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In this Sports Research Vitamin D3 Review, we will immerse ourselves into everything there is about the supplement.

First, we’ll start out with the claims that the manufacturer provides about the supplement. Which we will later also assess, meaning how true they hold. Second, we’ll examine the vitamin D form that the supplement employs. Third, we’ll check the amounts. Lastly, we’ll dissect the additives present in the supplement.

The goal here is to create a review so thorough that there would not be a need for you to ever look at other supplement reviews for this specific supplement. Therefore, if there is a section or aspect I haven’t covered but you’re interested in, let me know. And I’ll add that to the review.

Sports Research Vitamin D3 Review – Overview

Sports Research Vitamin D3 is all about making sure that you get adequate amounts of vitamin D for your best self and well-being.

The manufacturer offers three variations of the supplement – a 1000 IU (25 mcg) version, a 2000 IU (50 mcg), and a 5000 IU (125 mcg) one.

All of them share the same description page (sale’s page), as well as there are all the same ingredients within them apart, of course, from the vitamin D amounts present.

All in all, there really isn’t much information about the supplement there. On that same note, why would there be? It’s a singular vitamin supplement.

In essence, the text there informs us that vitamin D3 is the same vitamin D that is produced in the body as a result of direct sun exposure. And then they continue on about it being the membrane antioxidant, which is essential for calcium absorption, immune support, as well as the maintaining of strong bones and teeth.

Lastly, the claim of SR Vitamin D3 is formulated with coconut oil to ensure better absorption.

And additionally, the supplement also claims to be Non-GMO and Gluten Free.

As of the writing of this article, this supplement is also the #1 Amazon Bestseller in the category for vitamin D supplements.

It Really Has The Best Vitamin D Form

So, just a few paragraphs ago, we saw that the manufacturer of the supplement – Sports Research – claimed that the vitamin form is the most beneficial one.

And you can take their word for it.

There are only two vitamin D forms that are widely used in supplements – the first being vitamin D2, also goes by the name of Ergocalciferol, and the second – vitamin D3, also named Cholecalciferol .

And there are significant differences between the two.

As the Sports Research already correctly noted, Vitamin D3 is the most beneficial form, which is the exact one that our bodies produce when exposed to sunlight. And that is the one that the supplement contains .

Whereas vitamin D2 is the synthetic form of the vitamin. Needless to say, that D3 being the natural form of the vitamin is a much, much more beneficial option .

And there are various studies done, which approve this point .

Amount-Wise – It’s Diverse, It’s For Everyone

Sports Research Vitamin D3 is a supplement that should not be perceived as a rigid one.

Meaning, it offers various vitamin D amounts for various needs. These include the already stated the 1000 IU version, 2000 IU version, and the 5000 IU version.

As far as I can tell there isn’t a specific one that the Sports Research recommends you should go with. Nonetheless, I reckon you should go with the one that will fit your needs most.

The 1000 IU version will go best for individuals that have their vitamin D levels in check.

On that same note, however, even if you do it’s actually recommended to go with the 2000 IU in addition to your multivitamin supplement. It’s for the maintenance of healthy vitamin D levels in adults.((Hyman M (Dr.). The Ultramind Solution. New York: Scribner, 2010, p. 305-310.))

Lastly, the 5000 IU version will be the best one for those, who are vitamin D deficient. To make sure that is the case, check your blood vitamin D levels.

Additives Are Not Only Harmless But Beneficial

There are a lot of harmful additives out there despite the fact that appropriate regulatory authorities do exist. However, Sports Research Vitamin D3 does not subscribe to the harmful ones. Some of them are actually beneficial.

There are a total number of 4 additives here – Coconut Oil, Kosher Gelatin, Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin, and Purified Water.

Coconut Oil is the first of the beneficial ones. It possesses a lot of great benefits, like promoting weight-loss, decreasing of insulin resistance, as well as improving brain health among others .

Kosher Gelatin is, again, something that will serve your health.

The composure of what it’s made offers amazing amounts of amino acids, which are the building blocks of everything in our bodies. And through them there comes a whole list of benefits, like improvements of joint, gut and skin health, as well as brain health and cognitive abilities .

Additionally, the Gelatin is recognized as a Kosher one, which means that it’s made out of all the listed animal parts of a pig. Which as some experts claim is the most toxic animal to consume out there.

Thus, needless to say, it’s better to go with Kosher.

Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin is a natural substance that is derived from vegetable fats. And being such it is quite unlikely to cause any unpleasant side effects .

And last, of all, we have Purified Water. Which only means the obvious – it’s water that is purified.

Generally, there’s nothing harmful about that unless, of course, you try to drink an ocean. Then it’s probably not that healthy or good for you. Well, in truth, anything in life in ridiculously high amounts will surely be to your detriment.

A Few Words On The Claims Of Sports Research

So, first we had that claim of vitamin D form that was the most beneficial one. And indeed it was.

Then we had all the listed benefits of vitamin D, all of which certainly is true.

And lastly, we had the claim of “Formulated with coconut oil for better absorption”. Which isn’t really about the Coconut Oil but an oily substance added to the supplement.

You see, vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. Thus, in order for our bodies to be able to absorb it, it has to be consumed together with a fat-containing substance, such as an oil.

This is the precise reason why many vitamin D supplements contain such substances as some kind of oil.

Thus, the claim is not to be understood in a way that specifically Coconut Oil is the best for vitamin D absorption. Whatever oil it may be – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Corn Oil or any other – they all have the capacity to improve absorption.

On that same note, however, if you, for example, would take the supplement together with a meal that contains fat, the oils in the supplement would not be of difference in regards to the absorption.

Final Thoughts On Sports Research Vitamin D3

At the end of the day, Sports Research Vitamin D3 is an amazing supplement.

Amazing active ingredients, diverse in regards to the available dosing, beneficial additives, as well as not over-hyped or misleading claims.

Thus, I really can’t fault this one.

So, if you’re in the market for a proper, solid, beneficial vitamin D supplement, this one’s your choice.

Other than that, if you’re new to the field of supplements you might find useful the article on the best multivitamin supplements as multivitamins are the single most important tool for complimenting anyone’s diet.

But above all, I hope the article helped you find the information you were looking for, but if not – definitely let me know in the comments on how I could further improve it.

If you have a tiny bit of time, I would highly appreciate even one line in the comments. That helps a ton and will be highly appreciated.

Hope to see you in another article!

Cheers, Stay Healthy & Have a Great One!

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