After a nightmarish experience with airport security recently, I have become obsessed with making sure my cosmetics are up to standard when I travel. Yes, when I say nightmarish, I do mean watching my beloved eye cream and favourite cleanser be taken from my bag and thrown away. I teared up a little bit, not going to lie. I’m on an aeroplane pretty frequently, and after going without some of my routine staples for five days, I vowed never again. The first step in ensuring I’ll never have to part with my cosmetics on a flight again is investing in a clear makeup bag. It sounds simple, but it’s one of the best travel decisions you can make.

It helps that clear bags are trending right now, but making this easy swap will save you so much mental anguish. At least, it’s saved me so much mental anguish. Flimsy plastic bags are easily punctured and bad for the environment, which nobody wants. These cosmetic bags are sturdy and will help you get through security with ease. Plus, you can also use them to store important items, like your phone or wallet, inside your bag. They’re easily noticeable, but protected in their own separate case. Basically, if you haven’t invested in a clear cosmetics case, now’s the time.

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