Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp’s weight fluctuated all her life, but after moving to LA in her 20s, the pounds just kept coming. “I grew up riding horses, and then I came to California and I didn’t have any balance,” Mellencamp tells “I gained over 50 pounds in the first six months.”

A vicious cycle started: She’d notice the extra weight, then try to lose it with a diet of Dr. Pepper and string cheese. The emotional rollercoaster of trying to have a baby only made things worse. “I struggled get pregnant and had a couple of miscarriages before I had Cruz,” the mom-of-two says. “I was doing IVF and taking steroids and blood thinners, which caused me to gain weight.”

Teddi Mellencamp

She started by getting active

Mellencamp used social media as a launch pad: “I started an Instagram account to hold myself accountable for making healthy lifestyle changes,” she says. “On the caption of the first post, I wrote, ‘Hi I’m Teddi Mellencamp and I’m changing my life today.’”

Mellencamp took photos and videos of her workouts—which included low-impact activities like walks, yoga, and stretching—and posted them to her account. The first change she noticed had more to do with her emotional state. “During the first year I didn’t see many physical changes because I hadn’t changed the way I was eating, but I felt a huge mental shift,” she says. “I was no longer feeling depressed and I was less anxious.”

Teddi Mellencamp

But eating healthier was the key

Once Mellencamp combined fitness with nutrition, she says her body completely transformed. “I started learning about my body’s needs and taking care of myself,” she says

Her daily go-tos includes egg whites, Dave’s Killer Bread, oatmeal, and a lot of veggies. “I want to make sustainable choices,” she says. “So often people skip breakfast. I always have breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, and dinner.”

And now, in place of fad diets she has balance. “I think what I didn’t understand before was that I thought in order to enjoy myself, I had to have a cheat day and have alcohol, pasta, and dessert,” she says. “Now I’ve learned balance. Instead of having pasta, wine, and dessert, I’ll choose one. But I never feel punished or use food as a reward.”

Thanks to being active every day, eating healthy, and holding herself accountable by posting regularly on Instagram, Mellencamp eventually lost 80 pounds. “When you set a goal for yourself, and hold yourself to something and commit to it, you will see changes,” she says. “I got into a mindset where I was motivated, and I wanted to feel motivated every day. If you can commit, that’s when transformation happens.”

And she encourages moms to get creative about finding the time. “If you’re a mom and have a stroller, then there’s a way to workout,” she says. She adds that free online workouts make it easier to workout from home.

Now she wants to help others

After Mellencamp’s own impressive weight loss transformation, she started the coaching program ALL IN to help motivate others. “It matters nothing to me how much someone weighs,” she says. “But if someone wakes up feeling good about themselves and proud of themselves, then they’ll go out feeling confident.”

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When sh*t hits the fan, what’s your go-to response? I take immediate action in doing something that makes me feel good: Being active with friends. Bonding with my family. Confiding in people I trust. That way, I can do my best to embrace how I am feeling, release it and move on. 💕 #gratitude #family #love #selfcare

A post shared by Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave (@teddimellencamp) on Jul 24, 2019 at 9:10am PDT

The reality star pairs clients with coaches who have completed her Jumpstart Program. “I think the thing that makes ALL IN so amazing is that every coach was a graduate of the program,” she says. “You want to know that someone has been where you are.”

Mellencamp also works hard to keep her own mental health in check: She writes down what she’s grateful for in a journal every day, and she accepts that there will be days when she won’t feel up to her routine.

“I used to put pressure on myself if I felt tired or anxious, but this is totally normal,” she says. “We’re going to ebb and flow with our moods. It doesn’t mean something terrible is going on with your body. It’s life. It’s important to know that it’s OK not to feel OK every day.”

After closing up Season 9 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Mellencamp recognized other aspects of her life that she needed to change. “It’s hard to watch, but I keep reminding myself that you’re able to learn from watching yourself,” she says. “They highlight certain aspects of your personality when filming, and then I realize what I need to work on. It’s eye opening.”

Despite everything, Mellencamp is in a constant state of working on herself for the better. She’s having her first ever ALL IN retreat in October and plans to launch an ALL IN app and gratitude journal.

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Teddi Mellencamp Just Made a Good Point About Weight Loss Not Being Linear

You might know Teddi Mellencamp as one of the newest additions to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast. What you might not know though is that before making her reality TV debut, the mother-of-two was working on building a business as an accountability coach after going through an impressive weight-loss journey of her own.

While Mellencamp is strong and healthy today, the young mom is no stranger to how difficult it is to maintain that lifestyle. “Those that know me have seen me fluctuate in weight my entire life,” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram post last year. “There is no magic pill or potion that helped me reach my goals but being held accountable and holding myself accountable made all of the difference in the world to me.” (Related: The 10 Rules of Weight Loss That Lasts)

That being said, getting to this point wasn’t an easy or straightforward journey, which is why Mellencamp recently took to Instagram to remind her followers that finding a healthy balance takes time, and that’s totally okay. “Life is about balance. But finding that balance is a journey,” she captioned the post that showed four different photos of herself at different weights throughout her adult life.

In each photo, Mellencamp looks significantly different as she struggled to find a healthy lifestyle that she could maintain. “I know we’re all busy, have our obstacles and excuses. I’ve had mine,” she continued. “And this isn’t just about my weight. This is about my attitude and outlook. When I first moved to LA I was insecure and ate and drank my feelings. I went back to riding horses and it was the other extreme, living on Diet Dr. Pepper and string cheese. Then I got pregnant and my focus was on my kids and family while forgetting about myself.” (Related: Why Losing Weight Doesn’t Always Lead to Body Confidence)

It wasn’t until recently that Mellencamp finally found what worked for her-something she could stick to. She realized that healthy living isn’t about the way you look or how much you eat. It’s about finding what feels good and sticking with it. “Now, I’ve finally found that balance-a lifestyle that allows you to have a healthy connection with food and exercise while enjoying life to the fullest,” she wrote.

Mellencamp’s post is a great reminder that life has its ups and downs and so do your health, your diet, your weight and your mentality. All you have to do is trust in the journey and you’re bound to find what works best for you.

You may recognize Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave as the newest addition to the “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast, where she quickly became the level-headed voice of reason. Or perhaps you recognize her famous last name — which yes, she got from her rock star father.

But what Mellencamp most wants to be known for (aside from being a wife and mother) is helping people finally reach their goals. Before she graced the small screen on one of America’s favorite television franchises (artfully navigating the inevitable drama and being schooled on the etiquette of proper glassware) she was building a thriving business as an accountability coach, using the lessons she learned during her own impressive weight-loss journey to motivate others to actually follow through on their goals.

NBC News BETTER sat down with Mellencamp and picked her brain on what it actually means to be an accountability coach, saying “no” to the French fries and toxic friendships, and how we can all learn to hold ourselves accountable every single day.

On losing the baby weight

I had ten years of feeling pretty comfortable in my skin and then I got pregnant and I stopped riding horses. During my first pregnancy, I gained about 80 pounds. And then my second pregnancy, I gained another 80 pounds, but I hadn’t really lost it all after the first. I truthfully thought, it’s going to fall off this time. I’m going to workout hard, and it’s just going to happen. And then it didn’t. At first I felt angry and upset about it. I’m working out. I’m trying, nothing’s happening, and I’m mad. Once I actually started changing how I felt about myself, once I started changing my actions, once I started saying “no” to things that I didn’t want to do, I felt the shift.

On experiencing “the shift”

I started a second Instagram account, and day one I posted a picture of myself with my kids. And I said, “Hey, guys. I’m on here, because I’m going to workout everyday. And call me out on it if I don’t.” Thirty people followed me; They were my best friends. And every day I’d post my workout, and say what I thought about it. It wasn’t about likes. It wasn’t about anything other than if I say I’m going to do something, I’m going do it, and this is what’s holding me accountable. But I wasn’t seeing a huge change in my body. Then I realized: I’m working out all the time. I’m now accountable to that. But I’m not accountable to what I’m eating and what I’m doing. I’m going to do this great workout class, but then I’m eating a huge plate of pasta and having a glass of wine, because I deserve it; because I worked hard.

You start shifting things around in your life. You start feeling really true to who you are; You’re not having to always make excuses for yourself because you’re being exactly who you want to be.

It doesn’t matter if you have a personal trainer. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a workout class. If you’re eating badly, it doesn’t matter. :I workout so I can feel better. And then I eat well so I can feel better. And then once I feel better, and I start looking better, everything shifts in your life. All of a sudden you start being a better mother. You start asking for that raise at work. You start shifting things around in your life. You start feeling really true to who you are; you’re not having to always make excuses for yourself because you’re being exactly who you want to be

On turning her personal ‘ah-ha!’ moment into a business

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That’s where I realized there’s a big niche to fill — even if you have a personal trainer, they’re not tracking what you’re doing the 23 hours you’re not with them. So I started with a very small group of friends. I said, “Hey, guys. You want to do this with me, where you text me every morning with your workouts, and exactly what you’re eating? And let’s see what happens.” All of our changes were incredible. It was insane. So I started posting those on social media and then the following just got bigger and bigger. So I made a career out of it. It started as just me and I had 30 clients. And then I made one of my clients a coach. Now I have 13 coaches. We have over 350 clients, and a huge waiting list because women that fully changed lives by holding ourselves accountable; by learning what to say “no” to and what to say, “yes” to.

On what an accountability coach actually does

We set goals that we can actually accomplish. I don’t want to be there forever for you. I want you to say, ‘I don’t need you anymore, because I am accountable for myself.’

We set goals that we can actually accomplish. I don’t want to be there forever for you. I want you to say, “I don’t need you anymore, because I am accountable for myself.” That’s the whole idea of the program. The program starts with a two week jump-start, which is essentially like a cleanse where you are taking out all of your . You can’t drink. You can’t have soda. It’s a full detox. And that’s where you sift through the people that really want it, and the people that don’t. That’s make or break it time. And those first two weeks are super emotional, because if you’re a person that’s used to getting in bed every night and eating a box of Sour Patch Kids, you’re going to be annoyed when you can’t have it, and annoyed at me. Then I send them back the questionnaire they sent me how badly they wanted that change and say, “Please don’t be mad at me. Look in. You wanna make the change? Make it. I’m just here to say, ‘You can do it.’ I know you can do it, because I did it.” We so much want to place blame on others for how we are feeling. We are in charge of how we feel. So that’s a big portion of what we go through in the program. They text a picture of each one of their meals. They text proof of their workout. And we go through the day: You have to eat breakfast by 10:00 am. You have to eat lunch by 2:00 pm. And you have to eat dinner by 8:00 pm. And if you can’t follow the program? You’re out. The people that can’t, they don’t want it bad enough.

Mellencamp spending time with two things that make her the happiest: her family and horses.Teddi Mellencamp

On the importance of self care

I think so many of us, especially moms or women who are constantly on the go, we forget to take care of ourselves. And a big part of being the best mom, being the best wife, being the best boss, being the happiest you can be, is taking care of yourself, putting yourself as a priority. I write myself down in my agenda every single day because if I don’t have that hour to me, I’m not my best. I can’t be as patient as I want to be. I can’t organize my busy schedule, and my kids’ busy schedule and my husband’s life, if I am feeling on edge because I haven’t taken care of me. And when people say, you know, “Doesn’t that seem a little selfish?” No. What’s selfish is not taking care of me and being in a bad mood all day. You can find ways that it works for your family. So if it’s a Saturday, and you’ve worked all week and you don’t want to take that time away from your kids because you feel guilty, you can say, “Let’s go on a family hike. Let’s do this together. Let’s all embrace it.” It’s not, you have to have a gym or you have to have a nanny … It’s just figuring it out .

Here’s Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s Genius Packing Hack to Avoid Temptation on the Go (It’s Not Subtle)

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave stays accountable to her clean diet no matter where she goes — even if she’s facing some major temptations. For example, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pal stays away from overly sugary drinks on vacation, opting for a lower-calorie version of a mimosa, instead. And when she hits a football game, you won’t find the accountability coach noshing on nachos and corn dogs. Instead, she packs her own healthy snacks.

In an Instagram Story, Teddi showed off a peek at the clear bag she toted to a Los Angeles Rams game. The see-through bag (NFL regulations!) clearly showed the goods that Teddi brought, which included a bag of popcorn.

In her caption, the fitness buff shared just what was up with said snack. “Yes, I pack plain popcorn so I won’t be tempted to kettle corn it up,” she wrote. Aha! Clever.

Here’s Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s Brilliant 10-Minute Recipe for a Crowd-Pleasing Kids Meal

Air-popped popcorn is nutritious, and high in fiber! Stadium popcorn is… loaded with sugar and fat.

Keep scrolling to see Teddi’s packing hack. Subtle? Not so much. But it will help keep you accountable!

Photo: @Teddimellencamp/ Instagram Story

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Teddi Jo Mellencamp Bio

Who is Teddi Jo Mellencamp?

Teddi Jo Mellencamp is an American reality star. Teddi Jo Mellencamp is also a fitness freak, Wellness Coach, and Trainer.

She is well known for her featuring in a reality show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Teddi Jo Mellencamp-Birth Age, Family

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave was born on 1st July 1981 in Bloomington, Indiana as Teddi Jo Mellencamp. Her birth sign is Cancer.

The parents of Mellencamp are John Mellencamp also known as Johny Cougar and Victoria Granucci. Her father Johny is a popular singer. They divorced in 1981 after which her father remarried.

Teddi has four siblings altogether namely, Justice Mellencamp and three half-siblings, Hud, Michelle, and Speck Mellencamp.

She was fond of sports from an early age. After winning the stakes class in her final year competing at the age of 17, Teddi relocated to Los Angeles where she worked at CAA and UTA.

Teddi Jo Mellencamp- Early Life, Career

Teddi Jo Mellencamp entered in the Hollywood world in 2017 from the reality TV series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

So Mellencamp appeared as the main cast of the series in season 8 in which she had to work with Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, among others.

Mellencamp invented and developed her own website, LA Workout Junkie where she coaches all.

Teddi Jo Mellencamp- Salary, Net worth

Mellencamp’s Net Worth is $1 million. Her earnings as a fitness coach is $35k US.

She earns around $10,000 per Instagram post.


Teddi is a blonde with blue eyes and her height is 5 feet 5 inches. Her body measurement is 33-26-34 inches and wears a bra size of 34B. Her shoe size is 6(US).

Social Media

Teddi Jo Mellencamp’s Twitter has 46.8K followers, and Instagram has 310K followers.

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Teddi Mellencamp (born July 1, 1981) is an American Reality Television Personality, Model, Actress, and Social Media Celebrity from Indiana, USA. She appears on “The Real Housewives of the Beverly Hills” Season 8. In fact, this season is full of drama and fights. She is the new addition to the reality show.

She is not familiar to fame. Moreover, Teddi is the daughter of rock legend John. During the TV show, she tries to present herself as the innocent sheep. All the manipulative wolves are against her. Often she gets in catfights with Erika Girardi. However, Mellencamp is depressed due to her frequent miscarriages.

She is a married woman from 7 years. Her husband Edwin Arroyave works in the corporate company. Now, she is the mom of two sweet kids. Teddi happily enjoys her motherhood too. Apart from that, she is planning her return to the Bravo Channel series.


Profile, Parents & Early Life

John Mellencamp’s daughter was born on 1st of July 1981 in Bloomington, Indiana (USA). Now, Teddi Mellencamp’s age is 37 years old in 2019. Furthermore, her father is a singer named John Mellencamp. He has married three times.

In fact, Teddi is the daughter of Victoria Granucci (mother). She grew with her sister named Justice Mellencamp. On the other hand, her two half-brothers are Hud and Speck Mellencamp. Additionally, Michelle Mellencamp is her half-sister.

Personal Affairs, Boyfriend & Children

Teddi shares her first date with Edwin Arroyave. He works for his company i.e. Skyline Security Company. In fact, Edwin serves in the security business for 20 years.

Teddi Mellencamp Husband Edwin Arroyave.

However, Teddi feels tough time while bearing the baby. Presently, God has given them two children. In fact, their names are Slate Arroyave (daughter) and Cruz Arroyave (son).

Still, her spouse struggles with his financial responsibility at the age of 15. Ms. Arroyave is among the top executive of USA. Presently, Ms. Mellencamp and her family live in Hollywood Hills, USA.

Trivia & Quick Info

Real Full Birth Name Teddi Jo Mellencamp.
Nick name Teddi.
Profession TV Celebrity & Equestrian.
Famous for Coming in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.
Age (As of 2019) 37 years old.
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday July 1, 1981.
Birthplace/Hometown Bloomington, Indiana (USA).
TV Shows 1. The Real Wives of Beverly Hills.
2. Southern Charm.
Nationality American.
Awards & Achievements NA.
Gender Female.
Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign) Cancer.
Ethnicity White Caucasian Descent.
Religion Christianity.
Current Residence Hollywood Hills, California (USA).
Physical Statistics
Height (Tall) Feet & Inches: 5′ 7″.
Centimeters: 170 cm.
Meters: 1.70 m.
Weight Kilograms: 60 Kg.
Pounds: 132 lbs.
Bra Size 32B.
Body Measurements (Breast-waist-hips) 33-26-34.
Shoe Size (US) 6.
Tattoo details? Will Update.
Eye Color Black.
Hair Color Blonde.
Parents Father: John Mellencamp (American Singer).
Mother: Victoria Granucci.
Siblings Brother: Hud and Speck Mellencamp (Half-brothers).
Sister: Michelle Mellencamp (Half-Sister) & Justice Mellencamp.
Famous Relatives Grandparents:
Personal Life Relationship
Marital Status Married Since 2011.
Dating History? Not Found.
Boyfriend Not Known.
Husband/Spouse Name Edwin Arroyave.
Son Cruz Arroyave.
Daughter Slate Arroyave.
Highest Qualification High School Graduate.
School High School in Indiana.
College/ University Not Known.
Hobbies & Favorite Things
Favorite Celebrities Actor: Tom Cruise.
Actress: Jennifer Aniston.
Dream Holiday Destination Paris.
Favorite Color Black.
Love to do Horse Riding & Travelling.
Favorite Food Chinese Dishes.
Net worth (approx.) $6 Million US dollars (As of 2019).
Annual Income & Earnings Under Review.
Contact Details
Office Address Not Known
Home Details Will Update.
Mobile or Phone Number N.A.
Email Address Not found.
Official Website None.

Some Lesser Known Facts about Teddi Mellencamp

  • Her real birth name is Teddi Jo Mellencamp.
  • Teddi inclines to horses and music in her childhood.
  • Additionally, she pursued her Equestrian career in the Hilton Head Island.
  • She lands a job also in the Don Stewart Stables.
  • In fact, Ms. Mellencamp wins the stakes class in the horse-riding event.
  • The 37-year-old serves at the United Talents Agency and Creative Artists Agency.
  • Actually, Mellencamp earns a decent amount through her Instagram posts.
  • Figure Details: Teddi Mellencamp height stands at 5 feet 7 inches (170 in cm). She occasionally do work out in the gym. Therefore, her body weight is around 60 Kilograms (132 in lbs).
  • Her followers are around 574.4 K on Instagram.

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  • Her Net worth is $6 million US Dollars.
  • After their marriage, she also competes on the Balmoral Farms.
  • In her Bravo bio, she easily calls herself as a fitness expert.
  • Recently, around 300 people approached her to be fit.
  • She grabs to be in the cast of the “Southern Charm” show too.

Teddi Mellencamp Net Worth: $12 Million

Here, you can know the introduction of the Teddi Mellencamp, who is the Celebrity of America.


Teddi Mellencamp was born on 1st July 1981 in Bloomington, Indiana USA. She is an American Television Personality. Moreover, she is also the cast member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in the 9th season.

Teddi is also the accountability of fitness influencer, and also a coach. The father name of Teddi Mellencamp is “John Mellencamp,” and her mother name is “Victoria Granucci.”

Teddi Mellencamp Details
Name Teddi Mellencamp
Nationality American
Date of Birth July 1, 1981 (age 38 years)
Tv Shows The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Gender Female
Spouse Edwin Arroyave (m. 2011)
Children Cruz Arroyave, Slate Arroyave
Siblings Justice Mellencamp, Hud Mellencamp, Michelle Mellencamp, Speck Mellencamp
Parents John Mellencamp, Victoria Granucci

Teddi Mellencamp Early Life, Biography, and Career

Let discuss the Early Life, Biography, and Career of Teddi Mellencamp.

Early Life

Teddi was born far from the limelight of the Hollywood in Bloomington, Indiana, South Carolina. Moreover, she grew up in the Hilton Head, South Carolina. The school where she got an education is not known.

Furthermore, she made name Competitive Equestrian for herself at her young age. Teddi Mellencamp competed with the venerable “Don Stewart Stables” throughout the country.

Teddi relocated to Los Angels at the age of seventeen. Moreover, she Teddi worked at the CAA and UTA. In the final stakes class competition, she won the competition. After winning the competition, Teddi decided to return in her passion for equestrian riding.


She was born on 1st July 1981 in Bloomington Indiana United States. Her birth name is Teddi Jo Mellencamp, and her birthplace is Blooming Indiana. Moreover, the name of hometown of Teddi is Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, United States.

She has an American Nationality, and her Ethnicity is White. Her parent’s name is John Mellencamp (father) and Victoria Granucci (mother). Furthermore, her husband name is “Edwin Arroyave,” and she has two children.

The height of the Mellencamp is 5 feet 5 inches. Her profession is a reality TV star and personality. Moreover, Teddi Mellencamp worked for “ The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” The Teddi Mellencamp Net Worth is 12million US dollars.

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Teddi Mellencamp started her career from acting. She joined in 2017 “ The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” as a cast member. Moreover, Teddi made her appearance on many shows like Vanderpump Rules, Steve, and Flipping out.

Furthermore, she began her time on TV shows with the talk shows. Teddi also worked in “ The Domenick Natty Show.” Later on, she joined the reality series show named “The Real.”

Besides, Teddi Mellencamp became the part of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in the same year. After joining the show, Teddi worked with the Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, and with the Dorit Kemsley.

Moreover, Teddi Mellencamp joined the show in the eighth season. Teddi Mellencamp worked in the 33 episodes of the show. In 2018, Teddi made her appearance on shows also, like “Access Hollywood Live,” “Watch What Happens Live,” and “Megan Kelly Today.”

Furthermore, she also worked in the other shows like “Strahan and Sara,” “Home and Family,” and “The Wendy Williams Show” in 2019. Teddi Mellencamp continued her appearance on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ and other all the shows which started.

Besides of, she starred her in the movies, and “The Next Level” family drama of 2019. Teddi Mellencamp performed a character Mr. Stallings in drama.

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Personal Life of Teddi Mellencamp

Professionally, she is a reality star. Moreover, due to the appearance in ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ people well known to Teddi Mellencamp. Teddi Mellencamp started her appearing in the 8th season of the reality series as the main cast member.

Furthermore, Teddi has her website in which she coaches the people named “LA Workout Junkie.” Although Teddi was not a certified fitness instructor, the clients of Teddi Mellencamp believed at her instructions about fitness. However, her website increased the Teddi Mellencamp Net Worth.

She and her husband Edwin shared two children, a son, and a daughter. Her son name is ‘Cruz,’ and the daughter name is ‘Slate.’ Her husband Edwin also has a daughter from his previous wife.

Additionally, during her Instagram posts, Teddi shared with her fans that before Cruz, she had several miscarriages. A man asked for Teddi she would love to her kids more. Teddi answered to say that!

“I would love to more than anything, Most likely no though. I had multiple miscarriages before Cruz, and the IVF process was very hard for me. I am not sure, and I can go through it again. I feel very blessed with the kiddos we have.”

Moreover, during her interview with ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ she shared her experience about the IVF process. IVF is one of the hardest things for a woman.

She also said that one of your biggest jobs is to make babies. If you can’t make babies, then you sad.

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Social Life of Teddi Mellencamp

Teddi Mellencamp is very active television personality on social media. She has an account on Twitter. Her user name on Twitter is @TeddiMellencamp. There are 63 Thousand fans are following to Teddi Mellencamp.

Moreover, She looked stunning and active on this verified account. Teddi Mellencamp tweeted more than five hundred and sixty time over her Twitter account.

Furthermore, Teddi Mellencamp has also an account on Instagram. You can find her on Instagram by her user name of @teddimallencamp. On Instagram, there are four hundred and eighty thousand people are following to this verified account of Teddi Mellencamp.

Moreover, Teddi posted on Instagram more than six hundred and ninety times. She also looked gorgeous and active on her Instagram account.

Teddi Mellencamp Net Worth

Teddi Mellencamp has a successful career. So, she earned a good fortune for herself. She worked in the “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Besides, she has also her own website name ‘LA Workout Junkie’ where she guides the people about their fitness.

However, about an estimate, Teddi Mellencamp Net Worth is 12 million US dollars.

Another Bravo baby is on the way! Teddi Mellencamp is pregnant with her and Edwin Arroyave’s third child together.

“I’m in my second trimester, 14 weeks,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 38, tells Us Weekly exclusively. While the reality star initially kept her pregnancy “under wraps,” she tells Us, “Everything’s good and I’m in the clear, so I’m just starting to get to that point where I’m sharing with everybody. Plus now I have a bump, so there’s not much more hiding I’ll be able to do!”

Edwin Arroyave and Teddi Mellencamp David Buchan/

The Bravo personality and the Skyline Security Management founder, 42, wed in 2011 and are already parents of Slate, 6, and Cruz, 5. Arroyave is also dad of 10-year-old daughter, Isabella, from a previous relationship.

“They are so excited,” the South Carolina native tells Us. “They’ve been talking about it for a long time and actually it’s been my son who’s been like, ‘Mom, we need to have another baby,’ and I never wanted to get his hopes up. So when we told him, he was through the roof. So excited.”

The pregnant star adds, “They’re already calling it ‘their baby,’ and they have names picked for if it’s a boy or a girl — they’re ready!”

While the ALL IN by Teddi accountability coach went through IVF to conceive Slate and Cruz, this pregnancy was a surprise.

“My husband said, ‘I don’t want to see you going through IVF again — that was brutal,’” John Mellencamp‘s daughter tells Us. “It was so many rounds, but this time we really weren’t doing anything! I was on vacation! Just having fun with my family! It was a complete surprise. I didn’t even know I was because I didn’t have a regular cycle.”

She and Arroyave are “over the moon” ahead of their little one’s arrival.

With reporting by Ingrid Meilan

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