Sophia Bush was our number one girlcrush way back in her One Tree Hill days, and we’ve only grown to love her more. Not only is she an amazing actress—her nuanced portrayal of Detective Erin Lindsay is our favorite part of Chicago P.D.—but she’s completely unafraid to speak out for political, environmental and educational causes that she believes in.

Oh yeah, and she’s totally gorgeous. So when we got a chance to talk to one of our ultimate teen idols about all things beauty, you’d better believe that we leapt at it.

Sophia Bush is that rare star who is, in real life, exactly the way you’d hope she’d be: charming, warm and enthusiastic, her famously husky voice filled with excitement and italics. Talking to her is like talking to a really close friend who also happens to be beyond stoked on all things beautiful.

We’re so serious; Sophia practically radiates positivity. And it’s easy to see why—her starring role as Detective Erin Lindsay in Chicago P.D. has been a genuine starmaker. Tough yet vulnerable, with an unfailing dedication to justice, her look on the show is as stripped down and professional as her character herself. It’s a far cry from the glamourpuss days of Brooke Davis and One Tree Hill—not that Sophia minds at all.

“Ever since I did the no makeup shoot, I’ve actually been a lot more confident about how I look,” she told us. “Having healthy skin and a big, bright smile are the basis of beauty to me. Makeup is fun, but I look at it more like an accessory now.”

When we complimented her gorgeous complexion, Sophia was genuinely delighted. “Thank you! I work really hard at it,” she told us. “I think it’s so important to take care of your skin, because it’s an organ. People forget that. You don’t want to ignore it until there’s a problem.”

And fortunately, Sophia’s best-kept skincare secrets are totally down-to-earth. “I wash my face every night; I think that’s the most important thing that you can do for your skin. You should NEVER sleep with your makeup on!” she said, voice clearly all-caps. “I also use a Clarisonic to keep my skin really clear and use a moisturizer with SPF every day.”

Apart from her skin, Sophia’s other beauty obsession is her teeth. “Having a great smile is SO important,” she told us. “Your teeth should make you feel confident, and again, you can’t only think about them when they’re a problem. I’m a total foodie; I want to travel around and eat until I’m 85!”

And trust us: you want to take her seriously on this subject, because she has the most gorgeous smile you’ve ever seen.

But that smile isn’t a result of chance. “Ten years ago, my dentist said to me “Get a Sonicare!” and now I feel like I’m getting my teeth professionally cleaned every day, it’s amazing,” she told us, adding that her sonic toothbrush of choice is the Sonicare DiamondClean ($219). “Taking care of your teeth shouldn’t be a chore, or some drudge that you have to tolerate a few times a day. I mean, I have a robot that cleans my teeth now! I look forward to brushing them!”

And it also turns out that Ms. Bush has a secret beauty superpower: perfectly shaping eyebrows.

“I am OBSESSED with brows,” she said. “I do my own, I do them for my friends…I have so many tweezers, it would scare you. I’m telling you, if I had a break from work and got a studio, I could honestly give Anastasia a run for her money.”

But our favorite thing about Sophia Bush? That even after years in Hollywood, her very best beauty advice is more like very loving life advice.

“I love having fun with my hair and makeup,” she told us. “But I don’t think it’s necessary. I don’t NEED to wear makeup to feel okay about myself. Beauty should be fun, not something that makes you feel nervous or inadequate, or that makes you get down on yourself. There should be more fun in beauty!”

We couldn’t agree more.

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Sophia Bush’s Morning Beauty Routine Will Inspire You

In the wide world of celebrities, it can be hard to find a role model who echoes your beliefs and priorities in a refreshing and relatable way. However, when it comes to Sophia Bush, activist, feminist, and all-around superwoman, you should really be taking notes (if you haven’t already). An incredible example for women, Bush is deeply involved with promoting body positivity, education, and, perhaps most importantly, she never misses an opportunity to take a stand for what’s really important via her various social platforms and collaborations. If there’s a celebrity who I’d like to emulate, I’d have to say it’s her — and, you know, if I could snag some of her beauty tips while I’m at it, I can’t say I would explain.

I recently chatted with Bush about her role as an outspoken voice in the often superficial world of Hollywood, her morning mantras, and the most important parts of her (surprisingly simple) daily beauty routine, and was impressed by Bush’s ability to weave personal convictions into a friendly conversation about the importance of self-care and activism. On all fronts, the Chicago PD star had some advice, reminders, and insight that is worth noting.

1. On The First Thing She Does Every Morning

Bush’s morning ritual is probably a lot more simple than you might expect, but is incredibly important, regardless. “The first thing that I do when I get up in the morning is brush my teeth. I don’t feel like I can wake up if I haven’t,” Bush says. “I use my Philips Sonicare because A) It does amazing things for my teeth…and, also, taking that pause to actually take two minutes and care for my teeth and my gums makes me feel good, and also I think the amazing action of the toothbrush itself really wakes me up.”

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Amethyst Edition, $170, Amazon

2. On Everyday Makeup

Noting that she usually is heading to work, where she has her makeup done, Bush says she keeps her makeup application incredibly simple in the mornings and on her days off. “I always put on a moisturizer with a sunblock. That’s usually kind of it…I like to keep my getting ready to five or ten minutes,” Bush says. “I use an SPF 30… Firmarine Erno Laszlo SPF 30 cream. I’m pretty diligent about sunscreen.”

Erno Laszlo SPF 30 Cream, $100, Nordstrom

3. On Using Coconut Oil

Bush is in love as coconut oil as everyone else is, but uses it in a really creative way that definitely made me want to copy her ASAP. “I use coconut oil as a moisturizer for my hair for a really long time,” Bush says. “And I actually also it when I shave my legs instead of shaving cream, and that seems to surprise everyone.” Sounds brilliant, IMO.

4. On Long-Term Maintenance & Health

“I like to get a facial every month just to make sure my skin’s in a good place,” Bush says.

Bush also mentioned the amazing benefits of using Philips’ Zoom treatment after noticing that her coffee habit was starting to show on her teeth.

Zoom whitening, $28, Amazon

5. On The Importance Of Self-Care

One thing that I particularly loved about my conversation with Bush were her candid comments on the importance of self-care for women, and the perspective that it’s not only OK, but important to take care of oneself in whatever way is important to each individual. “I think it’s really important for women to know that just because you like to take care of your body or your smile or your skin doesn’t make you vain. It’s all part of loving yourself… and treating yourself the way you deserve,” Bush says. “Just like I like to be well read and caught up on what’s happening around the world… I also want to make sure that I’m being good to my body because it’s the only one that I’m ever going to have.”

6. On Morning Mantras

I’m always curious of the mindsets and daily mantras of successful women, so I asked Bush if there was any particular way she liked to start out her day. Her answer was simple, but inspiring. “I like to focus on breathing. I think it’s so important to take deep breaths at different points in the day. While I’m standing there brushing my teeth…I try to be conscious. And something about breathing deeply reminds me to set an intention. I think it’s a really good thing to practice…trying to practice the awareness of saying, ‘I want to set an intention every day,'” Bush says. “It’s a nice habit to get into and I think it sort of changes the energy of your day.”

And no, if you’re wondering, you’re not the only one who would like to be her best friend now.

Images: @sophiabush/Instagram

Sophia Bush.

Sophia Bush first made an impression on the teen drama “One Tree Hill,” but now she’s playing a much more grown-up role as a tough detective on the Dick Wolf procedural “Chicago P.D.” The actress, a spokeswoman for Philips Sonicare, has been in the limelight for a while, yet she still can’t figure out how to duplicate at home her hairdresser’s light touch with her coif.

What’s your first beauty memory?
I remember sitting on the floor in my mom’s bathroom, watching her get ready. I remember the smell of her lipstick – it was such a specific smell.

What was your worst beauty blunder?
Take your pick. Haven’t we all had horrible ones?! The first time I cut my bangs, I got sick of doing them after a while. Sometimes I’d run an errand and think no one would see me, and of course that’s when paparazzi are in front of Whole Foods or CVS, so there are terrible pictures of me with my bangs dried in weird directions! Lesson learned – if I’m going to cut the blunt bangs, I’m going to have to do them every day.

What beauty products are currently in your purse?
Osea Hydrating Oil, in a travel size that I take everywhere. It’s a beautiful organic skincare line out of Malibu that I love. Two different scents of my fragrance brand I Smell Great – Wild Honey and Angel Cake. I love the way they smell, and I love that you can layer them. They activate all day. We wanted to design fragrances that you could layer and customize to make your own scents. I’m still having a ball creating scent combos! I actually have some big news – we just entered into a partnership where $1 from every bottle of I Smell Great we sell is going to benefit The Girl Project.

What’s your 5-minute morning beauty routine?
I always devote two minutes for my teeth –that’s non-negotiable. I love how Philips Sonicare DiamondClean’s new Amethyst Edition has a two-minute timer. And if it helps whitens teeth in one week and improve gum health, I’m in. The three other minutes I spend drinking a glass of water, washing my face, throwing on a little serum and moisturizer with sunblock, then I’m out the door.

If you had an extra 10-15 minutes in your routine, how would you spend it?
I would do my hair with a flat iron and throw on a little tinted moisturizer with SPF and mascara, but I generally keep it pretty easy.

Which discontinued product or shade do you mourn?
Chanel does that to us all the time with their beautiful eye shadow quads. They disappear, and then they’re gone forever!

What’s your beauty peeve?
That I still haven’t managed to figure out how to make my hair look the way it does when it’s done by a hairdresser. They always say “Oh, it’s easy” and then I’m always saying, “But, it isn’t!”

What are you currently obsessed with?
Currently obsessed with the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Sophia Bush Shares Her Beauty Secrets (Including Her Go-To Mascara)

Getty Images

With her signature brunette waves and killer smile, former Health cover star Sophia Bush knows a thing or two about beauty and confidence. In addition to being an advocate and supporter of a number of worthy causes—from animal rights to education for girls—the actress is now partnering with Philips Sonicare to raise awareness about the importance of oral health. Bush recently spoke with Health and told us about her daily beauty routine (including her fave mascara brand), her advice for feeling confident, how she focuses on finding happiness, and more. Bonus: She even took us on a walk down memory lane (yeah, we’re talking about a Brooke Davis throwback).

Do you have a go-to lip color that complements your smile?

Yeah, I think strong color always does that. I love colorful lipstick, whether it’s a really bright fuchsia, a classic red, or even a coral that has some orange in it. I’m a big fan of a pop of color!

Are there any beauty tricks that you learned on set and have adapted into your routine?

I really like to keep my routine simple. But years ago, a great makeup artist I worked with always applied foundation with her hands—she didn’t use a brush like so many makeup artists do. That stuck with me, and even now I don’t bother with sponges and makeup brushes and all of that, I just use my fingers.

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What’s one thing—for your makeup or hair—that you can’t leave the house without doing?

I always put mascara on. Even if I’m wearing absolutely no makeup and just walking out the door with only sunscreen, I’ll put on one coat of dark brown mascara. It makes me feel ready for the day.

Do you have a favorite mascara?

It’s a really sad story. Urban Decay discontinued my favorite mascara ever and it broke my heart. I wore it everyday. For events or if I’m going out at night, I’m Diorshow ($28; all the way—I think it’s amazing. But this sort of perfect mascara is now gone and I’m on the search for another. I’ll let you know when I find it.

Do you have any favorite drugstore beauty products?

I always find when I’m running to CVS or Walgreens to pick something up, I come out with a bunch of crazy nail polishes or eyeshadows that I want to try the color out before buying an expensive brand. The drugstore to me is a little bit like Costco, I go for one thing and leave with a cart full of stuff.

Short hair has kind of become your signature style. How do you get it so perfect?

It’s funny, I’ve been cutting my hair shorter and shorter for the last six months and I really like it. There’s something about having really long hair that I like, and if it’s not really long, it’s gotta be short. I’ll shower and blow dry it upside down for a few minutes and use a flat iron to put three or four bends in it and I’m done. It’s a lot less work.

When do you feel most confident?

When I’m happy and really taking care of myself. So if I’m getting the appropriate amount of sleep, if I’m able to spend time with friends, if I’m being active and know that I’m taking care of my body physically and emotionally. I always know when I’m my happiest because I notice how often I’m often I’m smiling. When you know that your smile is such a significant part of how you include others in your happiness, of course you want to take care of it.

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Any tips for young girls who aspire to be as confident as you are?

I think it’s so important to be aware of how you’re cultivating your sense of self. Really give yourself some love and some time because you deserve it. Get to know who you are and what you’re passionate about—have a connection to yourself, because that’s the kind of thing that lets you know what’s right for you and you can go after that.

Are there any beauty moments of Brooke Davis’ that standout in your memory? I can’t believe that your smokey eye always made it through a crying scene.

Shout out to the makeup artists for knowing to never put us in something that wasn’t waterproof because we were crying all the time. But, that role was fun for me. I love fashion and I love makeup. I do my own makeup for events and I love doing makeup for my friends. There’s something about it that’s so fun and I love that if I want to try something I just saw on a runway, I can do that. That was one thing that was really fun for me playing Brooke, just the fact that I got to experiment with so many different looks and so many different styles.

The difference in makeup in playing Erin Lindsay?

It’s very nice that I don’t have to go into work as early because IÂ don’t have to do nearly as much to get ready.

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Note: This interview has been edited and condensed.

Sophia Bush: How I Wash My Face

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Fact: Even though Sophia Bush’s complexion goes through a lot while under the set lights and makeup filming Chicago P.D., she stays glowing thanks to her dedicated skin care routine. The star, who has just partnered with Philips Sonicare to preach the importance of having a similar regimen for your teeth, shared her secrets with us, like giving her skin some time off when she isn’t in front of the camera. “I always make sure to take my makeup off after a long day. Sometimes I want to be lazy, but I really try not to let myself,” Bush tells InStyle. “I tend to do a little two-step. I take my makeup off with an oil-based cleanser, then I use my Clarisonic to make sure it’s clean. I was joking actually that it’s like a Sonicare for my face—I notice when I’m regimented about that I see the difference, and my skin feels healthier.”

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Depending on what she’s doing afterwards, the star will follow with either a traditional moisturizer, or a formula infused with an SPF if she’s going out for the day. “What I learned over the years in terms of beauty is to do what makes me feel good, whether it’s trendy or not,” Bush adds. “I try to keep it simple and use products that I won’t be scared to put on my face, and tend to go for things that are clean, with more natural ingredients than not. That always makes me feel pretty good.” Sounds like a great beauty philosophy if we’ve ever heard one!

Photo: Dimitrios Kambourous/Getty

‘Tis the season for red lips, glittery eyes…and some major beauty stress. And Sophia Bush—One Tree Hill alum, current Chicago PD superstar—is here to save you. We sat down to talk about beauty and she told us everything: how to get her go-to holiday party look (it takes ten minutes!), her self-care tips and her powerful thoughts on feminism and beauty. She is, in a word, incredible; we want her to be our best friend and call to inspire us daily. Here are the 10 best beauty secrets that we learned from her.

1. Her holiday party look is totally attainable.
Sophia, it turns out, is holiday-crazy. “I love holiday parties! They’re my favorite thing about this time of year,” she told us. “I can honestly get ready to go to a party in ten minutes. I put my hair up in a bun or back into a low ponytail, throw on a dress that I love, throw on a red lip, and I’m out the door.” And her red lips of choice? “Oh my god, I have so many!” Sophia laughed. “One that’s always in my rotation is MAC’s Ruby Woo ($17, MAC Cosmetics), it’s such a good color. NARS has one called Dragon Girl ($26, Sephora) that I love.”

2. She embraces the dark side.
But it’s not all bright reds—if you’re feeling a little moodier this season, Sophia understands. “I also have a lot of fun with darker colors. I love plums and purples,” she tells us. “I’ve got some by NARS and Tom Ford that are great—they make the best dark colors.”

3. She’s all about playing with makeup.
Sophia’s cardinal beauty rule? Find out what works for YOU. “I think it’s really fun to experiment and figure out what works for you, color-wise—because anyone can wear a great lip if you have the right color,” she says. “If you don’t have that right, not only does it not flatter your skin, they can make your teeth look a funny color.” And with the number of holiday photos we end up in? Yeah, we’ll pass on a dull complexion and yellowed teeth.

4. Her post-party routine is just like ours.
Though she’s worked with some of the best hair and makeup squads in the world, Sophia knows that what really makes or breaks a beauty look is what you do when the night is done. “It’s all about the routine,” she tells us. “When you get home, you need to take steps to make sure that you take care of you. When I get home, I’m like okay, gotta wash my face really well—I am NOT just gonna use a makeup remover wipe—and I’m going to take two full minutes with my Philips Sonicare ($189, Because I probably drank some red wine or had a late-night espresso, and the last thing I wanna do is mess up the quality of my skin or the quality of my teeth because it’s late.”

5. She knows that seeing is believing.
And while it’s great having those healthy beauty habits in your repertoire, our girl knows that the best thing about stepping up your beauty routine is actually seeing the results. “When I got serious about washing my face really regularly, I saw my skin brighten up and I wanted to keep doing it,” she says. “And when I first started using my Philips Sonicare, I knew it would improve my gum health in a week, and then I saw results in two weeks! That matters to me. So when I get home from something fun, like a holiday party, or it’s 4am and I’m just home from set after being there for 16 hours, I WANT to brush my teeth properly because I see results!”

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

6. She understands holiday stress…
Even when you’re a celebrated actress on a hit TV show, you’re not immune to holiday stress. “December snuck up on me!” she said. “There’s always this moment where that slow panic hits me and I’m like ‘I don’t know what i’m going to get anyone!’

7. …But also how to deal with it.
Sophia’s stress-busting advice is all about the importance of self-care. “This is the time of year, with parties and events ramping up, that we start cutting corners where we shouldn’t,” she says. “This is when everyone gets a little lax about working out, or eating well, or caring for your skin, or doing the quick travel-brush of your teeth. But it’s really important to take a little bit of time out of every day to take care of yourself. If that means going to an extra yoga class, or going out with your best friend and having that soul-filling time—you need to ensure that you’re getting what you need and what you deserve.”

8. She doesn’t keep secrets.
If there’s one thing Sophia understands, it’s the power of female friendships to influence our beauty routines for the better. “Girls recommend their beauty tricks to the other women in their life, and you spread the love!” she tells us. “I was talking to Jenna Lyons, who is one of my favorite people in New York, and she was like, your skin looks so perfect! So I sent her the link to The Beauty Chef Dream Repair Serum ($69.95, The Beauty Chef) and the Erno Laszo moisturizer ($95, Erno Laszlo) that I use, and she was like, Oh my god, my kind of girl! You don’t keep secrets!”

9. She’s a beauty optimist.
Talking to Sophia is like talking to a really close friend who happens to be super-knowledgeable—and super excited—about beauty. “I love the fact that we have this great wealth of products at our fingertips—organic beauty lines, for example—that make the best of us inside and out,” she tells us. “And I love that before the holidays get too crazy, I can jump to the dentist for a cleaning and do the Philips Zoom Whitening treatment in 45 minutes, so that they’re white and clean and I LOVE how I look in all the photos I take! Because the first thing that happens when you walk into a party is you see a bunch of people you adore, and you smile. You wanna know that you’ve got your best foot forward in that respect.”

10. She is all about beauty and feminism.
Sophia, an outspoken advocate for women’s rights and The Girl Project, doesn’t see her feminism and her love of beauty as mutually exclusive. “Here’s the thing: I think that when something feels like self-love, rather than masking onesself, it’s great,” she says. “I go out with no makeup on quite frequently, and I also go out fully done—winged eyeliner and red lips, all of it. I obviously consider myself a proud feminist, but I don’t feel any more or less of a feminist whether I have makeup on or not. For me, it’s how I feel—it’s self-expression and taking care of myself. And that’s reflected in everything—skincare, taking care of your smile, your yoga practice. And I think the difference is that if you’re doing it to look like someone else’s ideal, you’re missing the mark. If we’re doing something that makes girls feel not good enough, that’s missing the mark. But beauty has become one of the things that I love, and that love doesn’t make me feel like I care about myself any less, or like I’m less of a feminist. That makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself the way that I want to.”

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Sophia Bush’s Skincare Secret Is So Simple, It’s Genius

Last time we spoke to Sophia Bush, she gave us nine of her best life and beauty hacks. This time, she’s serving up some more helpful skincare advice on how to put on your best face. Yes, yes — we’ve all heard how important it is to thoroughly wash your face every night before bed — but the actress reveals that another of her secrets to #flawless skin actually lies in an unexpected, surprisingly dirty place.

“Everything starts with taking good care of your skin. I like not really having to do a lot. I work so many hours a week on and you’ve constantly got somebody doing your makeup or touching up this or touching up that. But on the show now, I wear so little makeup that it’s really important for my own self-confidence to feel like my skin is in good shape,” she tells us.

Her dirty little secret? “One of the important things is making sure you clean your brushes,” Sophia, a total eco-friendly queen, shares. “For me, being environmentally conscious of the brushes that I choose, I also try to do that with the products that I use,” she tells us. “I use a really gentle, biodegradable body soap and I pour a cup out with a little bit of warm water and it makes a perfect little soap suds mixture — that’s how I clean my brushes.”

And you should definitely do it regularly, because bacteria buildup can happen quickly. “I try to do it every Sunday, to give them a little wash and let them dry overnight. That tends to be a great way to make sure all the things going on your face are tip top,” Sophia says with a laugh.

“All women in the world want to feel confident, want to feel powerful. The fact is, we feel our best when that confidence starts from within. You know the difference between when you get up on a Saturday and roll out of your house in yesterday’s sweatpants or you put yourself together, even for five minutes, and you wear something that makes you feel good,” she says. “You start your day with that kind of energy and putting your best foot forward. It’s important to remind women that they deserve to feel that kind of confidence.”

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Chicago PD star teamed up with green makeup brush company, EcoTools, for the second year in a row for their #MyTrueBeauty campaign, which aims to help the 50 million girls around the world who don’t have access to secondary school education. “We support women in 95 countries including the United States,” Sophia tells us. “For me, I love the fact that you can be working globally both abroad and at home. I want every woman on earth to have wonderful opportunities to better her life.”

We loved Sophia’s quote so much, that we turned it into a pretty graphic! Save and share it on your social platform of choice — for every message about women’s empowerment shared on social media using #MyTrueBeauty and tagging @ecotools, EcoTools will donate $1 to The Girl Project, up to $100,000.

After all, doing good begins with feeling good. And feeling good? That begins with looking good 😉

Will you be trying out Sophia’s suggestions? Tweet us @BritandCo!

(Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty)

Sophia is definitely a style icon, both as regards the look and the tricks she uses on the red carpet. But how can you always have beautiful skin and perfect hair? Is she who reveals some of her beauty secrets. Let’s find out together.

On washing the makeup brushes the actress admits: “I do not wash them very often. I’m trying to fix it and change this bad habit. ”

For his skin and his hair instead he says: “I use coconut oil as a hair mask for a long time, it’s great! Avocado oil is also a fantastic make up remover for the face. I always started to bring organic cotton balls and avocado oil, which are incredibly good for the skin. “

On sunscreen, Sophia admits she does not use it often, but has started to change this habit because UV rays, besides accelerating skin aging, are very dangerous and can also lead to serious tumors. “It’s really very important to always use it, even when you do not go to the beach.”

But do you want to know his obsession with regards to his beauty routine? “I’m obsessed with my eyebrows,” says Bush. “I retouch them every day. I never let anyone’s eyebrows touch. Never. I use the tweezers religiously. And I love doing them to others too. In college she had become a sort of duty, people came to my room and I sat her up and eyebrows. The second obsession is perhaps the hair. “

In short, that Sophia is genetically beautiful is a sure thing, but taking care of yourself surely helps to keep the skin beautiful and young and to feel even more confident about ourselves.

I can not wait to try these tricks and you?


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