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Anyone who has ever run a marathon, parkrun or just for the bus will know how annoying hair in your face can feel. If you’ve not yet mastered the French plait, and find that high ponytail doesn’t stay put past mile three, or are just looking for an extra layer for cold weather running, we’ve got just what you’ve been looking for. We’ve found the best headbands for running, that stay put, no matter how many miles you clock up.

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What to look for in a running headband?

When it comes to what makes a sports headband different to the ones you might wear whilst doing a facemask, it all comes down to their sweat-wicking capabilities. A good running headband will wick sweat from your hairline or forehead, rather than absorbing it as you run, keeping it out of your eyes.

Other features to look for include UV protection, reflective elements and the ability to be chucked in the washing machine with the rest of your kit. They’ll also be seasonal differences – some will be aimed at keeping you warmer or cooler at different times of the year.

The best running headbands on the market:

Buff Headband, £16.50,

This 360 degrees reflective headband is made from a wide band of stretch material, designed to wick sweat and, like your kit, still be breathable as you move. Designed to be worn in all-weather conditions, the range also has Tech Fleece fabric options available for colder climates.

Fly Away Tamer Headband, £10,

Designed for running, yoga and to be worn in the gym, this lululemon headband is a good all-rounder. With non-slip, velvet bonding, on test this hairband stayed perfectly in place, without pulling hair too tight. Made from a sweat-wicking, cotton-feel fabric, the hairband is naturally breathable and machine washable.

Anna Headband, £10,

This Sweaty Betty headband has a wide band to keep sweat off your face as you move. The tapered design allows your forehead and ears to be fully covered, while still being lightweight and breathable. Whilst this can be worn all year round, we think it’s best suited to colder running.

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Essential Gore Windstopper Headband, £21,

An extra-wide, windproof, water repellent and breathable headband, this is a must for winter running. The high-elasticity adds extra comfort and the sweat-wicking lining keeps your forehead dry as you run. With added reflective elements on the front and side of the headband, this unisex option is a must.

Nike Elastic Headband, Pack of 3, £9,

If you’re looking for something more subtle, these Nike hairbands are a good choice. With three designs in the pack, they have a silicone layer inside the band, keeping it in place as you move. Whilst this isn’t as sweat-wicking as others on the list, it’s designed to keep hair out of your eyes as you run and it does this well.

Inov-8 All Terrain Headband, £15,

Built for the colder months, this wind resistant fabric keeps the head and ears warm when running on colder days. The fabric keeps sweat away from the forehead, and the tapered design means the headband stays firmly in place as you move. This headband also packs away small enough to be carried in your running belt if the weather changes mid-run.

Invisibobble Multiband, £5.09,

From the makers of the phone-cord looking hair rings that became a staple of every woman’s gym bag, this headband has an integrated hair ring that keeps everything in place whilst you’re running. With silicone grips to stop the hairband from slipping, the show stopping moment with this hairband is that the combined hair bobble can be used to tie your hair up at the same time. Game changer.

Invisibobble Power Hair Tie, £5.09,

As mentioned above, these hair rings tick all the boxes when it comes to keeping your hair in place. Not ideal for those with a fringe or shorter hair, but if you can get all your hair into a ponytail, these will stop it from slipping. The spring design prevents headaches or kinks in your hair, plus the plastic material means it stays dry, even when worn round your wrist. It can be used in wet or dry hair without tangling or breaking.

Adidas Hairband 3 Pack, £9.95,

With a non-slip, silicone grip, these thin adidas hairbands are designed to keep your hair out of your face as you run. Made from a thin, stretchy material, this training hairband is a good addition to your gym bag.

Are headbands still a thing?


Headbands are NOT just for 80’s Tennis Stars. (Andre Agassi and John McEnroe, I’m looking at you!)

Headbands are incredibly useful, and serve you well in several situations, which is likely why they are so popular with tennis players, basketball players, weightlifters, CrossFit Athletes, and Runners worldwide.

I aim to cover the three most popular reasons one might wear a headband, what goes into the best workout headbands, and present 15 of the best running headbands with reviews so you find the one that is perfect for you.


Which of these 3 Distinct Headband Purposes Fits Your Needs?

1. Sweat management

Probably the most popular reason to wear a headband is to manage sweat. This goes for athletes, bike riders, folks who ride motorcycles, runners and more.

Basically, anyone that wants to keep sweat from running into their eyes is after this type of headband.

If you need to deal with perspiration look for the following characteristics in headbands.


They are made from thin material, which dries quickly. Another benefit of this material is you can wear a thin headband under a baseball cap, motorcycle or bike helmet.

Sweat wicking and odor control Technology

Headbands designed for sweat also need to account for the unpleasantness aspects of sweat, including making stuff stink and making you feel wet, hot and sticky.

A good sweatband should be able to absorb moisture, dry faster than SpongeBob in a tanning bed, and resist the growth of funky germs and bacteria that live off of sweat and create odor. Ewww.


The best headbands for sweat management are usually wide, to provide enough fabric to mop up sweat and hold your hair in place.

A thin band simply does not have enough substance to soak up any significant amount of sweat.

2. Hair Management

Some folks need a headband to simply keep the hair off their face. Not everyone wants or needs a wide or bulky sweatband, some folks just need to keep their bangs up off the forehead and anchor fly-always in the hair that have a tendency to land in your eyes or stick to your face.

If you like a nice, light, barely there headband that controls your hair, look for these properties:

Thin width – The thinner the headband, the less you will notice you are wearing it. These may come in darker colors that blend in even more and are discreet.

Grip – This style headband does best with some kind of rubberized or silicone grip on the underside. The grip allows the headband to stay in place as you move.

Silicone is preferred because it stays put without pulling the hair, like rubber may.

3. Warming

If you run, hike, bicycle or ski in cool weather, this is the type of headband you need.

Layered warming fabric

Certain fabrics hold heat in, while others are cooling. Fleece is a popular fabric for warming headbands because it holds our body heat against you, keeping your head and ears perfectly toasty.

Ear contours

A good warming headband is contoured to adequately cover the ears, which are vulnerable in cold or windy conditions. Look for a contoured cut that covers your ears.

Make or Break Traits to Find Your Perfect Goldilocks Headband


The number one headband complaint is that it is too tight. The number too complaint is that it is too loose.

I think we can all agree there is nothing worse than getting a headband that just slides off, or is so tight it gives you a headache.

I mentioned in the reviews which headbands are good for large noggins, and those better suited for more petite craniums.


If the band is too thin, and you sweat a lot, you may find sweat dripping into your eyes even with a sweatband on.

If you perspire even just a little, a wider headband may be the best choice.


The texture of the headband fabric is important. You want a headband that is soft and comfortable, not rough and scratchy.

Imagine being in the middle of a heavy barbell lift and your forehead begins to itch from the irritating material of the headband.

You have no hands free to scratch it; you must endure till the lift is finished. Not cool. It is worth it to spend a little more for quality fabric.

TOP 15 headbands for Men & Women Reviewed 2020

Self Pro Men’s Headband

Review: Self Pro is made from a light thin material that wicks sweat away. It is thin enough to wear under a baseball cap or helmet, and the bad is wide, about three inches, and the bad is on the large side, and fits large heads, or people with a lot of hair, well.


  • Thin sweat wicking material – fits under hat/helmet.
  • Wide band – catches al sweat.
  • Washable and dries fast.


  • Logo peels with washing.


Best workout headbands in the budget price range, as useful as more expensive headbands.

Halo II Headband Sweatband

Review: These high performing Halo II headbands have Sweat seal technology, which is a thin yellow silicone strip that catches sweat before it drips into your eyes or glasses and channels it away from your face. The material is thin, sweat wicking and made with anti odor technology.

  • Grippy silicone strip holds band on and moves sweat away from the face.
  • Dryline material wicks sweat dries fast and prevents odor.
  • Thin enough to wear under a hat.
  • This popular brand is plagued by knockoffs, be sure and order from a reputable dealer.

One of the best headbands for running due to its ability to channel sweat away from your eyes.

French Fitness Revolution Fitness Headband

Review: This headband is made of thin, washable, sweat wicking material. It is 4” wide at the forehead, and 1.5 inches wide in the back.

It is thin enough to wear under a hat or helmet, and wide enough to keep bangs out of your face without looking like a dork.

  • Swat wicking, thin and breathable.
  • SPF of 40.
  • Double layer fabric, reversible.
  • Takes a bit longer to dry than single layer headbands.

Best workout headbands for short hair and bangs.

TrailHeads Women’s Ponytail Headband

Review: This headband is one single layer of fleece that covers the ears and accommodates a ponytail.

This headband is ideal for ladies who engage in cold weather sports and activities.

  • Warm fleece, covers ears.
  • Accommodates a ponytail in the back.
  • Ponytail placement is low, some do not prefer this position.

Best headbands for thick hair, long hair.

Nike Women’s Running Headband

Review: These headbands cold weather running headbands feature reflective logo and stitching and are a few inches thick, to manage hair and keep it away from your face while jogging.

  • Warm-fleece lined.
  • Dri-fit technology means they will sweep away sweat and keep your face dry.
  • Reflective details, helps others see you while you are jogging.
  • Pricey.

Best running headbands for women in chilly weather.

Turtle Fur Double-Layer Bang Band, Chelonia 150 Fleece Headband

Review: This super soft headband is made from two layers of fleece, which will keep your ears warm and feel very comfortable to wear.

It is contoured, and wider on one side than the other so it will cover your ears while jogging, skiing, snowboarding or any cold weather sport.

  • 2 layers of fleece, moderately warm.
  • Covers ears.
  • Machine washable.
  • Make sure you purchase from a reputable vendor to avoid getting a fake.

Best headbands for working out or engaging in other cold weather, outdoor activities.

Adidas Interval Slim Headband

Review: This Adidas headband is thin, at ¾ inches, and made from a low profile terry cloth sweat wicking material.

The terry cloth absorbs sweat, but does not look like the classic 80’s style terry cloth- it is much flatter, and the band much narrower than those.

  • Thin band, low profile terry cloth.
  • Ideal for smaller or petite heads.
  • Embroidered logo, will not peel or fade.
  • Runs small, great for teens and women.

Best workout headbands for smaller folks.

Pearl Izumi – Ride Transfer Lite Headband

Review: This Pearl Izumi headband is made from a thin sweat wicking material infused with mineral polyester, which inhibits odor and causes the headband to dry quickly.

The headband is a uniform width of a little over 2 inches.

  • Mineral polyester material prevents odor and dries fast- excellent airflow and breathability.
  • Reflective logo allows others to see you better.
  • Suitable for large heads.
  • Does not work as well in high humidity environments.

The best sweatbands for keeping you cool and dry whether on the road, track, trail or at the court.

BUFF Headband

Review: The buff headbands are known for their cute designs, UV protection, and extra wide width.

The material is soft and comfortable, not tight and constricting like narrow bands that give you a headache. Great for managing sweat, and keep hair and bangs under wraps.

  • Seamless, one continuous tube of polyester fabric.
  • Very high UV protection, ideal for covering forehead and hair when outdoors.
  • Moisture-wicking anti bacterial anti odor fabric.
  • Material of this model is thinner than previous years models.

Super Cute! Best sweatbands for keeping your hair and bangs out of your face while working out.

Under Armour Women’s Mini Headbands

Review: The UA Mini headbands, designed for women, are a mere 3/8 inch thick and have a silicone band to hold them in place. The UA logo sits at the front, while these thin bands hold stray hair in place as you exercise.

  • Sold in a pack of 6.
  • Fits the average size adult woman well.
  • Silicone on the underside keeps a band in place.

Perfect for keeping fly-away’s out of your face while jogging, easily one of the best running headbands for women.

Sweaty Bands Non-Slip Fitness Headband

Review: Sweaty bands are popular, fashionable, and best of all, functional. They are made with a 1” thick strip of fabric that has a band of elastic connecting the ends.

The underside of the fabric is lined with velvet and stays put, and won’t slide around on your head as you move.

  • Velvet underside, stays put.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Many different fabrics/colors/patterns to choose from.

The Super-cute stay-put headband for fashion forward female athletes.

Women’s Nike Swoosh Sport Headbands 6PK

Review: Nike designed this 3/8 inch headband to stay put and keep hair out of your face while running, jogging, or at the gym.

The bands have a silicone strip to secure them in place. Nike makes these in all colors, including black white and grey, so they may be worn by guys or gals.

  • Silicone grip keeps them in place.
  • Larger band, suitable for adult females and males.
  • This discreet band- does not scream “I am wearing a headband!”.
  • These come in a 6 pack of multiple colors, cannot order just one color.

Effective hair management, for guys and gals, one of the best headbands for running.

ASICS Thermopolis Lite 2-n-1 Headwarmer

Review: This Asics Thermopolis lite is made from two layers of contrasting fabric, so it is reversible, and the fabric is wide enough to cover your ears and keep them warm while running in cold weather. They sat on well, with little fuss.

  • Covers ears and keeps them warm.
  • Stays put while jogging.
  • Reversible so you can switch up colors.
  • Ideal for cool weather but not freezing under 38 degrees weather.

Best running sweatband for keeping your ears warm while jogging on a cool morning.

Columbia Men’s Fast Trek Headring

Review: This Colombia headband is thick, but not too thick and can be worn under a hat in needed. It is a double layer of fleece, and is cut to cover your ears.

  • Has the High-quality stitching and craftsmanship Columbia is known for.
  • Two sizes available to get the best fit for you.
  • Help keep head and ears warm in cold or windy conditions.
  • Not overly stretchy.

This headband will keep your ears nice and warm while performing just about any outdoor activity.

JUNK Brands Americana Collection Headbands

Review: The Junk brand is anything but Junk, and is a favorite of many CrossFit athletes, and for good reason.

This band is wider at the front, securing hair and bangs out of your face. It speedily absorbs and expels sweat, and dries quickly.

It is made from “Technical T-Shirt fabric, which means it is as comfortable as a t-shirt, with the tech specs of moisture wicking and odor control.

  • Absorbs sweat and dries fast.
  • Wide band covers forehead, hair and bangs, securing them in place and out of your face.
  • A Bunch of really cool designs.
  • The design may distort after being placed on your head.

NOT a bunch of Junk but one of best workout headbands for CrossFit.

Great workout headband for sweat!

Did we leave anything out? Please let us know in the comments below what YOUR favorite headband is. We read each comment and love to hear from our readers.


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7 Running Headbands For Women Guaranteed Not To Slip Off

Trent HausFollow Oct 13, 2017 · 4 min read

The last thing you want to worry about when out on a run is your hair. It doesn’t matter your hair length, long or short, those pesky stray strands can ruin your otherwise perfect workout.

There is a simple solution, running headbands. There are a number of different types of headbands to suit your style and workout style. Some runners prefer the thicker, sweat wicking type, and others prefer the thin, no nonsense headband that keeps their hair in check, even on the longest run.

There are few things to look for when buying a running headband.

  1. Fabrics
    Some fabrics are designed to pull sweat away and help evaporate the moisture fast. You want to avoid 100% cotton bands, they absorb moisture making trapping in the heat making you feel even hotter during those summer runs.
  2. Grippy interior
    Make sure the interior is grippy to help make sure the head band will stay in place. You don’t want to be worried about adjusting the band mid run.
  3. Style
    It’s possible to look good when you’re running. Feeling positive about how you look will bring a positive affect to your workout. It’s science!

We’ve done our research and rounded up our 7 favorite headbands for your running workouts. No matter your hair length, these bands will keep your hair in place letting you focus on logging some serious miles.

1. Saucony Brisk Ponytail Headband

Saucony Brisk Ponytail Headband

Sure, you want that long, flowing hair seen in shampoo commercials. But not during your run. Keep your ears warm and every hair in place with the Brisk Headband.


  • Exceptional fit offers customized ear coverage
  • Ponytail hole keeps every hair in place and off your face
  • Reflective logos for extra visibility

Buy Now $24.00,

2. Brooks Greenlight Headband

Brooks Greenlight Headband

Perfect for cooler days, this headband does double duty, keeping strands off your face while also covering your ears to keep them from getting chilly. It has reflective details on the front and back to make sure you’re visible in dimly-lit conditions.

Buy Now $30.00,


Viber Running Headband

Trendy, comfortable, ladies headband will keep your hair in place while running.

  • 4 colors to choose from
  • One size fits most
  • Cotton, Bamboo Fiber, Microfiber
  • Machine washable

Buy Now $11.95, Running Den (Free Shipping)

4. Everyday Wide Headband

Everyday Wide Headband

Whether you’re doing you are out for your daily Jog or training for a marathon, you want to look good and don’t want to be distracted by hair or sweat in your face. These Best Running Headbands for Men are all you need and you are all set to go.

First Look

1 – French Fitness Revolution Men’s Men’s Elastic Headbands

2 – Nike Dri Fit Headband Male Headbands for Long Hair

3 – Halo II Headband Wide Headbands Men’s

4 – Bondi Solid Headband Men’s Running Sweatbands

5 – Temple Tape Headbands Running headbands Cover Ears

It is safe to say that you are prepared to get qualification for the following level during 2019? Beginning another year, it’s not unexpected to move your concentration to set up an increasingly solid everyday schedule.Actually, contemplates uncovering that the most prevalent New Year’s goals are to shed pounds and invest more energy working out.
Shockingly, just 8 percent of these goals become long haul and really produce results. Perhaps the most ideal approaches to remain over your wellness objectives is to guarantee that you have a nitty-gritty arrangement. While this may incorporate setting up a strong exercise calendar and diet plan, it’s likewise valuable to guarantee that you have the correct games contraptions for your daily practice.

In the event that you eat, rest and inhale everything well being and wellness, you’re going to need to peruse this. We’re revealing ten of the best games contraptions of 2019 that are certain to raise the stakes of your wellness game.

Unmistakable Headband Purposes

Utilitarian running headbands are straightforward and compelling however regularly neglected running frill. In particular, some of the best sweat absorbing headbands will shield sweat from getting at you while you run, decrease glare from the sun, and furthermore keep you warm while adding a snappy touch to your running attire, all without costing much. What would it be a good idea for me to wear during running?
The most clear advantage with regards to a running cap. By plan, they draw sweat away from the head helping keep you cool through vanishing sweat.

Simultaneously, the best running caps likewise let air in through their texture to further chill a sprinter off and give a degree of breath-ability to the head.

Sweat management:

Presumably, the most famous motivation to wear a headband is to oversee sweat. This goes for competitors, bicycle riders, people who ride bikes, sprinters and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
Essentially, anybody that needs to shield sweat from running at them is after this sort of headband. If you have to manage sweat search for the accompanying qualities in headbands.

They are produced using flimsy material, which dries rapidly. Another advantage of this material is you can wear a slim headband under a baseball top, cruiser or bicycle cap.

Moisture Wicking Headband
Sweat-wicking and scent control Innovation:

Headbands intended for perspiration likewise need to represent the disagreeableness parts of perspiration, including making stuff stink and making you feel wet, hot and sticky.
A decent sweatband ought to have the option to retain dampness, dry quicker than SpongeBob in a tanning bed, and oppose the development of out of control germs and microorganisms that live off of perspiration and make the scent. “men’s running sweat headbands”

Wide: Wide headbands Men

The best headbands for perspiration the executives are typically wide, to give enough texture to clean up perspiration and hold your hair in place. A dainty band just does not have enough substance to absorb any noteworthy measure of perspiration, hence thick headbands for guys would be a good solution to meet your needs.

Hair coverage– Male Headbands for Long Hair

A few people need male headbands for long hair to just keep the hair off their face. Not every person needs or needs a wide or cumbersome sweatband, a few people simply need to keep their beats up off the brow and grapple fly-consistently in the hair that tends to arrive in your eyes or adhere to your face. If you like a decent, light, scarcely there headband that controls your hair, search for these properties:

Flimsy width

The more slender the headband, the less you will see you are wearing it. These may come in darker hues that mix in much more and are attentive.
Hold – This style headband does best with some sort of rubber treated or silicone grasp on the underside. The grasp enables the headband to remain set up as you move.

Warming – Running Headbands Cold Weather

On the off chance that you run, climb, bike or ski in cool climate, this is the kind of headband you need. Layered warming texture, Certain textures hold heat in, while others are cooling. Wool is a mainstream texture for warming headbands since it holds our body heat against you, keeping your head and ears superbly toasty.

Ear forms- Thick Headbands for Guys

A decent warming headband is molded to enough cover the ears, which are defenseless in cold or blustery conditions. Search for a formed cut that covers your ears.

Best 5 Running Headbands for Men

Here are our top picks for best running headbands for men

#1 French Fitness Revolution Men’s

Ultimate Performance Sporty Touch 4 Headband Sweatband Best for Sports Running Workout Yoga Elastic Hair Band , Navy Blue

The primary substance of wearing a running headband is to keep the perspiration off your face. French Fitness Revolution is among the running headbands that are made to bend over as design extras, made of a delicate sleek rayon gooey texture making it comfortable while wearing. The wearer has the freedom to style it the manner in which they need. It is machine launder-able henceforth helpful.


  • The headband is made of sleek rayon Thick texture
  • The texture is stretchy
  • It is completely reversible
  • It has sweat-wicking properties
  • It is machine launder-able


  • The headband does not hang on extremely tight.
  • It continues sneaking off.
  • The materials utilized are not the most sturdy.

#2 Nike Dri Fit Headband

Nike provides best quality of headbands for sportsmen as they are durable and long lasting with comfortable material.


  • It is worn in basketball and it never slips.
  • Stays on for the whole game.
  • Have several, work good here in Florida heat.
  • 100% real, not some Chinese knock off.
  • It creates customer value to the sportsperson in everyone.
  • It cultivates universal potentialities for conference challenges.


  • It is nice but after some uses it loses some of the elastic.
  • Sometimes it has bad publicity.

#3 Halo II Headband

Halo II – pullover headband is our top of the line headband. Including the licensed Sweat Seal Hold Innovation and Dryline® Texture, this athletic sweatband will divert sweat and dampness away from your eyes and face. These sweatbands are extraordinary for running, cycling, or essentially whatever other action that will burn some calories. They fit serenely under caps and are extraordinary headbands for men .


  • Pullover configuration is entirely agreeable.
  • Licensed Perspiration Seal channels sweat back and away from the eyes and face.
  • Grasp Innovation keeps it set up during any movement.
  • Dryline® texture assimilates sweat, wicks dampness and dries rapidly.
  • Won’t lose shape, structure or stretch out.
  • Works incredible under head protectors.
  • One year guarantee against producer absconds.


  • Hairs can be pressed fully under some cases.
  • Can produce heat.
  • Sometimes for long exposure can cause rashes to sensitive skin.
  • Not too much famous although quality is good.

#4 Bondi Solid Headband (Running Headbands Cold Weather)

It has great perspiration engrossing ability. It is stretchable, which makes it extremely comfortable yet in addition influences its capacity to hang on tight. They are a few protests about the materials and solidness on Amazon. By and large, the headband is successful as a running headband, since it is agreeable to wear, and is spongy. An exceptionally tight headband isn’t attractive either, as it will prompt migraines much of the time.


  • It is an alluring style embellishment
  • The materials make it comfortable
  • It is multi-season, it very well may be sued in caution and cool seasons, to ensure against perspiration and cold individually.


  • Excessive washing can damage it.
  • Elasticity can be lost with the long-time duration.

#5 Temple Tape Headbands

Temple Tape Headbands for Men and Women – Mens Sweatband & Sports Headband Moisture Wicking Workout Sweatbands for Running, Cross Training, Yoga and Bike Helmet Friendly, also it can easily fall under the category of male headbands for long hair.


  • Head sweats like Niagara Falls.
  • This product is saturated (and dripping) within 10 minutes.
  • It’s okay for “normal” people
  • It worked very well on my first run using it.


  • Sometimes its useless due to size.
  • It is not useful for persons having some abnormality.
  • Can lose its elasticity by warm water washing.

Whether you’re logging two miles or 20, you want to be able to concentrate on your stride or get lost in the scenery around you—not contend with wild hair in your eyes. Long-haired and short-haired runners alike know that stray strands—whether it’s bangs blocking your vision or a single flyaway batting you in the eye—can be enough to put a damper on an otherwise perfect workout or race. And sure, hats are great but they don’t release much heat or allow your head to breathe.

We tested several bands, noting how they absorb sweat, comfort and warmth factors, and if they keep strands of hair from tickling our face.

Most Comfortable Opti Headband Gore Wear $18.71 Best Pattern Options Headband Bondi Band $9.00 Best for Sun Protection CoolNet UV+ Buff $15.00 Most Versatile Merino 250 Smartwool $22.00 Best Retro Style Striped Sweatband Suddora $5.99

What to Buy

When you’re buying a running headband, there are a few features you’ll always want included. Look for high-performance, technical fabrics that can wick away sweat so it doesn’t run into your eyes. Of course, you’ll also want something that won’t move while you do, with just the right amount of stretch and even a grippy interior to hold it in place. Reflective detailing and hi-vis colors don’t hurt when you want to be seen by traffic. And, of course, style counts, too—we gave bonus points to all the headbands we bust out for race-day photos.

How We Tested

Every product here has been thoroughly evaluated and vetted by our team of test editors and staff. We research the market, survey user reviews, speak with product managers and designers, and use our own experience wearing and running in these products to determine the best options. Most models have been tested by our staff, and those that haven’t have been carefully chosen based on their value, technical fabrics, comfort, and looks. Here are our picks for stay-put headbands of all shapes and sizes.


Gore M Opti Headband

Gore Gore M Opti Headband $18.71

  • Stretchy fabric retains its shape
  • Non-restrictive; won’t cause headaches
  • Comes in only three colors

Some headbands lose their stretch or become malformed, elongated circles of what they once were. Not so with the M Opti. The band stayed in place, protected ears from freezing, and didn’t give our tester a headache. “The Opti headband is supremely comfortable,” said associate news editor Daisy Hernandez, who also wore the headband under her helmet while cycling. “I get headaches from anything that’s too tight on or around my head. This includes headphones, ponytails, earmuffs, you name it. The Opti provided the exact perfect level of comfortable pressure to stay in place and not cause headaches or any other kind of discomfort.”


Bondi Band Headband

Bondi Band Journey Wicking Performance Headband $9.00

  • Comes in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Keeps hair wispies out of your face
  • Thin material absorbs sweat
  • Tends to slip if not clipped on

With over a thousand colors and patterns—plus the customization option—Bondi Band has a headband for almost every fandom, mood, and mantra. Our testers—whose preferences varied from snakeskin to geometric patterns, as well as the more traditional solid true blue—liked how super light and stretchy the band felt on their run. One caveat: The band did tend to slide if it wasn’t worn low. However, the Bondi Band is a fan favorite when you want to add a little self-expression to your running uniform.


Smartwool Merino 250 Reversible Headband

Smartwool Smartwool Merino 250 Reversible Headband $22.00

  • Wide band covers your ears
  • Keeps sweat from getting into your eyes
  • Not warm enough for extreme cold

Merino wool is the magic fabric we’re on the lookout for when the weather turns frosty and we want to stay warm on our runs without getting sopped in sweat. But the Merino 250 Reversible Headband by Smartwool isn’t just for winter-wear. “The fabric will keep your ears warm in cooler weather, but it’s also light to wear in other seasons when you just need a band to keep the sweat off your face,” said photo editor, Kristen Parker.


Buff CoolNet UV+ Headband

Buff Buff Coolnet UV+ Headband $15.00

  • Made of 95 percent recycled material
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Slips off if not set low on forehead on windy runs

Guys, the sun doesn’t go on vacation when beach weather is over, okay? That’s why, no matter the season, you should always consider wearing UV+ activewear when you’re out on a long run. Buff’s CoolNet headband is made of seamless fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection. Its fibers are also engineered with HeiQ cooling technology, which activates when your body temperature begins to rise.


Lululemon Pinnacle Warmth Ear Warmer

Lakota Gambill

The Pinnacle Warmth will be released December 3rd, just in time to stock up on cold-weather running gear. We found the ear warmer checked a lot of boxes in terms of comfort, warmth, and design. Our tester, scrum master Kathryn Steinhauer, loved how the band held her earbuds in place without uncomfortably shoving them too far into her ears (an issue she’s had with past headbands). “The fabric combination and shape made this extremely comfortable to wear for a long period of time,” she said. “The stretchy part that goes over your forehead doesn’t cut into your skin and doesn’t slide around.”


Nathan Reflective Headband

Nathan Nathan Reflective Headband $13.93

  • 360 visibility with reflective detail
  • Cozy fleece lining keeps ears warm
  • Fit is very tight—even for small heads

If you’re still getting those Close Encounters of the Third Kind vibes after the Area 51 conspiracy hoohah, gravitate toward this headband. It ups the safety factor with reflective graphics—which includes a flying saucer—and won’t slip thanks to a snug fit. In fact, its tightness may be a little too snug for some. Our editorial fellow, Gabrielle Hondorp, (who insists her head is smaller than average), said she would have given the band higher marks if it just had a little more give. “What I did like was the soft but light fleece liner,” she said. “Often I find that the fleece pile is too much for a headband and rather than feeling warm, I just get sweaty and uncomfortable, but this headband seemed to be warm without feeling stifling.”


Headsweats Thermal Headband

Lakota Gambill Headsweats Thermal Headband $18.00

  • Doesn’t slide
  • Covers ears and keeps them warm
  • Snug fit leaves indentations

The Thermal Headband was praised by our tester, digital editor Jessica Coulon, for not sliding during her run and for protecting her ears from the wind. Its secure fit comes at a price, however. “I was left with a very noticeable indentation across my forehead, and it took well over an hour for that to disappear,” she said. “But I liked it and would use it, just maybe not if I was planning on hanging out in public afterwards.”


Prana Kenmont Headband

Prana Prana Kenmont Headband $18.00

  • Ponytail hole keeps band secure
  • Soft polar fleece keeps you warm without being bulky
  • Thin material may be too thin to protect sensitive ears from extreme cold

Even though it is not as thick as Lululemon’s Pinnacle Ear Warmer, the Kenmont headband is still effective at keeping your head warm when the weather begins to take a cool turn. Said digital editor, Hailey Middlebrook, “It features a flattering and practical ergonomic curved design that fits snugly over your forehead and ears, with a built-in ponytail exit that ensures your ears will stay covered even when your hair’s tied up.”

More to Consider

These headbands were recommended by fellow runners.

Nike Assorted Headbands

Courtesy of Nike Nike Six-Pack Printed Headbands $10.99

Stretchy, inexpensive, and available in a ton of different colors and patterns so you can match one to any singlet, these narrow Nike headbands are a simple way to hold back all those little escapee hairs while you’re running. An internal strip of silicone keeps it from sliding around.

Suddora Stripes Terry Cloth Headbands

Suddora Suddora Striped Terry Cloth Headbands

Ah, a good old-fashioned cotton classic. These retro favorites hearken back to the golden age of running (which we consider to be any and every time period since 490 B.C.). They might not wick sweat, but they’re absorbent enough to keep it from running into your eyes. Plus, they’re cheap enough that you can buy a different one for every themed run.

Amy Schlinger Amy Schlinger is a skilled health and fitness writer and editor based in New York City.

Your hair has a natural wash cycle that starts at “squeaky clean” and ends at “no dry shampoo could hide this grease.” For those who begin or finish their days at the gym, the time in between those two events can feel painfully abbreviated. So, on days when you can’t be bothered with a blow-out, I’m happy to report that the hair accessories of the moment are not only maximal enough to hide the grease, they’re actually sweat friendly, too.

Made with fabrics such as jersey and neoprene, these headbands can be added ahead of a workout to keep flyaways at bay, while taming grease. “Headbands lay down the hairline to soak up sweat, and keep styled hair from getting in your face while you workout,” says Giovanni Vaccaro, Artistic Director of Glamsquad. He suggests looking for a soft material that’s at least two-inches thick to best absorb the sweat. Post-workout, Vaccaro says to remove the headband, spritz dry shampoo onto mildly damp (read: sweaty) hair, which will help it to dry looking less greasy than it otherwise would, and then reposition it on your head.

I know what you’re thinking: Zoe, there is no way I’m wearing a sweaty gym headband out into the world. However, allow me to reassure you that the days of pushing hair back with a ratty old sweatband are gone. Now, workout headbands have gotten such a makeover that you’d never be able to tell them apart from their streetwear counterparts. Not convinced? Keep scrolling for some of our favorite head-topping (and turning) picks.

1. Lele Sadoughi Aqua Neoprene Headband, $49

Designer Lele Sadoughi is the reason your Instagram feed has been filled with knotted headbands of late, and she recently expanded her line to include “active” headbands in addition to her beloved velvet, silk, and crystal ones. This one, which is made of neoprene to make it extra sweat-proof, will stay on your head during even the toughest cardio dance class, and can be easily rinsed with water thanks to its scuba-friendly fabric.

Photo: Lele Sadoughi

2. Sweatybands Bling It Queening Headband, $21

This headband is so intricate, people won’t believe that it’s actually meant for workouts. Thanks to the elastic, it won’t budge during burpees, and it’s easy to hand wash whenever it starts to feel gross.

Photo: Sweatybands

3. Summer Geo Classic FitHappy Workout Headband, $5

For a more Boho vibe, this geo-print headband looks just as great with a flowing white dress as it does with your favorite leggings and a sports bra. Though it may look like your usual silk situation, reviewers rave about its staying powers—including one woman who ran a half marathon with it.

Photo: Etsy

4. HelloHeadband Twisted Wideband Golden Leopard, $15

What’s great about this option (aside from leopard print), is that it’s technically two workout headbands in one. You can twist it (pictured) or wear it undone.

Photo: Etsy

5. BohoKittyHeidiSee Summer Headband, $42

Inspired by the bra strap bands of the ’90s, professional runner Heidi See created these bedazzled workout headbands to be just as great for logging 10 miles as for garnering compliments at the office.

Photo: Etsy

7. Athleta Knotted Headband, $18

As always, you can’t go wrong with plain black. This style from Athleta is sweat-wicking, breathable, and dries super fast so you won’t be walking around with a sweaty headband all day long.

Photo: Athleta

This easy hack will help you turn your hair from sweaty to ready in one-minute flat. And if your regular old ponytail has started to feel snoozy, here are three styles to pull you out of the rut.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

Our Favorite Headbands for Taming Your Hair in the Gym

When a friend reached out recently and asked which headband she should get for working out, I knew it wasn’t enough to just tell her what I love. Since everyone’s head is shaped differently, and everyone enjoys different sports, I decided to crowdsource the answer to my amazing and fit friends. While there was huge variety in what they picked, some headbands rose to the top of the list.

Wearing a Lululemon Bang Buster to cover up my dirty camping hair circa 2013


Maybe it’s a Dani-thing, but Dani Muckley and I agree that the only headband we really wear is the original Bangbuster from Lululemon. Unfortunately, they don’t make it right now, but Athleta’s Pure Seamless Headband is really similar, and is what I’ve been wearing lately. These headbands are wide enough to stay on my oddly-shaped head without falling off, and are washable for when I inevitably drench them in sweat.

Iron & Oar’s Val Rutka loves the Cardio Cross Trainer for her thick hair

Newer Lululemon headbands were a popular answer among my fitfam. A friend of my Mom who loves to hike and bike prefers the Fringe Fighter for her shorter hair, “It works great, wicks and doesn’t hurt my large head. It launders well, too!” Abbie Brewer, marathon runner and Key Leader at Lululemon in Chicago, agreed that the Fringe Fighter is her headband of choice, “especially with a messy bun or a braid.” Yoga and rowing instructor Val Rutka of Iron & Oar says her current favorite is the Lululemon Cardio Cross Trainer Headband.

“I like it because it holds all my hair back (I have super thick hair), but unlike other headbands I can wear it all day without getting a headache,” she said.

Indoor Cycling Instructor and Triathlete, Lauren Belisle, in the Lululemon Fly Away Tamer

Triathlete and indoor cycling instructor at Wired Cycling in DC, Lauren Belisle, loves Lululemon’s Fly Away Tamer.

“It has velvet on the inside so it sticks to your hair without skipping around,” says Belisle. “Plus it’s snug but not tight enough to give you a headache!”

This was the band I heard about from the most people, including Chicago SWEAT regular Nicole Evans. According to Lululemon’s Abbie Brewer, “the Fly Away Tamer 2.0 redesigned, fits your head like a glove!”

Sweaty Bands

Lululemon isn’t your only choice in headbands, though. A few folks mentioned using Sweaty Bands. November Project Chicago regular Emily Rowlands said, “When I had long hair I used sweaty bands a lot, stayed in place and had lots of fun prints.” Another November Project regular, Emily Thompson, said, “They don’t slip off my giant head!” and Chicago Athletic Club Trainer Ashleigh Brodhead said she loved them “the most because they stay on well and have so many fun designs!”


Our very own Kelsey Schagemann likes “the Nike headbands that you tie around your head like a ninja!” The current incarnation is sold as a tennis headband, but I’ve seen Kelsey rock it for a wide variety of workouts (including during one of our Facebook Live workouts!).

Halo Headband

Ironwoman and 2013 Ride for World Health finisher Erika Bramlett recommends the Halo Headband. “Halo is great for running and cycling,” said Bramlett. “It’s the best sweat band headband ever! It’s super comfortable, doesn’t slip, is wide enough to hold hair in place and out of the way, and has this little plastic strip inside to wick sweat away and out of your eyes for super steamy days! I always race in one.”

Ironwoman Erika Bramlett in a Halo Headband at the finish line of the Steelhead Ironman


For those looking for a less expensive product, #sweatworking regular Hanna Wiesmayer and Chantelle Rateliff, Marketing Manager and Instructor at Enrgi Fitness, love Scunci’s No Slip Grip headbands. “I like that I can buy a ton in LOTS of colors to truly mix and match,” says Rateliff. “Also, if one fades from being worn/washed too much, no biggie it was maybe $2.” Another friend swayed away from brand names, and loved headbands available from the Etsy Shop Fit Happy.

What is your favorite headband for working out?

Stay put headbands for runners

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