Nourish your Dry Skin with these 3 Spa Treatments

Dry skin can be the curse of “winter is coming” and winter ending. Trying to keep your skin hydrated on top of work, family, errands, life in general, and you can forget about spending time applying lotion when your delicious bed is calling to you. I know dry skin can be very problematic and worrisome but have on fear, at Botanica we have spa treatments that will sort it out for you.

How Dry Skin Occurs

When dealing with dry skin, it’s not just about the look and feel of it. The internal and external issues that can occur for dry skin and not handling it in a timely fashion are not very pleasant. Healthy skin is made up of natural fatty oils called lipids, which protect the layers of your skin with moisture. You may be surprised by what actually causes and helps in aiding dry skin from happening. Here are a few of the why’s for dry skin to look out for:

· Dry air – especially in the winter, the heat is run at home and stores to help balance out the cold air outside. This dry air draws out all the moisture in your skin, depleting your natural lipids, as well as removing the humidity in the air. As much as we all hate the frizz from humidity, it does help our skin. That’s why it’s so important to moisturize in winter to counteract the dryness from running the heat.

· Hot showers – I know, this is upsetting me too! But taking very hot showers actually strips away the moisture in your skin. Try lukewarm showers and patting your skin dry after getting out instead of rubbing the towel all over you and see if it makes a difference.

· Soaps – I cannot stress enough about reading the ingredients on the body soaps you buy. Even hand soaps can be too harsh for our skin and remove all of our protective oils on our body. Be wary of unscented soaps too and I highly recommend researching out the right soaps to buy that doesn’t rid us of all of our skin’s lipids and fatty oils.

· Hard water – living in Florida particularly, we run into this problem every day. Investing in a filtration system, whether it’s a full house system or easy to install one’s from Amazon, these can save your skin by filtering out the hard water deposits and minerals in your home. The results of filtration systems are incredible!

Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized at any time of the year is a critical part of your body’s health. There is no better place to start helping you achieve this than Botanica Day Spa!

Botanica Day Spa Treatments

If you have severely dry skin or just little patches, don’t worry, there are 3 dynamite spa treatments at Botanica that will help you out. First is our lovely Mountain Glow Honey Butter treatment, a sumptuous body treatment that covers everything your dry skin needs. With sea salts, honey butter, and body balm applied, followed by being wrapped up in a warm blanket, you are then cleansed and moisturized with lotion that is massaged into your skin for a glowing, smooth, and nourished outcome. This spa treatment is the perfect choice for dry, damaged skin that needs a little loving with fabulous relaxation involved.

The second spa treatment is a Botanica Custom Massage, which we are rated best in the Tampa Bay area for by Citysearch! Customizing it for hydrating and maximum absorption, this massage will not only destress your body, it will cover you head to toe in moisturizing lotion. You will leave our spa feeling relaxed, unwound, and bathed in hydration!

Finally, a simple yet effective spa treatment if you’re looking just for a hand or foot dry skin solution, we offer paraffin wax treatments to any of our manicures or pedicures. Paraffin wax is known to smooth and soothe dry skin, mainly on your hands or feet. This add-on treatment is used by dipping your extremities in a bag filled with hot paraffin wax and left until hardened. It is removed after several minutes, revealing soft and moistened skin.

Any one of these spa treatments will give your dry skin excellent benefits and relief from the pain or itching. Visit Botanica Day Spa today to book your appointment for one or several of our amazing services!



In the long, hot summer months, dehydration is an ever-present concern. When the heat gets real, our skin gets dry real fast. Of course, guzzling water and consuming nutritious meals can help you stay hydrated from within. But why stop there? To get that ultimate summer glow, we’re going to need help from spa treatments.

Hydrating Facials

You can identify dehydrated skin by the way it looks. Dull, red, dry, and flaky skin is a good hint. Not only are deep hydrating facial treatments excellent for replenishing your skin’s moisture, they also offer deep-cleansing and exfoliation. You can expect to have dirt and impurities lifted away as well as dead skin cells removed cells (a major contributor to dull-looking skin).

As a result, the new layer of skin cells underneath act as the perfect surface to absorb all the nourishing serums and moisturizers that follow, to lock in moisture for plump, luminous skin.

Full Body Treatments

Skin can also feel moisture-depleted during the summer. For all-over hydration, try a body treatment such as a mask or wrap. A full-body mask involves covering your entire body with a therapeutic mask for maximum hydration. After the product is applied, you are covered with a thermal blanket or wrap to seal in the moisture. Such masks may include hydrating ingredients, like clay, mud, seaweed, algae, or shea butter.

Whichever body treatment you choose, it’s always best to start with a fresh, smooth surface. Getting a body scrub beforehand ensures that the rough, dry skin is sloughed off and your moisturizing products absorb effectively.

Scalp Treatments

Environmental factors like too much sun exposure and humidity may be the culprits of itchy scalp or dull, breakage-prone hair. The good news: it can be helped! A deep hydrating hair treatment will lock in the moisture.

Most of these treatments will begin with a stimulating head massage to promote a healthy scalp. Some massages include essential oils, natural oils, or an intense moisturizing shampoo that can have you saying oh, yes! Top it off with a hydrating hair mask containing clay or deep conditioning treatments to restore depleted moisture.

Summertime doesn’t have to mean choosing between fun in the sun or dewy skin. With modern technology and spa professionals, we can have it all! Best of all, professional skin treatments withstand dehydration, giving you more time to enjoy your getaways before you return for another round. But we all know that once we’ve experienced a professional skin treatment, we won’t be able to resist booking spas wherever we go.

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Dry Skin Remedies

Springtime remedies for super-dry winter skin

Chapped lips. Cracked heels. Rough elbows. Parched hands. These are the skin’s casualties from the chilly winter months. “Certain areas of our body have become drier because they were more exposed to the climate and elements,” explains Jennifer Kwiatkowski-Herzog, spa director of The Forest Spa at The Lodge at Glendorn. “Moisturizing becomes more important during the winter months and as we move into spring, our skin craves hydration. It’s especially important to keep it protected, healthy and youthful.”

Another culprit is dry winter air. “Our skin dries out in the winter because of low humidity,” says Pamela Margolis, owner of the Ivy Spa Club at Hotel Ivy, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Minneapolis. “The use of a furnace to keep our homes and offices warm contributes to decreasing humidity in the air as well.” That’s why she recommends keeping our bodies well hydrated by drinking water and sleeping with a humidifier in the bedroom during the colder months, and even into early spring. Of course, upgrading your beauty routine is also crucial. “I recommend a cream cleanser to gently exfoliate,” Margolis says. “Using a serum and a richer moisturizer also helps.”

These tricks will soften the scaliest spots before the first buds of spring bloom.

DRY SPOT: Elbows & Knees

DIY REMEDY “An at-home fix for softening dry elbows or other areas that need a little extra TLC is to make a sugar scrub,” says Kwiatkowski-Herzog. “Add an oil of choice, or honey, to sugar to create more moisture. Mix together and rub it on the desired area, then rinse and moisturize.”

TRY One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Polish,; Kaeng Raeng Detoxfoliant All Natural Body Scrub,; Pevonia Ligne Tropical De-Aging Saltmousse Papaya-Pineapple,


DIY REMEDY “Hands are especially dry as they are exposed to the elements more than other body parts,” says Kwiatkowski-Herzog. “A paraffin treatment at your favorite spa is a great option to help moisturize the skin and cuticles.” Or, according to OSM Editor-in-Chief Rona Berg, author of the clever Fast Beauty: 1,000 Quick Fixes (Workman Publishing), toast one cup of sesame seeds in the toaster oven to release the oil. Crush seeds with one cup sea salt, in a mortar and pestle. Add ½ cup of sweet almond oil and massage into damp skin, then rinse. Apply hand cream.

TRY Jurlique Rose Hand Cream,; Pai Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream,


DIY REMEDY The skin on your feet tends to naturally be drier, so expect them to be even more parched post-winter. That’s why extra moisturizing is a must. To soften cracked heels before sandal season, Berg suggests massaging a body scrub on heels in the shower, with a pumice stone. Then apply a moisturizing face or body mask, cover with thin cotton socks, and leave on for one or two hours. Margolis suggests using shea butter or coconut oil to help lock in moisture.

TRY Booda Butter with organic shea butter and coconut oil,; Kopari Coconut Balm,; Lotus Moon Heel the Sole Foot Balm,


DIY REMEDY “The best way to keep lips moisturized is to apply a lip balm,” Margolis says. “Pure shea butter can be used or a premade lip balm that contains shea butter works well.” Making your own lip balm is a cinch, as well as a scrub. Berg suggests using a soft-bristle toothbrush and a bit of honey to gently exfoliate chapped lips.

TRY Suntegrity Lip CPR Natural Sunscreen Lipstick Broad Spectrum 30,; Dr. Bronner’s Orange Ginger Organic Lip Balm,; Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum Butter,


REJUVA MINERALS PUR’ LIPS LIPSTICK Get gorgeous shine and lasting, buildable color with Moisturizing Pur’ Lips Lipstick. Only simple ingredients are used including certified organic butters and oils, and they’re colored with mineral and fruit pigment only!

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10 At-Home Spa Treatments

Improve Your Look

If you fancy some pampering but don’t want to splash out on expensive treatments, check out these 10 at-home spa treatments perfect for staying in and relaxing.

If you fancy some pampering but don’t want to splash out on expensive treatments, check out these 10 at-home spa treatments perfect for staying in and relaxing.


Rejuvenating body scrub

Regular exfoliation is important for removing dead cells which can accumulate on the skin’s surface, leading to dull, dry skin. For a nourishing body scrub, mix together some brown sugar and olive oil, using roughly double the amount of brown sugar as oil. You can also add in some manuka honey, which is beneficial for both dry and acne-prone skin types, and some lemon or orange essential oil for an uplifting scent. Use the scrub in the shower, rubbing in circular motions over the body and paying attention to rough spots such as the elbows.


Refreshing foot mask

Our feet are often neglected, but they deserve a treat from time to time, particularly after a long run or training session. For an invigorating treat for your feet, mix together equal quantities of oatmeal, corn meal, sea salt and olive oil. Add a few tbsps of aloe vera gel to get a mask-like consistency then add a few drops of refreshing peppermint oil. Apply to feet and massage in. Leave for a few minutes then wash off.


Steam facial

Steaming your face is a good way to cleanse your pores, helping to promote clear and glowing skin.

For a steam treatment at home, fill a bowl with boiled water and leave to cool slightly so that it is not hot enough to burn your skin. Add a couple of drops of essential oils, such as tea tree oil for acne-prone skin, lavender oil for oily skin or rose absolute oil for dry skin. Steam your face for a few minutes by leaning over the bowl with a towel covering your head to trap the steam. You can follow a steam treatment with a purifying clay mask or simply some toner and moisturiser.


Softening hand treatment

For a softening treat for your hands, try using a moisturizing scrub made from 1tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp sugar and a teaspoon of almond or grapeseed oil. Scoop some of the mixture on to your hands then massage in circular motions all over. After a few minutes, rinse of the mixture with warm water until most of the oil has been washed off, then pat dry. Finish with a moisturizing hand cream or lotion.


Deep conditioning hair treatment

You don’t need to splash out to get perfect lustrous, shiny locks. For a natural conditioning treatment, try mashing up an avocado and applying directly to your hair for a shot of moisture and nourishment. Alternatively, for a protein-rich treatment, apply a beaten egg to hair, leave for 10 minutes, then rinse off with cool water.


Milk bath

Take a leaf out of Cleopatra’s book and relax in a cleansing and nourishing milk bath. The lactic acid in milk will soften your skin, and milk baths can also be soothing for those with eczema or psoriasis. Add a few cups of whole milk or some milk powder to your bathwater, mix in some essential oils and honey (optional) then float rose petals on top for a luxurious and indulgent treat.


Aromatherapy shower

While baths are perfect for relaxing, if you don’t have access to one or aren’t much of a bath person, you can still create a spa-like experience for your shower. Choose a relaxing essential oil such as lavender or an uplifting oil such as neroli and add a few drops to a damp flannel or sponge. Place this on the floor in front of you as you shower to allow the steam to release the scents.


Skin brightener

Papaya and pineapple are great natural exfoliators and skin brighteners due to the alpha hydroxy acids they contain. To tighten and brighten your skin, blend some papaya with yogurt and honey and apply as a face mask. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse off. Alternatively, pour some pineapple juice into ice trays and leave in your freezer overnight. Once frozen, pass the pineapple ice cubes over your skin and leave for five minutes before rinsing.


Soothing eye treatment

If you have puffy, dry or irritated eyes, try a homemade remedy to soothe and refresh. Cool chamomile tea bags and cucumber are good traditional remedies to cool and soothe the eye area, while cool potato slices are also good for puffy eyes. Light some candles, put on some relaxing music and lie back with the tea bags, cucumber or potato slices covering your eyes for 10 minutes for a soothing and relaxing treat.


Purifying facial

For the ultimate at-home facial, begin by cleansing and lightly exfoliating your skin using oatmeal and water. Follow this up with a soothing, moisturizing or cleansing mask made by natural ingredients such as yoghurt, avocado, strawberries or honey. Finally, pamper yourself with a DIY facial massage using a natural oil such as jojoba, grapeseed or almond oil. Apply the oil to your hands then massage your face using gentle upward circular motions. This will help to nourish the skin and boost circulation, giving a vibrant and soft complexion.

There are plenty of benefits you can derive from having a spa. Besides getting rid of stress, spa treatments can help rejuvenate your skin condition. Its nutritious ingredients can perform detoxification to prevent premature aging of your skin while the spa massage nourishes your skin by increasing blood circulation that results in fulfilling its needs of oxygen and nutrients. Thus the treatment enhances the quality of your sleep while brightening and moistening the skin.

Considering these reasons, has it ever crossed your mind to make DIY recipes for spa treatments? Instead of experiencing an expensive service at a spa center, you can try a home spa treatment as an alternative. You can also treat your family, siblings, friends or your partner with this alternative spa. Since Indian Mother’s Day is near, these DIY recipes of home-spa treatment can also be gift idea for your dearest ones. Not only is it easy, but it’s also simple and affordable:

Plain Yoghurt-Berry Facial Mask

Berries are known to resist loose radicals while plain yogurt is effective for moisturizing your face. To make this facial mask, you need to prepare honey, plain yogurt, lemon juice, and a variety of mixed berries.


  1. Mix two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of plain yogurt until they are well blended.
  2. Pour the mixture of plain yogurt and honey into blender and add ¼ cup of mixed berries.
  3. Blend all of them until they become creamy and well combined. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice and stir.
  4. Apply the mixture on your dry face with clean hands. Wait for ten minutes.
  5. Rinse off your face with warm water. Store the remaining part in empty jar and keep it in the fridge.
Lavender-Oatmeal Facial Scrub

Did you know? The wheat nutrient in oatmeal is able to soothe acne-prone skin. Not only does it eliminate acne, but this facial scrub also serves as a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. We recommend to limit the facial scrub to once a week as excessive exfoliation might irritate your skin.


The first step to make this scrub is combine two teaspoons of corn flour, a half cup of milk powder, a half cup of lavender flowers (stalkless) and a full cup of ground oatmeals. Whisk the ingredients in a bowl and massage it onto your damp skin. After fifteen minutes, clean your face with warm water.

Chocolate Milk Bath

Dark chocolate contains high amounts of antioxidants that provides protection to your skin cells. Similar to berries, it protects your skin from the damaging effect of free radicals. You are also able to feel happier due to a chemical compound in cocoa that triggers the release of endorphins in the brain.


In order to make this, prepare a half cup of milk, 60 grams of crushed dark chocolate, and one cup of bubble bath liquid. Boil the milk and add crushed chocolate until it is melted. Stir and let the mixture cool down. After that you can pour the cup of bubble liquid into the mixture. This mixture can be used for bathing and can last for four days.

White Sugar Hand Scrub

For those who have normal to dry skin, sugar scrub can be your go-to-remedy. This scrub maintains your hand’s condition as it can moisturize and remove dead skin cells at the same time.


To make it, blend 1 ½ cup of granulated white sugar, one tablespoon of Vaseline repairing jelly, 1 tablespoon of hand soap and ¼ cup of baby oil at once. The amount of scrub you use can be tweaked to your needs.

Cucumber Eye Gel

Many beauty enthusiast believe cucumber and aloe vera to calm their skin irritation and refresh their skin. Aloe vera is even effective against sunburn. To moisturize and sooth the tender skin around your eyes, you only need two simple ingredients.


First, you need to make sure the cucumbers are already cleaned and peeled. Chop the cucumber into cubes and place half of it into a blender until it turns juicy. Strain the juice through fine sieve and put it aside.

In a ramekin, mix two tablespoons of cucumber juice and around five to eight tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Beat the mixture until it forms a thick gel-like consistency. Its thickness will depend on the type of aloe vera gel you put in. Place it in tiny jar and keep it in your refrigerator.

This gel is ideally used on your face and body before you sleep. This DIY gel can last for six weeks in the fridge.

Homemade Strawberry Hair Spa

A hair spa can prevent dull hair, normalize oil secretion, prevent scalp aging and nourish your hair. On the other hand, strawberry is often used for body treatment. This is because its fragrance can relieve you from mental stress. It is also loaded with B5 and B6 vitamins which can strengthen and nourish your hair.


Steam your hair by placing a pot of hot water onto the table for ten minutes. To try this treatment, place one cup of egg yolk, a cup of chopped strawberries, and two tablespoons of olive oil in a blender. Then, you can start applying your DIY mask onto your hair for around fifteen minutes. Wash off your hair with mild water and sulfate-free shampoo.

You can use this hair treatment at least for twice a week.

Seems simple, doesn’t it? You can plan a spa day for the special people in your life and it will surely appease them. This gift can help alleviate their fatigue and can also help them relax. Moreover, this will be a special gift as it is unique.

Which one do you think seems to be the most interesting? Tell us in the comments below!

Welcome to Spa Week! All week long, we’ll be sharing our best tips for bringing the spa home – from clever beauty hacks to relaxing treatments and more!

We’re kicking off spa week with a post all about creating the perfect day (or evening) of pampering and relaxation in your very own home!

First things first….start by setting the mood! Put on some calming music and create the perfect spa scent while you get things ready. Lavender essential oil is great for relaxing, but nothing smells more like a spa than eucalyptus! I like to use my diffuser, but candles create such nice lighting, too. If you go with a candle, choose one that utilizes essential oils for its scent, like this one. Or you can make your own candle.

Now that you have the smells and sounds of the spa, put on your slippers, get out your fluffiest towels, and choose a treatment (or two, or three, or four…) from the list below. Enjoy!

Make Your Own Spa Water

Sipping on “spa water” is an easy way to enjoy spa amenities at home. I put some strawberries and mint in my infuser pitcher, but you can also put the fruit straight into a water bottle or mason jar. Cucumbers and citrus are refreshing, but I love berries! Here are some more delicious recipes from Beauty Buzz Daily.

Steam Treatment

To make your own Tea Tree Toner Tabs, place them in a bowl of hot water, use a towel to trap the steam, and allow the steam to clean out your pores. This treatment is great for acne-prone skin and leaves your face feeling clean and refreshed!

Face Mask

Applying a face mask is one of my favorite at-home spa treatments. This Yogurt & Honey Face Mask leaves my skin soft, moisturized, and it makes applying makeup easier because it plumps the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles!

Since everyone’s skin is different, here are some more face masks and scrubs for different skin types and issues:

  • Custom Face Scrubs
  • Pumpkin Scrub
  • Honey Almond Scrub
  • Detox Mask for Rosacea
  • 3 Recipes with Honey: A Toner, A Scrub and A Mask

Anti-Aging Hand Mask

Along with the skin on your face, the skin on the backs of your hands can also reveal significant signs of aging. This simple, all-natural mixture you can make at home in minutes will have your hands feeling softer and looking more youthful in no time.

Foot Soak

A foot soak is the perfect treatment if you don’t have much time to spare. You can even set up a foot bath at your desk or at a table while you work on something else!

  • After a long day on my feet, I love using this foot soak and detox, it feels amazing!
  • If you have dry, cracked heels, then try this foot soak with Listerine and vinegar.
  • After a nice soak, massage this peppermint cream into your feet – you’ll love it!

Treat your Hair

  • If you have dry hair that could use a serious moisturizing treatment, this Coconut Oil Conditioning Treatment is perfect for you!
  • If you hair needs some thickening, try this Avocado Mask and Clove Rinse.
  • For a dry, flaky scalp, try this Jojoba Oil Treatment.
  • If you’re looking to “Lighten and Brighten” dull hair, “Smooth and Shine” frizzy hair, or for “Strength and Volume;” check out these 3 Spa-Inspired Sprays.
  • If you have a lot of hairspray buildup, this DIY Hair Detox will remove all the residue with ease.

Take a Bath

After a hair or face mask, I like to take a bath or shower to make sure I get everything out! Try one of these ideas for your bath to achieve the ultimate at-home relaxation:

  • Lush-Inspired Bath Bombs
  • Aromatherapy Bubble Bath
  • Scented Milk Bath
  • The Ultimate Detox Bath
  • Eucalyptus Mint Bath Oil
  • Sweet Dreams Bath Soak

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more SPA WEEK goodness! 🙂

What’s your favorite at-home spa treatment?

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