It’s almost Christmas, which can mean only one thing – time to raise a glass with your favourite tipple! But when you’re trying to cut down on the calories, sipping on your favourite drink won’t do your waistline any favours. With some glasses of wine and spirits equating to nearly 300 calories – that’s the equivalent of a cheeseburger – a few glasses on a Friday night can push your diet into disarray.

Cutting out the booze is your best bet when you’re trying to lose some weight. But for those (like us) who have zero willpower when it comes to weekend cocktail hour, these are the best low-calorie alternatives to order, that won’t derail your diet plan. You are welcome.



Some wines can contain up to almost 300 calories per large glass so if you can, order small glasses instead, which will significantly lower your calorie intake. Alternatively, if you’re dining at home, opt for a low-calorie wine – here are our favourites.


A glass of fizz is slightly lower in calories than still wine. Usually around 80 calories per glass. What better reason to bring out the bubbly?


Surprisingly, half a pint of beer contains just 82 calories, but if you fancy a whole pint, perhaps order a light option instead.


Containing just 97 calories per 50ml serving, this British classic is perfect if you’re calorie counting. Most clear spirits are a good option as they contain less sugar than their darker counterparts like dark rum and whiskey.


A vodka with soda and lime will clock up just 76 calories. Or for the more discerning spirit drinker, simply add a dash of Tabasco and a few olives – cutting out mixers will reduce your calorie intake.


Tequila is made using agave, which means it’s naturally sweet, so a dash of soda and lime will make this Mexican tangy tipple a refreshing option that’s also low in calories. Tequila usually contains around 64-69 calories per 25ml shot.


A refreshing mojito is packed with mint, lime and soda, and although it’s made using sugar, the rest of the ingredients are very diet friendly (and you can always ask the bartender to use less sugar). A double shot of rum is only 100 calories, so with a little less sugar, a mojito won’t make too much of a dent in your diet plan.


Of course Carrie Bradshaw’s favourite cocktail had to be one that’s light on the calories. A traditionally made version contains vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lime and should only equate to about 99 calories.

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Skinny Vodka Party Punch is a healthier alternative to a summer drink! This easy punch recipe has just two ingredients and it’s refreshing with berries and lime flavor.

If you’re looking for a traditional vodka party punch that has less calories and sugar, my skinny version is the one you need to make all summer long.


I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for a month now and I’m really loving it. (As a reminder: IF is when you only eat during certain hours and fast for others. I fast for 16, eat for 8 most days and sometimes do 18/6). During my window I’m trying to avoid sugar, carbs, and alcohol as much as possible. I’m getting better at skipping dessert and nightly wine, carbs is harder although I’m passing on bread in lieu of rice or whole wheat pasta once in awhile.

Come Friday night, however, I want a cocktail. I love wine (SO MUCH) but it is loaded with carbs. Same goes for when we entertain: I want a drink and it’s usually wine. I’m trying to train myself to only have 1-2 glasses OR drink a vodka cocktail instead (vodka has fewer carbs than white wine).

Last weekend we hosted our first summer pool party. Normally I make some sort of vodka punch for every party. If you didn’t know, vodka party punch is my jam and you can find all sorts of. versions on this website: orange, fruity, lemon lime. Most of those cocktails, even if I use club soda, have some sort of juice in them. I’m not completely anti-juice but I really want to save my calories for food (and, well, the vodka itself).

So, long story short, when trying to make a new punch recipe for our BBQ, I decided to make a Skinny Vodka Party Punch. It was a HIT – I ended up having to make a second batch AND everyone raved about how refreshing it was.

Skinny vodka party punch is a simple and refreshing summer cocktail recipe that’s lower in carbs but not in flavor!

I also love how pretty these photos are. The blue and red berries just POP with color and makes this also a great drink for any 4th of July party too!

Now, I know you’re going to say: Dorothy, it’s just basically a vodka soda. And yes, that’s right. It is a vodka soda punch…but it’s prettier, tastier, and less boring.

How many times have you been out with friends or somewhere at a bar and everyone is ordering cosmos and fun cocktail recipes and you’re like “Vodka soda with lime” and feel like gah, sooooo boring? Believe me, I’ve been there. Even drinking them is boring – there’s no flavor!

This easy party punch recipe has tons of flavor because of the fruit and lime and mint. Those same flavors make it a refreshing cocktail too!

You can make this alcoholic party punch for a crowd and no one will realize it’s just a boring old vodka soda!

Mix no carb soda with low carb vodka

Basically that’s all you have to do. There are officially two ingredients in this recipe:

  • Vodka (use your favorite brand but do yourself a favor and buy mid-range or higher)
  • Club Soda

You can also use seltzer, sparkling water, flavored sparkling water, or tonic water in this recipe (although tonic water has carbs and sugar).

Then, get mixing with fruit to make it fun and delicious!

Since it’s summer and almost time for the 4th of July, I chose to add berries and lime. No matter what, I’d always add lime because lime goes so well with a vodka soda.

Fruits that go with vodka soda

  • Pineapple – I love a splash of pineapple juice in my vodka sodas!
  • Cranberry
  • Lemon and lime
  • Watermelon
  • Cherry
  • Mango

Use what you have and enjoy. Use frozen fruit to keep the punch cold.

I like to add the fruit and let it soak for a few hours in the refrigerator before serving so the cocktail absorbs the flavors, like sangria does.

If you’re making this ahead of time you have two options:

  1. Add the fruit to the vodka and let it sit, then add the cold soda before serving.
  2. Mix it all and cover it tightly so that the soda doesn’t loose the carbination.

You could also make this into a low carb rum drink by making it a rum and soda (use white rum or coconut rum). Mix it up to make it your own with your favorite flavors!

Party punch recipes for summer:

  • Margarita Party Punch
  • Lemon Lime Vodka Party Punch
  • Fruity Vodka Party Punch
  • Rosé Party Punch
  • Get all my Party Punch recipes here!

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Skinny Vodka Party Punch

Skinny Vodka Party Punch is a healthier alternative to a summer drink! This easy punch recipe has just two ingredients and it’s refreshing with berries and lime flavor. 5 from 1 vote Prep Time 5 minutes Total Time 5 minutes Yield 8 servings Serving Size 1 serving Save Recipe Leave a Review

  • 1 liter club soda cold
  • 1 cup vodka
  • 2 limes sliced
  • Assorted berries
  • Mint for garnish
  • Place vodka and club soda in a pitcher. Add limes and berries.
  • Serve over ice with a garnish of mint.
  • To make ahead of time: add vodka and berries to a pitcher. Chill until ready to serve, top off with soda.

Nutrition Information

Serving: 1serving | Calories: 74kcal | Carbohydrates: 2g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 27mg | Potassium: 17mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 10IU | Vitamin C: 4.9mg | Calcium: 12mg | Iron: 0.1mg

Nutritional information not guaranteed to be accurate

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Published on: June 7, 2019

If you just can’t avoid alcohol then these Low Calorie Cocktails are just what you need. Perfect for those odd occasions when you’re out with the girls.

When searching for the ideal alcoholic beverage to have when you’re watching your weight your best bet is to go for spirit and low calorie mixers. Where the only calories you’re consuming is coming from the alcohol itself.

Below are some of our favorite low calorie cocktails that still manage to taste great.

1. Blueberry Mint fiz

Practically the only calories are from the Vodka at roughly 97 calories. Get the full recipe here at

2. Skinny White Wine Cocktail

This is made with just strawberries, white wine, a lime seltzer and a lime. Nice and refreshing. Get the full recipe here at

3. Watermelon Margarita

Using the juice of fruit only and Tequila this is a low calorie take on the popular Margarita. They do use sugar syrup but its not much. Get the recipe here at

4. Vodka Lime Club Soda

A simple Vodka and Lime Soda. Perfect for a hot summer’s day. An easy way to get merry. Get the recipe here at

5. Grapefruit and basil gin and tonic

A different take on the traditional Gin and tonic which by the way is a great low calorie drink in itself. Get the full recipe here at

Want more skinny cocktail recipes?

Get 10 more Low Calorie Skinny Cocktails here just enter your name and email address.

6. Skinny Paloma

Club soda, Tequila, Grapefruit and Lime! This is such a lovely cocktail if you like grapefruit. Get the recipe here at

7. Skinny rum and coke

Keep it simple with a good old fashioned rum and coke but switch out the coke for diet coke. Make it with 1 shot of dark rum in a glass with ice and top with diet coke then add a fresh lime.

Champagne, cava and prosecco

Champagne and Cava have about 90 calories per 4oz. flute which is less than all of these cocktails, similarly good old prosecco has just 80 calories. I think it’s time to celebrate!

When there are occasions when you just need to drink alcohol, now you know exactly what’s best to have so you don’t stray to far from your body goals.

We hope you enjoyed this post and remember to drink responsibly.

10 Cocktails Under 100 Calories

DrinkWire is’s showcase for the best articles, recipes and reviews from the web’s top writers and bloggers. In this post, The OP Life offers some low calorie cocktails.

One of the first things I think of when it comes to the new year is resolutions and diets. The number one thing I hear people talk about is shedding weight, getting fit, losing their holiday bulge, and a “new year, new you.” But one thing people fail to realize is how much their cocktails affect their success in their weight loss progress.

So today I thought I’d share with you 10 cocktails under 100 calories.

These really are very simple, not complicated fancy and complex recipes, but they are what they are. Easy little cocktails that won’t work against our diet goals. Keeping a few things handy in your bar cart like these are just what you need to have stocked and ready when you’re wanting a cocktail.

The first part is the mixer…


  • Diet soda (Diet Coke, Diet Sprite, Diet Dr. Pepper)
  • Club soda
  • La Croix
  • Diet Cranberry Juice (5 cal)
  • Fresca (0 cal)
  • Fresh Lemon and Lime juice
  • Diet Ginger Ale

Just a few ideas for you.

Next comes the alcohol.

  • Malibu
  • Vodka
  • Crown Royal
  • Rum

The key? How much of the alcohol you put in, the proof, and if you dilute it with some of the low cal/no cal mixers. The higher the proof, the higher the calories. Also, use more mixer and less alcohol.

So what are some drinks you can make that are 100 or less? These.

  1. Malibu and Diet Coke
  2. Vodka Soda (with lime)
  3. Crown and Diet Coke
  4. Rum and Diet Coke
  5. Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Soda
  6. Vanilla Vodka and Diet Ginger Ale
  7. Tequilla, Soda and lime
  8. Champagne
  9. Low Cal Beer
  10. Skinnygirl Drinks

So what are you celebrating this week? What is your success of the week we’re toasting to you for?

The post Fuzzy Friday: 10 Cocktails Under 100 Calories appeared first on The OP Life.

If you are looking to trim your waistline, or at least maintain its current circumference, removing cocktails from your diet can seem like an easy place to cut back. It becomes hard when you are out with your friends, someone orders a round of drinks for the table, and you are relegated to squeaking out a quiet, “Just water for me, please.” Not that water is bad. We all need hydration, but there are plenty of low calorie cocktails to order at a bar, without blowing your diet. The best low calorie alcoholic drinks keep plenty of the good stuff (booze) while reducing or eliminating the bad stuff (sugary mixers). While ultra-light beers are easy to find, there are far more flavorful options when you opt for low calorie mixed drinks. We’ve created a list of the 10 best low calorie cocktails you can order anywhere.

Wine Spritzers

Giant wine glass for wine spritzers

Any type of wine can be turned into a spritzer to create a healthy alcoholic drink available at any bar or restaurant. At approximately 25 calories per ounce, an average glass of wine is about 150 calories. Not all that bad to begin with. A wine spritzer, however, typically contains only three ounces of wine, coming in at only 75 calories. Super simple to make, just add calorie free club soda to taste, giving you bubbles and more to drink. White wines tend to be lower in calories, but most of it depends on alcohol content. Tip: Use a large wine glass, or a giant wine glass so you have plenty of room for wine and the club soda.
Total calories: 75 per 10oz

Malibu Rum & Diet Cola

Glass for low calorie rum and diet cola

Rum is definitely not a low calorie alcohol. However, Malibu brand coconut rum has 51 calories per ounce, which is less than most. Twelve ounces of cola come with a hearty 120 calories, and that’s where a rum and Coke gets us into trouble. Diet cola, however, has no calories. Add in a standard shot of Malibu rum, about 1.5 ounces, and you’ve got one of the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks you can find. Drink it in a glass such as this, which holds the perfect proportions.
Total: 77

Flavored Vodka on the Rocks with a Twist

Vodka with cranberry splash

Typically, 80 proof vodka has 64 calories per ounce, or 96 calories per shot. Flavored vodkas are everywhere, and splashed over the rocks in a custom glass or are great for sipping. Most flavored vodkas use natural and artificial flavors which add no calories. Have them add any available fruit garnish for even more flavor. If you just can’t handle straight vodka, ask the bartender to top it up with a little club soda or a splash of cranberry juice.
Total: 96 calories


Low calorie vodka drinks are tricky, since many of them contain juices that are loaded with sugar. A Seabreeze cocktail is made with vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice, and standard fare in almost any bar or restaurant typically served in a tall skinny highball glass such as this. When you order, it’s important to tell the bartender that you want mostly grapefruit juice with just a little cranberry. One ounce of grapefruit juice is only 11 calories, while one ounce of cranberry juice is almost 20. Including a shot of 80 proof vodka, you’ve got a tasty low calorie cocktail that looks just like the regular version.
Total: 113 calories


Tequila & Soda with Lime

tequila glass

Frozen margaritas are popular and incredibly tasty, but run in the 250 calorie range. Some restaurant margaritas are even worse, with enough sugar to exceed 350 calories. As with many things, taking it back to the basics is the way to go. The classic margarita is low calorie and made with just tequila, triple sec, and lime juice, in a glass such as this, leaving out the sugary rim and flavored mixers, getting the calorie count down to 150 calories. To take it even further, order tequila and soda with orange and lime garnish. Squeeze the orange and lime garnish into the drink, and muddle them in with your straw.
Total: 95 calories

Anything Mixed with Tea

Most popular spirits come in under 100 calories for a full jigger, and they all taste great mixed with iced tea. A staple found in almost any restaurant, iced tea has zero calories, and a relatively neutral flavor. The waiter might give you a weird look, but pick your favorite spirit, and ask for it mixed into a glass of iced tea. Make sure to avoid sweet tea, though, since prepared sweet tea can have nearly 5 tablespoons of sugar per serving.
Total: under 100 calories

Rob Roy Cocktail

A Rob Roy Glass

A prime candidate for the manliest low calorie mixed drink, a Rob Roy is made with scotch, vermouth, and bitters. Simple, classic, and can be ordered with confidence and authority.
Total: 145 calories

Gin Martini – Try it with Cranberry

Gin Martini in a Cute Glass

In case you haven’t noticed, many of these cocktails contain only one shot of alcohol. If you want a mixed drink that packs a punch, try a traditional gin martini shown above or try our Cranberry Gin martini. While you’re at it, grab some good martini glasses like these. Any bar can make a martini and although the cranberry version isn’t a restaurant menu standard, any well stocked bar will have the ingredients to make it. Your bartender will probably have fun trying something new. Other than taste, the best part is your friends will just think you are a sophisticated drinker with discerning taste, and never know you’re on a diet.
Total: 205 calories


If you prefer to keep things simple, try a glass of rosé. Although it’s less common than other sparkling wines, popularity is increasing, keeping you on the cutting edge of drinking trends. If your friends give you any crap at the brunch table, just smile and nod as they throw back mimosas at nearly 220 calories per glass.
Total: 85 calories


If other low calorie cocktails are making you lose your buzz, try sake. This dry rice wine has higher levels of alcohol per ounce than grape-based wines. Even though this adds calories, sake is lower in other sugars. Traditionally served at room temperature, sake is easier to sip slowly, meaning a four ounce glass can be enjoyed for much longer than a chilled cocktail.
Total: 150 calories


Trying to shed some of that winter weight you gained grubbing on our fantastic comfort food recipes? So are we. That’s why we rounded up these fantabulous skinny cocktails — because losing weight doesn’t mean depriving yourself of everything.

1. Skinny mint mojito recipe

Image: LaurendaMarie

This skinny mint mojito is made with a simple syrup using stevia instead of sugar, so you can spend your spring not having to worry about summer.

2. The skinny, skinny pomegranate margarita recipe

Image: The Skinny Confidential

Just looking at a restaurant margarita too long can make you gain a pound, so we’re grateful for this skinny, skinny pomegranate margarita that’s mixed with all-natural juices and ingredients.

3. Nilla basil daiquiri recipe

Image: Intoxicologist

This skinny variation of the basil and honey daiquiri is an elegant cocktail, far removed from the high-calorie fruit daiquiris dispensed from frozen drink machines.

4. Low-calorie peach bikini cocktail recipe

Image: Intoxicologist

This breezy peach bikini cocktail has almost half the calories of the fuzzier, full-calorie original.

5. Creamsicle low-calorie cocktail recipe

Image: Intoxicologist

We’ll take two of these creative skinny creamsicle cocktails made with rum, vanilla and a variety of fruit juices.

6. Tale of two limes recipe

Image: Intoxicologist

Hangar 1 Kaffir Lime Vodka mixed with freshly squeezed lime juice are the stars of this reimagined gin and tonic.

7. Trade winds recipe

Image: Intoxicologist

In a delicious departure from the tiki drink, this trade winds cocktail is made with ruby red grapefruit and citrus vodka.

8. Spiked cherry lemonade slushie recipe

Image: The Housewife in Training Files

As spring moves closer to summer, these cherry vodka lemonade slushies will make you completely forget the heat.

9. Jalapeño-pineapple margarita recipe

Image: The Housewife in Training Files

A pineapple margarita sounds like it might be the perfect way to mix it up with a spicy simple syrup made with jalapeño.

10. Cherry bomb skinny cocktail recipe

Image: The TipToe Fairy

Homemade skinny grenadine and limeade vodka make this cherry bomb cocktail, er, the bomb.

11. Skinny kiwi-strawberry blended cocktail recipe

Image: Cella Jane

Strawberries and kiwi are meant to be together, and this easy blended rum cocktail proves it.

12. Skinny blueberry spritzer recipe

Image: Peanut Butter & Peppers

Fresh blueberries and Champagne complete this sparkling blueberry spritzer and bring a satisfying end to a breezy spring day.

13. Blueberry vodka mojito cocktail recipe

Image: Picklee

This blueberry vodka mojito is so gorgeous you might not want to drink it. But if you’re like us, you won’t be able to resist the smell of fresh mint and blueberries.

14. The wicked skinny sunset cocktail recipe

Image: Picklee

This wicked cocktail made with cherry vodka and maraschino cherries was created for you summer lovers trapped in spring.

15. The smashed lime skinny margarita recipe

Image: Picklee

Muddled limes, agave nectar and blue agave tequila make a lime margarita so good you won’t believe it’s skinny.

16. Skinny sunrise cocktail recipe

Image: Iowa Girl Eats

Celebrate “Shrinko” de Mayo with this fabulous rum cocktail made with pineapple juice, orange juice and strawberry simple syrup.

17. Rosemary gin fizz recipe

Image: Sassy Radish

The classic gin fizz is given a fresh, herbal twist with a sprig of rosemary and tablespoon of rosemary syrup. This recipe isn’t specifically marked as skinny, but our research shows it clocks in at around 92 calories (2 fluid ounces gin ~ 40 calories; 2 tablespoons lemon juice ~ 4 calories; 1 tablespoon simple syrup ~ 48 calories).

18. Gin, rosemary, lime and soda recipe

Image: This Girl Walks into a Bar

This rosemary and lime cocktail uses homemade sweet-and-sour mix for a naturally skinny drink.

19. Celery-cilantro cocktail recipe

Image: Skinnytaste

You’ve probably never had a sip from any sparkler as uncommonly refreshing as this celery and cilantro cocktail.

20. Skinny strawberry-basil smash cocktail recipe

Image: My Thirty Spot

Blood orange vodka, fresh lemon juice and sparkling soda poured over muddled strawberries and basil makes an amazing sweet-and-sour smash cocktail for spring.

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Low Calorie Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Nothing quite helps kick off a night out like a nice cocktail, does it? And, nothing quite works as a better cocktail base than vodka, does it? Bartenders can tell you that vodka is considered to be a universal cocktail additive because of the fact that it doesn’t have a distinct flavor of its own.

Vodka cocktails are popular because they work with every flavor palate. Unfortunately, they also tend to work poorly with diets. That’s why many people don’t drink, honestly.

As a liquor critic, I love vodka cocktails and am not about to drop them over the size of my waistline. That’s why I stick to these low calorie vodka cocktail recipes below…

Vodka Gimlet

Many of the low calorie vodka cocktail recipes you’ll see make a point of keeping things sweet — but not the Vodka Gimlet. Gimlets are known for being crisp, refreshing, and strong rather than sweet.

Gimlets are all about delivering a strong punch of lime juice with your liquor of choice. A traditional Vodka Gimlet, which is equal parts vodka and lime juice, therefore, will really only hit you with 145 calories.

Most people tend to add simple syrup or straight sugar to their Vodka Gimlets. If you choose to do this, you might have a higher caloric rating. So, if you can, skip the sugary stuff.

Vodka and Seltzer

Vodka and seltzer is one of the best ways to stick to a diet while enjoying the goodness that is a good ol’ fashioned vodka cocktail. A single shot of vodka is only 97 calories, and seltzer has 0 calories in it.

Unlike other low calorie vodka cocktail recipes on this list, you don’t really need an official guide to figure out how to make this one. All you need to make this cocktail is a shot of vodka (flavored or not), and to top the shot off with the seltzer of your choice (flavored or not). You can even add a lemon or lime for some extra flavor.

If you want a vodka cocktail that won’t kill you, this is one of the best low calorie vodka cocktail recipes to choose.

Bloody Mary

Both a cause and a cure for hangovers, the Bloody Mary is a classic drink that focuses on the savory and spicy rather than the sugary and sweet. It’s a great diet drink choice for a number of different reasons.

Along with being under 150 calories a pop, drinking a Bloody Mary allows you to get a good amount of vitamins and minerals in every sip. Additionally, high-fiber V8 might also mean that your Bloody Mary will fill you up before appetizers even come out of the kitchen.

Learning how to make a classic Bloody Mary is simple enough, and most restaurants have no problem making them in a pinch.

Vodka and Diet Soda

As we’ve said before, a single shot of vodka will only clock in at 97 calories. Diet soda, on the other hand, has no calories whatsoever. This leads adding a can of diet soda to a shot of vodka to be one of the best low calorie vodka cocktail recipes you can use — at least, in terms of caloric content.

The coolest thing about vodka-soda combos is that there are a nearly infinite number of ways you can make this happen. Here are some of my favorite choices for vodka-soda combos:

  • Vanilla Vodka and Diet Cherry Cola
  • Vodka and Diet Cucumber Soda
  • Vodka and Diet Grape Soda
  • Vodka and Monster Energy Absolute Zero


Much love to Sex and the City for making this low calorie vodka cocktail as popular as it is. A Cosmopolitan focuses on vodka and cointreau to provide the buzz, but uses cranberry juice to deliver that deliciously tart pucker we all love.

You can make a Cosmopolitan that’s really low calorie by choosing to switch regular cranberry juice for diet cranberry juice. Doing this will shrink the already reasonable 212 calorie drink to a more agreeable 150 calories a pop.

If you don’t know how to make this classic cocktail, this easy recipe for a diet Cosmo will teach you how to make one of the best low calorie vodka cocktails out there. It is one of the best low calorie vodka cocktail recipes since it easy to understand and a smarter option for a cosmo.

Cape Codders

Cape Codders, also known as Vodka-Cranberries, are a mainstay of the bar scene. They’re cheap, quick to make, and surprisingly tasty — even if you’re using terrible turpentine flavored vodka.

This is one of easiest low calorie vodka cocktail recipes to use just by switching diet cranberry juice for the regular cranberry juice.

A standard Cape Codder will be around 190 calories. You can further slim it out by using five calorie diet cranberry juice, making the diet version a very reasonable 101 calories.

Phil Collins

You may have heard about a Tom Collins cocktail, but have you heard of a Phil Collins? Of all the low calorie vodka cocktail recipes, this is a perfect choice for people looking for exceptionally light, refreshing, and delightfully low calorie vodka cocktails.

To make a great Phil Collins, you’ll need cucumber vodka, some sugar-free cranberry bitters, and some Chartreuse. Overall, you should expect a single Phil Collins drink to clock in under 180 calories.

You can get the original Phil Collins recipe online fairly easily, and once you try it, your love of vodka cocktails will experience a real Genesis. (Pun totally intended!)

Spiked Light Lemonade

Lemonade is really not the best mixer, at least, not the 200-calorie storebought stuff you see at picnics. However, some companies have been rolling out with some pretty tasty, high-quality lemonades that are around 40 calories at most.

Adding a shot of vodka to a light lemonade is a great way to make sure that you keep your bikini body on point without having to sacrifice your partying ways.

Assuming you’re using 100-proof vodka, this will max out at only 136 calories. That’s not a shabby look, if you ask us.


A Screwdriver is a classic cocktail that bartenders love to mix — it’s just vodka and orange juice. It is one of the easiest low calorie vodka cocktail recipes. With all the Vitamin C it packs, we can’t hate on it. It’s a diet-friendly drink, and one of the best low calorie vodka cocktails for people who just want an easy well drink.

While it’s not as low calorie as others on this list, a Screwdriver is still under 200 calories. (It’s 190, to be precise.) You can shave off more calories from this cocktail by choosing low calorie orange juice for an additional 40 calories saved.

Lemon Drop Martinis

Of all the low calorie vodka cocktail recipes we’ll talk about, Lemon Drop Martinis might be one of the oldest. This sweet-tart martini option has been shown to be a hit with the ladies — and it should be.

In the 1970s, fern bars began to offer Lemon Drops as a way to get single women to enjoy life out at the bar scene. Incidentally, the original recipe for a Lemon Drop Martini was actually one of the lowest calorie drinks out there.

The original Lemon Drop will clock in at around 125 to 180 calories, depending on serving size, making it a great low calorie cocktail with a tangy punch.

However, you might want to be careful if you choose to order this at a chain restaurant. Most restaurants will add way more sugar, or even douse it with high fructose corn syrup mixer — which in turn makes it into a major calorie bomb.

Updated on December 30, 2019

If you are anything like me, you enjoy a few cocktails every night now and again, but feel guilty about the amount of calories that seem to go down so easily, especially when you have a habit of eating an entire bag of potato chips after a few drinks because you forget that you’re supposed to be on a diet. I’m not sure where this is going.

I’ve been experimenting lately with vodka cocktails because I’ve discovered that it’s one of the better options when it comes to your health. Not drinking at all is probably the best thing you can do for your health but that’s just stupid and boring.

On my quest to find a few drinks that were low calorie but yet enjoyable to drink, I found that the LaCroix sparkling waters were the best mixers! They’re also calorie-free with no artificial sugars– not sweet at all, but the unique flavors make up for that. The blackberry cucumber is obviously my personal favorite, hence why I’ve decided to kick it up a notch with fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs! And vodka.


  • Vodka
  • LaCroix Blackberry Cucumber Sparkling Water
  • Fresh Blackberries
  • Cucumber
  • Mint Leaves
  • Fresh squeezed or store-bought lime juice


  1. In a food processor or high quality blender, puree a small handful of blackberries, 3-4 large slices of cucumber, a few sprigs of mint, and 3-4 tbsp of lime juice until well blended. This should be enough to make about 4 drinks (just barely enough for me), so adjust accordingly.
  2. Fill an 8-12 ounce glass full of ice and add 1.5 ounces of vodka. Some times I add like 3 ounces, though.
  3. Top with approximately 1/2 a can of LaCroix Blackberry Cucumber Sparkling Water.
  4. Add 1-2 tbsp of your awesome puree mixture and stir well.
  5. Garnish with fresh blackberries, sliced cucumber, fresh mint and/or a slice of lime. (optional, but your drink might be ugly without it.)
  6. Drink and enjoy! I double dog dare you to try and only have two one. I’ve never succeeded. 🙂


  1. The blackberry seeds DO NOT puree well, so if you think that tiny, hard yet chewy chunks might bother you in your drink, puree the blackberries first and then separate the seeds out with a small strainer before pureeing the rest of your ingredients. I usually don’t bother with this step because I’m lazy (unless I’m making it for a crowd of picky people).
  2. I like lots of citrus in my cocktails, so I usually dump a huge load of it in my glass. I kind of LOVE the Santa Cruz brand of organic lime and lemon juice because it made my life so easy. I add it to my tea, water and cocktails almost daily. You can find it on the top shelf of the juice aisle in most grocery stores.

I sort of feel like you may have noticed that I just got done making this and that I MAY or MAY NOT have tested out a few of them to ensure quality.

Skinny cocktails with vodka

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