Emma Stone looks gorgeous with natural makeup and with a bright red lip. We’d bet boyfriend Andrew Garfield probably wouldn’t mind either way.
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How many times have you read — or even heard from the source itself — that guys only like natural-looking makeup? One of the long-held rules of date night makeup has been to highlight your best features, but to keep your look as natural as possible. So when I got ready for a first date last week, the first thing I did was swipe off the red lipstick I wore to work all day. Don’t want to look too high-maintenance, right?

Turns out that assumption may not be true, at least with my guy. Thirty minutes into our date he asked me if I ever wore lipstick. Little did he know I was wearing a light rose pink at the time (too natural, perhaps?). “Men love lipstick on a woman,” he told me in his Scottish accent. “Red, pink. It looks so sophisticated and beautiful. It brings you back to the ’40s, when people spent so much more time on their appearance.”

Although your average guy may not admit having as strong an opinion about lip colors, a recent study at the University of Manchester found that men really are attracted to lipstick, with red being the most captivating. The study involved 50 men viewing photos of women wearing red lipstick, pink lipstick or no lipstick at all. Researchers found that the men spent an average of 7.3 seconds staring at the women wearing red lipstick, 6.7 at the pink lipped ladies and only 2.2 seconds at those who wore no lipstick.

A previous study found that waitresses with red lipstick were tipped by men 50 percent of the time while women with brown, pink or no lipstick were tipped 30 percent of the time (this was in France, where tipping is optional). The men in the study, when questioned later, said they tipped more because they found the women with red lipstick to be more attractive.

So men notice lipstick, but is that really such a shocker? This hadn’t been the first time I was talking to a guy who commented on having a preference one way or the other. Lipstick is bright, bold, and it accentuates one of our most sensual features. Clearly, a bright red lip will grab the attention of a man on the street. Once you snag the date, it’s up to you whether it becomes part of your date night ensemble. (Maybe you just need a long-lasting formula — MAC’s will last through anything). Personally, I love lipstick. I feel naked without it. And if my date happens to feel differently than the Scot, well then that’s alright. I am a little high-maintenance — at least when it comes to my beauty routine.

Would you change your lipstick shade for a date?

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How Changing My Lipstick Color Changed My Dating Life

And then, something interesting happened. After three days, the matches slowed down. I’d swipe right on my 10 guys a day, and only get two hits back. I was also taking notes on the conversations I’d have with the guys I’d match with — only about half would reach out, and the topics were pretty vanilla. No pizzazz! No spark! No sexiness! Even though I wound up matching with over 50 dudes during my red period, I didn’t go on a single date as a result of the apps. (One hot Australian set up a date and then flaked, proving that international fuccbois are real and terrifying.) So, it should come as no surprise that I was more than ready to retire those photos and pop some crazy shades on my profile.
Weeks 3 & 4: A Rainbow Connection
There was one photo I knew I had to put on my profile the moment I could: The one you see here, where I’m wearing Cookie Monster blue lipstick. It’s the ultimate man-repeller shade — it’s bright, unnatural, and looks like it will smear across your face after some late-night mackin’. I uploaded the photo along with pics of me in five other shades, ranging from pink to brown to nude, and started swiping. Instead of matching with every guy, I matched with around six out of 10 guys I swiped on. And the type of guy I matched with seemed to change. Sure, I still got the occasional banker or lawyer, but I was now mainly matching with creative types. One guy ran a super-successful coworking space in the city. Another was a chef. A third was a graphic designer by day and a DJ by night. One of them commented on my lipstick, telling me the blue was absolutely fire. (He even used the flame emojis, which, swoon.) The conversations with these dudes were interesting, and I wound up going on two real-life dates. All of this from blue lipstick. Who the hell knew? The match number and caliber stayed fairly consistent across the two weeks. I saw no insane spikes, dodged plenty of douchey bros, and split a delicious pizza with a smokeshow photographer. So…What The Fuck Does All This Mean?
What did I learn from this experiment? I’m not quite sure. Sure, it seemed like the type of guy I was matching with fluctuated with my lipstick choice. But I’m also pretty sure that guys aren’t swiping based solely on your lipstick shade. One of the photos I get the most compliments on in general is one of me in a Baywatch bathing suit. (For obvious reasons. Boys will be boys.) But I’m not even wearing lipstick in that photo — and to be honest, I doubt the average guy on Bumble is paying much attention to what’s on my lips. Even though I’ve become fairly desensitized to the entire process of online dating, it can be majorly tough for a lot of women. It’s scary as fuck to put up a photo of yourself on the internet and allow rando dudes to judge whether or not they want to date you. My advice is not to worry about the lipstick color you’re wearing (if you’re even wearing any) in your photo. I’m all for doing whatever makes you feel best, so in reality, none of this matters. The images you put up on your profile should be the ones that make you feel like the badass rock star you are. Since I’ve followed my own advice, my dating profile is now populated with a variety of shots — including those with red lipstick, blue lipstick, and my Baywatch one-piece. (Mama didn’t raise no fool.) I match with guys daily. My habits haven’t exactly changed. But this experiment has afforded me one amazing bonus. Now, when my Italian-American family asks me why, at the ripe old age of 26, I am still clinically single, I have an answer. “Don’t blame me,” I’ll say between sips of wine. “Blame my blue lipstick.”

Be honest. How many times have you ever heard of men only liking women who wear “natural” makeup? You’ve probably read about it on men’s rants on social media before. You have probably even had friends or boyfriends tell it to you right to your face. You’ve probably heard that for quite a number of times already. You’re a woman. And you probably know that one of the essential rules of going out on date night is to highlight the best features of your face. However, you also know that you need to know that you need to keep things as natural-looking as possible. And so, when you are preparing for your date, you might find yourself just naturally wiping off the red lipstick that you’ve been wearing all day to work. You don’t want to look too unnatural and high-maintenance on your first date after all.

But it turns out that all of the beliefs that you may have about men and their thoughts on women’s makeup might not necessarily be true. In my case, when I was out on a date with my man, he asked me thirty minutes into our dinner whether I ever wore lipstick. He didn’t know at that time that I was actually wearing a very light rose pink lipstick. It looked too natural, I guess. He also did not know that earlier on in the day, I was wearing the brightest shade of red on my lips that it actually made it look like all in the blood in my body traveled to my lips. He proceeded to tell me that men typically love the lipstick on women. He said that men love it when women wear red or pink lipstick. He described the colored lips to be the looks of sophistication and beauty. He said it reminded him of the class and grace of the women in the 40’s. He finally concluded by saying that women who wear lipstick are typically seen as women who put a lot of effort and time into how they look.

Granted, he was an isolated case. And it’s highly likely that not all men are going to feel as strongly about the issue as others do. And certainly, not all men are going to be so articulate about their thoughts with regards to women’s lipstick. However, a recent study was conducted by the University of Manchester that has shed some light on the matter. The study confirmed that men usually are attracted to lipstick after all – most especially the color red. The study had 50 male participants view various photos of women who were wearing red lipstick, pink lipstick, and no lipstick at all. And the conductors of the study found out that the male participants spent as much as an average of 7 seconds just staring at the pictures of women who were wearing red lipstick. They spent 6 seconds staring at the women who wore pink lipstick. And they spent a whopping 2 seconds on the women who weren’t wearing any lipstick at all. The drop of time spent looking at the women who were wearing lipstick compared to the women who were bare-lipped is staggering.

In a previous study, it was also found out that waitresses were often tipped by men more than half of the time when they were wearing red lipstick. In contrast, women who were wearing brown, pink, or no lipstick at all were only tipped 30 percent of the time. Take note that this study was conducted in France where tipping isn’t mandated by law and is merely optional). When they were questioned after the experiment was conducted, the men later said that they ended up tipping more because they had found the women in red lipstick to be very attractive – especially when compared to the other women who had more natural-looking lip colors.

So, you should know that men really do take notice of lipstick. And that shouldn’t really shock you at this point. You have probably had guys come up to you and comment on your overall look. Lipstick is one of the most prominent details on a woman’s fully made-up face. Lipstick is very bold and bright. It really highlights one of the more prominent areas of the face. When a woman wears a bright red lipstick, it is certainly going to grab the attention of any man who is going to have an opportunity to take a look at your face.

Go ahead. Wear your makeup however you want. At the end of the day, you should only wear stuff because it makes you feel good to wear these things. And if the boy you’re dating happens to like it, then good for you. Own up to your image. Own up to who you are.

Wait, Do Men Hate Red Lipstick?

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Reading Byrdie’s articles on what men think about current fashion, beauty, and interior design trends is my favorite. I find it so entertaining to hear what your everyday guy thinks about trends that women actually wear.

But this last article on date night makeup hit a nerve. Titled, “The Best Date Night Makeup, According to Real Men,” guys rate three common date night looks, naming a winner at the end. Much to nobody’s surprise, “The Girl Next Door” won, by a landslide, beating out “Bombshell” and “Classic”.

Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I understand date night—especially the first few dates—are in their own category, but I take issue with many of these men’s statements.

One man touched on the fact that red lipstick gets on your teeth and that despite the fact that he does not care for red lipstick, his girlfriend continues to wear it. Another man insinuated lipstick was for the red carpet and he would feel underdressed if a woman showed up to a casual date with red lips. His comrades agreed the look was too formal, not sexy, and old fashioned. Finally, my personal favorite, one man commented that it’s “tough to carry on a conversation” if a woman is wearing red lipstick on a date. He redeemed himself by stating he does like red lipstick in general, and that your date should be looking into your eyes, not at your lips.

Whew. For fellow champions of all lipstick, I know that was a lot to take in. I myself own around seven tubes of red, with probably two shades on my person at all times. I even wore red glitter lipstick once, so this is a big blow for me.

But to digress, it’s time to return to the point of these articles, which is that they are mainly for entertainment. And I think Byrdie does a great job of making sure women know this is just a fun experiment, stating at the beginning of this particular article, “…not that his opinion means everything; we’re just always curious about what goes on in the male brain.”

Regardless, I have a few follow up comments and questions for these men:

  1. All lipstick gets on your teeth. It happens, even to the best of us, and just comes with the territory of wearing lipstick.
  2. Of course your girlfriend continues to wear it. If she stopped because you told her to, that would, in my eyes, be a huge problem.
  3. Red lipstick isn’t always fancy. It’s fun and easy to wear during the day and at night… Casually, even!
  4. When did red lipstick become a red carpet thing? The vast majority of women will never “walk a red carpet”, so does that mean we’re never allowed to “appropriately” wear red lipstick?
  5. Is wearing a statement lip really that distracting? Like so distracting that holding eye contact is difficult? I am genuinely curious.


A concerned lipstick addict

P.S. Until you (all of mankind) stop wearing cargo shorts, I will continue to wear red lipstick, whenever and however I please and would appreciate if you got on board.

Men Like the Color Red — But Not for the Reason We Think

Bright red lipstick, red roses, the lady in red-it seems as though all things love and romance are associated with the color red. For years, scientists believed this was because it subconsciously made men think of red female genitalia, which signaled fertility and sexual arousal. But turns out, that’s not actually the case, according to new research from the University of Kent in the U.K.

To come to this conclusion, researchers showed 40 men manipulated photographs of the female vulva that had four subtle, yet different colors, ranging from pale pink to red. The men then rated the sexual attractiveness of each image. The results showed that the men rated the reddest shade significantly less attractive than the three pink shades. All of the pink shades were basically rated the same by the men, according to the study.

Researcher Dr. Sarah E. Johns, who teaches Evolutionary Anthropology at the School of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent, said she wasn’t surprised by the results.

In fact, the most surprising result of the study was that the men didn’t rate the pictures of the women’s genitals as being all that sexually attractive overall. Although the reddest shades were still least preferred compared to the pinker shades, Johns says.

So does this mean that you should forgo the red dress or red lipstick? No way, Johns says. Men still find the color red attractive – just for other reasons that aren’t fully understood yet.

“Maybe it makes men feel competitive (other studies have shown this), so maybe men are more competitive about women in red and therefore desire them more,” she says. “Wearing red will still get male attention but for different reasons than it reminds them of sexually aroused labia!”Well, there you have it! Do you wear the color red? Put on red lipstick? Ever thought about why some men like it? Share!

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Jennipher Walters is the CEO and co-founder of the healthy living websites FitBottomedGirls.com and FitBottomedMamas.com. A certified personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management coach and group exercise instructor, she also holds an MA in health journalism and regularly writes about all things fitness and wellness for various online publications.

  • By Jennipher Walters

10 Reasons Why I Only Rock Red Lipstick And You Need To STFU About It

I will always rock red lipstick, and you can shut the f*ck up about it.

There seems to be a collectively visceral reaction to the image of a woman in red lipstick, mainly from men — but from a few women as well.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s so outwardly bold and titillating or if its unapologetic, in-your-face sexuality threatens to frighten the sheltered masses — or if most people can’t shake the dated notion that “nice” girls should be soft and willowy, draped in an unassuming palette of pastels.

The good news is I don’t really give a sh*t WHY you loathe my red lips with such a fervent relentlessness.

I frankly don’t care to break down the reasons you would ever be so fearful of something so fabulous.

I am going to continue to recklessly spend my hard-earned cash on as many velvet-textured, luxuriously packaged, seductively provocative RED lipsticks as humanly possible, regardless of what you think or how you feel. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

What most people don’t understand is a woman who adorns her lips in the authoritative tones of crimson, oxblood, scarlet, maroon, geranium, vermilion, fuchsia and fire-engine RED is not desperately seeking approval.

Red lipstick is a choice I make for myself, and the powerful pigment will never leave my luscious lips…

1. Because I’m not afraid to own my sexuality.

Red lipstick is the most externally primal portrayal of fierce sexiness in existence.

So many women are nervous at the prospect of looking overtly sexy because they fear the judgment of narrow minds, deeming red lipstick “suggestive.”

When I painted my lips blood red this very morning, I knew exactly what I was doing. I don’t fear my sexual prowess; I embrace it.

Lips are arguably the most understatedly sexy part of the female body.

We girls whose lips are frequently adorned with red rouge are inviting you to directly gaze at our sensual pouts.

We are celebrating the very presence of our mouth with a dramatic POP of the most compelling color in the rainbow.

2. Because I’m not sorry.

Petal pink, beige and nude — subtle colors such as these invoke the frail feelings of forgiveness.

Pastels meekly whisper to the world, “I endlessly apologize for being alive, and I promise to take up as little space as humanly possible.”

Red, on the contrary, is radically unapologetic. Red doesn’t confess to sin; red commits dangerous crimes of passion.

By wearing red lipstick, you are holding your head up high and loudly proclaiming to the world, “I’m not at all sorry for anything, and I plan on taking up as much of your mental and physical space as humanly possible!”

3. Because I am fashion over function.

Wearing red lipstick isn’t exactly easy, even for the most experienced woman.

You have to use extreme caution when applying it, delicately keeping it within the narrow confines of your natural lip line — or you risk looking like a hot mess Courtney Love in the tragic throes of a mega booze bender.

But that’s quite OK with me because I’ve always chosen fashion over function.

Function is trite and mediocre and hopelessly boring. Fashion is inventive and emotional and wildly provocative.

4. Because I’m not desperate to kiss you.

When a girl chooses to smear bright, impenetrable shades of shocking RED directly onto the soft surface of her lips before a night out on the town, her intention is clearly not to kiss the first pathetic person who comes her way.

Her mission is to look as fierce as possible and embody first-class style.

Girls who sport sheer shimmery lip gloss (how non-committal and un-chic can you possibly be?) are an entirely DIFFERENT story.

Their pores seem to outwardly ooze a transparent sense of desperation — and is there any trait less sexy than desperation? An overeagerness to lock lips repels kisses.

5. Because I’m not afraid to leave my mark.

OK, so let’s say I DO find someone who sets my heart ablaze, and I’m teeming with an irrepressible desire to kiss this person’s gorgeous lips: Don’t think for one minute I’m going to let my dramatic, red-adorned mouth prevent me from engaging in long, luxurious make-out sessions.

I’m not afraid to leave my red kisses all over you.

And if you’re afraid of a little bit of harmless lipstick gracing the surface of your skin, you’re a spineless loser.

And I’m grateful to have learned what a spineless loser you are because I don’t kiss spineless losers.

6. Because I have something to say.

I wouldn’t be consciously drawing such vehement attention toward my mouth if I didn’t intend on using it, now would I?

I believe girls have such powerful things to say in the world, and by highlighting the vessel our words exit from with a ferocious color of strength, we make sure you listen.

Red lipstick affirms my voice and empowers my words.

7. Because I like intensity.

Red invokes such an intense myriad of potent feelings: sex, power, rage, hurt and love.

When a girl wears red, she’s unconsciously conjuring up the intense feelings in every person who comes her way.

Girls who wear red lipstick are not afraid of compelling emotions and live to make people feel things.

I’m not apathetic; I’m a passionate feeler of all things, and my red lipstick beautifully demonstrates that.

8. Because I don’t want to fade into the background.

People are loudly aware of your presence when you wear RED. Women throughout history have been instructed, no differently than children, to be seen and not heard.

To exist as nothing more than pretty little accessories to adorn the dominating arms of men. To be positively delightful and softly subtle.

Well, I guess I never got the memo because truth be told, there is absolutely nothing f*cking subtle about me. Maybe it’s the very reason I’m drawn to lipstick.

Red lipstick is positively bold; it attains the ability to turn heads and demand a reaction.

It’s the color of power, not of submission.

9. Because I’m taking an active role in my beauty.

Why is there so much shame in making an effort to look beautiful? The overtly “effortless” trend is really starting to get on my damn nerves.

It’s beauty deception at its finest; I know it took you at least 45 minutes to achieve those oh so calculated “undone” bed-head-inspired waves.

Red lipstick is honest. By wearing it, I’m letting you know I know I’m making an effort to look sexy. Why should I ever feel ashamed about that?

10. Because I don’t believe there is a “correct” way to be a woman.

I’m a die-hard feminist, and in the deepest part of my heart, I don’t believe there is any “correct” way to be a woman.

If a woman chooses to express herself with a badass, bold lip, that’s her goddamn birthright, even when society hates her for it.

Wearing red lipstick is my personal declaration of independence. I’ve had countless lovers tell me they don’t like my red lipstick: “It’s too bright.” “It’s intimidating.” “It’s not kissable.”

For me to succumb to anyone else’s standards of beauty over my very own would serve as a betrayal against myself.

The History WHY Women Wear Lipstick

Throughout history, women have always worn lipstick to make themselves more noticeable and attractive. Lipstick draws attention to the lips and makes them stand out. Lips are considered a sensual part of the body, and highlighting them can make women more attractive to the opposite sex. Some women may wear lipstick to feel better about their appearance. Other women enjoy the ability to express their unique artistic style. Colors and ingredients have changed over the centuries, but the purpose for wearing lipstick remains the same: to express inner beauty with outer self. The wonderful thing about lipstick is the sheer variety and versatility in color and composition.

The first reported use of lipstick goes way back to 3500 B.C. when the queen of ancient Sumeria used white lead and crushed red rocks to color her lips. Men and women of Egypt used lipstick as a status symbol. Women in ancient Greece often wore red lipstick. The use of lipstick was even criticized by the Church in the middle ages, but trendsetters like Queen Elizabeth wore a mixture of cochineal, egg whites, gum Arabic and milk. Some people in past times believed lipstick had magical properties and could also prevent illness or death.

As the centuries went on, the use of lipstick became more common as women strove to look their best. Lipstick became a symbol of female emancipation in the early 1900s, bolstered by the endorsement of the suffragettes. The swivel tube, used today by the majority of lipstick brands, was invented in 1923 by James Bruce Mason, Jr.

Colors and lipstick materials continued to change as make-up became more common for women. By the 1970s, bright colored lipstick was a symbol of sexual and social rebellion. In the 1980s red was the “it” color. Super stars like Madonna were known for wearing red lipstick, and the public followed suit. In the 1990s, natural colors and ingredients became common. By the start of the 2000s, lipstick represented over $9.4 billion in sales for the cosmetic industry.

But why do women wear lipstick? As to why lipstick is perceived as attractive, there are several theories. One is that full lips are subconsciously connected to fertility and beauty. Actresses like Angelina Jolie and Lisa Rinna, who are known for their very full lips, are considered among the most beautiful women in the world. Others may say it is the passion for color, art, and independence via expression of self. For Julie Hewett, lipsticks are a focal part of her professional makeup career. When Julie does makeup for hollywood celebrities, she does the lips first!

Whatever the reason, conscious or subconscious, lipstick has been used throughout the ages to enhance and draw attention to lips, thus adding to a woman’s overall attractiveness and ability to express individuality. Julie Hewett is known throughout the world for her incredible line of the best lipstick. Shop today, and thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed our blog!

Got a favorite color?

Mine’s purple. Could you tell? 😉

Your favorite color has a lot to say about you. Do the words ring true for you?

Don’t miss the great infographic from CollegeMatchup.net at the end of this article.

Be sure to save it to Pinterest, along with your favorite color poster from this page!

Seek and find it! If I’m missing your favorite color, give me a shout in a comment.

NEW! Added Nov. 2018, how color in art and design affects emotion.

Lots to see, so let’s get going!

What’s Your Favorite Color Meaning?

Does your color explain your nature? Check these insights from Psychology Today, Aquolac, and The Land of Color.

Knowing these traits can help you to understand your strengths, your weaknesses, how you can influence others, and how to improve your personality.

Favorite Color Purple

You are a perfectionist who requires emotional security in life, and you are a good humanitarian who helps others in need.

You have a good mind, a ready wit, and an ability to observe things that go unnoticed by others. You have a degree of vanity. You display a fine-art creativity. You relish the subtle but recognize the magnificent.

  • One of your greatest assets is your intuition.
  • That little voice inside your head is especially chatty and clear.
  • Your intuition has proven to be right more times than you can count.
  • Bursting with charisma, you are like a people magnet.
  • Others perceive you as a visionary and are drawn to your innovative spirit.
  • Your creativity is contagious, making it easy to build teams to execute your grand plans.
  • You take pride in marching to the beat of your own drum and being unique.
  • You’ve never cared about fitting in.
  • You appreciate kindred spirits who choose to zig when everyone else zags.

Favorite Color Black

You strive for power and control in life, but are often artistic and intuitive and do not share things well with others.

You’re above average, worldly, conventional, proper, polite, and regal. While black may mean “depression” to the clinical psychologist, to you it means “dignity.”

  • You value your inner world keep your private life private.
  • Only close relatives and friends are privy to your thoughts and feelings.
  • You’re articulate and at times dramatic, but not unrestrained.
  • You know how to share your point of view with conviction and authority.
  • You maintain self-control easily, and can control most situations as well.
  • Others perceive you as serious maybe to the extent of intimidating.
  • Focusing on the details and getting things right is important to you.
  • You are comfortable projecting an air of mystery, which can help mask moments of insecurity.
  • People find your juxtaposition of the conventional and unconventional intriguing.

Favorite Color White

You are organized and very independent, and you rely on logic to solve every problem.

  • You appreciate order and simple elegance.
  • Your taste is refined, enjoying things that are well crafted and beautiful.
  • You have a special knack for finding treasures in the most unexpected places.
  • You are particular and have high expectations for yourself as well as others.
  • You don’t always deal well with disappointment when things don’t go as planned.
  • Your ability to portray a sense of control no matter what may hide your true feelings.
  • People may misread you as aloof because of your self-confidence and naturally reserved nature.
  • When people get to know you, they appreciate your mindfulness and wisdom.
  • You are often described as an old soul.

Favorite Color Gray

You are cool and composed and a very reliable person who tends to conform to keep the peace.

Favoring gray shows that you’re cautious and seek to strive a compromise in most situations you encounter. You seek composure and peace, and try very hard to fit yourself into a mold of your own design.

  • Your trademark is sophisticated diplomacy.
  • Manners and etiquette are important to you.
  • You feel polished social graces demonstrate respect for yourself as well as others.
  • Professionally, others trust you to set the bar for appropriate behavior and decorum.
  • Minding your own business and keeping to yourself is your mantra.
  • If asked, you are comfortable playing the role of peacemaker.
  • People perceive you as balanced, stable, and trustworthy.
  • Others appreciate your gift for identifying alternate avenues and facilitating compromise.
  • Naturally fair and objective, you can put personal opinion and feelings aside and see an issue from all angles.

Favorite Color Red

You have drive and determination, and you prefer action and risk-taking behaviors. Your biggest need is for physical fulfillment and fitness.

Red shows that you’re outgoing, assertive, vigorous, and prone to impulsive actions and variable moods. You feel deep sympathy for fellow human beings, and have a strong sex drive. You’re an optimist but also never hesitate to voice your complaints.

  • Red isn’t just your favorite color – you’re passionate for red!
  • You are in-the-know, present, and always aware of what is going on around you.
  • You exude a powerful energy. When you enter a room, your arrival is immediately known.
  • You are outgoing and usually enjoy being the life of the party and center of attention.
  • When you love, you love big.
  • If someone disappoints or steps on your toes, you don’t hesitate to say exactly how you feel and why.
  • Not one to hide your feelings, you nip disagreements in the bud.
  • You don’t hold grudges and like to move on quickly.
  • You’re all about what is next – the next adventure or project.
  • You are a natural born leader and easily gain respect from others.
  • You lead with optimism and an animated can-do attitude that’s contagious.

Favorite Color Pink

All you want in life is unconditional love and to be accepted for who you are by your peers.

  • You have an easygoing, approachable energy.
  • You come from a place of assuming the good outweighs the bad in everyone and every situation.
  • Witty and smart, you sparkle socially particularly in small groups.
  • Your caring and encouraging demeanor nurtures your longtime friendships.
  • You genuinely revel in the success and happiness of others, especially your friends and family.
  • Compassionate, perhaps to a fault, you are the one those closest to you depend on when they need a shoulder to cry on or a boost of confidence.
  • The saying about seeing life through rose-colored glasses sums up your pink perspective.
  • Peace, harmony, and calmness are important to your daily routine.
  • You appreciate letting loose on occasion and enjoy embracing all the fun life has to offer.

Favorite Color Orange

You love to be with people and socialize with them, as you want to be accepted and respected as a part of a group.

Favoring orange shows that you’re good-natured, enjoy being with other people, and are swayed by outside opinions. You do good work,, have strong loyalties, feel good will toward others, and have a solicitous heart.

  • The party is wherever you are.
  • Forever the optimist, you fully expect something wonderful is about to happen.
  • You’ve perfected being present, living in the moment, and focusing on what and who is in front of you.
  • You may be described as a social animal, social butterfly, and/or mediator.
  • A problem solver at heart, you channel your high energy to inspire and influence others.
  • Team building is a natural skill because others are drawn to your zest for life and even-keeled positivity.
  • Flying by the seat of your pants usually works out well for you.
  • No matter what life throws your way, you don’t fold under pressure or cave to panic.
  • You take things in stride because surely something wonderful is about to happen!

Favorite Color Blue

You want to find inner peace and absolute truth, and you always make an effort to think of others and their needs.

Preferring blue shows that you’re deliberate and introspective. You have conservative convictions, retreat to gentler surroundings in times of stress, and are sensitive to the feelings of others. You’re a loyal friends and lead a sober life.

  • You value your close-knit group of friends and family.
  • As far as friendships go, you are loyal – perhaps to a fault.
  • Recognizing and putting the needs of others first works for you.
  • You find being of service fulfilling.
  • Yet, you don’t allow being taken advantage of or for granted.
  • If tested, you will stand your ground with grace and composure.
  • You have a keen sense of fair play and like being in charge of keeping order.
  • Because of your reputation for being trustworthy and good with details, you usually end up with the job of scorekeeper.
  • You endear yourself quickly with your uncanny ability to recall names and tidbits of info about others.
  • People remember you for being warm, friendly, and engaging.

Favorite Color Green

You are loyal and very frank with others, and you consider your reputation a very important part of your life.

If green’s your color, you’re a good citizen and pillar of the community. You are frank, moral, reputable, and sensitive to social customs and etiquette. You feel deep affection for your family.

  • You have a special connection to nature. It feeds your soul.
  • Whether it is spending time in the garden or finding creative ways to bring the outdoors in, your favorite activities revolve around all that Mother Nature has to offer.
  • You dislike chaos and strive for consistency and balance.
  • Time management is a strength because you quickly prioritize.
  • You have business savvy because you target what is most important and delegate what is not.
  • You rarely sweat the small stuff.
  • You are environmentally aware and involved in community affairs.
  • You have a knack for seeing the big picture and understanding multiple points of view.
  • Others admire your clarity and respect your objective and fair outlook.

Favorite Color Yellow

You enjoy learning and sharing knowledge with others, and you feel a need to always express your individuality.

Love yellow? This shows you have a vivid imagination, nervous energy, neatly-formed thoughts, and a need to help the world. However, you tend to be aloof and are shy. You long to be respected and crave admiration for your wisdom. You’re a safe friend and a reliable confidant.

  • One of your most appealing traits is your consistently sunny and fun disposition.
  • Your optimism is resolute and infectious even in the most trying circumstance.
  • Ignorance is bliss and you simply refuse to see the glass as half empty.
  • You have a reputation of leaping before you look. Your impulsiveness sometimes pays off.
  • While others are stalled by indecisiveness, your spontaneity and willingness to take action positions you several steps ahead of the competition.
  • Your positive nature should not be misconstrued for extreme extraversion.
  • You prefer tight-knit social circles to extended networks.
  • Those who know you best describe you as happy, imaginative, and highly intellectual.

Favorite Color Brown

You are a great friend, and you value a stable and simple life over material things.

Your love of brown shows that you’re shrewd when it comes to money and obstinate in your habits and convictions. You are parsimonious, dependable, and steady. You disdain impulsiveness and are also a very good bargainer.

  • You relate to the simplicity of the color brown.
  • You tend to be genuine and transparent with your intentions.
  • Those who have hidden agendas and ulterior motives confuse you.
  • You fail to see the value in twisting the facts when the truth is so much easier to manage.
  • You are dependable and punctual and have high standards for excellence.
  • Experience has taught you that a solid foundation is mandatory for success.
  • You do things slow and steady – do it right or not at all.
  • No get rich quick schemes for you.
  • You have little patience for the snake oil salesperson types.
  • Family comes first and you enjoy the comfort of a stable home-life.
  • Your well-appointed and ordered kitchen is the hub of the house where you enjoy cooking.
  • You find gardening and growing food for your table very satisfying.

Color Preference by Gender

Color insights from Live Science.

Blue: Male 42%, Female 29%

Green: Male 25%, Female 19%

Purple: Male 12%, Female 27%

Red: Male 8%, Female 9%

Yellow: Male 5%, Female 6%

Orange: Male 7%, Female 3%

Pink: Male 1%, Female 7%

It’s surprising to me that purple is cited as the third most-liked color for both males and females. But they didn’t include brown, white, gray and black in this study. I’m guessing a lot of men prefer those neutrals over purple!

5 Fascinating Color Facts

Here are some random facts about color that might surprise you! From UCreative.

40% of people worldwide say their favorite color is blue, by far the most popular color.

Red is the first color a baby sees, at around 2 weeks of age.

Pink is the most calming color, and is used in some prisons and mental health institutions to calm worked-up prisoners and patients.

White is considered the safest color for a car. I’ve seen studies on this – it’s the color that’s most visible both day and night.

Red and yellow together are the most appetizing colors. That’s why they’re used in a lot of fast food signs.

Meaning of Colors in Art and Design

Color theory is a collection of guidelines regarding the use of color in art and design, and it has deepened in interest since Isaac Newton’s conceptualization of the color wheel in the early 18th century.

It has been scientifically proven that different colors and hues have a significant impact on our emotions and the way we react, which is why brands spend rigorous amounts of time developing their branding to impact the way consumers feel.

Invaluable created a helpful infographic on the science of color, and how each can affect our emotions differently.

Refer to the visuals below to help guide your branding and accomplish the goals you seek to create from your business.

Blue color meaning

Blue has different meanings depending on the culture, and the specific tint or shade used.

In Western cultures, blue is generally considered calming and serene.

In Asia and the Middle East, blue represents immortality in connection. In Ukraine, it is a healing color.

Blue can also evoke sadness or aloofness. See the graphic below!

Green color meaning

Green is seen as refreshing or tranquil and can often represent luck, health, and prosperity.

Whole Foods and Starbucks utilize the color green to induce feelings of freshness and health.

Here are two examples of green color used in art to evoke ether serenity or prosperity.

Purple color meaning

Purple is reputed to awaken creativity and imagination.

It can be associated with royalty since historically, only the rich could afford expensive items made with this hard-to-produce pigment.

Lighter hues of purple tend to exude more peaceful, tranquil emotions.

Red color meaning

The color red can exude different emotions depending on its use.

It has intense characteristics that elicit strong reactions, and many brands and advertisers try to capitalize on its visibility and stimulation.

YouTube, for example, uses red in their logo as a way to accent their brand name and attract viewers.

Red also tends to fuel passion, whether it be in an aggressive sense, or that of love.

Orange color meaning

Like its color wheel neighbor red, orange is an attention-grabbing hue.

Orange can be used to signify extravagance and command attention.

Sports teams often use orange in their logos and mascots because it has an energetic undertone.

Though it’s bright and jovial, be careful of overusing orange, as it can get harsh.

Yellow color meaning

Yellow is bright and intense, so it triggers strong emotions.

Though it can be cheery and warm, it can also seem abrasive or cause frustration or anger when used in the wrong context.

While too much yellow overstimulates, a dash of yellow can stimulate your appetite. This is why fast food restaurants like McDonald’s incorporate it into their branding.

Black color meaning

Black appears heavy from a visual standpoint. That’s why it’s used sparingly in art.

Artists looking to evoke a “darker” feeling rely on generous amounts of black.

Black is usually associated with power, authority, and mystery.

White color meaning

As the absence of color, white has a pure, clean feeling – thus it’s used in hospitals and spas to suggest sterility and cleanliness.

While in Western cultures, white represents purity and elegance, in various Eastern societies, it’s closely associated with death and used in mourning rituals.

Be sure you know your audience so you use colors appropriately!

Want More on Color Personality? Find It Here

You might want to look into this highly-rated book on Amazon. Reviewers have called it “not to be missed,” “a visual feast,” and “a masterpiece.”

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You pay no more, and I appreciate your support. affiliate disclosure.

Check out more color personality infographics! If you’re a bit obsessed with color, like me 😉

The first one below is more personal. The others relate to business branding and marketing. Check them out!

Color Personality: Test Yours With This Infographic!

Color Psychology: What Do Your Brand Colors Say About You?

The Secret Psychology of Color in Marketing: Infographic

The Psychology of Color for Your Brand: Infographic

Which Fonts and Colors Drive Top Brands?

Your Turn

So, what does your favorite color say about you? Let me know in a comment if the hue fits!

Color Coded: What Your Favorite Color Says About You

By Danni Peck

Updated September 26, 2019

Reviewer Lauren Guilbeault

The world is filled with colors! So much so, in fact, that they are often overlooked. Colors, however, can convey a lot of meaning depending on the context in which we use them. Whether in fashion, product branding or in art, a certain color can radiate a surge of energy and emotion, while conveying a particular meaning or message to those viewing it.

There may have been times when you found a particular color alluring, in which case, the color may be representing your mood in that moment. However, if you remain attracted to a single color for a long period of time, then this could be an indication that that color reflects a portion of your personality.

Color Psychology

The idea that colors, especially our favorite colors, are somehow linked to our personalities is explored in Color Psychology. It is a relatively new field which is closely related to both chromotherapy (color therapy) and phototherapy (light therapy).

Color psychology has seen a recent surge in research. These have focused on how our perception of and reaction to colors can shed some light on our personality traits and on the choices we make. For instance, researchers have looked at how the color of medication affects how effective patients think it will be. Other interesting studies have analyzed which colors have a proven track record of increasing image distribution via social media.

Source: freephotos.cc

One important aspect of color psychology which we must always bear in mind, is that any analysis of a person’s personality based on their favorite color (or on which colors they like or dislike) must itself be colored by some basic knowledge about that person. Factors such as age, gender, past experiences and the culture we grew up in, for instance, must all be taken into consideration.

For example, it is often highlighted that whereas in Western cultures brides wear white as a sign of innocence and purity, in Eastern cultures white is associated with death and mourning. Brides in those regions would more likely select outfits in a brilliant red – a very daring choice by Western standards!

The psychology of color has been used in marketing for decades. Businesses have routinely based their choice of brand logo colors or colors they use in advertising on our perception of color. They tend to rely on studies which look at how our preference for and response to a particular color can be used as a way to predict our reactions in certain situations.

In general, we tend to associate shades of blue, green and purple with being cool and inviting. These colors can convey a sense of professionalism and help those viewing them to feel more at ease with whatever the color is helping to depict. On the other hand, shades of warmer colors like red, orange and yellow, suggest creativity and are often associated with high energy and intense emotions such as love and anger.

The neutral shades (white, black, brown and gray) each carry their own broad meaning, with white typically referencing openness and black giving off a sense of power. Gray tones most often come across as smooth and modern, while brown is frequently associated with down-to-earth traits and a sense of security. Of note, is the point which is often made that varying shades of the same color can carry significantly different meanings.

What Your Favorite Color Says About You

According to Incredible Art and College Match Up, which draws its information from multiple sources, what your favorite color is, can represent the following general information about your personality.

See below for what the following colors can say about you:

Black: Many attribute the color black with darkness, but those who favor this color are most likely expressing their depression or are mourning over a loss. On a brighter note, black can also indicate power, creativity, elegance, and sexuality.

White: Those that like white may be aware that the color signifies purity, birth, and innocence. However, liking the color can also mean that you are organized, independent, and logical.

Red: As most people know, red is the color of intense desire and aggression, therefore, if your favorite color is red, you are someone who is driven, adventurous, and active.

Purple: This color symbolizes mystery and spirituality as well as royalty. Purple dyes used to be so rare and expensive that only monarchs could afford to wear them. Those who fancy the color purple tend to reflect royalty as they require great emotional security, but are helpful to others.

Pink: This is the color of romance. Anyone who uses pink to express themselves is showing the world that they believe in and want to be loved unconditionally or accepted by society.

Source: pxhere.com

Orange: If orange is your favorite color, you are a social person with a vibrant personality as the color represents energy, warmth, and, enthusiasm.

Blue: The most popular color is blue, which symbolizes peace and tranquility. If your favorite color is blue, you are a calm, trustworthy, and loyal person as you promote unity and security.

Green: A more common symbol of jealousy and greed, the color green also signifies nature, good luck, fertility, and rebirth. Overall, if you prefer green, you are committed to others, but can be conceited or preoccupied with your reputation.

Yellow: This is the color of joy, optimism, and friendship. Having yellow as your favorite color says that you enjoy sharing with others, but are eager to emphasize your individuality.

Does Everyone Have a Favorite Color?

As with pretty much everything else, each of us will have a color preference – no matter how subtle. There are some persons, however who might not be able to readily identify a favorite color. If this is the case with you, a quick look at the clothes in your closet or the color palette of your home should provide some clues. That’s because it is not uncommon for someone to subconsciously surround themselves with items in the color they prefer the most. In fact, persons around you are probably already well aware of the color you are most drawn to!

Can Your Favorite Color Change?

Our personalities are dynamic and so a shift in color preference in not completely unheard of. Some persons will report liking a particular color above others in childhood but feeling more drawn to a different color in adulthood. It may be a case where it is not the color which changes for you but the shade you prefer it in.

Is It Possible To Have Two or More Favorite Colors?

It is possible to feel intensely drawn to more than one color. If you simply cannot decide on which is your absolute favorite color, then a good idea is to consider what each color says about personality and see how it all comes together for you.

What About The Colors You Dislike?

A dislike of certain colors is perfectly natural and just like our favorite colors, the colors we dislike may be dependent on factors such as past experiences. Examining why you dislike a particular color can help you to better understand your personality.

How Can You Use Colors To Your Advantage?

It is likely that you will use the colors which appeal to you most in a wide variety of ways. Surrounding yourself with colors which positively affect you is always a good idea. It is suggested, however, that in order to achieve balance, you should make a conscious effort trying to incorporate small samples of colors you are not so fond of in the color scheme of your life.

Finding Out More about Your Favorite Color and Your Personality

Researchers generally agree on the existence of a connection between color and psychology- even if not fully understood at the present time. In reviewing research in the area of color psychology, professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, Andrew J. Elliot, points to “considerable promise in research on color and psychological functioning.” Like many others, however, he cautions that while it is an intriguing concept, the study of the relationship between color and psychology is still in the developmental stages.

If you wish to learn more about yourself and what your color preferences suggest about your character, you are encouraged to interact with certified therapists at BetterHelp. They will have access to the latest developments in the field and are more than qualified and willing to help you.

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