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I’ve been a fan of Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes for many years. They are great quality and can easily be picked up on one of the many Target runs we all go on throughout the month! A few weeks ago I noticed some changes happening to the display at Target and I feared the entire line was being eliminated, but a few people in the know messaged me on Instagram and told me the line was just rebranding! Then I learned the makeup was being eliminated, and they were relaunching with only brushes, tools, and makeup bags.

Not that it matters what I think, but I think this is a very smart move for the brand.

The new brushes are beautiful, and feel softer than ever. The display makes it easy to shop, and allows you to touch each brush before picking out which one you want from the boxes! I needed new makeup brushes like I need another lipstick (in other words, it’s the literal last thing that I could need) but in the spirit of giving YOU a bit of guidance I decided to replace some old favorites with the new designs.

They are almost too pretty to use, and I’ve kept their little plastic protective covers on until I took photos of the brushes for this post!

I realize makeup brushes can be a daunting topic for those of you who are new to makeup or generally like to keep it simple. I thought I’d break down the brushes into 3 sections: a starter set, an expanded set, and a full set.

Three brushes that you’ll get the most use out of, and that would also make a perfect “starter set” are the Tapered Powder, Tapered Finishing, and Medium Eyeshadow.

The powder brush should be used for loose or pressed powder, and the finishing brush can be used for blush or bronzer. The medium eyeshadow brush is a perfect size for swiping eyeshadow all across your lid. You could also turn the brush on its side and use it at an angle to press a darker shadow into your crease.

If you want a slightly larger collection, and like to experiment with makeup beyond just the basics, these brushes would be a great addition to the “starter set.” I’m calling this the “expanded set.”

The flat-top foundation brush is great for liquid or cream foundation. It wouldn’t be a great option for powder, but you already have a powder brush in this set so you shouldn’t need to use it for that anyway! The tapered blending brush on the far right is perfect for blending shadows together, as well as adding a bit of depth softly into the crease. This brush could also be used for dusting a slight bit of powder under your eyes to set concealer, or around your nose to keep you from getting shiny.

If you love makeup brushes and want a good range of brushes to work with, here is a great mix that I would call a “full set.”

In this set I’ve added a wide angle contour brush for bronzer or a contour shade. I’ve also added an angled brow and spoolie for applying product to your brows, a buffing concealer brush for blending concealer under your eyes and also around your nose, a detail smudge brush for smudging eyeliner, and an angled crease brush for adding eyeshadow onto the outer corner and crease area of your eye.

There are certainly more brushes that one could use in applying makeup, like an additional tapered finishing brush so you don’t need to clean that brush between blush and bronzer, but this many brushes should allow you to achieve lots of different makeup looks with different products!

I also picked up a brush cleaner, a dry brush spray that I’m very excited to put to the test, a few smaller versions of the beauty blender, and tweezers.

Have you tried any of these brushes out yet? Do you have a favorite?


ONE. What is the deal with the sponge-like eyeshadow applicators that come in some eyeshadow containers?

Those are fine, and they will get the job done, but generally you’ll have a much easier time using a brush to blend the shadow in and keep it from leaving a strong line between your eyeshadow and skin. If you use the sponge-like applicators, I’d recommend using your finger to blend out the edges of the eyeshadow so it looks softer!

TWO. How often should I clean my brushes?

The best, A+ answer is to wash your brushes after every use. I realize this isn’t a reality for everyone and usually I don’t even do this. So, my real-life answer is as follows: a lot of this will depend on your skin. If you have problem skin, you should wash your brushes after every single use to keep from spreading bacteria and sebum around your face. If you do not have problem skin, and are using the same products on the same brushes every day, I think it’s okay to go a few days. Make it a goal to wash your brushes once a week. It doesn’t take long, and let them dry overnight so you can use them in the morning.

THREE. Will my makeup last longer if I use a brush instead of my fingers?

A lot of this will depend on the products and how your skin is prepped for the makeup. For example, eyeshadow primer will help eyeshadow last longer no matter whether you use your finger or a brush. Generally, you should see an improvement in longevity when using brushes as they are designed to pick up product, and apply it without adding any oil or dirt that may be on your fingers.

In case it’s helpful, here is a list of all the items I’ve mentioned in this blog post!

-Tapered Finishing

-Wide Angled Contour

-Flat-top Foundation

-Tapered Powder

-Angled Crease

-Buffing Concealer

-Angled Brow & Spoolie

-Medium Eyeshadow

-Tapered Blending

-Detail Smudge

-Mini Makeup Blender Trio

-Dry Brush Spray

-Makeup Brush and Sponge Cleansing Balm

-Slanted Tweezers




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Makeup pro Sonia Kashuk, perhaps best known for her eponymous line of cosmetics, brushes and cases at Target, has seen her share of icky makeup brushes. Haven’t we all? Most of the time, they’re ours.

Conventional advice is wash your makeup brushes like this once a week, or once every two weeks. Some people manage once a month. Others… well. I knew one girl who kept her makeup brushes in a plastic baggie. When I saw it, the baggie was opaque brown; she hadn’t washed her brushes in more than a year (#bacteriapallooza). And for sure she’s not alone in the length of time she’d let her brush-washing slide (#youknowwhoyouare).

“Every day,” says Sonia firmly.

What? Who’s got that kind of time?

As Sonia sees it, we all do. “When you’re finished doing your makeup in the morning, if you’re at your bathroom counter, just take them right there when you’re done, wash them off, lay them flat to dry. The next morning, they’re done, they’re clean, you’re ready to go. It’s just putting that step into your daily routine,” she says.

“Think about the cleanliness at the counter. You have a bar of soap and a sink, just wash.”

If I had a bathroom counter (#stuckwithapedestalsink), I think I could do it. After all, how many brushes do you use on a daily basis? For me it might be three: eye shadow, blush, powder. Washing all three would take just a couple of minutes.

What about you? Is daily brush washing something you could fit into your routine?

Sonia Kashuk cosmetics and accessories are rolling out in Target stores in Canada now.

We’re not sure when it happened exactly, but these days it feels like makeup brushes tend to fall into two distinct categories. The first: Brushes that work really damn well but aren’t exactly a delight to play with. While others look like something straight out of a 7-year-old’s fever dream: Unicorn brushes with rainbow horn handles! Harry Potter wizard wands! Really, what kind of spell do we need to cast on the beauty industry to get a brush set that’s both worthy of grown woman’s vanity and high in quality?

Well, call it Divination or a stroke of liquid luck, but Sonia Kashuk has found an answer, and it’ll make your cold, dark, minimalist soul skip a beat. Kashuk has long been the queen of making both adorable and practical makeup tools and bags, especially when it comes to holiday gift sets. Remember her plaid ones the internet literally lost its mind over last year?

Now, meet her Serpent Brush collection, which launches at Target next month for $40. The set features 10 brushes—including a contour brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow smudger, and brow spoolie—dressed in black and gold with a gilded serpent snaking its way up the handle. If this doesn’t make you want to beg the Sorting Hat to make you a Slytherin, I really don’t know what will. (Certainly not Draco.)

Katie Friedman

You can also add a little ✨ magic ✨ to your vanity and display the set in this cool $13 cup.

Katie Friedman

They’ll be slithering their way into stores and online at target.com starting November 6—just in time to apparate onto your holiday wish list.

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