Resource Center: 25 Valuable Health & Wellness Blogs to Follow in 2020

When you lack good health, everything else in life suffers. It’s harder to concentrate and study. Illness can cause you to fall behind in coursework. Stress can make you feel overwhelmed. If you want to do well in all areas of your life, you must make your health a priority.

Many Americans attribute positive elements in their life to health and wellness. According to a 2018 Pew Research study, when asked to rate their quality of life and attribute that quality to a variety of factors, four were universally associated with higher levels of life satisfaction:

  • A person’s good health
  • Their romantic partner
  • Friends
  • Career

In the survey, 16% described good health as giving them a sense of meaning and satisfaction.

As we prepare to enter a new year, you may be considering spending more time working on health and wellness. You don’t necessarily need an expensive gym membership or a diet plan to improve your health. You can get solid health and wellness tips from authoritative blogs. The following are some of the top wellness blogs in areas of fitness, nutrition, and mental health.

1. ACE Insights Blog

The American Council on Exercise’s blog has fitness articles on a variety of topics such as yoga, strength training, and exercises for beginners. Articles are backed by guidelines and recommendations from the American Council on Exercise.

2. The Art of Healthy Living

The Art of Healthy Living offers fitness articles related to subjects such as exercise supplements and high-intensity interval training. It also covers food and nutrition topics and general health and wellbeing trends.

3. Fitness Magazine

The Fitness Magazine site features workout tips, workout videos, an entire section dedicated to runners, cardio and ab workouts, and more. There are also diet and weight loss tips and general health articles.

4. MyFitnessPal Blog

This is the blog of nutrition tracking app MyFitnessPal. Get healthy recipes, nutrition advice, weight loss tips, fitness inspiration, and more.

5. Shape

The website for fitness magazine Shape has tons of free articles, including step-by-step workouts, nutrition advice, and mental health insights. There are also weight loss tips and plans and videos.

6. Well + Good

Well + Good is a wellness blog with articles on fitness, nutrition, beauty, and more. The journalism-based fitness site features interviews with fitness experts, practical fitness tips, and videos to walk blog readers through workouts.

7. Bites of Wellness

Bites of Wellness founder Samantha Rowland is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and fitness chef whose site contains recipes for those with various diets, including gluten free, low carb, and dairy free. The site also contains workouts and wellness insights, such as how sleep relates to weight loss.

8. Eating Bird Food

Holistic nutritionist Brittany Mullins runs this site and shares healthy recipe creations focused on whole foods, plus articles on wellness and workouts.

9. Health Magazine

Health magazine’s nutrition section offers nutritionist-researched articles on foods, diets, and nutrition trends. Find the health benefits of certain ingredients, learn about the benefits and pitfalls of various diets, and get tips for eating healthy.

10. Healthline Nutrition

Healthline’s nutrition blog features daily research-based articles on nutrition and weight loss. Learn about foods you should eat more of, foods to avoid, and the scientific reasoning behind everything the site teaches you.

11. Nutrition Stripped

Nutrition Stripped is a website founded by registered dietitian McKel Kooienga. She shares articles on trending nutrition topics, using science to teach readers about popular food subjects and diet habits.

12. Oh She Glows

The Oh She Glows blog features vegan recipes, most of which are also free of gluten, soy, and processed food. Recipes are accompanied by founder and cookbook author Angela Liddon’s inspirations and insights.

13. Time Nutrition

Time magazine’s nutrition site has journalism-based articles featuring interviews with nutrition experts on trending nutrition topics. Visit the site for food news and research.

14. Calm

The Calm blog comes from the relaxation app of the same name. Find news regarding meditation research, plus tips on how to cultivate mindfulness and practice meditation.

15. DailyOM

The Inspirations section on the DailyOM website is full of wisdom designed to boost mental and spiritual health. Bite-size articles provide daily encouragement and thought-provoking passages to embrace mindfulness and a deeper sense of interconnectedness.

16. HealthyPlace

The HealthyPlace site has dozens of mental health blogs dedicated to specific mental health issues. These include ADHD, bipolar disorder, binge eating, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression.

17. Mellowed

Mellowed is a website designed to help users decrease stress in their lives. The site’s Health & Wellness section features articles on topics ranging from improving sleep to boosting brain health to naturally lowering blood pressure.

18. Mindbodygreen

This website’s tagline is “Where soul meets science,” which makes sense because the articles featured are wellness-inspired and backed by research. Choose from categories like mindfulness, health, food, movement, beauty, and more.

19. Sleep Junkies

High-quality sleep is essential to relieve stress and improve mental health. Sleep Junkies teaches users how to improve sleep, with research-backed articles and insights on how other wellness issues such as anxiety interact with sleep.

20. Student Minds

Student Minds is a blog for and written by university students covering a variety of mental health issues, including eating disorders, depression, and substance abuse. The blog has practical tips and unique voices throughout.

21. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha’s mission is to provide “simple wisdom for complex lives.” The website covers mental health topics such as love and relationships, meaning and passion, and health habits.

22. NPR Shots

This is the blog for health stories produced by the NPR Science Desk. The “Shots” section publishes the latest news on health, research, and medical treatments, as well as articles on how policy shapes our health.

23. Well – The New York Times

The “Well” section of The New York Times features articles in five categories: Eat, Move, Mind, Family, and Live. You’ll also find “Ask Well,” a collection of Q&As between readers and medical experts.

24. Harvard Health Blog

Harvard Health Blog publishes medical news, viewpoints, and articles across a wide variety of topics including exercise and fitness, pain management, healthy eating, mental health, mind body medicine, relationships, heart health, and children’s, men’s, and women’s health.

25. Mayo Clinic Connect

Mayo Clinic Connect is an online community where you can share your experiences and find support from people experiencing the same health challenges as you. There are moderated groups in more than 50 categories. You can also read articles by Mayo Clinic health experts.

Discover More Wellness Insights for College Students

At Purdue University Global, we are committed to promoting health and wellness to all students, so they’re prepared with the tools to have a successful school journey and a more fulfilling life. Visit our Student Life blog for more advice on health and wellness, time management, and work-school-life balance. If you’re interested in learning how our online college programs can help you meet your career goals, reach out to us today.

Top 10 Women’s Health and Fitness Blogs

As I’m sure you have noticed, the world has recently had a revelation regarding health and fitness. Suddenly, thanks to the internet, it’s so much easier to see how we should be treating our bodies and what we should be putting in them. We are now focused on wellness as an important part of our lives and understand the effects our health can have on our happiness and quality of life. It’s no wonder then that a giant online community of health and fitness bloggers has sprung up to help us on this journey. The only problem? An overload of unregulated information can often make finding the best health and fitness advice a real challenge. Here, we’ve done the hard work for you and curated a list of the top ten women’s health and fitness blogs to inspire and inform you on your continued path to better living.

1. Kayla Itsines

2015 has certainly been the year for Kayla Itsines, turning this humble personal trainer from Adelaide into a global sensation. Through her Bikini Body Guides, Kayla has helped transform the bodies of women around the world. On her blog, you will find useful and realistic food and fitness advice as well as handy tips such as how to stay healthy through the holidays.


2. Greatist

Greatist is the perfect health and fitness blog for those who love to read. Featuring a wealth of educational and verified information, Greatist aims to be real, hilarious and legit while empowering readers with knowledge. Articles on this blog span topic areas such as Eat, Move, Play, Grow, Connect and Discover. The most helpful section? Recipes for Real People which provides quick, affordable and healthy meal ideas.


3. Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella is the creation of the inspiring Ella Woodward. Ella created the blog after being diagnosed with a rare illness which left her with heart palpitations, fatigue and severe digestive issues, amongst other problems. On her quest to revitalise her health, Ella turned to a whole-foods, plant-based diet, giving up meat, dairy, sugar and gluten. She now uses her blog to share healthy and delicious recipes with the world!


4. Fitness on Toast

Fitness on Toast is the brainchild of Swedish personal trainer, Faya Nilsson. This lifestyle blog covers topics of Fitness, Fashion, Nutrition and Travel and even contains a unique Why To section. On Fitness on Toast, you’ll find not only great images but also great content, with everything from detailed workouts and recipes to an interview with Elle Macpherson.


5. I Quit Sugar

I Quit Sugar was created by Sarah Wilson and, as the name suggests, is about eliminating sugar from your diet. We all know sugar is bad but it can be difficult to eliminate from our diets as it’s an ingredient in so many products. This blog can help with daily posts containing recipes and tips on reducing sugar intake and living a healthier lifestyle.


6. JS Health by Jessica Sepel

Jessica Sepel is the nutritionist behind the blog JS Health. After struggling for years with her relationship with food, Jessica found inner peace and health through changing her mindset to focus on treating her body well rather than losing weight. JS Health is now her platform to share her healthy lifestyle advice with the world so they can feel as good as she does.


7. Sporteluxe

Created by Bianca Cheah, Sporteluxe is a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on health. Offering up a wealth of daily posts by industry experts, this blog contains the latest news combined with useful tips and expert opinion. Categories covered include Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty.


8. B.livewear

B.livewear was created by Belinda Norton-Smith, or simply B. as she calls herself. Through this blog, the healthy mum shares important food and fitness advice while letting you get to know her, her family and her style. Belinda is also a primary school teacher and all-around unstoppable woman!


9. The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential was created by Lauryn Evarts, a lifestyle blogger living in San Diego, California. With a focus on wellness and finding a balance between fitness, health, relationships, fashion and beauty, Lauryn uses this blog to let you into her world. Don’t expect to find any sports science talk but what you will find is plenty of inspiration and entertainment. This blog is full of cheer and is perfect for light reading on a sleepy Sunday.



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Top 10 Health and Wellness Blogs

Blogs can be an excellent resource if you’re seeking health, fitness, or medical advice. Professionals in these fields may be hard to get a hold of in person, but their blog posts can break down those professional constraints. This allows valuable wellness help to be more accessible to everyone.

There are hundreds of medical professionals, fitness gurus, and health experts alike who have something unique to share with the world through their blogs. Whether it’s experience in their field, some health wisdom, or a little humor, these experts can give professional advice while also showcasing their personality. These personal takes on different health topics can make advice a little more digestible and relatable to people like you and me.

With so many resources available, it can be tough to know where to turn! Below are the top 10 fitness, medical, and health blogs that you should be following.

1. The Full Helping (Food/Healthy Living)

Why you should be following: Gena Hamshaw’s blog is bursting with fresh recipes (all vegan!) and lifestyle tips that will keep you coming back for seconds. The Full Helping celebrates healthy living with a personal touch, which is both refreshing and encouraging to those who may have struggled with eating disorders or who are still on the fence about taking the plunge into better food choices.

2. Evidence in Motion (Medical/Professional)

Why you should be following: Evidence in Motion (EIM) is an organization dedicated to changing the way people think about practitioners and continuing education. Their insightful posts (which often emphasize the therapy world) always seek to inspire and educate readers about what it really means to be part of the medical field. From quality data analyses to discussions on effective treatments, EIM is an important educational resource for anyone looking to enter the medical profession.

3. Mothers in Medicine (Medical/Personal)

Why you should be following: More times than not, motherly advice is the best kind of advice. Mothers in Medicine is written by a group of 20+ moms who all have unique experiences in the medical field and want to share what they’ve learned with the world. Each new post from Mothers in Medicine is filled with heart, humor, and the kind of wisdom that can only come from the joys of motherhood.

4. Fit Bottomed Girls (Women’s Fitness)

Why you should be following: The Fit Bottomed Girls are out to prove that healthy living can and should be fun! Both women and men will find these easy-to-read and easier-to-love posts relatable and entertaining. With topics ranging from food, to parenthood, to relaxation, Fit Bottomed Girls has something for everyone to enjoy.

5. Very Well (Men’s Health)

Why you should be following: The Very Well Men’s Health blog will keep you up-to-date on the latest men’s health issues through definitive, insightful posts. Common topics on their blog include nutrition, fitness, sexual wellness, aging, mental health, and more. This blog is a must-follow for men who want to take control of their health!

6. The Fit Foodie (Food/Fitness)

Why you should be following: The Fit Foodie makes it easy to stay on top of your health without sacrificing the tastes or lifestyle that you love. This blog keeps things simple and concise with posts about wellness, technology, food, and fitness. Don’t forget to check out their free goodies and healthy resources on the shop page!

7. The Minimalists (Mental Wellness/Personal)

Why you should be following: The Minimalists blog embodies the precision of a modern lifestyle and the simplicity of valuable aged wisdom. Through their blog and their successful podcast series, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus have plenty to say about keeping things simple and cutting the mental clutter that so often invades and interrupts our lives.

8. Cancerwise Blog (Cancer Awareness/Health)

Why you should be following: The Cancerwise blog is sponsored by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and is authored by survivors and their families. Some posts highlight survivor stories while others offer insight into treatment options to those who are affected by cancer. Each story is poignant, genuine, and at times, heartwarming. If you or someone you know could use a little hope during treatment, this is where you’ll find it.

9. Precision Nutrition (Health/Nutrition)

Why you should be following: Good nutrition is tricky – both to understand and to put into practice. Precision Nutrition takes the mystery out of mealtime by precisely explaining what you need to know through infographics and thorough explanations about what the heck you’re supposed to be eating. For those readers who are super serious about their health, be sure to explore their award-winning health coaching programs. These guys will get you back on track!

10. Neghar Fonooni (Women’s Health/Lifestyle)

Why you should be following: Neghar Fonooni has a fascinating background, which includes service in the Air Force, personal coaching, and motherhood. With that kind of resume, it’s easy to understand why her successful personal blog hits home for her readers. Here, women will find inspiration from posts that cover fitness, fashion, and feminism.

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The 13 Best Wellness Blogs to Inspire a Fresh Start

Every new year provides a fresh opportunity to refocus and set new intentions. While some goals might start to slip by mid-February, your phone and email inbox could actually help you stay motivated. Turns out, filling your Instagram feed and emails with individuals that focus on wellness, eating mindfully, and staying active can actually be an act of inspiration and self-care. In honor of that notion, we put together a list (in no particular order) of the best wellness blogs, influencers, visionaries, and chefs that inspire us to be our better selves every day.

Sophia Roe

Courtesy of Sophia Roe

This chef and self-described “food and feelings advocate” is nothing short of inspirational. Her openness and positivity are like a ray of sunshine in an otherwise drab Instagram feed. She imparts everything from daily antidotes to advice to recipes to beauty tips, always in her signature honest and empowering voice.

Alison Wu

Courtesy of Alison Wu Alison has one of the best wellness blogs out there, focusing on healthy dishes that look impossibly delicious, yet somehow easy to replicate at home. And besides impressive food, the frequent peeks of her jaw-droppingly gorgeous home are a major bonus. Her honesty and vulnerable point of view on trends and diets are really inspirational, too.Courtesy of Jessamyn

Open, beautiful, and unapologetic, Jessamyn is a yoga teacher, body positivity advocate, and author of Every Body Yoga. If that wasn’t badass enough, she specializes in high-energy vinyasa flow as a way to move past mental and emotional barriers.

Alpha Foodie

Courtesy of Alpha Foods

Think vegetarian and vegan recipes are boring? Allow London-based blogger Samira Kazan to convince you to quite the opposite. Her extraordinarily-beautiful, boldly-colored, healthy food will convince you that wellness is anything but dull.

How You Glow

Courtesy of How You Glow

Jessie is a certified yoga instructor and art therapist and Tara is a natural foods chef and holistic nutritionist, and together they make up How You Glow. The wellness blog gives a modern take on yoga, cooking, nutrition, and creativity—all while highlighting women in wellness around the world.

Courtesy of Oh, Ladycakes

Ashlae showcases indulgent, decadently delicious recipes that just so happen to also be vegan, and occasionally gluten-free or raw. She proves that sometimes you want to satisfy your cravings, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dietary preferences.

Courtesy of Black Girl in Om

Black Girl in Om promotes holistic wellness, self-care, self-love, and self-empowerment for communities of color. The group of honest, compassionate women focus on learning and sharing understandings of what it means to be healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

Tone It Up

Courtesy of Tone It Up

The trainers and founders of Tone It Up, Karena and Katrina, have one of the best wellness fitness blogs. They get you moving with daily workouts that are easy to follow (and easy to do without a gym). There are also creative and healthy living tips focused on everything from skin to eating to lifestyle tips.

Courtesy of Minimalist Baker

Mostly plant-based and gluten-free, Minimalist Baker wants to make things simple for you. All her recipes are 10 ingredients or less, use one bowl, and take 30 minutes (or less) to prepare.


Courtesy of Rrayyme

Remi (pronounced ‘Ray-Me’) makes healthy fitness, wellness-based travel adventures, and clean beauty look fun and actually easy. Her sunny, joyful disposition is also just a breath of fresh air, too.

Courtesy of Oh She Glows

In addition to being meat and dairy-free, most of the best recipes on wellness blog Oh She Glows are free of gluten, soy, and processed foods. Angela is also heavily focused on the ease and joy of cooking plant-based food, inspiring even us non-vegetarians want to give her recipes a try at home.

The Balanced Blonde

Courtesy of The Balanced Blonde

Jordan Younger is a yoga teacher, wellness podcaster of Soul on Fire, and author of eating disorder recovery memoir Breaking Vegan. She focuses on spirituality (especially manifesting and “high vibes mantras”) and recipes, while still remaining down-to-Earth and positive.

Courtesy of My New Roots

My New Roots is making vegetarian cooking accessible in both ingredients and price. Sarah is a holistic nutritionist and cookbook author, focusing on easy, simple recipes with ingredients found in any grocery store.

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This story was originally published in December 2017 and has since been updated with new information.

January fly by too quick? Do you feel like you’re behind on your health and fitness goals? Every feel like there’s so much information and don’t know where to turn? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. To make easier for you to stay on top of your game and keep up to date with the latest, we took the guess work out and complied the top 20 health and fitness blogs to keep your eyes on this year.

1. MyFitnessPal

Run by one of the biggest global fitness brands, it should come as no surprise that it features an abundance of health and fitness resources. Everything from recipe ideas to the newest workout trends to fitness product reviews can be found here, so make sure to add this blog to your heavy rotation.

2. ACE

If you’re looking for expert-level articles that rely heavily on scientific data to support their claims, look no further than the American Council of Exercise blog. Since all the information featured is produced by renowned professionals in the industry, you never have to worry about whether you can trust the content.

3. Tony Gentilcore

If you’re searching for a fitness blog to keep you motivated and focused on reaching your wellness goals, start by browsing the content on Tony Gentilcore’s blog. The blog features motivational statements and inspirational quotes to help you persevere along your fitness journey, along with simple and straightforward fitness advice and tips.

Body image struggles tend to come hand-in-hand with health and fitness goals, but Jessi Kneeland is devoted to helping women challenge negative mental habits and self confidence while improving their physical fitness. This blog is dedicated to improving both mental and physical health, so you’ll find a diverse assortment of empowering diet, fitness, and mental health pieces with a body-positive slant.

5. The Great Fitness Experiment

Sometimes we’re not looking for nitty gritty, ultra-technical articles from seemingly flawless fitness gurus, but rather, personal and relatable stories that make us feel like we’re connecting with a friend over shared fitness successes and mishaps—Charlotte’s lighthearted and humorous posts fit the bill perfectly. If you’re feeling a bit alone on your pathway to a healthier lifestyle, The Great Fitness Experiment will make you feel like you have Charlotte by your side!

6. mindbodygreen

When we’re focused on a specific goal or aspect of our health and fitness journey, we often find ourselves with a case of tunnel vision and let other components of our health fall to the wayside. This blog is just the cure for our one-track minds: mindbodygreen is a genuinely comprehensive resource that advocates holistic wellness, including emotional and spiritual health along with physical health.

7. Fitting It All In

Clare, the author behind Fitting It All In, started her blog amid feelings of isolation and confusion shortly after recovering from an eating disorder. Through the blog, she was able to share her story and provide support to others struggling with mental and physical health issues. Years later, she’s a fourth-year medical student with minimal free time— her blog is packed with tips and advice for squeezing health and fitness into our whirlwind lifestyles while staying healthy mentally, too.

8. Avocadu

Staffed by two self-proclaimed “healthy nut jobs” who met on a Tinder date and connected over their shared passion for healthy living, this blog is dedicated to helping educate readers on how to lose weight in a safe, healthy way. If you’re looking for recipes, have questions about supplements, or simply don’t know how to begin working toward your weight loss goal, Avocadu is the place for you.

9. Yoga with Adriene

Whether you’re just getting started as a yogi or you’ve been procuring its benefits for years, Yoga with Adriene is a wonderful resource aimed at aiding readers in getting the most out of their practice. The blog includes a wealth of free yoga workouts with a countless variety of objectives, from stress relief and recovery stretching to torching calories and burning fat.

10. Mentality WOD

Learning how to deal with stress and pressure are integral to progressing toward a healthier overall self. Mentality WOD is dedicated to helping you improve not only your CrossFit performance but also your success in your daily life outside of the gym. If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your fitness progress, mental training may be the piece you need to reach that next level.

11. Summer Tomato

We’ve all heard or read that “abs are made in the kitchen” or that it’s impossible to out-exercise a poor diet. Summer Tomato is targeted toward advice and suggestions for reshaping your eating habits in ways that will help you reach your goals in the gym more efficiently. The relaxed and personal tone of the content is a bonus!

12. Fitness In The City

Healthy living in an urban environment comes with its own set of unique challenges. Fitness In The City is targeted at working professionals in urban settings seeking an escape through their diet and fitness pursuits. The recipe and fitness resources are fantastic, but the gorgeous food photography alone will have you hooked!

13. Running Off The Reese’s

Cely, the voice behind Running Off The Reese’s, is a marathon runner and fitness enthusiast but also enjoys peppering indulgences throughout her daily life. If this sounds like you, you’ll identify with her down-to-earth posts detailing her experiences with everyday healthy living.

14. Life by DailyBurn

Sometimes the prospect of learning and making changes to our lifestyle can seem like a monumental task. This blog by DailyBurn is a great way to get started, one small piece at a time, instead of feeling overwhelmed. It features on anything and everything health and fitness related, from recipes to sleep tips to product reviews.

15. Breaking Muscle

Whether you’re a diehard cardio lover, a yogi, a competitive bodybuilder, or anything in between, this blog has insightful and useful content that will help you reach new heights in your workouts. The step-by-step guides explaining how to perform tons of different exercises and drills properly are especially valuable: they’re written by experienced professional coaches and personal trainers, unlike the workout and exercise guides you’ll find on many other similar sites.

16. Chocolate Covered Katie

Being healthy certainly doesn’t have to mean there’s no place for desserts in your diet, it just requires a bit more creativity. Chocolate Covered Katie is all about providing innovative recipes and ideas for enjoying decadent treats that will blend seamlessly with your healthy lifestyle instead of derailing it.

17. Eleat Sports Nutrition

Looking for information on a new diet you heard about for beginner athletes? Looking for nutrition tips tailored especially for elite athletes? Angie, the dietitian behind Eleat Sports Nutrition, serves up recipes, tips, and articles on her blog that should be mandatory reading for athletes of any skill level or background.

18. The Balanced Life

Robin Long is a mother to four children and a fitness instructor, so she is intimately familiar with the struggles women face trying to find the time to work out somewhere in their hectic schedules. Her blog is full of free barre and Pilates workouts, lifestyle tips, and nourishing recipes striving to make health and fitness goals more attainable for busy women.

19. Possibility of Change

Making changes to our health and fitness routines can feel like an uphill battle, and turning changes into permanent habits can be even tougher. This blog focuses on providing advice and tips for doing just that, along with inspirational success stories to keep you motivated toward reaching your goals.

20. Well+Good

The health and fitness industry is continually evolving, and if you love to stay on top of the latest fitness trends and healthy living tips, Well+Good is the blog for you. Articles feature the newest developments in all facets of wellness, ranging from sustainable travel tips to natural energy supplements.

10 Health Bloggers You’ll Love

Getty Images

Getty ImagesSo many health blogs, so little time. That’s why we scoured the internet and selected the healthy-living voices that are truly worth your clicks. A sometimes foulmouthed ob-gyn, a neuroscientist-slash-foodie, a writer struggling with mental illness—these passionate folks bring unique perspectives and well-tested wisdom to their subjects. And, above all, their feeds are just plain great reads. Get ready to hit “follow”!

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Best weight-loss inspiration blog: Diary of an Aspiring Loser Maintainer
Divorce, raising two kids and the occasional fall into a vat of cheese puffs haven’t derailed Michelle Funez’s efforts to get healthy. What makes her blog so inspiring isn’t just her fitness feats (triathlons!) but her journey to self-acceptance.
Words of wisdom: In a slump? Go to the gym and do nothing (or almost nothing). “It’s maintaining the routine that’s important.”

Best dose-of-reality blog: Dr. Jen Gunter
In her twitter profile pic, ob-gyn Jennifer Gunter, MD, is dressed as wonder woman, and boy does she wield the lasso of truth. Dr. Gunter dispenses straight talk on vaccines, explains why vagina facials shouldn’t be a thing and assesses popular sex advice.
Words of wisdom: Want to try doughnut-enhanced fellatio? It’s safe, but avoid cinnamon, as it can cause contact dermatitis.

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Best breast cancer blog: Invasive duct tales
Last year, Heather Lagemann found a lump while breast-feeding her infant daughter, was quickly diagnosed with cancer and underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. Lagemann’s irreverent humor stands out: Yes, there is her account of discussing her illness with her older daughter, but there’s also her admission that she played the “cancer card” to avoid cooking for Thanksgiving.
Words of wisdom: Newly diagnosed? “it’s okay to be scared, sad, angry, confused, and generally not so sunny…don’t let the pressure of being a ‘good’ cancer patient drown you.”

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Best healthstyle blog: Summer Tomato
Neuroscientist Darya Rose, PhD, shares easily digestible info about how and why we make food and exercise decisions. In a typical post, she’ll detail the brain’s reward circuits or explain the problems of short-term diets. And don’t miss her healthy recipes!
Words of wisdom: To form a good habit, you need to like it. “If your new activity provokes a negative or even neutral emotional response it probably will not stick. So yes, you’re going to have to learn to enjoy being thinner and healthier.”

Best behind-the-stethoscope blog: Reflections of a Grady doctor
Atlanta internist Kimberly Manning, MD, offers a window into life at a public hospital: the terror when a baby is born at around 21 weeks, her reaction when a colleague used the word retard. Dr. Manning, who is black and couldn’t have practiced at Grady Memorial 50 years ago, also writes about race, often through the lens of her two young sons.
Words of wisdom: Your definition of “having it all” is the only one that matters.

Best mental illness blog: Bipolar burble
Former skydiver Natasha Tracy knows about burbles, low-pressure pockets of air that can make you crash. For Tracy, who has bipolar disorder, that unstable place is a metaphor for her state of mind.
Words of wisdom: Having a mental illness doesn’t make you a freak. “No matter who you are, no matter what you’re going through, you are not alone. Believe me, this much I know is true.”

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Best natural-home blog: Wellness mama
This doula and mother of five writes about real food and natural products, with a focus on homemade options from shampoo to detergent to dog food.
Words of wisdom: No need to go completely green overnight. “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good,” she writes.

Next Page: Best infertility blog

Image zoom

Getty ImagesBest infertility blog: Silent sorority
Like fertility treatment itself, infertility blogs can be very procedural. Instead, Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos shares the reality of handling the stigma of infertility and living a full life outside of parenthood.
Words of wisdom: “Fertility medicine can’t cure infertility for all. Not all women and men possess the capacity to conceive regardless of how hard they try, and some simply time out. There is no shame in that.”

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Best quackwatch blog: Science-based medicine
This blog’s editors—including a breast surgeon and a neurologist—take a rigorously scientific stand on medical issues. They offer a balanced look at hot topics like gluten sensitivity and milk alternatives, plus occasionally stinging critiques of the efficacy of alternative therapies.
Words of wisdom: “Think about it—we can prevent cancer with a vaccine,” writes founder Steven Novella, MD, in support of the HPV vaccine. “This is a no-brainer.”

Best c’mon, get happy blog: Gretchen Rubin
The author of the runaway best-seller The Happiness project, Rubin offers appealingly nonsaccharine tips for finding joy and reducing discontent, rooted in serious research and plenty of testing (on herself).
Words of wisdom: For an immediate boost, fake a smile. Studies suggest that acting happy can make you feel happy.

Top tweeters
Five of our favorite feeds (besides our own @goodhealth handle, of course).

Sex researcher and author Debby Herbenick, PhD, tweets about her topics of interest, including which condoms run big or small and whether coconut oil is a good lube. Warning: possibly NSFW!

The director of the Bariatric medical institute in Ottawa, Ontario, and author of The Diet Fix, Yoni Freedhoff, MD, doesn’t only weigh in on obesity and nutrition topics. He also shares interesting articles about other health matters, such as breast-feeding in public and the lack of science behind homeopathy.

Doctors and medical engineers run this crazily comprehensive feed about the latest medical gadgets, technologies and discoveries, from a scanner that detects bed sores before they break the skin to ultra-high-tech acne management.

Public health expert Susannah Fox is the person to follow for feeling good (instead of guilty) about your use of social media: She tweets about how online communication—plus data and technology—can be used to support health.

Texas researcher and best-selling author Brene Brown, PhD, studies shame, vulnerability and authenticity; her TED talk on courage is one of the most popular ever. In her feed, Dr. Brown shares small bites of inspiration to live a brave life.

3. Born Fitness

Born Fitness was developed as a program designed to make taking care of yourself easier and stress-free. This means that all the headache around your health, nutrition decisions, and fitness practices are taken away in favor of easy and effective lifestyle changes. The blog is perfect for readers looking to lose weight, eat a better diet, live longer, gain muscle, or achieve another fitness goal. In addition, the blog is perfect for readers in all stages of their fitness journey whether they are beginners or fitness experts and enthusiasts. The posts are comprehensive, fun to read, easy to understand, and simple to execute.

4. Run To The Finish

We get it — running is the Worst, but Run to the Finish might just change our minds on that. This blog is all about motivation and handy tips about running for beginners, experienced runners, and seasoned runners. Whether you’re training for a 5k, looking to take a jog around your neighborhood, or just running from the idea of running itself, Run to the Finish has awesome information that you can really use. The majority of their blog posts talk about ways to get your body in shape with the help of running as well as warm-up tips, training exercises, and more. This site also has recipes, product reviews, profiles of well-known runners, and much more. Whether you love running or hate it, this blog is one to watch.

5. Fitness on Toast

Fitness on Toast was founded by Faya Nilsson, a personal trainer who writes about nutrition, fitness, health, fashion, and travel. Her blog’s clever name was born when she moved to the UK and was taken in by how many foods are eaten on toast – and you can expect the same amount of cleverness in her posts. Due to her wide range of topics, there are sure to be relevant posts for a variety of readers to enjoy and learn from. Her blog is all about inspiration, advice, and useful tips to live a happy, healthy lifestyle, so add her to your bookmark tab asap.

6. Love Sweat Fitness

Created by a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Katie Dunlop, Love Sweat Fitness is all about finding inspiration to live your happiest life in your healthiest body. Dunlop began her blog because she felt she needed a lifestyle and health change after college. Discouraged with fad diets and workout trends, Dunlop began the search for a simple yet effective workout and fitness lifestyle that offered real results. Her blog is fun, informative, and honest, offering readers a weekly workout, inspiring quotes, delicious and healthy recipes to create as well as all the information you might need about weight loss struggles, how hard a fitness journey can be, and the fruits of one’s labor when they stick with it. If you want a healthier you in 2018, you have got to follow this blog.

7. Travel Strong

Traveling might seem like the absolute worst time to stick to a diet or fitness routine: you’re sitting long hours, trying new food, and looking to relax rather than work. Travel Strong, however, thinks that traveling is a great time to stay fit. How? Travel Strong is all about providing their readers with useful nutrition advice and fitness information that you can use no matter where you are. Many of the posts offer tutorials and how-to guides for 20-minute workouts, healthy food choices when dining out, and healthy lifestyle choices that are especially important when traveling. If you travel frequently for business, have a big trip coming up this year, or just find this information useful, this blog is perfect for you.

8. Workout Nirvana

Workout Nirvana is one of the top fitness blogs on the web. Its articles cover everything from strength training and workout routines to how to prevent injuries and lose weight. Workout Nirvana also offers excellent information on how to improve your fitness journey and keep pushing your goals, information specified for women’s and men’s health, as well as emotional support articles for when the fitness journey gets stressful. If you want to reach Workout Nirvana, follow this blog.

9. Nerd Fitness

If you’ve ever felt out of place in a gym or just in life, this is the blog for you. Nerd Fitness is a community of “outcasts” and “misfits” ready to help you get into shape. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, Nerd Fitness has something for you. Whether you want to learn how to eat better, are overweight and looking to lose some pounds, facing weight-related health issues, or just looking to find a community while also enhancing your health, Nerd Fitness is ready to come alongside you and help. This blog offers uplifting fitness stories from community members, workouts to make you superhero strong, helpful information to explain why and when a diet or workout routine might not be working, and much more. Whether you’re nerdy or not, this is a great blog to bookmark so you can “level up your life!”

10. 12 Minute Athlete

12 Minute Athlete itself is not a blog but an app that helps users do HIIT workouts without having to hit the gym. Founded by Krista Stryker, this app makes the workouts quick and easy for users on the go. On her blog, Stryker writes about different workout routines and examples while also offering inspiration to readers about how they can meet their own personal fitness goals. The workout examples also come with handy illustrations for visual learners looking at the app or the online blog.

11. Cranky Fitness

If you’ve ever felt cranky about your fitness journey, this blog shares your sentiments. Informational with a touch of well-placed humor, Cranky Fitness is a blog all about nutrition, weight-loss, and of course, overall fitness. With posts written by the hilarious “Crabby McSlacker,” you’ll definitely be able to relate to all the ups and downs that come with getting in shape. You can even reach out to Crabby directly if you have any questions, comments, want to share your story, or thank her for all the laughs she provides when things are feeling extra tough. Even if you have the highest hopes for your fitness journey, you know there will be times when you feel annoyed, tired and just downright cranky. Luckily, this blog is ready to commiserate, encourage, and inspire. Our 2018 list wouldn’t be complete without it.

12. Simply Shredded

This blog was founded by James Follacchio and has gained popularity in recent years thanks to its insightful featurettes and interviews with well-known bodybuilders. A great blog for men and women looking to lose fat, gain muscle and sculpt their bodies into their ideal shapes. The blog comes with motivational pictures, great articles on how to lose weight, tone, gain muscle, and more. If you’re into developing and accentuating your assets, this is a great resource.

13. Gym Talk

Gym Talk combines humor with great information into one super cool blog. It offers great posts about health, fitness, nutrition, workout tips, supplement reviews, and much more. Their various posts have amazing advice for readers at all points of their fitness journey and a whole humor section to ease the stress when the fitness journey gets a little bumpy.

14. Yoga Dork

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise and meditation in the world, so of course a blog dedicated to Yoga deserves to be on our list. Yoga Dork is all about Yoga, from stories and tips about Yoga to ideas, fitness programs, and workouts created around Yoga. Of course, while Yoga is the main topic, it is not the only topic. Yoga Dork’s blog goes over a range of topics that deal with health, physical wellness, spiritual wellness, and social movements. This blog is also a great way to stay up to date with different facets of life in 2018, making it a great one to follow.

15. The Lean Green Bean

Founded by Lindsay Livingston, a registered dietician, The Lean Green Bean is a blog about nutritional advice for a healthy lifestyle. Livingston’s posts are especially helpful for parents looking to help picky eaters find nutritious meals, recipes for healthy snacks, and advice for keeping a fit and healthy life while raising children. The recipes, tips, ideas, and meal reviews offer a wide array of new things to try and encouragement for the ups and downs of your personal fitness journey.

16. Black Girls Run!

Founded by Toni and Ashley in 2009, Black Girls Run has blossomed into an amazing community that reaches out to women and encourages them to get out and run. Black Girls Run! was founded to combat the obesity epidemic amongst the African American community, where diseases like diabetes and hypertension can be prevalent due to lifestyle and genetics. On their blog, you’ll find tons of useful information on running and other cardio workouts, as well as access to running groups across the United States. In addition, this blog offers cool product and gear reviews, interview with women who have actually changed their lives and transformed their health by running. Of course, this blog is for all readers, men and women. Black Girls Run! is a movement, so check it out in 2018.

17. Fit Bottomed Girls

If you’re looking for fitness tips from real people and not fit and perfect Instagram models and influencers, Fit Bottomed Girls is perfect. Founded by two women as a simple blog with a title reference to a Queen Song, Fit Bottom Girls has basically gone viral and is reaching thousands of readers, men and women, from all around the world every month. The focus of this blog is that “fit bottoms” come in all shapes and sizes and that there is no such thing as looking perfect because each body is perfect in its own way. With great fitness workouts and tips for various exercises, useful motivational content, nutrition facts, tips, recipes, and resources, Fit Bottom Girls really has it all. In addition to their great blog, Fit Bottom Girls’ site has coaching resources, a podcast, reviews of products and workout routines, workout playlists and music suggestions, and much more. If you’re going to follow any blog in 2018, this has got to be it.

18. Blogilates

One of the best exercises out there is Pilates. Great for toning, strength training, cardio, and calisthenics, Pilates hits all the right spots and can help you along your fitness journey in major ways. Blogilates combines the popular fitness trend with the usefulness of a blog by offering all the great information on the topic in one place. Videos, how-tos, personal stories, and workout calendars are just part of what this blog has to offer, making it a great hub of information, tips, and even activities. When you follow this blog, you can join in on challenges, find awesome recipes, and get inspired by before and after photos of other people on their fitness journeys.

19. Spot Me Bro

Need a little humor with your fitness blog? Spot Me Bro has you covered. This site and blog offer informative and humorous articles on all things fitness and tailored especially for “bros.” With articles about famous actors and bodybuilders, the effects of steroids and testosterone injections, and different fitness routines, this fun and funny blog offers some useful information. Even if you’re not a “bro,” you may find you’ll learn something new from the guys at Spot Me Bro.

20. Roman Fitness Systems

Roman Fitness Systems is all about helping their readers achieve their fitness goals through the use of sound information and helpful tips. The site focuses on two things: “making people hot,” or “getting people huge,” which means losing weight or gaining muscle. Roman Fitness Sytems was founded in the early 1970s by John Romaniello and designed to transform clients into better and stronger versions of themselves. In addition to their hard-hitting articles on topics ranging from how to stop overeating, doctors, and even fostering healthy friendships, the site also offers great products, coaches, and fitness programs.

6 common characteristics of successful health bloggers

Most successful health bloggers would agree that one of the primary measures of success in the healthcare blogosphere is quality readership. And when you take a closer look at the best of the best, it becomes clear they share many key attributes. Here are 6 of their most common characteristics.

#1 Successful health bloggers are conversational

They talk to their readers with familiarity, friendliness and openness. They write in the first person, they tell personal stories and they share themselves. Whether a nonspecific detail of a patient’s case, a diet regime they’re following, a stage in their own personal health journey or a new piece of research they have read about, the content that health bloggers pen is crafted in an open and free-flowing way. It’s also written in a tone that appeals to their intended audience – meaning they understand who their audience is and what their audience wants.

Blog to read: Summer Tomato >>

#2 Successful health bloggers keep the conversation going

This means the conversation isn’t just happening on their blog – it happens on their social media profiles, on their Facebook pages, on other blogs mentioning them, and on other websites. The blogger’s reach extends far beyond their blog, in other words.

Views, likes, comments and shares all help to keep a health blogger’s conversation going beyond the blog. Comments also give bloggers an opportunity to respond and extend the conversation. Comments can be viewed as a measure of success, defined by engagement – they demonstrate that readers care enough about the content to comment, like or share.

Blog to read: Your Brain Health >>

#3 They build a tribe

A tribe, also referred to as a community or a following, is integral to a health blogger’s success. Not only do health bloggers build their own communities, they connect with people on an individual level and share one another’s stories on their platforms. They find common ground and are easy to relate to.

In order to build tribes, health bloggers must become friends, not strangers, with their readers – and build trust. It’s not uncommon to find readers sharing their own personal health journeys on a health blogger’s post or Facebook page because there’s a community feeling – a sentiment that anyone reading or following the blogger is somewhat of a kindred spirit, that it’s a safe place to have a conversation about your health concern.

This feeling of safety and camaraderie is especially valuable in health and it’s one reason why there are so many health bloggers with extraordinarily large followings. People may not be comfortable discussing their personal health concerns with their doctor, but they are more than happy to ask their favourite blogger for advice because they trust their blogger and feel safe and comfortable with them.

Blog to read: Lupus Chick >>

#4 Successful health bloggers have beautiful blogs

Not only do they have amazing website designs, but successful health bloggers know how to write for the web. Their posts are easy to read, contain best-practice web writing techniques, and are formatted appropriately for the web medium.

They post photos of healthy food, have inspiring designs, and use beautiful photos and images throughout their copy. Just like in children’s books, images in blogs enhance the storytelling within the blog posts. These blogs, and their associated social media accounts, are a pleasure to read and follow because they are aesthetically appealing.

Blog to read: Scoop Nutrition >>

#5 They cover an extensive range of their subject matter

They are the go-to people in their niche. They take time (years) and effort to cover a range of topics and subject matters within their area of focus.

A lot of this comes down to content and strategy. Health bloggers invest time in planning their content and studying their audience’s pain points to create content that is useful – and this includes campaign-related content like email challenges and stories communicated via email newsletter introductions as well as blog posts.

Blog to read: The Nutrition Guru And The Chef >>

#6 Successful health bloggers build authority

Health bloggers who have spent years blogging about a particular area of focus have built credibility and authority. They have consistently created engaging health content that answers the questions their readers want to know. Over time, they become a trusted source of health information and readers return to them.

Blog to read: Authority Nutrition >>

A word about health bloggers and health advice

It’s difficult for a health blogger to NOT give any form of health advice – but if you’re wondering where to draw the line, you might find some useful advice in one of my earlier posts: Should health bloggers give health advice?

There are many hugely successful health bloggers who don’t provide accurate or evidence-based health content yet have hundreds of thousands of passionate readers. The challenge for the health blogger who does wish to provide high-quality health content is to take the medical science and package it up in an appealing and – dare I say – sexy way. This doesn’t necessarily mean you in your bikini with a green smoothie touting the latest evidence into fish oil and triglycerides – but it does mean pinpointing what people love about successful health bloggers of all niches and incorporating those techniques into your own health blog.

Where to find health blogs

If you’re looking for influential health blogs to inspire your own blogging journey, take a look at this list of 60 must-read health, fitness and happiness blogs.

Over to you

What, in your opinion, make a health blogger successful? Share your comments below.

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Our team at eVisit is always trying to keep up with the latest healthcare news, trends, and issues that matter to executives, providers and patients. Needless to say, this requires a lot of time reading and research. The blogs listed below are in no ranking order. They were randomized in their placement in this post.

Healthcare IT News

Published by HIMSS Media, this is a reliable, daily updated source for all your healthcare IT news, whether you’re looking for the most recent updates on meaningful use rules, tips for implementing your EMR successfully, or are wondering how to leverage patient data to provide better care. Many articles are geared toward healthcare professionals working in hospital systems, but physicians in independent practices will find plenty of helpful information too.

Foley Health Care Law Today

Health Care Law Today provides up to date information regarding health care law, and how it relates and impacts those within and around the industry. They also have an awesome podcast.

The Department of Health and Human Services

The name says it all. The HHS blog is loaded with helpful information for professionals and patients alike.

The Hill

This blog focuses more on policy within healthcare and the government. Very interesting topics and content.

Medical Economics

Medical Economics is a powerhouse of noteworthy healthcare journalism mixed with actionable information for healthcare providers, from those small practices to larger hospital systems.

Healthcare Finance News

Another quality HIMSS publication that focuses on the financial implications of healthcare like reimbursement, revenue-cycle management, strategic planning and more.

Medical Billing & Coding Blog

This blog is all about medical billing and coding. The perfect resources for doctors, managers, and medical billers and coders, blog posts are written exclusively by Manny Oliverez, CEO of capture billing. Oliverez also teaches medical billing at community colleges, and has extensive experience managing medical practices.

Total HIPAA Compliance

If you want to keep up on what’s going on with HIPAA ⏤ as one should ⏤ this is an excellent blog to follow.


Mobi Health News is yet another HIMSS Media blog. It is one of our go-to resources for the latest trends and news in the exploding digital health industry. Want to know about the latest medical apps? What about keeping up with Apple’s ResearchKit, learning about the newest wearables, or demystifying the new FDA regulations on medical apps? Subscribe to this blog!

The Healthcare Economist

Written by Dr. Jason Shafrin, this is an excellent, no-frills, information-packed blog with a strong emphasis on policy.

Electronic Health Reporter

Created by healthcare tech writer and journalist Scott Rupp, this blog provides a great mix of the latest news in healthcare tech along with more personal stories and interviews with experts and companies making strides in the field. A great blog to find out more about new, innovative health tech vendors.

Healthcare IT Leaders

As their name suggests, Healthcare IT leaders knows HIT topics through-and-through. This is a very good source of information and they have been consistently publishing quality content as far back as April 2013.

Healthcare IT Guy

The blog of Shahid Shah, an award-winning health IT and digital medical device inventor and CEO, with a list of accomplishments too long to include here. The point is, you’ll want to read his perspective on the latest medical and health tech innovations.

Fierce Health IT

FierceHealthIT provides comprehensive coverage of new developments in telemedicine. If you’re looking for a daily digest of all things digital health related, check this one out.

Health IT Consultant

One of our favorite health tech blogs. Run by healthcare IT management consultant, Fred Pennic, this blog provides comprehensive coverage of digital health, mhealth, ICD-10, health IT policy, opinion pieces…you name it. Plus, they have one of the best infographics sections we’ve seen, collecting together infographics about health IT from all over the internet.

The cHealth Blog

We’re on the path towards a healthcare system that values connected health, but how do we get there faster? Dr. Joseph Kvedar, VP of Connected Health at Partners Healthcare, talks about where there’s room for improvement, and how current trends, like the rise of wearables, affect the field of connected health. Check out this post on “The Five Accelerants to the Adoption of Connected Health.”


You’ve no doubt already heard of, but do you follow Kevin’s Take, the blog exclusively written by Dr. Kevin Pho? As a physician now well-known for providing a space that features physician voices, Dr. Pho’s personal perspective on the latest issues affecting doctors is worth following.

33 Charts

33 Charts is the blog of Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, a pediatrician and well-known influencer on medicine and technology. You’ll find thoughtful, weekly updates on healthcare happenings, the state of medicine, and health tech.

Life as a Healthcare CIO

Dr. John Halamka, CIO at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical, Co-Chair of the HIT standards committee, and an ER physician who teaches at the Harvard Medical School, writes his experiences working in healthcare IT as well as more personal tidbits about his life. Here’s a recent post we found interesting: What is the Optimal Future Role for ONC.

Modern Healthcare

A leading provider of healthcare business news and research for decades. They have a stellar team of reporters behind this blog and you can expect daily updates on the biggest issues affecting the US healthcare industry.


If you haven’t heard of TEDMED already, it’s an independently-owned medical edition of TED Talks that covers medical innovations, and inspiring ideas in medicine. The TedMed blog covers highlights and interviews from TedMed speakers, plus the latest updates from TEDMED. It’s a behind-the-scenes peak at the popular med talks conference, and even gives you the opportunity to interact with TEDMED directly, through comments and organized Twitterchats.

The Atlantic Health Blog

Coverage of important and wide-ranging health topics from the reporters at Atlantic magazine — relevant, high-quality and often thought-provoking content for both the layperson and physician.

NPR Shots

The NPR Shots blog delivers a steady stream of reliable, interesting health news from the NPR Science desk. You’ll find impeccable, journalistic coverage of wide-ranging health topics, new medical treatments, and important updates about healthcare policy. Check out this fascinating article we found on how wireless sensors are helping scientists to map the spread of staph in hospitals.

New York Times Health

As with the other brand-name news sources we’ve mentioned here, the New York Times Health blog provides an impressively broad range of well-researched, insightful articles about relevant health topics and news in the healthcare industry. While the articles are obviously directed at a broad health-focused, non-medical audience, there’s plenty to interest physicians. Make sure to bookmark their recent feature video on apps for tracking fitness and losing weight, and share with your patients.

Becker’s Hospital Review blog

From the editors of Becker’s Hospital Review comes this more informal, personal interest blog. You’ll find interesting commentary on recent healthcare issues and fun pieces like these healthcare-themed valentines. We love their “Friday Feel Good” feature that highlights uplifting healthcare news or personal story each Friday.

Healthcare Leadership Blog

The Healthcare Leadership blog was created by the folks behind #HCLDR, a hashtag that has helped organize an online community of healthcare providers, CEOs, IT professionals and more who want to improve healthcare. The blog is evident of the kinds of complex, meaningful discussions that are circulating in the healthcare community.

HealthsystemCIO is full of helpful content specifically for Chief Information Officers. In fact, it’s the only publication exclusively for hospital and health system CIOs. Articles give voice to the experiences, questions, and first-hand advice from CIOs in the field, and are often either written by CIOs or include interviews with them.

NIH Director’s Blog

Get commentary on the most interesting new health and science findings from NIH Director, Dr. Francis Collins. Start with this recent article about new research on how to prevent severe food allergies and clot removal procedures.

Public Health Matters Blog

The CDC’s Public Health Matters Blog aims to educate the general public about public health issues, and provides updates about the CDC.

Reporting on Health Blogs

Reporting on Health is the blog of USC’s Annenberg Center for Health Journalism. Stories are often featured on major news channels, like the Washington Post, NPR, Forbes, and more.

Kaiser Health Blog

The name speaks for itself — Kaiser Health News is one of the most reputable, reliable sources for healthcare news online. Working alongside the Kaiser Family Foundation, the blog covers everything from aging, to health IT, to healthcare reform. If you want to keep your subscription list short, make sure you include this one.


Cedars-Sinai is another powerhouse in healthcare and their blog reflects that. They report on topics like cancer, women’s health, cardiology, and neurology.

Harvard Health Blog

Part of Harvard Medical School’s publications. This is a direct, to the point and thought-provoking blog.

Health Essentials

The blog from the Cleveland Clinic. Need we say more?

The Medical Futurist

Is a fantastic resource about technology in medicine. The writing is not the typical, dry, medical or tech variety. Enjoyable to read and offers up a few “Ah-ha” moments. Lots of topics to choose from.

Health IT BUZZ

This blog comes from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. You could spend days going through this well-designed and quality content blog.


Written by an IT professional who works in a non-profit hospital, there is a lot of health technology news as well as guest posts and responses to reader questions. Content packed and a no-frills design(I needed to zoom the screen), it’s easy to see this blog is a true labor of love.

Medical Connectivity

Has been posting since 2006 on topics like “patient safety, productivity, patient and staff satisfaction.”

FDA Law Blog

Published by the Law firm Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C. this blog is “where experts go to learn about the FDA”.


“Experts from the USC-Brookings Schaeffer Initiative for Health Policy advance the national health policy conversation through innovative ideas and timely, evidence-based analysis. These posts offer policymakers practical recommendations and analysis for solving the health care issues of today.”

Health Affairs Blog

“Health Affairs is the leading journal of health policy thought and research. The peer-reviewed journal was founded in 1981 under the aegis of Project HOPE, a nonprofit international health education organization.” It’s hard to find more thoughtful or well-written content regarding healthcare. They also welcome guest posts.

ACO Watch

Focusing primarily on accountable care organizations, this is an excellent resource for those interested in the ongoing push toward value-based medicine.


From the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute this blog is focused on insurance. This means answering questions about federal and state rules, and clarifying what they mean for individuals and their families.

Medical Xpress

It’s almost non-stop. They publish content almost hourly, and it’s not fluff. You can sort headlines by newest or top rated which is helpful when trying to start into the plethora of info found here.

Hospitals & Health Networks

This is the eMag for the American Hospital Association. There is a lot of good, up to date content in here covering topics of interest to hospital executives and management.

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30 Healthcare Blogs to Help You Keep a Pulse on the Industry

Do your ears perk up when the morning news anchor segues into a segment covering the latest and greatest healthcare innovation? Have you noticed that you gravitate toward clicking on headlines relating to technology and medicine or healthcare policy and law? Or maybe you tend to fall into a Wikipedia rabbit hole after hearing about the latest and greatest advancement in medical research or treatments?

No matter what it is about the field that catches your attention, if you spend your free time scrolling through what today’s sharpest healthcare pros are talking about on Twitter, you may want to consider expanding your reading list to the diverse and seemingly endless world of healthcare blogs. From technology, news and policy to administration, marketing and jobs, there are scores of sharp minds talking about the exact healthcare topics you’re interested in.

Take a look at the following 30 healthcare blogs—you may find a few you want to bookmark and add to your weekly reading list!

30 Healthcare blogs to add to your must-read list

Blogs about healthcare technology

1. HIT Consultant

Dubbed the leading source of healthcare technology news, HIT Consultant offers content on topics like health IT, electronic health records (EHRs), digital health, telehealth, patient engagement and startups.

2. Healthcare Dive

A blog with a mission to provide busy healthcare professionals with “a bird’s-eye view of the healthcare industry in 60 seconds,” Healthcare Dive covers a wide range of topics. Its “Health IT” section offers insightful pieces on everything from artificial intelligence in medicine to the industry’s adaptation to EHRs.

3. Healthcare IT News

The team at Healthcare IT News has been “the voice of health IT” for more than 12 years. The blog provides readers with timely, actionable news and analysis on the landscape of healthcare technology.


An offshoot of the Department of Health and Human Services, the HHS IDEA Lab explores technological solutions that have the potential to improve the delivery of health and human services.

5. Medgadget

A leader in medical technology news since 2004, Medgadget covers updates relating to the latest medical devices and approvals, technological discoveries and interviews with leaders in the industry.

Blogs about healthcare news

6. KevinMD

Thousands of different authors contribute to MedPage Today’s KevinMD blog, sharing their personal stories and insight as professionals immersed within our healthcare system. Readers regularly hear from doctors, surgeons, nurses, medical students, policy experts and more.

7. Modern Healthcare’s Vital Signs blog

Modern Healthcare is a leading source of healthcare business and policy news, as well as other research and information related to the field. Reporting on important trends as they unfold, it offers blog articles, e-newsletters, mobile products and events.

8. Public Health Matters blog, from the CDC

The folks from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) use the Public Health Matters blog to provide readers with updates regarding the evolution of public health and the continuous strides that are made to improve the overall state of our healthcare.

9. Discover Magazine’s Health & Medicine

The “Health & Medicine” offshoot of Discover magazine draws in regular readers with its up-to-date stories on everything from aging, mental health and obesity to biotechnology, nutrition and personal health.

10. Health News Review

Hoping to offer a platform that can help improve the public dialogue about healthcare, Health News Review helps readers critically analyze claims about the healthcare industry.

Blogs about healthcare policy

11. Healthcare Dive

In addition to its section focused on healthcare technology, Healthcare Dive also devotes a portion of its content to policy and regulation within the field. Readers can expect topics like bipartisan efforts to reduce opioid addiction or how policy shifts impact Medicaid enrollment across the nation.

11. HealthBlawg

Healthcare lawyer and consultant, David Harlow, runs the HealthBlawg, which focuses on digital health law and policy. He uses his blog platform to dig into topics like data security, digital health regulation and the federal response to the opioid crisis.

12. HIT Consultant

The HIT Consultant blog’s connections to healthcare technology were obvious, but it also offers an entire section of content devoted to healthcare policy. There readers can find content about ties between net neutrality and healthcare, how various policy changes could impact the Medicaid population and more.

13. NASHP’s State Health Policy Blog

An offshoot of the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP), the State Health Policy Blog offers readers regular insight on things like Medicaid expansion, state-based marketplaces, mental illness research studies and the culprits behind the rise in healthcare costs.

14. The Center for Global Development’s Global Health Policy Blog

Hosted by the Center for Global Development (CGD), the Global Health Policy blog offers ideas and analysis on global health issues with expert insight on how policies can improve well-being for all.

15. Health Populi

This blog, founded by health economist Jane Sarason-Kahn, is home to tons of in-depth analysis of healthcare policy and its effect on costs and outcomes.

Blogs about healthcare administration

16. Healthcare Dive

Once again, Healthcare Dive rises to top of the must-read list with its section devoted to hospital administration. Readers can expect articles on topics like the cost of physician burnout, the long-term impact of healthcare megadeals and the top hospital systems based on patient satisfaction ratings.

17. Fierce Healthcare

Regular visitors to Fierce Healthcare are accustomed to reading about the latest in industry news and analysis, with articles ranging in topic from healthcare management tactics and workflow improvements to reimbursement and payment models.

18. Kaiser Health News

A nonprofit news service, Kaiser Health News is committed to in-depth coverage of both healthcare politics and how the healthcare system—including hospitals, doctors, nurses, insurers, governments and consumers—works.

19. The RAND Blog

The RAND Corporation is a research organization devoted to serving the public interest. The blog’s healthcare organization and administration section enters into virtual discussions about things like a collaborative approach to addressing health concerns and the benefits of community hospitals.

Blogs about healthcare marketing

20. Physicians Practice

Hosted by the ModernMedicine Network, the Physicians Practice blog has a marketing section that’s chock full of thought-provoking topics for those immersed in healthcare. From offering tactics to encourage patients to return to your practice to weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing marketing, each article dives into a topic that is all-too-relevant for today’s healthcare professionals.

21. Health Care Communication News

With distinct sections devoted to topics like social media, mobile health, PR and marketing, Ragan’s Health Care Communication News is a one-stop-shop for all things related to healthcare marketing. The blog offers strategies for bolstering your healthcare marketing as well as coveted advice from healthcare professionals who have achieved success in the industry.

22. Healthcare Success

The Healthcare Success blog dives into some of today’s most relevant healthcare marketing topics. These include reasons hospitals should pursue mobile advertising, the benefits of incorporating YouTube into healthcare advertising strategies and even how to use online doctor reviews to your organization’s advantage.

23. ReferralMD

Currently boasting millions of readers, ReferralMD offers comprehensive content exploring the business side of healthcare. Articles range in topic from marketing guides and news to information technology and review for healthcare professionals.

24. Geonetric

A marketing agency that specializes in helping healthcare organizations thrive through effective marketing, Geonetric’s blog offers insight on creating effective content strategies, building strong websites and noteworthy industry trends.

Blogs about healthcare jobs:

25. HealthJobs Nationwide

The country’s largest healthcare talent acquisition job board network, HealthJobs Nationwide offers regular news, insights and opinions specifically for healthcare professionals. If you’re looking to climb the ladder from your current position in healthcare, this blog is filled with advice for readers just like you.

26. Health Career Center Blog

If you’re really on the hunt for the healthcare career that will be the right fit for your lifestyle, you’ll want to tune into the Health Career Center Blog’s articles. Learn about the best healthcare jobs for millennials, the top medical jobs for work/life balance and even tips for “Quitting your job the right way.”

27. The Staff Care Insider

A healthcare staffing blog dedicated to staying on top of the trends that shape all things related to healthcare staffing today, The Staff Care Insider offers insight on topics like healthcare job shortages, ways to overcome the mental health shortage and why hospital wait times are longer than ever.

28. UnitedHealth Group

An organization devoted to health and well-being in the United States, UnitedHealth Group offers a blog where its writers discuss huge industry topics like big data in healthcare and diversity in the workplace, while also digging into more detailed subjects like applying for jobs from your mobile device or working with disabilities.

30. Rasmussen College School of Health Sciences Blog

You’re not imagining it—the sound you’re hearing is that of us tooting our own horn. But don’t let this little bit of self-promotion distract you. Our healthcare blog offers readers a robust selection of articles, infographics and testimonials relating to career and educational paths within the healthcare industry. From pinpointing the career changes you’re hoping to make to preparing for your eventual interviews, we’ve got you covered.

Tap into your passion for healthcare

As you continue to keep tabs on the healthcare industry, don’t forget to prioritize the deep-seated passion you’ve been feeling to propel your career forward. As one who’s interested in keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s happening within the healthcare field, you might be just the type who would thrive in a healthcare leadership role. While blogs are a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the industry, you’ll likely need a strong educational background to advance into one of these roles—Rasmussen College’s Healthcare Administration Master’s degree could be the perfect option to help you get there.

Do you know of a great healthcare blog that didn’t make our list? Share your favorites with us in the comments below!

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75 Top-Notch Medical Blogs Every Health Care Pro Should Know

  • Health Care Trends


No matter how much you know about a particular medical field, as a health care professional, you always need to be thinking about what’s next. Thanks to advances in technology, new clinical studies, and ever-changing health care policy, there’s always more to know.
But there is a downside. Simply running a search for medical blogs will lead to a heap of results. And figuring out which sources are reputable can take a lot of time.
To help ease the process, we identified 75 of our favorite medical blogs everyone in the field can learn from. Whether you’re pondering medical school, have been a physician for years, or simply want to know how to make well-informed decisions about your health, there’s something on this list for everyone. Keep this list of medical blogs handy and the answers to your medical questions will always be just a few clicks away.

Best general medical blogs

If you’re interested in a wide range of medical topics, these blogs are worth checking out. They’re also great for those who want to be more informed about health, but have difficulty figuring out where to start.

1. Well

Part of The New York Times, Well is a great resource for everything, from the latest research about a particular type of exercise to navigating romantic relationships. Ask Well, a column that taps physicians and other experts to answer common health questions, is another highlight of the blog.


Internal medicine physician Dr. Kevin Pho founded this cult-favorite medical blog in 2004. The contributor network has grown to thousands since then, featuring surgeons, nurses, medical school students and more. No topic is off-limits here, so consider it a one-stop shop for medical information.

3. WebMD Doctors

The well-known health website has quite a collection of blogs, but WebMD Doctors stands out for how relatable it is. Each post is penned by a physician, and the topics can be about parenting, heart medication, or how even health professionals struggle with healthy eating.

4. Cedars-Sinai Blog

Plenty of medical institutions have blogs, but Cedars-Sinai’s stands out for covering genuinely interesting topics. Instead of numerous posts about their faculty and facilities, expect to read about health topics relevant to just about everyone.

5. Kaiser Health News

If you find yourself constantly bookmarking health sections on news websites, Kaiser Health News is a must-follow. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming with so many topics to choose from, so using the KHN Morning Briefing is a nice way to see a snapshot of all the latest health happenings.

6. Harvard Health Blog

This blog is part of Harvard Medical School’s family of publications and manages to answer questions most of us didn’t even think to ask. While topics are hard-hitting, don’t expect to find anything terribly obscure when scrolling through these posts.

7. Everyday Health

There’s a good chance Everyday Health is the most appropriately named blog on this list because it focuses on the health topics that consistently affect a wide range of people. They also get kudos for addressing the emotional challenges folks face when managing different conditions.

8. Shots

This health blog from NPR takes a fairly broad look at the medical world, so there’s something for everyone. In addition to the typical news, there’s also some commentary about the intersection of health and pop culture, plus the occasional feel-good piece.

9. Health Essentials

Given Cleveland Clinic is widely regarded as one of the best hospitals in the country, it makes sense their Health Essentials blog is top-notch. There’s a good balance of practical health information, safety tips and even healthy recipes.

10. Dr. Mike Sevilla

Family physician Dr. Mike Sevilla pens a blog geared toward parents. Expect to see a lot of information regarding safety, commentary on trending topics, and a sprinkling of news video segments featuring Sevilla himself.

11. To Your Health

The Washington Post’s health blog takes a very news-focused approach, covering new studies, diseases impacting the country and world, and some stories with a bit of shock factor. It’s a great resource for following up on the stories that often get just 20 seconds of coverage during your favorite morning news broadcasts.

Best blogs about medical technology

Technology has transformed health care, and not just the way we maintain medical records. These blogs highlight how new devices, techniques and security measures are improving the industry.

12. The Medical Futurist

Don’t let the silly name fool you, because The Medical Futurist is one of the best online resources for learning about technology in the medical sphere. There’s a real sense of skepticism in each post from medical doctor and geneticist Bertalan Mesko, and the approach is refreshing.

13. Medgadget

A lot of medical professionals have a colleague who always seems to know which new medical device stands a chance of seriously improving health care. It’s likely this colleague regularly peruses Medgadget, a blog covering new technologies targeted toward numerous specialties.

14. 33 Charts

All the new medical technology in the world isn’t very useful if physicians and other medical professionals can’t find a logical way to use it in their practices. The good news is 33 Charts, a blog from pediatrician Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, bridges the gap by offering insight about how physicians can embrace the digital world.

14. EMR Straight Talk

This blog focuses on the challenges of working in the health care industry and spends a decent amount of time covering health information technology. The guest posts are particularly insightful, often sharing personal anecdotes readers can relate to.

15. MassDevice

For anything related to medical devices, MassDevice is one of the most comprehensive resources available. While a lot of posts on the website will prove more useful for physicians and other health care professionals, the blog itself is great for anyone who’s generally curious about how medical technology is changing the industry.

16. Health IT Buzz

Health information technology might sound like a pretty specific topic, but Health IT Buzz proves how much there is to consider. Transitioning to electronic health records has led to a lot of curiosity from physicians, organizations and patients alike, so the blog’s commitment to answering questions in the comments section is especially appreciated.

17. HIStalk

Written by an IT professional who works in a nonprofit hospital, HIStalk posts an impressive amount of health technology news, responses to reader questions, and the occasional interview with movers and shakers within the health care technology realm. There are also webinars that cover a range of topics relevant to health care IT professionals.

18. ScienceDaily Medical Technology News

This blog covers a whole host of topics, so it’s not terribly surprising medical technology appears on the list. This particular section covers breaking news that has anything to do with medical technology, whether it’s a new type of imaging to detect cancer or an up-and-coming surgical method.

19. Medical Connectivity

Since 2006, Medical Connectivity has been sharing posts focusing on “patient safety, productivity, patient and staff satisfaction.” The blog focuses on a range of technologies instead of going specific, making it a good resource for those curious about multiple health tech topics.

20. Healthcare Informatics

For anyone who’s found themselves both confused and frustrated when trying to do a little online research about health information technology, the Healthcare Informatics blog will be a welcome read. The writers provide a lot of context and also offer their insight, so readers walk away feeling educated.

Best medical blogs about policy

Policy plays an undeniably instrumental role in the type of care patients receive, so this group of blogs will help you keep a pulse on any changes affecting the industry.

21. FDA Law Blog

Because so much of what the FDA does involves food, it’s easy to forget the organization also helps regulate drugs and medical devices. Law firm Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C. publishes FDA Law Blog to illustrate how regulations related to these topics play out in the real world and in the courtroom.

22. Health360

This blog from the Brookings Institution takes a look at how changes in health policy affect individuals as well as the broader system. You’ll also find information about health care policy around the globe.

23. HHS Blog

The US Department of Health & Human Services works to improve public health, and their blog highlights some of the ways it’s happening. Expect to read about emerging methods for treating and diagnosing diseases, practical tips you can use to lead a healthier life, and steps the government can take to improve health outcomes across the country.

24. Health Affairs Blog

Most major news publications share what’s happening in health policy without going into much detail. This is where the Health Affairs Blog stands apart from the rest, offering analysis on issues affecting health care. They also welcome submissions, so feel free to chime in and pen a piece yourself.

25. eHealth

POLITICO’s eHealth site covers everything happening, and what could potentially happen, in health care. The blog does a good job of reporting the latest happenings in Washington and also features insights from people who work in the health care industry.

26. Health Care Intelligence

Anyone working in the health care field knows how quickly things can change, so the weekly roundup from Health Care Intelligence is useful for getting a lot of information without having to spend hours reading. Each post shares the latest health care news from the last week, then elaborates on the most important points.

27. Care And Cost

For anyone who has ever found themselves scratching their heads while reading about health care, Care And Cost will offer some much-appreciated clarification. The experienced team of writers craft stories with patients in mind, so there’s no need to worry about getting lost when weighing the pros and cons of going with a PPO health plan.

28. ACO Watch

Focusing primarily on accountable care organizations, ACO Watch could be considered somewhat of a niche blog. But anyone who wants to learn more about the broader health care conversation will appreciate how clearly information is laid out using bulleted lists and easy-to-understand graphics.

29. Vital Signs

The Vital Signs blog covers health policy news with a healthy dose of skepticism. This blog is able to discuss policy in a way that speaks to individuals and political parties, as well as people in the health care industry, without coming across as either too cheerful or too dismal.

30. CHIRblog

This blog from the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute covers all things health insurance. Through expert posts, the blog aims to “untangle the often arcane world of insurance regulation.” This means answering questions about federal and state rules, and clarifying what they mean for individuals and their families.

Best blogs about medical school

Prospective and current students have tons of questions about their chosen field of study, so these blogs are a great place to learn about the interview process, what it’s like to be part of a white coat ceremony, and how they can prepare for residency.


While might come across as a resource most suitable for medical students interested in ophthalmology, the blog’s posts about residency can prove beneficial for any future MD. The passion and enthusiasm author Dr. Steven Christiansen shares about his career makes this blog a refreshing read.

32. Medical Student Blog

Motivate MD’s Medical Student Blog is full of tips for getting through school and managing stress. The advice is practical and somehow manages to stay upbeat. This is a good blog to mark for days when medical school seems overwhelming.

33. Med School Insight

The folks at Kaplan have put together Med School Insight as a way to help current medical students work their way through education, residency and beyond. Stories answer real-life questions like, “How do I know what specialty to choose?” and “Is it feasible to own a pet while going through medical school?”

34. The MedEdits Post

This online resource is helpful for current medical students, but it might be even better for those who have yet to apply. There’s lots of information about what undergrads can do to set themselves up for the future and tips on how to prepare for medical school interviews. The blog also shares advice for writing application essays and the actual secondary prompts medical schools have used in the past.

35. Life of a Med Student

Though Life of a Med Student was started by one student as a Twitter account, it has since evolved into a full-fledged website with numerous guest contributors. Expect to find plenty of amusing stories to peruse during a lunch break and advice from people who have been there.

36. Medical School Admissions

Accepted’s blog for medical students is a good place to start when looking for answers to big questions about applying to and interviewing for medical school. There are pointers for how to start writing application essays, guides for how prospective students should dress for interviews, and tips for those gearing up for residency. The podcast interviews with physicians are also an added bonus.

37. Medical School Admissions Doctor

U.S. News & World Report’s medical-student-focused blog features plenty of physician voices, but it also lets current students share their insights as well. Most of the pieces are quick reads and give prospective students practical advice they can start using right away.

38. Merck Manuals Student Stories

No one knows more about medical school than past and current students. Merck Manuals Student Stories covers all the major milestones, but the blog also offers a lot of practical advice for managing stress and sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

39. JeffreyMD

Dr. Jeff W. started writing about his medical school journey before he had even taken the MCAT, and his blog is still going strong more than a decade later. Common topics include helpful guides for future MDs, personal stories, news-based pieces and plenty of humor. The option to select a particular category from a drop-down menu on the right side of the screen is also a handy feature.

40. Mod Med

Mary Ella Wood’s blog offers some great insight for those weighing DO school by sharing why she decided it was right for her. There’s also information about getting through school and studying for exams. Her travel posts sprinkled throughout are also nice for when your brain needs a break.

41. BoardVitals Blog

While the BoardVitals Blog is jam-packed with information geared toward all types of health care workers and medical specialties, the student-facing content really stands out. There are loads of posts specifically about medical licensing exams, including the series designed for osteopathic students. The tips for combatting stress and managing the specific difficulties doctors face are also helpful.

Best special interest medical blogs

Maybe a family member has a particular disease, or perhaps you’re interested in pursuing a career in sports medicine. Look to these blogs for a deeper dive into the specific topics that interest you.

42. Childhood Obesity News

Based on a book by pediatrician and childhood obesity expert Dr. Robert Pretlow, this blog covers everything from food addiction to public policy designed to curb weight gain. The insights shared on Childhood Obesity News can benefit parents, but also pediatricians and other doctors who work with children.

43. Dr. John M

Since heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the US, Dr. John Mandrola’s blog is a good read for just about everyone. While Dr. Mandrola, a cardiac electrophysiologist, often writes about the science of heart rhythm, he also educates readers about how to prevent heart disease through healthy lifestyle choices.

44. Dr. Barnard’s Blog

Most people have heard someone refer to food as medicine, but it’s not usually very clear what they mean. Dr. Neal Barnard is the exception because, as a physician who specializes in nutrition and preventive medicine, he’s able to clearly explain the role food plays in disease prevention. In addition to written stories, Dr. Barnard’s Blog also uses infographics and other visuals to present information in a concise way.

45. Neurosurgery Blog

At the top of the page, this blog states it’s “more than just brain surgery.” It becomes evident after a quick scroll reveals posts examining parts of the Affordable Care Act as well as pieces about maintaining spine health. That said, Neurosurgery Blog is also a reliable source of news and ideas about brain surgery.

46. David L Katz

Though Dr. David Katz writes stories about preventing chronic disease for multiple publications, some of his best work appears on LinkedIn. These posts often call out false claims Dr. Katz has seen in other headlines, frequently related to nutrition. Any time a somewhat suspicious study gets a lot of airtime, Dr. Katz will likely address what’s fact and what’s fiction through a blog post.

47. Seattle Mama Doc

Parents often find themselves facing new health questions once they have children, and Seattle Mama Doc aims to answer them. Concerned about a recent food recall? Wondering how to start a conversation about the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle starting in adolescence? This blog can help parents navigate just about every health issue facing their children.

48. Mental Health Today

Anyone interested in a little self-care would be wise to bookmark Mental Health Today’s blog page. Many of these posts are first-person accounts of living with a particular disorder, and they’re just as useful for individuals hoping to educate themselves as they are for people trying to manage the condition.

49. American Heart Association News

This blog from the American Heart Association covers everything related to cardiac health, making it perfect for people with a family history of heart disease as well as those interested in pursuing a medical degree. Many of the stories focus on medical research, but there are plenty of survivor stories and no-nonsense pieces about nutrition.

50. Dr. David Geier

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. David Geier offers insight on injury treatment and prevention for every level of athlete. Those interested in hearing about a particular topic at length, such as how safe an exercise is, should be sure to check out Dr. Geier’s regular podcasts.

51. GeriPal

GeriPal covers news, research, and policy commentary related to geriatrics and palliative care. These stories can be useful for physicians and others working in the health care industry, but they’re equally relevant to people who take care of elderly relatives. GeriPal gets bonus points for tackling some

52. Neuroskeptic

Discover Magazine’s neuroscience and psychology blog takes a critical look at the latest research and news. How critical? The author revealed some quality issues with four scientific journals after successfully getting them to accept a Star Wars-themed paper, despite numerous errors and silly movie quotes.

Best medical research blogs

Medicine has come pretty far over the centuries, but at SGU we strongly believe medical research is the key to unlocking even better outcomes in the future. Since it can be hard to keep up with the latest studies by watching the news alone, try following these blogs to make sure you never miss a thing.

53. The JAMA Network

Home of the Journal of the American Medical Association and a number of other publications, The JAMA Network is a research-lover’s dream. Since the information is pulled straight from the medical journals, this resource is best for those already comfortable with scientific language.

54. Howard Hughes Medical Institute News

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute supports research efforts in cell biology, genetics, immunology, neuroscience and structural biology. Published studies are highlighted on the news blog and presented in a way that’s easy to digest.

55. On Medicine

BioMed Central publishes a number of blogs, but On Medicine is the place to go for those interested specifically in medical research. In addition to straight study coverage, this blog also delves into quality control issues that sometimes occur in medical research and points out important ethical considerations.

56. NCCIH Research Blog

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) uses this blog to highlight the latest research about complementary health strategies, such as using music in a treatment plan. Each post begins with a brief biography about the author to highlight their credentials and some even share their contact information should readers have any questions.

57. Medical Xpress

This website churns out health news and research reports consistently throughout the day, meaning there’s a lot to read. The options to sort headlines by recency or popularity are nice for those who don’t know exactly where to start.

58. Association of Medical Research Charities Blog

Not everyone interested in learning about the latest medical research is familiar with the clinical language used in medical journals. The Association of Medical Research Charities’ Blog is a good choice for these folks because it explains results in clear language. There’s also a fair amount about what charities can do to advance research.

Best blogs for health care professionals

Physicians, nurses and other health care workers likely want to read articles a little more tailored to their needs. These medical blogs offer relevant information and can help provide a support network.

59. Lablogatory

Anyone who works in a lab setting would be wise to make Lablogatory regular reading. Case studies are commonly covered, as are general tips for improving workflow in a lab setting.

60. PEM Blog

Emergency medicine is the name of the game for this information-packed blog. While a lot of the posts deal with children, there’s broader information that can prove helpful for any physician working in the ER.

61. Hospitals & Health Networks

Hospitals & Health Networks is geared toward leaders in hospital systems, with topics ranging from workplace diversity to cybersecurity. The tab for legislation and regulations at the top makes it easy to find articles about how policy affects hospital systems.

62. Dr. Wes

Dr. Westby Fisher started a blog “standing up for the practicing physician” in 2005. Dr. Wes handles topics unique to practicing doctors, such as physician burnout, but also invites them to think critically about how they can improve patient care by supporting appropriate legislation.

63. MomMD

Physicians who are, or will be, mothers will appreciate MomMD’s posts about how to maintain work-life balance, going through pregnancy while working, and advancing their careers. And this blog isn’t just for moms — it’s designed to support all women in medicine.

64. Life in the Fast Lane

This blog offers a surprisingly fun take on emergency medicine without veering too far off course. Life in the Fast Lane features interviews with physicians and a number of databases for topics like toxicology and clinical cases. And be sure to check out the Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five, a weekly five-question quiz completely unrelated to medicine.

65. Sara T, M.D.

Like many MDs, family physician Dr. Sara Taylor devotes her career to helping patients get better. But when she’s off the clock, her passion is helping her fellow doctors focus on wellness. She achieves this by blogging about avoiding burnout, embracing creativity and staying physically active.

66. Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog

A blog about electrocardiogram interpretation might sound pretty specific, but it can be useful for those who see patients in the emergency room. Dr. Stephen Smith shares lots of ECG examples, talks about how the patient was treated, reflects on learning points, and invites readers to weigh in.

67. DB’s Medical Rants

Even doctors find themselves facing scrutiny from the public. And any physician who has found themselves frustrated with the criticism might want to bookmark DB’s Medical Rants from Dr. Robert M. Centor. This blog provides a support system for doctors by highlighting some of the unfair assumptions people make.

Best global health blogs

Here at SGU, we emphasize bringing a multicultural perspective to medicine as a way to address the varying health needs around the world. Understanding which medical issues different countries face can be beneficial for physicians, avid travelers, and anyone who has loved ones around the globe — and these blogs are great resources.

68. Our Global Voices

This global health blog is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website. It covers health emergencies around the world and points out the challenges health care providers face in areas that lack the amenities some of us take for granted.

69. Global Health Governance Programme

This organization’s blog discusses ways to invest in global health and points out potential roadblocks. Some pieces reflect on how past epidemics were handled while others consider interventions that can be used to prevent future issues.

70. The Centrifuge

The University of Liverpool’s Institute of Infection and Global Health publishes blog posts from both staff and students on a wide range of global health topics. Some are heavily opinionated pieces about ways we could better address health concerns while others focus more on specific diseases. For a more personal look at what it’s like to tackle health concerns around the world, be sure to look into the personal stories.

71. The Collective Voice

Not everyone understands how global health concerns affect them as an individual, but The Collective Voice helps put things in perspective. Many posts discuss how health concerns in certain countries can have serious implications for people elsewhere.

72. Global Health Policy Blog

While it’s easy to think about how health policies affect an individual country, understanding how they play out for the rest of the world is a little less obvious. Global Health Policy Blog delves into some of those details, highlighting the importance of making changes now for a healthier world in the future.

73. Global Connections

Even though Global Connections isn’t specifically about health, there is a drop-down menu on the right side of the screen that allows you to filter specifically for those stories. Quite a few of these articles present solutions to major health concerns. It’s a nice change from the negative angles that are typical among major news outlets.

74. The Lancet Global Health Blog

This blog’s massive contributor network includes medical students, researchers, physicians, professors, committee members and more. Relying on individuals with expertise in so many arenas means The Lancet Global Health Blog is able to feature stories specific to individual communities without sacrificing quality or authority.

75. PLOS Global Health

PLOS Global Health focuses on educating people about global health and draws attention to policy implementation challenges. Anyone looking for a way to get involved might want to keep this blog in mind, because it “invites questions and comments from the international community of PLOS readers.”

Here’s to your health

Now that you know a little more about the top medical blogs, bookmark your favorites to ensure you’re never out of the loop. Regardless of your health care specialty or level of experience in the field, you’re sure to find something in this list that appeals to you.
For more great information about applying to and thriving in medical school, becoming a doctor and general health care trends, visit us again at The SGU Pulse.

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