Why 5 Minutes is More Than Enough Time for A Good Workout

Wanting to lose extra weight on your body? Well I have the perfect solution for you: a 5-minute, fat-blasting Total Gym workout!

If you had 5 minutes free each day, would you actually use that time to work out? Most people think that a 5-minute workout just won’t produce results, and would probably find other things to do during that free time with. But it can, and when time is a problem and you’re working towards your goals, the best solution is to have a “something is better than nothing” attitude.

Whether you simply just don’t have time, lack motivation, are tired from work or can’t make it to the gym, this 5 minute Total Gym workout routine will challenge your body with a fast acting, fat-burning cardio workout and get your body moving in the right direction! Five minutes doesn’t mean it’s a simple workout: you will need to work hard to rev up your fat burners and push strong through every exercise!

Revving up the calories burned during a workout essentially increases your metabolism to keep the fat stores burning while you are doing other daily activities. In order to blast fat off of the body, I have designed a workout that contains a balance of total body strength with functional dynamic cardio movements to burn unwanted fat in a short time period.

What is the best kind of fat-burning workout?

This is really a personal preference but as a trainer, I find the best results to be short bursts of high intensity exercises performed in intervals. I also suggest varying your workouts by changing the intensities, the reps performed, the workout style (meaning change up the routine each time), and vary the workout goals.

I will say that finding time for something is better than nothing and in due time, results will happen! It just depends what is important to you each day and what you make as a priority.

5 minute Fat Burning Total Gym Workout Plan…

Perform the following exercises one after the other to keep the heart rate up and accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.

Repeat this combination as time permits. If you have a longer than 5-minute time frame, increase the reps, do more sets, or customize this workout to work an area of the body you want to focus on.

Fat Burning Quick Warm up

(see the accompanying video)
*Squat Stand on, Incline 8

Dynamic movements on floor
– Side to Side Rotations
– Toe Touches
– Alternating Knee Lifts
Dynamic movements on Total Gym
– Squats (narrow, wide, turnout stance)
– Squat jumps
– Single leg jumps
– 10 Pull ups
– 10 Back Extensions

Fat Burning Cardio Combo

*Squat Stand off, Incline 1-4
4 Jump Squats out/ in
4 Reverse Lunges right leg
4 Double Knee Tucks
4 Reverse Lunges left leg
Cardio Killer: Roll Back Crunch, roll up 180 hop flip, plank rollout, 180 hop flip (REPEAT 1 minute)

Extras for Fat Burning Results

Along with a good workout routine, being practical with your daily habits also plays a big part in losing fat and achieving a great physique. Here is a list of things to consider when giving it your “all” to rid the unwanted fat for good:

1. Live a healthy lifestyle – If you want to lose fat and keep it off, make changes to accommodate your lifestyle and that you can live with every day.
2. Take in fewer calories than you burn- Determine how many calories you consume daily and how many calories you expend through daily exercise. There are simple formulas you can do to figure this out.
a. Calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)= bodyweight (lb) x 13
b. Determine calories burned through exercise
c. Add the total RMR to the calories burned during exercise
d. You should aim to have your calorie intake fall below the total of that final calculation
3. Drink Water- Drink at least 1 ounce of water per 2 pounds of bodyweight a day. This helps flush the body of toxins. Remember to always keep a water bottle with you!
4. Sleep more- Sleeping about 6-8 hours a night will assist in fat reduction. Losing sleep can alter hormone production, which affects your cortisol levels. Cortisol causes insulin sensitivity and can result in fat around the middle!
5. Stay away from Sugar- Sugar is the enemy. There is no nutritional value in it and it is the primary cause of many diseases. After sugar is ingested it spikes your insulin stores and your energy levels crash. Sugar is also converted and stored as excess fat. Choose protein, vegetables, and whole grains instead! Remember a moment on the lips, forever on the hips!
6. Stay away from Dairy- It may taste good going down, but may cause bloat and be stored as fat around the middle, especially if you are lactose intolerant. Just a thought…

Good Luck with this fat blasting workout and with turning your body into a fat burning machine with the Total Gym.

How Many Calories Do Total Gym Workouts Burn

If it’s not by accident, the reason you’re reading this article is that you’re worried about the extra calories that make you feel uncomfortable or look less then fit. Heard about Total Gym Workouts? Yes or no; it can be the answer to all your questions and the constant companion to take away your worries. But, the problem is how many calories you need to burn. Similarly, another issue is when you should consider that it’s time to burn the calories and not to let them reside inside you.

Let me first express how total gym workouts works for your weight loss. If you want to burn your calories, you need to do different exercises daily. And here is the charm of total gym brand. You can do many gym workouts with it. And as a result, you can burn as many calories as you want. So, we highly recommend total gym workouts for weight loss.

How many calories do you think are extra?

If you want to burn your calories, you need to know your height, weight and waist size first. Did you know about BMI or BFP? These calculation types are based on your height, weight, age, gender, and waist size.

Suppose, you have a weight of 60 kgs or 132 pounds and your height is 5 feet. According to BMI calculator, your score is 25.8. Assume, you are a male of 30, and your weight is 60 K.G and waist is 32. According to BFP, your body fat is 17.85%, your fat weight is 10.7 kgs, and your lean weight is 49.3 kgs.

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Now, Look at the Chart of Bmi

  • Underweight = <18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Now, Look at the Bfp Chart

Essential Fat
10-12% 2-4%
14-20% 6-13%
21-24% 14-17%
25-31% 18-25%
32% + 25% +

Now, according to these charts, you need to lose 10 pounds and 2 inches of your waist size to be an exact fit. It is considered that 1 pound equal to 3500 kilocalories. So, if you want to lose 10 pounds, you need to burn 35000 calories. And if you want to lose 1 pound in a week, you need to lose 500 calories per day. And for that, you need a vigorous effort on gym workouts.

How may total gym workouts help you to lose weight?

Total gym is a cool home fitness exercise machine with many features. You can do many gym workouts with it. You may look for some other home exercise machines for gym workouts. But you need to do precise total gym workouts to burn your calories. Let’s have a look which total gym workouts burn how much calories.

Total Gym Ab Exercise

You can burn up to 250 calories with 20 minutes of entire gym ab exercise. You can do ab crunch for 7 minutes, Oblique Twists for 5 minutes, Sit-Up with Cables for 5 minutes and Sit-Up for 3 minutes.

Total Gym Chest Workouts

You can burn up to 120 calories with 30 minutes of total gym chest workouts. You can do Incline Push-Up for 7 minutes, Seated Chest Press for 8 minutes, Seated Chest Fly for 10 minutes and Lateral Chest Fly for 5 minutes.

Total Gym ARM Exercise

It’s possible to burn up to 200 calories doing 30 minutes of total gym arm workouts. You can do Seated Biceps Curl for 8 minutes, Lateral Arm Pull for 2 minutes, Lying Triceps for 12 minutes and Lying Triceps Extension for 8 minutes.

Total Gym Leg Exercise

You can burn up to 115 calories with 30 minutes of total gym leg exercise. You can do Squat for 10 minutes, Side Squat for 5 minutes, Single Leg Squat for 8 minutes and Sprinter Start for 7 minutes.

Total Gym Back Workouts

You can burn up to 120 calories with 30 minutes of total gym back workouts. You can do Pull-Up for 10 minutes, Front Pullover for 8 minutes, Iron Cross/Snow Angel for 7 minutes and Reverse Fly with Rotation for 5 minutes.

Total Gym Shoulder Workouts

it’s easy to burn up to 200 calories taking 30 minutes of total gym arm workouts. You can do Shoulder Extension for 8 minutes, Serve for 7 minutes, Upright Row for 5 minutes, and Front Raise for 10 minutes.

Now, you have known the overall total gym workouts with their calorie-burning ability. If you have 1 hour, you can mix these six total gym workouts one by one giving 10 minutes each. If you have 30 minutes, you can exercise any single workouts among these six workouts.


f you’re in the market for a home gym or if you’ve just watched your fair share of day-time or late-night television, you’ve probably heard about the Total Gym. It’s difficult to sort through all the different home exercise machines, as they all have their own somewhat-complicated designs. Are you wondering “does the Total Gym work?” Read on to find out.

Total Gym Machines 2020

Total Gym has several different exercise machines available, including:

  • Total Gym XLS
  • Total Gym FIT
  • Total Gym Supreme
  • Total Gym GTS
  • Total Gym Force

All these machines have the same basic design of a glideboard positioned on a metal track. You move the glideboard along the track using cables that have handles attached, and you can adjust the angle of the track to increase or decrease the resistance of the exercise. You can read more about these Total Gym reviews here in detail.

For example, to perform bicep curls, you would:

  1. Sit on the glideboard facing either the top or bottom of the track
  2. Grab a handle in each hand
  3. Curl your arms while holding the handles, which will move the glideboard up the track
  4. Uncurl your arms and return to the starting position for one repetition

The difference between the machines are the levels of resistance available, the maximum user weight, and the number of exercises you can perform. The XLS has six levels of resistance, a maximum user weight of 400 pounds, and over 80 exercises. On the higher end of the spectrum, the Total Gym GTS has 22 levels of resistance, a maximum user weight of 650 pounds, and over 200 exercises. The different number of exercises is due to the attachments and design of each machine.

Does the Total Gym Work?

Total Gym can work for many different things.

Here is how the fundamentals of you workout will be:

Total Gym advertisements point out the machine’s ability to exercise your entire body within a short period of time, and in that regard, the machine is successful. The cable-and-glideboard system is great for stimulating multiple muscle groups and for providing a constant level of resistance throughout each exercise. You can transition between exercises quickly and easily, making the machine useful for circuit training.

Online Total Gym reviews have been very positive, and people seem to be very happy with the product. It can indeed work well if you stay with it and do not give up

Who Should Get It?

The ideal Total Gym user is anyone who wants a simple, effective workout routine that they can perform from home. A guidebook full of exercises comes with every Total Gym, which is helpful for beginners.

You don’t need a huge workout room, because it folds up when not in use and even during use it doesn’t take up too much space. It’s also one of the quieter exercise machines available, and makes far less noise than the clanging of a barbell.

You can only get so much resistance with the home gym, so it’s not the right choice if you’re training for a bodybuilding competition. However, if you’re trying to stay fit without revolving your life around your workouts, the Total Gym is a convenient home workout option.

What Makes the Total Gym a Good Home Gym?

The Total Gym works very well as a home gym because of its ease of use and size. You’re able to exercise every muscle group with minimal adjustments (often just setting the angle of the glideboard track). Performing exercises on the Total Gym is intuitive, and the guidebook breaks down the proper form.

The option to fold up your Total Gym when you’re not using it is something few home gyms offer, and makes this machine great for saving space.

Reviewers of the Total Gym online have also been very pleased with it.

Total Gym for Weight Loss

You can use the Total Gym to lose weight, but keep in mind that your diet is the most important factor when it comes to losing weight. You have to burn more calories than you consume to consistently lose weight.

If you’re currently eating enough calories to maintain your weight and you begin using the Total Gym, you’ll lose weight because you’re burning calories when you use it.

The Total Gym provides resistance training, which isn’t as effective for burning calories as cardio training. However, the muscle you build from resistance training burns more calories, so in the long-term, your body will burn more calories by building muscle mass through the Total Gym.


  • Wide Range of Exercises: Each machine has a variety of exercises for the entire body, keeping workout routines fresh and interesting.
  • Switching Between Exercises: You can transition from exercise to exercise easily on the Total Gym, often without getting off the glideboard.
  • Ease of Use: Learning how to use the home gym machine doesn’t take long and there’s a very low risk of injury, especially compared to other workout options.
  • Storage: You don’t need much space to store it.


  • Lack of Heavy Resistance: The Total Gym really only has one downside, and that’s the lack of resistance. Since you’re on a glideboard, the only resistance is a percentage of your bodyweight, with the percentage determined by the angle of the glideboard track. Reviews of the Total Gym often mention this as a problem for users who want to perform heavy lifting.

Total Gym does offer an accessory with certain machines that allows you to add resistance using weight plates. This is helpful, but you still won’t be able to get the same level of resistance that you would with a barbell.

There are ways to increase the difficulty of your workout without adding weight. You can obviously perform more advanced exercises. Another option is playing with exercise tempo. Slowing down your movement on each repetition is an excellent way to make an exercise much harder, and it works very well on the Total Gym.

The Verdict

The Total Gym is a well-made and effective home gym machine. Consider your own goals before buying to make sure it will work for you. If you’re going to compete in a bodybuilding or powerlifting competition, you will probably need to use free weights. If you want to get in shape through quick, convenient workouts, that’s where the Total Gym shines. It is a machine anyone can use.

Let’s be honest. Spending an hour plus at the gym isn’t ideal. Unless, you just really love your gym. One of the best ways to be more efficient during workouts is to train with supersets — alternating between two different exercises that work different muscles groups. The key here is to take minimal rest so that you can get more done in less time and burn more calories and fat.

Not to mention, they’ll keep you from resting too long, taking selfies, and scrolling through Instagram. You can do supersets in any workout, but today we’re focusing on the upper body. If you want sculpted arms, or want to be able to carry shopping bags and everything else easier, you’ve got to strengthen your upper body. This workout is a great start, and it’s going to target your chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and back. Get ready to make people say, “Damn!”

The Upper-Body Strength Workout

Before getting started, grab a set of medium dumbbells. If you’re a beginner, I recommend using five- to 10-pound dumbbells. If you’re more advanced, start with 10- to 15-pound dumbbells. You can also use this guide to figure out how much weight you should lift.

Once you’ve selected your weights, you’ll need to warm up; try this upper-body warmup. This workout should be completed in supersets, taking little-to-no rest in between each exerciseS. For example, in superset one, you’ll do a set of dumbbell bench press immediately followed by a set of band assisted pull-ups. Take no more than 60 seconds of rest after you complete the superset, then repeat. As always, listen to your body and take rest and hydrate as needed.

Superset 1: Do three sets

  • Exercise 1: Dumbbell bench press: 15 reps
  • Exercise 2: Banded assisted pull-up: eight reps

Superset 2: Do three sets

  • Exercise 1: Overhead shoulder press: 12 reps
  • Exercise 2: Single-arm row: 12 reps on each arm

Superset 3: Do three sets

  • Exercise 1: Biceps curl: 12 reps
  • Exercise 2: Overhead triceps extension: 12 reps

Keep reading for detailed explanation of how to do each of these exercises.

Okay Gentlemen, today’s blog post is for you!

It’s go time for your health and fitness goals because soon, it’ll be the holiday season and January is not far away. Dig deep and hit your workouts at least 3-5 times a week.

This 10-minute video will help you design effective fat burning and muscle building workouts.

Here are some guidelines for you follow:

Intervals, intervals, intervals

Intervals are the secret weapon for rapid fat loss, improving endurance and are effective, short workouts. I usually tend to use 1 minute intervals with my clients, but start with 30 seconds.

Give roughly 30 seconds to 1 minute rest in between either each exercise or when you switch positions on your Total Gym.

Want to build muscle? Raise the level

Getting a bigger chest, broader shoulders or even cutting up your abs comes from heavy lifting! If you want bulk up, raise up the level for your glideboard. When you do go heavier, do fewer reps during your interval. After the heavier weight seems easy to lift (should take at least 30 to 60 days), raise up that incline again!

Remember to eat right so you can move and be healthy

Nutrition and lifestyle habits are critical to muscle growth! Junk food means a junk body! Make sure to eat a proper ratio of nutrients, get enough sleep each day and drink at least half your weight in ounces of water a day. Real change starts from the inside and that begins with your eating and lifestyle habits.

Today’s video will really help you towards your fitness goals, but remember to be patient. The road to building muscle takes time and consistency. Take action every day and do the work needed. Before you know it your stomach will start to show those 6-pack muscles and your back will get that nice “V” shape.

Check out my website for more tips about how to use your Total Gym for maximum results.

Total Gym® TV is an on-demand video platform to stream Total Gym workouts 24/7. Total Gym® TV offers the Total Gym fitness community two great on-demand streaming options. Total Gym TV® is available to everyone. No matter where purchased or what model, if you own a Total Gym, you can stream workouts online with Total Gym® TV.
Total Gym® TV Basic gives free online streaming access to the Classic Library of 16 Total Gym Workout Programs, previously available only on DVD. Join Total Gym® TV Basic today for free. Pay nothing – ever.
New Total Gym TV® Premium Workouts release each month and range in length from quick 10-minute blasts to full-length 45-minute programs. Developed with the Total Gym® user in mind, a main fitness concern shared by the community was lack of time. Total Gym® users were looking for shorter programs that could deliver results. While short in length, many of the 10 to 15-minute programs are intense workouts – designed for maximum efficiency. For those with more time (and to add to workout variety) shorter programs can be stacked to create a “custom” fitness routine. The goal of Total Gym® TV is to enable the Total Gym home fitness enthusiast to work out where they want, when they want and how they want with 24/7 access to workout programs.

If you had less than ten minutes in a day to work on your fitness, what exercises would you do to get the best results with the most efficient use of your time?

This is a serious question! But I have your answer. You can definitely get an excellent workout in 10-minutes or less by performing the right combination of exercises that achieve results.

So often we think that a workout must consist of more than it needs to, especially when time could be the issue. Reality is, you don’t need an hour or even half an hour to tone up and get into great shape. Most women have a better chance sticking to a plan that consists up to 15 minutes of time rather than a session of 30-minutes or more! Depending on the routine and consistency, short bursts of resistance training can be just as effective as a 30+ minute workout, even if it’s just 8 minutes a day!


Strength and cardio training is important for enhancing the overall health and well being for people of all ages and fitness levels. If you are just beginning a resistance program, it can initially feel intimidating, but once you get started with a good plan, it eventually becomes a part of your daily life! Plus, there are so many health benefits to “pump it up” that outweigh the bad. If you’ve been working out but still struggle to find large amounts of time to commit to, change your mindset to shorter sessions and get back at it!


  • Defines, tones, & strengthens muscle mass
  • Increases joint stability & range of motion
  • Increases bone density
  • Enhances body awareness
  • Increases calorie burn
  • Boosts energy
  • Reduces Stress
  • Sleep better
  • Enhances self confidence


Sticking with an exercise routine can be a struggle for anyone. But for moms, squeezing in workouts can feel nearly impossible. Moms, how are you supposed to find time for a little sweat session when you can’t even go to the bathroom undisturbed?

Finding a balance between caring for kids, sports, chores, work demands, appointments, and all the rest, there is often little time for moms to breathe let alone sweat. The good news is, exercise can be a reality and made a priority if you allow it!

So moms of the world, take a daily sweat break to empower your mind and body. It will take more time to think about it than actually doing it!


Ladies, did you know that today is International Women’s Day?

Whether you know about this day or not, I have to bring this special occasion to your attention and inform you that it occurs March 8 every year to reflect, honor, and celebrate the social, economical, cultural and political achievements of ordinary women in the world! This is a spectacular day to celebrate women’s extraordinary roles and acts of courage, determination, and positive achievements to make a difference in all countries and communities. It’s also a perfect time to reflect on progress YOU have made for yourself and be proud of simple achievements that will progress into bigger ones!


When working out might not be your top priority and excuses of why you have no time tend to flow through your mind, try to reconsider your thoughts and energy into a solid 8-minute focused workout!


This 8 min workout will effectively sculpt your body and improve your health. The plan focuses on a combination of cardio, strength, and core movements that train the entire body!

The exercises should be performed in circuit format, one exercise after the other with no rest in between. You will start with a dynamic warm-up to prepare your muscles for the workout. Then continue directly into the strength circuit by performing 15 reps of each exercise, 1 set through.


Each exercise chosen for this 8-minute circuit has a purpose and targets a specific set of muscles. Since the routine is performed in circuit format to maximize time, it will feel as if you are doing cardio without having to technically jump around. Bonus!

KEY: Total Gym Exercises (TG) Floor Exercises (FL)

  1. Squat & Press Jumps (TG) & Jumping Jack Press (FL)
  2. Squats and jacks target all muscles of the lower body while adding a press targets the shoulders and activates the core! Incorporating an element of cardio burns more calories in a shorter amount of time.

  3. Glute Lifts (TG & FL)
  4. This is a must-do exercise to lift, tone, and sculpt the backside of your body. It not only firms the glutes, hamstrings, and thighs, but it also sculpts the lower back and trains core stability.

  5. Plank Rolls (TG) & Plank Down/ Ups (FL)
  6. These secret-weapon exercises help tighten the deep muscles of the core, shrink the waistline, and tones the arms/ shoulders.

  7. Push-up/Pike-up (TG) & Single Leg Balance & Tricep Pulses (FL)
  8. These exercises lift and tone the glutes (especially single leg balance) and activate the core (which helps prevent back pain) while simultaneously toning the arms, shoulders, chest (push-up), and entire backside of the body!

  9. Back Extension Sweeps & Thigh Toners (TG) & Prone Frog Lift & Pulls (FL)
  10. These exercises are total backside sculptors! The upper, middle, and lower back muscles are targeted while simultaneously toning the glutes, hamstrings, and outer thighs.

  11. Arm Circles (TG) & Plié Arm Circles (FL)
  12. Arm circles are the ultimate time saving exercise to target multiple muscles in all ranges of motion at once! Combining plies help sculpt the inner thighs as well as tones the glutes for lean dancer legs.

  13. Bicycle Crunch (TG) & Punch & Roll & Reach (FL)

These exercises train the deep muscles of the core and the waistline (obliques) while adding upper body strength of the biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

Try this 8-minute circuit when you’re pressed for time. I have listed two similar routines, one ON the Total Gym and one OFF using hand weights. This way, you have two great total body circuits to choose between that achieve great results.

*Please watch the video to see how these exercises are performed. “Like” &/or “share” with others!

Note: this is a quick workout that targets your entire body in minimal time. It is enough to maintain strength, produce results, and perform most days of the week. However, if you have a specific goal you are trying to achieve, more training time and variety of workouts should be included into your program to accomplish your specific fitness goals.

Dedicating 8 magical minutes of your day to better your health and well-being may be the solution you’re looking for to accomplish your fitness goals. An efficient sweat session is really all you need to train or maintain your muscles when time is of the essence!

Best Always,


I have been in a battle with my weight since the day I was born. Literally – I was 10 pounds, 10 ounces!

My entire life has been an endless round of gain and lose over and over again.

I was incredibly proud when, about a year before my wedding, I finally got my bad eating habits under control and learned to exercise the right way.

I lost over 70 pounds and, more importantly, felt amazing and strong. Then, I had a really, really difficult first pregnancy and gained 100 pounds.

After Melanie was born, she was so hard to parent that all self-care fell by the wayside as I just tried to cope and keep my head above water for those first two years.

After she mellowed out, I realized that I finally had the time and energy to focus on my health and fitness again… and promptly lost 50 pounds in about seven months!

How I Lost 8 Pounds In 4 Weeks With Total Gym

I was so excited! Then, I got pregnant with Finn and, true to form, gained back those 50 pounds that I had lost. UGH.

Since his birth, I’ve managed to lose 20 pounds. Mostly notably, I lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks with Total Gym and I’m sharing with you how I did it.

First things first, I freaking LOVE my Total Gym.

I have the XLS model with the ab attachments and having been working out with it for a month.

I also have a collection of the accompanying Total Gym DVDs and a bag of the protein shake mix in vanilla. I used a combination of the products to lose 8 pounds in 4 weeks.

And here’s the kicker… I did it without changing the way that I ate over the holiday season at all.

In fact, I didn’t even bother to track my food or count calories. I lost the 8 pounds purely by adding Total Gym workouts to my daily routine.

Hit Or Miss

Up until that point, I had been really hit or miss on working out.

Some days, I did cardio and body weight strength training but most of the time… I’d talk myself out of it.

It was a lot of work to pull out all the equipment and keep myself motivated. I was really struggling.

Enter Total Gym! I keep mine set up in the living room with my extra components in a basket next to it.

All I have to do is pop in a DVD and, in 6 to 30 minutes, I get a great strength training and cardio circuit work out.

Get Started

In the beginning, I carefully watched and followed the “Get Started” DVD to learn how to use my machine safely and to it’s maximum capacity.

Then I branched out to using the full length beginner workout DVD + doing one to two workouts from the express 6-8 minute workout DVD.

I did that three times a week. On alternate days, I did the core workout and ab workout DVDs for a total of 5 days of exercising.

If I had time on the weekends, I’d try to sneak in a quick ab workout using the Total Gym training deck.

Take It Easy

In the beginning, I took it easy and kept my Total Gym on a low incline (1 or 2) and didn’t push myself until I’d learned to safely use all the components of the machine.

That took about a week, after which, I upped the leg portions of the workouts to a 5 (out of 6 levels) and the core and arm portions to a 3.

Oh, man! I really felt those workouts!

I was really impressed that after a few days of working out – I could feel my muscles getting stronger.

I was able to do more reps of each of the workouts and had a lot more control on the ones that were difficult for me.

Here’s a rundown of my workouts and incline routines:


Beginner Workout with Legs at a 5 incline and arms/core at a 3

1 or 2 workouts from the 6-8 minute express workout DVD at a 5 incline


AbCrunch DVD (do beginner level all the way through) on a 2 incline

Core Centric DVD (modifying workouts as needed) on a 2 incline


Beginner Workout with Legs at a 5 incline and arms/core at a 3

1 or 2 workouts from the 6-8 minute express workout DVD at a 5 incline


AbCrunch DVD (do beginner level all the way through) on a 2 incline

Core Centric DVD (modifying workouts as needed) on a 2 incline


Beginner Workout with Legs at a 5 incline and arms/core at a 3

1 or 2 workouts from the 6-8 minute express workout DVD at a 5 incline


Extra ab or core workout at a 2 incline


1 set of as many reps as possible for 30 seconds from the training deck

And sure, I’m still SUPER fat and have a long, long way to go.

But y’all – I’m proud of myself since two pounds a week is right on track with recommended healthy weight loss.

I found a great piece of equipment that allows me to fit in a full strength training + cardio workout while my son naps and my daughter watches a show on her tablet.

Here’s my before and after stats:

Weight (before):

Weight (after):

Body Fat % (before):


Body Fat % (after):


*I forgot to measure my waist, chest, hips for a before and after but I promise to remember for next time!

My biggest success of all were a few Non-Scale Victories:

  • My shirts and pants aren’t as tight.
  • I was able to move to a smaller sports bra that clasps in back instead of pulls over my head
  • I was able to start pulling myself up from a sitting position using my core instead of pushing myself up with my hands.

Want to improve your health and fitness, too? You can join me in my yearlong quest for health and fitness, too!

Get your Total Gym XLS for 10% off (there’s a handy payment plan option!)

+ a FREE AbCrunch and DVD
+a FREE bag of FIT BLAST Vanilla Protein Shake
+FREE Total Gym Core Workout DVD.

Let’s get fit, y’all!

5 Total-Body Workouts You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

If you find yourself struggling to stick to a regular exercise routine, you have plenty of company. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nearly 80% of Americans aren’t meeting the recommended weekly amount of exercise. Busy schedules usually get the bulk of the blame, but it’s really just another excuse.

While more time should definitely be allocated to getting fitter, you don’t have to give up all of your leisure activities. Cut out just one 30-minute TV show from your daily routine, and you can get a workout that will challenge every part of your body. These five routines will help you get stronger and slimmer. All you have to do is put down the remote and get started.

1. 30-minute total-body workout

You can get a full workout in 30 minutes. |

Lifting weights is almost always defined by repetitions and sets, which can be good for gauging progress. The process can feel pretty repetitive at times, so this workout from Muscle & Fitness is a great way to shake things up if you start to feel like you’re just going through the motions. One important thing to note is you’ll definitely need to hit a well-equipped gym for this routine, because it requires you to use several machines. There’s a method to the madness, though. The article explained you’ll fatigue a lot faster since the workout is designed to minimize rest periods.

This workout starts with your chest, then moves to legs, shoulders, back, triceps, and biceps. For each muscle group, perform the indicated exercise for five minutes, using a weight that’s heavy enough to prevent you from going beyond 10 repetitions at a time. The idea is that you rest as needed before getting right back at it; there’s no counting and no trying to remember which set you’re on. This workout is also really flexible, so you can sub other lifts as long as you’re focusing on the same muscle groups. Bear in mind, this workout won’t get your heart pumping as much as ones that include cardio, so save it for a day when you’re primarily focused on building strength.

2. 20-minute total-body circuit

Circuit training is tough, but worth it. |

When time is working against you, going with a circuit routine is one of your best options. FitDay explained these workouts force you to do as much as possible in a condensed amount of time. Your heart rate will remain elevated throughout the workout since there aren’t any rest periods between moves. Because circuit training is designed to be intense, you can get a killer workout in just 20 minutes.

BuiltLean’s routine was designed around five moves that many trainers like to incorporate into their clients’ workouts. The first exercise is a two-in-one move combining upright rows and squats, so you’ll simultaneously challenge your shoulders and your upper leg muscles. After 15 repetitions, move to reverse lunges. This move is exactly what it sounds like — just step backwards as you kneel to the ground for 16 repetitions. Next, you complete as many push-ups as possible, then do the same for pull-ups. Finish the round with 20 medicine ball twists, and repeat the cycle at least three more times.

3. 20-minute circuit workout

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Many men detest the very thought of cardio, and avoid it at all costs. After all, it isn’t necessarily the best way to slim your waist. Men’s Journal revealed strength training is better for reducing belly fat. As your muscles grow, they adapt in a way that increases oxygen intake, which boosts your ability to burn fat. While that’s great, there’s no replacement for cardio when it comes to heart health. Instead of choosing between weights or hitting the stationary bike when you’re short on time, go with a routine that combines the two.

To get your heart rate going, this workout from Men’s Fitness starts out with one minute of walking followed by one minute of sprinting. You’ll go right into the first of six circuits that incorporate push-ups, pull-ups, planks, side hops, curls, leg lifts, and burpees. It sounds like a lot, but remember that you need to move right from one exercise into the next. No breaks means you’ll be done faster and get the most effective workout. If you feel completely wiped at the end, you did your job.

4. 20-minute workout

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A tiny workout window might have you heading for the heaviest dumbbells you can lift. That’s actually not the best idea, because you’ll need too much rest between sets to get very far. Men’s Health designed a fat-burning workout that goes in the opposite direction. The idea is to use lighter weights so you can perform moves with greater speed and intensity. It gets your heart pumping while stressing your muscles at the same time.

This 20-minute workout includes five exercises starting with a dumbbell split stance see-saw row. After four minutes, which incorporates some brief rest periods, you’ll take a 60-second breather. Following the same timeline, you’ll move on to the dumbbell split stance see-saw overhead press, than the dumbbell discus, and finish with a combination of dumbbell shoulder jacks and dumbbell shuffle presses. Be sure to check out the photos for guidelines on how to perform each portion. While five exercises might not sound like enough, they’re all multitaskers. You’ll be plenty tired by the end.

5. 30-minute bodyweight workout

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If a busy day eliminates the possibility of commuting to the gym, you can still get a great workout in a short amount of time. There are tons of moves that use nothing more than your own body weight and are every bit as challenging as ones that use dumbbells. Even if you’re away on a beach for vacation, you can incorporate a routine into your day. said it can also be a great way to switch up your regular routine so you minimize the chances of getting bored.

To get started on this workout from Men’s Journal, you’ll complete three sets of 10 push-ups. The routine also includes planks, dips, lunges, mountain climbers, pull-ups, and squats. Each of these moves should be challenging in order to get a good workout. If the exercises feel too relaxed, you’ll want to follow the recommendations to make them more intense. Have even less time? The article suggested completing as many of the prescribed activities as possible in 15 minutes. You’ll get a pretty decent workout as long as you’re maximizing your effort.

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