Designer Tennis Bags – Luxury Fabrics and Ultimate Functionality

  • Racquets
    • Racquet Brands
      • Babolat Racquets
        • Babolat Pure Aero
        • Babolat Pure Drive
        • Babolat Pure Strike
        • Babolat Game
        • Babolat Junior
      • Dunlop Racquets
      • Head Racquets
        • Head Gravity Racquets
        • Head MxG Racquets
        • Head Speed Racquets
        • Head Radical Racquets
        • Head Prestige Racquets
        • Head Instinct Racquets
        • Head Extreme Racquets
        • Head Pre-Strung Adult
        • Head Junior
      • ProKennex Racquets
      • Solinco Racquets
      • Tecnifibre Racquets
        • Tecnifibre T-Rebound
        • Tecnifibre T-Flash
        • Tecnifibre T-Fight
      • Wilson Racquets
        • Wilson Clash
        • Wilson Pro Staff
        • Wilson Blade
        • Wilson Ultra
        • Wilson Burn
        • Wilson Triad
        • Wilson Recreation
        • Wilson Junior
      • Yonex Racquets
        • Yonex E-Zone Series
        • Yonex VCORE Series
        • Yonex Junior
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      • Adidas Shoes
        • Adidas adiZero
        • Adidas aSMC
        • Adidas CourtJam
        • Adidas GameCourt
        • Adidas SoleCourt
        • Adidas SoleMatch
        • Adidas Stycon
        • Adidas Junior
      • Asics Shoes
        • Asics Gel-Resolution
        • Asics Gel-Court
        • Asics Gel-Challenger
        • Asics Solution Speed
        • Asics Junior
      • Babolat Shoes
        • Babolat Propulse
        • Babolat Jet
        • Babolat SFX
        • Babolat Junior
      • Head Shoes
      • K-Swiss Shoes
        • Aero Court
        • Aero Knit
        • Bigshot Light 3
        • Court Smash
        • Hypercourt Express
        • Knitshot
        • UltraShot 2
        • Junior
      • New Balance Shoes
      • Wilson Shoes
      • Yonex Shoes
        • Eclipsion 2
        • Fusion Rev 3
        • Sonicage
        • Junior
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      • Performance Shoes
      • Shoes with 6 Month Warranty
    • Shoe Widths
      • Wide Shoes
  • Bags
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      • 40 Love Courture Bags
        • Sophi Backpack
        • Sophi Tote
        • Sophi Hobo
        • Elizabeth Large Backpack
        • Betsy Medium Backpack
        • Maddie Backpack
        • Emma Tote
        • Charlotte Tote
      • Adidas Bags
      • Ame & Lulu
        • Court Bags & Totes
        • Tennis Backpacks
        • Riley Racquet Cover
        • Tennis Lovers Tote
        • Junior Backpack
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        • Team Bags
        • Club Bags
        • Xplore Bags
        • Youth Bags
      • cinda b Bags
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        • Court Bags
        • Racquet Sleeve
        • Tote Bags
      • Cortiglia Bags
        • Signature Series
        • Brisbane
        • The Belvedere
        • Sport Messenger
      • Court Couture Bags
        • Cassanova Totes
        • Hampton Backpacks
        • Karisa Totes
        • Monte Carlo
        • Ella Court Bag
        • Barcelona Slings
      • Head Bags
        • Djokovic Series
        • Gravity Series
        • Tour Team Series
        • MxG Series
        • Sharapova Series
        • Extreme Series
        • Radical Series
        • Elite Series
        • Core Series
      • Maggie Mather Bags
        • Tennis Totes
        • Shoulder Bags
        • Sport Tote
        • Pickleball Totes
        • Backpacks
        • Crossbody Purse
      • Solinco Bags
      • Tecnifibre Bags
        • RackPack
        • Endurance
        • T-Rebound
      • Wilson Bags
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        • Federer Collection
        • Tour Series
        • Pro Staff Collection
        • Team Series
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        • Advantage Series
        • US Open Series
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        • Men’s Shorts
        • Men’s Outerwear
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        • Women’s Shorts
        • Women’s Skirts
        • Women’s Dresses
        • Women’s Undergarments
        • Women’s Outerwear
        • Women’s Socks
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        • Boy’s Bottoms
      • Girl’s Tennis Apparel
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        • Girl’s Bottoms
        • Girl’s Dresses
    • Tennis Apparel Brands
      • A4 Apparel
        • Men’s Apparel
        • Men’s T-Shirts & Crew Necks
        • Men’s Long-Sleeve Shirts
        • Men’s Warm-Ups
        • Women’s Apparel
        • Women’s T-Shirts & Crew Necks
        • Women’s Long-Sleeve Shirts
      • Adidas Apparel
        • Men’s Apparel
        • Women’s Apparel
        • Junior Apparel
        • Caps & Visors
        • Headbands & Wristbands
        • Socks
      • Babolat Apparel
        • Men’s Apparel
        • Women’s Apparel
        • Junior Apparel
        • Hats, Caps, and Visors
        • Headbands & Wristbands
      • BloqUV Apparel
        • Women’s Long-Sleeve Shirts
        • Women’s Long Sleeve Crop Tops
        • Women’s Dresses & Coverups
        • Women’s Skirts & Skorts
        • Men’s Long-Sleeve Tops
        • Sun Protective Accessories
      • DUC Apparel
        • DUC Women’s Tops
        • DUC Women’s Skirts and Skorts
        • DUC Women’s Dresses
        • DUC Women’s Shorties
        • DUC Men’s Tops
        • DUC Men’s Shorts
      • Glove It
      • HEAD Apparel
      • Sofibella Apparel
        • Women’s Tees & Tanks
        • Women’s Long Sleeve Tops
        • Women’s Skirts & Shorts
        • Women’s Jackets & Pants
        • Women’s Undergarments
      • SSI Apparel
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        • Women’s Apparel
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        • HEAD Hats, Caps & Visors
        • Wilson Hats, Caps, & Visors
      • Headbands & Writsbands
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        • Babolat Headbands & Wristbands
        • Head Headbands & Wristbands
        • Wilson Headbands & Wristbands
  • Equipment
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      • Tennis Backboards
        • Rally Master Backboards
        • Bakko Backboards
        • Realistic Backboards
        • Flat
        • Sloped
        • Curved
      • Tennis Ballhoppers
        • Holds less than 100 balls
        • Holds more than 100 balls
      • Tennis Ball Machines
        • Lobster
        • Playmate
        • Sports Tutor
        • Wilson Ball Machines
        • Ace Attack
      • Tennis Benches
        • Tennis Benches 4-5 Feet
        • Tennis Benches 6-7 Feet
        • Tennis Benches 7.5+ Feet
        • Cabana Benches
      • Tennis Court Accessories & Maintenance
        • Water Coolers & Accessories
        • Padding
        • Water Removers
        • Clay Court
        • Resurfacing Material
      • Tennis Court Dividers & Backdrop Curtains
      • Court Equipment Packages
      • Tennis Nets
        • Single Braided
        • Double Braided
        • Portable Nets
        • Tennis Net Repair & Accessories
        • Tennis Court Packages
      • Tennis Posts
        • Internal Wind
        • External Wind
        • Round
        • Square
        • Tennis Court Packages
        • Reels, Cranks & Handles
        • Tennis Post Repair & Accessories
      • Tennis Rebound Nets
      • Tennis Score Keepers
      • Tennis Stringing Machines
        • Gamma String Machines
        • Prince String Machines
        • Tourna String Machines
        • Wilson String Machines
      • Tennis Stringing Machine Access. & Parts
      • Tennis Teaching Carts & Ball Mowers
        • Teaching Carts
        • Ball Mowers
      • Tennis Umpire Chairs
      • Tennis Windscreens
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      • Baseball & Softball
      • Basketball
      • Soccer
      • Volleyball
      • Court & Gym Covers
      • Permanent Benches
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      • Courtmaster Tennis Equipment
        • Courtmaster Tennis Court Sweepers
        • Courtmaster Tennis Benches
        • Courtmaster Tennis Court Accessories
        • Courtmaster Tennis Court Maintenance
        • Courtmaster Tennis Nets
        • Courtmaster Tennis Posts
        • Courtmaster Tennis Windscreens
        • Courtmaster Tennis Court Dividers
        • Courtmaster Tennis Ballhoppers
        • Courtmaster Tennis Rebounders
        • Courtmaster Tennis Umpire Chairs
        • Courtmaster Court & Gym Covers
      • Douglas Tennis Equipment
        • Douglas Tennis Nets
        • Douglas Tennis Posts
        • Douglas Tennis Court Accessories & Maintenance
      • Edwards Tennis Equipment
        • Edwards Tennis Nets
        • Edwards Tennis Posts
        • Edwards Tennis Court Accessories & Maintenance
      • Gamma Tennis Equipment
        • Gamma Tennis Stringing Machines
        • Gamma Stringing Machine Accessories & Parts
        • Gamma Tennis Court Accessories & Maintenance
        • Gamma Tennis Umpire Chairs
        • Gamma Tennis Nets
        • Gamma Tennis Posts
        • Gamma Tennis Ballhoppers
      • Har-Tru Tennis Equipment
      • Hoag Tennis Equipment
        • Hoag Tennis Ballhoppers
        • Hoag Tennis Ball Mowers
      • Lobster Tennis Equipment
        • Lobster Tennis Ball Machines
      • MacGregor Tennis Equipment
        • MacGregor Tennis Nets
      • Nova Tennis Equipment
        • Nova Tennis Court Accessories & Maintenance
      • Oncourt Offcourt
      • Playmate Tennis Equipment
        • Playmate Tennis Ball Machines
        • Playmate Tennis Ball Mowers
      • Prince Tennis Equipment
        • Prince Tennis Stringing Machines
        • Prince Stringing Machine Accessories & Parts
        • Prince Tennis Nets
      • Putterman Athletics
      • Rally Master Tennis Equipment
        • Rally Master Tennis Backboards
      • Suntrends Tennis Equipment
        • Suntrends Tennis Benches
      • Sports Tutor
        • Home Court & Club Machines
        • Portable Machines
        • Machines for Beginners
        • Machine Accessories & Parts
      • Tourna Court Equipment
      • Wilson Tennis Equipment
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      • Babolat Tennis String
        • Babolat Natural Gut String
        • Babolat Multi-Filament String
        • Babolat Synthetic Gut String
        • Babolat Polyester String
        • Babolat Hybrid String
        • Babolat String Reels
      • Dunlop Tennis String
        • Dunlop Multi-Filament String
        • Dunlop Polyester String
        • Dunlop String Reels
      • Gamma Tennis String
        • Gamma Natural Gut String
        • Gamma Multi-Filament String
        • Gamma Polyester String
        • Gamma Synthetic Gut String
        • Gamma String Reels
      • Head Tennis String
        • Head Multi-Filament String
        • Head Synthetic Gut String
        • Head Polyester String
        • Head Hybrid String
        • Head String Reels
      • Laserfibre Tennis String
        • Laserfibre Multifilament String Sets
        • Laserfibre Polyester Sets
        • Laserfibre String Reels
      • Luxilon Tennis String
        • Luxilon Polyester String
        • Luxilon Natural Gut String
        • Luxilon String Reels
      • Solinco Tennis String
        • Solinco Multifilament
        • Solinco Synthetic Gut
        • Solinco Polyester String
        • Solinco Hybrid
        • Solinco String Reels
      • Tecnifibre Tennis String
        • Tecnifibre Multi-Filament String
        • Tecnifibre Polyester String
        • Tecnifibre String Reels
      • Tourna Tennis String
        • Tourna Polyester
        • Tourna Reels
      • Wilson Tennis String
        • Wilson Natural Gut String
        • Wilson Multi-Filament String
        • Wilson Synthetic Gut String
        • Wilson Polyester String
        • Wilson Hybrid String
        • Wilson String Reels
      • Yonex Tennis String
        • Multifilament Sets
        • Polyester Sets
        • Yonex String Reels
    • String Showcase
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    • Tennis String Type
      • Natural Gut Tennis String
      • Multi-filament Tennis String
      • Synthetic Gut Tennis String
      • Polyester Tennis String
      • Hybrid and 1/2 Sets Tennis String
      • Tennis String Reels
        • Multifilament Reels
        • Synthetic Gut Reels
        • Polyester Reels
        • Half Reels
    • Tennis String Categories
      • Arm Friendly Strings
      • Durability Strings
      • Spin Friendly Strings
      • Inexpensive Strings
  • Grips
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      • Babolat Grips
      • Gamma Grips
      • Head Grips
      • Luxilon Grips
      • Tecnifibre Grips
      • Tourna Grips
      • Wilson Grips
      • Yonex Grips
    • Replacement Grip Brands
      • Babolat Replacement Grips
      • Gamma Replacement Grips
      • Head Replacement Grips
      • Tourna Replacement Grips
      • Wilson Replacement Grips
    • Over Grip Brands
      • Babolat Over Grips
      • Gamma Over Grips
      • Head Over Grips
      • Luxilon Over Grips
      • Tecnifibre Over Grips
      • Tourna Over Grips
      • Wilson Overgrips
      • Yonex Over Grips
    • Tennis Replacement Grips
      • Absorbent Replacement Grips
      • Contoured Replacement Grips
      • Leather Replacement Grips
      • Tacky Replacement Grips
    • Tennis Over Grips
      • Absorbent Over Grips
      • Tacky Over Grips
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      • Cases of Tennis Balls
      • Pressureless Tennis Balls
      • Training Tennis Balls
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      • Dampeners
      • Lead Tape
      • Platform Tennis Balls
      • Hats & Visors
      • Sunglasses
      • Other Accessories
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      • Babolat Tennis Accessories
      • Bolle Tennis Accessories
      • EZ Score Match Tuff
      • Gamma Tennis Accessories
      • Head Tennis Accessories
      • Luxilon Tennis Accessories
      • Penn Tennis Accessories
      • Tecnifibre Tennis Accessories
      • Tourna Tennis Accessories
      • Viking Tennis Accessories
      • Wilson Tennis Accessories
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      • Junior Tennis Racquets
        • 26 Inch for 11-12 Years
        • 25 Inch for 9-10 Years
        • 23 Inch for 7-8 Years
        • 21 Inch for 4-6 Years
        • 17 & 19 Inch for Up to 3 Years
      • Junior Tennis Shoes
      • Junior Tennis Bags
      • Junior Tennis Apparel
      • Junior Tennis Balls
        • Red Foam
        • Red Felt
        • Orange
        • Green Dot
      • Junior Court Equipment
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      • Racquet + Ball
      • Racquet + Bag
      • Racquet + Bag + Ball
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      • Adidas Junior Tennis
      • Babolat Junior Tennis
      • Courtmaster Junior Tennis
      • Gamma Junior Tennis
      • Head Junior Tennis
      • K-Swiss Junior Tennis
      • Penn Junior Tennis
      • Tennis Tutor Junior Tennis
      • Tourna Junior Tennis
      • Wilson Junior Tennis
      • Yonex Junior Tennis
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      • Wilson Paddles
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        • Pickleball Machines
        • Portable Net Systems
        • Pickleball Court Packages
        • Pickleball Posts
        • Pickleball Nets
        • Pickleball Court Accessories
    • Pickleball Equipment Brands
      • 40 Love Courture
      • Ame & Lulu
      • Courtmaster
      • Edwards
      • Gamma
      • Head
      • Jugs
      • Lobster
      • OnCourt OffCourt
      • Pickle-Ball Inc.
      • Sports Tutor
      • Tourna
      • Wilson

Designer tennis bags for women

Wimbledon is upon us. The professional players are sweating it out on the outdoor grass courts from 24 June to 7 July in the wake of 2013 Wimbledon Championships. But all other diva players can also grab attention with the trendy designer tennis bags listed here.

Fashion and tennis have been associated for centuries. It’s not only skirts, dresses and shorts that spell fashion for the players. Chic tennis bags can help fashion-conscious female players to wear their love for the sport up on their arm. Hold the court with these bags and make a statement at the club.

The Cortiglia Sonoma Rosso/Bianco Tennis Tote ($425) lets you play like a champion on the court and look stylish off the court.

For $210, the Court Couture Cassanova Tennis Bag (Pink Pebble) is not only high on style and function; it also comes with a separate matching cosmetics case to hold your makeup.

The Belvedere, by Cortiglia, sporting a $435 tag, is a stroke of genius. The grand slam of all tennis bags, the Belvedere’s elegant design commands respect and style.

The Cassanova Tennis Tote allows you to reveal your wild side with its leopard print. Selling for $220 this one too comes with a matching cosmetic case.

Lastly, take a look at the mother of all designer tennis bags – Louis Vuitton Monogram Travel Sport Tennis Keepall Bag. This rare Louis Vuitton monogram bag and racket cover is selling for for $3,150.

These chic bags may not promise to improve your game, but they will certainly make you look like a winner during the Wimbledon season.


When you look your best, you’ll have the confidence to play your best and we’re here to help! Find the perfect tennis bag to meet your needs both on and off the court when you shop our large selection of ladies fashionable tennis bags, backpacks, tennis tote bags, court bags, tour bags and racquet covers all from our favorite stylish tennis bag designers including Ame & Lulu, Glove It, cinda b, Sassy Caddy, and All For Color.

Each of these fashionable tennis bags come with all the features you’d want in a new tennis bag – multiple pockets with ample room for your racquets (most of our tennis backpacks & bags are designed to hold 2 racquets), balls and jacket, comfortable straps or carrying handles, easy care fabric and eye catching designs. The tennis totes from Glove It and the Ame & Lulu Tennis court bags and totes are our smaller tennis bags. The Icon and Tour bags from Ame & Lulu are our largest tennis bags if you would like a roomier bag than your typical tennis tote.

We also offer fun and fashionable tennis accessories for women including towels, visors, hats, socks, athletic shoe bags, tote bags and tennis jewelry. If you love tennis, then you won’t want to miss our designer ladies tennis apparel by FestaSports that’s available in sizes XS – 3X (0 – 24).

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10 Best Tennis Bags for 2020 : Backpacks, Duffles, & Totes

If you have been around tennis players and the sport, you will understand the value of tennis bags. The amount of gear that high-level players carry around with them is more than most non-players would expect and a bag keeps all of their equipment secure, organized, and easily accessible. There are many styles of bags available on the market today, so it’s important to understand the different varieties available and decide which features of a bag are most important in your situation.

We’ve compiled a complete buying guide on all the available features of tennis bags today, and created a top 10 list of the best bags of the year and reviewed them to make your buying decision easier.

Top Tennis Bag Comparison Chart

Picture Name Bag Style Price Where to Buy?
1. Babolat Club Line 6 Racquet Bag Duffle $$$ Check Price on Amazon
2. Wilson Vancouver Tennis Bag Backpack $$$ Check Price on Amazon
3. HEAD Tour Team 3R Pro Tennis Bag Duffle $$ Check Price on Amazon
4. Head Core Racquet Backpack Backpack $$ Check Price on Amazon
5. Maggie Mather Tennis Tote Bag Tote $$$$ Check Price on Amazon
6. Adidas Tour Tennis Racquet Backpack Duffle $$$ Check Price on Amazon
7. Babolat 2018-2019 Pure Series backpack Duffle $$$ Check Price on Amazon
8. Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote Tote $$$ Check Price on Amazon
9. Cinda b Tennis Tote II Tote $$$$ Check Price on Amazon
10. Wilson Team 3 Pack Bag Duffle $$$ Check Price on Amazon

Tennis Bag Buying Guide

Tennis bags are not only built for function, but they can also be very stylish and trendy. Depending on your budget and needs, you can buy a nice sized tennis bag that is high quality and durable, but is also fashionable and complements your personality. A well-organized tennis bag will also make sure you ready for your next game.

Tennis Bag Features


One of the biggest considerations when shopping for a tennis bag is how much storage you want. If you only play tennis casually, you will probably only have two or three racquets to bring to the court. If you are more serious, you will probably have more racquets and more gear that you will want to bring with you. Professional players often have seven or eight racquets with them at one time, and they would probably prefer to use a fifteen pack tennis bag that has the best features and quality that you will find in a tennis bag.


If you are carrying several racquets with you, the design of the bag will be important in how everything fits inside the bag. Players will often also bring drinks, towels, and valuables with them that must be stored. Some tennis bags have a moisture protective compartment where wet clothes can be placed after a hard game, and ThermalGuard Technology is also commonly seen to protect the contents of your bag in case you get stuck out in the rain.


Depending on your level of playing, you may travel a lot with your tennis bag. If you do, you are going to want a bag that is easy to travel with and carry. Bags used by professional players also have padded shoulder straps that keep your hands free and are still easy to carry. A well-designed strap and handle will give you the most comfort during a trip across the country or out to the court. It is also important for the bag to have good organization inside the bag, so it isn’t difficult to find things inside one large compartment. The bag should also have some padding to keep your racquets and tennis gear safe while you are traveling. Some bags even have wheels on them for additional convenience.


The lighter your bag is, the more energy you will have to play when you get to the court. Compact tennis bags can carry several racquets and tennis gear and still be lightweight and easy to carry. If you happen to have a tennis bag that is large enough to have wheels, you will be able to save your strength for the game.


Tennis bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and levels of quality. They also vary in storage capacity and designs. The backpack style has the least amount of carrying capacity, but if you don’t play often or don’t carry a lot of gear, they can be a great option. Shoulder totes are very stylish, and they are good at organizing all your gear. The larger the bag, the more storage options and compartments there are giving you a lot more versatility. Depending on a particular tennis bag’s features, they can be very versatile depending on their features and their organizational compartments.


Durability is another consideration that should be at the top of your mind while researching tennis bags. Tennis bags now come with new climate control technology that can protect your tennis gear and racquets. Many have moisture protective compartments that store wet towels away from your other tennis gear, or an inner lining featuring thermal guard technology that will protect against bad weather conditions, so that your racquet strings will be preserved. Padded shoulder straps and carry handles add to the durability of professional tennis bags which makes them the preferred choice of professional tennis players.


Padded straps add to your comfort, and lessen pain in your hand and shoulder. The padded foam-like “climacool technology” gives you ventilation that keeps the excess heat off of you, so you will sweat less. You will find most tennis bags have padded straps as it is has become a really important feature.


Another important feature for your comfort is a durable carry handle. A carry handle allows you to easily transport your tennis bag with quick and easy gripping. If the bag is too heavy, or the players are too tired to carry the bag, a carry handle lets the player drag the bag by the grip, and you will most often see these handles on larger tennis bags with wheels.

Tennis Bag Styles

3 Pack Bag

This is a typical bag size that an intermittent player who plays casually will be seen with. These players are normally at the local court a couple of time a week, or even just a couple of times a month. It is also a good size for a beginner as there is usually one compartment that should accommodate three racquets, or one racquet and room for your other tennis gear. These bags also tend to have at least one exterior pocket for your keys and wallet.

6 Pack Tennis Bag

A 6 pack style tennis bag is for the most advanced player that needs a bag to carry several racquets, plus more tennis gear, in one handy tennis bag. You will have at least one large area to hold between two and three racquets, and then extra compartments for extra clothing, another pair of shoes, snacks, and tennis balls. This is a great size if you like to carry backup racquets and additional tennis gear.

8 Pack, 9 Pack, 10 Pack Tennis Bags

If you are looking at an 8, 9, or 10 pack tennis bag, then you probably carry a lot of gear with you. This type of bag is preferred by tournament players, and they normally will have three different pockets that hold three racquets each for a total of nine racquets in one bag. ThermoGuard insulation is usually used in one of the compartments to help you protect your racquets from bad weather conditions. You will also have two other compartments that can hold anything else you need when you head out on the court, or you head out of town to a tournament. Some of these bags will even have a compartment that has a moisture-proof pocket that you can put wet towels or sweaty clothes from practice in. Backpack straps make them easy to carry while traveling, and the straps have become a common feature on this level tennis bag.

12 Pack Tennis Bag

High-intensity players tend to prefer the 12 pack tennis bag that is also known as the Supersix bag. It gives you one large compartment that can hold 3 to 4 tennis racquets that are a great feature for those that travel a lot for a tournament. It has several different features like shoe compartments, multiple pouches for accessories, and backpack straps that help when you are spending long days out on the courts.

15 Pack Tennis Bag

The 15 Pack tennis bag is similar to the 12 Pack tennis bag, but it has even more options. Similar to a golf bag-style, the 15 pack tennis bag has stand up legs. This is the best tennis bag that is available in the tennis bag market. These top of the line bag is for the very serious tennis player that has the highest quality possible from each of the tennis bag manufacturers.

Bags with Wheels

If you travel a lot with your tennis bag, you may want to choose one of the bags that come with wheels. This type of bag will usually have enough space for up to 12 racquets, and then you can add even more tennis gear on top of that if you like. A bag with wheels will also have a smooth moving motion, a telescopic handle helping to create smooth and easy movement from place to place. It also comes with durable carrying straps that are very versatile when you are somewhere where you can’t use your wheels and you need to carry or lift your bag.

Tennis Backpack

A tennis backpack is a great option if you like to occasionally go to the tennis court, but you aren’t a professional tennis player. A backpack will give you plenty of room to fit a racquet or two inside it, and it is comfortable enough to use frequently. A tennis backpack will hang on your shoulders easily, so it is a little more comfortable than a tennis shoulder bag. Since they are a compact tennis bag, they will have just a few pockets for water bottles, tennis ball cans, and a few accessories.

Shoulder Tennis Tote

A shoulder tennis tote is similar to a tennis backpack in that if give you enough space for a few items, but is also a great easy to carry tennis bag option. A shoulder tennis tote is stylish and simple, and it will have reinforced shoulder straps and a chic design that makes it simple to carry your tennis gear, racquet, and your personal items. Many of them come in eye-catching designs that will some personality to your game, or complement your own personal style.

Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is always a good choice when it comes to carrying any type of athletic gear. They usually aren’t long enough to carry a racquet, but you will have plenty of space to carry your extra tennis gear. They are also a versatile and inexpensive option to take along to the tennis court.

Tournament Bags

Tournament bags are usually the same as the 6 pack tennis bag. They have a couple of large compartments that you can use to carry racquets and some extra tennis gear. They won’t have backpack straps, but they will have a carrying handle or a single reinforced shoulder strap for transporting them.

Best Tennis Bags Reviews

Babolat Club Line 6 Racquet Bag

The Babolat Club Line 6 Racket bag not only has a lot of storage for your rackets but any other gear you like to have handy. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, and the included single shoulder strap is comfortable and makes the bag easy to transport. The Club Line 6 is very versatile, not only in its capacity but how it can keep all of your gear organized and protected. It features two big racket compartments that can carry up to 6 rackets, plus gear, a comfortable padded shoulder strap, and a strong carry handle that makes carting around the bag quick and easy. It is made of a durable material that is not only lightweight, but it will keep all your items dry on a rainy day. It comes in several color choices including black/yellow, blue, red, and pink.

The Babolat Club Line 6 is a great size bag that can carry all your necessities to the court. It can store three racquets on each side of the bag, but you will find that four racquets fit most comfortably at one time. With three rackets and other gear in the bag, it can get a tad bumpy, so you may have to sacrifice a few items of gear depending on how many racquets you wish to take to the court with you. It also has several smaller pockets in the front of the bag to store your keys, wallet, sunglasses, etc. It also includes a water bottle or tennis ball can compartment. It can definitely help you carry the basics out to the court.


  • Keeps everything dry in case you get caught out in the rain
  • Sharp looking bag for the money
  • Has enough room to carry balls, towels, and racquets


  • More advanced players find the bag too small
  • Can really only hold racquets, not enough space for extra stuff
  • Shoulder strap does not hold it on your shoulder, will keep falling off

Wilson Vancouver Tennis Bag

The Wilson Vancouver Tennis Backpack is created for serious tennis players, but is perfect for tennis players at all levels. It is PVC free and full of the latest technology making them stylish as well as functional. It has a very large main compartment that will hold all of your tennis equipment, plus your tennis gear like extra clothes and shoes, and it is made of ThermoGuard to protect your equipment from bad weather. Inner zippered pockets are available for your valuables including one with an anti-scratch material in the lining. Adjustable backpack straps with extra padding and a center handle make it comfortable and easy to carry.

  • It is sturdy and can stand up on its own
  • Great backpack tennis bag
  • Extra zippered pockets are great for little things you want to take with you
  • Holds NINE rackets
  • Too large for some people
  • Pocket on the back is strangely large
  • The pocket design to keep drinks cool is too small for most bottles

HEAD Tour Team 3R Pro Tennis Bag

The Head Tour Team 3R Pro Tennis Bag has room for up to three tennis racquets, plus it offers several different carrying options. It has a mesh pocket that makes it easy to take things with you to the court, and it has an overall great design look for both on and off the court. It will accommodate the typical amount of racquets that an average tennis player will bring with them, and it can carry any of your other sporting gear as well. It has a solid construction that lets you take everything you need with you to the court comfortably and safely.

The Head Tour Team 3R Pro Tennis Bag has several different color options, so you will definitely find something to complement your style. It features a small zip-up pocket on the front of the bag for your personal items like your keys and wallet. Not only will it carry three racquets, but it will also easily accommodate towels and tennis balls. It features solid construction that not only safely carries all your racquets, but it can also carry any of your other sporting equipment and gear as well, so that you can take everything on the go comfortably and securely. This bag is an awesome value for a great looking bag that will make you look like a pro.

  • Very durable and a great price
  • Holds its shape well, no signs of wear
  • Great style, and perfect for all your tennis gear
  • Not big enough for three rackets
  • Doesn’t have any padding
  • A little on the small side

Head Core Racquet Backpack

The Head Core Racquet Backpack is a great bag for a younger player, or a player that just wants something to carry to lessons. It is very affordable, and it can be used for a lot of other reasons too. It can accommodate two racquets, and it is very lightweight and durable. There are several storage pockets, including one section made of mesh that is great for water bottles. This is a great functional bag for light usage that will get you through the season.

  • Functional and lightweight
  • Great bag for the price
  • Good quality, perfect for kids
  • Not a heavy-duty bag that will last years
  • Kind of flimsy and small
  • Inner compartment is really small

Maggie Mather Tennis Tote Bag

The Maggie Mather Tennis Tote Bag is a great looking bag with a superb design, and it is definitely worth the price. It holds up to two racquets, and it has a double-stitched construction that makes it extremely durable. The more refined players will appreciate the unique colors that it comes in, and it can be used in either a tote style or you can add the included adjustable shoulder straps. The exterior boasts seven different storage pockets, and there is a zippered interior pouch that keeps your valuables safe. It is made of a water-resistant fabric that will keep everything dry in case you get caught in the rain. It is definitely targeted towards female players, but anyone that purchases it will get plenty of use out of it.

  • Vibrant colors and it stands upright
  • Good sized lightweight bag
  • Lots of pockets for storage
  • Doesn’t have a zipper to close the main compartment
  • Color fades in the sun
  • The material is too thin

Adidas Tour Tennis Racquet Backpack

From arguably the biggest name in the history of sport, comes another of this season’s bags for your consideration. With durable polyester and a two-tone design, the Adidas Tour backpack offers pretty much all you’d need or want from a tennis backpack/bag. Multiple storage pockets (along with Adidas logo of course) are standard offerings for a bag from an iconic company. The bag was specifically made to hold two 110 sized racquets. An interior webbed pocket and a keyfob (cool) are also included, along with bottle pockets to help keep you hydrated. The padded should straps offer more-than-adequate comfort, while the ventilated shoe pockets and water-resistant bottom keep the useful features rolling along!

Oh, and did I mention laptop storage? Well, that it has!!

  • High-quality bag, very durable
  • Look great, comfortable shoulder strap
  • Front storage pocket can hold quite a few things
  • Comes in two color combinations
  • Could be a bit bigger overall

Babolat Pure Series Tennis Backpack

Babolat is another one of those iconic companies that can hardly put out rubbish (at least that’s been our experience so far). Here is a nicely padded pack with soft and padded straps to match. Overall build quality is 4 out of 5 in our books with decent stitching and quality material. It holds 1 racquet well, and two if necessary. The handles will stick out the top, but that’s how it’s made so it’s all good people! It has a fairly large main cavity for shoes, balls and towel, etc. while 2 side pockets can hold socks and a few balls. There’s a ventilated pocket at the bottom of the bag.

It’s a fairly decent size at 18″ x 13″ x 6″, though truth be told, I would like it even a tad bigger! It comes in 4 different color schemes and they all look good! Babolat is a name you can be pretty confident in, and I doubt you’ll be sorry you bought it. If the saying “you get what you pay for” works, then you’re getting a very good quality bag that will very likely outlast you and even your kids if it’s treated well!

  • Durable and well-constructed
  • A very generous volume of storage space
  • Nice choice of color options
  • It cannot carry six racquets!!! (or even 2 very well)
  • Smaller than some would like (like me for example!)

Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote

The Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote is very lightweight, and it is available in several stylish colors. It measures 18” X 15.8” X 6 inches, and it has large storage compartments that can store you tennis equipment, plus extra clothes and gear. The exterior pocket will hold your racquet securely in place and protects it from being damaged. It has a separate zipper pocket, slip pocket, and tennis ball pocket for all your valuables. They use vibrant colors that are reminiscent of golf bags, so it has a very fashionable appearance. It is also an eco-friendly choice as no harmful chemicals were used in the construction of the bag. Fun colors make this not just a gear bag, but a fashion accessory

  • Very fashionable bag with lively colors
  • Beautiful, sturdy, and spacious
  • Nice and lightweight, plenty of room for all your stuff
  • Need a water bottle storage space
  • It loses it structure, doesn’t stand up after a while
  • Bigger than it looks

Cinda b Tennis Tote II

The Cinda b Tennis Tote II is made of nylon, so it is lightweight and durable. It is both water and stain-resistant, and it is also machine washable. It also comes in a wide variety of attractive color options such as Jet Set Black, Verde Bonita, Calypso, Bora, Neptune, Python and Stained Glass. It has tons of space to carry your tennis gear, and there are two zippered pockets, plus two side pockets to carry your valuables in.

  • Has the quality build of a designer tennis bag
  • Excellent bag, stylish and convenient
  • Compartments have more than enough room for your stuff
  • Bag color tends to fade and then the bag looks dirty
  • Some of the colors bleed after a while
  • Racquet sticks out at an angle and catches on stuff

Wilson Team 3 Pack Bag

The Wilson Team 3 Pack is a great choice if you want a lightweight bag that will get all your essential gear to the court. It has a large compartment that is ideal for holding three to four racquets, and it also features a big accessory pocket on the side of the bag for your extra tennis gear. It comes with an adjustable and padded shoulder strap, and a quick grab handle that lets you carry your bag easily and comfortably. If you enjoy a durable, easy to carry bag that comes with a great design, you will enjoy the Wilson Team 3 Pack.

  • Perfect compact size, great value
  • Well-constructed, roomy pockets
  • Super lightweight, great mid-sized tennis bag
  • Feels too baggy
  • Needs some inner pockets, the one on the outside isn’t enough for extra items
  • Doesn’t hang over the should right

Conclusion & Recommendations

Best Overall Tennis Bag

The best overall tennis bag is the Babolat Club Line 6 Racquet Bag that has plenty of room for your rackets and any other gear you want to carry. It has a compact size that makes it easy to transport, and it includes comfortable shoulder strap making it easy to travel with. The Club Line 6 is also very versatile, not only in its capacity but how it can keep all of your gear organized and protected. It features two big racket compartments that can carry up to 6 rackets, plus gear. It is made of a durable material that is not only lightweight, but it will keep all your items dry on a rainy day. It comes in several color choices including black/yellow, blue, red, and pink.

Best Tennis Bag for Beginners

The best tennis bag for beginners is the Head Core Racquet Backpack. It is great for any age beginner, but it especially good for the younger player to carry to lessons. It is very affordable tennis bag, and it is versatile enough to be used for many other reasons too. It can accommodate two racquets, and it is very lightweight and durable. This is a great functional bag for light usage that will get you through the season.

Best Tennis Bags for Women

The best tennis bag for women is the Maggie Mather Tennis Tote Bag. This is a great looking bag with a superb design, and it is definitely worth the price. It holds up to two racquets, and it has a double-stitched construction that makes it extremely durable. Female players tend to appreciate the unique colors that it comes in, and it can be used in either a tote style or you can add the included adjustable shoulder straps. It has a lot of exterior storage compartments for those extras you want to bring along, and it is made of a water-resistant fabric that will keep everything dry in case you get caught in the rain. It definitely fits the female demographic, although anyone that buys it will get plenty of use out of it.

Best Tennis Bag for the Money

The best tennis bag for the money is the Adidas Barricade III Tour 3 Tennis Racquet Bag. It is one of the most affordable bags on the list that is constructed of high quality imported materials. It is very durable and will definitely last you for a few years. It is a nice sized bag that comes with a comfortable shoulder strap that you can adjust the strap to fit your size. It is a highly functional, as well as fashionable, tennis bag with its modern design and stylish looking materials.

There are tons of tennis bags on the market, so you will not have any problems finding one that works well for you. Make sure the tennis bag you are looking works with your requirements and that it can carry the number of racquets you need, plus accommodate your other gear. Otherwise, you will be frustrated every time you head out to the court. You will certainly be amazed at all the tennis bag options while you are shopping, so you should be able to get a lot of functionality, style, and durability for your money.

Buying a racket bag can seem a daunting task whether you’re reigning champion at your club or just starting out on Saturdays, but whatever camp you fall into, finding the best tennis bag is as essential as balls, wraps, and practicing your high-intensity grunts. Luckily, we’re here to help.

  • The best tennis rackets (or racquets, if you’re old school)
  • Get kitted out in impeccable sporty style with the best tennis shoes
  • Best tennis wearables

How to buy the best tennis bag

First of all, how many rackets do you want to be able to carry? For most, a 3-pack tennis bag is sure to be ample, while more serious sportspeople might want to go for a 6-pack, a higher capacity bag with room for more rackets and accessories than you’ll likely know what to do with.

Arguably the best racket bag around is the Wilson Unisex Federer Collection Fed Team 6 Pack. Its got lightweight, quality construction, bags of style, a choice of carry options, and plenty of capacity. However, do you really need that much space in your bag?

If you don’t then the much simpler Babolat Club Line Backpack could be a better option. This compact but surprisingly roomy backpack is useful for more than just tennis, too.

1. Babolat Club Line Backpack

Ensure no discomfort en route with this light, compact racket backpack


Best for: Hands-free Material: Polyamide, polyester Capacity: 2

Reasons to buy

+Compact design+Light to carry

Reasons to avoid

-Lesser capacity

This tennis backpack takes the quality construction of its elder sibling, the Babolat Club Line Cart Bags Racket Holder X6, but squeezes it into a compact package that’s ideal for those who cycle or take public transport to their club, those who only need a single racket, or simply anyone who doesn’t get on with shoulder bags.

Users say it’s spacious enough to fit a tennis racket with the cover on, or two without, plus accessories, while being lightweight and low-profile enough to take anywhere. A great one-bag solution.

5. Wilson Match II Racket Bag

Overcomplicated tennis bags are no match for this well-designed Wilson offering

Best for: Simplicity Material: Polyester Capacity: 3 +Just the right number of pockets+Adjustable padded shoulder strap

For those in search of a compact 3-pack, this Wilson racket bag may fit the bill perfectly. Its single interior compartment doesn’t overcomplicate matters, but still fits three rackets, or two plus your kit, towels and balls, while the small and large exterior accessories pockets add the right amount of backup.

Choose between the single top carry handle or shoulder strap, which is adjustable and comfortably padded to avoid irritation. It’s an all-round great option for those with a smaller setup, but especially good for the price.

3. Wilson Unisex Federer Collection Fed Team 6 Pack

Best 6-racket, pro-style tennis bag

Best for: Looks and build Material: Nylon Capacity: 6 +Quality look and feel +Converts to backpack style -Do you really need 6 rackets?

There are two foolproof ways to look like a pro out on the court: pulling off the serve of a lifetime, and a bag like this one. Good-looking tennis bags aren’t hard to find, as you’ll see as you navigate our list, but this one is especially elegant with its black-on-black branding, slight flash of red from contrast zippers, and Federer squiggle.

With a top handle and padded, height-adjustable backpack straps, reviewers say it comes in handy however you choose to carry and feels very high-quality, and there’s room for six rackets plus exterior capacity for your personal effects. Elegant, comfortable, well-built and capacious, it’s our best tennis bag.

4. Babolat Club Line Cart Bags Racket Holder X6

Made of tough stuff, the Babolat Racket Holder gives your precious kit a good home

Best for: Space Material: Polyamide, polyester Capacity: 6 +Padded, adjustable straps+Durable materials

Racquet aficionados Babolat, who also make a mean badminton bag, have a top quality tennis bag in the Club Line Racket Holder X6, at least if its reviewers are to be believed.

They say the materials feel tough, that the pockets are spacious and well thought-out – there’s plenty of room for kit as well as tools, while little extras are taken care of by the valuables pocket – and that it’s superbly comfortable to carry around thanks to padded and adjustable shoulder straps. What’s not to like?

3. Adidas Barricade IV Tour 6 Racquet Bag

Well-designed and smart-looking, this Adidas racquet bag means business

Best for: Smart storage Material: Polyester Capacity: 6 +High-quality build+Well-arranged pockets

While it might feel a little odd to trust a sports brand that doesn’t manufacture rackets, with your rackets, Adidas more than secure their place in our top three with the Barricade IV Tour 6 bag. As veteran athlete-whisperers, the Adidas design team have included a selection of features that they know will suit all sorts of workouts, making this a great all-round gym bag that just so happens to be racket shaped.

The large, diagonal accessories pocket is ideal for drinks bottles and tubes of balls; the soft fleece-lined valuables pocket is just right for phones; and the ventilated compartment for dirty kit is simply inspired.

6. HEAD Tour Team 3R Pro Racket Sports Bag

This budget bag proves that getting started needn’t cost a fortune

Best for: Budgets Material: Polyester Capacity: 3 +Very inexpensive+Spacious 3-pack

This 3-pack racket bag gives you loads of ways to carry, and reviewers rated it for its versatility as well as its bargain price. A budget tennis bag might send alarm bells ringing in some cases, but this Head bag proves that you don’t need to spend a lot to look like a pro, or sacrifice capacity or comfortable carry.

With ample room for three rackets, a solid construction that reassures you your stuff is in good hands, and a handful of padded carriage options for easy, convertible carry, its functionality really belies its pocket-friendly price.

The 10 Best Tennis Bags

A Brief History Of Tennis

In 1874, Major Harry Gem and Augurio Perera founded the first tennis club in Birmingham, England.

This precursor, called real tennis, rapidly evolved, and soon participants used racquets and played in enclosed areas.

If horse racing is the sport of kings, then tennis may just be the sport that kills those kings graveyard dead. I know, that seems like a bold way to start a history of tennis, but the game’s past is much richer and more dangerous than you might expect.

Its origins trace back to 12th century France and a game which involved hitting a ball against a wall or over a rope with your bare hand. This precursor, called real tennis, rapidly evolved, and soon participants used racquets and played in enclosed areas.

The sport claimed its first regal victim in 1437, when the Scottish monarch King James I was murdered by assassins. He had attempted to elude his attackers through sewage drain, only to find that it had been plugged due to the fact that tennis players had lost too many balls inside of it.

Tennis spread like wildfire through the French nobility, thanks in large part to avid fan King Francis I. However, the deadly sport would continue its regicidal ways, taking down Louis X after he caught a chill while playing and vanquishing Charles VIII after he hit his head mid-game. Despite its ability to kill off government officials (or maybe because of it), the game continued to grow in popularity.

In 1874, Major Harry Gem and Augurio Perera founded the first tennis club in Birmingham, England. The game as they played it combined real tennis with the Spanish racket game pelota, and it was played on a croquet lawn.

The sport crossed the pond into America in 1874, with the first tournaments in the country held later that year. The biggest competition of them all, Wimbledon, was first played in 1877 as a way to raise money for the All England Club. The U.S. Open would follow four years later, with the final two Grand Slam events coming in the subsequent two decades.

It was played in the Athens Olympics in 1896, and while professionals were initially banned from playing in the Grand Slam events, they managed to earn a living by touring and playing exhibitions. Finally, in 1968, the “Open era” began, with pros starting their own circuits and dominating the major tournaments.

Today, tennis is played all over the world, and the top stars can make a fortune during their careers. The sport has been wildly successful, both in terms of its popularity and its ability to make kings increasingly rare across the globe.

Choosing The Right Tennis Bag

If you’re an avid player, then you’ll want to find a nice tennis bag to keep your gear organized both on and off the court. After all, tennis can be an expensive hobby — and even more so if you’re careless with your equipment.

Also, don’t forget to factor in balls, towels, water bottles, clothes — the whole nine yards.

In fact, protection should be one of your primary considerations when considering which option to buy. You want to make sure that it has enough padding to safeguard your racquets, especially if you tend to be rough when transporting them. Some models have isothermal protection to keep your gear safe from the elements, while others utilize molded shells to spare them any impact damage.

Next, consider just how much gear you carry around with you. If you cycle through several racquets every session, then make sure your bag is big enough to accommodate all of them. Also, don’t forget to factor in balls, towels, water bottles, clothes — the whole nine yards. A little extra room is vastly preferable to having to leave something important behind.

Another thing to keep in mind is how you want to carry it. These things can get pretty heavy when full, so make sure that it’s comfortable to lug around, especially if you have a lengthy trek to the court. Some allow you to strap them on like backpacks, which may be gentler on your frame than the traditional shoulder-strap bags, but it’s all a matter of personal preference. Just remember that you don’t want to be sore before you start playing, so get something that’s easy on your joints.

After all, you’re supposed to grunt when hitting the ball, not when carrying your equipment around.

What Should You Keep In Your Bag?

It may not seem like a big decision, but packing your tennis bag is no easy task. Some people see all that empty space and stuff it with items they aren’t likely to need, while others are habitual under-packers, and find themselves missing vital items once they reach the court.

Luckily, I’m here to provide you with a list of essentials that every well-stocked bag requires.

First, make sure you have at least two racquets. This is so you’ll have a spare in case you blow some strings during the match, and also because you’ll want to play with both equally to maintain a similar feel.

It may not seem like a big decision, but packing your tennis bag is no easy task.

In addition, make sure you have plenty of balls with you so that you’re never smacking around old, worn-out orbs, which can lead to tennis elbow. Also, it should be obvious that you’ll find it extremely difficult to keep playing if you run out of balls.

Keep spare clothes in your bag, as well. You never know when you’ll need a hat to block out the sun, or when you’ll need to swap out your shoes to avoid blisters. On a related note, throw some bandages in there, too. You may not need them, but if you do, you’ll definitely be glad you have them.

If you play with grips or a vibration dampener, then you’ll want to have spares on hand, as having to soldier on without them can really throw off your game.

Finally, make sure you have food and water. Tennis is an extremely demanding sport, and you don’t want to get seriously dehydrated or, even worse, lose because you’re hungry. Having a banana or a can of peanuts to snack on in between games could be the difference between winning the match and getting kicked out of the club for smashing your racquet in a hunger-fueled rage.

Tennis bags for women

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