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Every woman knows the importance of a good supportive bra, and JCPenney has a great selection of Warner’s bras. Look for wireless, full coverage, push-up, T-shirt, and contour bras in average and full-figure sizes. Cup sizes available run from A to DDD, so you can find one that fits you. Your style starts here with a Warner’s bra from JCPenney.

Wireless Bras

Find your new Warner’s wireless bras in the JCPenney collection. Look for several styles of Warner’s contour bras in a variety of shades to look great under clothing. Wireless bras are generally more comfortable than underwire and make everything simpler. Take it easy in the Lace Escape bra from Warner’s, available in pretty pastel hues. Dress for success from the very first layer and avoid the irritation of underwire with Warner’s wireless bras from JCPenney.

Full Coverage Bras

Feel “locked and loaded” in a shapely Warner’s full coverage bra from the JCPenney collection. Full coverage bras create smooth lines which look sleek and elegant under any type of clothing. With styles available in underwire or wireless fashions and a variety of shades you can be sure to find a full coverage bra that will fit your shape needs. Full coverage contour bras look great under T-shirts and most clothing choices. Look for different strap styles to complement the cut of your favorite outfit, or find one with lace detail for an extra touch of style.

Push-up Bras

JCPenney’s collection of Warner’s bras includes push-up styles to give your shape an extra lift. Find a push-up bra in several different shades to create the look you love in comfort. Look for underwire or wireless styles from Warner’s to find your perfect fit and help you look your absolute best. JCPenney has a selection of Warner’s bras available so you can find one that only improves and enhances what you already have.

Strapless Bras

Browse the collection of Warner’s bras at JCPenney to find strapless and convertible bras to wear under your most daring clothing styles. With several different shades available, you can confidently wear a strapless or convertible bra with virtually any outfit. JCPenney’s collection of Warner’s bras has a bra to suit any occasion. Find a strapless bra at JCPenney and find your elegance right here.

Bras for Every Body

Warner’s bras from JCPenney are available in several different shades so you can find one that will blend best under your chosen outfit or with your skin tone. Available in average as well as full-figure styles, there is a bra to fit almost any shape. Check out the selection of different bra styles to find one that suits you best, and step out feeling fashionably confident.

Warner’s Panties and Underwear for All-Day Coziness

Tired of uncomfortable and irritating underwear? Do those ugly panty lines have you down? Look to getting some Warner’s panties for a nice change! Enjoy the effortlessly comfortable microfiber fabric of Without a Stitch briefs. Microfiber is breathable and on top of that, it doesn’t fade fast. You can’t go wrong with the sleek feel and look of Warner’s No Pinch, No Problem high-cut panties, eliminating annoying muffin tops while providing unbeatable tag less comfort. No Wedgies, No Worries says it all. These hipster panties won’t ride up on you as you go throughout your day.

Whether you’re looking for the absolute best in comfort, appearance or a combination of the two, there’s a perfect pair of Warner’s panties and Warner’s underwear for you! Shop high cut, hipsters, briefs, boy shorts, bikini, and more in the women’s department.


Look for a bra with “light lift” or a push up. These bras have padding on the bottom or side of the cup that lift the breasts to fill the cup. A fuller-busted woman wearing the same bra will have a more dramatic cleavage display.

You’re likely wearing an incorrect cup size. Try the next cup size up. A good check would be to try your bra on under a snug t-shirt. If your breast tissue isn’t contained to your bra and it’s apparent under the shirt, you have chosen the incorrect cup size.

The bra you’re wearing may be too small or too large around the band. Your bra should always sit horizontally around your body. Use a measuring tape to find your correct size under your arms, across your back and top portion of your chest. If the number is even, this is your band size. If the number is odd, add 1 inch to that to get your true band size.

If you are “shallow in the bust” and you experience an open, hollow area inside your bra where the strap attaches to the cup, choose a bra with a pared-down style, such as a Demi. If you have a full, rounded bust, choose a full-coverage bra that ill contain your entire bust without any “double-bubble” effect.

This is so not true! A strapless bra is designed very much like a bra with straps. Your bust should comfortably and straight across your back. You can always adjust the bra with the “back-close” feature using one of the three adjustments for a more snugly fit.

  • Is the gore, the center part of the bra, flat against your body?
  • Do the breasts have a natural separation?
  • Are they contained without any spillage?
  • Does the band remain horizontal around the body without riding up?

When wearing a white shirt, avoid wearing a white bra– pick a neutral or a flesh-colored bra.

Known for their exceptional quality and fit, Warner’s bras have been catering to modern women since 1902. More than 100 years later, Warner’s bras offer many different styles for women to fill their lingerie drawers with. Embodying sophistication, passion and elegance, every bra utilizes superior workmanship, special attention to detail, and the latest technology.

There’s a style designed to fit every woman, satisfying the needs of their varied wardrobes and personalities. Overall, Warner’s bras have a conventional fit, ranging from full coverage that shapes and supports the bust to seamless bras that offer hidden support with smooth cups that stretch with your body. Every woman will find one that provides maximum comfort.

Warner’s bras offer several innovative technological breakthroughs in bras, such as the development of stretch-to-fit wire-free cups that combine the soft support of a day bra and the romantic look of lacy lingerie. Select styles have an innovative invisible center attachment and one-of-a-kind X-shaped hardware. Or, try the Warner’s bras with the unique wire-free hidden inner support. This company is constantly looking for new styles and designs to provide what women really want.

Full Coverage Warner’s Bras

The full coverage Warner’s bras function as all-purpose everyday wardrobe staples that shape and define your natural curves. Offering something for every lifestyle, these full coverage bras are available with soft, two-ply molded cups or flirty sheer seamless cups. Try a Warner’s bra like the Fit To Be Tried Hidden Powers Wire-Free Bra, which was featured in InStyle magazine as being a great find for women who are smaller busted and like it. The following styles are available in full coverage:

  • Elements of Bliss
  • Fit To Be Tried Super Cross
  • Wire-Free Friday’s
  • Ice Flowers Wire-Free

Seamless Warner’s Bras

The selection of seamless Warner’s bras offers hidden support with smooth, seamless cups that stretch for your body. If you’re looking for a classic, glamorous style with a deep neckline, go for the Satin Tuxedo Wire-Free Contour Bra. Or, create a lovely silhouette with the Shine-On Contour Wire-Free Bra. Seamless Warner’s bras are available in the following styles:

  • TrueFit Tailored
  • Satin Tuxedo Contour
  • TrueFit Daisy Jacquard
  • Elements of Bliss

Choose from many Warner’s bras in assorted colors and with a variety of luxe fashion details– there are perfect styles for when you want to wear a basic bra in classic white or when you want a little something extra. Of course, Warner’s bras are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit every shape, body type and lifestyle. Shop for Warner’s bras and get free shipping on domestic orders.

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