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Christie Brinkley stunned on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue last year at age 63 — just one example of how taking care of her body continues to pay off. The wellness-focused supermodel has expanded her work beyond the runway as well. She has a skin-care line, a Prosecco wine label, and she recently partnered with two noninvasive beauty treatments (Ultherapy and Xeomin) that reduce the effects of aging. Plus, she was the muse behind Billy Joel’s hit “Uptown Girl.” Brinkley sat down with the Cut to discuss aging gracefully, cappuccino art, and why she never wants to stop moving.

How I start my morning: I leap out of bed, go downstairs, and make myself a big cup of coffee. I also make myself a big cup of hot water and squeeze some lemons into it. Sometimes I’ll put in a little cayenne just to rev up the engine. For a while I was doing cappuccino art for my Instagram. If you go to #christiecappucino you can see it. So I have a cup I’m drinking while I’m drawing on the other ones. I’ll drink like, five cups of coffee. When I finish that, I try to get exercise in.

How I like to sweat: As far as exercise goes, everyone always asks if I use the Total Gym and yes, I really do. But I also might go to a spin class or work with weights. I would say running is my favorite way to sweat, but I’m not really supposed to do that anymore because of injuries.

When I was doing Chicago I noticed that the second you do any activity and you add your arms as though you’re dancing, it revs you up. Whether it’s walking down the beach and moving your arms like you’re swimming, or picking up rocks and walking with them, you really start sweating and breathing heavily. The second you try to adjust those teeny changes, they make a huge difference. Some days the only thing I can get in is a seven-minute run on the Total Gym. Then while I’m brushing my teeth, I’m doing leg lifts. When I’m drying my hair, I do all kinds of squats.

What I eat for breakfast: Sometimes I’ll just eat dinner leftovers because I can’t eat anything sweet in the morning. I get that crash. It has to be some protein. I use the Bio-K pill, it’s a kind of probiotic and they have a vegan and a dairy version. I take one of those, pour it over raw oats, and let it soak a bit while I get nuts and fruits.

I’ve always fed my children, my family, and myself a rainbow of color a day. For lunch, I go into greens and do a salad, then add a protein like a bean or nuts. Dinner is more of the same except maybe I’ll put my vegetables on a bean pasta, rice, grain, or quinoa.

On nutrition: I became a vegetarian when I was about 13. I started reading books right away because I knew that I had to replace the protein and figure out what to do. Over the years I’ve been a vegan, I’ve been a macrobiotic, I’ve been a lacto-ovo. The one constant since the day I stopped eating meat was that I haven’t eaten any red meat or fowl.

Fish has come and gone in my diet, there have just been times when if I didn’t eat a fish, I wouldn’t have anything to eat. If I’m in the Seychelles, everything has got fish tossed into it. It’s natural there. I’m sort-of-ish vegan now. Sometimes my body just tells me that I need an egg. But I don’t enjoy them, I kind of feel weird about them. The big thing that always gets me is mozzarella cheese. Life is too short. If there’s juicy mozzarella cheese and there’s a piece of pizza under it … why not?

What wellness means to me: For me, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a foundation for your future. Because your health is your greatest wealth. I really think that’s something everybody needs to invest in.

How wellness changed for me: My mom was a health nut back in the day when they literally thought you were a nut for shopping in health-food stores. I grew up in Malibu and our only candy was carob-covered rose hips. My mom had kind of convinced us all that we were allergic to everything else. When I became vegetarian, my whole family did. When you see your own parents getting sick, you want to push that off as far into the future as you can. I’m an older mom, and I wanted to make sure that I took good care of myself so I wouldn’t seem like an older mom.

I raised all my kids as vegetarians. And at a certain point I had to give my son a bit of chicken because he was just so active. They all know to use sunblock and protect their skin and eat right and it’s just natural to us. We don’t really feel like we’re denying ourselves, we feel like we’re gifting ourselves good food and good energy.

The second you put yourself on a diet, I call that deny-eting. The only thing you can focus on is what you’re denying yourself instead of “How can I fuel my life with good things?” You just have to think, “How can I get an edge?”

On the sun: We used to think when I was growing up, that the sun was a cure-all. If I’d wake up and have a sore throat my mom would say, “Go outside, let’s bake it out of you.” We thought the sun was so healthy, which is why I am so excited that they have ways to turn back the hands of time now.

In my first beauty book, I literally had a couple pages on how to get the best tan. One of the things I recommended (and I apologized in my other beauty book) was sitting near the edge of the water for maximum water reflection on you, keeping water droplets on you because they would magnify the sun, and rubbing some baby oil on you. Now we know it’s the number-one culprit in premature aging.

On cosmetic procedures: It’s a good time to not get old, it’s a good time to choose how you want to age. Ultherapy is this therapy that can tighten up your skin, lift up your skin. I’m going to be 64 on my next birthday. That’s a big number because of the Beatles song. I remember when that song came out thinking, “Oh when I’m 64, oh gosh, that’s ancient.” I tried Ultherapy and I thought it was really good. It uses ultrasound energy that the body responds to by creating new collagen to lift and tighten skin naturally. I did it on my chin, neck, and décolletage and I could really see the difference. I don’t know of any injectables for that area.

I was treated with Xeomin in the frown lines between my brows. You also don’t have to worry about coming out of there with an extreme change. I came out and I thought, I love the way my skin looks right now. My choice for aging gracefully is to dabble in treatments. To ignore science would be ridiculous. It’s my pleasure to be able to let other people know about these things.

Best wellness advice: I tend to injure myself. After I did Chicago, I sustained quite a few injuries. I had a tear in my labrum, so I thought I’ll rest it. That’s the absolute wrong thing to do. The most important thing to do is to keep moving.

If you have an injury, diagnose it right away. Don’t think it’s going to heal by resting. Once you’re over 50, don’t stop moving because you’ll rust. You have to grease the joints and keep moving. As long as I do that I feel great. If you start to hold still, they’ll start acting up.

Christie’s Wellness Picks

So Delicious Dairy Free Coconutmilk Creamer

“In my coffee I’m experimenting with all different kinds of coffee creamers, like almond or coconut milk, trying to find the perfect thing. I love So Delicious’ hazelnut coffee creamer, but there’s an awful lot of sugar in that.”

KENKO Matcha Green Tea Powder Ceremonial Grade

“I just got matcha so I’ve been doing the green tea matcha things. It’s kind of fun and I’ve been trying it with maple syrup and with stevia.”

Total Gym 1400 Leg Exercise Machines $244 (was $299, now 18% off)

“I do use that as my go-to thing that stretches and strengthens.”

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This week Christie Brinkley will return to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue—almost four decades since her debut in 1979 and 13 years since her last photo shoot in a swimsuit. But she’s definitely still got it in 2017. In fact, the 63-year-old model makes 60-something look like 20-something. And it got us thinking: What is she eating and how in the world does she maintain that killer bikini bod? Here’s everything you need to know.

She gave up dieting a long time ago.

“I tried some pretty weird diets in the beginning … everything from juice fasting to eating one kind of food at a time, to eating a grapefruit first before everything,” she explained to NY Mag. “The only thing that really lasts is a well-balanced diet.”

She starts every morning with warm water and lemon.

“It’s something I picked up on my Instagram,” she laughed in an interview with New York Magazine. Brinkley also puts a bit of manuka honey and cayenne pepper into her hot water with the juice of a whole lemon, then sips it every morning—before she even thinks about making a cup of coffee!—to get revved up for the day.

Her breakfast is very, very full.

In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, Brinkley said she loves sheep’s-milk yogurt mixed with blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, papaya, chia seeds, raw oatmeal, and walnuts. And, if she wants more protein, she’ll whip up an egg-white omelet with spinach and mushrooms. She’s also a huge fan of avocado toast.

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The Fruits of my Labor!!! #homegrown #organic #goodforyou #goodforourplanet #goorganic!

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She’s a strict vegetarian.

But a self-described flexible vegan. “Because, you know, Italy exists,” she told NY Mag. “Mozzarella and pasta exist. In France, I may have to have a piece of Camembert, you know. Un petit sandwich au fromage .” But she hasn’t touched a piece of meat since she was 12 and, over the years, has fluctuated between eating different types of dairy.

Her lunch is light, but she fills up with snacks.

“I always have a salad with whatever grain or bean was left over from dinner piled on top,” she explained to Harpers. Then later, in the afternoon, she’ll make fresh juice using kale, lime juice, orange juice, and avocado and snack on a homemade pumpkin-seed mix made with Himalayan salt, walnuts, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, and dried raisins. If she’s hungry before lunch, an apple—sometimes with peanut butter—is her go-to post-breakfast snack.

Christie’s dinners are super colorful.

“My favorite dish is brown rice with lentils, roasted red and yellow peppers, and fennel, with a sweet potato, and a salad on the side,” she told Harpers. Loads of different veggies with grains—or, as she puts it “go for as many colors as possible in a day”—is the goal. And she’s not against imbibing while she eats: “I like a glass of red wine with dinner because it doesn’t interfere with my sleep.”

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She’s obsessed with chocolate.

Christie indulges in one splurge every single day: a Gnosis Pom Açai raw chocolate bar.

Follow Delish on Instagram.

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  • Christie Brinkley just posted a series of bikini photos showing off her abs and toned legs.
  • Brinkley turned 65 earlier this year, and looks like she’s in incredible shape.
  • Brinkley has said she does a mixture of cardio and strength training, and follows a vegetarian diet to stay so fit.

Supermodel Christie Brinkley is ready for summer, and her newest Instagram photo is basically a reminder that she ages in reverse (and, okay, that she also has amazing genes).

Christie posted a series of photos of herself laying on the beach in a brown string bikini, and let me just say, the 65-year-old (!!!) looks the photo, Christie, who celebrated her birthday earlier this year, is stretched out right by the water’s edge, leaning back and catching some sun. Her abs and legs look insanely toned.

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A post shared by Christie Brinkley (@christiebrinkley) on May 20, 2019 at 7:16am PDT

Christie has been open about how she stays so fit. While she prefers running, she’s cut back due to injuries, according to The Cut. Now, she uses the Total Gym home exercise machine for which she’s a spokeswoman-she’s even developed some of her own moves according to the machine’s website. Even if she’s only got seven minutes, she’ll hop on the machine for a quick workout. She’s also a fan of spinning, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

In addition to being super active, Christie swears by a low-carb, vegetarian diet. Still, she allows herself to indulge when the mood hits. “Even on a low-carb diet, you should be able to like, live it up,” she previously told Women’s Health.

But while she’s all about the low-carb lifestyle now, it took her a while to get there: “I tried some pretty weird diets in the beginning,” she told New York Magazine, per Delish. “Everything from juice fasting to eating one kind of food at a time, to eating a grapefruit first before everything,” she said. “The only thing that really lasts is a well-balanced diet.”

It looks like that balanced approach is really paying off.

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Table of Contents

The Total Gym is one of the most innovative ideas to be introduced to fitness enthusiasts. This unique brand of gravity home gyms first made their debut in 1974. They were designed for flexibility, strength and aerobic endurance.

Fitness experts have acknowledged the benefits of relying solely on one’s own body weight for an effective exercise routine.

Not only do Total gym workouts help the increase of the body mass index (BMI), they assist in the increase of muscle mass and enhance conditioning. Fitness enthusiasts claim that they can help you get fit quickly.

Exciting, isn’t it? Here’s how the total gym works.

The Total Gym typically transforms your own body weight into some form of resistance. A platform is mounted on flexible rails. The gliding board can be mounted at different heights.

The higher the angle, the more the resistance.

The individual moves the platform via the pulley handles. As earlier mentioned, exercise is executed using the body weight. The intensity of the exercises can be increased or reduced.

All that is required is an adjustment of the bench’s incline. The most reliable total gym reviews reveal that one fascinating aspect of the total gym is its flexibility and ease of use.

The individual can target and exercise major muscle groups. This is because total gym workouts rely on complex, multi-joint movements.

It is even more effective when a workout program is consistently maintained.

Top 5 Benefits of Total Gym Workouts

You are advised to exercise at least three to four times per week. The complexity of the movements is apt to give better neuromuscular and cardiovascular strength and overall greater fitness levels.

If you have limited space at home and need a gym equipment that is easy to deploy, use and store, then the total gym will be a perfect fit for you. Using equipment such as the Total Gym or the Bowflex SelectTech 552 is the best way to do a great workout in a small amount of space.

Obviously, total gym workouts provide myriads of benefits (why else would Chuck Norris recommend it). So, I shall list the top five benefits of this simple routine.

1. A Total Gym is Fantastic for Quickly Blasting Body Fat and Calories

If you are a fan of quick fixes, then the total gym will help you get fantastic results in much less time.

Fitness experts have revealed that it is easier to burn more fat and calories per workout session when you perform a total gym workout. Without a doubt, Total Gym workouts are more effective for fat burning than cryolipolysis at home or any other type of non-exercise based fat burning program.

For instance, a chin-up will typically work on the muscle groups in your back region, as well as your abs.

Isn’t that better than just working out an arm a day or a thigh a day?

Total gym workouts consist of complex exercises that target muscle groups that work together. More energy is required to coordinate movement.

What’s more?

Your body absorbs more oxygen and transports them to working muscles.

You’ll agree that this is a lot more effective than a single-joint exercise that focus on one or two small muscles.

2. Using a Total Gym Enhances the Building of Additional Muscles

The Total gym was originally conceived as a rehabilitation tool and then, it seemed clear that it was also fantastic for working out whole muscle groups and improving general fitness levels.

If you’d like to build more muscles, then you should take a different approach.

For most fitness enthusiasts, it is important to see results in muscular size. If muscle building is your major reason for working out, the isolation technique might not work for you.

It doesn’t make sense to neglect the lower half of your body for a whole week just because you want to want to focus on your shoulder.

Total gym exercises will effectively target certain muscle groups at least two or three times each week. There is no better way to guarantee increased muscle growth, and to lose arm fat.

3. The Total Gym Improves Physical Strength

Total gym exercises are effective in improving physical strength.

For most fitness enthusiasts, increasing physical strength is incredibly important for them. If you have a similar goal, them multi-joints exercises are your best bet.

Complex multi-joint workouts force you to use the most weight.

These total gym exercises require most muscles in the body to be successfully executed. Performing total gym exercises three to four times a week are guaranteed to make you stronger and healthier than you ever imagined you’d be.

4. A Total Gym is a Great Way to Take Full Advantage of Workout Effectiveness

Our tech-savvy world is full of demands and distractions. Finding sufficient time for our exercises can be a huge struggle.

Total gym exercises are perfectly suited to our fast-paced lives.

If for instance, you can spare no more than thirty minutes on exercises, then you need to incorporate total gym workouts into your routine.

This simple minimalist equipment is built to allow complex multi-joint exercises that work out the whole body.

For instance, a back squat can target muscles in the arms, thighs, abs and even the chest. You can, within less time, exercise more muscles than single-joint exercises would.

Total gym exercises teach you to focus more on the complex movements that help you maximize your workouts at home.

5. Increases Flexibility

Like most people, fitness enthusiasts like exercises that allow a lot of flexibility. This is one advantage Total gym workouts have over others. The exercises treat the whole body as the interconnected system/unit that it is.

The exercises permit the stimulation of several muscles at the same time.

This helps the body build strength and flexibility with each exercise routine. What’s more? You get amazing results without having to give up the other fun programs you have planned.

If you’re a globetrotter, a total gym exercise will make it easier for you to exercise your body without losing time or focus on the important things.

If your holiday includes other activities, like bungee jumping, snorkeling or even good old yoga, you can still find time to perform all of these without jeopardizing your routine strength-building exercises.

Best Total Gym Workouts

Instead of giving you exact total gym workouts, I want to provide you with valuable information that can help you create your own workout program.

First, my advice is to do full body workouts, not isolated workouts that focus only on one or two specific body parts. You can easily combine Total Gym exercises with body weight exercises.

Next, you should try to create “circuit” workouts as much as possible. Circuit training with the Total Gym is an incredible way to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

Lastly, I suggest you use moderate to high repetitions, and lower weights. Total Gym Workouts are great for doing a lot of repetitions, and working on creating muscular tone and endurance- not building muscle mass.

If you use these tips, I am confident you will come up with the best Total Gym workouts on your own!

Which Total Gym is the Best?

If you are still considering whether or not to purchase a Total Gym for your house, it can be relatively difficult to determine which is the best Total Gym because there are a lot of great options!

Total Gym Optima

After analyzing the various Total Gym options, my initial suggestion for you is to buy the Total Gym Optima Home Exercise Machine ($229.99).

Each version of the Total Gym comes with a variety of unique features. However, for the price of the Total Gym Optima, I believe it is the best overall value. Benefits of the Total Gym Optima include:

  • Uses Include Over 60 Different Exercises Ranging from Cardiovascular Exercises, Strength Training and Stretches
  • Easily Delivers a Total Body Workout
  • Works All the Major Muscle Groups Simultaneously
  • Includes Multi-Functional Attachments and Leg Pulley Accessories
  • Folds Quickly for Easy Storage

The Total Gym Optima has great reviews on Amazon from verified purchases, and even without purchasing it myself, I am sure that it is an excellent value for $229.99.

37 Reviews Total Gym Optima Full Body Workout Home Gym Fitness Folding Exercise Machine, Blue

  • WORKOUT VARIETY: Over 60 different exercises ranging from cardio, strength training and stretch all on one machine
  • QUICK WINS: Delivers a total body workout in just minutes
  • DON’T SKIP LEG DAY: Includes multifunctional attachments and leg pulley accessory
  • FULL BODY WORKOUT: Work all major muscle groups simultaneously
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: Folds quickly for easy, out of the way storage

$324.99 Buy on Amazon

Total Gym XLS

If money is not a problem for you and you would like to purchase a more advanced Total Gym so that you can get the best workout possible, the Total Gym XLS ($850.00) is the best Total Gym for you in my opinion!

Even though it costs $850.00, the Total Gym XLS is still a great value compared to how much you would normally pay for a gym membership over the course of a few years. If you are truly intent on using the Total Gym to get in shape at home (which I believe is a great idea), the Total Gym XLS is an incredible investment!

Features include:

  • The Total Gym XLS is the model “As Seen on TV” with Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley
  • Contains Resistance Training Function with 6 Levels
  • 400 lb Weight Capacity for Total Strength and Stability
  • Padded Glide-board with Head Support
  • You Can Use it for Over 80 Exercises!

Along with the features of the machine itself, the Total Gym XLS also comes with additional workout guides and dietary advice including:

  • Start It Up – An Introduction to Total Gym XLS Workouts
  • 6-8 Minute Workout – 12 Workouts for Men and Women Who Are Pressed for Time
  • Smart Training Workout – An Efficient Workout with a Slower Pace and Precise Movements
  • Body Makeover for Total Gym- A High-Energy and High-Powered Workout to Change Your Body!
  • A Simple Exercise Wall Chart with 35 Exercises
  • The Total Gym Training Deck
  • Dan Isaacson’s Meal Plan and Nutritional Program

Spending $850.00 on the Total Gym XLS might seem like a steep price, but for the value you get compared to what it costs to purchase a gym membership, I believe it is an incredible option!

437 Reviews Total Gym XLS

  • As Seen on TV with Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley
  • Resistance training with 6 levels
  • 400 lb weight capacity for total strength and stability
  • Padded glideboard with head support
  • Exercise capability – over 80 exercises

$850.00 Buy on Amazon

I know it is hard to believe, but it has been three weeks since I posted my Why I Want To Be Like Chuck Norris From Total Gym Post.

And after having my Total Gym for a little over a month, I wanted to share my honest review and opinion and results.

But let’s review….here was my before picture… scary huh?

Total Gym Review

To refresh your memory, here were the reasons I was so excited to try out a Total Gym Fit.

  • Total Gym allows a variety of exercises, so you never get bored.
  • Total Gym can provide results in as little as 20-minutes-per-day.
  • Total Gym is easier on joints than traditional cardio, while still building muscle mass.
  • Total Gym can be used at home and is easy to set up and put away when not in use.
  • To lose the extra 15 lbs that have crept on since working from home.

I thought it would be easy to take these one-by-one and see if the hype lived up to the experience.

1. Total Gym allows a variety of exercises, so you never get bored.

I completely agree. I was never bored.

As someone who does her workouts from home, I can become bored easily. I’ve bought and tried Jillian Michaels, Tracey Anderson, P90X, etc…and usually after the first 30 to 45 days, I’m tired of the music, the routine, the teacher’s voice…you name it.

There are over 250 different exercises available on the Total Gym. Plus, the Total Gym Starter Kit (and the Total Gym Blog) provides you with different workout routines depending on the area of focus, time commitment, and skill level. Plus, I had the added benefit of my husband working out with me on the Total Gym. He loved it!! The Total Gym allowed him to complete a “hard-lifting routine” and I was able to complete a “lean-muscle routine” on the same piece of equipment.

2. Total Gym can provide results in as little as 20-minutes-per-day.

I completely agree. The Total Gym provides a HARD workout.

I went in thinking that since it is pulleys and body weight it would be easy. WRONG. By the end of my 20-minute workouts, my arms and legs were tired. If you have more time, doing the routines two (or even three) times will provide better results, but you definitely feel it after one circuit.

3. Total Gym is easier on joints than traditional cardio, while still building muscle mass.

I agree with a caveat.

It’s SUPER IMPORTANT to follow the instructions and tips on the cards that Total Gym provides for each exercise. These “tips” help correct form for optimal results. I skipped over these cards at the beginning because I thought “a squat is a squat”…well, because the exercise is done “differently” than with free weights, you need to be more conscious about form to avoid injuries.

4. Total Gym can be used at home and is easy to set up and put away when not in use.

I sort of agree.

The Total Gym was a BREEZE to set up after delivery. Not one issue. But, the Total Gym is big and in theory, when it isn’t being used it can be folded up and put away. With that being said, I would not use the word “easy” to describe putting it away and setting it back up. I’m could get easier the more it’s done, but ideally it would have a full-time spot in the house. Still, it takes up way less room that free weights and bars considering you can complete 250 different exercises on it.

5. Lose the extra 15lbs that have crept on since working from home.

I agree.

I was able to weigh myself after three weeks of mindful eating and working out consistently (around 35 minutes total four times a week) and have lost 4.1 pounds. My before and after pictures are not SUPER DRAMATIC, but I can tell a difference in the way my clothes fit (especially my shirts). And I love that this is an exercise routine I can continue long term. It’s easy to fit in 20 – 30 minutes a few times a week.

Final Notes

Overall, I’m super pleased with the Total Gym FIT.

The Total Gym is an investment. – no doubt about it. But looking back, so was my elliptical machine and it still going strong after 14 years of workouts and I’m thankful everyday that I have the option to use it.

The Total Gym is really, really well-made, so I know that myself and my husband will be able to use this piece of equipment regularly for the next decade. I love the variety it provides. I love that I am able to complete a true “weight workout” one day and a “pilates workout” the next without having to go to the gym or invest in more free weights and equipment.

Yep, I drank the Kool-Aid and can say with pride that, “YES. I own a Total Gym just like Chuck Norris. And it’s amazing.”

Disclosure: I’m THRILLED (like almost giddy with excitement) to be partnering with Total Gym in a sponsored capacity on this series of posts. With that being said, the written remarks about Chuck Norris and opinions, are entirely my own. Want more information – check out my full disclosure statement.

Best Total Gym Home Gyms of 2020

Total Gym Home Gyms Buying Guide

Total Gyms are a fantastic option for those who want to get in a quick workout despite being short on time. There are many fantastic benefits to owning a total gym and it’s why it’s become one of the most popular home gym options out there to date.

These gyms can be found in over 3 million homes and they are currently one of the industry’s longest running home fitness manufacturers. Their claim to fame is that ‘in just 10-20 minutes per day, you can reshape your body into the body that you’ve always wanted.”

Some of the key benefits it offers include:

  • Ability to get a full body workout in one machine. You don’t need any extra equipment with this one to get your entire workout in. This saves you the hassle of figuring out what else you need. It’s a done-for-you solution and perfect for beginners.
  • The machine uses your bodyweight as a form of resistance. The lack of external weight means less stress on the joints and less risk of the machine actually breaking down.
  • This gym allows you to easily transition from one exercise to the next, which makes it an ideal option for circuit training. Circuit training, especially when done in the form of HIIT, is one of the best methods to boost your overall metabolic rate and promote a higher rate of fat loss.
  • There are no weights to add or remove between exercises. If you workout with your standard free weight scenario, you’ll typically have to take weight off or put it back on between exercises and sets. This is not an issue with the Total Gym.
  • The Total Gym offers a 30 day trial offer on all products to help ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If it’s not right for you, you can simply return it and get your full payment back.

The Total Gym initially started out in rehabilitation facilities where it was designed to help those overcome injuries and regain function. However, after celebrity endorsements, including one from Chuck Norris that really put it on the map, it’s now become common place in home gym settings. Users rave about how smooth the machine feels and how enjoyable it is to use.

Complete with your Total Gym purchase is an easy to follow exercise chart to help you figure out which exercises you should be adding to your workout routine coupled with a training deck and DVD’s that illustrate how to perform over 80 different exercises using this equipment.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, the Total Gym has something to offer you.

Total gym christie brinkley

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