Stella McCartney and Adidas Created a Post-Mastectomy Sports Bra for Breast Cancer Survivors

Adidas by Stella McCartney

It’s been more than two decades since Stella McCartney lost her mother to breast cancer. Now, to honor her memory and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the English fashion designer has released an Adidas by Stella McCartney Post Mastectomy Sports Bra, specifically designed for post-op women who want to feel both comfortable and supported when they’re ready to start exercising.

“I really wanted to encourage women to take care of their health through wellness and self-care,” McCartney said in a press release. “This bra allows us to support recovering patients through the next phase of their journey, and hopefully give them the confidence to get back into training. It has a cool and modern look that will help motivate the wearer, as well as assuring them they are not the odd one out in the gym.”

Given McCartney’s personal connection to the illness, a lot of thought went into creating this one-of-a-kind bra. For starters, it was designed in partnership with Monica Harrington, a lingerie stylist and consultant who works with teens, post-natal women, transgender women, and women who have had mastectomy surgery. Her years of experience working with these individuals gave her a valuable edge when it came to the innovation and design behind this product. “Being able to share these insights and create a performance product that enables to get back into fitness and sport has been highly rewarding,” Harrington said in the press release. (Related: Athleta’s Post-Mastectomy Bras Are a Game-Changer for Breast Cancer Survivors)

The bra itself was built with four unique features, tailored specifically for women who’ve undergone surgery for breast cancer. Its front zip closure makes it easier for women to dress and undress since movement is usually restricted post-mastectomy. The bra also has front pockets with removable pads that work to keep implants and other prosthetics in place, providing optimal comfort during workouts.

Even the placement of the bra’s seams is purposeful. Rather than on the sides, they’re placed around the arms to reduce discomfort and irritation to areas of the skin that tend to be sensitive post-surgery. The bra also features adjustable straps and a wide under-band, which help to provide added support and a controlled fit. (Related: What I Wish I Knew About Breast Cancer In My 20s)

The credibility of these features was put to the test by British professional boxer and breast cancer survivor, Michele Aboro. The star of the campaign says the new product has transformed her life post-cancer. “After my surgery, I felt lost,” Aboro said in a statement. “As a professional athlete, I was used to relying on my body but after my mastectomy, I started to lose belief in myself and how my body would react.”

What Aboro felt isn’t uncommon. Breast cancer treatments, including mastectomies, can have some pretty brutal side effects and change your body in more ways than one. The swelling, menstrual changes, skin changes, and possible weight gain can often lead to body dysmorphia and feelings of disassociation with the physical self. That’s why it’s so important for post-op women to find ways to reintegrate into life as they knew it pre-cancer to feel a sense of normalcy—something Aboro found through fitness. (Related: Breast Cancer Changed My Entire Body Forever—But I’m Finally OK with It)

“When I was ready to get back into fitness, I couldn’t find a sports bra that didn’t require being pulled over my head or lacked in support,” she said. “Now I wear the Post-Mastectomy Sports Bra every time I train—it is comfortable and supportive and has helped me build back my confidence to get back into the game.”

The Adidas by Stella McCartney Post Mastectomy Sports Bra is now available for purchase in two different colors: pink and black. Shop it below:

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Mastectomy Bra, Buy It, $69,

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Mastectomy Bra, Buy It, $69,

Because women around the world fight breast cancer every 👏 damn👏 day, but many struggle to find the perfect post-mastectomy sports bra once they return to their old fitness routines, Athleta has designed a brand new bra to make women in recovery or remission way more comfortable.

Known as the Empower bra ($54 at, it features super-soft fabrics and a front zip that don’t aggravate sensitive scar tissue, expanding pockets to secure post-mastectomy prosthetics, and adjustable straps to accommodate for variance in breast size after surgery.

Athleta Athleta

The new design will be officially released Sept. 25, just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. And because roughly 12 percent of women develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetimes, according to, 12 percent of profits from Empower bras sold in October will be donated to Recovery On Water (ROW), a Chicago-based rowing club for breast cancer survivors.

If you haven’t had a mastectomy but still want to support the cause, you can pick up the brand’s Power of She bra ($54 at, available Aug. 28. Twelve percent of its profits will be donated to ROW too.

Athleta Athleta

Then, dedicate your next workout to someone fighting breast cancer. Whether they’re in the gym or not, they’re strong AF.

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Sometimes, a mastectomy can make you feel like there’s a cap on the activities you can enjoy. Activities you used to love, such as exercising, may now seem inaccessible or scary to perform in public.

While we understand the emotional toll breast cancer can take on survivors, at, we firmly believe that nothing should ever stop you from doing the things you love. We offer a wide variety of mastectomy sports bras to help you feel comfortable when you exercise.

Mastectomy sports bras adapt to your post-surgery body in ways that ordinary sports bras simply do not. Here are three different sports bras made specifically to cater to the needs of breast cancer survivors:

High-Support Bras: Anita Extreme Control Post-Mastectomy Bra

When choosing a post-mastectomy sports bra, it’s crucial to pick a bra adapted to the intensity of the activities you participate in. For high-impact activities (such as running, tennis, or aerobics), high-support bras are the best option.

The Anita Extreme Control post-mastectomy bra comes with features designed with the needs of breast cancer survivors who wish to practice rigorous sports.

This sports bra combines excellent comfort and support in one capable package. Its padded and ergonomic straps ensure that no matter the intensity of the physical activity you’re performing, the straps do not dig into your shoulders. The three-section cup provides maximum support for your breasts and prosthesis, while also enhancing their shape. Its fabric is exceptionally breathable, and its cloth pockets wick moisture away to keep you feeling comfortable throughout the most demanding of workouts.

Medium-Support Bra: Amoena Zipper Mastectomy Bra

If your go-to workouts are activities of a similar impact level as hiking or cycling, then medium-support bras such as the Amoena zipper mastectomy bra are for you.

Amoena bras are generally great for medium-impact activities. This specific bra is notably comfortable, while still providing enough support for you to engage in a variety of exercises. It closes with a zipper at the front, which makes it particularly easy to put on and take off. Its microfiber fabric is very smooth against the skin, ensuring comfort, while pockets in the cups allow you to insert a breast form or shaper if needed.

Light-Support Bra: Coobie Fusion Yoga Bra

Activities like yoga or strength training require comparatively little support. Light- support sports bras prioritize comfort, and because of this, they are often a favorite for everyday wear.

The Coobie Fusion yoga bra is an excellent example of a sports bra comfortable enough to just lounge in. This bra has wide, adjustable straps and a broad band across the bottom to provide support. The extra-soft nylon and spandex fabric make this bra remarkably cozy. It comes in several colors, including nude, which allows you to wear it under virtually any shirt.

Regardless of what your favorite workouts and bra styles are, you can buy mastectomy sports bras online that meet your needs. makes it easy to find a suitable bra by giving you plenty of options.

Nowadays, you can find all kinds of styles, colors, support levels, and designs that cater to what you’re looking for. Undergoing a mastectomy should be no obstacle to having fun and keeping yourself healthy, and sports bras can help you do just that!

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