for maximum balance control.

The heel is reinforced with a polymer wedge for unparalleled cushioning and support, while the PU-coated leather upper is equipped with mesh for breatheability.

A unique single instep strap adds even more stability to the heel and midsole, while the textile design offers improved durability.

#1 – PUMA Men’s Cell Surin Cross-Training Shoe

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  • Cushioned heel
  • Patented TPU shank for improved stability
  • Traction outsole for maximum grip on a variety of surfaces
  • Breathable mesh front and back for comfort
  • Stylish design

The Cell Surin, the latest offering from one of the leading manufacturers of sports apparel is a fantastic cross-training shoe with a special breathable mesh in front at the toe as well as at the heel.

The soles are rubber, with a special outsole for increased traction. The overall body of the shoe is synthetic for lasting durability and minimal weight, with extra cushioning at the heel for high-impact sports.

BONUS: Best Socks for Men’s Gym Shoes

A little bonus to go along with your shoes, below are three of the top socks choices we came across in our search for the best gym shoes.

Low Cut


Quarter Length

Enduro V-Tech Quarter

High Tops

Athletic Crew Socks

Beginners Guide to Choosing Gym Shoes

The pounding your feet take in the gym is no laughing matter; shielding them with some of the best gym shoes for men manifests itself as a must after you’ve become a regular gym rat.

As you’re about to learn by navigating our guide to men’s workout shoes below, our feet play a significant role in our exercise regimes.

A comfy pair of gym shoes can not only ensure that you feel good, but prevent injuries, gather compliments, and even help you with that last deadlift rep!

Why Is Investing in Good Gym Shoes Important?

It’s always good practice to question anything, before investing your pesos in it. It should then be no different when it comes to choosing the best pair of gym shoes for men.

After all, those resilient and durable shoes you’ve been wearing since your freshman year of college still seem to do the job! But is it really that simple? Does anything else come into play when buying shoes for working out?

Yes. Whatever your workout routine may be, whether you’re out running, playing sports, or in the gym pumping iron, having a quality pair of workout shoes is a must!

Our Feet Are Biologically Complex

Look at it this way, each one of your feet has 33 joints, 100 tendons, ligaments, and muscles; as well as a total of 26 bones. It’s not hard, therefore, to imagine the amount of things that can and do go wrong.

A big culprit when it comes to foot injuries are improper shoes! Along with old age and being obese/overweight. However, the most controllable of the three, is wearing the right gym shoes for working out.

Increase Form and Decrease Injury

By investing in a quality pair of gym shoes for men, you’ll decrease your chances of suffering from annoying foot related problems, such as: bunions, plantar warts, ankle sprain, corns and calluses.

As you can see, unless those college days gym shoes are still holding their own, and were designed for working out; it’s probably a good idea to give one of the shoes on our list a look.

The Different Types of Gym Shoes for Men

If you’ve ever visited your friendly neighborhood Foot Locker, taken a stroll through a Nike Store, or hung around’s shoe selection; you probably understand the extent and variety of the shoe styles out there.

When it comes to choosing the best shoes for workout purposes, the selection is narrowed down somewhat, but is still pretty extensive. We tried to consolidate the types of best workout shoes for men into the seven categories below.

Weightlifting Shoes

These type of shoes can take a beating in the gym, and are happily designed to do so. Deadlifts are their best friend, lifting shoes welcome this and other weight demanding exercise and are properly equipped with ankle stability design.

Running Shoes

Joggers, long distance runners, and lightweight walking types will appreciate this workout shoe for its built in shock absorbents. Running very short distances here and there can be achieved even in dress shoes, but doing so regularly and for prolonged periods requires a quality pair of running shoes.

Jumping/Basketball Shoes

Who knows what would happen to the NBA players who choose not to wear basketball shoes when in-game or while practicing, someone should do a study on that.

Basketball and other workouts that demand jumping (such as box jumping in Crossfit), require a high top thick-soled workout shoe.

The extra thickness of the sole and the high top give us extra protection and help prevent ankle and other foot injuries that are easily caused by jumping barefoot or with the wrong pair of gym shoes.

Aerobic Shoes

Another lightweight, shock absorbing type of workout shoes for men are aerobic shoes. They help cushion the ball of our foot, and serve us well when it comes to preventing foot fatigue.

Tennis Shoes

Ever watch Novak Djokovic (world’s #1 tennis player) serve his opponents a loss? During the match he twists and turns from side-to-side, generating countless quick foot movements.

Novak has not suffered any serious foot injurious as of yet, and aside from his brilliance, it’s probably due to a good pair of Tennis shoes. Which are designed with flexible soles to handle and protect the feet during swift side-to-side foot action.

Cross Training Shoes

The best cross training shoes are designed to bring it all together. The purpose of these shoes is to serve you workout routine via their versatility.

They’ll allow you to hit the free weights, do some jumping jacks or jump rope, and finish it all off with a run around the gym track. If your exercise routine is versatile, or you play a few sports simultaneously, consider adding some cross training shoes for men to your gym bag.

How to Tell if You’re in Need of a New Pair

Examining a Workout Shoe to See if it’s Time Is Up

  • Running shoes should be replaced after roughly 350-500 miles
  • Don’t rely on wear and tear from the bottom treads of your shoes
  • Examine mid-sole of your workout shoe for excessive creasing
  • Look closely at the areas that absorb the most shock
  • Perform a compression test by pressing the shoe bottom

You know the old saying, “try and try again, until you succeed!” We in the world of bodybuilding embrace failures on our journey through fitness. It gives us motivation to push ourselves and overcome any obstacles in our way.

But when our gym shoes are in question, however, the last thing we want to experience is failure. When we break down our muscles by pushing them their last rep, we expect them to recover bigger and stronger; but such is not the case with men’s gym shoes.

When our shoes for working out fail us, that’s either the end of them, or a an injury for us; in which case it should also be the end of them.

So to answer the question of typically how long the best men’s gym shoes last, is to understand the durability and lifespan of workout shoes themselves, and how to subsequently realize when your fitness regimen has pushed them to their expiration.

In summary, the life of your fitness shoes depends on the intensity of your workouts. The amount of force you exert on your shoes material, the quality of the shoe to begin with, and the amounts you use them for at a time, are all relative to how long they will last you.

How to Properly Wash Your Workout Shoes

You’re probably just like us and wouldn’t dare to place your shoes for working out among the everyday shoes on the shoe rack.

You most likely toss them in the garage, leave them in the car trunk (just don’t!), or let them air dry on the balcony.

Well, we’re certainly glad you found your way to our neck of the woods, because we’ve got some secrets to cleaning you gym shoes we’d like to share.

Let’s take a look at how to make the gym shoes for men sparkle, shall we?

Prepping them for cleaning

  • Remove the laces
  • If insole is removable, take it our as well
  • Pull the tongue outward to make room for insole removal, if needed
  • Wash laces in soapy and warm water, hang dry

Cleaning the insole of the shoes

  • Check what the manufacturer suggests first, otherwise:
  • Use a heatproof bowl, fill it with 1/3 hot water and 2/3 vinegar
  • Soak the insoles and let them sit for a couple of hours
  • Separately, boil 4 cups of water in a pot
    • then, to ensure that the stinky odor is subdued
    • add some salt (1/8 of a cup) and baking soda (1/2 of a cup)
    • add some drops of either lavender oil or tea tree
    • soak the men’s gym shoe insoles for about 1 hour in this
  • Hang dry, but in a relatively sunless warm area (away from sunlight)
  • Insoles are now ready to be placed back in the workout shoes, but first

Cleaning the inside via a homemade paste

  • Easy to make paste will kill that nasty unbearable shoe odor
  • Mix into paste: water, liquid detergent, and a splash of baking soda
  • Arts and crafts time: cover the inside of the shoe with the paste
  • Let the workout shoes sit for approximately 15 minutes
  • Hand wash the shoes, thoroughly (put some elbow grease into it!)
  • Don’t let any paste linger on as you’re washing them
  • Let the shoes air dry and take a sip of your favorite beverage

Pro Tip: Spraying the inside of the shoe with a fabric deodorizer will probably remove the stinky smell; but it be as effective at removing the potentially skin harming bacteria residing inside that causes the smell in the first place. Scrub your shoes instead!

Cleaning the outside of your shoes

  • Check the label and make sure that the material is washable to begin with
    • leather gym shoes for example need some extra loving and different washing
  • Prepare a mixture of water and soap, and a clean towel or cloth
  • Wash the outside of the gym shoes with the solution thoroughly
  • Devote extra attention to the most dirty and stubborn areas
  • If WHITE shoes are persistently dirty and just won’t budge
    • pour a little bleach, enough to dampen a clean towel or cloth
    • wipe the white workout shoes with dampened cloth
    • let sit for a few minutes, then carefully wash off
  • Finally, air dry the shoes in a warm area with no direct sunlight
  • Put the insoles and laces back in, check for anything you may have missed
  • Put on “So Fresh and So Clean“ by Outkast. Hit the gym!

Pro Tip: In order for your fabric gym shoes for men to maintain their shape as you put them through this rigorous washing, stuff them with some paper after you’ve washed them; prior to putting them out to dry.

How to Tie Your Gym Shoes the Right Way

We promise we’re not being facetious! Think back for a second on the amount of times you’ve had to pause your workout, bend down and tie your shoe.

Improperly tied workout shoes can be as annoying and sometimes dangerous as well. Luckily, there’s a lifehack for that!

Take a look at the video below by Dr. Jenny Sanders of the Financial District Foot and Ankle Center, in which she explains the proper gym shoe tying technique.

No need for double knots, there’s a more effective way. It’s as simple as changing the way you loop your bunny ear when tying your shoes!

Take a look at the proper shoe lacing technique:

Properly lacing your workout shoes will ensure optimal performance and minimize the occurrence of common foot injuries and irritations.

Can I Wear Them Outside the Gym?

You may think that with all the benefits of wearing gym shoes out there, this would be a no-brainer.

But we’re here to tell you that, generally speaking, shoes for working out should be used for just that, working out.

Now, can you wear your mens gym shoes out and about as you please? Absolutely! Should you? Only if you must.

Especially if you haven’t properly washed them recently for a good while; it is socially not ok to bring that stench along with you to any occasion but the gym or when working out.

This can be a tough one for most people, heck even us here at GymVentures!

Because the best gym shoes for men are often so darn comfy and stylish; we often have to remind ourselves of what we put them through, and opt instead to carry a pair of just as comfy pair of sneakers or loafers as backup.

What to Look for in a Good Pair of Men’s Gym Shoes?

Because our shoes have a significant impact on our fitness goals, such as strength training, force output, and bio mechanics; it’s safe to say they carry a lot of weight when we workout, literally!

There’s more to choosing good gym shoes than making sure they match with your favorite gym clothes.

General Tips for Choosing the Best Gym Shoes for Men

  • Use the shoe for what it was designed for and not everything
  • Know your feet inside out, examine your foot shape
  • Adult foot size changes too, measure your feet frequently
  • Feet expand and swell, try on shoes when your feet are swollen
  • Try the shoes on with the socks you plan to wear, if you can
  • No such thing as breaking shoes in, it’s a common workout myth!
  • Big toe and top of shoe should be about a “thumbs width” apart
  • Understand the type of shoes you are looking at and its intent
  • Don’t pay too much for a luxury brand, choose quality and value

Let’s take a look at some of the more important things to keep in mind when choosing some of the top gym shoes for men.

Choosing Men’s Weightlifting Shoes

When it comes to hitting the weights, our feet prefer to have shoes with a flat and firm grip on the ground.

Extremely important when doing heavy strength training exercises like deadlifting, proper Olympic weightlifting shoes will ensure good form and a stance with a safe grip.

Flat-soled gym shoes for men or barefoot running types are superior to the thick-soled, high-tech running shoes when it comes to pumping iron in a safe and effective way.

Choosing Strength Training & Cardio Shoes

Both strength training exercises and the dreaded (by many) cardio routine require some good gym shoes to complement the effort you’re putting in.

These exercise routines typically involve a good amount of jumping, quick side-to-side foot action, twisting and turning. Thus, investing in a pair of workout shoes that have a good amount of cushioning in their design is key.

Shoes that have a ample room in the toe box area will also serve you well in strength and cardio training as it will give your feet the freedom to adjust as you’re doing all those sharp moves.

A good choice for this category would be a minimalist cross-trainer type of shoes for working out; one with ample arch and ankle support, but not bulky and not too heavy, so your feet can be light and cool.

Choosing Treadmill and Running Shoes

“And I ran, I ran so far away!” So goes the classic song by a band called A Flock of Seagulls, which is a great song to listen to while running or working out.

Speaking of music, check out our list of the Best Headphones for the Gym where you’re bound to find some quality wireless gym headphones, and learn about the benefits of music in the gym.

Back on topic, right! If you’re an avid runner or put your time in on the treadmill every gym visit, then investing in some good running shoes for working out should be on your agenda.

Running, whether on the treadmill, on the track, or out in the open; requires a lot of shock absorption as you are constantly landing on one foot or the other.

Finding a running shoe is a little more involved, however, than finding gym shoes for the previous two categories.

The best workout shoes for running purposes should take into account the following: feet type, running distance, previous and/or current injuries, foot size, pronation, and instep height; among other parameters.

Because of their involved nature, keep this in mind when deciding on the best running shoes:

  • Overall feel and fit on YOUR feet
  • Your feet change in size during the day
  • Your feet change in size during long distance running
  • There is no such thing as “breaking them in”
  • Choose based on how they feel, not who recommended them

Running Off

We hope your knowledge on the gym shoes for men available to you has increase by the time you got to this portion of this workout shoe guide.

Keep in mind that choosing the best gym shoes for you is the key, shoes can be marketed and sold in many different ways to many different people, but if they don’t feel right on YOUR feet, than something just ain’t right.

Invest the time and money into a quality pair of shoes for working out and you’ll reap dividends by putting them to a test and watching them continuously take the beating without so much as of a complaint!

Best Athletic Shoes for Women in 2018

When talking about women athletes, the span of possible sports and activities is endless. As a result, the type of shoes available is, too. From cross trainers to running shoes, finding the right choice for an individual’s needs be a challenge. All shoes claim to be the best but can they deliver? Do they support, cushioning, stability and endurance? What does any runner, crossfitter, or triathlete need on a daily basis for foot care?

WebMD has some tips about finding the right athletic shoes for women and making them last. First, one shoe does not have to fit all tasks. Sometimes multiple shoes are needed to train properly. Next, know your foot. Study where your previous shoes are most worn then look for shoes that provide protection where it is needed. Knowing if you over or under pronate is essential to finding the support you need for your best performance. Other suggestions from the article include: -Shopping for shoes at the end of the day when your feet are swollen so the shoes will fit the largest version of your foot. -Taking the socks you wear during your WOD shopping with you to ensure the correct fit when trying on shoes. -Understanding the technology of the shoe so someone with weak ankles does not wear springing shoes that could lead to injury or so that someone with heel pain gets the shock absorption needed. -Finally, knowing when to replace a shoe is important in maintaining the support and comfort needed for the continued stress placed on the foot.

Top 10 The Best Athletic Shoes for Women

Here is a summary of some of the best athletic shoes for women. The list includes both running shoes and cross trainers in order to cover the variety of needs of all female athletes.

1.Reebok Women’s R Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe

Reebok’s lightest and strongest Nano yet, the 5.0 has a combination of technologies that puts it among the best athletic shoes for women. The upper is mesh infused with Kevlar for protection and durability. With high shock absorption and cushioning from the CMEVA compression molded foam, athletic women will enjoy their WOD or long runs without pain. The raised outsole lug pattern improves traction and the 3mm heel-to-toe drops increase stability. This Nano also provides a long lasting durability to keep you on your feet and going strong.

2. ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 21 Running Shoe

With twenty-one years of practice, the Kayano 21 provides support and stability that puts it a step above most other women’s athletic shoes. The gender specific cushioning provides comfort where needed while the heel clutching system holds the foot in place. The Ortholite X-40 sockliner allows breathability and minimum moisture as well as providing antimicrobial care to avoid fungus and odor. The guidance line flex grooves allow free movement without sacrificing support or control which enhances the FluidRide cushioning that assists with avoiding over pronation. The Kayano 21 is one of the longest athletic shoes for women for a good reason.

3. Nike Women’s Flex Supreme TR 6 Cross Trainer

The soft phylon core midsole creates a responsive cushioning so it contours to your foot with each step, ranking this shoe one of the best athletic shoes for women. The mesh upper is supported by an inner bootie that provides a snug fit while the flex grooves allow normal motion and movement. Reviewers describe this athletic shoe as very comfortable whether completing the WOD or on your feet working. The light weight and durability makes them a product that lasts and enables the athlete to focus her energy on the workout and not her feet.

4. Adidas Performance Women’s Galaxy Elite W Running Shoe

Adidas steps up to the plate, weight or ball with their Galaxy Elite shoe. The thermo plastic polyurethane cages helps with transitions and provides a supportive fit for athletes while the adiPRENE+ cushioning provides a comfortable run. The forefoot is propelled by the molded EVA midsole with adiPrene+ insert, producing efficiency and conserving energy. This best athletic shoe for women features an open mesh upper with non-marking rubber outsole. Reviewers warn the soles are firm but comfortable for those that need firmness. They also describe a wide toe area but most said it is beneficial to their feet.

5. Skechers Sport Women’s Skech Air Cross Trainer Sneakers

Skech Air’s begin their comfort with memory foam in the footbed and follow up with Skech-Air cushioning pods for the feeling of walking on air. The breathable mesh upper keeps the foot cool and dry during the WOD. This lace up shoe has a soft fabric liner to increase the comfort. The midsole is designed to reduce the impact on the foot while wearing in order to decrease chances of injury. The Skech Air further features a high-traction, non-marking rubber outsole to complete one of the best athletic shoes for females.

6. New Balance Women’s 711V3 Mesh Cross-Training Shoe

The CUSH+ technology in the midsole and heel crash pad which offer shock absorption are just the beginning of what puts this shoe among the best athletic shoes for women. The breathable mesh and synthetic upper provides support and the forefoot flex grooves provides normal ranges in movement. Rounding out the cross trainer is a rolled heel that encourages an easier foot strike and a heel pillow to intensify the feel of the already comfortable shoe.

7. Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 5 Training Shoe

Nike makes their second appearance on the best athletic shoes for women list with the Flex Trainer 5. The synthetic and mesh upper proves to have moisture control and breathability while keeping the weight low. The Pylon midsole continues the lightweight tradition but still produces the cushioning necessary for the WOD. The multidirectional flex grooves allow flexibility specific to your workout while the minimal rubber pods and Phylon outsoles keep the foot steady on various terrains.

8. Asics Women’s GEL-Noosa Tri 9 GR Running Shoe

For the more expressive female athlete, one of the best athletic shoes for women – Asics Noosa provides a plethora of color, design and innovation. Specifically targeting triathletes, the seamless open mesh upper and elastic easy-on laces provide comfort, continued air flow and moisture protection. The DuroMax Support System and Guidance Line flex grooves insure support during natural movements. The perforated sockliner makes drainage after swimming easy as the Wet Grip outsole enables traction even on wet surfaces. Lastly, for those training at all hours, this athletic shoe has the added protection of glow-in-the-dark print. This concludes our Best Athletic Shoes for Women in 2018 list.

Shoes to workout in

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