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Travel Garment Bags for Suits and Dresses

Garment Bags are great for traveling for business or that special event. Great for carrying the best man’s suit or maid of honor’s dress safely along for a destination wedding. Travel garment bags for men and women have a dedicated storage space to keep suits or dresses nicely organized and ready for that big event you’re traveling to. Traveling with a carry on garment bag can be convenient and comfortable because you don’t want to lose track of your most important piece of luggage that you’ll need for the special event you’re heading to. Nor do you want to risk placing your suit or dress amongst the items that are in your carry on, or checked in luggage. You may be carrying toothpaste, or liquids in your suitcase that may spill on your suit. With a garment bag that is solely dedicated to transporting your suit or dress, you avoid such scenarios. If there’s an important event coming up that you will be traveling to, make sure to bring along a SWISSGEAR garment bag as your carry on for your suit or dress.

Carry on Garment Bag for Luggage

Airlines allow passengers to carry on garment bags as a free carry on for luggage. SWISSGEAR offers one of the best carry on garment bags for traveling with a suit or a dress. With a dedicated fold-able compartment that you can completely open up to expose your suit or dress, while keeping wrinkle-free while you travel, a carry on garment bag is a must have when traveling to weddings, business meetings, or any other special formal event. Folding up clothes in or amongst your main checked in luggage may get it wrinkled, so when it comes time to go to your event you may need to iron it thoroughly. Both hardside and softside luggage sets are great for transporting under clothes and casual clothes, while garment bags specialize in storing suits and other clothes of importance that you don’t want to get wrinkled. With SWISSGEAR wrinkle free garment bags, your suit or dress will be ready to wear right out of the bag. Easily lay your garment bag on the ground, or bed to access your formal clothing for your next big event.

How Many Suits or Dress Fit in a Garment Bag?

Easily fit up to two suits or dresses in a garment bag while you travel. Garment bags are made to keep one suit or dress wrinkle free, but you can comfortably hold up to two in storage. The better you pack your suits and dresses, the less you will have to worry about wrinkles during your travels.


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Lexicon Dual-Caster Garment Bag

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Carry On Luggage

Can SWISSGEAR Luggage be used as a Carry On?

Yes, SWISSGEAR has luggage available for sale sized 16″ inch – 21″ inches that can be used as carry ons for most domestic airlines. Under-seat, and overhead carry ons are available, as well as carry ons with wheels and spinners and many other features. Learn how to select the best carry on, features to look for, and size limits for most airlines.

How to Choose the Best Carry-on Luggage for Your Travels

The best carry-on luggage are designed with size and dimensions to fit into most airline overhead compartments and some can even fit under an airplane seat. Small carry on bags are lightweight and meant to be used for short trips, or an additional piece of luggage that you have not checked in. Carry-ons are hand held luggage that you can easily carry along with you as you travel through the airport.

SWISSGEAR carry-ons are designed in hard shell, softside, and hybrid styles and come in many different colors. Large backpacks, and messenger bags can also be used as carry ons to store under seat as long as they meet the airlines weight requirements for standard carry ons. Most small carry on luggage can be stored in the over head compartments on airplanes and trains.

Packing your carry-on bag for a weekend getaway, or for a business meeting out of town will require careful thought, as you don’t want to over-pack your carry-on bag. Having the right size carry on, and weight of your suitcase will help you get through your travels with less stress. Be sure to check the dimensions of your suitcase, make sure that it is the right size for hand luggage.

With a carry on, you’ll need to pack with purpose for your travels. But first, check with your airline requirements for their approved carry-on bag sizes and dimensions. International flights have weight restrictions on carry-on bags. Please check with your airline to make sure they will allow your carry on aboard the plane. Even if you have small travel luggage, you’ll want to make sure your carry-on bag or suitcase can fit in the overhead compartment and meets any other airline requirements.

Consider these Features When Shopping for Travel Carry on Bags:

  • Style – Your carry on bag should stand out, and be a distinct color that you can remember, especially if you plan on placing it in an overhead compartment. After a long flight, having a recognizable carry on bag helps a lot. Carry on luggage comes in both hard shell, and softside.
  • Dimensions – Small carry on bags come in various sizes but are mostly lightweight. Ensure that the carry on you decide to buy meets the airline policy for size restrictions.
  • Weight – Your carry on should be lightweight and have wheels so that you can easily roll it around the airport. Lightweight carry ons will meet the weight limits set forth by the airline you’re traveling with.
  • Durability – It’s important to go with SWISSGEAR’s durable carry on luggage, whether you plan on storing your carry on in an overhead compartment, or under-seat.
  • Wheels – Having wheels or spinners on your carry on is a game changer. No need to spend extra time and energy wrestling with your luggage, easily push or pull it around on various surfaces.

What is the Correct Size & Weight Limit for Carry-on Luggage?

The correct size and weight limit of small carry-on luggage may differ by airline and destination. International flights have additional restrictions for carry on luggage which may differ in luggage sizes for domestic flights. For most international flights, your carry on should be 20″ inches in size or less with a weight of 50 pounds or less. For domestic flights, the standard suitcase size for carry on luggage is 22″ x 14″ x 9″, and there are no weight limits for carry ons with Delta, Southwest, and JetBlue airlines. You can shop the right size for carry on luggage, in many different colors and materials, from softside to hard shell, and hybrid carry-ons right on Having the right size carry on luggage is very important, because this could impede you getting to your airline boarding gate if your bag cannot fit in the airline sizer and the airline deems your carry on too big to fit under-seat, or in the overhead compartment. Remember, your carry on cannot exceed 45′ in total measurement. To be sure of the correct weight limit for small carry-on luggage, it is best to check with the airline you will be traveling with before you get to the airport. Remember to always use a luggage tag for carry ons and checked items.

Benefits of Carry-on Luggage for Travel

There are many benefits of carry-on luggage, we’ve listed the top 5 below.

  1. Keep and store your luggage safe and secure by carrying them with you while you travel.
  2. You don’t have to worry about your carry on getting damaged by airline staff. Small travel garment bags are a perfect example of a carry on, where you can protect your suit or dress from wrinkles while you travel.
  3. You avoid checked bag fees.
  4. Reduce the time it takes to get to the boarding gate by bypassing checked luggage.
  5. With an under-seat carry on, you can easily grab snacks and your computer device while in flight.
  6. You can skip the wait at baggage claim and start your vacation/getaway early.
  7. While on vacation, it’s easier keeping your items organized in a carry on.

Keep Calm and Carry on with Wheels or Spinners

Make your life easier, get carry on luggage with wheels and spinners for your next vacation, or business trip out of town. With the right carry on size, you’ll be able to pack your bag with enough clothes for your next trip, while having plenty of room to bring back some souvenirs for family and friends. Additionally, when you’re wheeling around your carry on, you want sturdy wheels that will handle the toughest surfaces. With SWISSGEAR known reliability for carry on luggage with wheels or spinners, you’ll have a dependable carry on suitcase that will be by your side as you travel to and from your destination.

Find Out What Items are Allowed in Carry-on Bags when Traveling by Air?

The TSA has restrictions on the items you can place in your carry on bag, for your safety, and for the safety of other passengers traveling with you. The most obvious items you are not allowed to pack in a carry ons are; weapons, such as firearms, or rocket launchers, lithium batteries, and hazardous materials. You are also restricted in the amounts of liquid you can store in bottles that you will travel with in your carry on. If you still have questions on what items are allowed in your carry on, you may review the extended list on TSA rules for carry on bags.

Quick Carry on Luggage FAQ’s

  1. Do all airlines have the same carry on bag policy?
    No, all airlines do not have the same carry on luggage policy. You’ll have to check with your airlines purchasing SWISSGEAR carry on bags.
  2. Do airlines change their carry on policy?
    Yes, airlines will sometimes change their carry on policies.
  3. What are the accepted luggage dimensions for carry ons?
    Standard size dimensions for carry on luggage is 22″ x 14″ x 9″ for domestic flights.
  4. How many carry ons can I take on a plane?
    Your allowed to take one carry on luggage on the plane. You can also take a personal bag, such as a hand bag, diaper bag, etc.
  5. Can I bring liquids in my carry on?
    TSA restrictions only allowed a certain amount of liquid to be carried, check TSA liquid carry on rules.
  6. What if my carry on doesn’t fit the airline luggage sizer dimensions?
    If you’re carry on does not fit the airline luggage sizer, you’re left with several options. Pay for an extra check in luggage, or take out some items from your carry on.
  7. Where can I store my carry on?
    You may store your carry on in an overhead compartment, or place it under-neat the seat in front of you.

Airline Approved Carry on Bags

Most airlines only allow one carry-on piece of luggage but allow various types of carry-on bags such as backpacks, totes, duffel bags, hand bags, purses, and fanny packs to name a few.

  • Carry on Bags – Store above in an overhead compartment, or under the seat with snacks and entertainment at your reach for a long plane ride.
  • Travel Backpacks – Perfect for using as a carry on, travel backpacks have plenty of compartments and room to store valuables needed for your next trip.
  • Laptop Backpack – Bring your laptop along for your next business trip. Pack your clothes neatly into your carry-on backpack and unzip right in front of TSA with ease.
  • Soft Side Carry on -Designed with spinner wheels, you’ll be able to maneuver your soft side carry on quickly through a crowded airport.
  • Hard Side Carry on – With the built-in USB chargers located on some of our hard shell carry ons, you’ll be able to keep your phone and computer devices charged while waiting to board.
  • Hybrid Carry on – A combination of both hard side and soft side, the hybrid carry on brings the best of both worlds, and has the perfect luggage dimensions.

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