15 Things Every Woman Should Know How to Do

Being a woman can be difficult, to say the least. You’re expected to be everything to everyone all the time – tough yet nurturing, sexy yet not too sexy, strong but also vulnerable… it can get to be a bit much.While there’s nothing wrong in asking for help when you need it, there’s also plenty of stuff women can do all on their own without anyone else, thank you very much. It’s okay to not be the master of everything, but there are a few things every woman can benefit from knowing how to do.

Change a tire.

While calling AAA to come to your rescue when you find yourself stranded on the side of the road is fine for more serious problems, when it comes to flats, you can handle it. Learn how to operate a jack and put on on that spare in the trunk so you can drive yourself to the nearest garage.

Unclog a drain.

When your shower drain pays the price for your luxurious mane, there’s only one thing to do: Draino. In more complicated clogs, you may have to get creative with pulling out the gunk, but you shouldn’t need the plumber on speed dial for basic repairs.

Cook a meal from scratch.

It’s all fine and well to spend your college days living on ramen and off-brand mac & cheese, but it’s time to grow up and start putting together nutritious meals that don’t come from a box. Your body will thank you.

Assemble furniture.

No one’s saying you need to be an Ikea guru, but putting together “Some Assembly Required” pieces shouldn’t send you into a meltdown. Get that Allen key and get building!

Say no.

Do you find yourself saying yes to things far more often than you’d like? There’s a simple solution: say no. Learn to stop agreeing to things that aren’t, well, agreeable – you’ll be a lot happier in life. And if people get mad? As my mother used to tell me, “They’ll get glad again.”

Prepare your own taxes.

Unless your financial situation is super complicated with a lot of variables, there’s no excuse not to take control of your own finances and complete that 1040 all on your own. It’s pretty self-explanatory, and you’ll feel accomplished knowing you didn’t shell out to H&R Block this year.

Sew a button.

If you love cute clothes at bargain prices (looking at you, Forever 21), chances are you’ll deal with some rips, tears and missing buttons. Knowing how to repair them quickly and easily will prolong their wear time and your wardrobe.

Iron clothes.

While sewing and ironing might seem like stereotypical housewife duties, they’re actually skills that come in handy and will ensure you don’t walk around looking like a hobo. Taking a few minutes to iron the wrinkles out of your clothes is quick, easy and will make all the difference.

Enjoy your own company.
It probably goes without saying that you shouldn’t need to be in a relationship to feel complete. Learn to enjoy time by yourself, because at the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got – and you’re awesome.

Negotiate a raise.
Women might typically get paid less on the dollar than men, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a savvy businesswoman and demand what you’re worth. Negotiating tactics come in handy in many areas of life, and career is a big one.

Take a compliment.
It’s so easy to brush off the nice things people say to you, either because you don’t believe them or because you feel saying a simple “Hey, thanks!” is going to make you look conceited. Learn to accept a compliment both aloud and within yourself – it’s a big boost to self-esteem.

Read a credit report.
You’re entitled to receive your credit report free of charge once a year, so take advantage of that and go through it with a fine-tooth comb. Keeping your credit in top shape is essential if you ever want to buy a house or get a loan.

Ask for what you want in the bedroom.
Life is too short to be having bad sex, and if you’re with a man who isn’t up for taking requests, you’re likely not with the right one. Tell him what feels good so that you can enjoy the experience as much as he does.

Paint a room, hang a painting, etc.
It’s easy to pick up the phone and dial a handyman any time little things need doing around the house, but it’s also not that hard to learn how to do those things yourself. There’s nothing quite like the buzz of knowing you created the space you’re living in without anyone’s help.

Get the right size bra.
We’ve all been there – the dreaded double boob, droopy cups, cut-off circulation… it’s hard to find the right size bra, but not impossible. Get measured by a proper fitter one day and find out what size you REALLY are – your boobs will thank you.

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14 Things Every Woman In Her 20s Should Know How To Do

If only there was a guide to being a woman: a list of things that every 21st century woman should know how to do, no questions asked, no second thoughts. Well, ask no more ladies, for here it is: our definitive list of things that every woman in her 20s should know how to do. Go forth and conquer.

1. How To Walk In Heels

There are two types of women in this world. Those who live in heels and those who look on them with a mixture of fear and loathing. That said, being able to swag a little in heels, is something that every woman should learn how to do. You’ll never know when it could come in handy…

2. How To Stop Street Harassment

Even in the modern, supposedly equal world of today, there are many, many men who feel that openly harassing women on the street is acceptable. So the next time it happens to you, stop and turn the tables on them. “Nice arse, sweetheart” should do nicely.

3. How To Embrace Your Natural Self

Yes, make up is great. It helps to embrace and highlight what God has given us. It makes us photo-ready and fabulous (in our eyes). However, far too many women are dependent on make up and need to learn to go makeup-free more often.

4. How To Control Your Hormones

If you turn into an axe-wielding maniac once a month then perhaps now is the time to learn to control that anger. Easier said than done, yes, but simple things like running, eating well or even hormone-based contraception can all help to control it. It’s worth a little time investment.

5. How To Out-Wit Any Man

Being witty, smart, sharp and sarcastic are, in my opinion, skills that every woman should possess. Having a smart response to any insult that a man may throw your way makes you instantly more appealing.

6. How To Drive

Never depend on someone else to drive you around. It’s not even about owning your own car, even though that is clearly something we all want, but just knowing how to get yourself or anyone for that matter from A-B is an underrated skill at best.

7. How To Dress Appropriately

For any occasion. Buy a smart dress, blazer, tailored trousers and decent shoes and you’ll have pretty much covered all bases. Just never, ever attend a funeral in sequins. Ever.

8. How To Live Healthily

Learn how to cook an egg, wash some lettuce and go for a jog every once in a blue moon and you’re half way there. Just remember that McDonalds and the couch does not a hot body make.

9. How To Be Independent

No woman out there should ever utter that she ‘needs’ a man. Don’t get me wrong, men are great and all but technically, the only thing we need men for is reproducing. What you need is to learn to do things for yourself. Even if it’s something as simple as eating by yourself – do it.

10. How To Shop In A Pharmacy

You all know what I’m talking about here. You don’t have time to pop into the giant Boots in town, so instead you pop into your local pharmacy for all of your tampon/ contraceptive/hairy needs. But instead of buying exactly what it is you need, you load up on hair clips, nail varnish and band aids, as if, somehow, it’s going to distract from all of the other stuff. It won’t.

11. How To Cut Bad Influences From Your Life

This can take the form of bad habits such as smoking, excess drinking or drug use, or people who are negatively influencing your life. A person doesn’t have to be pushing you down the drugs route for them to be a bad influence. If a person doesn’t make you happy and mentally drains you, it’s time to make that cut.

12. How To D.I.Y.

Pick up that toolbox and get to grips with the hammer and nails. No, that was not a metaphor for anything dirty, in case that was what you were thinking. I’m talking about learning how to put up a shelf, hang a picture and fix that broken shower curtain. Rock that tool belt, girl.

13. How To Get What You Really Want

Whether it’s getting that promotion or getting the object of your affections, you must learn how to get exactly what you want in this life by whatever means necessary. To do so with respect, manners and the acceptable measure of force is something that every woman should learn how to do. Without question.

14. How To Not Give A Shit

Obviously, there are things you should most definitely give a shit about. Your health, your family, your career. Things that you should not give a shit about include caring what people think of you, cellulite, drunk texting your ex, not wanting to settle for the first person that comes along, being single and happy or being loved up and happy. Let the haters hate and you’ll be so much happier in your own skin. Promise.

In May of 1997, I wrote this list. I had passed my thirtieth birthday and wanted to tell younger women about the things I really wished I’d had and known by that important milestone. I guess people agreed with what I had to say, because a few years later the list showed up in my e-mail inbox; a friend had forwarded it to me for my reading pleasure, completely unaware that I was the author. After that, every month or two someone would send it to me and I’d immediately hit “reply all” and type, “Hey, that was me! I wrote that for Glamour.” (After a while, I don’t think anyone believed me.) The list became a phenomenon; posted on hundreds of websites, it was attributed to everyone from Jesse Jackson to Maya Angelou to Hillary Clinton. Someone even published it as an anonymously written book. As I read over these lines now, so many of them still seem worth having and knowing—whether you’re 30 or 22 or 75. Being a little older and a little wiser, I’ve plugged in a few new “shoulds.” By all means, add some of your own.

By 30, you should have:

1. One old boyfriend you can imagine going back to and one who reminds you of how far you’ve come.

2. A decent piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in your family.

3. Something perfect to wear if the employer or man of your dreams wants to see you in an hour.

4. A purse, a suitcase and an umbrella you’re not ashamed to be seen carrying.

5. A youth you’re content to move beyond.

6. A past juicy enough that you’re looking forward to retelling it in your old age.

7. The realization that you are actually going to have an old age—and some money set aside to help fund it.

8. An e-mail address, a voice mailbox and a bank account—all of which nobody has access to but you.

9. A résumé that is not even the slightest bit padded.

10. One friend who always makes you laugh and one who lets you cry.

11. A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill and a black lace bra.

12. Something ridiculously expensive that you bought for yourself, just because you deserve it.

13. The belief that you deserve it.

14. A skin-care regimen, an exercise routine and a plan for dealing with those few other facets of life that don’t get better after 30.

The 21 Most Essential Life Skills Every Woman Should Have

Be ready for anything.

Women today are blessed with many opportunities to explore their passions and make their mark. You can be a homemaker, lawyer, programmer, or astronaut. You can get married if and when you choose, to whom you want, and have a family that takes many forms. The options abound.

At the same time, though, as a woman, you can face unique challenges and barriers to getting what you want. The reality is that it can be a harsh and complicated world. Competing demands on your time, mean that you have to juggle being a friend, partner, mother, daughter, volunteer, and other roles.

Change — personal and societal — is happening at a tremendous rate and information is coming at you exponentially. Overwhelm and burnout are becoming the norm, not the exception.

Parenting styles have also shifted to the point where parents are so afraid of the media-inflated dangers in the world that they suspend reality for their kids. And they have particular fears for their daughters.

Many girls get driven around, waited on, have schoolwork done for them – some parents have even tried to negotiate their first jobs — and young women are left without the muscle to do what they can actually do for themselves. They are left doubting their abilities and their judgment and fear trying something on their own.

These women and girls are missing out on real life that is often messy, sometimes scary and includes stuff that frankly you don’t always want to do. And missing out on a whole world of possibilities — and pride.

You don’t have to experience a lack of confidence or fulfillment, or fear or overwhelm. If you learn the essential life skills, you can deal with any challenge sent your way. Your career will flourish. Your relationships will be stable. Your kids will be happy and healthy. Your goals will be realized. And you’ll have the life you want.

And when life throws a curveball or two — which it will — you’ll be prepared. You won’t always be able to count on your parents, a spouse, a friend, or someone else to be there at the exact moment you need something. You need to rely on yourself, and you want to feel pride that you take care of the basics in your life.

Some of these skills are innate. Some women are lucky to be born with them. Other skills you need to learn – and you can! And when you have mastered these essential skills, you’ll have the confidence to change lives – others and your own.

No matter what life throws your way, be ready for anything, with these 21 skills that EVERY woman should have:

1. Financial skills.

Learning the basics of math is essential. This will help you with all the financial skills you need to create a household budget and live within your means, manage your credit, and do your own taxes. Master the art and science behind investing and building your wealth. You’ll be set to live comfortably now and save for retirement.

2. Domestic skills.

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart, but you do need to know your way around the kitchen so that you can whip a balanced meal for yourself. Create some signature dishes and impress your friends (and you!). You also need to know the basics of serving and storing food, so you don’t poison anyone by mistake!

My grandmother taught me the army method for making a bed, and if I didn’t do it correctly, I had to do it repeatedly until I did. This kind of domestic perfection is more of a choice nowadays, but I admit that precision – as well as flowers, and the right accents, can make a difference to a room.

And, even if you don’t enjoy housecleaning, regular clean-up, laundry, and vacuuming up the dust bunnies will keep you healthy and create a Zen environment for your enjoyment.

3. Home and car maintenance skills.

Whether you rent or own, there are a few maintenance items that you should know such as switching out furnace filters. Hang up your new artwork or mirrors in your new place and unclog a drain when it backs up and you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction. You don’t have to be able to fix a toilet, but it will certainly cost you less if you can do it yourself.

If you own a car, learn the basics of how to fix the little things that can go wrong. Learn how to top off the fluids and jumpstart the car if the battery dies. And, if the idea of changing a tire roadside scares the life out of you, at least figure out how to check and maintain your tires’ air pressure, and carry a spare tire, a phone and the number to a roadside assistance program.

4. Safety skills.

Imagine the sense of relief you would feel performing the Heimlich maneuver on your choking dinner guest or diving into a pool to save a drowning child! First aid and water safety skills are critical and lifesaving — and you never know when you might need them.

You don’t have a car? Learn to drive anyway — including stick shift. Think big and get ready to get that dream car or get yourself out of a rut when an emergency happens. If a family member is suddenly medically unable to drive or your ride has been drinking too much, taking the wheel could be a critical safety move.

The reality is that as women we need to be extra vigilant about safety. That means knowing how to avoid compromising situations, walking with an air of self-assurance, and defending yourself against a possible attacker.

Be ready to save a life — it could be your own!

5. Survival skills.

You might think that survival skills are only required if you aspire to be on the TV shows Survivor or Naked and Afraid. But, depending on where you live or if you travel, you might unwittingly get yourself into a situation where you need to make do with what you have. Imagine your car breaks down miles away from any towns and there’s no cell coverage. What if help, shelter, and food are nowhere to be found? Be a good girl scout and figure out how to pitch a tent, start a fire with sticks, and catch a fish — or worst case, a cricket.

Everyone should learn how to get through an emergency. Create a fire escape plan and know what to do in the event of an environmental disaster.

6. Goal-setting skills.

Goal setting skills are mandatory in the business world and life. You can’t get what you want unless you envision it. Give yourself the space to dream and imagine what you want. Then, be able to identify priorities and tactical plans to make things happen.

7. Time management skills.

Let’s face it, women must play many different roles at the same time. Being a mom, partner, friend, sister, daughter — not to mention employee or business owner or household manager requires instead multitasking and prioritization skills or else you won’t be able to do it all.

Add to that, the fact that this generation is facing information overload like none before it, and you really have to master time management. Get a hold of your inbox, your apps, and your social media profiles or you’ll be out of date and overwhelmed!

8. Communication skills.

There are two aspects to communicating well: 1) listening, and, 2) effectively conveying the message you intend to communicate. When you’re communicating with someone, it’s key to not only make them feel heard but to really get what they’re saying. Surface listening doesn’t get you very far.

To build rapport and trust, you need to listen to what someone is not saying, as well as listening with your whole being. There is a science to learning body language and it can give you an advantage in your personal and business relationships — not to mention keeping you safe.

Communicating well in writing is especially important in school and at work. And despite the advances of spell check, Grammarly, and Suri, you need to figure out how to get your ideas onto a page all by yourself.

Over the course of your life, you’ll need to master a difficult conversation such as in a define-the-relationship chat, a break-up, telling someone about an illness or death, or terminating someone’s employment. Learn the best way to get across bad news while keeping someone whole.

9. Emotional intelligence.

An increasingly important skill is emotional intelligence. At the cornerstone of this is self-awareness. To be emotionally intelligent is to be able to recognize, understand and manage your own emotions and to be in tune with others’ emotions and to act with compassion.

Emotional intelligence is especially vital when you’re under stress, leading a team or generally having responsibility for others. To become a responsible person in society you need to self-manage and demonstrate your social skills. This means keeping your cool when somebody cuts you off, offering support when someone is in crisis, reading social cues, and using your best judgment when it comes to emotions.

10. Change management skills.

One thing is certain in this life: change. But it is how change is managed that can be the difference between surviving and thriving. When you’ve grasped the concepts of managing change, life is easier for you and those around you.

If change is happening to you, get involved, ask questions and understand what will be different and what will stay the same. If you need to lead a major change at work, highlight WHIFM (What’s In It For Me) so that people will be inspired by the change. Most of all, listen with your ears, eyes, mind, and heart because people don’t always state their concerns. This is the essence of ‘taking people with you’.

And when you don’t really know what’s ahead, building resilience can smooth out the bumps and make the journey a lot more pleasant. Learn to cope and bounce back from difficulties – large and small, to look for the positive in every situation, and adapt continuously.

11. Knowing and trusting yourself.

To make the decisions that are right for you in your life, you need to grasp knowing and trusting yourself.

This first means connecting with your deepest self and exploring what is important to you, your values, wants and needs, your standards and boundaries, and your passions, hopes, and dreams. In short, who are you?

This is not merely asking the questions, but rather being present, curious, compassionate with yourself, and open to the truth (aka your truth).

Once you figure out who you are and embrace it, you can begin to conquer the enormously difficult task of trusting yourself. In a world of 24/7 information, it is a breeding ground for doubt and skepticism. Everyone has a different opinion, options abound, and pressures mount from family and loved ones.

But in the end, the decisions you make — large or small — and the actions you take, are yours. When you build confidence and trust in yourself, you can finally lead an authentic life.

12. Body awareness skills.

In addition to learning to be in tune with what’s important to them, every woman should learn to be in tune with their physical body. When you have changes in your body, such as lumps, bumps, pains, discharges, unusual bowel or urinary habits, or odd smells, you need to learn to notice these, too, and seek medical attention promptly to stay healthy.

Finally, you need to learn when to stop and rest, and when to go. Feel the stress in your body and learn to breathe and calm down. Tap into your inner barometer so you can meet life’s demands and be your best self.

13. Using feminine energy.

Playing to your feminine strengths involves more than wearing the right bra, picking flattering colors or clothing styles, or smoking up your eyes, it’s about letting your beauty shine from the inside out and enjoying being a woman.

When you learn how to connect with your femininity by being open, nurturing, present, and connected to each of your senses, you can bring that to your relationships, too. And when you learn how to harness this female energy you can meet it with some masculine energy and let the fireworks happen!

14. Relationship-building skills.

There is no question how important relationships are to our well-being and happiness. People need to feel connected. At the same time, broken relationships with friends, lovers, family — even colleagues, can be a source of stress and pain.

By improving your relationship-building skills, you can ensure better outcomes. Learn how to get vulnerable, create trust, show your appreciation, be thoughtful, give and take, and create something sustainable.

15. Using humor.

Loosen up, don’t take yourself so seriously all the time and learn to have fun (yes, some people actually have to learn how). Humor has a way of diffusing a tense situation, like when your kids are driving you crazy. A well-timed, appropriate joke can build rapport in the office, too. If you can master this, you can make life a whole lot more enjoyable.

16. Socializing skills.

Whether you enjoy it or fear it, you can’t get by without small talk. Introduce yourself with confidence at an interview, at a dinner party, at a business conference. Make a great first impression, but most important, demonstrate your interest in the other person.

The same goes for online communication. Figure out who to can help you and make some excellent connections. You’ll never know what a difference they can make in your career or life.

17. Self-promotion skills.

This skill goes beyond accepting a compliment and being assertive (without being pushy). Promoting yourself means communicating your strengths and contributions with authority. It is about standing up for yourself when no one else will.

Self-promotion is so essential when you’re building your resume, speaking up at work, championing a cause you believe in, solving a problem with a spouse, or asking for a raise. Did you know that women who accept a lower salary in their first job, go on to a lifetime of pay inequity? The “motherhood penalty” further perpetuates this.

Know your worth. Do not be one of the millions of women who are unable to ask for what they deserve in relationships or in a job.

18. Problem-solving skills.

Life doesn’t always go smoothly. Sometimes you need to solve a difficult problem or resolve a conflict. Critical thinking will get you to the best solution. Brainstorm your options, anticipate consequences, and plan for contingencies. If you don’t have enough problems at work to solve, having kids will certainly put you to the test!

In addition to problem management, you need to get good at resolving conflict when people don’t agree with you or those around you. Aim to have everyone get their needs met, and when this isn’t possible, allow them to save face and move on respectfully.

19. Boundary-setting skills.

Whether it’s politely but firmly turning down a guy, dealing with an over-imposing friend or family member, or finalizing a work assignment, you need to know how to do set limits for yourself — without feeling guilty.

Say “yes” with conditions, “here’s when and what I will do,” or flat-out “no.” Don’t over-commit or be made to feel less than; set yourself up for success with these boundary-setting skills. See how good saying no to others and saying yes to yourself can feel!

20. Resourcefulness and delegating skills.

Unless you want to be continuously frazzled, learn how to tap into other people to get what you need. Learn where you can get help and don’t try to solve it all. Particular note to single moms: It does take a village.

Whether it’s a family or work situation, figure out how to delegate tasks so that everyone is contributing, and it will make your life easier and teach others responsibility.

Above all, remember that asking for help or advice isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength and wisdom. It’s just plain smart!

21. Letting go.

Women need to learn to let go of perfectionism, need for approval, and attachment to outcomes. There is a freedom in putting yourself out there, doing your best, not having expectations, and letting what will be, simply be.

When something or someone is no longer serving you, bringing you down or abusing you, have the courage to let it go, and let them move on, so you can, too.

Letting go also means learning to forgive yourself and others. Forgive your sister, ex, friend, or narcissistic boss. And most of all, forgive yourself.

Let go, ladies, and you will experience pure bliss!

There are many ways to learn the skills I’ve outlined. Tap into your best learning mode, or try a few of these ways:

  • Take a course
  • Study an online video
  • Read a book
  • Watch someone demonstrate
  • Get a mentor
  • Join a group
  • Hire a coach
  • Buddy up with a friend
  • Just do it! (Learn by trial and error.)

Once you’ve taken the few steps, you need to practice your new skill to make it stick. Practice it again and again, then get feedback, and fine-tune the ability some more.

When you have mastered these capabilities, own them. Be all that you are capable of being and be proud of the woman you’ve become. You’ll feel great about yourself and ultimately live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling and empowered life.

Finally, pass on these skills. If you’re a parent, resist the urge to pamper and don’t for your kids what they can learn to do for themselves. Teach these skills to your daughter or niece and help other women and girls to hone these abilities, too. You will open the doors to greater confidence, independence, freedom, and happiness for women everywhere.

Lisa Petsinis is a certified life coach who works with strong and resourceful women to build lasting life skills — like confidence and resilience — that will help them achieve their life goals. Sign up for her newsletter for even more advice, or contact her for a free breakthrough call to jumpstart the changes you want to make in your life today.

Do you feel different to last year? Have you already been making time for the things that matter and to try new things? If so, well done. If not, this is the perfect time to start. This year, make a point of keeping your life skills up to date and introducing some new, modern skills to your toolkit. Learn how to use Photoshop, build a social media strategy and make sure you’re clued in on internet security. You never know when these skills could come in handy.

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2. How to build a social media strategy that works

Social media channels are here to stay. Facebook outlived MySpace, and with new channels popping up every day, learning not only how to use each channel to the best of your abilities, but also how to build a strategy that works is essential. You might use this knowledge to grow your own business. To step up your social media game. To grab a promotion, or even to start consulting others on their social media accounts. There are so many uses for these skills.

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3. How to use Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the best tools ever. Take it from me, I use it almost every day, and you don’t have to be a super creative person to get something from it. You can use it to edit photos, create artwork, give your social media graphics a boost, design Instagram stories and so much more.

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4. How to be more productive every single day

Another modern life skill we all struggle with is productivity. How many times do we check our phones a day? What could we be doing if we worked to the best of our abilities? That’s why time theming is a modern life skill everyone should know. Mike Vardy teaches you the basics of Time Theming in this class, which will change your life if you find yourself unable to focus. You can choose a theme for each day, whether that’s project management or creative tasks, and you only do those tasks during that day.
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5. How to create an SEO strategy

SEO. The acronym that makes people break out in a cold sweat. Whether you’re working for yourself, at an established company, or just want some skills you can monetize, SEO is one of the most misunderstood modern skills around. Correct use of SEO strategies can make your content, business webpage, and blog posts incredibly popular. You can use it to sell products, to become an expert in your field, and to grow your website audience.
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To grow into well-functioning adults, it is critical that youth learn key life skills. Life skills include critical and creative thinking, decision-making, effective communication, as well as skills for developing healthy relationships and a positive self-concepts. Life skills help people make responsible and informed choices and can promote healthy lifestyles as well as career skills. According to WHO, life skills may be defined as “abilities for adaptive and positive behavior, that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life… Every school should enable children and adolescents at all levels to learn critical health and life skills.”
Unfortunately, however, many children do not have access to education that provides such life skills training. World Education works with partners—including ministries of education, schools, and NGOs, to develop life skills curricula and training approaches—to assist programs to more effectively integrate and teach life skills to students in both formal schools and nonformal settings.
In Cambodia, for example, World Education is supporting the National Life Skills Education Policy by developing a teacher training curricula with a three-tiered classification of life skills including general life skills, pre-vocational skills, and career skills. In Nepal, World Education created integrated literacy curricula whereby out-of-school students learned literacy skills using materials that taught them key life skills—from health and cleanliness to avoiding being trafficked—while learning to read.

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